I haven’t had time to write up the entire “Grand Unification Theory” yet but I’ll give you a sneak peak. I happened to be doing more research when I stumbled upon something called the Toluene Pathway Map which shows how Toluene is broken down during biodegradation. Notice that Pseudomonas Putida is included in the map. Interestingly at the very bottom of the biodegradation map was something called Acetaldehyde which I immediately recognized from Jill’s post on BTEX. Toluene will eventually break down to Acetaldehyde . As I began to research Acetaldehyde it seemed to be linked to what I call the “Skin Crawling Family Tree”, that is, those that experience skin crawling sensations. Even more revealing the aldehydes were directly linked to some of the exact sensations that we feel, more on that later in this post.

The “Skin Crawling Family Tree”


All of the groups above suffer from Skin Crawling Sensations and the feeling of Bugs Crawling Under the Skin. What if we there was a common link between all of these groups? That is what this post is all about, I believe there is a common link, and that link is Acetaldehyde.

Meth Users

If you have been following my blog then you know how I have connected Morgellons to Toluene. If you haven’t read the previous posts click on the All Posts page and catch up, it should prove well worth your effort. In my Mr. Morgellons meet Mr. Meth, Your Distant Cousin I documented that Toluene is used in Meth production and they experience severe bug crawling sensations known as “Meth Bugs” or “Crank Bugs”. We know that Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde.

Cocaine Users

It turns out Cocaine users can also experience bug crawling sensations. From the article Cocaine and the Destruction of the Rainforests there is a quote

Annually, according to Peruvian forest engineer Marc J. Dourojeanni, coca growers dump 15 million gallons of kerosene, 8 million gallons of sulphuric acid, 1.6 million gallons of acetone, 1.6 million gallons of the solvent toluene, 16,000 tons of lime and 3,200 tons of carbide into the valley’s watershed.

For more on Cocaine and how it’s made see this DOCUMENT. We know that Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde.

Candida Sufferers

Acetaldehyde is the main waste product when Candida die-off occurs. For an interesting article see The Candida/Aldehyde detox pathway and the Molybdenum Connection for more information. The damage that Acetaldehyde causes to the body is tremendous and behind many other common diseases. Also, another good article is Candida Albicans and Acetaldehyde Toxin from which you will find this quote.

These effects of acetylaldehyde are multiplied many times over when candida die off occurs

Skin crawling sensations are common compliant for Candida sufferers. Also, this amazing quote:

The primary detoxification mechanism for scavenging unmetabolized acetaldehyde is sulfur-containing antioxidants [see Figure A]. The two most important are cysteine, a conditionally essential amino acid, and glutathione, a cysteine-containing tripeptide (a three-amino-acid polymer) [see Figure B]. Cysteine and glutathione are active against acetaldehyde (and formaldehyde) because they contain a reduced (unoxidized) form of sulfur called a sulfhydryl group, which contains a sulfur atom bonded to a hydrogen atom (abreviated SH).

Sulfhydryl groups interact with aldehydes to render tham incapable of forming cross links. This “mops up” or scavenges any stray acetaldehyde that is not properly metabolized into acetate (acetic acid) [see Figure A]. Although this is a powerful aldehyde detoxification mechanism, it is easily overwhelmed by the relatively large amounts of alcohol that are typically consumed with alcoholic beverages as compared to the amounts of alcohol and acetaldehyde that are produced through normal metabolism. Fortunately, sulfhydryl antioxidants can easily be fortified through dietary supplementation.

In one experiment with rodents [Sprince et al., 1974], a LD-90 dose of acetaldehyde (the dose that would normally kill 90% of the animals) was completely blocked by pretreatment of the animals with cysteine and vitamins B-1 and C. In other words, none of the cysteine-treated animals succumbed to the lethal dose of acetaldehyde! N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) protected almost as well as cysteine.

