My First two blog posts can be found here in case you missed them.

  1. Does this identification mean anything? I do not know
  2. Mr. Morgellons meet Mr. Meth, Your Distant Cousin

This is just going to be a quick blog post. This post poses more questions, but I’m working through some stuff in my head and just thinking out loud here. This post might seem a little disjointed to you.

Permethrin Cream and Toluene

I ran across something kind of interesting. The Scabies creams it would appear, contain Toluene. I look back at this now and think I really poisoned myself with this stuff, did it greatly contribute to my problem? I don’t know. Obviously I had a problem already or I wouldn’t have been using Permethrin to begin with. Funny how Permethrin has the word “Meth” in it isn’t it? Many other folks have used Permethrin thinking they first had Scabies, here’s a quote from a forum post I found.

If you dont know what a pbo is than look it up on the internet. In "elimite 5% permethrin cream" or generic brand, which you are all using, the pbo is: butylated hydroxy-toluene. Thats right, Toluene, and we all know how dangerous that is. It is added to the permethrin to counter act the scabies enzyme which neutralizes pyrethroids, In other words straight permethrin WONT always kill them!

Interestingly this Google Search on Toluene and Permethrin brings up an awful lot of hits. I will do more research on this but for the record Toluene is used in all kinds of stuff, including Gasoline (the MTBE Connection?) and more. Could bioremediation type Pseudomonas Putida geared for breaking down Toluene have taken to us because of our Toluene exposure?

The Insect Vector

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Lyme Disease but I was directed to this video by Dr. Stricker which I found very interesting. You can click on the button on the lower right of the video to go full screen.




I know at one point I actually did have bird mites on me, could insect bites be the vector? Take deer ticks for instance, they feed off deer (and all kinds of other rodents like field mice and such) could they be picking up all kinds of agro bacteria like AgroBacterium or Pseudomonas Putida? Deer are likely to feed on corn crops when they are tiny and supple and full of such bacterium. I know they eat many of our garden plants that are young which they would never eat when full grown. Could ticks and even mosquitoes be our vector?

I actually did have Lyme disease back in 1992 and it was very devastating. I feel I never really got rid of it, but my onset of Morgellons was caused by something different. I was a member of and I can tell you that there all kinds of threads up there from folks regarding “skin crawling” and biting sensations. For instance, here are a few links you can click on:


  1. Can’t get rid of the twitching and crawling and biting sensations…
  2. Is something biting me?
  3. The burning skin feeling, is it a die off?


I could go on and on here, there are hundreds of such threads on the site that mention folks both with “biting” and “skin crawling” sensations. Please DO NOT go up there, register, and starting telling everybody that they have Morgellons, there is no sense in that (trust me, I know from experience).  Interestingly, a large percentage of them state that after doing some anti-biotic the skin crawling went away such as doxycycline and some others.



Could insects be vectoring in the bacteria being used in our modern day Pharming (Pharmaceutical Farming)? If you took the time to watch Dr. Strickers video above, and I suggest you should, you will see that he calls ticks the sewer of the insect world showing all of the diseases they carry. After all, they feed on the blood of whatever creature is around. Its like sharing needles with rats, mice, deer, racoons, and who knows what else. And what if they fed off deer which are likely to eat the young tender shoots in new our new Phields (Pharmaceutical Fields).

From Oh Deer!


Deer are herbivores: They eat plants. In spring and summer, they graze on clover, grasses, and tree buds. In the fall they switch to high-energy food such as acorns, wild grapes, and other fruits. During the winter they nibble the tender shoots and twigs of trees and shrubs. Deer also like corn, soybeans, and other farm crops.


Could the reason be that some Morgellons sufferers also have Lyme Disease is that the two, being separate and distinct infections, are carried by the same common insect pests? Could ticks and/or even mosquitoes be our vector? 

I will try harder on my next post, I’ve been in the tank with Morgellons lately, the fibro/fatigue that comes with Morgellons can really take its toll as I’m sure many of you know.

I think Dr. Stricker’s work, could be very fruitful, could the bacteria being used in agro pharming show up in our ticks and mosquitoes? That would be an interesting thing to find out and probably not all that difficult to find out for someone.


