Before you react in anger over the title of this post it is important for you to know that I am a Morgellons sufferer and I am certainly not a Methamphetamine user nor do I think Morgellons is caused by Meth use. Have an open mind and be willing to learn, you are going to be very surprised I think. I will go where ever the facts go, the only stake I have in this game is the hope of a cure.

First: Did You Read Part One?

If you didn’t read my first blog post I strongly urge you to read it now, before continuing. My first blog post can be found here and it’s called Does this identification mean anything? I do not know.  In summary, I discussed Dr. Wymore’s culturing of Pseudomonas Putida from Morgellons fibers and the ramifications which are many. It’s important to know that Pseudomonas Putida can and does turn things like oil and glucose into Toluene, a very toxic chemical. Remember that name, Toluene, it’s key to where we are going. However, if you do not take the time to read my first post you might as well stop reading now because you’re really not interested. If you want to understand this disease invest the 10 minutes it will take to read it.


The Morgellons / Methamphetamine Connection (Non Obvious Surprise)


Meth users will exhibit numerous signs of use, the most obvious of which are hyperactivity, incessant talking, and wakefulness. The drug produces a false sense of confidence in the user. Users will often have a loss of appetite and become extremely irritable and moody. Prolonged meth abuse can resemble symptoms of schizophrenia characterized by hallucinations, paranoia, and repetitive behavior patterns. Abusers develop delusions of insects under the skin known as “speed bugs” or “meth bugs,” which cause the user to pick at the skin incessantly resulting in open lesions. As the effects of the drug wear off, users may experience drug cravings, depressed moods, lethargy, and prolonged periods of sleep lasting 24 hours or more.


The part in “red” above is not the surprise, it coming though, sit tight. However, surely if you have been following the Morgellons mystery you have heard Morgellons written off as merely a bunch of former or current methamphetamine users. It’s quite common for meth users to totally freak out and claim that there are bugs crawling under their skin. Sound familiar? However, I am about to make a rather shocking claim that there is in fact a connection between Morgellons and Methamphetamine use, but not the connection you might think. Maybe there is a reason Meth users and Morgellon sufferers share these common traits? Hold onto your seat, this is going to get very interesting.

Methamphetamine Ingredients

There is a very interesting ingredient that is used by those running meth labs and that ingredient is Toluene. Yes, the very same chemical that Pseudomonas Putida can both create and bioremediate (degrade). I provided links with examples of Pseudomonas Putida creating Toluene in my first blog post. If you have any doubt regarding the connection between Pseudomonas Putida and Toluene click HERE.

Meth “cooks” use most or all of the ingredients below to make methamphetamine. Most all of the ingredients below come with a warning label telling the consumer not to ingest the product.


Gasoline additives
Rubbing Alcohol
Ether (starting fluid)
Paint thinner
Camp stove fuel
Anhydrous ammonia
White gasoline
Rock, table or Epsom salt Red Phosphorous
Toluene (found in brake cleaner) 
Red Devil Lye
Drain cleaner
Muraitic acid
Battery acid
Lithium from batteries
Sodium metal
Cold tablets
Diet aids
Energy boosters
Iodine crystals


Now, if that is not enough to make you swear to yourself never to use meth then I don’t know what is. Interestingly however, our friend Toluene shows up in the meth ingredient list (which they get from brake fluid).  Could there be a real connection here? Is this yet just another coincidence? Both Morgellons sufferers and Meth users claim to have bugs crawling under their skin and can end up covered in lesions and sores. “But there are so many chemicals in that list above” you say, “It could be any of them, or, meth users could be simply delusional and whacked out due to the overwhelming toxicity of meth”.  I don’t think Meth users are delusional when it comes to “meth bugs”. No, they feel the same thing we do because they are ingesting Toluene into their bodies. But in order to prove that we would need to have evidence that Toluene is known to cause such manifestations and symptoms.


Toluene (a neurotoxin) – Toxicity Symptoms

Let’s start out with a series of links

Okay, so there’s some information regarding Toluene and it’s ability to cause itching, dermatitus, and other skin ailments, but is that enough evidence?


Enter “Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome” (NCS) and Toluene

Now, this find was really kind of “gem” for me. Was I asleep at the switch? I had never heard of this, but it sounds exactly like Morgellons. From “An Overview of Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS)” which can be found HERE.


A detailed analysis of the clinical history of a random sample of 50 NCS patients (9 males, 41 females) is reported. Symptoms are classified into six categories, neurological, dermatological (including opportunistic skin infections), systemic, oral, allergic and general. The most common symptoms in each of these categories in the same order are pin prick and crawling sensations, skin lesions and sores, respiratory and bowel disturbances, gum disease, sensitivities to light, noise and mold, and fatigue and insomnia. Symptoms were relatively similar in both sexes. These results are tabulated and their biological foundation explained. The misdiagnosis of NCS by medical professionals is discussed. NCS symptoms in toothless patients and those on recreational drugs are described. Over 360 dental toxins are placed in four major categories and their mode of action explained. Incubation period varied between a few hours to 28 years. Our protocol for rehabilitation is included. All patients following and completing our rehabilitation protocol recovered.


You will really want to visit the link the NCS site after finishing this post, and we’re almost done, but there’s more evidence here, and that is Toluene and it’s relationship to NCS, amazing, it is mentioned at least four times in the article such as “Toluene is a known potent nerve toxin”. Take a look at this quote from the article.

Neurological symptoms are the most prevalent and most diagnostic of NCS. All NCS patients experience skin irritation manifesting as pin prick or crawling and movement sensations; usually both (Table 1). These sensations are caused by damage to nerve cells caused by such dental materials as Toluene2,3 and methacrylates.7 Damage to the nervous system also manifest in loss of memory, brain fog, poor concentration and vision problems in many NCS patients. Males appear to be more susceptible to burning sensations and body tremors than females. The pin prick and crawling sensations were most severe (Table 1) and are considered the primary diagnostic symptoms of NCS even in absence of all other symptoms.


One other thing I haven’t mentioned is that Meth users suffer terrible tooth decay, the pictures are to gruesome to even post and that many Morgellons Sufferers also suffer sudden onset tooth decay, NCS also talks about this. The NCS site even talks about Collembola.