In another rodent experiment [Busnel & Lehman, 1980], alcohol’s ability to inhibit swimming after the alcohol had been completely metabolized was blocked by vitamin C. What this and the previous study suggests is that the pharmacologic and toxic effect of alcohol are different. The pharmacological effect (i.e., intoxication or drunkenness) is not inhibited by vitamin C or cysteine, but the toxic effect (e.g., the hangover, nervous irritability, swimming difficulty) is inhibited. This suggests that, with alcohol, you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

If that doesn’t sound exactly what we are going through with Morgellons I don’t know what does, notice how sulfur works so well.

Alcoholics going through DT’s

If you do some searching you will see that some alcoholics go through DTs so bad they experience the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin. It is my suggestion that this occurs when the massive Candida colonies they are maintaining go through die off 3 to 5 days after the alcohol flow is stopped. See Living with Alcohol for it’s link to Acetaldehyde.

Morgellons Sufferers

Like I have stated in previous blog posts many Morgellons patients have found high Toluene levels in their blood work and its metabolites such as Hippuric acid are found as well. Toluene will also biodegrade down the Benzoate path thus our glass crystals also (covered in another post). Much more can be said here. Of course, as this breaks down into the Acetaldehyde path and we suffer skin crawling just as the Candida sufferer does, it’s not the fungus in our case, it’s the Acetaldehyde being biodegraded from the Toluene in our bodies. I believe that Acetaldehyde causes the skin crawling sensation and not the actual fungus.


Formaldehyde (Tiny insects crawling over the eyes and nose?)

Let’s talk about a close cousin of Acetaldehyde and that is Formaldehyde. There is an amazing research paper out there on this, take a look at this quote:

Skin reactions: …chemical can be both irritating and allergy-causing…(EPA).  A slight sensation of tiny insects crawling over the eyes, nose and pharynx  (formication) is felt at 2-3 ppm.  (Zurlo N, via OSH, NZ.)  Contact with the vapour or solution causes skin to become white, rough, hard and anaesthetic due to superficial coagulation necrosis. With long exposure, dermatitis and hypersensitivity frequently result.  Prolonged exposure may also cause cracking of skin and ulceration, especially around the fingernails.

I wont bother to post all the links but I could find a thousand posts from Morgellons sufferers stating that they are sure they have bugs or worms crawling all over and in their eyes and around there nose, it’s a very, very common symptom. I too have felt that sensation on my eyes, like a bunch of mites crawling across the surface. Depending on what is laying around in our body I believe that Formaldehyde is often times created internally as well as Acetaldehyde.



This is just a very quick write up. I feel strongly that aldehydes such as Acetaldehyde  and Formaldehyde are the dominant causes of our symptoms. I’m glossing over a ton of evidence here such as the Putida and other things, I believe Toluene is being created in our bodies and am sure these are causing my symptoms.

Interestingly N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is great for binding to and ridding the body of Acetaldehyde  and so is Molybdenum, and Pantothenic Acid and Pantethine. However remember, I am no doctor. Also, cysteine is readily and abundantly found in human hair which is why I believe we suffer hair loss as the body is using all it can to bind to and rid us of the Acetaldehyde and I believe Formaldehyde is created also based on what chemicals we have laying around in our bodies at the time.

I think that all of the above groups in the “Skin Crawling Family Tree” suffer skin crawling due to the aldehydes being created in their bodies. I believe this could easily be proven. Something is creating Toluene in sufficient quantities in the human body to cause the Morgellons condition. We know Ps. Putida can create Toluene from glucose and that many alleviate their symptoms by cutting out most of the sugar from their diet. Is there a link here? There is a scientific paper out there which I will have to purchase to see the full text but I believe it links Acetaldehyde directly to skin crawling sensations in humans, we know it’s close cousin Formaldehyde already has been proven to do so.

Morgellons is an ongoing chemical reaction happening in our bodies with volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as Toluene. This is either being brought on by bioremediation bacteria which can create Toluene or the mere fact that Toluene is has now so thoroughly penetrated our environment. I hope this blog post spurs you on to do some research on Acetaldehyde and see if what I am saying is true. And if you find even more relevant information please post a comment on this thread.