Comments on: "Permethrin Cream with Toluene and Insect Vectors" (21)

  1. Mr. Common Sense said:

    There are some very good and recent comments on my original blog post, you might find some interesting information in those comments. I am greatful for the postive response everyone has been giving.

  2. Amy Withington said:

    Exactly! I think Dr. Stricker’s presentation (this is on the DVD of last year’s NMO conference) really hangs together with a plausible theory about how some cases of M disease might come about. I am not yet sure about how may people have the Lyme-Morgellons infections concurrently. However, both seem to occur in a setting of immunocompromise. Who knows what else is swapping DNA in the sewers of infection, and who is susceptible to which permutation?

    The permethrin composition expose is really interesting. Since Permethrin did very little for my symptoms despite repeated uses, I turned to Stromectol which did help, but clearly did not eradicate it. This is certainly a multi-factorial situation!

    Not only is the agrobacterium a hijacking pirate of the cellular reproductive world, there’s also mycobacterium, engineered for biowarfare purposes, which can also insuinuate itself iinto the DNA of other bacteria, “reprogramming” them, in essence.
    This mycobacterium appears to be implicated in cases of Gulf War Syndrome and rapdily-progressing ALS and MS cases, and is extremely difficult to detect.

    Keep arming yourselves with knowledge, share your findings, and somehow we will put all this together……..together! Cheers, AW

  3. Amy Withington said:

    PS: Lest the above sound pessimistic, I do believe that there are already known strategies that can help provide significant relief for all of these infections’ symptoms. Mel Friedman’s posting on “” is just one example of a combination of immune-supporting strategies, along with some targeted anitibiotic and antiinflammatory prescriptions which provided relief from his symptoms.

    In the case of the mycoplasmas, I have read accounts of people achieving relief both with Doxycycline and Bactrim/Septra. They could be worth considering adding to your regimen if your current strategy is not giving you sufficient relief.

    Thank you for the opportunity to brainstorm, and for all of the research that everyone is doing. I also apologize that, in a moment of “brain fog”, I didn’t take time zone differences into account when I noted that my posting came up as a later time than when I posted it. Whatever time zone works best for the site moderator is ok with me!

  4. I find it interesting that permethrin has been outlawed in 35 countries and why not in the United States. Lindane and Kwell serve no purpose in this country. I have to give
    Deborah Auschuller a great deal of credit. She was the first one to go to bat for sufferers and do the Colombella Study in Oklahoma. She went to the CDC years ago, Deborah, warned them about this and their silence was deafening.
    She fought a battle for years along with Sidney in Oklahoma and we have just picked up where they left off.
    Where ever you are Deborah, Thank YOU.

  5. careman said:

    Morgellons Suffers Need a “Poster Child Celebrity” To Tell This Amazing Story

    Since Morgellons Disease was reported in the mainstream media in 2005, there has been no real progress made in discovering the cause, how Morgellons is contracted and transmitted, if it is contagious or if it is directly responsible for deaths other than suicides. Deaths are increasing exponentially and so is the level of infection in the global population.

    The symptoms are right out of a science fiction novel: ‘brain fog’ (confusion like ADHD), severe depression, deep bone and muscle ache just like fibromyalgia, severe chronic fatigue just like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Morgellons victims sleep 10 to 16 hours a day and are still exhausted), multi-colored fibers growing from their skin that are coated in high-density polyurethane that will not burn until 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, and most bizarre, they experience animals that relentlessly move and bite the victim under their skin 24/7.

    Morgellons victims loose their lives to this disease; MD’s and Dermatologist dismiss the symptoms as Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP), a subset of schizophrenia. The Medical Community treat their Morgellons patients much like HIV/AIDS patients were treated 30 years ago when that disease was new. These victims are shunned by family and employers and are left alone without support and eventually become severely depressed, hopeless and suicidal.

    Over forty US Senators and Congressmen has written letters to the Centers for Disease Control requesting an investigation into this bizarre disease. The CDC began its investigation in Oakland, California at the Kaiser-Permanente Hospital in January, 2008 and is expected to release its finding in May 2009. The funding was a mere $338,000; barely enough to set up the investigation. Inside sources say that the remainder of the funding comes from the US Army.

