I am not a scientist by any means and probably this post would pose great humor to those trained in nanotechnology, but still, I’m going to post my thoughts anyway.

From The Dangers of Nanoparticles

Nanotubes were discovered accidentally in 2000 at Heidelberg University, in Germany. By nature they seem to be a means of cell to cell communication. They exist for very short periods of time, then vanish as the cells no longer need them. Nanoparticles (also known as nanopowders, nanoclusters, nanotubes, or nanocrystals) are microscopic. They measure less than 100 nanometers in at least one dimension. A nanometer equals one billionth of a meter – one millionth of a millimeter.

First I would like to say that the Morgellons fibers we can see with the naked eye are certainly not nanotubes, if they were we wouldn’t be able to see them with a cheap pocket scope or our naked eye. However, there are many Doctors and sufferers who are convinced that nanotechnology plays a role in Morgellons.

Before we begin, let me point something out that is important. Nanotubes were discovered accidentally in 2000 at Heidelberg University (notice that they were discovered) just as the oil eating Pseudomonas Putida was discovered.  Please note that the human body is full of nanotubes, connecting cells and and all kinds of things, so this is nothing new to man, only new to his science.


The Toluene Connection

Why does everything I seem to research in relation to Morgellons seem to have some link to Toluene? Is it because I want there to be a common thread to tie this altogether or is there a real common thread here? As I began to look into Nanotubes it was apparent that they, like Meth users, and Pseudomonas Putida, are bedfellows with Toluene. Here is a Google search on toluene and nanotubes => HERE and as you can see there is a strong connection.

Let’s take a look at some of the information I found.

From Nitrogen in highly crystalline carbon nanotubes

Nanotubes grown from pure toluene/ferrocene precursors appear to have a well defined morphology, with thick parallel walls and narrow inner core often filled with catalytic iron nanoparticles.

From Synthesis of carbon nanotubes via toluene-thermal reduction process at moderate temperature

Carbon nanotubes were synthesized with toluene as carbon source and solvent at 350compfnC under stiring situation. In this process, La/Ni were used as catalyst, which were reduced via LaCl3 and NiCl2 with sodium as reductant. The products were characterized with X-ray powder diffractometer (XRD), transmission electronic microscopy (TEM) and Raman spectroscopy. The carbon nanotubes had diameters ranging from 100–200 nm and lengths ranging from hundreds of nanometers to several micrometers. The yield of carbon nanotubes, in accordance with TEM observations was estimated to be about 70%.

Now other than a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo we don’t really learn that much from reading the above other than toluene and nanotubes do have a connection. To be honest, the amount of information regarding toluene and nanotubes is staggering. I find it interesting however that these toluene created nanotubes in some cases are filled with iron nanoparticles. And this started me thinking about something that has always fascinated me about Morgellons, and that is strange electrical / magnetic experience many of us feel.


Nanotubes – Magnetic and or Electrical

For the non sufferer what I am about to say will sound strange, perhaps unbelievable, nonetheless it is true and I have spoken to many others who experience this. When I get close to somebody that also has Morgellons I will feel intense crawling, tingling, biting, or maybe it could be better described as an electrical sensation all over my body. This is another clue that what we are dealing with is most likely not a parasite, but rather something else. However, many will speak of this sensation as I felt them jumping onto me? Swarming from that person onto me? and so on. But I do not believe this is the case. I have read statements from many sufferers and still other quotes attributed to well known Morgellons Researchers that Morgellons patients have been proven to be carrying a big electrical charge within their bodies. When I had Morgellons really bad (during the initial onset) I would walk into a conference room and at least 10 or 15 people would immediately itch their nose all at once, this went on for months and months and I was so scared (back then) that I was contaminating them, but I wasn’t. The best I can explain this phenomenon is that the tiny hairs in their noses (or something) were picking up my electric and or magnetic charge and causing their noses to itch. There was even a guy I spoke to on the LymeBusters Morgellons forum way back when that had written on a piece of paper “You will be itching your nose” and would show it to whatever doctor he was seeing about 1 minute into the appointment and it always spooked the doctor.

How can this be? Let’s see if we can find a down to earth reason.