Comments on: "Grand Unification Theory – Sneak Peak" (27)

  1. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Acetaldehyde: A Common and Potent Neurotoxin

    Acetaldehyde: A real gene mutator and cancer risk

    Because acetaldehyde is a reactive molecule it is mostly bound to proteins and other blood components while in the bloodstream. Acetaldehyde has been shown to cause a number of genotoxic effects in a variety of cell culture and in vitro assays, including DNA-protein crosslinks, sister chromatic exchanges, gene mutations, single strand breaks and chromosomal aberrations.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    By the way, in my official Grand Unification theory the 3rd degradation pathway of Toluene will be covered, and that is through the Vanillin -> Nitrobenzene pathway. Now, Nitrobenzene is a water-insoluble oil which exhibits a pale yellow to yellow-brown coloration in liquid form. And as I will show, this exact color of liquid oozes out of the hands, fingers and bodies of some Morgellons sufferers.

  3. But Mr. common sense there are some people that have found bugs and have had them identified by pco and others. How doe4s one explain this? By the way good work. I can see you put a lot of time into this and even if your 100% wrong at least your trying and i applaud you for this

  4. If you were to define the lifecycle of morgellons by stages 1 thru 5, with 1 being the beginning stages (there is a causing vector, i.e., insect bite, staying in infested hotel) and 4 being crawling, itching, and pin-pricks, and 5 being open lesions and fibers growing out of the skin, I believe Mr. Common Sense is focusing on 4 and 5. I have questions myself, just like you’ve mentioned. How about ppl that have these symptoms b/c of identifiable bugs, such as bird mites? How do you explain me getting attacked and feeling crawling and pin-pricks everytime I rode my infested car where it all began? (bought a used infested car). It might not be all black or white as in it’s either all acetaldehyde or all bug bites. It may very well start off from bug bites which you feel immediately, but then over the course of time, your body gets infected with bacteria, fungi, other elements that really don’t belong on the human skin, and from there, the chemicals are produced in the body, i.e., acetaldehyde which perpetuates the crawling/biting sensation. Reading the sneak-peak of the grand theory, I am optimistic, but also a bit worried that the causing agents in stages 1 and 2 maybe overlooked and all the focus will be on 4 and 5. At any rate, let’s wait for the whole article. Keep up the good work, Mr. CS! I’m rooting for ya!

  5. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Thanks for the comments, as far as the bug attraction, Toluene and even Acetaldehyde have a very sweet smell to them. In one post I even pointed out how honey bees are attracted to the smell as if it were food (does it smell like a flower to them?). Could be that is what attracted the mites to me, remember, I actually did have bird mites at the very initial stage. I will try to realistically combine all this into a cohesive theory. Bird mites are visible to the naked eye, they move extremely fast, I’m not sure everybody who thinks they have bird mites actually has them because they are easy to spot. Unless somebody is suggesting they’ve gone totally sub-dermal I don’t think that most folks who think they have bird mites actually have them, I mean no insult and could be wrong.

    Also, in talking to Dr. Staninger we have become extremely sensitive to chemicals of all kinds, what we think of as “oh my gosh, all of a sudden they are all over me” I think will prove to be in large part chemical reactions with our skin which is loaded with these VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as Toluene which will combine with almost anything to form all kinds of other things, even Acetaldehyde is like this.

    Look at the 2nd picture on this PAGE, that persons skin I would bet the farm is like that because of Formaldehyde, read the description above of what it will do to the skin, that is definitely what has caused this persons skin to look like this.