    In the past 5 years, there has been little funding to scientifically explore the cause(s) and treatments to help the Morgellons suffers begin to ‘get their lives back’. There are small pockets of individuals who are conducting their own Morgellons investigation with little or no funding. The Morgellons Research Foundation, located at Oklahoma State University, is severely underfunded and has expressed no interest in finding any relief for Morgellons victims, but rather focuses on discovering the cause of this mysterious new disease. Meanwhile, Morgellons victims search relentlessly on the Internet for some clue as to how to eliminate their suffering.

    Worse, there is no spokesperson to bring to the public eye the incredible torment Morgellons victim’s experience. The scientists that are willing to discuss Morgellons at all say that there are at least 10,000 new Morgellons victims a day in the USA alone. Most will not get diagnosed correctly and will be given a DOP label to labeled in their medical record for life as mental patients. Included in this number of new Morgellons victims are celebrities, Senators and Congressmen and other public figures. Until one or more of them steps up and shares their Morgellons suffering with the world, the rest of us will remain asleep to Morgellons until each of us becomes the next Morgellons sufferer. Until a celebrity has the courage and conviction to publically announce their Morgellons disease and encourage mainstream science to fund and investigate Morgellons disease, the silent suffering will continue.

    • Yes. No funding. I went to the Morgellons conference on Apr. 2. Cindy Casey raising money for this had a check 15,000 for Randy Wymore. It is not enough to help sufferers. They must keep trying for a cause. Joni Mitchell came right out, during an interview, and Said: “I have this horrible thing, it’s called Morgellons.” ..and the reporter just rebuffed her and went back to inquiring about her career. So, that’s what happens when someone comes forth. Forget about Kaiser, I called them way back and they said they are not doing research anymore. It went to the Army. Mr. CS knows….just crickets now. No info.

  6. I just want to make a comment on the “is it contagious” subject. They say families who have M were exposed to the same environment (camping) but – My mother had it for 6 months. I never took her seriously… she visited me. When she left, I slept in her bed and got it…. You can get it from furniture that others have occupied. That’s all I can say.

  7. Jennifer Keys said:

    Is it contagious? I hope not, but to me it seems not to be. I believe I have had this disease at some lower level for at least 25 years. no others in my home are affected by it. I’ve had several tick bites, I tested negative for Lyme recently, and those bites have occurred in California, Rhode Island and Colorado. I was bitten by a bunch of chicken mites and Mexican poultry bugs immediately before this outbreak started, last July, but as I said earlier, I’ve had lower level related signs for years, just not fibers and skin monsters ’til now.

    I don’t understand why the disease would now take a giant leap that it has, going beyond squishy scalp problems, whole body malaise, fingernail and intestinal signs to full-blown Morgellons that I now have. I’m thinking increased stress was the trigger?

    Regarding the permethrin, I had my symptoms before I used it, the 1% brought some barbed nasty blobs up out of my skin so I used the 5%. I thought I had scabies or chicken mites at that time. That treatment did bring out “skin monsters” and a lot of the “sand”. I hope I did not make things worse, after having read above comments.

    Currently I am taking the nutrasilver for it with positive results and a lot of fears about silver toxicity. I know I can’t do that long -term. How do we get cured?

  8. I’m late finding this site but was feeling desperate today. Had some reduction over the 2 years with this, but still crawling and tiny fibers, some longer, mainly head area and legs/feet. Seems to be multiple species. Was hoping to find a list of Mr Commonsense’s protocol that led to his success… which is SO encouraging. Feeling very blessed to have found the site today!

    Maybe have grown slack of late…with ingesting sugar products!….upsetting my pH levels. We do so much to ourself. Have used diatomaceous earth & bentonite clay maybe 3 mths ago – slacked off to try Ashwagandha powder and Triphala. Seemed to help, but maybe should have kept with the other as well. Never sure just what is working. Lately on doxycycline and clariithromyclin 500 mg alternating with some reduction, also putting oil with oregano oil & thyme onto scalp AM and PM. Aloe vera + bee propolis seems helpful at some point, ingesting and body cream. Ate coconut oil some months, but didn’t see change with MSM….maybe too early when tried. Possibly the whole thing is time-related? Definitely will go back to it. Also did 7 treatments of hydrogen-peroxide IV… pricey but definite improvement. So Mr Commonsense, is there a list of what you feel was the most successful of your product intake and in any particular order? You can likely imagine the hope you give all who battle this! Thank you!

