I know many are waiting on my full “Grand Unification Theory” but it comes to me in waves and so far I haven’t solidified it. The information is all there, I’m just not at the point where I can put it all down, but I do want to share some information with you.

A Little Personal History

First, I’m a male, married, and have children, so my life has to be fairly normal despite Morgellons. I’ve had to maintain two lives. My Morgellons life, which once took up most of time just trying to survive and my other life, the old normal life that I had to preserve for the sake of my wife and children and extended family. I made some mistakes at the beginning for sure. I freaked out in front my children somewhat, they could see the fear and sense something was not right with their dad. My wife didn’t and to this day still doesn’t believe I have such a condition as Morgellons, but we’ve held our family together and I’m very grateful for that. There is so much more to the story but it would take a book to write it all.

If you are a sufferer you know the sheer horror that you feel once the onset of the crawling and biting and fibers set in and you realize that you have Morgellons. Then you visit some of the various forums where they are talking about every horrible thing this could be, from tropical parasitic worms to designed nanobots and on and on it goes. You become obsessed and spend way to much time on the forums, reading posts that merely serve to scare the hell out of you and cause you to stress out, further taxing your immune system and adding to the anxiety (caused physically I believe) by Morgellons itself. Yet you can’t stop reading the posts on the forums. Don’t get me wrong, forums can be a great place of support and I still post on them, but sometimes they can be very scary indeed.

My First Approach to Healing

When I first realized I had Morgellons I did all kinds of crazy things trying to get rid of this. I wont mention them because I don’t want others try to try such things. I did take all kinds of antiparasiticals (I mean all kinds too). After about the first year and half I realized all I was doing was merely damaging my body and the crawling and biting was still there. I then became very much like a diabetic as the antiparasiticals are made to shut down a parasites ability to process glucose and they can do a number on the human body as well. Do you ever notice those Abilify (Aripiprazole) commercials  (pay close attention to the warnings on that, those are similar to what antiparasiticals which also end in azole can also do). I had every kind of blood test done, extensive thyroid work by an endocrinologist, infectious disease doctor, Lyme Tests, Babesia, and on and on it went, they found nothing. I had major hair loss and just to many things to list here. There wasn’t a doctor in the world going that was going to prescribe me anything. I was on my own, life or death hung in the balance and I had to be pro-active. I never mentioned Morgellons to any doctor as I knew better from what I had heard other sufferers convey on the forums.

I have developed Fibromyalgia and sometimes severe Costocondritus. It was and sometimes still is all I can do to hold down my job. I was in the ER many times thinking I was having a stroke (they said I was low on potassium), muscle twitching, extreme weakness, fatigue, weird electrical shocks that traveled the full length of my body, not to mention all the biting, crawling, eye sight issues, fibers. However no real open sores. Just rashes and the pimple like things that would scab over. Some call those lesions but not the big gaping open sores others get, but pretty bad looking skin nonetheless. I was done with the poisons, the Vicks sab, and all those things.

My Second Approach to Healing

I knew (through forums) of only one or two persons that had really cured themselves of this and neither had used pharmaceutical type antiparasiticals or any serious antibiotic protocol. They used all natural stuff, which I was also doing. But I was focusing on massive germ killing mostly with such things as Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Grape Fruit Seed Extract (GSE), Colloidal Silver, and so on. All good things, and I was improving, it helped, but I didn’t feel like it was ever going to cure me and indeed I don’t think it ever would alone. There was something I was missing from this approach.

My Current Approach to Healing – A Revelation

Could it be that what was wrong with my body wasn’t a massive lack of Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Colloidal Silver (I’m jesting but only slightly here). I was doing some very powerful natural antibiotics, including Allimax. We’re talking natural things that work better than antibiotics in many cases and certainly much more broad spectrum. Then I stumbled across a few articles that discussed a certain point in history where Western medicine stood at a fork in the road, and as it would appear, took the wrong path.