Opportunistic infections with springtails (Collembola) from NCS patients’ sores, especially scalp sores, are not uncommon (Table 2). Arthropods are attracted to open sores, especially those infected with micro-organisms, for feeding, moisture and possibly nesting. Facial sores of one NCS patient living in an old musty home in a wooded area in Oklahoma included a tick, an ants, a caterpillar, thrips, oribatid mite, and parts of a wasp, cranefly and other insects.4 Other arthropods collected from open facial sores of NCS patients include fleas, beetles, winged flies and midges, and spiders2,3. It should be noted that all kinds of opportunistic infections represent only aggravating but not causal factors of NCS sores.


This is either an incredible set of coincidences or there really is something here. What have we learned?

From my First Post

  • Dr. Wymore cultured  Pseudomonas Putida (soil bacterium) directly from Morgellons fibers
  • A clinical study that was done under the auspices of the National Pediculosis Association found Collembola in those originally told they were DOP
  • Collembola (tiny Microanthropods) prefer to feed on Pseudomonas Putida
  • Pseudomonas Putida can transform synthetic oil and glucose (readily found in the human body) into Toluene
  • Toluene is a very toxic neurotoxin not easily eliminated from the human body
  • Morgellons Patients have told me they have had Toluene show up blood work (hearsay evidence I agree)
  • We have Trisha Springsteads article stating her observations – “So the human bodies of these sufferers are becoming like soil and what does that attract? Fungus, mold and parasites”
  • There’s more too about fibers that move and such, you must read my first post …

From this Post

  • Morgellons sufferers (not all) and Meth users get lesions and sores on their skin.
  • Morgellons sufferers and Meth users feel the sensations of bugs crawling under their skin
  • Toluene is an ingredient in Meth
  • Toluene, if my assumptions in part one are correct, are present in both the bodies of Morgellons and Meth users
  • Toluene is a known and strong skin irritant, which can cause burning, itching, redness, swelling and dermatitis of the skin, as well as nerve damage.
  • There is a condition called Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) that references Toluene as being one of the major factors behind the condition, which includes “pin prick and crawling sensations, skin lesions and sores, respiratory and bowel disturbances, gum disease, sensitivities to light, noise and mold, and fatigue and insomnia
  • On the Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS)  site they even talk about fibers.


We are vastly moving beyond the point where we can believe this is all sheer coincidence. If you look at the material safety sheet it can cause all kinds of things, including heart problems, central nervous system problems, and even death, not to mention all the facts that point to it being the cause of our condition. Could NCS really be Morgellons?

In our case however, if it is the Putida, we are different than the Meth users in this regard because Putida is a soil based organism and can be strong attractant to Collembola and other bugs, we not only have the nerve damage from the Toluene that makes us feel like we have bugs, but potentially, many of us also do have real bugs.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quote from this page I found, I’m not sure if it is true, but have no reason to think it is not. From “America’s Next Top Bacteria


Pseudomonas putida is a bacteria that was discovered fairly recently. 1991 is the earliest report of this bacteria. In 1992, French scientists found a bacteria that fed specifically on oil. This was the first report of any type of oil eating microbes. Later, in 2001, Elf Aquitaine researchers found this bacteria. They used it as a more efficient way to decontaminate landfills. This was the first large experiment recorded using pseudomonas putida. The experiment lasted a year ad went of without a hitch. The experiment was very successful. Then in 2002, a small group of scientist from The United States Department of Energy discovered a very similar bacteria that removes pollutants from coal. This bacteria was used to produce a cleaner burning coal.

Funny the timing of 1991 which is relatively new and in agreement with the Morgellons timeline and in France of all places, where Morgellons is first referenced in medical history during the 1600’s.

I guess this could all be simply cleared up by finding out if in fact we have toluene in our blood or skin or even Putida for that matter. Who knows, some environmental Toluene poisoning from coal burning?  Perhaps it’s not doctors we need, but Toxocologists and Bioengineers to track this down, if you read any of the documents in the Bioengineering fields you can see how advanced the technology is, they of all people ought to be able to figure out what is the matter with us.


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  1. OOPs, I have recieved 2 emails today, 1. its all over the prisons and 2. its all over mental health facilities. The common denominator is a history of drug use, in many people. Even street drugs are cut with the above in order to make more money.
    I am not saying that all are drug addicts, but even pharmaceutical drugs contain some of the above chemical components.
    Dr AMEN, NOT Amin, is brilliant and discovered that people who use drugs and alcohol show a definitave change in the Pet Scans of their brains…take away the drug and self medications, the Pet Scans change. Except for the use of Meth the brain will never recover from the misuse of Meth. I would love to have him look at the brain pet scan on a Morgellons sufferer.
    I have been sitting back and watching the use of Low Dose Naltrexone, 4.5-40 mgs at the hour of sleep,this blocks the neruoreceptors and will not only stop the brain fog, but reverse the brain fog in some.
    It also has a wonderful side effect also, it inhances the immune system while it helps neurologically. It does not strip the immune system like throwing antibiotics at this constantly. These people in my experience get worse on steroids.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Right, my point wasn’t that Morgellons sufferers are meth users but that we might have been exposed to the same chemical which causes our overlapping symptoms, obviously meth and morg symptoms are way, way different, but the lesions and sensations of bugs crawling seems to point to Toluene, that’s really what that other site says, did you look at it, quite revealing:

    Search for Tolune on that page.

    Here is their treatment, thank the Good Lord I’m doing much the same, all natural stuff, building the immune system

    Management of NCS involves a 5-track approach.

    (1) Dental rehabilitation including the removal of old fillings, crowns, etc. and replacing with bio-compatible material. This is usually done first. No more than two or three teeth can be done per month otherwise the patient may go into chemical shock as dental toxins begin being stirred up and circulating in the body especially if systemic detoxification begins at the same time, which we recommend. This is the reason why symptoms will always get worse initially before they get better. A patient with 21 teeth to be rehabilitated will take at least seven months to finish the dental work alone. We recommend the remaining four- tracks to be started about the same time and to continue for a short time after the dental work is completed.

    (2) Vitamins and supplements and

    (3) additional natural products are given to boast the immune system and improve natural strength and resistance against toxins and skin infections.

    (4) Systemic detoxification and

    (5) Lymph drainage massage to break down and circulate toxins out of storage organs to lymph nodes for final elimination.

    The homeopathic detox agent are given for the duration but the frequency of the lymph drainage massage can be reduced from twice weekly to once / week, then once / 2 weeks and so on until all the symptoms are resolved.