    • i have morgellon for 4 years now, and i believe this condition is created by indoor infestation of fungus gnat, what we feel crawling on our skin is fungus gnat hatching from cocoon, and systemetically infesting our invironment and body, these near invisible fly are creating mold and we breathe this air daily living in infested environment, and i believe these fly egg and larve are on our clothings and blanket, in indoor air floating and lands on us and the cycle starts all over again, collembola and other larger fly are attracted to these fungal larve and you house becomes moldy house all over again,i did took ivermectin several times, and initially, my mold on skin cleared up, then i believe i am being reinfested by enviroment all over, we need find a way to detox the car and clean the moldy air in the house and work, if we want to get better,these fly larve eats up textile fibers and embedded on the bleankets and your clothing, and hatches when the weather and moisture is right,i ve seen unusauall amount of collembola in my house, but the fungus gnat like fly is the causing organism

  6. Smokes! I just looked at the picture of that person’s foot you linked in your last response Mr. CS. That is insane.

    I am active in the birdmites forum. I have come to believe over time that many ppl who end up on this forum and other forums (i.e., scabies forum, lyme disease forum, various morgs forum) ended up here by googling his/her way to it. They googled the symptoms like crawling and biting, and by chance the bird mites forum is where they land, and for others, they may end up on scabies, or lyme disease forum, etc. Whatever the real cause is, one thing for certain is that we all exhibit the same symptoms in crawling, biting, and the pin-pricks. Some are affected more advanced degree and have legions and fibers growing out of the skin, but I’m not sure if any already have this when they first join, which is usually in the onset of the nightmare. I think I’ll take a poll on forum to see if anyone actually began with legions/fibers or that’s something that came later.

    Having said that, it is my guess that probably more than half of the people on birdmites forum don’t actually have birdmites. I used to see black specks in the beginning, although I don’t really see them anymore. I started seeing white specks after about a month and looking closely with a 100x scope, they appeared as those infamous lint ball fibers. I for one have never been able to find a single culprit mite… it was all an assumption that they are mites. Now there are certainly some ppl on the forum that really have mites and they have captured (although rare) and identified them, such as d. gallinae or northern fowl mites. If you read up on bird mites such as the aforementioned two, they are usually described as appearing as a dot, the size of a period at the end of a sentence. Again, I’ve never been able to find one. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a direct vector for the biting/crawling/pin-prick sensations… perhaps, what we are dealing with are microscopic mites or other species such as the oft mentioned microscopic collembola that directly cause those sensations, instead of the chemicals like acetaldehyde causing them.

    Mr. CS, if you can address this question as part of your grand theory – If what we feel are from chemicals in the body, then why for so many of us things get better when we vacuum the house, or when we take showers/baths, or when we change clothing w/ freshly laundered clothes? Then after some time, it gets worse again and we have to do them all over day after day. You get my point, right? It’s hard to accept the act of vacuuming your house would change the chemical levels of acetaldehyde or toluene levels in your body so that you feel better. One more thing – many of the ppl on birdmites have been using a boric acid product called Roach Prufe (RP) in an off-lable way to drastically make a difference. One member found that puffing her home heavily in RP (and I mean everywhere, so it’s like an RP blizzard), got rid of the whatever ‘things’ that were plaguing her for the last 3 years. I have had RP in my home for about 2 months now, powder in thick coating everywhere, all over the floors, furniture, you name it, and it has reduced the biting/pin-pricks by a very big margin (I’d say cut down 75%). Note, these are environmental treatments… so to me, there are some real buggers out there, as in a real, living, whatever organisms they are…

  7. Sorry one more thing – I think I focused too much on the environmental factors in the last post. While it’s true that treating the environment makes symptoms better, it is also my body that’s infested with whatever ‘thing’. Let’s say I’m not even at home but at a remote site, staying at a hotel, take a bath, and I put on fresh clothing – either bought new or freshly laundered and baked (yes, many of us bake or microwave our clothes), within half an hour, sometimes sooner, I’d start feeling ‘them’ on my body. So it’s in my body for sure. As I have mentioned in another one of your posts, my body was not immediately infested, but happened after about a month in.

  8. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, cleaning just might rid your home of tiny miniscule carpet fragments and you know what carpeting it made from right? Also, most of all of our indoor dust is toxic, indoor air pollution is much higher than outside, don’t be sure cleaning your home is ridding your place of the buggers because my bet is there are no “them”. When these tiny carpet fibers and other things touch your skin the chemical reaction begins. We react to everything we come in contact with. I know cleaning helps, I wash my clothes only in Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap, it helps, but have you seen what is in laundry detergents, and enzymes not even listed. I’m loving your input, you’re keeping me honest, holding my feet to the fire. I covered my body in DE for a month everyday, it cut the crawling down, way down, was it killing mites? I thought so at the time, but now I don’t, it was merely preventing the toxins from reaching my skin, plus it’s an anhydrant, it absorbs stuff, probably was absorbing the VOC’s in my skin.