Louis Pasteur versus Claude Bernard

Everyone has heard of Louis Pasteur. He is considered the father of the “Germ Theory of Medicine” and he invented the process of pasteurization. Pasteur said that “germs cause illness” and we have to attack the microbes. Amidst a group of physicians and scientists, Claude Bernard made the statement: "The terrain is all; the germ is nothing," and then drank down a glass of water filled with cholera and didn’t get sick at all. When Pasteur was on his death bed he said "…the terrain is all" but no one listened, saying he’s a raving man, dying and this final statement of his was ignored". For more information on this see this link called “The Lost History of Medicine” and you will find it to be a real eye opener, I cannot vouch that it is all true, but I tend to believe it and my current experiences are proving this out. The article also talks about Béchamp who has been expunged from medical history, too bad. Also, for a very, very fascinating read see this article titled simply “Terrain” (astounding read, honestly, if nothing else read this article).

So there stood Western medicine at this great fork in the road, and ultimately they chose to go with Pasteur. And so began our war against the germs that plague us. But does this cure us?

But don’t be down on Pasteur, his discoveries are important. He led others to introduce sterilization, disinfection, vaccines, and eventually antibiotics.

However, Bernard said basically that germs do not cause disease. Look at this quote from “The Lost History of Medicine” which I have linked to above

Germs Do Not Cause Disease

The most telling "concept" that has ever crossed my desk is the quotation Dr Young uses right at the beginning of his book, “Sick and Tired”:

If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat—diseased tissue—rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue; e.g., mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant. Rudolph Virchow (Father of Pathology)

Do you understand the importance of this? When I read this quotation for the first time, it hit me like a brick. I’ve always known the terrain was the key, but I had always thought of the terrain as the immune system. I had had no idea that the proper terrain alone was, by itself, enough for perfect health. Nor had it ever occurred to me that the immune system was merely a backup system that took over when the terrain failed.

I have come to the conclusion that Bernard was indeed correct “The terrain is everything” and furthermore I believe this quote to also be correct, “The immune system was merely a backup system that took over when the terrain failed”. Consider Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), MS, Alzheimer’s, Chrones Disease, Lupis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and so on and their incredible upward ramp on the charts of those affected. We have failed to maintain our terrain by both neglecting it and poisoning it with our modern way of life. There is new thought on Cancer actually being a fungus, including Lukemia. Look up the term Pleomorphism and see what you think, do germs “get in” or are they simply made inside our body when the conditions are right.

Thus, all of the natural antibiotics in the world aren’t going to cure me of Morgellons because I have diseased flesh internally. I have a suitable terrain internally allowing Morgellons to thrive, but that is changing.

So, tell me about this new approach

First, let me state that I am not a doctor, I’m just trying to find my way through this mess just as so many of you are also. So my first rule is to “Do no harm” so this means I do research on what I’m going to take and start off at lower than recommended doses and see how things go. If you have a doctor I recommend you work them him or her.

My new approach focuses mainly on correcting the terrain. First, my body was extremely acidic, testing at 5.5 on the PH scale, the urine strips were basically yellow all of the time, I’m amazed I didn’t develop cancer. But rather than go out and find some artificial PH booster I had to determine what this meant. In my case it was and is caused by a lack of Potassium and Magnesium (I can’t stress how important Magnesium is) and other minerals that really raise your PH. My body was starving for minerals. Also, when your body is acidic your blood is carrying a much lower level of oxygen, so I started taking some oxygen pills (Opaline). I also began exercising which helps with oxygen and all kinds of body processes. I also now try to get some sunlight rather than try to avoid it. I added B vitamins to my list, B12 and others. And finally, after some reading I stumbled across something called Ribose or D-Ribose which is a key component in the body for making ATP and causing all kinds of good things to happen (great for Fibromyalgia, sound familiar?). And finally, because I don’t eat meat of any kind (maybe chicken every once in a while) I have added amino acids which are proving to be very valuable to me physically. So, basically, I’ve stopped focusing on my immune system and started focusing on the terrain, i.e. my body, lungs, liver, muscle tissue and so on. I no longer even take any kind of natural antibiotic at all, nothing antiparasitical and and currently doing the best I have ever been. I am not cured and I am still early into this new approach, but feel strongly that is the way out of Morgellons, and any other future ailment I might encounter.