    • Hi Gina,
      I have tried all you mention. Don’t bother with the Triphala. I took it. Anybody have luck with that?
      In addition to my antibiotics I take a antiparasitical – Alinia and having gone
      to the Morgellons conference in Austin on Apr. 2, I am adding Vermox to it. Plus, I
      take carnivora as per marc neuman (has this) and started on agricept-l as per the Carrie Bertrand book on Morgellons on Amazon. The whole book is how she was rebuffed by the medical comm. (like the Judith Knilans book) and little on cures. So,….
      I tried all their formulas for getting rid and still have it. I also bought the 4200 dollar sauna….Don’t know if any of the above is working. I get way less little white things (shaped like a little trilabite) and less skin shed but crawling goes on and on and on…………

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Robin, did you ever try NAC?

      • are those things whitish transparent and look like a flat scale? If you squeeze them with nails, you will see they become into a sticky glue like disgusting thing. It is very sticky, and it looks like a scale and dry, but try to squeeze it, you will see.

    There are TONS of little white dots and black specs and fibers on brand new clothing in Walmart, Nordstrom’s, Ross, etc. One piece of clothing seems to contaminate another.

    I have noticed, when wearing things with these white dots, I feel as if I am being bitten.

    I have tried the following:
    Kleen Green
    orange oil
    salt soak

    If anoyone has good ideas about how to get these out of laundry, please, by all means, share. The worst is if you throw out all your contaminated things, the new ones are just as bad.

    I bought brand new bamboo linen, and it developed some of these white “lint”…

    For sure, one should separate those pieces of clothing that have very few of the lint/dust from those with lots. To keep the relatively wearable stuff wearable.

  10. Please be careful not to mix cleaning products. Bleach + ammonia creates very toxic fumes. Apparently detergents like Dawn and Joy have ammonia and unless you read the label and follow the warnings not to mix with bleach you could get in serious trouble. see