    I totally agree with your comments on the BirdMites forums, folks are landing everywhere confused by what is happening to them. It sure feels like mites, I don’t blame them you can feel “them” crawling everywhere, but you won’t find them, because they don’t exist ….

    • mr. commonsense, try to leave bug zapper inside your house and see what get cuught on it, it is tiny fiber like fly, i beleive it is fungus gnat, these seem to stuck in the ceiling and on you skin,you don’t even realize these fly are in your house due to it’s sixe,these are making a toxic fungal mold and it is in the air, i believe we are contracting morgellons from being in the environment with infested air, we are developing these fly on our skin and clothing and carry with us all the time, i think it is systemectic, i i bought a new car and it only take few days to get all over my car, rose fungus spray will help get rid of tough fungus on your car, but is is temporary solution

  9. Sorry, because I suffer today from brain fog I need you to spell this out clearly for me.
    It the cause you are pointing to Candida?? Does this mean that Candida produces aldehydes that escape through our skin that cause the symptoms we all suffer from?

    My progression of this disease started with a tick bite.. lyme followed. Antibiotics and lots of candida are the result. I’ve had the rash, lesions, fibers, fuzzballs, specks and crawling. Never saw a living thing on my body and I looked till the point of exhaustion. I live with 3 other people and 2 dogs, 3 cats who are not bothered by itchiness. I noticed this weekend after two glasses of wine, lots of “dust” around me and more crawly feelings then usual.

  10. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Hi Jeff, no, I am not saying Candida is our cause, but as Candida dies off it puts out a very toxic chemical called Acetaldehyde which causes most of the issues with Candida. This is the same chemical that I believe that Morgellons sufferers have, that is, large amounts of Acetaldehyde in his/her body which is caused by Toluene contamination. Toluene breaks down into Acetaldehyde and all of those who suffer from skin crawling end up with Acetaldehyde in thier systems. However, you could have candida too, NAC and other things can help. I do know that our “gut” is the key to getting better, so their are similiarities, however, I believe we have a bacteria in our bodies that is creating Toluene.

    N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is great for binding to and ridding the body of Acetaldehyde and so is Molybdenum, and Pantothenic Acid and Pantethine. But check with your doctor before taking things. Drinking Alcohol will eventually break down into Acetaldehyde in your body.

    Jeff, read this entire article, trust me … http://candidapage.com/aldehyde.shtml

  11. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I did some quick searching, can you believe Acetaldehyde is used as bait in traps for Anthropods (which includes mites). How very interesting.

    Attractant-baited traps for the sugar-beet weevil Bothynoderes (Cleonus) punctiventris: Preliminary study of application potential for mass trapping

    Acetaldehyde is used as bait for moths too (which many Morgies have dealt with).

    Regulatory Status and Risk Assessment of Pheromones in the United States
    A subgroup of arthropod pheromones, namely lepidopteran pheromones, can be tested on food crops at up to 250 acres of land irrespective of the mode of application, provided the active ingredient is used at less than 150 grams per acre per year. This group of pheromones commonly used to control moths and butterflies, are defined chemically as unbranched aliphatic hydrocarbon chains of 9-18 carbons, containing up to 3 double bonds, and ending in an alcohol, acetate, or aldehyde functional group.

    Finally ..

    Chemical composition that attract arthropods
    Search for Acetaldehyde on that page, it comes up alot, who knows?

    Effects of Acetaldehyde on Human Airway Constriction and Inflammation (talks about mites)
    in human bronchi and increased mite allergen-sensitized allergic inflammation in a murine model of asthma. We conclude that acetaldehyde has potential effects on human airway by two distinct mechanisms. As a metabolite of alcohol, its elevation following alcohol consumption induces airway mast cells to release histamine, which results in exacerbation of asthma in susceptible populations.