Here is what I am taking. However, I urge each of you to do your own research, some of these things react with pharmaceuticals of which I take none.

I am not a physician, nor am I a clinical nutritionist. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. I do not recommend any of this be given to children.

  • NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) It’s an amino acid. I take 600 mg twice a day on empty stomach. It removes Acetaldehyde from the blood and other things like mercury and heavy metals. Take this at the same time you take your Vitamin C, take twice as much vitamin C as NAC together.
  • L-Arginine  (amino acid) 500 mg – once or twice a day
  • L-Carnitine (amino acid) (250 mg) one a day
  • Jarrow Ribose (those with sugar issues read the warnings) – I love this stuff
  • Pantothenic Acid – 250 mg
  • Amino Essentials by Whole Foods, contains all of the amino’s in low dose
  • Buffer C PH Controlled Vitamin C, 2 or 3 grams a day
  • Citrus Bioflavanoids – Important for Vitamin C Aborption – 1000 mg once a day with meal
  • Digest Gold by Enzymedica – Digestive Enzymes (at the beginning of each meal)
  • Dr. Michael Murray Ultimate Probiotic Formula 12 strains for total of 12 billion (at the beginning of each meal)
  • A good B-Stress Formula with all the B vitamins with a meal
  • Methyl B12 – High dose by Jarrow every few days, but only half a tablet. Methylcobalamin is better than the cyanocobalamin which I would avoid.
  • Milk Thistle to protect the liver and promote bile production
  • CoQ10 – 30 mg a day (Country life Maxi-Sorb)
  • Spectrums Fish Oil – Certified Mercury Free – 2 big capsules a day with a meal.
  • Carlsons Vitamin D, 2000 IU – one a day with a meal
  • Opaline Dry Oxy Capsules – I take this sporadically, they are good, very good, but lately I haven’t been taking them but will restart soon
  • A good whole food multi-vitamin – Sogar or Men’s One Daily by DailyFoods
  • Kyolic 103 – Immune Building (for the Garlic really) with meals but sporadically
  • Peter Gilliams – CALM Magnesium – Very good, very, very important (very day)


Now, that sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I get my potassium from orange juice, you should really not supplement with Potassium. Every once in a while I use something called Happy Tummy for a good colon cleansing. I truly believe the gut is a major key to healing, and since I don’t eat meat I have added the amino acids and have just purchased a protein mix that came highly recommended. It is made by http://www.trueprotein.com and I will post the exact kind in a comment later on. I have it bookmarked at work, it hasn’t arrived yet in the mail. If you’re a meat eater this probably isn’t necessary. Also, at one time I was taking Fulvic Acid by Vital Earth Minerals (always take Fulvic with chlorine free water). Fulvic is good stuff in my opinion but I haven’t taken it in over a year.


I believe the human body is capable of regenerating and correcting itself, I believe at this point my body is and was lacking in all of the basic nutrients needed to sustain it, thus Morgellons was able to “get in”. Morgellons was affecting my heart and I learned some of this information from reading sites like http://www.detailshere.com/heart.htm and jumping off and researching the details. I must say I have more hope than ever now. I believe all of the strong natural antibiotics were killing off the good flora in my gut, making things even worse. The body can make all the right changes if we give it the fuel and resources it needs, or at least, that is my current bet, and it’s a big one, because my life depends on it.


It’s all about the Terrain, and the Terrain isn’t the immune system.


