In April of 2006 Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.  formerly of the Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) asked this seemingly rhetorical question during an interview

        “Does this identification mean anything? I do not know.

Interestingly, there was never another word uttered about the identification and the question was just left hanging there as if asking the reader to unravel the question. Well, that is just what this blog post is about, answering the question as to whether his discovery means anything. So what is this identification? What does it mean? And where does it lead us? Stay with me on this journey, a journey that will cause even the most hardened skeptic to question his own thinking regarding the Morgellons mystery.

A Quote From the Interview by Dr. Wymore

Here is my research update that includes failures, dead-ends, unknowns and observations that will never be published, because no one in the research world would be interested. Some of what I am about to tell you has only been done once and until it is replicated is fairly meaningless in scientific circles. Yes, as I will discuss below, there has been DNA sequencing. No, it has not revealed the likely cause of Morgellons.

Individual red and blue Morgellons fibers were placed in bacterial media and cultured at body temperature. Isolates of those bacterial populations were grown on lab preparative media, blood agar, chocolate agar and a type of media that tends to support fungi better than bacteria. The bacteria were stained with various stains and observed both alive and dead. The bacteria were separated out into pure cultures (I think). PCR was performed and the amplified DNA was sent to a commercial sequencing lab to do the DNA sequencing. Two different bacterial species were identified.

They were:

a) Pseudomonas putida and
b) Corynebacterium efficiens.

Does this identification mean anything? I do not know. Both of these can cause infections, especially in immunocompromised individuals. Both of these bacterial types are found in soil and can be found in skin.

So there you see Dr. Wymore’s seemingly rhetorical question in a larger context, and that he cultured what could easily be overlooked, two types of soil bacterium were positively cultured from Morgellons fibers. One of them is of particular interest.


       “Yes, Dr. Wymore, Pseudomonas Putida just might mean everything



Let’s go now to a clinical study that was done under the auspices of the National Pediculosis Association (NPA) and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Here is the description.

Abstract – Twenty individuals diagnosed with delusory parasitosis (DOP) participated in a single site clinical study under the auspices of the National Pediculosis Association (NPA) and the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The objective of this study was to determine if there were any common factors in skin scrapings collected from this population. These individuals, whose symptoms were originally attributed to lice or scabies, were part of a larger group reporting symptoms of stinging/biting and/or crawling to the NPA. Multiple skin scrapings from each person were microscopically examined. Any and all fields of view that appeared incongruous to normal human skin were digitally photographed. When the photographic images were initially evaluated, no common factor was identified. However, more extensive scrutiny using imaging software revealed evidence of Collembola in 18 of the 20 participants.


Interestingly, these 20 individuals were written off as DOP  which is the same label that is being applied to Morgellons patients. However, they were found to be infected with Collembola. But what are Collembola (commonly called Springtails) and what possible link could they have to the soil bacterium Pseudomonas Putida?

Microarthropod Folsomia Candida (Collembola) – See the Wikipedia Entry, basically, we are talking about a very, very tiny insect. Below is a photograph from the study showing one of the collembola.

Notice the image in the upper right corner, software contrasting tools were used to bring out the definition – click on the image for a much larger view.  In sheer numbers, they are reputed to be one of the most abundant of all macroscopic animals, with estimates of 100,000 individuals per cubic meter of topsoil.  Collembola or Springtails are cryptozoa frequently found in leaf litter and other decaying material, where they are primarily detritivores and microbivores, and one of the main biological agents responsible for the control and the dissemination of soil microorganisms.

Imagine what a couple of thousand of these guys must feel like crawling under your skin, biting, chewing, and tunneling around as they go. We know at least the folks in the Oklahoma Study were infested with them. Surely by now you must be asking “What in the world are are soil Microarthropod’s doing living in human beings? Even more unexplainable is that they prefer decaying leaf litter loaded with soil based microorganisms.

This is where our old friend Pseudomonas Putida the soil based bacterium comes into play


The Pseudomonas Putida – Collembola Connection

As it turns out, there is a very strong connection between Pseudomonas Putida and Collembola (the Microarthropod). 

The Gut of the Soil Microarthropod Folsomia candida (Collembola) Is a Frequently Changeable but Selective Habitat and a Vector for Microorganisms

A total of 11 different taxonomic bacterial groups and the filamentous fungus Acremonium charticola were isolated from the guts of five F. candida (Collembola) specimens. The most abundant isolate was related to Erwinia amylovora (96.2% DNA sequence similarity to its 16S rRNA gene). F. candida (Collembola) preferred to feed on Pseudomonas putida and three indigenous gut isolates rather than eight different type culture strains.

Interestingly enough somebody has actually researched this and found out that out of all the soil bacteria available to Collembola they actually prefer to feed on Pseudomonas Putida.


Quick Review

So, to review at this point we have a group of people suffering, being told it’s all “in their head” only later to find out they were infected with Collembola after all. Then we have Dr. Wymore’s interview stating he cultured Pseudomonas Putida directly from Morgellons fibers. And finally, we have the scientific work above identifying Pseudomonas Putida as the favorite food of the Microarthropod Collembola. It would seem the skin and body of the Morgellons sufferer has become like a rotting log, or the very least as favorable a home to both soil bacteria and soil based pests that they are both perfectly at home living in us.

If that was all of the information we had to link these two culprits together that would be interesting enough, however, we are only getting started, there is much more evidence.


More on the Dr. Wymore Interview

Near the end of the interview Dr. Wymore makes this statement

I feel that springtails can be eliminated. The primers for the stretch of sprintail DNA will amplify a specific gene from over a thousand species of Collembola and yet we can never amplify this DNA from fibers, scabs, dried skin or callous material.

Even if the Collembola had been in contact with the scabs or the fibers it is likely they would have shed a few cells and that should be enough to amplify the Collembola DNA. Since that hasn’t happened, I consider it unlikely that Collembola are the cause of most of the Morgellons symptoms. Also, none of the Collembola proponents have explained to me where the fibers are coming from or why the neurological effects would make any sense from a Collembola infestation.

Now, the mere fact that Dr. Wymore couldn’t find any Collembola DNA doesn’t surprise me as I think that it would be a very difficult task indeed. The Oklahoma (NPA) study went to great lengths just to identify “whole” Collembola that were lying around in their skin scrapings, in fact, they were initially all overlooked, but later found.

But let’s go down the fiber path now. Dr. Wymore raises a good point, what connection could there be?



Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Formulations and its Scope in Commercialization for the Management of Pests and DiseasesHere is a quote from “Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Formulations and its Scope in Commercialization for the Management of Pests and Diseases

The export oriented agricultural and horticultural crops depends on the export of residue free produce and has created a great potential and demand for the incorporation of biopesticides in crop protection. To ensure the sustained availability of biocontrol agent’s mass production technique and formulation development protocols has to be standardized to increase the shelf life of the formulation. It facilitates the industries to involve in commercial production of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). PGPR with wide scope for commercialization includes Pseudomonas fluorescens, P. putida, P. aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis and other Bacillus spp. The potential PGPR isolates are formulated using different organic and inorganic carriers either through solid or liquid fermentation technologies. They are delivered either through seed treatment, bio-priming, seedling dip, soil application, foliar spray, fruit spray, hive insert, sucker treatment and sett treatment. Application of PGPR formulations with strain mixtures perform better than individual strains for the management of pest and diseases of crop plants, in addition to plant growth promotion. Supplementation of chitin in the formulation increases the efficacy of antagonists. More than 33 products of PGPR have been registered for commercial use in greenhouse and field in North America. Though PGPR has a potential scope in commercialization, the threat of certain PGPR (P. aeruginosa, P. cepacia and B. cereus) to infect human beings as opportunistic pathogens has to be clarified before large scale acceptance, registration and adoption of PGPR for pest and disease management.

Interestingly, Pseudomonas Putida is one of the core building blocks in Genetically Modified (GM) Agriculture applications, including Pseudomonas fluorescens which is fluourescent. And finally, a new player in our post thus far, Bacillus Subtillus.


Bacillus Subtillus

This is also a very interesting bacteria, it can actually provide an incredible boost the human immune system (I would never take soil bacteria into my body, I suggest you avoid all supplements that do). You might want to take a quick look at this article “The Bacillus Subtilis Story” and I think you will be quite shocked, an amazing story if true. This could certainly trigger some type of auto-immune response in humans.

"So the Nazis began carefully examining fresh camel and horse dung. What they discovered was that it was teeming with a powerful bacterial microorganism which later came to be called Bacillus subtilis. This bacteria, it turned out, is so strong that it practically cannibalizes all harmful microorganisms in the human body — particularly pathogenic bacteria like the virulent strain which was causing dysentery in the German troops."

But the immune building powers of Bacillus Subtillus is just an interesting side story that might play some role in our disease. The real reason we want to take a look at Bacillus Subtillus is its ability to grow living, moving fibers. Yes, bacteria growing fibers that move, writhe, and wriggle. I imagine this would feel quite strange under the skin as well. Let’s take a look at the work of Mendelson.

Motions caused by the growth of Bacillus subtilis macrofibres in fluid medium result in new forms of movement of the multicellular structures over solid surfaces

A terminal loop rolling over a glass surface

Dual view images of a large ball structure perching on ‘legs’ and being moved by contact of the large peripheral fibres that originate at the periphery of the ball (supplementary data to Fig. 8)

Very interesting, we have a bacteria that can actually grow fibers. The movement is actually due to the growth of the bacteria. Interestingly, many Morgellons sufferers talking about their fibers moving but they stop moving within at least 2o minutes after being removed from the body. Is this because they have been removed from their food source? Finally, Bacillus Subtillus is being used in PGPR’s (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) in the United States and they also contain Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pseudomonas putida.

So, to answer Dr. Wymores question “What do the fibers have to do with Collembola?” the answer is probably nothing. But I am suggesting that a person with Morgellons has been exposed to a combination of bacteria, that has taken hold in his body, and this is something not meant to be in the human body. But nonetheless, if true, these new GMO concoctions might have taken to their new human hosts quite well, bringing with them their common predators such as Collembola and other “critters”.

I’m not saying the fibers are definitely Bacillus Subtillus, but then, who knows how soil bacteria and plant bacteria are going to react in the human body.


Pseudomonas Putida – The Plastic Maker

These little bacteria when tweaked with a gene or two from various creatures can do some pretty amazing things. One of them is to turn toxic oils spills into biodegradable plastic. From the article Bacteria Eating Up Oil Spills and Producing Biodegradable Plastic. Here is a quote from the article:


Kevin O’Connor and his colleagues produced a chemical cocktail made up of more than 80 percent styrene oil plus low volumes of other toxicants. Frankly, they haven’t expected that their test bacteria, P. putida CA-3, a special strain of a common soil microbe, would do too well.

However, the bacteria managed to turn 64 grams of undistilled styrene oil into nearly 3 grams of additional bacteria. In the process, the bacteria also produced 1.6 grams of a biodegradable plastic called polyhydroxyalkanoates, or PHA. The PHA is already used to make everything from forks to vitamins.