Carbon Nanotubes Loaded with Magnetic Particles

From http://admin.pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/nl0502928

Abstract Image

We describe a simple and versatile technique to produce magnetic tubes by filling carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with paramagnetic iron oxide particles (10 nm diameter). Commercial ferrofluids were used to fill CNTs with an average outer diameter of 300 nm made via chemical vapor deposition into alumina membranes. Transmission electron microscopy study shows a high density of particles inside the CNT. Experiments using external magnetic fields demonstrate that almost 100% of the nanotubes become magnetic and can be easily manipulated in magnetic field. These one-dimensional magnetic nanostructures can find numerous applications in nanotechnology, memory devices, optical transducers for wearable electronics, and in medicine.

Perhaps what we feel in our skin are these nanotubes moving or aligning toward the opposing or attracting magnetic fields of our computer (as many sufferers report including myself). Is this what I feel when I am near other sufferers? or when walking across carpet due to the static charge (they keep biting me some we’ll say). Perhaps these nanotubes, if they even exist in our bodies in such a form, are picking up and conducting electricity or carrying a strong magnetic charge, or perhaps both. Maybe this is why when I sit at my computer (the box is on the floor) that I feel the so called biting and crawling mostly in my legs. Are these nanotubes picking up and dancing to the EMF being put out by my computer?


Summary – The Human Body is Capable of Incredible Things

This was just another short post to peek your interest, I’m not convinced that nanotechnology (man-made) lies at the root of our problem, I could be wrong of course. However, the human body could be, given the right chemical makeup, creating such things as mentioned above. Does Toluene play a role in our sickness? You will often find high heat such as 300 Celsius required to make carbon nanotubes using toluene. However, let me give you a case in point on how nature can do things that man cannot, and sometimes even better. Given the right chemical makeup, who knows what could go on inside the human body.

Ocean sponge superior to man-made fiber optics (here)


Scientists say they have identified an ocean sponge living in the darkness of the deep sea that grows thin glass fibers capable of transmitting light better than industrial fiber optic cables used for telecommunication.  The natural glass fibers also are much more flexible than manufactured fiber optic cable that can crack if bent too far.

You can actually tie a knot in these natural biological fibers and they will not break — it’s really quite amazing,” said Joanna Aizenberg, who led the research at Bell Laboratories.

Now consider the incredible heat used in the manufacturing process of man-made fiber optic cable, and here this sponge can make fiber optic cable that transmits light better than ours and that you can tie in a not without breaking, and all this in the cold depths of the ocean floor, no heat required. Could nanotubes be created in our bodies, the answer is probably, yes.

You should take the time to read the full article I referenced initially especially some of the references at the bottom, see it here. It talks about the incredible unpredictable nature of nano-particles interacting with chemicals in the human body and the impossibility to even begin to understand it.


Somebody emailed this link to me, so I thought I would post it, very interesting connection to Toluene and the colors (think Morgellons red and blue fibers)

From Time Magazine – The Poisoning of America

As a result, the poisons have turned up in surprising places. Not far from home plate at New York City’s Shea Stadium, a festering pond containing PCB, toluene, benzene and DDT turns red, blue or green as the mixture of the waste changes.”

Again, this brings me back to the what I think is going on within our bodies, we have a strange syndrome (really more like a poisoning) where organic processes and chemical reactions are occurring within our bodies that normally should not be. This is due to the presence of some chemical or set of chemicals in our bodies, and I suspect Toluene plays a key factor. Is anybody listening?

I keep hoping some young open minded scientist will stumble upon this blog and think “Hey, I bet I can figure out what is going on with these folks” ….


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  1. During the last decade, many products in common use (e.g. plastics, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives) have been reported to contain or release chemicals (termed endocrine disruptors) that affect hormonal functions. The most common form of such endocrine disruptor activity is estrogenic activity, which can cause significant adverse effects on many physiological and behavioral activities of mammals, including humans (NRC, 1999). In fetal, post-natal, and/or pre-pubertal mammals, very low concentrations (nanomolar to picomolar) of chemicals with estrogenic activity can alter rates of growth, time to sexual maturation, aggressive behaviors, learning abilities, sexual orientations, prostate and ovarian functions, and male sperm count.
    http://www.certichem.com Nanomolar to picomolar 1 billon/billionths
    Thank You,

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    An interesting quote from the aricle as well:

    Fullerenes are spherical, ellipsoid, or cylindrical nano-sized molecules of carbon atoms. They were named after Buckminster Fuller, creator of the geodesic dome. Fullerenes are produced by producing an eletrical arc through a vessel containing helium gas between two graphite rods. Ten percent of the resulting soot are these nanoparticles. The fullerene tubes and balls are extracted from the carbon soot by using an organic solvent called toluene. The U.S. Department of Energy is looking into using these fullerenes in the future. This study is one of the few cataloging the effects of these particles in the human body.