What an astounding revelation …

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  1. Well now you are really getting it and your on it friend. I read the book ” Alkaline or Die and the PH miracle” also. It has been wonderful and I learned so much on this pathway.
    Life truly is grand.
    Love to You,

  2. Yes MCS,
    I truly believe there are no accidents in this journey of life. We have really been at it for a long time now, haven’t we. I can remember speaking to you on the phone what seems to be centuraies ago.
    I heard that fear in you voice and I was truly scared also. With some people I had to say, ” leave me alone, I do not like your attitude towards me.” I have been a woman on a misson for years. LOL.
    It is quite miraculous that you and I have met at this juncture again as I was always so concerned about you. I always prayed for you and had to give many of my sufferers to God as I could not help them.
    Help comes in the form of taking responsiblity for your decisions. For what you put in, on or around your body. I will not judge the Doctors who treat this with medicine as there is always room for drugs in Emergency Medicine, but not in Chronic Disease.
    I am a huge Advocate against the Use of Chemo on these patients, it not only will kill the disease but also the patients with this mess.
    The Drug Companies can’t find a drug for this disease because they know they can’t make monies off this with drugs.
    I am issuing a wake up call and have hired the services of a Large Attorney in Washington and One in Calif. I am not really happy about the people who have been abused, especially my Aberdeen Guys. They deserve lost wages and compensation for the way they have been treated. We are not going after the people who mis diagnosed them We are going after the people who put them in harms way.
    I also have contacted an Attorney with the EPA and told her, “You are responsible for overseeing the safe practices of our Government.”
    I am working on so many levels on this and have accrued some good friends in this mess. So All is well my dear Friend,
    I will talk to you very soon and you may call me any time.
    Love and Light,

  3. susanna marrs said:

    Dear Mr. Common Sense,
    I really appreciate you replying to my post on F1C. This is rainbo. I feel rather honered actually, lol! I have been reading your mundane approach for quite sometime now. I truly appreciate your logical approach and excellent explanations as to why things are working. I am a RN and have always questioned why. I will never take anything on any of the forums just because someone claims it works. I always have to research the what and the why! So thanks again. I hope we stay in contact. Email me anytime


  4. Mr. Common Sense said:


    Supplementing with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) can dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of flu-like symptoms in elderly high-risk individuals, …

    From a study … however, of those who had detectable flu virus in their bloodstream, only 25 percent of those taking NAC developed flu symptoms. In contrast, of those who had detectable flu virus in their bloodstream, 79 percent of those taking the placebo developed flu symptoms. NAC treatment was well tolerated and resulted in a significant decrease in the frequency of influenza-like episodes, severity and length of time confined to bed.

    Administration of the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC,1 g/kg per day, orally) significantly decreased the mortality in infected mice, indicating a role for RO1 in the lethality associated with influenza infection.

    • Hello Mr. CS,

      Sorry for my temporary absence… had an opportunity to serve and some fires to put out.

      NAC directly stimulates detoxification pathways by “recycling” glutathione… very powerful. Alpha Lipoic Acid works similarly (and even more broadly), which is why it is one of the primary ingredients in our liver support formula (Liver CS Plus). Selenium is also critical to the activity of glutathione peroxidase, and I bet if you tested all patients with chronic immune suppression, you would find them uniformly deficient in selenium.

      Keep up the good work, and keep looking up!



  5. Your personal protocol reflects much wisdom and diligence in the study of nutrition and physiology. Some random thoughts…

    The foundation of your regimen is simple but profound; in supporting the metabolic pathways that are crucial to baseline health, you are transforming your bioterrain and establishing an environment in the body that is hostile to intruders. Wisely, you have recognized that a multidisciplinary approach is needed and there is no single magic bullet for Morgellons (or any other chronic multi-dimensional illness, for that matter).

    As you have pointed out, enzymes and probiotics are absolutely foundational to health, and should be a mainstay in any natural health protocol (as they are in ours). Indigestion and malabsorption are the major causes underlying our plethora of chronic degenerative (inflammatory) illnesses.

    I like the amino acids… we use them in our protocol too. Arginine fuels HGH production pathways, which supports many positive aspects of health, from stimulating immunity to promoting muscle mass. Carnitine is beneficial to mitochondrial efficiency (cellular energy production), as are many of the nutrients in your regimen (D-ribose, CoQ10 and magnesium).

    I would point out that the older we get, the more difficulty we have in fully reducing and assimilating ubiquinones. This is why we recommend and offer the maximum absorption form of CoQ10 or ubiquinol (Ubinol). Younger folks do fine with ubiquinone, but the elderly and chronically ill will get much more benefit from Ubinol.