We cannot yet say that this bacterium literally changes an environmental problem into a beneficial substance because it also produces some amounts of other toxic byproducts such as toluene. Nevertheless, it is a good start.


If you really want to explore this subject hit this Google Query. But Pseudomonas Putida can do more than make things out of oil spills, it can also be fed glucose, something readily found in the human body and again the byproduct is tolene, see Production of toluene cis-glycol by Pseudomonas putida in glucose feb-batch culture.

While I have purposely strayed away from some of the bizarre things going on inside a Morgellons sufferer’s body, one of them (not in everyone however) is that hard plastic bits are forced up out of the skin, sometimes large pieces of white plastic. In fact, I have seen rather large chunks coming out of peoples lips, faces and so on, quite strange yes, but impossible? No, not at all. In fact, this is often a large part of what a Morgellons sufferer goes through.


More on the Chemical Toluene

Here is the wikipedia information Toluene.

Toluene, also known as methylbenzene or phenylmethane, is a clear, water-insoluble liquid with the typical smell of paint thinners, redolent of the sweet smell of the related compound benzene. It is a very toxic substance and as the wikipedia information states, “As toluene has very low water solubility, it cannot exit the body via the normal routes (urine, feces, or sweat). It must be metabolized in order to be excreted.”

Why all the talk of Toluene? Well, this is another thing that has often showed up in the bloodwork of Morgellons patients. I have been told directly by many person who have had extensive toxicology tests done that high levels of Toluene and related compounds were found in their blood work. Some of these people told me they were patients of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger as she often has extensive lab tests done in order to try to figure out what might be going on within a persons body. In fact, it was other Morgellons sufferers reporting this to me that helped me to really begin to put things together.


Morgellons in France During the 1600’s

Many might not be aware of where the term Morgellons actually comes from. As it turns out the name was adopted from the Morgellons of the 1600’s in France. Yes, that long ago. Whether or not our Morgellons and what they were dealing with at that time are the same I do not know, but they were similar enough that the name has been applied to us.

However, and I think this is very important, none of the evidence I have conveyed above precludes this theory from it also being the cause of Morgellons in the 1600’s. Pseudomonas Putida is a common soil bacterium, Collembola have lived for eons and Putida is like ringing the dinner bell for them. The only difference between Morgellons now and then is our wide spread use in agriculture of the main players as listed above. Morgellons is now world wide. And if what I have stated above is true its being used in our food supply, being sprayed aerially, and being used readily. It is quite possibly that during the 1600’s persons became infected with Putida, this requires no extraordinary act.



This is not the end of the story, no, not by a long shot, this is only Part One. We didn’t talk about Pseudomonas fluorescens which has the ability to fluoresce which many Morgellons sufferers, including myself, have witnessed. I would like to thank Dr. Wymore for his work and posting the interview which sparked my investigation into this line of enquiry.

I would also like to thank Trisha Springstead for her effort in our cause. Trisha is a former surgical charge nurse and clinical educator who now works as an advocate for patient’s rights. You can read a recent interview by her here:

Morgellons: Expert Says Awareness and Early Treatment are Paramount

I would also like to post a small quote Trisha made that I am in total agreement with.

I took slides to my friend who is an entomologist and we found fungal hyphae, alternarium, and pathogenic funguses on the slides. These are not things that grow in humans. They are organisms that grow in plants. So the human bodies of these sufferers are becoming like soil and what does that attract? Fungus, mold and parasites.


Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to Trisha, She gets it.  Jeers to those inside our own community who try to control who researches Morgellons and the smear campaigns they wage against fellow researchers, and you know who you are.


Finally, a related article on Morgellons can be found here:
Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status


I would like to keep the comments open for intelligent discourse, but this isn’t the place to hang out if you want to talk about crazy conspiracy theory’s, chemtrails, aliens, population control theories, or Lyme Disease. If I have to I’ll just turn comments off.


Comments on: "Does this identification mean anything? I do not know" (87)

  1. Thank You so much for the Putida connection, I had known about this and did not want to overwhelm the readers. This is NOT connected to Lyme disease and is being treated by “ignorant” doctors as Lyme. Dumping Drugs into people, killing off thier
    immunity to this and making them more ill.
    Thank You so much Lucian, you make sense and a breath of fresh aire in the middle of a huge mess.
    Bless You,
    Sigh of relief, some common sense finally

    • brandi koch said:

      Wow… This is the first thing I have read in a long time that sounds… dare I say, right!? It’s pure craziness out there within the Morgellon’s “community”. The people (me, being ‘one of them’), the theories, the researchers… It’s enough to turn anyone who normally exhibits ‘common sense’ into a cynical, mistrusting fool.

      Anyway, I am a bit concerned about the ‘Lyme’ disease/connection comment being that I have been on antibiotics to treat my so called ‘Lyme’s disease’ for more than 3 years now. Of course, I have taken many breaks from any and all meds… but, it’s just so damn scary how ‘up in the air’ everything feels right now. Having kids who I love more than life itself, & even more than MYSELF… well, that makes it that much scarier, disheartening…

      This sounds extremely SENSIBLE, & promising & I am looking forward to reading on.

      In regards to the “jeering & cheering”… As I said, things have been extremely confusing for many of us trying to seperate fact from fiction. Living in a fearful state for SO LONG makes thinking clearly & rationally all the more challenging. However, if I have wrongfully judged, mistrusted, spoke wrongly of anyone underseving- I’m sorry… Actually, I’m sorry for any ill word that I have ever spoken about anyone simply trying to survive this madness called “Morgellons”-whether thay are sufferers, researchers, docotrs, advocates.

      Many prayers to everyone fighting this fight. It’s a the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. When it’s all said and done… in one way or another… I hope to come out of it with my mind, a good heart, & humility… with that said, again-sorry, & thank you for this article.

      • Dear Brandi,
        I know your heart friend and I know you have fought such a valiant fight. I know how sick people get in this and confused and scared.
        We will get to the bottom of this and we will not let old words and old wounds tear this apart. We are all in this together and I just want to see people get well. Our lives will never be the same again from the experiences we have had in this disease known as “Morgellons”, but hearts and souls will mend.
        And it it all…..we will come out of this, if we continue work together with love.
        My life changed when I found this, just as your life changed.
        I think Brandy, we can call this kind email that you have sent….A Healing, in the process of our search, to find the truth.
        No Judgement of the past, just Love for the suffering and we will do the right thing.
        Love to You and your Family,

      • Dear Brandi,
        I sympathize with all the sufferers of Morgellons disease and especially the poor children, but Lyme Disease is not the cause – as my research has indicated, and neither are any parasites or viruses or bacteria. However, such people suffering from MORGELLONS may very well host such pathogens which may further complicate things.
        I must disclose that I am not a medical professional of any kind, I became interested in MORGALLONS when I read about the suffering of an individual by the name of Linda Vosylius. I made contact with her and have been working with her in improving her quality of life.
        I will say here that my research has indicated the cause as “SLYME MOLD” and it can be killed very easily. The “challenges” presented to the body by the SLYME MOLD infection results in the immune system working overtime trying fruitlessly to heal the body of the damage that was done to various body systems. The sensation of crawlling under the skin can be eliminated in a matter of hours and without drugs or supplements of any kind. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with your mind, it’s real.
        The first requirement for any Morgellons sufferer is to be open to thinking far “OUTSIDE THE BOX”.
        I tried to reach a number of sufferers including yourself, but without much success – except for Linda Vosylius who has had Morgellions for many years and who understood and was open to the concept of electromagnetic resonance analysis. I am not surprised as I have said that I am not a medical professional and so how can I possibly find something so simple – impossible.
        Look up Slyme Mold using google and tell me if you relate.
        From a sympathetic and concerned individual,

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Trish, I also noticed from your article this statement:

    “Dr. Neculai Dulceanu, Head of the Department of Parasitology in Romania just scraped these from the skin of a 75 year old woman there [shows slides of fibers and parasites]. He found Rotifers and Collembola in her skin using a needle aspiration biopsy. As you can see, this shows how the fibers and parasites are intermixed. When you look deep enough into the skin, this is what you find.”

    Also showing that you are finding Collembola, I do feel that is the root of our biting and crawling, this is why people find relief by taking Ivermectin, as it can be used to kill mites and other anthropods, however, I do not take any anti-parasiticals. I also agree on your statements regarding PH, getting it balanced helps tremendously.

  3. Dear Mr Common Sense,
    There is a company named Vaxa. they sell a product that is called Parasitin and also PH Buffers. I have seen the parasitin really help people and is a great
    substitute for Dewormers and Dangerous chemicals.
    Trisha Springstead

  4. Mr Common Sense,
    I have sent this out to everyone I know. Any chemtrail crap and Lyme junk and no solid evidence then I am with you all the way. I will not allow people to further bash me and my intentions and you have Sir, helped put the pieces together to form a picture that makes SENSE. Thank God you have come along and I do so agree with you as you know your chemicals and science.
    I know that these peoples bodies are endocrine disrupted, toxins are crossing the blood brain barrier of these people via the Central Nervous System, you may want to look at what all this put together is doing globally. the use and the making of plastics, the leeching of plastics and the creation of harmful Estrogenic Disruptors or EDs. This is proven science no ifs ands or buts about it. Thank You

  5. Thank you SO much for this article!!! Lucian, Trisha… you guys are truly outstanding.
    This brings a lot (and I mean ENORMOUS amount) of hope to all those suffering out there. Some of us think we have bird mites or scabies (and maybe they do), while others have guessed collembola before but could not find much info out there to come up with a recipe for relief (look at collembola on wikipedia and you’ll find a large, visible insect that looks like a termite – NOT the collembola species being discussed here).

    I’m sure the burning questions for the sufferers out there is, ok… we’ve read and understood what was described in the article. WHAT NEXT? To sufferers, a treatment plan towards a total cure cannot come fast enough. Let’s assume that this article is dead on… that these “things” are really a combination of GM bacteria and a bad case of collembola infestation… what can the patients do or use to get rid of these unwelcomed inhabitants? I guess we’re desperate for a silver bullet…

    And this is a question out of curiosity – what is Dr. Wymore doing these days? Is he still involved in Morgellons research.

    Anyway, thanks to you all for much time, energy, research, and most of all, COMPASSION!


  6. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I’m glad you got something out of this post. My point of this blog is to bring the Morgellons discussion back down to earth. My theory (not in scientific terms) takes what little “real” information we have about Morgellons and proposes how this information could possibly explain all of the symptoms and issues we have concerning Morgellons. More importantly, discarding the need for a wild and incredible conspiracy theory, the kind of which is far to often found throughout our community and forums. This no doubt will turn off many of the sufferers who are so invested in the spectacular than a mundane bacterial problem couldn’t possibly lie at the root of their problem.