    • what would help the body to remove tolulene from the body what other sources out there that we need to know about.whay didi my baby catch it and my wife…? we need serios studys to find out not just the kaiser fnd. asking 25 people questions?

  3. I had all metal removed from my mouth and had porcelin put in its place, so did my mother, who had lung Cancer and lived an additional 15 years with a 2-6 month life expectancy. She refused the drugs and Radiation, took the detoxes and fasted on the “Lemonade Diet.”
    The Doctors are still shaking their heads.
    Trisha Springstead RN

  4. I just read the Next Bacteria, this is going to come back along with Agrobacterium
    Tumafaciens, toxic soup and bite this world in the Butt. Now we have Agent
    Green sprayed on drugs all over the world and on people,this is Fusarium Oxysporum.
    Plus, Look at Bacillus Thuringenesis

    Our Globe out of whack with the dangerous things that Frankenscience has allowed to perpetuate. All the things we are looking at have collided like an atom bomb, I know it was not intentionally and a conspiracy but the Environmental Protection Agencys have really been asleep at the wheel. LOL Thanks Mr Common Sense

  5. Another very interesting find Mr. Common Sense. I agree with you. The next logical step would be to test for presence of toulene in Morg sufferers.

    Since yesterday, I read Dr. Wymore’s responses in 2006 to the charges of why he was not releasing more information about his research. This is the link

    After reading it, I poked around and have too read Dr. Wymore’s open letter to the Morgellons community (

    Dr. Wymore mentions culturing Pseudomonas Putida from Morgellon fibers: “PCR was performed and the amplified DNA was sent to a commercial sequencing lab to do the DNA sequencing. Two different
    bacterial species were identified. They were: a) Pseudomonas putida and b) Corynebacterium efficiens. Does this identification mean anything? I do not know. Both of these can cause infections, especially in immunocompromised individuals. Both of these bacterial types are found in soil and can be found in skin.”

    You have the above paragraph in your first post but the next sentence was not included:

    “The fact that they grew from fibers that were associated with skin makes it difficult to say if they are related to Morgellons Disease in any meaningful way, or merely normal skin contaminants.”

    I must say, this statement deflated me a bit… maybe P. putida could have been nothing more than a skin contaminant that was already attached to the sample fiber… who knows. Another thing is that the letter is not clear that whether this experiment was conducted on more than one occasion. If this was only from one occassion, then it becomes even more unclear whether it might have been just by chance that P. putida was already present on the sample fiber. I would love to see this experiment repeated over and over and produce consistent results.

    Having said that, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Common Sense, I think your research and what you have observed are promising and could be critical to solving the Morgellons mystery. I just had a moment of doubt and weakness after reading Dr. Wymore’s entire letter. It’s not clear if Dr. Wymore is still actively investigating Morgs… do you know whether he is?

    I agree with your assessment that Morgs is probably some combination of toxins and opportunistic parasites. I do NOT believe that a presence of toxins like toluene is the sole cause of the skin sensations like crawling and pin pricks. I suffer from something, but fortunately, I do not suffer from legions, open sores, and fibers growing out of them. So do I have toluene? Maybe, maybe not. However I do have a bad case of the crawlies on face and scalp, and I experience biting sensations throughout the day. I can also find specks of lint or granules. The reason why I do not believe this is solely chemical based cause is b/c we can do certain things to make the crawlings and bitings go away. I can take a bath and I feel great afterwards, then the buggy sensations return after 30 min. I clean and vacuum my place and get attacked less. To me these are indications that the cause is organism based, not chemical based.

    I really pray that careful research like yours and Trisha’s will eventually lead to the discovery of cause and that a cure will be available for us soon.

  6. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I fully agree with what you have said. My post is either a incredible set of coincidences almost beyond belief or there is something here. And for the record, I am one of those morgellons sufferers without lesions as well. So I am like you, however, we both have Morgellons or NCS. Don’t be so sure you don’t have fibers, mine were all under perfectly healthy skin, red and blue, easilly visible with a pocket scope. I was in bad shape but am doing better now, I don’t see those fibers. Could that mean I killed off the putida but this crawling and such that I get is residual left over from Toluene exposure? Could be, I have a feeling oxygen is the key to getting this out of the body.

    Kixx, I don’t disagree, this theory is somewhat a house of cards hinging on us finding Toulene or child compounds in our bodies. I know there are Morgellons patients that have had extensive toxocology work like Dr. Staningers patients, we need to get this post out everywhere and see if we can find patients who have been found to have this in their bloodwork.

    As far as when you do “certain things” and the crawlies go away, ya, me too, ever wonder why a low sugar diet helps? Putida and glucose (maybe?) and yes, I agree, organisms attack us, but again, Kixx, it could be because you have something in you (a bacteria) that draws them in like cat-nip.

    Think about this for a moment. What else do you know of that could possibly account for all of our symptoms and including drawing bugs in, the crawling sensations, some real,, some nerve damange, the sores, itching, and other things. And there is at least a weak link to Morgellons, Dr. Wymores statement, however, like I said, I have had Morgellons people mention Toluene in their bloodwork to me.

    Anyway, given all of the evidence we have (which is not much) I feel I laid out enough evidence to at least warrant researchers to look into this.

  7. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Here’s something interesting, a quote from a Dr Susan Kolb and Dr Staninger Radio show

    “The solvent toluene was found in patient’s blood using advancing biological monitoring tests. ”

    From post #5 on this thread:

    • I drive by a petroleum tank farm on the way home every day and often smell toluene used when the rust is removed and then the tanks painted with a durable outdoor paint–with the toluene as the thinner. That is a theory, the company denies it, even though I smell it.