  3. Many of the people that I have observed have “freckles” that are not really freckles at all, on their faces and skin as this contition begins and as it advances. They are the size of (–) or a (v) or all these strange appearing, dashes of rashes and dark dashes in the middle of a papules or macules. As we begin to pierce the biofilms and penetrate what lies beneath these wipe off the face and skin.
    I have also noted that what also comes out of the skin, with this, is a black or grey tarry like substance. The biofilm or the pseudo skin as I described in the Article with Barbara Minton.
    I always have to go back to the beginning when I saw this, I extracted subcutaneous, splinter looking objects under the skin. I put them under the scope on 300x and they looked like a tiny brown and black logs. ” What could this be???” I asked. After I removed these strange little logs looking things, the person began to bleed profusely, with serosanganeous fluid and what looked to be tiny grains of sand.
    Ahhhh, but for the powers of observation and what people can learn from these sufferers if they look, listen and feel what they are going through.
    When we allow these sufferers to talk freely and say, nothing is off limits tell me everything, I will listen to everything and nothing it too wierd, then they are free to share. “The answers,” I have always said, “Are going to be in the questions.”
    Curiousity does not kill the cat, it empowers the researcher.
    Thank You Mr Common Sense,

    • Trisha, I was startled and found myself horrified when reading your post of March 09. What you describe is the appearance on my skin for two months now. Freckles very similar in shape to a heart shape or horseshoe. When I applied bleach to these freckles these red long distinct broken skin marks appear all around the feckle.

      For two months now I have been treated for scabies. The persrciption meds as far as I know didn’t work. I read on the Mayo clinic web site that bleach baths are found to be helpful by destroying the protect film around the mite. When I take two bleach baths a day I find these very small black specks at the bottom of the empty tub (many of them). Most are very small and few are larger. Since I have been taking bleach baths the number and size seem to be dwindling.??

      These heart shape feckles are now showing up all over my body. Before they turn into freckle they appear as a red patch of skin.

      On the center of my lower back are these large raised skin rough spots. I didn’t have these before this current situation. My doctor told me that it is just dry skin.
      Both a dermatolgist and my general practioner can not believe I am not cured after all the meds.

      My back is a mess .. large dime size open sores with smaller open sores too.
      Just this week when I saw my general md she thinks I should go to John Hopkins hospital for another evaluation.

      The curious thing is the itching I feel does not seem to be as severe as other folks I have read online. The biting I feel .. sometimes shocks me for the strenght of the bite.

      Please, if you are still reading these posts can you answer some of my questions?

      I haven’t mentioned to either doctor that these freckles have a similar shape. I have taken pictures of the dry brown freckle as it sinks down and the smaller blood red “log shaped” things all around the freckle as I treat it with bleach.

      Could the brown freckle indicate that you have killed a nest???


  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Somebody emailed this link to me, so I thought I would post it, very interesting connection to Toluene and the colors (think Morgellons red and blue fibers)


    From Time Magazine – The Poisoning of America

    “As a result, the poisons have turned up in surprising places. Not far from home plate at New York City’s Shea Stadium, a festering pond containing PCB, toluene, benzene and DDT turns red, blue or green as the mixture of the waste changes.”

    Again, this brings me back to the what I think is going on within our bodies, we have a strange syndrome (really more like a poisoning) where organic processes and chemical reactions are occurring within our bodies that normally should not be. This is due to the presence of some chemical or set of chemicals in our bodies, and I suspect Toluene plays a key factor. Is anybody listening? I keep hoping some young open minded scientist will stumble upon this blog and think “Hey, I bet I can figure out what is going on with these folks” ….

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    An interesting scientific paper talking about Toluene and fibers and thier changing color from blue to red.


    Colorimetric Sensors Experiments

    All electrospun modified fibers used in this investigation were cut in 2 x 2 cm dimensions. The initial color of the fibers was white/off blue in the case of ECDA and PCDA, and white/off red in the case of TCDA. An analytical balance was used in order to measure the weight of electropsun fibers before and after exposure to VOCs. Subsequently, the samples were exposed to UV light for one minute in order to polymerize the DA monomers causing the membrane to “dark blue color”.

    The fibers were exposed to 100mL toluene, chloroform, or trichloroethylene at boil. Following exposure to VOCs, a color transition (from blue to red) was found for all substrates examined. The weight gain of fibers was obtained by the weight difference before and after exposure to VOCs. The time response of membranes with regard to color change was measured with a stop watch. The samples were extracted in a shaker for 6 hours using 5mL of ethyl acetate prior to GC/MS analysis.