    For instance, one of the medical doctors I spoke to on the phone investigating Morgellons asked me if I had ever went to the beach and dug in the sand? I thought, that’s a strange question, but yes, in fact, I have and lots of times, we dig big sand castles and such. The doctor said a lot of the patients said they did that as well (the doctor must have asked them all kinds of questions about contact with soil). Well, putida is used to clean up oils spills, who knows, maybe it’s alive and well and living in the sand. There are reasonable explanations for Morgellons and I certainly do not believe it is intentional. In fact, there is really no evidence that it is even man made. I know that is not what folks want to hear, but if we want to be taken seriously the talk of mother ships has got to go.

    I don’t think my post is unreasonable, it was quite simple to tie all these things together, if putida is at the root of the problem it has the possibiliy to do most of the things that are going on within a Morgellons sufferer’s body, including making our skin appear like soil to soil based pests and as it is doing so creating by-products that are toxic to the human body thereby making us feel incredibly ill at times. The CDC could release the results of their study soon and prove all this wrong, but this is what I’ve got at the current moment, the only thing that I think is reasonable and can explain Morgellons.

  7. Amelia Withington MD said:

    Hello–thank you for your excellent set of articles. They have really given me a lot of food for thought. I am a non-conspiracy-theorist physician who has Lyme Disease and Morgellons and I feel stuck in the DMZ of warring factions whom I wish were not at war.

    I have only known of my diagnoses for less than a year, though I have had symptoms of both for decades. I am a relative newcomer to the world of ILADS and of complex infectious diseases I have several patients with Morgellons as well as some with Lyme Disease; ironically, they ended up with me, a psychiatrist, for the emotional toll their journey has taken, and we (the patients and I, collaboratively) have also diagnosed and treated some of the other components of their illnesses as well.

    This situation is so complex, that I think it is a mistake to rule out possible contributions to an individual person’s condition. Although the NIH’s recognition of Morgellon’s in January (at last!) describes it as a Lyme-related condition, I take very seriously Trisha’s clinical experience that many of her patients do not appear to have Lyme.

    What may be a “larger” issue is that Morgellons may be occurring in a poorly understood situation of immunocompromise. I am thinking of Sir Thomas Browne’s observation from the 1600s of the children in France who grew the “odd hairs on their backs” as they RECOVERED from their respiratory illness. Is the body recognizing something as “foreign” at a certain point and literally expelling it as part of an immune (and healthy) reaction? How remarkable if this is what is happening with toluenes–with all the “junk” in the current environment being thrown at our bodies, our “co-inhabitants” are trying to get rid of it in the best way they can?

    I don’t want to be labeled as a “Lyme fanatic” nor a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe the following:

    1. There are a number of complex immune and autoimmune phenomena going on, the like of which has never been seen in medicine before (HIV was just the tip of the iceberg—-there are now so many cases of “atypical” MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autism, on and on..). Sometimes, when a person discovers that there is an infectious component to their illness, they are said to have Lyme or a Lyme-like illness.

    The fact that so many infections travel together in the bellies of insects (one researcher called ticks “sewers of infection”, and it can’t be better said) make detection and characterization very difficult. It’s frustrating for anybody to have such a condition, and it’s even more marginalizing to be grouped into a camp of extremists just for postulating that it might be a possibility for certain patients

    2. There is rapid climatic change, the like of which has not been known in recorded history (yes, previous ice ages and warming spells are clear geologically, but the current changes seem extreme and rapidly progressing).

    3. Military experimentation with biological agents has been poorly supervised and controlled, and agents such as mycoplasmas and other modified and “difficult to detect” bacteria, viruses and subparticles may have escaped into the environment under both intentional and unintentional conditions.

    I am not interested in conspiracy theories, nor even really in casting blame for past mistakes or unintentional outcomes. I do wish that the people responsible for experimentation, if still alive, would be able to come forward and share their knowledge so that treatment can be designed with each person’s individual needs in mind, because I believe that ultimately, treatment will need to be that specific.
    I believe every person’s immune system may react in a unique manner, depending on what they have been exposed to.

    I hope that people with Morgellons AND other illnesses will not end up in the Catch-22 situation that some of my patients with substance abuse issues run into. Sometimes at a group support meeting, people who have legitimate need of psychiatric medication are castigated as “being addicted to” their prescription medication, as if it is a personal shortcoming that they cannot “overcome” their depression, panic disorder, etc. by an act of willpower.

    I would caution that some patients with Morgellons do indeed have other medical conditions for which they may require antibiotics, psychiatric medications, antiseizure medications, pain medications, etc., and I would not want to make somebody feel badly if they are receiving individualized treatment which helps them.

    There probably are people with Morgellons who can get it under control by doing all that they can homeopathically to support their immune systems, and I support them wholeheartedly and hope that it will always remain true for them. It is disappointing that those of us who need more treatment than that approach (though that is a very important part, I know!) have not yet been able to “get by” just with homeopathics (so far….but it is a goal to strive for).

    So I hope you will print my comment and know that I am not a fanatic, and appreciate all you are doing to keep the dialogue going. There is much intriguing information here and I look forward to further developments. Thank you for having the courage to do what you are doing. Sincerely, Amelia Withington MD

    • Amelia Withington MD said:

      Thank you very much for your response also! I had also read the section on Meth. use with a lot of interest. I do quite a bit of work in public-health clinics and have seen that rash not only with Meth. users, but also on people with no substance use history. Symptoms of Morgellons can appear in many circumstances, it seems….

      I also do a lot of work with developmentally challenged individuals, and have recently questioned whether the “skin picking” is all “learned behavior” (as staff sometimes seem to think) vs. actual manifestation of reactions to a symptom. Some of my patients developed normally until they had a severe childhood illness, often febrile, and then developed autistic symptoms, began to lose developmental milestones, etc. I have recently discovered that some of my patients with this history who can no longer communicate verbally received more than one inoculation with the disastrous LymeRix vaccine! So many things may be interrelated!

      I suspect that the first documented case studies of Morgellons probably attests to the likelihood that an agrobacterium and a Lyme-like organism “swapped” their DNA in that region of France way back when. I also suspect that a whole lot more has entered into the picture for many folks since then!

      I meant to respond in my first post to the person who asked about Dr. Wymore’s research. He is scheduled to speak at a conference I will be attending next month (my first Morgellons-specific conference) and I will post an update here in April.

      Thank you all for the information exchange and the feedback! Cheers, AW

  8. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Thank you Amelia for such a well thought out response, this is exactly the kind of dialog I had hoped to foster. Regarding the strange hairs on the backs of the children, I always figured they were referring to the same fibers we have. Could the body be ejecting Tolune, who knows it could be, maybe thats why they say there are no eukaryotic cells in the Morgellons fibers they have examined. It’s all just plastic or hardened plastic. I do feel what is going on in our body is more of a chemical process rather than an organic issue though it obviously involves both. I see that you posted this on my first blog post, did you read the second one also?

    You also touched on something than is very troublesome to me as well, and that is the internal war going on right now within the Morgellons research communtiy for control. I don’t get it, don’t understand it, and I am saddened by it. How can anybody working to solve this waste time on such infighting. It has hurt our community as much as the doctors who have shunned us.

    I hope you find healing soon, I have been holding my own on all natural things and do believe you will get to that point as well. Watch for Part Three in this series, should prove very interesting as well.

    Amelia, Dr. Staninger told me none of her patients have tested positive for Lyme, and some of her patients on Lymebusters (the morgellons section) confirmed this to me. I beleive Morgellons could yeild false positives for whatever reason, but I could be wrong, no doubt some probably really do have Lyme, it is very widespread, I know that. I don’t claim to know all the answers by any means.

  9. Thank You Dr Amy and Mr Common Sense,

    I would also like to add something here that I read by Einstein, “Great Men have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Why is it, that when people hear something and do not read its full breath and depth, then just gloss it over, begin to scream and become angry??? Why is it when people who try to put the puzzle together and do the right thing….do they get hammered with innuendos and get called liars.
    I am not saying I am always right, but everything I say in the articles to Barbara Minton is the truth. What would I gain by lying, I would lose everything and an absolute loss of credibility. If people think that this is jut about a stupid skin care patent, then they do not know me at all, that has been a blessing and a curse. It is not the cure, but it does help, just as other things help. I am not so egotistical to say…Oh I have the cure here, because I do not.

    I need to let everyone know that by glossing over the articles presented, as forth by Mr Common sense and not reading every word, you do yourselves an injustice.

    Alas, I can not change the world but we can help one person at a time, but I ask…
    okay I beg, that people read with an open mind and an open heart.

    I do not know who Mr Common sense is and that is okay, but he…knows a lot. I have a piece, Dr Wymore has a piece, Dr Kolb has a piece…Dr Stanninger has a piece…Dr Cytovski has a piece…Dr Cheryl Reed has a piece…Dr Amy has a piece, Savely has a piece….Stricker has a piece….Neils Meyer has a piece…Dr Matthews has a piece….yes, and even Dr Amin has a piece, everyone has a piece of this puzzle.

    This is a patchwork quilt, everyone needs to speak to each other in a tone of civility and respect and put their precious piece of the quilt on the table and leave all egos at the door.

    I do not understand, in my heart of hearts, why do all the people who have a piece of this, refuse to sit in a room together with a moderator and talk about this.
    Why do we have warring factions here???? East has got to meet west….this is a War alright, to find the root cause of the condition known as “Morgellons.” This is not a war to kill each other and the next sufferer.

    If we do not have an open dialogue, with everyone involved and speak to one another, and continue to have all the warring factions from within, then i beg you, how can ever win this war????

    Why does everyone seem to need to be “right” and hold on to their limited view of this???? How in Gods name will we ever win this War on the health, safety and welfare for the sufferers, if we don’t open our minds to each other.
    I have spoken to Dr Michelle Pearson at the CDC, she is not a bad person, she got handed a mess and so has Dr Mark Eberhart, this conversation took place while I was in Atlanta this summer.

    I watched this happen with AIDs, the Egos in Paris and the United States, over who was going to give HIV-AIDs disease a Damn name. Their egos kept them from communicating. Guess who lost this war…..the Patients.
    Precious time is being lost here and with every tick of the clock, more lives are falling apart, families are being destroyed and people are becoming more ill. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but: this but this is not a game, these are peoples lives we are dealing with and no one is winning, if we do not work together, with mutual respect for each other.

    Please, let us not, keep fighting and let us not let, ” The Band Play On.” It serves no purpose and gets us no where.


  10. Amelia Withington MD said:

    Well said, Trisha! I have even found it enlightening to observe the way that Dr Staninger’s research is “adopted” by conspiracy theorists to the extent that her name becomes associated with that point of view. Very few people seem to have read her actual research, which does contain important ideas and findings. More possible pieces of the puzzle…..