  8. Dear All,
    Remember that I have been working with Mitchell Martin at he has left there. There is something I need to add here, Bt which is used in Organic farming is changing and altering the soil of our farms. The bottom line here is the most basic element of Bt is….Get this…..ANTHRAX. Tear Bt apart to its most common denominator and it is made by Monsanto, injected it the seeds of soy, cotton, soy, canola and it is Anthrax. 178 Japanese Farmers committed Suicide 3 years ago, because Monsanto sold them the Seeds for their crops but did not tell them that they would have to buythe “roundup” to cropdust with. Its not chemtrails and we need to stop looking so high in the sky and get down to what is being sprayed on our crops. It kills the weed but not the Genetically Altered Seeded Plants. So our plants and our ecosystem are in a mess due to more than Pudita, but bottom line….Anthrax.
    Look up Anthrax poisoning and what it does to the Central Nervous System and the Skin. Jeffery Smith is a whistleblower against Monsanto. I truly believe it is toxic soup add toulene to the equation.
    Thanks so Much,
    Trisha Springstead RN

  9. This was a great article to read regardless wither or not it’s 100% on target or not. I also have this “morgellons”.This makes a lot of cents to me for a number of reasons. I am”or was before this” a amateur bodybuilder. I have put tons of synthetic oils in my body over the past four years “anabolic steroids”. But the funny thing is hell didn’t break louse until I stopped the steroids? I did have brown spots show up on the tops of my feet and started having gum problems around the same time. But the biting and crawling and bugs did not start until I had discontinued my steroid use for 3 or 4 months. But over time I have learned that Trish is right about staying away from chemicals and eating organic. Her ESP soap helped me a lot with getting some sleep at night.I also this your right about oxygen getting this out of the body because opaline has helped a lot as well. keep up the good work brother I look forwards to your next writing.

  10. Thanks Tommy,
    Mr Common Sense has proven that common sense is not lost in this world. Thank God he came in at this point in this disease syndrome.
    Just an observation on my part, this syndrome loves and thrives on propyl based products. Read all labels if it says propyl on the label, ureas, hexanes, methyls(not menthols… but methyls, as in methylparapens and propylparabens) it does not belong in, on or around the body. These are toxic in skincare, food products and in pesticides. Steroids in my observations should never be used to treat this disease, ever.
    Our patients have been put on steroids and it comes back with a vengance when they get off of them. People must treat their bodies as a temple, which it is, as it houses your spirit, Dr Kolb sells Oral chelation at a cheaper price than most and detox foot baths, many of these patients need chelation therapy long term but can not afford it.
    This make it more affordable and easier than being tied to clinics for IV therapies.

  11. Ever Hopeful said:

    Thank you so much for continuing the investigation into our condition. My own website has been down for some time now, and I will probably not return to reseach myself, but I am heartened to know that others continue to work diligently on this terrible disease.

  12. Mr. Common sense,
    This is the most on point research i have read in the past 2 half years of reading on morgellons. I believe you either have discovered the reasoning behind all this or come pretty damn close. I thank you for taking the time and effort to research and write your findings, this has not only made me better understand my own condition it has also made the unbelievers understand as well. (My family included)

  13. This is so very interesting. It seems solid in reasoning. I have never used Meth but have taken medications for immune system challenges. What I find most interesting here is the explanation of the progression of Morgellons- which seems very very possible. We – who have this disease have seen with our own eyes the progression.
    Trish I just want to say Hi, and thank you so much for the referral to Dr. Winkler, I will give him a big hug for you. I see Dr. Winkler next monday and he probably has read all this information?

  14. Mr. Common Sense said:

    My blog tracks how many times it is viewed and if somebody does a search in google on keywords what keywords were used to find my blog. Interestingly, Morgellons and Methamphetamine leads many people to this post. I wonder how many come walking away scratching their heads thinking, hmmmm, maybe these folks aren’t crazy after all, there could be something to this.

    • Maria Sotomayor said:

      Hi. Thank you.. love u all and always in my prayers. I GOT this miserable hell.. I began to garden as a stress reliever, shortly went to Panama City, Fl, from New Orleans area(Katrina?? Big mess” mold to ceilings everyday) I place a white paper on room vent, since rebuilt, clean still!) stayed in house located in the “woods,” woke up 2 go 2 blocks of buisness of out gorgeous trees, plants, et.. got back and My hands felt I had grabbed wood and pulled splinters out both hands!!! It was painful, but got relief. But, I was alone, how will I explain what ‘I did.. have.. to do to my hands. When all returned, soon my Feet, pimple like painful… took viideo n photographs bcs I did not kbow how to explain it to doc and its onset and my having to remove. Left home couldn’t wait 4 garden. A week later back of my legs.. PAIN LIKE ALL HECK AND INDESCRIBABLE… I saw NOTHING… but before my eye whiite buumbs I got tweezers, camera and took each out, I was on front dorr floor.. I could not cry or scream bcs I had to react quickly. B carefully. GOT relief after removing all .. oh and take vare of me, pharmacy school dropped.. I thoug allergic response, but the pain of something eating me and grabbing me for dear life, which I removed, didn’t make sens. Especially bcs PINHOLE TURNED INTO WHAT I CALL HOLES that never heal if rhe whit thing I thought I knew was some kind of of monster jawed, clawing bug feom hell, in this tiby pinhole. Next day arm, chib, hands, I t WAS EVERYDAY!!! MOVED THRU BODU, I AM FULL OF HORRIFIC SCARS, OPEN WOUNDA PEROXIDE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING TO, Only rubbing alcohol, I learned along with ‘cleaning’ by taking out white things ro promote healing. That’s how I aay, not picking, relieving. DOCS ALL OF DIFF ONES.. SAID IN MY HEAD OR ME PICKIN, yet have video of almost all, n photos. As I bwgin to feel bug, to appearing to taking out, ALL ON VI

  15. There is absolutely something to this. I really want to add that prayer, to who ever is your higher power, is crucial. I believe that we as a force for good, can change the world one person at a time. I studied the I Ching years ago, it was interperted by Carl
    Jung and Wilhelm Baynes. There is a passage called “Darkening of the Light” for some reason this has been coming back in my head over and over.
    This is also biblical in nature, I believe that we must all give over our worries to our higher power.
    You are not your job, You are not your illness, you are not Morgellons. This has been said before, “You are a spiritual being having a human experience”.
    Sometimes, in life everything has to fall apart in order to come back together. Do I believe this is from toulene and chemicals in our environment, plastics leeching, Yes.
    Do I believe we will find a Cure for this, absolutely. All is not lost and we can never give up hope.
    Detox, Detox, Detox clear the body of Heavy Metals, no guilt to Doctors who treat bacterial load with Antibiotics when there is proof of the Bacteria Present, but not forever and long term, no steroids, safe antifunguals if needed also short term.
    Do not feel guilty if you need an Antidepressant short term or maybe just some Xanax to get through the stress of this disease.
    I do not want people to feel guilty if they need a drug short term to get them through this mess. Drugs should be used prudently and with caution.
    Again, walk every day and learn to stop chasing your tail, breath in fresh air and try to sieze the day. Carpe Diem.
    I have noted that when this disease begins to exit the body, it does so through the extremities, hands, feet and head. Interesting hmmmm.
    Sincerely and Respectfully,

  16. […] there a real common thread here? As I began to look into Nanotubes it was apparent that they, like Meth users, and Pseudomonas Putida, are bedfellows with Toluene. Here is a Google search on toluene and […]

    • as far as thhe iron connection , my wife and myself noticed a pain sensation nwhen exp;osed to static discharge from a sheet from the dryer . very painfull up my leg and in both of my wifes hands…?

