I just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone out there who is suffering as so many of us are that we live in a tremendously incredible world.

Take a moment and watch this video

Who knows what angel is out there now, trudging through research, theories, and tests about to crack our case, it certainly is not me, but there is a person out there now that will be our Susan Boyle … The female judges comments at the end are particulary revealing …


Comments on: "Transcending Suffering with Hope" (2)

  1. Mr. Common Sense said:

    The last verse she sings very softly is this:

    “I had a dream my life would be So different form this hell I’m living so different now from what it seemed Now life has killed The dream I dreamed.”

    But don’t let that depress you, it was beautiful, yes, our lives are different now, but we still have dreams and hopes and lives to lead.

  2. Oh my God My Dear Mister Common Sense that link was so incredible. I am crying tears right now, I seem to do a lot of that lately.
    But as I cry, I cry tears of joy.
    I have always said, “People who have skin diseases (any skin disease) are so often shunned and cast aside like garbage.”
    In my life I have seen the most maimed people, hydrocephalics in mental hospitals because did not have shunts back them. Their heads were as big as basketballs, never to get out of bed for the rest of their lives.
    Guys now coming back from war committing suicides.
    People who had their faces blown off or have had face offs with head in neck Cancers.
    I am now working on my Doctoral Thesis in this Disease and I am in the process of writing grants to the National Institute of Alternative Medicine with Arnel and Bengt at ANu water. I am going to put my patent on the line along with ANu in order to prove that I this is real and that this Can be cured.
    I can never go away because this is a fight, this is a war, this is killing people and I will not sit around and wait for everyone to hold on to their patchwork quilt, I am running with the ball and I am getting closer to hopefully a Cure for this Gastly disease.
    I guess my friends, that I got involved, because my life has been about not the beauty outside, but the beauty that I see from these people inside.
    You know what, I am honored to serve the Morgellons community, It is you and all the sufferers that I have cried with and touched and spent time with.
    I can only say that you are my angels and I am a warrior and I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I FIND A CURE.
    I HUMBLY email this to you because you are all the reason I exist, you are all about my lifes work, You are all my angels and keep praying for me as this has been the roughest battle that I have ever taken on in my life.
    Antibiotics, Steroids and Chemicals do not belong on in or around the body.
    Could the fibers be the gearing up of the human body in order to process the pollution of the Globe in each persons bodies.
    I absolutely refuse to give any drugs to people.
    We have got to stop all these chemicals now in you, around you and it is taking time.
    I believe the ANu to be the treatment of choice for all sufferers. These people are getting better every day on this and I have recieved so much help here.
    The bioterrain of the body must be changed and changed NOW.
    No more Chemicals, I can not state this enough. You are all very toluene toxic and heavy metals. You must clear the toxins in the body from the environment. I believe in all my heart of hearts these fabulous scientists here have found a great treatment and also a great protocol.
    It is so not about a patent with me, but for you, I will use it as the artifical lamb along with Along with the ANu people to get a study and get you well. That I will promise to you right here and right now.
    This is many diseases that we call just Morgellons, but there are too many names for this. This is causing Cancers and I just want to get you all well.
    The ANu is not cheap you may order it and I am going to say out loud. I have the BOMB in Skin Care.
    Miracles are happening right here and right now. I will send you all the miracle protocol in the Next few days with a protocol.
    Much Love to All,

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