    You are correct about egos in medicine and science–and hidden agendas at times. Pamela Weintraub did a phenomenal job elucidating just those issues in her fabulous book, “Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic”. It reads like a detective novel, and it is all true! I believe such scenarios have played out in many similar settings in the last several decades as well as now…

    Dr. Stricker recalls working with communities in SF in the late 70s and early 80s before HTLVIII>HIV was acknowledged and gets the same feeling working with Morgellons, that “we’re onto something with major public health implications here”…

    So there is hope for us all to communicate, and Trisha is right that it is worth reading exactly what the person has to say rather than what is said about them. There are some pretty skilled “smear campaigners” out there, and I have to ask myself about the groups like “morgellonswatch”–why would someone invest so much of themselves in tearing down this issue if they don’t have something at stake? Get a life, and put all that energy and creativity into something you DO believe in, not publicly and sarcastically questioning (e.g.,) the motives of a desperate Mary Leitao trying to get help for her small son!

    For those who have a product that can provide some relief and support the immune system–more power to you. There is one other physician I am aware of who has “gone public” with having Morgellons and I understand she has a skin product line too. If you have a good formula and “do no harm”, then spread the wealth of your knowledge. Beats Raid!

    Live long and prosper, AW

  11. Thank You Dr Amelia,
    There are tears running down my face right now. Tears of Joy, Hope, Love and I only wish for peace in this process. Does anyone have a photo of their skin they would share with Mr Common Sense.
    He had to take down his photos and needs some new ones to share. This would be greatly appreciated, we need a sufferer to come forth who is willing to share a photo that does not identify them, if they wish not to be identified.
    If they do not care and want to give their name that would be okay also.

    • Hello Trisha,
      I have tons of critter pics taken with a digital microscope max magnification 130x. Only few pics of body leasions from holding the scope direct to my face trying to capture the blue fibers under skin (and these are not very clear.) Not sure how long I’ve had Morg (4 yrs ago my hairdresser retired due to Morg diesase – had never heard of it) but symptoms kicking in and getting worse at alarming rate, especially last few weeks. Went to Internet to locate doc in SF, CA and cannot believe how easy it is to spend 100 hours reading up. But time not a problem – last client cancelled my consulting engagement – apparently no one wanted to be in the same room with me and these horrific facial lesions…. Now scared to death as have seen something very very wierd in my stool, cannot wait for Monday am, pray for same day appt. My case might have an added twist – silicone implants 20 years ago and one burst 8 years ago – both removed and replaced with same. Anyway, think my pics look fairly similar to others offered on the net, but many more and perhaps with higer detail. Interested? Any wise words on how to get the mind to sleep under these conditions? Any input on SF specialists to ring? Hear Strickter and Savely not taking new patients.
      Many thanks to you and others posting here – very informative. Was wondering were the more recent info was. CDC and Univ of Oak sites seem dated. Maybe common to not release updates/news during research process but sure would love a tidbit… or please if there is a God, a cure. Cannot imagine how I will live with myself if turns out have passed this heinous condition to housemates and friends.
      Kind regards, Jeri

  12. I’ve read all the Blog several times and seem to be able to absorb a bit more each time I read. Thank you for creating this place as I find it extremely helpful and hope that others will contribute. Working together in a positive manner to reach our common goal works for all of us.

    To all who have posted your thoughts, my heartfelt thanks. It’s always great to see hard work appreciated and constructive comments contributed in a kind manner are welcomed and a nice change from the other kind.

    Thank you again.

  13. I have photos I will share. They are very clear but would be glad to share

  14. I am sorry. I meant they are not very clear. email me and I will share them

    • I would love to publish your photos at critterfiles also, Sue, or if you are a member or join, you can make a folder for yourself and upload them at your leisure.

  15. Dear Sue,
    You are a sweetheart, You may want to email them to mr common sense and he can post them. Thank You for your kindness and goodness. You are also welcome to email me at and I will fix them so they are clearer. Our friend Mr Common Sense is exausted. He is such a kind and good man. He only wants what is best for those “suffering” he has taken quite a bashing but he will weather the storm. Everything will be fine.

  16. Amelia Withington MD said:

    I find myself protectively wondering, who is bashing you and Mr. Common Sense, Trisha? Whoever they are, I wonder what they think they are accomplishing…..

  17. Amelia Withington MD said:

    PS: The times being posted are incorrect–I promise I am not writing this at 4:15 am :>)!

  18. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I’m fine everyone, there was a little fuss over my initial posting of this but it’s fine now, remember, it’s more of a question “Could this be it?” rather than me saying “This is definitely it”. My approach was just to use the data at hand and to find a plausible explanation. There are many issues and questions such as “What is this NCS thing, sounds exactly like Morgellons to me, and they mention toluene alot, did they find it in the patients blood? I think from their site they do those kinds of toxocology tests. Amilia, I just set the clock to EST time assuming that will work for most people.

  19. I am in total agreement with you Mr. common sense with regard to the fact that we need to focus on what is important: GETTING WELL.

    I also wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise in helping us put the pieces of the puzzle together. I think that in taking these pieces, taken from many who are in a position to share, will eventually help us put the puzzle together to make some sense out of all this…so thank you for your contribution.

    At the risk of sounding pious and pompous, this is what I am ‘feeling’ today, so take what I am about to say for what it is worth…these are just my thoughts at the current time and are just ‘thoughts’ that admittedly are subject to change and are taken out of what I have experienced so far—and I—and I know many others as well–have been through the gamut of emotions throughout this disease…

    I think it is much healthier to look at the fact that this journey with this infection has much to teach us and that we must listen to our spiritual guides as well as to what our bodies are telling us–and apply what we are learning by sharing in a positive way–to help each other that way. But at this point and solely an opinion from my own experience, I am not sure that I could have done this without a spiritual outlook on the entire journey that all of us are on. I will speak for myself in that my connection to God has grown tremendously and would probably not done so had I not gone through this…there are many ways to look as this in a positive way and I think that this kind of experience and feelings are not limited to Morgellons but to anyone going through a life threatening, life-altering condition.

    This is not to imply that I don’t get angry sometimes…and that we need to vent sometimes–we are only human. But I am not angry at fellow sufferers, just at the situation. However, when I go through these moments, I know that I am ‘out of sync’ and I now make it a point to get quiet and try to shift my thoughts as I feel that anger turns into hate [and perhaps are one in the same], which impedes our progress toward the ultimate goal. This is just my belief …and that is that we are spiritual beings going through a physical experience.

    I also agree, that rather than to focus on ‘who dun it’, it would help us more to focus solely on getting well by encompassing all these below components below to survive this:

    … as said before, a spiritual connection if only to start by counting our blessings and giving thanks every day for what we have… which shifts our focus on what we don’t have to what we do have…and positive / visual thoughts of how we want this to turn out. These are two components IMO, that are equally important as treating the physical body. While counting our blessings after we have lost our jobs, friends, house and practically everything important to us is most difficult, there is always something you can find to be thankful for, even if it is that you have a meal that you are able to afford to eat that day….or that you have access to warm running water. I know this is easier for me to say when I have not lost my house, nor am I am at the most destitute levels that some are now going through. It is just how I think I have survived so far.

    Another task that I find difficult is to not look back, but only forward. I sometimes find myself glancing at a picture of myself with my children, of what I used to look like and how my life was way back then…but instinctively, I know this is counter productive with the exception that this perhaps could be an incentive and used as a tool to create positive thoughts of how you want your life to be, once again. Let us not give up hope…ever…if only for the common cause to help all of us collectively as a group; by not only helping each other who are currently suffering greatly, but to get this out to the public and prepare others who may be unknowingly entering the same path and destiny.

  20. Thank you. This is the first time I’ve felt that this disease (as horrible as it feels) might have some logical explanation. At first I felt that I was a walking corpse, that was all I knew that “bugs” lived in, decay. Then I felt that maybe I was really a piece of garbage in the universe. I convinced myself that whatever is living in my skin was EVERYWHERE and that it only affected those with weak immune systems, of which I do. Its been 5 years now and I’ve read everything I could find, went on every website I could find, looking for answers and I’m still frightened, still feel like a freak. I’ve learned not to mention the disease because once you convince someone of its truth they no longer want to even be around you. Yours is the first that I’ve come across that I didn’t get “lost” in the reading and end up confused and scared. It seems that once we find the “key” then the cure is inevitable and quick in its forthcoming. I just hope those of us that can’t even afford to go to the doctor (except in an emergency situation) will be able to get well, too.

  21. This Syndrome, has brought many to their knees and when I found this, when a “sufferer” walked into my office with lesions all over her body and had been treated as a leper by her peers. When I applied my darned soap it began bubbling like we had just put hydrogen peroxid on her skin. It blew me away, but I became so curious. That is when I did my observation in Brooksville, Florida on Oct 2006. 10 people from all over and locally came. There were 3 doctors and 2 Nurse practicioners there, people who I had known for years and were my friends or so I thought. They walked out on my Oservation and left me and another person my friend, Nancy to care for some pretty ill patients.
    I extracted flies, mites, fungual gnats, fibers with worms in them. I had a woman with large worms coming out of her face. A man with a black fly I extracted from his leg. I wasn’t looking for fibers because I saw what I extracted from Susan and it was collembola-springtails.
    Susan has been on the products for 3 years and it is drawing out what lies beneath and I hope we are getting to the end of this. She is very brain fogged and so we are trying to get her on some low dose naltrexone in order to decrease the transmission of the toxins from entering the blood brain barrier.
    If I was in this for the money then why did I lose 300,000.00 last year and have to shut down my office. People were coming to me from all over with no money and I gave them everything I had, because I am a horrible business woman and because I care.
    I am not out to rip anyone off, I am not a snake oil salesman, but in order to tell the complete story, I have to talk about my Patent. This is what drew these things to the surface to begin with.
    I did not invent this for “Morgellons” I invented it for Psoriasis and it began drawing out the dormant Psoriasis and make people worse before they got better. After a St Petersburg times Article came out about that patent. I started getting a slew of people with “Morgellons” in my office. So that is the story of how I found it.
    I looked back at that time, at one of my first suffers 10 years ago and he said he had mites and strange things coming from his skin, I thought he had itchy Psoriasis. Then when I put 2+2 together and realized that he had Morgellons, I called his daughter a nurse.
    I explained the situation to her and said where is he, she said….”He died of Pancreatic Cancer.”
    That is the truth and there is so much more that led me to this place, but that is for a different time and a different venue.
    I still do not understand why the Doctors and my peers walked out and my Husband said “Trisha, they don’t want to look at this” they think they have learned it all and are scared and they are not “curious”.
    Sincerely and with Respect,

    • Trisha,

      I’m not scared. I have been to hell and back with this. I want to know not
      only how to get rid of this for myself, but also how to do more than I currently
      know to do to prevent transmission by better understanding the pathogen.

      I have made an observation about how they move that I have not shared. I observed
      this many times before I realized what I was seeing. Since then I have observed it
      further and confirmed my hypothesis:

      When the organism is completely covered in fibers, it is clumsy, like a person
      dressed in a huge banana costume. In order to move, the organism must thrust its
      mass into position where its legs can reach a surface and maneuver it further.