  6. It’s Quiet in Here…..Can you hear the Echo.

    • lynne st pierre said:

      Hi Trish. It’s been awhile since we’ve shared. I am in Santa Rosa California. I just wanted to validate what you described as “splinter-like logs” under the skin of your patients. That’s exactly how I described my early symptoms. They were in my fingers and the palm of my hands. I was very confused by what I was seeing because I was a hairstylist. They looked like bundles of hair trapped just beneath the surface of the skin. Another thing that accompanied this was slashes in the cuticles of my fingers. I wondered if this was a point of entry. One slash became seriously infected. Coincidentally, one of my clients suffered an identicle infection on the same finger of the same hand. How wierd is that? Thank you for your ongoing and relentless dedication. Lynne

      • Dearest Lynne,
        It can be explained by the exaust of Air Traffic, read about my inteview with the Pilots that I have been working with. It is this website, but as far as it being Global depopulation I can not go there, I truly after years of looking at this have realized there is a connection to the skies and the vapors and exaust of airplanes. People are looking way to pie in th sky…it is the emissions of planes and Global Warming on our planet, it is vectors carryiing these toxins into the body and creating an Agribacterial soil.

        The Glittery like substance are not nano-chips they are the by products of the petrochemicals and garbarge in our environment and pcbs. “See the Posioning of America’ article that I found years ago and sent to mrcommonsense.
        The Colors in the Ground soil at Shea Stadium red, green and blue. This is a disease of
        Global Warming and mans misues of God for power and money has created a collision course with destiny. You have been a good friend to me and Thank You so much.

        There are good pilots who have said they know what people think, but there is no conspiracy to depopulate he earth with smart dust. Look at the sparkles in the skin they are heavy metals. The smart dust and Global Depopulation Theories out the will only make people percieve the “sufferers” as delusional.
        This talk is scaring people and if people are looking in to the “chat groups” they think they are running around like a bunch of rats looking for a fix. People need to calmly sit down, take a deep breath and look at our Earth and what man has done to it.

        Heavy metal detox and asking your Doctor to draw a lab test for test for heavy metals, would help immensly.
        Thank You so Much for Being a Friend,

  7. Amelia Withington MD said:

    Wow–I was recently talking with a PWM (person with Morgellons) who was very concerned about infectiousness. The concept of electrical charge is of major importance. This plot just gets thicker by the day…..thank you for the excellent research! Cheers, AW

  8. thanks for the good research. i still wonder how the chips? nanomachines? many of us are finding in our bodies play into this. what a glorius day when we find out the cause and cure for this dreadful disease.

  9. Dear S Neal,
    Read the articles closely, our world is polluted and the nano chips that people are saying they have, are not, nano chips and you are not being controlled by a sattelite system.
    This type of thinking is scaring the bejeebers out of people, read the article on pcbs
    and the poisoning of America. The glowing things that come out are the result of exposure to toxins in the environment.
    Google pcbs and toluene.

    • lynne st pierre said:

      Trish. I’m sure you are correct about much on this subject, but it cannot be overlooked that “an event” happened to groups of people at different times. I am absolutely sure of this because of the timing of my early symptoms. When I noticed the black “splinters” on my hands I watched a channel two report about a GROUP of about 50 people in the san francisco bay area who were showing the same symptoms. I know something happened to me. This isn’t just a health condition. No Way! Lynne

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        Lynne, I do believe Morgellons can happen to groups of people all at once via a common exposure.

  10. lynne st pierre said:

    I want to share something with you’all. If you live in an area where chem-trails abound, I want you to check this out. Midday when the sun is high, go out doors with your video camera and find a place next to a roofline that just blocks the direct sun and shows the sky next to it. What I have been seeing looks like glowing snow falling from a very high altitude. This “glowing snow” is insects, millions of them along with many long shiney strands that look like spider webbing (NOT) falling from on high and spreading out as they drop. I’m not kidding! I actually caught one of the insects in my hand, today. And yes, I did look at it under my 50x microscope. This is not a normal looking insect. It does have tubes and fibers connected to it. Shortly before this sighting, I did observe two white jets and two black helicoptors fly over. Coincidence?? If you do film what I have described, please circulate it . I don’t own a camara a this time or I would do it myself. We need to WAKE UP and see what is happening right in front of our eyes. Lynne