  17. Trisha Springstead RN said:

    I have got to say here, that many lives are being saved because of this blog. Doctors are calling and asking me…What can I do??? Can I help you?? I say, “Hell yes, can you see some of these patients. I am trying to compile a list of MDs who will help these people and not over charge them. I refuse to send patients to Doctors who charge thousands and thousands of dollars up front to see these people.
    The fine gentlemen Bengt and Arnel at ANu water have contacted me and also the wonderful John at has contacted me.
    I am going to meet with them very soon and Dear Freinds, God is on the field.
    Dr Amelia is putting together an Antibiotic protocol and an antifungual protocol for us.
    God is So Awesome and we are so Blessed. Thank You Mr Common Sense. If we could would you please send Thank Yous to him and Barbara Minton at
    Love and Healing Light to eveyone,
    Love and Light,

  18. Great post.

    If you were to list every symptom experienced by Morgellon sufferers, the one
    organism that completes the roster is Actino Israeli. Actinomycosis. A. Israeli
    also produces fibers in the skin and crawling sensations.

    My theory of origin is that fluoridation of our water and food products is the
    culprit. Numerous studies prove that fluoride causes enzymes to break
    down in our bodies.

    Yes, fluoride strengthens tool enamel, but it weakens gums and bones,
    thus allowing A. israeli to flourish in our mouths. Eventually, A. israeli spreads
    its way to every part of our bodies. Every part.

  19. […] posts click on the All Posts page and catch up, it should prove well worth your effort. In my Mr. Morgellons meet Mr. Meth, Your Distant Cousin I documented that Toluene is used in Meth production and they experience severe bug crawling […]

  20. CAJTAZ480 said:

    This is all fasinating. I am a 26 year old male and suffer from similar conditions, I am a meth abuser and have been on and off for 10 years. let me list my conditions.

    1.constant tickling, crawling, irriating sensations on skin. Chest,arms,back,scalp but especially around and in ears.

    2. Sores, spots (brown to reddish, BACK,CHEST, FEET) look like fainted moles. Only recently have a got them on my arms. I have noticed i have gotten alot of tiny dark moles recently. Extreme dry scalp spotted areas only, that crust off like thick dandruff flakes. same thing around my nose and face.

    3. recently benn having joint issues my joints dont hurt but can hear them grinding as i stand in the knees shoulders.

    I have not been to a docter in over wow probably close to 10 years.
    also went to donate plasma and they told me im diabetic but that runs in family.

    anyways. I had thought this was side affects of meth due to shit quality these days.
    all this has happened in the last 2 years.

    does this sound like i might have what was talked about in these articles.. sorry if i rambled. I hope someone responds

    1 more thing i live in AZ and its a dusty state but seriously my room is filled with dust like abnormal dust collection occurs in my room where i use.

  21. Joe Keleher said:

    I had Morgellons symptoms and with the removal of amalgam fillings and an agressive approach to detox got better. I believe that in meth as well as the dental adhesives mentioned by dr. Amin there is a carrier (sounds like Toluene could be) giving mercury access to the nervous system. The similarities between meth use symptoms, Morgellons, and mercury poisoning (as in late 1800s and early 1900s medical use) should be examined by the medical community.

  22. My bugs seen in the last 20 year of sores:flies, mites, beatle and the white eggs that suck blood and turn black. They make their body from the skin and create a shell that looks like bamboo then fill it up with fungus under the skin in a rubbery substance that morphs to the biting, itchy bleeding sore. With Meridian testing multiple chemicals, vaccines, pages and pages of science that are made into remedies on the imprinting plate that are teaching my body to recognize how to deal with these foreign substances. Somewhere I read that the organizms put a chemical on the skin so they don’t recognize it as an invader and don’t fight back. The body thinks it is part of it and just covers over the critters who continue their tunneling under the new dead skin sore covering. I used to think this was hopeless but with the meridian testing every month and the new remedies, I have seen great changes and old sores are healing. Old wrinkly skin is looking newer. I think I’ve found what works. My reports from these check ups goes for over 10 pages each apointment. Mostly I eat raw foods, steamed vegetables, whole grains drink alkalin Kangen water at low pH 8.5 mixed with 7.0 as I am in continual building and stress and change as I take my remedies. I pull off scabs and underneath, new healed skin. Miracles since 1991, I’ve had this symptoms and even doctors have admited yes that is a mite, though some have denied it and called it delusion. I never thought it would last so long and I wondered all these years, will it be over when I’m gone. Now I have hope, every new remedy on the imprint plate is different and my charts are more in the balance each session. My practioner is in my city and he does proxy work if you are far away. He is very skilled and was once a medical student. I am so grateful to have found him. The informational technology is legal and it is the instructions from you own body that is imprinted in the remedy in the appropriate homeopathic dillution according to what your own body balances with. I take my drops 2 or 3 times a day. Friends who knew me 2 years ago can see a change in the last 2 months since I started these remedies.

  23. silentsuffering said:

    I definately think you have made a connection here, I have had “Morgellons” or the side affects from being a meth user, for several years now. For years I had thought that I had gotten slivers of wood and glass in my face from using the dremmel improperly. When I noticed that some of the “slivers” looked like hair and seemed to be alive I thought if I ever told anyone, they would think I had lost my mind, so I have kept it to myself all thses years.

    I believe there was a point made about insect attraction to moregllons sufferors, and there is not one when for meth users I have found anyway. I have also notice that when I have gone periods without using my picking seems to stop. It definately increases when I first injest it, alsol, the stronger the stuff is ,the more it seems to agiatate this condition.

    I have two questions though if anyone could answer…one is I believe my cat suffers from this and why would that be? No one else in the house human or animal suffers. The second question is what else could be used to substitueToluene? For the …..