      For example, if I happen to attach a cigar-shaped critter to my lint roller sheet
      by one end or the other, I will often see the critter sway back and forth until
      it has enough momentum to throw itself down on the lint roller sheet. Once it is
      prone on the lint roller (slightly sticky) sheet, it will sway side to side until
      it can roll its legs into position.

      Once its legs can gain purchase on the lint roller sheet without being too stuck
      to extract themselves, they push the whole organism up into the air and the organism
      thrusts its weight in the desired direction, and it falls in that direction.

      Dr. Wymore’s research has concluded (and I agree) that the fibers do not come from
      a proximate source. However, I suggest that they do SELECTIVELY take on their colors,
      probably for camouflage. This is not at all unusual in nature, especially for
      such an intelligent organism as these.


  22. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Brenda, I want this to be a safe place, remember, stress and worry can make one terribly sick and itself be the very cause of a weak immune system. I too feel once identified a cure will come very quickly. Hang in there.

  23. I just spoke to Dr Carina Blackmore with the state of Florida, she loved the articles.
    My goal is to get My Entomologist, Dr Blackmore, Dr Reed and Some other really good
    Doctors in the same room and we can go over this data and look at getting a study here in Florida.
    Florida has some of the Best Universities for Entomology, Toxicology, Vector Borne diseases and UF is outstanding and is listening here. USF dept of Dermatology doesn’t want to see this, nor does the University of Miami. Been there and done that.
    I just petitioned the NIH Division of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine and recieved a response.
    I need a Good Grant writer and hopefully one will appear in order to help me. I promise, I will follow through with this effort and God is Good. We are very close to a
    treatment and a Cure.
    Brenda, be kind to yourself and get lots of rest, drink lots of water with lemon or lime and no sugar. Flush out your system and I have a few tricks up my sleeve here and will gladly share them after I have done a bit more research.
    Meanwhile, Dr Susan Kolb has an Oral Chelation Agent that she sells for less than retail and you may want to start there.
    I know it is hard but get out and walk, breath in fresh air and NO FEAR, You will get well.

    Love to You All,

  24. Light and Hope

    There is a tremendous amount of light and hope coming from these pages… finally this is beginning to make some sense. The ancient prophet Hosea warned “My people perish (or suffer) for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Those who are directed to this site will derive considerable gains in understanding the causative factors of this dreadful scourge.

    There are some common themes that have emerged for me so far as I have sought answers here and elsewhere to help find ways to alleviate this suffering:

    I see this first and foremost as a physiological terrain problem. The body physiology of Morgellons patients is being altered so they become an accommodating medium for the growth of pathogens that don’t normally belong there.

    Compromised immunity appears to be the foremost contributing factor that “sets the stage” or “opens the door”… first to acute, vector born and/or environmentally inflicted fungal, viral or mycoplasmic infection, and then to a variety of opportunistic chronic infections that invite further parasitic infestation. You have no doubt been brilliantly introduced to at least some of the key players involved here already.

    Genomic research has exposed limitations in our past efforts to accurately categorize microbial strata based on common cellular or metabolic features, and genetic engineering has in some cases even begun to blur the distinction between plant and animal phyla.
    Regardless of how and why these plant based organisms are finding a home in human hosts, the question remains as to how to safely and permanently eradicate them, remove their toxic byproducts, and restore normal physiological balance to the host terrain.

    Maintaining an alkaline pH seems to be a critical factor… it certainly has proven to be therapeutic in maintaining ideal soil conditions for healthy plants. Perhaps the most critical self-regulating function the body has to perform is the removal of metabolic wastes and maintaining an internal environment that is slightly alkaline. This is God’s design and intent; making our bodies unfriendly territory to destructive viruses, bacteria and fungi and virtually impregnable to disease.

    Unfortunately, the foods most of us are eating and the chemically and emotionally toxic environment we are living in today aggressively promotes an acidic environment in the body. Perhaps this is one reason why the scriptures caution us to “be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds” (Romans 12:2).

    Anyone who has endured marathon struggles with candida overgrowth can attest to the difficulty of displacing established fungal infections, especially when underlying challenges such as heavy metal toxicity provide favorable conditions even when stringent dietary restrictions are followed. Chronic candidiasis patients can also testify to the burdening effect that chronic low level fungal infection causes on the immune system, which leads to secondary opportunistic infections.

    Soil based bacteria and the parasitic organisms such as collembola or rotifer which feed on them have evolved incredible mechanisms to withstand prolonged harsh conditions, and are capable of surviving in a dormant state for extended periods. Fungi and bacteria have demonstrated pleomorphic capabilities long before the advent of genetic engineering.

    Further complicating treatment is the biofilm potential of microorganisms. According to leading research, when bacteria are organized in biofilms, they produce highly effective biochemical substances which individual bacteria are unable to produce alone. Because the dense extracellular matrix and the outer layer of cells in a biofilm protect the interior of the community, antibiotic resistance can be reportedly be increased 1000 fold. It has recently been shown that biofilms are present on the removed tissue of 80% of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis.

    For these reasons, and I hate to say this, I do not see a silver bullet coming that will all at once, wipe out the various infections and infestations, their future life cycles (eggs) and immediately restore integrity to immunity and normal physiology to the body of a Morgellon’s sufferer.

    However, that is not to say that there is no hope!

    First of all, when all is said and done, we will find that this and many other “modern diseases” are the end product of the arrogance and ignorance of man. Faced with the limitations of man’s wisdom and resources, and with the fact that man alone is made in the image of God’s triune nature… with an eternal spirit and the unique ability to create, we must in the end look back to the Creator of all things for answers and for restoration.

    Many millions can testify to the veracity of the promise “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you: not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27). These immortal words of Jesus capture the essence of the truth that all who place their burdens at His feet are immediately transformed and ultimately healed. Others on this site have pointed out that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey, and further exploration of temporal healing is pointless without first addressing the source of all permanent healing…. Like the wildly popular Toby Mac song says, “I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul”.

    Secondly, we don’t have the option of sterilizing our bodies the way we can sterilize soil in order to exterminate pathogens and get a fresh start, but we can take steps to restore normal physiology in the body (as is done in soil) by eating alkalizing foods and introducing critical nutrients to promote detoxification pathways.

    We can use probiotics (friendly bacteria) and natural antifungal and antimicrobial agents such as oil of oregano, olive leaf and grapefruit seed extracts, nanonized silver, and stabilized oxygen products such as MMS to directly oppose the various microbial threats. We can take omega-three fats to help control inflammation and improve circulation. We can take antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals that steal cellular vitality. We can take vitamins and minerals to fuel cellular energy production and we can take herbs and thymus glandular extract to restore integrity to the immune response.

    These are the foundational pathways of health: strong and balanced immunity, proficient absorption and assimilation of nutrients, unhindered (cellular) energy production, efficient removal of toxic wastes and environmental contaminants, and strong bones, which act as a storehouse for alkalizing minerals and a maturation site for immune cells. Make sure you are getting the proper support in all of these critical areas.

    Finally, because of the intransigent and pleomorphic nature of the microbes and parasitic organisms involved with Morgellons, don’t expect a first round knockout, but a multiple round epic struggle. With each round, the fungal load gets a little lower; with each round, the viral load gets a little lower; with each round, the battle field is a little more level until finally the immune system is no longer outnumbered and outflanked. With faithful determination and by God’s grace, this is a battle worth fighting; it is a battle that can be and is being won.

    Our prayers go out for all of you who are walking down this difficult and lonely path. It is our privilege to serve you, and our joy to rejoice with those of you who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

    Abundant Blessings,

    John M. Burgstiner
    Logos Nutritionals

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Very well said John, I so desperately wanted a silver bullet, it’s a long slow uphill battle but I think we can win.

  25. […] Does this identification mean anything? I do not know […]

  26. Darlitia said:

    I just read this article and I think it is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for posting it. For those that would send jeers to Trish Springstead know that her products have helped me immeasurably. I would recommend them as an excellent resource and the first line of defense.
    I choose to embrace my health at every level.

  27. Amy Withington said:

    Fantastic summary, John! I wish I had read yours before posting on the other comments page of the most recent addition, as I think I duplicated some of what you have said already.

    Mr. C.S., I have also had a “mourning process” of sorts when I realized that Lyme Disease probably doesn’t have a reliable “cure” yet, either. A cure for both Lyme and Morgellons is worth striving for, but both conditions (among others, including the mycoplasmas) have elucidated a really important factor coming into play.

    While in general, people expect antibiotics to eradicate their targeted pathogens, in recent years this had become a much “taller order”. Now HIV, MRSA, TB, Hepatitis and other antibiotic-and-antiviral-resistant infections are at large. But we must not discount the power of BACTERIOSTASIS, which occurs when the presence of the proper antibiotic treatment (as part of the overall regimen), can essentially “wrestle down” the size of the bacterial colony so that the person’s own immune system can also come into play in keeping the infection at a more-or-less “manageable” level. Much of the research posted on mycoplasmas supports this approach, and people’s quality of life can be vastly improved.

    Unfortunately, physicians are divided on whether antibiotics are overused or underused in general. Now that I am aware of how powerful an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY effect antibiotics can have, I think they should be considered in the overall regimen. The era of antibiotic-resistant organisms is already here, and has been for quite a while now. We need better antibiotics, but the current pharma industry is not set up to support R&D on them. There is far more profit in marketing symptom-relief treatments for fibromyalgia and the like. Sometimes they help, but they often do not That is when your doctor really needs to start thinking and researching outside of the IDSA-constructed box!

    I have a cousin who is a molecular biologist and runs a lab charged with the mandate of finding a vaccine for HIV. Sometimes he is frustrated that his researh funds come with the restriction of only being used to directly seek a vaccine. Among numerous reasons that the LymeRix vaccine (from which many members of the IDSA stood to profit from their patents involved) was a disaster, included the fact that the spirochete mutates so incredibly quickly. The current blood tests are so far outdated that real cases of Lyme are often missed. This is probably true of HIV as well–while we may be thinking we are developing a viable vaccine, the virus and its machinery have mutated well beyond what we thought the “end point” would be.

    Research funds might best be spent trying to understand why and how, eg, the biofilms are forming, and how to try to outsmart them, or trying to understand if there are patterns of mutation and drug resistance that we can anticipate. Good news includes the fact that I know people who have been HIV+ for over 2 decades, take their medications on schedule (interestingly, usually Bactrim is in the mix, as it is for Melvin Friedman), and they seem healthier than I am! Who’s to stop people with Morgellons or other chronic conditions from making that our aspirational status quo as well?

    Granted, nothing involved in this illness is going to have a simplistic solution. However, I believe there are trends among many chronic conditions ,involving “cloaking” devices such as biofilms, mutations and gene swapping which will lead to further inquiry and discovery about how to outwit the bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites involved.

    When the documentary film “Under Our Skin” is released next month, it is well worth seeing. While it deals with the subject of chronic Lyme disease, it goes well beyond Lyme. You will watch discoveries unfold, such as when the researcher Alan McDonald finds Lyme spirochetes in the postmortem biopsies of numerous victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, or coinfections are illuminated and treated in Lyme patients. You will also get a pretty clear explanation as to why the medical system is a mess in dealing with these issues. MAJOR reforms can’t come soon enough!