    Pantothenic acid directly feeds the adrenals, and together with your bioflavanoids, vitamin C and omega fats, helps to suppress inflammatory responses that ravage soft tissues and cause so much pain.

    The B complex is critical, especially for those who have endured round after round of antibiotic therapy and decimated the population of healthy flora in the gut.

    I note the crucial presence of liver support in your regimen. Morgellons sufferers are dealing with multiple layers and multiple sources of toxicity, and promoting detoxification pathways should be as regular as breathing.

    Finally, I am impressed with your keen appreciation of the vital importance of magnesium supplementation. Not only is it far and away the most common of all mineral deficiencies, but our lack of it is manifested in a multitude of ways, from bone loss to heart rhythm problems, to muscle cramps to blood pressure issues. Similarly, vitamin D deficiency is finally being exposed as a major threat to our health. People have no idea how critical magnesium and vitamin D are to our health, and how critical bone health is to maintaining basic regulatory functions (see the Strong Bones article on our site).

    It is a shame that you felt it necessary to post the recent post that you did for the detractors, murmurers, whisperers and false witnesses in our midst… but the world is full of wolves in sheeps clothing.

    Stand strong my Brother, and keep on speaking truth!

    May God Bless your health and your efforts to help others.


    John M. Burgstiner
    President and Founder
    Logos Nutritionals, LLC

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      John you are an absolute wealth of information, I love your contributions here. When my current round of products run out I plan to try some of those from your company such as the probotics and enzymes and other things. You made me feel really good that the stuff I am doing is at least in the right direction. And I couldn’t agree more on the Magnesium, everyone honestly should be supplimenting with extra …

      • Absolutely… everyone does need magnesium. Even natural practitioners are loading up their patients with useless forms of calcium like calcium carbonate (chalk) or coral calcium (mostly carbonate). They may feel better in the short term, especially if their body pH is acidic, but in the absence of adequate magnesium, vitamin D3, strontium, vitamin K2, silica and other bone building nutrients, all they end up doing is accelerating bone loss and further calcifying their soft tissues.

        Magnesium greatly enhances calcium absorption, but excess calcium inhibits magnesium absorption. If you’ve ever had a salt water aquarium, you know how difficult it is to balance calcium levels until adequate magnesium is added…. its the same in the body.

        We feel so strongly about this that our bone health formula (MagnifiCal) contains no added calcium at all, but plenty of high absorption magnesium along with the other minerals and nutrients needed to build a strong bone matrix. It is totally unique in the industry… everyone else is making cal/mags. MagnifiCal is designed to do what its name says… magnify calcium absorption and metabolism, and in the process, move calcium from the soft tissues back into the bone where it belongs.

        Together with the estrogenizing effects of chemical toxicity and mycotoxins resulting from fungal overgrowth, magnesium deficiency is one of the key factors underlying the burgeoning population of people (especially women) suffering from undiagnosed hypothyroidism. It is absolutely rampant, but escapes diagnosis because it is not often detected with normal thyroid panels.

        But that is another story… have a great weekend!



  6. Sorry about the multiple posts, but my brain is not particularly organized, so since I cannot edit and add to my earlier post, I’ll just have to add new ones…

    Looking back at your post again, I just had to make one more comment. While the terrain is not the immune system, they are totally inseparable… you cannot affect one without affecting the other.

    It is true that most of our immune cells are in the gut, and for good reason. Mucosal immunity is our front line of defense; the lining of the GI tract is the ground zero of the bioterrain. That is why enzymes and probiotics are so critical in maintaining our health.

    Here’s the thing: the health of the extra-intestinal bioterrain is a direct function of the effectiveness of the mobile component of immunity, or cell mediated immunity… and vice versa. There are many factors that affect the integrity of the bioterrain at the cellular level, such as pH, hydration level, free radical exposure, and the availability of enzymes, coenzymes, and other nutrients that fuel and mediate metabolism.

