Morgellons Special -Various Guests


Physician, Dr Amelia Withington

Dr. Amelia Withington is a physician who has and treats Morgellons Disease. She is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and practices in a variety of outpatient settings. Dr. Withington has treated patients with Morgellons since 2006. Amelia is currently working on a book about her experiences with Morgellons.

RN, Trisha Springstead

Trisha Springstead is a registered RN who treats Morgellons patients. Trisha was trained in medicine at Loma Linda University, UCSB, and Riverside State College. Trisha is currently working on her doctorate in Holistic and Alternative Medicine.

Ph. D., Dr. Randy Wymore

PhD Randy S. Wymore completed his studies in physiology and biophysics in 1995. Dr. Wymore has co-authored seventeen articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Randy spends the bulk of his time working on Morgellons Disease and is the Director of the OSU-CHS Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease.


They will discuss the symptoms of Morgellon’s Disease, the history and science behind it, and tell us how to get the best response to medications used for this chronic condition

The program (Coast to Coast) starts at 10 pm Pacific Time and is live. I do not know if they will do the usual format of the first hour being comments on the news and open lines – then followed by the three hours on Morgellons. It is safest to check in at 10 pm Pacific time – if you are a night owl and can stay up for it to hear it live. They usually have the last hour reserved for being able to call in on 800 numbers to make comments or ask the guests questions. If you want to find out what your local stations that carry the show are, go to the homepage, and click on "affiliates" and you can find it by state and city.

Heres another link to listen to Coast to Coast AM on your computer…

1am Eastern
12am Central
11pm Mountain
10 pm Pacific

Tuesday night going into Wednesday morning. this is a link for a listen live format from a radio station.

If you miss the show I will post a link to the recorded program after it’s all done.


Comments on: "C0ast To Coast Radio Show on Morgellons Tonight (April 14th)" (2)

  1. I missed the show 😦
    It seems like you have to register with coast to coast to listen to past shows and it’s not free. Do you have a recording or a link somewhere? Tks.

  2. Kixx and all,
    It only costs 7 dollars to download the site for a month. Just get it already and get over the money. It is some valuable information and I am here in California working with the incredible Doctors and Scientists at ANu Water. There is a Harmonic Convergence happening as we speak, God Bless you Mr Common Sense. I get it and I am praying for your healing as I sit here in my little cottage by the sea.
    I will be here now for the Next 2 months working with these amazing scientists. Don’t you all know that magic is happening now in the world of Morgellons.
    Could it be all about the water we drink and the minerals that are necessary to move people over to a over to a non-pleomorphic state.
    Could it be that Louis Pasteur was wrong about bacteria???? Could it be that Bruce Lipton was right when he wrote the Biology of Belief…..
    Hummmmm…..I wonder.
    Much Love,

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