    All of us with Morgellons can learn from the experiences of our modern counterparts who are struggling with other chronic, immuncompromising conditions. There are more clues, and more answers still to be found there, I am sure….

    In the words of the great Walt Whitman, “now, voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find”….. Cheers, AW

  28. […] thread here? As I began to look into Nanotubes it was apparent that they, like Meth users, and Pseudomonas Putida, are bedfellows with Toluene. Here is a Google search on toluene and nanotubes => HERE and as […]

  29. Thanks Mr. CS,

    Have you considered the possibility that bacillus subtilis is not part of the problem, but part of the solution?

    I myself have long been a proponent of caution with SBO (soil based organism) supplementation because of their innate aggressiveness and pleomorphic potential. However, bacillus subtilis does have an extensive track record of use as a safe and very effective immune system stimulant in humans. In fact, it has proven itself useful as a natural antagonist to viral, fungal and bacterial infection. It is the reason why dogs and other nongrazers eat grass when they are ill.

    The inherent wisdom found in the human body and indeed throughout nature has been known to make for some unlikely bedfellows. Symbiotic relationships are everywhere in nature, and are most impressive when they arise spontaneously in order to meet a common need.

    What if in fact these bacteria that are being found in Morgellons patients and as you pointed out, may be involved in the process of hairlike fibers being manifested, are actually there fighting against the invading pathogens and providing a mechanism through which the body can eject harmful toxins that it otherwise could not expel?

    Man was not given a mechanism to download many of the chemical substances that we are exposed to, so they get sequestered and stored in our fat. This is why detoxification is such a prominent feature of our wellness protocol at Logos.

    Just some food for thought…

  30. Mr. Common Sense said:

    As a matter of fact I have considered that, bacillus subtilis, is a strong immune booster, and many are confounded by the fact that for the most part Morgellons patients open lesions do not become infected though they can last for months. My last blog post (See my “All Articles” page in the upper right hand of my blog) is about could this be an ongoing chemical reaction and I think it could be, in fact, I almost wonder if we do not now have some bioremediation bacterial infection. The fibers, the glass shards, all being expelled from our body lead me to believe we are heavily poisoned, the liver becomes overwhelmed so the skin is used to try and eliminate this stuff, just thinking out loud here. But I do often think about the fact that what is happening in some circumstances could be the very things that should be going on, considering we are so very toxic,

  31. Dear John,
    In fact, you are saying a little hair of the Dog that bit these people. Correct???? or
    in this case a bit of the organisms, of the bug, that bite these persons. Interesting hmmm. This sounds kind of like fighting fire, with fire, so to speak.
    You are amazing do you know that???? Keep feeding us some information we need you. Thanks so much to Barbara Minton also, for thinking out of the box.
    Sincerely and Respectfully,

    • Not necessarily hair of the dog, because subtilus may be there to combat the pathogenic organisms that serve as the food source for the critters that are doing the biting. If it is responsible for the fibers (and thereby providing a mechanism for ejecting VOC’s), in that sense I guess it could be considered hair of the dog…

  32. Hi Everyone,
    I’ve been reading in. I am a completely unscientific artist. I am wondering if using very powerful probiotics such as Dr. Ohhira’s could possibly balance the bodies of Morgellon’s sufferers. Any thoughts?


  33. Dear Beazy,
    The emails from Physicists, Scientists and Doctors have been overwhelming. Give us a month or so and we will have a great protocol for treatment. Contact John who has the probiotics who has posted above and he will help you with the best.
    There are miracles going on in our crazy, whacked out Universe but all is in Divine order and I will not die without finding a Cure. I promise.

  34. […] you recall my very first blog post titled “Does this identification mean anything? I do not know” focused on Pseudomonas Putida, one of the two forms of bacteria Dr. Wymore cultured off actual […]

  35. […] Foundation – Helping Morgellons Sufferers Find Hope – Dr. Wymore on his Research Does this identification mean anything? I do not know Morgellons – A Mundane Approach Collembola is mentioned there a few times. Hope I could help you. […]

  36. […] my first blog post titled “Does this identification mean anything? I do not know” I talk about Collembola and their relationship to Dr. Randy Wymore’s culturing Pseudomonas […]

  37. […] my first blog post titled “Does this identification mean anything? I do not know” I talk about Collembola and their possible relationship to Dr. Randy Wymore’s culturing […]

  38. Thank you for this information!
    and Please don’t stop writing.

  39. […] don’t know if this is the original posting, but one link is: Does this identification mean anything? I do not know Morgellons – A Mundane Approach Apparently I say, “I don’t know” more often than I was aware. A preface here: High-context […]

  40. My husband and I have contracted morgellons from being infested with bird mites. We have been very pleased with Trisha Springstead’s products, have had wonderful results! We have also used tea tree soap, aloe vera lotion which have seemed to help some also. We were wondering if three lac, the priobiotic that kills yeast would be a safe and helpful product to fight this horrible disease? If anyone knows or has tried it please respond. Thanks and God bless! We will fight this and win, don’t ever lose hope!!!!!!

    • Kim,

      Three Lac has helped me and my children greatly (PTL) in fighting off this condition! God Bless!!!

  41. I truly believe I have this condition and can’t get anywhere with doctors. I don’t know what to do? My sheets are covered in fibers that “look” like lint balls. My cat is itchy. What do I do to help him? I am constantly washing my body in hopes of them just leaving me completely. I don’t understand what to do. I’m a raw vegan foodist and only eat live-foods. What is this going to do to me?

    Please offer advice on where to start. Co-Q 10, cellular defense, B-complex, vitamin C, what do we wash our sheets in? Are there special sheets to purchase? I’m sick over this and can’t focus at work.

    Thank you

  42. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Robyn, I would look into L-carnitine, do some research on that and vegan and you will see it is often the cause or problems. I take it and it’s good stuff. Also, you might be getting very little protien, here is what I take

    It does have egg whites in it but they have other mixes that have rice, hemp and some other types of protein that aren’t animal sourced though

    It’s just a powder mix. I really recommend L-carnitine for you. To be honest, from what I’m being told there are high numbers of vegans coming down with Morgellons.

    Trisha Springstead just made this post on another thread:

    “I just recieved an awful phone call from a Mother in Mass. it seems that there are approximately 100 vegans in Miami with Morgellons. DO NOT GO VEGAN PLEASE, IT IS DANGEROUS.”

    You have to decide for yourself. If it’s for health reasons that your are a vegan, whey isolate and the egg white protein I mentioned above is excellent protein that’s had all of the fat, sugars, etc. stripped out almost entirely so as far as nutrition goes, it’s pure protein. Look at the nutritional info, could you get anything more clean !!

    To be honest, I think my whole protocol on the “Terrain” post is very, very effective. But those are areas I would start since you are a vegan, but I am no doctor.

    • sistertocommonsense said:

      This Syndrome depletes the body of true protein. I have persons with a pseudo hair or are completely bald due to the loss of hair. The ones that have the dried out pseudo hair have no keratin in their hair. If you don’t get some Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet and PROTEIN, the body can not begin to rebuild itself.
      I do not eat meat but I do eat Fish and Chicken.
      Have you noticed how very unhealthy many vegans look, it is because they are lacking protein.
      I had a question from a total vegan, “How can I eat a living creature,” my response, “doncha think an onion or carrot screams when it is pulled out of the ground” She laughed. Do NOT forget to Laugh every day.
      Sister to Common Sense

  43. I think a lot of exposure to soil organisms is coming from the double strength enzymes in laundry detergents.
    The wash enzymes are produced by soil organisms.

    • I wash with A & H Baking Soda Laundry Detergent, some Hydrogen Peroxide, a few shakes of Borax and a Little Witchhazel. It won’t ruin or fade your washables and does the job. Even my children can tell when I have not used enough of the mix as they feel the “crawling sensation” interacting from their clothing touching their skin. It is best not to rewear the clothes after they have been worn the first time, too. A fuzz shaver is also handy to razor off any irritant fuzz formations.

      • A Natural detergent and Borax is your answer for clothing .
        For mites spray with 91% Alcoholl. for furniture, carpets, ect.

        Please read Cas / Edward ‘s posting , research Slyme Mold . Morgellon is slyme mold. the rest is what you pick up with a low immune system .
        Look back in your life and you will will remenber a flood or living in a house with mold.

        God Bless.

  44. Shawquita said:

    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first time in. I want to thank you all for a blog site worthy of reading and interacting with / for the well being of all participants involved.
    It’s amazing how strong we can all be, when push comes to shove. This experience for most, I’m sure has pushed us all to the extreme limits, over and over again. My guess that the human instinct to survive may well be as relentless as this disease and all of it’s compnents. I know this to be true for myself, thanks to my Higher Power for the strength and Faith to march on in life, the best I am able. Particularly to pursue my role as a loving and greatful mother in which I’ve been so Blessed to be.
    Having had this disease for just about 5 years now, w/almost no treatment ,to speak of and a very cherished, yet limited life line of support, (from Nashville,Tenesee) You know who you are. I luv you the most.
    Just very recently, my disease has gotten off the hook. So, through my life line, I desperately cried out for help. As usual, that was all it took for practically instantanious response from a number of professional , compassionate and dilligent people who are genuinely in this fight for all the right reasons. I am so forever greatful and yuo need to know that what you are doing for me has had a powerful fully positive impact on my physical and mental well being. (y’all know who you are). Ty, Ty, Ty.
    Now, then. I need some input for a new concern. No need or room for sympathy here. Let me fill you in quickly.
    As most of us likely do, after x amount of wrongly diagnosed offerings from Doc’s and Dermatologist’s, I wrote them all off.
    However, as my disease and multiplying- non-healing lesions perpetuated, I was forced to (common sensically) be concerned about “ripple affect” complicaations on/in my skin. I’m guessing and hoping I acted on this just in the nic of time.
    After visiting a very reputable Dermatologist firm as a first time patient in Tyler, Texas, I did’t see any real need to return for the obvious reasons, even though I was treated with up most respect, concerning Morgellons. They offered no real solutions. However, a coupe of months later I noticed a very different looking spot on my upper shin. the only way it changed was in size. As it grew, so did mmy concern for the unthinkable. i went back for an autopsy and it turned out to be malignant melanoma. I had it removed 9 days ago. The removal entailed a chunck the size of a small grapeffriut. Pathology report shows it free and clear. Even though the Doc says “he thinks” the cancer is secondary, in relation to the Morgellons, I privately, tend to think is very well could be directly related. If they knew what horrific trauma our skin goes through, perpetually, for years on end, I’m thinking he might “re-think”.
    I only shared this new development with y’all for two reasons…. #1 Pllease keep your eyes opened wide for anythinng that may be resemblent of something other than a Morgellons imperfection. I know how tunnell visioned I became after so long.
    #2 If anyone has any information or knowledge on this scenerio please share it with me. The thing that scares me the most is that I’ve been told that if the cancer cell gets in the blood stream, travels to the lymp nodes and that spells trouble. Well…
    what do ya think I’m thinking?? H-m-m-m-m. I’m totally infested with parasites, bleeding lesions every day, lots of them.
    Ty and hope to hear something from y’all.
    God’s Speed