  11. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Lynne, I do see in the sky what folks are calling Chemtrails, nobody can deny that at times the entire sky is field with clouds that are created by jumbo jet traffic, it’s very sad actually. On several occasions I have seen the long thin webs falling from the sky, once on a trek with our boy scout troop even. However, I am not going to delve into that subject. My goal is to stick with simple evidence, and draw my conclusions from scientific papers and so on. I am not trying to discredit you I am trying to reach the scientific communty. Talk of black helocopters and chemtrails is a sure way to be written off as non-credible. But stick around and contribute. All replies to this blog must be approved, and I approved yours so that others know I’m not totally closed minded or unsympathetic, but I’m going down a different track than alot of folks. It would be trivial for somebody to go up there and take samples and end this chemtrail debate forever, it would take about a week and this entire subject could be confirmed or denied. Why it hasn’t is beyond me. Anybody could do it, it would be a million times easier than trying to track down the root cause of Morgellons, just go up there, take the samples, very simple.

  12. Mr. CS,

    Ok, so if I try to connect your last 4 blogs, then your studies can be loosely summarized as:

    1. Pseudomonas Putida is introduced into the human body.
    2. Toluene is produced in the body as a by product of P. Putida presence.
    3a. Opportunistic insects, i.e., collembola, are attracted to P. Putida as a food source and they bite your skin. This is the culprit of the crawling/biting sensations. However fibers could be coming from P. Putida (?)
    3b. Toluene is somehow converted in the body into nanotube (fibers) after reacting with some other chemical content in your body; resulting nanotubes are magnetic charge and when it moves in your body, it creates the crawling/biting sensations.

    Am I correct?

    Regarding 1, many ppl can attest to a single event that started the nightmare. For some it’s an insect bite. For others, they picked it up from a hotel room. For me, I got it from an infested used car. Either way, if 1 is right, those incidents introduced the bacteria into your body.

    Regarding 3a and 3b, they don’t seem to be linked at all. This is where in your study, the 2 theories split into their own paths. IF (and I mean IF) one were to be on the correct path, which one is more likely?

    Finally, based on the your study, can I conclude that toluene in itself is not the direct cause of crawling/biting sensations but it’s from things downstream as a result of toluene in your body? Where toluene comes in is that it could be the source of the fibers.

    Actually, let me plays devil’s advocate here. The night I brought home the used car, when I tried going to sleep (I had not showered since I was a morning shower person) I could not b/c of intense itching and biting. This is probably a few hours after I bought the car. For 3a and 3b to be correct that means I picked up the bugs on my body while driving home in the newly bought car, then within the next few hours, P. Putida was “transferred” to me and then for 3a. opportunistic insects such as collembola were present already in my house, they saw the meal on my skin and started biting. Or for 3b, P. putida is now on my skin b/c the bugs are carriers, went inside my body, then started releasing toluene, my body then reacted somehow and then produced fibers that are magnetic charged, which started causing the itchy/biting sensations.

    3a seems more likely, however the most likely in my mind is that instead of the multi-step process that finally leads to your skin getting those unwanted sensations, there is a direct cause – this is why I assumed that I bought a car that was already infested with some mite species which were the direct cause of the itchy/biting sensation. It is noteworthy that my body itself was not infected the night I bought the car. When I couldn’t go to bed that night, I immediately washed the sheets, took a shower, and then everything was fine after that. After that night, I noticed that whenever I drove that car, I get pin pricks. So I’d come home, immediately wash my clothes and take a shower. Everything was fine after that. Since I still had the other car, I barely drove infested car and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to eradicate the infestation. Fast forward 3 month since getting that car, in this particular weekend, I hosted a friend from out of town and that weekend, I used that car exclusively (after having treated it with DE thinking it was ok after that). Neither my friend nor I was careful like I usually was. We come back to my house, then sit on the couch or he’d go to sleep without taking showers. Then after he left, that week is when my nightmare started. Soon, the whole house got infested and then finally my body got infected. The point of saying all that is the fact that my body was not immediately infected but I would feel itching/biting sensations when I rode the car. So according to my experiences in the beginning, your theories all sound off… however, it was about a month in that I started noticing white lint fiber balls. Perhaps the overpresense of whatever bugs I had in my home eventually led to what happens according your theories… Keep in mind that this is just my own experience and others may have a totally different experience that may or may not support your theories.

    However, having said all that, I really truly hope that you’re on to something so a cure for this affliction can come soon for all of us sufferers. Keep writing! I look forward to you next update.