  24. […] posts click on the All Posts page and catch up, it should prove well worth your effort. In my Mr. Morgellons meet Mr. Meth, Your Distant Cousin I documented that Toluene is used in Meth production and they experience severe bug crawling […]

  25. Peter Lang said:

    Have you considered the dangers of living close to meth labs, Mr. Common Sense ?

  26. lady8ug said:

    i APPLAUD & THANK YOU!! I absolutely knew that almost everybody that uses or has used meth can not have the same HALLUCINATION! People is it so much more logical that people share the same side effects and /or symptoms? YES! I have used meth off & on for about 15 years. More on than off & I’ve collected specimines from my own body to examine under a microscope & was amazed at what I witnessed and my research came up with Colembolla. I had even taken the little black specs that you sometimes see in meth & examined them under a microscope to find that the specs resembled pictures that I have seen of colembolla & I always wondered how the parasite could survive during the melting & smoking process & come to life after you’ve injested the meth by inhaling. Mind boggling to say the least. It like used the smoking process as a transporter. I had even intentionally NOT smoked or even NOT purchased the meth with the black specs because after years, I noticed that the morgellons symptoms worsened to almost an infestation feeling because of it. I am dead serious when I say that too. It totally crreeped me out!
    I have another theory. So I must add that I HATE being an addict! I also don’t think that every meth user if affected the same way either but I truely feel that meth is the weapon that Satan will use to destroy the loving , caring human beings by the use of demon posession. Demon possession is most likely to happen when a body & mind are at their weakest point which occurs when one is suffering from sleep deprivation. We also have heard that demon posession and or evil, bad things are associated with filth, bug infestation(morgellons) etc & we’ve all heard of the horrific crimes that meth addicts commit. I for one am a survivor of severe spousal abuse that happened when my ex-husband used meth. When he was clean, he was human again. On meth, he was Satan himself. To make a long story short. Meth is to me, Satans greatest weapon & when the end is here, the earth as we know it will no longer exist. All that will survive & walk this planet will be the uncaring, unloving, the evil & damned. The demon posessed meth addicts who didnt use the common sense that God gave us all & thought it was ok to stay awake for days on end until they suffered from severe sleep deprivation, their brains unable to perform the task of logic, consumed wth paranoia & violent hostility. This will be HELL

  27. I stumbled onto this blog because I looked up “meth use” and “morgellons.” I watched a video on Youtube where a women rubbed her hands together and had what looked just like meth crystals fall off her hands onto a table.

    I’ve got to tell you this is a darn interesting post. I do not have Morgellons, but I used to be a meth user about ten years ago. I did indeed, experience feelings of movement under my skin, and crystals would leak out of my tearducts and out of my skin. I didn’t pick at myself, though, because I had seen others do it and the scars that resulted from the picking. It wasn’t an hallucination either. Weeks after I stopped using I lived at my
    moms (she basically saved me from myself) and my mom saw it. I, of course, was sober
    by this time and the stuff was leaching out. It was horrifying and disgusting.

  28. My son is a meth userI came across this website very interesting.

  29. I was a wife who thought it would be best to join her husband in the things he’s interested in so unity would be kept and nothing divided. Of course, I will not blame him only for bringing this “new stuff” into our lives as a resource to spice things up, I blame myself for choosing to use with him and not putting my foot down to never start. I trusted him when he said it was safe. Now, almost a year later, we are daily users. My whole being has morphed. I’ve lost so much weight, I’m recognizable, I haven’t smiled or laughed like I use to, dreaming is no longer part of my slumber, and I have these horrible sores on my scalp that are crawling with tiny “balls” that I try to rub off and surely, I could see all this removal, yet when I exam the aftermath of my efforts, nothing is evident of these removed “balls”. It’s like they seeped back into my skin and now I’m left with broken, bloody tissue that scars as a bald spot. Bald spots! My doctor performed two biopsies on my scalp in order to diagnose Lupus. Guess what… it’s not lupus. Tests came out negative. He said it was some kind of chemical intake. His demeanor changed, as well. He was no longer the nice, caring doctor. It was as if he knew what was causing my scalp condition. He was disgusted by the meth addict sitting in front of him, doing this to herself. I’m just thankful he didn’t admit it outloud. Now, I know the bugs, I knew where there, really are there. It makes so much sense. I’ve seen my scalp move and the “balls” dig back in. The black spots from under my skin. The filth I’ve become and although I take daily showers before work, my co-worker says it always smells weird in our office. I know it’s me and now I just found out that those tiny, flying bugs really are attracted to me! Could I have contracted the disease, morgellons, or is this a side affect of meth use? All I’m sure of is that this is just too much, already. So now, what can I do? My soul has moved out, my glee is non existant, I know I have to stop. I think about cigarette smokers who quit and chewing gum helps with relieving their withdrawals and I wonder if there’s anything like that for us addicts who want to stop. I would like to find a new action to divert the cravings. Anyone? There’s got to be something. Why is it so hard to stop when I know it’s so bad.?…

  30. Meth users do not all actually feel bugs. In many cases they are figity and will pick at imperfections in the skin. Sort of like when one tongues at a lesion in the mouth simply b/c it is a strange or annoying texture. Living in TX you come across Meth users. None that I have known have ever felt bugs. They feel the skin and will pick at any little thing & since the senses are altered the picking it harder and faster… thus making crazy lesions that get picked over and over b/c of their roughness.

    • Maria Sotomayor said:

      Hi. Thank you.. love u all and always in my prayers. I GOT this miserable hell.. I began to garden as a stress reliever, shortly went to Panama City, Fl, from New Orleans area(Katrina?? Big mess” mold to ceilings everyday) I place a white paper on room vent, since rebuilt, clean still!) stayed in house located in the “woods,” woke up 2 go 2 blocks of buisness of out gorgeous trees, plants, et.. got back and My hands felt I had grabbed wood and pulled splinters out both hands!!! It was painful, but got relief. But, I was alone, how will I explain what ‘I did.. have.. to do to my hands. When all returned, soon my Feet, pimple like painful… took viideo n photographs bcs I did not kbow how to explain it to doc and its onset and my having to remove. Left home couldn’t wait 4 garden. A week later back of my legs.. PAIN LIKE ALL HECK AND INDESCRIBABLE… I saw NOTHING… but before my eye whiite buumbs I got tweezers, camera and took each out, I was on front dorr floor.. I could not cry or scream bcs I had to react quickly. B carefully. GOT relief after removing all .. oh and take vare of me, pharmacy school dropped.. I thoug allergic response, but the pain of something eating me and grabbing me for dear life, which I removed, didn’t make sens. Especially bcs PINHOLE TURNED INTO WHAT I CALL HOLES that never heal if rhe whit thing I thought I knew was some kind of of monster jawed, clawing bug feom hell, in this tiby pinhole. Next day arm, chib, hands, I t WAS EVERYDAY!!! MOVED THRU BODU, I AM FULL OF HORRIFIC SCARS, OPEN WOUNDA PEROXIDE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING TO, Only rubbing alcohol, I learned along with ‘cleaning’ by taking out white things ro promote healing. That’s how I aay, not picking, relieving. DOCS ALL OF DIFF ONES.. SAID IN MY HEAD OR ME PICKIN, yet have video of almost all, n photos. As I bwgin to feel bug, to appearing to taking out, ALL ON VIDEO. ONE dwrm said MORAGELLONS, I was offended bcs I looked yp my symptoms and came across that for first time. I ONLY GOT ONE THOBG ON MIBD.. WIERDO CRAZY.. I had no idea, I need proof except for mh faith, but now I don’t care abt evolution lol, I am was stupid for saying “you all” all along its ME that was NEVER CRAZY. But my reply to doc 3rd was I’m not that patriotic n have Rwd, white. N blue. Fibers coming our my body. Docs don’t believe rhat.. she said, “Oh no,Some do.” So, I do have a microscope and I and got video and pics, so a daily journal for a year. I would love to share them.. lots of reality nightmare I once laughed at and did not and wouldn’t of, had it not happened to me.. its still. I can sharw the our pain witg the screaming of nothing, to appearing.. ect. It sounds and looka worse than the exorcisr.. I cannot sew them vcs its MY LIFE and thia ia not auppoaed to happen to us. I had 24hr labor delivery, not tears until I saw my son, n after 🙂 I am praying for every single obe, b family. I began this comment adter straight 18hrs of desperate search, only ro find my keywords leading. Me here, 2nd bcs via link. It was hardto find an answer I’ve searhed after giving up almost after a yr. I don’t kbow why it never came back up in my searches. Iwanted to u know that. Though I could sneak in how I came to find peace here, oops I lost mt msg. I would like to find a way for public awareness. So many of us, n those that dobt kbow what, n keeping in mind rhose like me and most turning to the the reall crazy stupid docs using all meds n psychotropic one, even loosing reality, as its so easy bcs we have a living nightmare docs continue to make believe. Lots no insurance. My slides, so many over 7mknts of and videos of just after felling bugs, I video all! Nothing there and I saying what I feel, to appearing, to “relieving” by removing them and microscope also! Who can say what witnessing is on head!!! I cannot scream anymor bcs I have to react so I can breath bcs they are horrible! I cannot see them bcs I am frightened bcs I cannot believe what I see and happens, n feel.n do almost alllll time. Luv ro all. In my prayers. I was only going to msg I had really hard time finding this potentially life saving site.. ny keywords it was on google pages way way far! Others need u.. too.. those thinking rhwy r crazy, n those to preven, to be there. Foe, to educate, and know some of pepole with this are lost in isolation or rehabs!!Rhanks again! I wanted to delete this, nut I may touch one person or change one mind for help…ao I sending.

  31. Diane Carroll said:

    Thank heaven’s for articles such as this so I can
    Have a better understanding of what is going on
    Inside my body. To know that I am not suffering alone at least puts my mind at ease as this is one of the most miserable of afflictions. It’s times like this, when I am at my most miserable
    That I wish I had become a scientist In order to
    Research a cure for this disease.
    Thank you and every one out there for their efforts and most of all for the ease of mind you
    have given me.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  32. They realy do look like they are are the same thing. Meth and morgellons really some of te posts here are pretty crazy.

  33. fellow concerned citizen said:

    I think you are right on track. I have come to some very similar conclusions through my research. Though I had concluded that the organism responsible is microsporidia a parasitic fungus used in biotech applications, which attracts other parasites such as demodex follicularum, I now must continue my research. I have had this condition since 2002. My dermatologists have said that it is nothing more than comedones or skin plugs. All skin scrapings and nail scrapings have supposedly come back negative for fungus. I do not trust or believe them and think they are part of a cover up. Thank you for publishing this article. This topic must not be ignored and people need to be treated for this infection/infestation, not delusional parasitosis.

  34. Trisha Springstead said:

    The People of the Gulf are as forgotten as Morgellons Patients…In fact many reports are coming from the people of the Gulf with Morgellons. The numbers are increasing.

  35. Michelle sanders said:

    I simply want to say thank you for the first non-hysterical blog I’ve read on the subject. I get it now. By the wy; I’m a former meth addict. I have all my teeth & other than the “morgellons” symptoms, I made it through fairly intact. I was clean almost 6 years when my newest test began, and I remain clean through it all. Just an aside for those who knoweverything they know from a book or tv show.
    Again, I thank you. I feel like I’m equipped with the info I’ve been missing. I’m going to get better now. Bless you

  36. Jess,
    I read ur post and while its almost a year old now – my heart is breaking for u…my story is similar to urs but not quite as severe it sounds – I would like to know how u are doing now and what steps u have taken since. I have said a little prayer for u and I hope this message finds u well..

  37. I echo the heartfelt thankyou for all on this site. I completely feel for yous and especially for others who haven’t found this site as this is a totally isolating, depressing and debilitating experience.I was sectioned and physically forced to take anti physcs. when I refused to take them voluntarily. Spent meany years being a zombie and trying to harm myself to end the horror. I have been blessed with a change of phychiatrist who has empowered me to be drug free and is happy to research websites including yours when I ask. Although god has definelty been the hero in my case. When I came of anti – pchys I was still taking anti depressives I was most of the times immobolised with fear and guilt at spreading this disease to others and I could not go out the house. I started to prey including the serenity prayer and a year on I have become more stronger, assertive and articulate than I have ever been. Sadly this has not gone down well with everyone. I have invested in an ozone machine ( juries still out) and I am saving to buy a fogger to spray windex (read of another site) as the fragments, fibres and glittery bits are everywhere . I am taking msm crytals, probiotic, milk thistle and antifungal. I have tried the anti candida diet which seriously helps but I am an emotional eater and still have do have dark days especially when my skin and the itching is so bad. I am sure I picked up this disease from lifting a wooden floor in a previous house. Which I did treat, this was before doctors got involved and convinced my husband I was totally nuts. Before moving into this house I went to measure up, the owner rather embarrassingly told me she had spilled a bottle of baby milk on the floor due, to sleep deprivation she had left overnight and cleaned up with antibac spray the next morning. A year down the line they caught scabies. I should of ran for the hills! They bleached the floor and laid a wooden floor down. We lifted it 3 years later and the crawling began! Bacteria in cows milk? fertilisers been used in the fields? Medicines been fed to the cows? Really don’t know and haven’t actually thought about it until reading your site.God bless and hope you all stay strong.shikakia powder, epsom salts, borax, boric acid ( for shoes and feet), neem genie products,coconut oil, sulpher soap and at the risk of sounding crazy but no longer care HPsauce for skin care! have been very helpful.