  45. […] what was happening to my body, correct it, and become symptom free. And from my first blog post on Toluene and Putida to my final “Poor Mans Protocol” post is my recorded journey. Call it want you want to […]

  46. Yes, you are an awesome mystery solver in the scientific sense. Does it make sense to you that the underlying cause of Morgellons is a plant? A tropical fungus–probably lichen–that can live on human skin and then would attract all of the bacteria to eat the dead algea and fungus parts–celulose fibers–etc. The bacteria does not make fibers–the seeds of the fungus plant does, as all propagating seeds put out fibers . We are looking at two plants here because algae is a plant and known to produce phosphorescent fibers and the fungus is also a plant which makes seeds, spores etc. When people first get this EVIL they always talk about seeds coming off them. Guess what , they are right. Let’s go . I am so tired of having this bit of information and no one wants to listen. I have been e-mailing botanists and medical mycologists for two weeks now and I am tired of waiting. We want to live!!!! I will try to post a picture of the “plant” on my blog tonight. Morgellons for now

  47. Mr. Common Sense, you are brilliant!!
    I hope you still read these comments, because I have some information to share with you, which may back up your separation of the Morgellons disease into the different bacterium you have mentioned, namely: Pseudomonas fluorescens, P. putida, P. aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis.
    You identified P. putida as the bacteria producing the Toulene, which poisoning us and turning us into soil; and Bacillus subtilis as the bacteria producing the fibers.
    Well, I grew up in Ireland, and unlike you I dont think I was subjected to PGPR, however my parents did use “clean” coal in our central heating fire at the back of the house directly below my bedroom window; which leads me to believe that I was probably subjected to P. putida, and not Bacillus subtilis.
    This actually makes sense to me now, because I am a Morgellons sufferer (for sure) but I do not get the fibers that most American Morgellons sufferers get, which I always found odd. But now I understand that if I have only been subjected to P. putida, and not Bacillus subtilis, then I would only be half a Morgellons sufferer, and fit exactly into your prognosis. I also do not know what you mean about the ability to fluoresce; again suggesting that I have not been subjected to Pseudomonas fluorescens.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head; thanks for your help.

  48. […] a quote from my very first blog post … It would seem the skin and body of the Morgellons sufferer has become like a rotting log, or […]

  49. sistertocommonsense said:

    I have seen a few people who look like they could glow in the dark. Strange funny looking flecks of gold, silver, glittery looking substances emitting from their skin. As I kept up on my journey of hmmmm what could this be, something hit me on the head like a ton of rocks.
    Many reports to me, the person said, “This all began after I had my home, yard ect sprayed with pesticides.” Then I began getting reports from people who were exposed to soil and water and low and behold, look what I found:

    Now this is very interesting, If you look at PCB’s under miscroscopy it is amazing the Glitter you will see. Look at the Mercury and Heavy Meatal Link.
    Sister to Common Sense

  50. sistertocommonsense said:

    Patient on Anu, New Hope 2, Magnesium and products.

    Dear One,

    The Anu is great along with MRC and You. Will be needing more of it and your awesome skin care next month. Naysayers in the Disease world need to get on it. My HIV #’s were out of this world at one point and now there is an Undetectable viral load. CD 4 of normal 864 and 47%. I’m very happy, as is my Doctor, Also working 5 days a week; physically. Thanks!!!

  51. Hello Mr. Common Sense, I would like to invite you over to my hpuse and invite you in if you were wearing a hazard suit. I have compared notes to many who align themselves with Morgellons. I have skin samples tested positive from UC Davis Medical Center for plant material. Why can we not just get to the point here. The cause is a p l a n t. Meaning vegetable kingdom. The ecosystem is in operation with bacteria, fungus, and who knows what else–a bug feeding off the polon, a bacteria feeding off dead algea, spore tubes, how about hair algea producing flourescent fibers as a part of their regenerative process, gametophytes, sporophytes, yadah yadah. I am really happy that some people are able through unidentified means and ways to “get so much better”. I am after after hard copy. How about you? There are people who have skin ailments who have aligned themselves with Morgellons that do not have it. We all know that is true. If you do not have golden hair growing out of your skin in strange or ordinary places you do not have the plant you have something else. You will see.

    • Jeanne, I’m not disagree’ing with you, the cause very well might be plant based, it wouldn’t suprise me in the least to find that out. I definitely had (and probably still carry) Morgellons. I had terrible biting and crawling and pin pricks all over my body, lost most of my hair at one point, had red/blue fibers running all under my skin, and had blonde hair growing out of my hands all over that was never there before (and arms). Of course the fatigue, weakness and so on. The only thing I didn’t develop was large gaping lesions (which I am so happy about). I am 110% positive about Morgellons.

      However, regardless of what the cause is. My poor mans protocol literally saved my life. Don’t underestimate it just because it isn’t loaded with azole’s and such.

      There was a lady on LymeBusters I recall whose bloodwork came back as “plant material” and had the doctors very confused. Did something survive the GMO process, very well could be …

    • aripekangel said:

      I have 2 scientists who would be glad to come to you.
      Please email us in private. I have photos, graphs and can do a physical assessment of you, your home and family. We have to charge,for that I am sorry but we can’t,keep going without charging to come to you.
      My email is I would be honored to come to you with some experts. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to pay for such a trip.
      Please let me know if we can help.
      We can help you and your family. We know some do not have this but many that do..Please look up Copper Toxicity and the golden hair glow.

  52. Hi, It has been a while. I am not against anyone cooking up a formula for something even if they do not know what the thing that they are cooking it up for is. Hey! Give it a shot. I am also not convinced that anyone’s formula actually works for everyone. General good health procedures are to be applauded of course. This is a crap shoot and what you think works may or may not work for others. The symptoms are cyclical. You think because of xyorz you are better. Can you prove that? Men seem to not be as strongly affected by this horror–generally speaking. Lucky you. Any hope that can be given is welcomed. I know the cause of this diabolical infestation. I have NEVER doubted the reality of it because I observe and perceive and feel my self, my mind and my body. I have not trusted doctors for a long long time. Who knows more about you than you? Sheesh. It is like giving the power of your life over to someone else. Does that make any kind of sense? I go on record here–the cause of this EVIL is a plant. Yes a plant in the vegetable kingdom. There are only three you know. Why is this so hard? IT IS A PLANT. Good Lord God Almighty–and that is a prayer and not a curse. Who will listen –Who will hear? Just so you know —a reporter from the local paper is doing a story on me and “IT”. I met him yesterday after several phone interviews. He is setting up a photo shoot and then his plan is a front page Sunday story. Maybe, just maybe we can attract someone who will do the easy thing and call freeking Argentina where they know what this thing is. You will see. Everybody is just stuck in a box. I have dubbed it the “Pope vs Galileo Complex”, science has a name for it too====Semmelweis Reflex. Check it out. Based on pride of ego and the inability to say–Gee, I don’t know. God Bless us All.

    • Jeanne, I would not doubt the plant theory at all and one that possibly has co-mingled with our own DNA. I live in farm country. Right now there is tons of corn still standing because it’s been so wet, and they are desperate to pick the corn because it is becoming so moldy. Now, all this corn (and soybeans) is totally GMO to the max. When they harvest it the allergies here are terrible, peoples eyes swell shut (mine did very bad this year) and people suffer terribly from it. I read a paper that talked about how the GMO fields release terrible “mold storms” of extremely dangerous forms of mold and fungus, I think fusarium and all kinds, I should dig that article up. The point is, this stuff that drifts into the air (you ever seen a combine at work picking corn or harvesting soy beans, it looks like a forest fire with all the dust in the air) and we breath it in, some of this no doubt is carrying the genes from the GMO crop itself and we breath it in in it’s live state …

    • Hi Jeanne, I was reading the Email associated with Morgellons and saw yours. The funny thing about this all is that I have never seen a parasite, fungus, or bacteria that is so determined to live. How can that be? Nothing seems to kill them. I guess that should tell us they are not truly a natural part of life as we know it. I actually pulled full grown bugs from my skin at first then took them to the lab to be tested. They laughed at me. The tests showed parts of beetles, fruit flies, and water bugs. I had 50 bags of cotton balls I used to clean my skin. What a waste of money to go to the medical community for help. There was none. That is when I realized I MUST HELP MYSELF. I began putting together my own formulas. Wah,la!!! They certainly did help. I am 98% better but still not cured or totally in remission. However I am very hopefull. The immune system seems to be most important. I am taking a very good source of Beta Glucan. Most Betas cannot be motabilized by the immnue system and are to large to pass through the system. I also use natural parasite cleanses and teas. I shaved everything but my head and am debating about that. The cream I made actually pulls them out of my skin which gives relief. After I remove them I have noticed there are microscopic ones still on the surface that are probably to small to bite yet. They are little black dots like the larger ones I take off. That seems to give relief from furture bitng for at least a while. Then I repeat it. I recall about a year ago I had a lesion on my left leg that I drew out semed like thousands of black specks from. It finally healed. That to me seemed like a colony. I am inclined to believe that we must make treatment daily just like brushing our teeth until somethng better cmoes along. Sorry to say. But whatever works I will do. I also remove them. This is so horrifying. Rink

  53. Hello,
    i read some greats info and i have myself been suffering from something.I thought it was morgellons at first but a years later i think it is collembolla which i no nothing about.I do no morgellons and colembola are smiler correct? All i no for sure is that all the doctors i have been to don’t believe me,and everyone thinks i am crazy.which hurts most of all any and all info is greatly needed.thank you for your articles.

  54. Hi Mr. Commonsense,

    I was wondering if you could help me! I don’t know if it really matters as to what insect/parasite we all have but I, and know I can speak for many, am still curious and confused as to which one it is [or ones -plural].. a parasite mentioned in the nanotransformation article that comes from clothing is one organism I think I am dealing with–at least I think this is what it is because I see this ‘lint’ fly up from me if I haven’t gotten my clothing entirely clean or just if I have been in the environment for a while–they often land on my back and filter through my shirt, on my neck, head etc. I thought they were some stage of a spider mite, because I finally found tons of these fine strands of webbing [which I saw under and around furniture in my old house but only with a flash light or when the sun hit just right] in my car –I found the webs under the hood of all places–how could they live under such high heat? Must be a gene they were given. But they are what swarms my ears and turns them bright red, burning and stinging..and sends me running. Menthol sprays burn like the dickens at first, but eventually stops the pain and stinging. However,I really smell and offend others so I just try to use it within the house.