  12. Good article MCS. I was just wondering though as to what you think on how we are getting Toluene contamination in our bodies? An already persistent Chronic infection of some kind? I myself noticed symptoms of this after a dirty hotel stay, and it stuck around after that.

  13. Dear Mr.,
    Thanks ever so much for your advancement of our understanding of this mysterious malady! Your website continues to fascinate and draw me in my own personal search.
    SO MUCH rings true. As a bird and dog owner with a history of morg, hospital work, healthcare interest, who has spent many hrs. with a microscope and my own research (such as it is), your leads add so much! Recently, I have been reading on detoxing the body (Dr. Marc Hyman’s books, for example) and keep hearing about the role of glutathione, etc. And now your grand theory to boot! Which does seem to tie it all together in a way I haven’t seen thus far. (Even role of candida, so prevalent in our society with our poor diets and lifestyles and use of antibiotics, steroids, etc.) You MUST be onto something. May I ask, is this all intuitive, or are you a science professional of some sort? In any case, I thank you again for turning this in another direction with new information to learn about our illness. So much is related to pollution, both internally and externally, all in the name of progress… Getting more of the science behind it in a way I can understand helps so much. By the way, I do not think your inter- and intra-cellular findings and “bugs” are mutually exclusive. I have seen some under the scope on occasion, microarthropods, and managed to get a couple pics. Hard to imagine just how bugs fit into the morg picture, but there is a near-universality of reports and treatment regimens suggesting insect involvement in infectious process (not only in transmission). Of course, so many of us also had significant soil contact also, these mini-critters may have always been there–but who was looking? By the way, there was an article this week in The Phila Inquirer re. the “worldwide resurgence” of bedbugs and the EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs two-day summit held April 15 & 16th,due the increasing complaints received by the hotel industry, housing authorities, etc.–all over people’s reports of being “bitten” and having to spend the night in their bathtubs! My first thought was ‘not bugs per se, but morg.’

  14. Yes MR Common Sense I check this blog somtimes two times a day waiting for your
    Grand Unification Theory post. I did order some N-ACETYLCYSTEINE 600 mg. Are you taking this? If so has this helped you any?

  15. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Hi Tommy, sorry to keep you hanging, I need so more time, no need to check so often. However, yes, I do take NAC 600 Meg twice or once a day, on an empty stomach. They say it’s good to take vitamin C with it, so I usually take 1000mg with it. I’m going to post my protocol that I am doing so everyone can see, nothing all that magic to it, but it’s working it seems.

    Also, netmu, thank you for your positive feedback. No, I’m not scientifically trained, wish I was and had a lab. I’m sorry folks, things are moving slower than I wanted, but it’s coming.

  16. Hey MCS,
    You need to come out to California where we have a lab. I am getting really good at Dark Field Microscopy. I am also going to be setting up a Clinic here and in Florida. We sure could use a Smart man like you to help us.
    I am having way too much fun here studying and learning. You are my HERO, do you know that. You are a HERO and I am so honored that you stepped into this mess to help us all Out. None of us would ever have been able to Crack the Code of this mess without you.
    You are saving lives of prisoners in Jails, people in Mental Hospitals, Crack Addicts and Drug Addicts who have this strange affliction which is so absolutely explainable.
    LOVE to All,
    Trisha Springstead

  17. Hi. I think that you are definately on to something, with your studies, but one thing doesn’t fit, at least in my case. I most definately do have an insect population in and on my body. I can clearly see insects, fly from me, especially from my hair. I have managed to catch quite a lot of them, as they seem to have an attraction to light and mirrors. I could very easily, show you proof of this. I have saved some, by sticking their little, gnat like bodies, onto clear packaging tape. Maybe, it still will fit into your studies, somehow, but the existance of bugs, has been a 5 year battle for me, as I find it to be very ebarrassing, when other people see this happen. Also, my cat is infected with this disease and has bugs, too. The vet says, no fleas, ticks or earmites, are causing the bugs, which have caused her to scratch so much, that she has bald spots, especially on her face and head. Just wondering how it all fits in. Thanks for your great articles about morgellons.