  38. I am a meth addict. Please don’t attack or let me know what I already know, that I should get help. Easier said then done. I’m also not your average addict, I’m educated and have a life similar to most of you whe I get a grip on reality and pull away from the drug.

    The past few months have been pure torture enough to hospitalize me from an access caused by whatever the cause of my version of Morgellons or methgellons maybe? So I wanted to add some of my personal research. First is the fact that th oil many sufferers have coating the iseasily removed with a detergent free soap. This oil seems to mix with the detergents to form the crystalized looking scab many sufferers seem to add.

    Next I have noticed that when I use my personal electronics after having. Sugar I literally feel tingly this is when I produce this itchy white lace like webbing any thoughts

    • Joe ..what we all have is a super infection of microbes and the pharmas have called it antibiotic resistant bacteria from the beginning …antibiotics caused the yeast we are all born with to turn into hair like fiber mold and they just didnt tell us

  39. I have read somewhere that (what I believe is a part of morgellons) collembola and a multitude of other parasites are attracted to electronics??? I also get the chrystal like particles and white dandruff falling from my hands when I’m typing. But this could be the hand movement pushing the nice things under my skin out. My hands and skin are also several times worse after sugar. Drank alot of diet soda last summer (big, big mistake!) white mould like substance oozing from my fingers big part of the time, can’t touch the stuff now. Definitely think diet is the answer to a cure. Started trying to eat organic, saving to buy water filter for the shower and drinking water(bottled water is just as bad as unfiltered)researching the medicinal benefits of spices and herbs and trying to use them in my cooking (from someone who lived off processed food for years and burnt toast believe me this is impressive). When you actually look into what your eating and drinking its quite scary, all the chemicals and sugar. No wonder our bodies are becoming rotten and attractable to parasites. I am addicted to chocolate and it is all or nothing for me and I mean all! I have ordered cinnamon tablets to try and get over the sugar cravings and garlic as I think this is a biggie in the fight against morgellons (chosen carefully as alot of supplements have nasties in them as well.) I am also looking at the chemicals I am using in the house and what I’m exposing myself and my kids to. For years I have been going OTT with bleach and ammonia trying to massacre the unwelcome house guests I have. This is on the good days when not spending several – zombie like – hours staring and picking things of my skin. I am turning to making up solutions up with vinegar, borax, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and tea. If anyone has any other suggestions very glad to hear! Joe, my heart goes out to you – obviously going through a bad time just now. To be honest this can be said about most morgellons sufferers. Just a thought – worrying about stigma, shame and guilt- only makes matters ten times worse. Everyone does things they are not proud of and those who say otherwise have the biggest closets of all. My personal opinion is the government and pharmacutical companies are the biggest drug dealers of all. This maybe not go down well with some but it is my personal thoughts. There is alot of drug addicts in this world and most of them are on drugs recommended by their doctor and I have been one (prozac).They don’t cure just disguise. Maybe if they put as much money into making these drugs and their profits as into the issues causing people to take them the world would be a better place. Sorry will get off my soap box! One last leaving thought and I am not judging as I am very guilty of as well if Jesus had been buried would he not be turning in his grave with the amount of gluttony and expendadure on chocolate at easter? You know apart from the isolation, depression and traumatizing effect of morgellons it has given me a serious wake up call to life and my health and hate to say it but I am alot stronger. Broken down to break through (most days).

  40. I also am suffering from something I refuse to name at this time as not wanting to feed or empower but other than spending every waking hour obsessively cleaning I’ve been researching and would be in interested to know if by having a qualified friend give me a reasonably large but hopefully safe bolt of electricity I may then no longer have anything to name – Any thoughts

  41. Ishi Yahu said:

    Any chemical which causes histamine levels to raise will cause itching. While toluene may be one example the problem is not limited to toluene alone. Many sufferers of morgellans may have never encountered toluene just as they have never encounteted meth. I am only pointing out that the problem is much more complex and we must widen our perspective to get to the root causes.

    • I came across this Morgellons garbage while looking for relief from the exact symptoms. It was already extremely obvious to me that my symptoms were caused by drug addiction, but mine is adderall, rather then meth. I’m no chemist, but I know that they are essentially very similar drugs. I’ve been reading different forum threads about morgellans for days, however, because I’m interested by all the delusional posts. it’s painfully obvious that morgellons is just a product of:
      1. Ashamed drug addicts
      2. Delusional people / hypochondriacs
      3. People looking to make a buck by perpetuating the hoax, either for web traffic or to sell products to the delusional individuals, whom I truly feel sorry for, as morgellans is all too real to them.

      Thank you for the excellent article. You explained it logically and informatively. I appreciate the use of actual fact to support your theory, which is completely absent from 99% of the information I’ve cone across. I hope that it will serve to help many of the poor souls who are being preyed upon by snake-oil salesmen and bs holistic “doctors.” Unfortunately for them, they are the only ones who’s lives are truly affected by morgellans.

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Thank you for your comments. As for Adderall, look at this link which has lots of information connecting Adderall to “Skin Crawling Sensations”.

        You might talk to your doctor about it, it definitely seems that it’s not uncommon. I wish you the best of luck.

  42. It sounds like you have a good hypothesis so why don’t you test it. All you would have to do is test your hypothesis and if it turns out to be correct. You could then get grant money and funding to look more into it— also I’m kind of interested in seeing what the results would be but bottom line of it all is still that too much of anything will kill you

  43. maria vanderpool said:

    Amonia kill them, mix 50/50 with water spry your house your bedding.

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