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Kixx, absolutely awesome writeup, these are the questions we should be asking and the same kinds of things I am thinking. That is why on my third post I brought up the Lyme Disease info, not that I think Morgellons is lyme, but the same pests are carrying both. Could collembola, bird mites, ticks, and even misquitoes now be carrying Morgellons. Ticks and misquitoes feed off rabbits, deer and so on. Many remember thier first symptoms being associated with with they thought were scabies or bird mites, we’re they really collembola? We’re they the carrier of the bacterium that jump started Morgellons, or did we have it long before the anthropods came to dinner. This is a large part of my next blog post, and how does Tolune play into all this. Kixx, you really hit the nail on the head, through these kinds of conversations we should be able to come to some conclusions. Thank you so much. I’m sitting down to write my next blog post now and you couldn’t have replied at a better time.

  13. Forgot one thing… keep in mind that our symptoms get better by cleaning, taking showers, and washing clothes. If we consider 3b, does that mean doing those things de-charges the nano fibers? Hmmmm…. For this reason my intuition follows 3a better.

  14. Re: Trisha

    Trisha said in one of the earlier replies, “I have also noted that what also comes out of the skin, with this, is a black or grey tarry like substance.”.

    Ok, so I said I got my infestation from an infested used car… I *think*. However, I went to China late last Aug. I was there for 6 days. I develped this huge zit on my chest, right above the sternum. I usually have some zits around that area but I’ve never seen it this large before. So I popped it while still there. Instead of yellow pus that I was expecting from a zit, this thick grey pus oozed out (sorry for being so disgusting). I thought it was weird at the time and it actually took awhile to heal and go away b/c it left a scar w/ a big hole where it popped. Then I got back from China, 2 days later, the friend visited and I ended up using the car all weekend. Great timing huh? So there are 2 possible causes for me getting this and I may never know which is the true cause.

    Trisha also says “what looked to be tiny grains of sand.”
    Since getting this, I’ve also developed a few hard papule looking things on my face. They are very small, looks to be skin color, not a zit (not filled with anything), and have the look and size like grains of sand. My assumption was that it’s some parasite or insect causing this.

  15. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I’m sure you’re used car theory is correct, I would be the farm you didn’t get this from going to China because almost nobody else that has Morgellons would say I went to China. When I first got this I worked at a company where almost everybody had this, they didn’t know it (neither did I at the time) and when I sat in conference room chairs (they were the 30 year old cloth covered kind) the crawling was absolutely incredible, these people have since moved on and spread Morgellons all over. I am sure the car is where the crawling came from in your case, the question is, was that the start of Morgellons, or the point where it became so bad that the bugs (if any) became attracted to you. If we were talking in person I could set forth so many possibilities of which comes first …

    • Hi CS,

      Well my point was not that being in China in itself would give you the infection, but I may have been bitten by something while I was there. If so, then I suspect it happened while I was sleeping b/c I certainly don’t remember getting bit.

      Westerners are often warned about diseases in countries like China and SE Asia, such as TB and hepatitis. It was actually during the second week of the Olympics when I was there and who knows what kinds of crap the gov’t might have sprayed, wheter to induce rain or to wipe out bugs to make it a more comfy place for tourists like myself! Oh no… here we go with chemtrails! 😉 No really, I did eat some street vendor food (bad idea!). A friend of mine develped a rash all over his limbs (they call it “The China Syndrome”) but he’s fine now… no morgs or anything. However it is said that once you develop it, it comes and goes as whatever you now have stays in your body. I ate a couple of scorpions myself. I had wondered if I ate any disease carrying organisms but it turns out, scorpions are spotless creatures that don’t carry disease-causing bacteria or viruses like ticks or mosquitos. However, who know just how clean those scorpions and the other stuff I ate were by the time it made it to the street vendor’s offering.

      But you’re probably right. It was probably the car and the fact that I’d get pin-pricks everytime I drove it supports that cause more. Allthough I can’t rule China out entirely b/c of what happened while I was there.

  16. […] my last blog post I posted a quote from an article which I will repeat here as well. Nanotubes grown from pure […]

  17. Darlitia said:

    You both bring up really great points.

    In my experience, I bought an (unknown to me) infested comforter filled chicken feathers which had bird mites (made in China). I had that comforter for two years before there was a population explosion (many factors and environmental changes occurred to bring THAT to fruition), coupled with a surgery, and I started actually feeling the mites crawling all over me on a consciously aware level.