  11. Wendy Pappas said:

    Has anyone considered the role toxic mold (VOC’S) or even allergenic or molds typically belonging outside but growing indoors could be contributing or even initiating the disease. We lived in a home which had a prior black water intrusion issue. The ceiling in the garage was left open as the exact source of the leak was never determined. During our time there it flooded twice and was eventually discovered that the nipple spout behind the shower wall not connected and it had been leaking the entire 2.5 years we were there and obviously before, for quite sometime. We also lived backed up to a rural trail where people often walked their dogs. We also, found out that there were construction problems, leaky roofs which had been redone with materials which sat out in the weather exposed for perhaps several years. I had pre exisiting health issues; chiari I brainstem malformation (5mm) with reversal of curve in my neck as well as extensive dental restorations including implants requiring guided bone regeneration utilizing human growth hormone and cow bovine. While living there I was down more than up with horrible migraine, vomiting just about daily, drunken dizziness, chronic sinus infections, increasingly bad cystic acne and dermatitis. My daughter had severe reflux requiring dental restoration twice (scope revealed reactive esophagitis). She nearly died and blood work indicated a viral form of meningitis and a gram negative streptococcus in her urine. She developed severe asthma and chronic bronchitis. It all culminated with us all becoming ill with laryngitis, sinus infections and itchiness like bugs crawling from head to toe. We were told it was lice, treated for it. Then about a month later my kids were itchy and nauseated so I took them to the Dr. (not their regular pediatrician a fill in Dr.) he stated without even looking that there was no lice. The next day instead of sending them to school, I kept them home to treat for lice. I sat my 6 year old on the counter parted her head and put a drop of rid on her scalp and I have never seen anything so terrifying in my life. It did not look like human lice to me it was tiny black, had wings but didn’t fly well just dropped. There were hundreds of them. I spent over 8 hrs on her head alone. My 3 year old same thing. Eventually, I had it, my husband got it. We repeatedly as directed but seemed to be missing the life cycle. Finally, I was convinced it was not human lice so we bombed the house and left for a week. Upon return there were all kinds of bugs still living. There was black mold growing on the windows, sinks, and showers. Still thinking it was insect based we proceeded to have it checked out to no avail. The landlord insisted the mold was not the issue when we brought up the possibility. His mere reaction alone told me it was. We hired a mold company after extensive research and paid for the test. They took 3 tape samples. I was told it likely wouldn’t reveal anything and would necessitate air sampling. I knew better. In less than a week we had a report evidencing the actual growth of toxic black mold as well as numerous species of some of the most allergenic molds known to man. We also discovered we had a rat coming through the back of the dryer vent, string nuts in speakers and going up into the whole in the garage ceiling feeding and eliminating. That oversized rat was eventually found dead right out back. We left, got rid of almost everything but it was a drawn out process because the landlords would not accept our notice and we had to move and clean the place. I was the one who went back to do that it took me more than 2 weeks and during that time something went severely wrong. It has been nearly 2 years, we have moved 4 times since. Each time getting rid of all porous furniture, toys, clothing and bedding except very few items like the refrigerator, leather couch, wooden kitchen table, computer and tv’s. The first house had a grading issue causing free standing water. It had dry rot, termites, and colembolla infestation. Needless to say we didn’t last long there. The next place had the same leak nipple spout behind shower. I had suspected it but couldn’t get anyone to take me seriously until it came through the wall. It was not dealt with appropriately and again we moved. There were sprig tails and various fruit and fungus gnats there as well. Finally having developed 4++++ allergies to dust mites and having a lump on my scalp and constant itchiness we were advised to look for new construction. We settled on a newly constructed apt. We had a walk through done, we had it mold proofed so to speak, sealing cracks, special air filters, controlling temp and humidity (nearly impossible) and once again within 2 months there is evidence of an environment out of whack, colembolla, tiny holes in the walls and texture changing (drippy) paint and obvious fungal/mold issues developing. Recently we have all been sick with sinus infections, sore throats, and increasing itchiness. As for me, I have lost a ton of hair. There is something going on with my hair. Gray strands that are blue appear to fluoresce are stringy and sometimes drippy. It will move on it’s own and has even scratched glass as well as caused tiny papercut like wounds to myself and others drawing blood and triggering asthma and or itchiness in some. Sometimes the clear stuff drips off and hardens. Often there is something resembling insect of fungus or a white coating on the hair near the root. My scalp is always irritated, red. If my hair touches my face it causes redness bumps/hives and itchiness. My regular hair often has coating on end and looks like what I’ve seen on many morgellons sites. I still have to shave the rest of my body hair. I get bumps hives on my face that improve or disappear when away from the home. On my neck as well as severe cystic acne. Recurring bladder infections, migraines, muscle issues, sinus infections and so forth. There are often moving blue red sometimes white and clear thread like fragments found in my hair. When pulled out the root will stick or adhere to the mirror or any surface. It sometimes won’t flush down the toilet with repeated attempts. I appear to have soil microbes in it and I suspect some connection to colembolla and fungus gnats/ fruit flies as the y re always around my head. We have witnessed flies (various including little white ones) emerging from my hair. Numerous other very disturbing things of this nature. I have suspected some relation to GMO’s and/or bacteria. Anyone else had a mold connection? HELP!

    • I definitely feel their is a mold connection, your symptoms seem to be identical with mine. I have had scalp issues for several years now and sometimes it becomes so unbearable I wanna dye.

  12. You pretty much described my situation. Except you didn’t mention huge mushroom actually growing up in the bathroom!

  13. does any one no of a Doctor in or near Idaho, Coeur’d Alene, or Washington, Spokane area. I have a friend in a very bad way with all of the systems and then some similar to all thise mentioned in the articles on this website: Please respond she is very ill and doctors here are not helping. Please send me any sugestions or referrals, Thank you very much for any help or advice. meehan6977@hotmail.

  14. Toni Mitchell said:

    I want to try the Dr Bronners soap but I just got a new washer and it says to only use High Efficiency detergent. Will the Bronners hurt my machine??

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