  18. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Verna, I’m not saying bugs don’t exist in us, I do believe they do can, I have seen those same gnats, they could possibly be fungal gnats. They are not the cause, just secondary invaders, when we cure our terrain (bodies) they will leave us.

    For your cat see this site:

    Look at thier feline mix

    They used to have a massive testimonial page, it was incredible, dogs who had lost all their hair and looked very sickly recover on their stuff. I am not a pet owner but have heard very good things about this product.

  19. Mr. Common Sense said:

    New Formaldehyde study out today

    Study links formaldehyde to more common cancers

    Workers with the highest peak exposures were 37% more likely to die from any blood or lymphatic cancer, and 78% more likely to die from myeloid leukemia — a cancer of the white blood cells — compared to those with lowest levels, according to the study, published online today in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

    Highly exposed workers also were nearly four times more likely to die of Hodgkin lymphoma, which affects immune cells, the study shows. This study is the first to link a chemical with an increased risk of death from Hodgkin lymphoma, according to the NCI.

  20. Doctors who are calling these people delusional are putting the specimens in Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is degrading the specimens. Specimens need to be dry slid or put in ETOH, Vodka 80%.

    I spoke of the Dangers in Skin Care much before I ever saw Morgellons Disease. Suds in Shampoo are chemicals. The bases of man of the OTC Shampoos are loaded with Chemicals that are making people worse. The bases of topicals are put in MINERAL OIL with fragrance and are causing horrific hormonal disruption.

    Mineral Oil, petroleum jelly, shampoos and soaps based in disinfectants and fragrance should be avoided at all costs.

    Chemicals are causing SIDs, Low Birth Weight, Decreased Sperm Activity, ADD, ADHD,
    Disease and Cancer. The hasardous chemicals in the Workplace and the Random use of dangerous pesticides are causing so many horrible diseases.

    All propyls in our skin care, methylparabens, propylparabens, PEG, mineral oil, fragrance oil and nitrates, dimethocone, Sodium Laurelyth Sulfate, silica, nanos ect. should never be allowed in our skin care, much less our bodies and environment.

    Has anyone on this board ever seen the poisons that are in Baby Care. It is sickening.
    I have been to stores and done assessments of what is in Baby care….is horrible.

    Much Love,

    • My son will be 40 this thanksgiving. He does not speak to me. I believe he has some of this condition. I have morgellon’s and recognise the symptoms, etc in others. I cried tears of empathy for the loss of your son and I pray for you and your family.

      One question…………silica??? Is this not a much needed nutrient for our skin, hair, nails, etc? Why would you ban it? Are there different types, different sources?

      Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom to you and us all

  21. mr. common sense, i did leave a mgs about gnats, there is dust, mold like organism developing on our skin, some sort of soil fungus, it covers entire body and clothing when we are in the infested house or in the car, and later on seems to develope and grows and eventually drops off the body to the environment, i am not sure it is the fungus gnat or not, but in my house tiny fly is continuousely developing,these are the gnat you see outside in the grass area by hundreds, at the beginning of this condition, i got bit by some sort of bug, i am not sure it was tick or this fly, the bug penetrated my skin and went deep in my body, i had tingling sensation, like something is touching the nerve and pain in the infected area last for a month or longer, basically i see abundant fungus gnats and collembola, i am not sure which organism came first, i know these organism interact together, i know it is the gnat eating our clothing and hatching out of the house,and there is mold in and out of your environment,

  22. threader said:

    Excellent work so far Mr. Common Sense. Would you mind taking a look at my thread on lymebusters to let me know what you think about the possiblility of marijuana smoking contributing to this condition: http://lymebusters.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=rash&thread=14762&page=1

  23. Very interesting. I’m curious how the fibers can be explained in very young children. My son, for example, has no fillings. Is it possible that Toluene can cross the placenta?

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