    What is interesting to note, for me, is that in the two years prior to that moment, I occasionally felt a “spider” or two crawling on me at night, but didn’t know what it was at the time. However, during all that time I was being tested for everything from MS to other Neuro disorders as my balance was suffering badly and I also had muscle spasms. My neurologist ordered more and more tests, constantly finding nothing, finally noting that I was a medical mystery. She was asked if there were any others like me and the answer was about 1% of America is showing similar symptoms.

    That was before the onset of feeling active mites.

    So from my experience I would say I was bitten the first night I used the comforter. My balance started suffering and continued to get worse during those two years, then there was an massive environmental change at the same time as my immune system was depressed after surgery, and viola a huge mite infestation occurred so much so that they were raining down from the ceiling. I got rid of the vector as soon as I realized what was happening.

    In my situation, I believe the first mite bite was the carrier. After all mites are just tiny spiders and can carry all their own bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So my mites are leaving now after six months of effort to make that occur, but what happens next? What about the bacteria, fungi, and viruses the carried into my system…. (sigh).


  18. Dear Darlita,
    What happens Next is that you get better. Stick with your awesome protocol and you will get better.

  19. Kathleen said:


    I am sure you all have seen one of the best nanotechnology site. Nanotechnology– Take something that is 100 thousand times thinner than a single strand of hair, that is the size of a nanometer. There is no way of getting around the fact that we have already consumed them: http://www.morgellons-disease-research.com/Morgellons-Message-Board/media/5190-new-morgellons-article-relating-nanotechnology.html
    Life is now viewed mechanically.

  20. If you look at your skin lesions under black light, the lesions will glow a flourescent yellow color. This is not anything natural occuring in nature. If you swish red wine and hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 10 minutes, you will spit out a silicon gel substance. Carnicom.com found that everyone has this substance in their mouths whether they show morgellons lesions or not. We are being subjected to dangerous substances that we are breathing in through chemtrails. Stop trying to avoid the subject when it has been proven that the fibers in peoples skin match the chemtrail fibers. As long as we turn our heads and pretend the chemtrails are not poisoning us..the poisoners will continue to spray their diseases. Where do you think the man-made swine flu is coming from?

  21. I’m sorry Jenn, I just don’t buy into the whole chemtrail thing. I know all about Carnicom.com however I just choose to play in a different sandbox. I appreciate everyone who is working on this, but in the end I think many are going to be suprised when and if it is ever found out what it is. When I first started posting my reason was to unravel the mystery, but during this process I managed to become symptom free using very simple techniques, and so, to be honest, I’m done trying to figure it out. My focus is on providing a place where folks can come and be comforted, find things that help them, and encourage them to keep on keeping on. There are enough scary sites around if they want to visit those.

    I don’t spend to much energy trying to track it down, because frankly, in the end, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter. I think if you correct your terrain Morgellons will flee, and I don’t care what it was, if it’s gone and I’m living my life as normal again that’s all I need, and probably what most everybody else wants.

    • I read your comment about your Morgellon situation and that at this time you are feeling much better. I was wondering if you would share with me what you did to get rid off your symptoms as I feel I may have Morgellons. I would be very thankful to find out what to try at this time that has helped other, especially what helped you. I already deal with other health issue’s and I don’t know how long I can take dealing with this. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dena Giarrosso