    I have found that this particular organism that seems to be airborne, loves paper–anything pourous– and water and therefore if there are dishes in the sink, they will fly up [seen well under florescent lighting] when you start to wash them; these seem to get into everything too and if in an adverse environment, appear to form a bubble around them to survive. I have even seen them get into anything and everything that I expose to air, including olive oil etc. I open and close things quickly right now! Are you familiar with this organism from your own experience? Do you think the clothing parasite and this GM spider type arthropod parasite are one in the same?

    And finally–I unknowingly moved into an infected environment [sigh] and even though I have done many bath protocols over the three year span since I have had this [although I am now going to try the bath protocol recommended in the e-book I just purchased ] and have a fairly good internal protocol, I still must be sending out pheromones that attract insects; so I have more work to do to cleanse the layers of biofilm that I have. I was hoping that by eating garlic everyday, that this would help deter insects and parasites as well, but this has not been the case for me. My guess would be because i am now dealing solely with GM types of insects.

    Which brings to mind another question I have.. since renting this Condo [have only been in there off and on for a month] that is only five years old, I am back to square one with being swarmed. One problem that got me off on the wrong foot here was that the washing machine malfunctioned and overflowed all over the kitchen floors, not once but TWICE. This is the kind of luck I have been having for way too many years. So now guess what ? I have mold growing up from in between the wood floors. And in addition, to my horror, I found black hairs everywhere before really settling in and using anything–in the kitchen cabinet drawers,coming out of the floorboards after cleaning, in the washing machine, dryer, in the bath tubs, behind the bath tub overflow drain and all over the one carpet which unfortunately is in my bedroom. From what I understand, the owner did not have animals. These appear to resemble cat hairs but they are not and somehow find their way into your body–they also look quite different from the hairs infected from root upward in your head–

    I used to find these black hairs coming out of me in the bathtub at my old house and just thought it was from my black cat until I realized what I was dealing with here; finally after many baths and unfortunately [heart-wrenching] quarantining my cats, I no longer saw these in my environment or coming out of me; however later I saw this emerge from the seams of a newly purchased sweater that I ironed, then began to get a bigger picture of what was happening. From recently looking at this black hair microscopically, it seems this is some sort of casing that is harboring eggs because I saw a hollow inside with some odd blob spaced evenly throughout the inside of this ‘hair’; you can tell that these are different from the hairs on your head–some even have changed into half black and half white.

    I would be interested if you or others have found this same black ‘hair’ and what you might think this is-AND more importantly, if you had any suggestions for me to rid this of my environment.

    Thanks for your site and help

  55. Regarding bacillus subtilis- When I came down with Morgellons skin symptoms recently it was during a period of 6 months that I started to drink a health shake that contained probiotics below. Could the lactobacillus strains, and other bacteria I listed be related to your theory?

    The product contained:

    Yacon (smallanthus sonchifolus) powder
    Bifido bacterium longem
    lactobacillus acidopholus
    lactobacillus acidopholus dds-1
    lactobacillus acidopholus bulgaricus
    lactobacillus acidopholus casei
    Streptococcus thermophilus

    Within first few days of drinking I became very itchy – head, hands, feet, underarms, pubic area. I originally thought it was an allergy, but itching never went away so I continued to drink not knowing why I was itchy. After 6 months (dec 11′) I finally had a scabies like rash, then I was bitten like bed bug bites that stung and burned, then fibers, sharp granules, black specks, track marks etc., etc., etc.. I stopped shake, sugar and am surprised I survived the mental anguish. I went on docxycylene through Dr. Bransfield, and herbal remedies from herbalist (anti-fungal-antiparasitic, anti-microbial) My skin calmed down to tolerable after 3 months, but still wonder if the shake accelerated this disease during that period. Looking back I had this disease prior to drinking shake since I did get an itchy head, and other areas sporadically, as well as occasional fibers that I thought were due to inadequate ventilation in my house. I didn’t know after I bathed that they came out of my skin, but rather thought they fell from the air. I also experienced black specks on sheets. My hands also had numerous “splinters” that would come out after cleaning up from painting which I thought were a result of wood chips in my garden. Many splinters on feet from walking barefoot many years ago, except they never hurt. Now I know different.

    That 6 month period was also a time of accelerated work outs, 35 pound weight loss, and extreme stress due to divorce. SO, shake may be irrelevant, but since you took the time to write that eloquent well organized article that someone like me could understand, I felt I had to add my two sense. I would love to hear back even if just to say, keep drinking that shake because I loved it. Prior to reading your article, I thought maybe the shake just helped detox this morgellons through my skin.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. This is the first time I have ever written on any of the Morgellons boards. I had to get past the the emotional upset that I am sure all who have this can relate. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show people like me that there is hope. WIthout reading these articles, even though I was in shock at the time, and only absorbed fragments of what I was reading, it kept my sanity. Much love to all of you and I pray every day for a cure, and for all those involved to work together.

    PS: I do get those black hairs as described in post above too. Most are 1/8 inch, but some are 1/2 inch long. I will not look at anything under a microscope, or get a black light because I know me. If I see too much I will go over the deep end. I saved my samples and am having an environmental scientist come to my house to do some testing. He promised to take my samples with him to study.

    • Lori, Did you get results back from the Environmental scientist? I have been wondering who I could take samples to outside of the medical community.

  56. Nice new Digs MCS,
    I have been researching the Gulf Spill as you know and looking at Microbiological comparisons on what was sprayed on the Exxon Valdez. Take a look at this photo,
    This is quite and interesting find, since many of the people there were complaining of quite an anomoly.
    Look at the Structure of Pseudomonis Putida….look familiar??? Love, Trisha

  57. This was all very interesting and thank you for your hard work. I was wondering if you have come across any of Dr. Martin’s research, (CCID)? In my opinion he is the expert in this topic. During the course of his studies on stealth viruses, he has found growth of fluorescing fibers, (qualitative data analysis performed and published), found in virus ibfected bacterial cultures. Martin’s ACE-pigments (alternative cellular energy pigments) although appearing to be benefial to the dying cell cultures is also produced by certain nematodes. I have some of my own theories as to how it may all relate, which given my very recent interest in the subject, is probably just as absurd as some of the many conspiracy theories out there. If you are interested I welcome a more private further discussion in the topic. So far this has been the most educated, insightful and thorough Internet post I’ve read, which although does not include many. Adding specifically to your research involving the symbiosis of mite, fungus, and bacteria, look up the journal article Mem Inst Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, vol 105(2): 127-131, march 2010 by Maria Lucia Taylor et al.

  58. Ralph Gilart said:

    Dr Randy S WYMORE Ph.d,

    Thank you so much for your work in Morgellons. You have given me some lost faith in the Medico-Care Giver Faternity.

    Thank you to a very frustrated Morgellons sufferer, from Sydney Australia.

    You appear to genuine concern for us. Every medico/Dr I see is not interested in me. They do not bother to take skin scrapings and advisze me to buy Benzonate for scabbies. I now will stop this as it appears benzonates in fact promote the growth of Pseudomonas Putia. I have been apply Benzonate for more than three months now and getting worse sores and itching. I’m so glad you are sharing your info.

    However I would like the Medical practitioners in Australia to read your prliminary finding, before dismissing all of us Moregies, and telling us to apply large amounts of Benzonate for scabbies we have not got. They are to lazy to take skin scrappings. I took in scrappings I took and photographed, with undoubted spring tails/Collembola’s thazt they refused to look at.

    RG from Au

    • Reallyourreality said:

      I have read this site as well as others. I have never been a good writer, so expect to see many mistakes. However, I am better at puzzles. I didn’t know what was wrong with my family, then garden, then dogs. But bought a microscope and after zero knowledge, I am wondering why- Filariasis is something our government , CDC, AMA, Ins. Company and AMA Doctors is this big odd reaction? No one has a clue. I read a post of a female writer from years back that had spoke with CDC person , as any polite person would. Giving her the benefit. She had been handed this and so on.
      I then read continued to read how all of you trying to figure this out, were ripping apart your goal. I thought, how ironic, I just ripped CDC a new one.:) I have been on so many site for weeks. I am wishing the cdc was clueless and really believed its mental. Because the reality that they must have many opportunities to see the non crazy human make me really concerned! It makes me wonder, is the old nasa guy on you-tube stating aliens are controlling the Morgellons people possible! That the closest to crazy I have. Crazy is reading simpleton information on the cdc site!
      Do any of you have advise as to the Black Wallnut , clove and other and the elec. frequincy machine or what is most proven since we are pretty much on our own?
      Hello my name is blah blah and I am a Morgellon crazy person and so is my microscope?Sort of insulting.
      Sorry, very tired and shocked by the manner of cover up chosen.
      Sorry not to proof rean otherwise I will be here all nite/

  59. Marjorie said:

    I am new to Collembola. I rent and my rental has been invaded by them. They have been biting me by crazy and are now under my skin. I feel like leaving the planet. I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep anymore.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Marjorie go to the top of the web page and hit all articles scroll down to poor mans protacall. Many of us have followed this and found some relief. I use a product Kleen Green a enzyme that is nontoxic and seems to calm the skin and kills insects as well they can be of great help.

      • Marjorie, Trsha Springstead, RN (God love her) gave me a great tip for not being able to sleep. Get yourself some night time benadryl. It helps with the itch and lets you sleep. Then you can switch to some of the herbal sleep remedies later.
        Sleep is so important in this.

  60. Please send me any new info that you dig up my friend. Be well and God Bless.

  61. Jennifer Buckley said:

    I used to have this disease. It was a total nightmare. I was also a meth addict so anyone I told about this, they said I was crazy, it had to be the drugs. I have been clean now for 6 years and while I do still have symptoms, it is gone for the most part. For me, I felt like the use of meth caused it to be worse and my theory on that was that the drugs changed the ph of my body and that may be a clue to study. I would love to learn more about this and I would love to be able to educate others. Thank you for your research

  62. norman needes said:

    Thank you very much Mr. Common Sense for your diligent research and enlightening post.
    This is the first time i have found anything at all about this subject where one is usually referred to psychiatry by professionals. Probably because they are fearful of being given the same dx if they found anything, albeit the filaments are hard to see and refuse to do their usual behavior as if they have an extra sense.
    I have had a condition which i believe is the same as or maybe morphed into something else for at least 26 years. i had given up on a cure when about 3 months ago i found something that is working for me and at this rate i should be free of all the dead parasites within 12 months total. They where all dead within the first week.
    i have some photos that i have taken along the way that i can send to you. Thanks to the others who have kept this a sober, no nonsense, conspiracy free site. Forgive me i am tired after reading all of the above to mention you individually, you know who you are anyway.
    Understand there is no way that i can profit from imparting the following information. It is offered in the spirit of it has helped me and i feel sure that it will help all who research it with an open mind. (like a parachute it only works when it is open) This has nothing to do with alopathy or traditional medicine so costs for equipment are reasonable or a pittance by comparison even do it yourself. All you need to do is either go to ” youtube” or your favorite search engine and write “bob beck protocol” May God bless you namaste.

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