  22. This is very interesting. Collembola, Morgellons,Nano911. Chemtrails. Gov engineered biologial disease. Population control? NWO? Glen Beck week of 9-1-2009 had on his show the head of FCC has plans to take away America’s freedom of speech. Then VP Biden is on CNN talking about giving billions of dollars of the stimulus to AMTRAK. Amtrak? Why? New world order, control media, pharmacuetical companies trying to creat nanomedicine and petitioning congress for years to regulate vitamins and herbs. Research how much money Merck made off of a disease he spread and had a cure for. Google amtrak and camps. Does all of this link together somewhere? Genetically Modified Food. Mansato the largest genetic engineering company in the world creating nightmares around the world with their GMO’s. Do some research. Nano911 think that we are their soil. Me, my mother and sister (we all have our own homes) and my little nieces have undx Morgellons. Learning about Collembola makes sense and could be part of the disease.
    But in my experience with morgellons-nano911….when I tried to use a peroxide rinse (1/3 red wine or berry juice and 2/3rd peroxide and swish and gargle in mouth 3 mins or more. You may want to repeat this over and over) after five rinse I COULD FEEL THE nanos communicating with each other. I started to be biten on my scalp, legs, feet. It was as if they were in a rage because I was literally purging bugs, parasites, larvea out of my throat and it was pulling a thick slim out of my nasal passages. I was very gross. I repeated this the next day. Same results. I have also been looking at my urine and I swear I can see silicone pods in the toilet. I coughed one of these silicone chips out my throat! It was streight and slimmy-gel. Within seconds it dried curled and became rock hard. It was not alive. I don’t have anything coming out of my arms or skin pores like my mom and sister. Mine are in my lungs and internal. This has been going on two months.
    I am a skin care specialist and have what is called a WOOD’s Lamp. It is much stronger than your average black light bulb. It can show you different things in peoples skin. I checked my sister and neices. They were cover with fuzz balls, blue fibers and also you may have heard some nanos are florescent…well they are under a wood’s lamp. Glowing blue nano larva and one nano fiber sticking out of my sisters arm.
    The fibers we have WILL NOT BURN. Some of the crystals that came out of my mothers face buried themselves into her bathroom counter top. She is growing synthetic hair. It is magnetic. It twist and turns. This collembola could be combined with nano911. I am sure that Collembola is NOT Glowing florescent blue like a laser under a professional wood’s lamp. Oh and when my sister comes around I really feel her nano’s. She leaves a trail behind.
    If you can afford it get a wood’s lamp off ebay. It may not be as strong as the professional one but it will still show you your glowing things.

  23. Sister to Common Sense said:

    I thought you might find this interesting????
    Nano particles in our food.


  24. Hey all-
    Sorry to hear about this disease and it’s effects.

    I wanted to clarify something about nanotubes. Generically they are any ‘tube’ at the nanometer scale. But those found naturally in our cells are made of protein and are designed for specific functions. Those that are synthetic are made of carbon (they are essentially graphene rolled up in a tube). But please know there is absolutely no relation, other than size, between the cells nano-channels and carbon nanotubes.

    Toluene is an inert organic solvent which makes it very useful for performing reactions where water may cause an unwanted side-reaction. Most carbon nanotubes are grown in the vapor phase (a special oven) using an iron particle for a catalyst. The grown tubes are then stored in a solution of toluene because they can be suspended in it, whereas in water they would precipitate out.

    I clicked the ‘follow-up’ box, if you have any Q’s I might be able answer.

  25. Beverly Halpain said:

    I have seen these things coming out of my sons head & now his arms

  26. CollembolaChick said:

    I hope you will check out this video on Nano and insect genetic engineering. Here there are patent numbers and the names of the scientists who created it. http://theperiledsea.ning.com/video/morgellons-transhumanism-patent-insect-hormone-ecdysone-triggers

  27. Vivian Leese said:

    I do remember back last October, 2012, when I decided that I must have Morgellons. Funny, I’d read of it, fascinated, on the Web. A few months ago, I dreamed I’d run across a flashing sign on my computer that said, ‘Vivian has now read everything on the Web about Morgellons’. Weird.
    That night, a few weeks after having spent one night in a motel near Savannah, GA, (I thank God that my brother I went to visit decided not to stay and went home), I decided my face looked dull. Why not a steam? I steamed my face at my stove and went back upstairs to my bath. All hell broke loose. Weird and scary bugs came out of my facial pores, strange looking bugs, these odd things shaped like tassels, slugs, flies, worms. I even got two cotton ‘balls’ growing out of my neck that same night. Freaking? You bet. Scared —-less? Uh, huh. And that’s how it started.
    As a Southerner, I appreciate the niceties, such as good manners, not interrupting and taking turns. Well, one of those dudes at Monsanto, or where ever those evils are that invented this thing, one must have been Southern, cause MY parasite groups take turns. When the worms are tearing through my face, they do their thing for a few days. Then, I notice a few ‘tassels’ (they bite), some hard-shelled bugs, some of the flea-like guys and some of the white-than-white parasites that one really ought to view with a magnifier. They are a riot, if anything can approach funny, with this disease. These thngs dont all come out at once. They take turns. This is really weird!
    Perhaps it’s because I’m an artist…I think that there should be a Web site that describes, with photos, the Morgellons parasites, the worms, etc., that are surely genetically modified. This would be very interesting, as these things change in character (for me, anyway). For instance, my worms now have horns, as of yesterday. The tassels were dark green last year. This year, they are red, white and tan. BTW, the green ones bite hardest.
    Anyway! A few notes from this Southern Sufferer. Thanks for allowing me to vent, Mr. Common Sense.

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