    Focusing on any one factor alone will yield inadequate and temporary results, if any. Immune stimulants alone aren’t enough, pH buffers alone aren’t enough, antioxidants or detoxifiers alone are not enough. All of these things contribute to healthy bioterrain.

  7. And why??? would I have doctors giving me garbage over the use of new hope,
    Herbals and anu water. Why would I get garbage in order to get people well. I am all about healing people and making them well.
    Joni Mitchell has this junk, Senators have this, many movie stars and lawyers have this.
    It is all about the terrain.
    I am working with a boy who has had Chemotherapy and lukemia with Morgellons disease.
    I am with a group of kids in east LA who are sick. Very sick with this stuff.
    It is everywhere here in east LA.
    I am watching a young man in east LA getting well and regaining his sight our goal is to get his sight back with sound, and with a decent protocol, along with New Hope,
    Herbals, Opaline dry oxy and good food.
    I am tired of being damned by the medical people in this mess. You do not know what I am trying to do.
    I am tired of being damned by the whole community.

    I will never quit on this community but the victim conciousness has got to stop. NOW.
    Stop Judging me.
    You do not know me.
    This child will have his eyesight back in 15 days with the help of Arnel and Bengt at Anu water.
    Probiotics and a decent skin care and regimen for the skin and the internals.
    You want to judge me, judge not lest ye be judged.
    Trisha Springstead
    In the trenches in California

    • Hi Trish,

      Pardon the thought, but you seem a bit out of sorts…

      Someone wise once told me that what others think of me is really none of my business. If our motives are pure and we conduct ourselves with integrity, no one is responsible for our peace but us. We can’t control other people’s motives or behavior, but we can choose… to be at peace.

      Keep Looking Up,


  8. I was so happy to find your site, one of the few with current postings and excellent information. I have always felt that my body was making a good home for whatever I had, and tried to convince my husband of this when he wanted to know why he didn’t also have it.
    I was so glad to read that your wife and children have not gotten Morgellons. My husband has not, but since December we sadly have no phyusical contact, sleep in separate rooms, use separate bathrooms and I wash our clothes separately.
    My main concern regarding transmission is my son returning from overseas in 2 weeks. He will be getting a place of his own, but will have to spend some time here when he first returns home. Also, my older son and daughter-in-law will be moving across the country during that same time (from the northeast to CA). My son will have to spend about a month with us after they close on their house next week. Although I am happy my sons can spend this time together, I am desperately concerned for their health. I would like to know (if you reply to comments) if you think your family’s not getting Morgellons is due to them not being exposed to the same things you were, or because of measure you or your wife have taken to protect them.
    I believe there is some environmental component. I do agree with other posters that I feel better after a shower and after vacuuming the house and the car. I have exhaused myself with daily washing, bed changing and vacuuming while still trying to work as much as I can and have some kind of a normal life. I have used more plastic bags than I would ever want to just to keep the clothes, bedding and towels separate. I vacuum the entire house including all the furniture prior to my son and daughter-in-law coming once a week for dinner. By the time we sit down to eat I can barely move.
    My journey began in Nov. 2008. I found a long, straight line of scabbed pinprick marks on the entire length of my left thigh. I would etimate that there were about 50 in a row. I thought I slept on a bug trapped under my leg causing the “bites”. It wasn’t until I began itching about a month later that I began to think that maybe they weren’t bites, but eggs that were laid. I saw 4 different doctors and used at least 10 doses of Permethin (including on my head, face, and ears) and 3 doses of Ivermectin. I’ve gone on Morgellons wweb sites and thought, “Thank God I don’t have that.” I now believe I do have Morgellons.
    The first dermatologist I went to biopsied a scabbed area about 1/4 – 1/2 in. on my upper back. It came back with no evidence of parasites, although the site itched intensely for about 2 days.
    I went through self-diagnoses of bird or rodent mites to scabies to Collembola and now to Morgellons. In the beginning I had my home checked for bird and rodent mites. We also have a lot of mold in our home. We had an addition put on about 16 years ago. It was poorly done and we are subsequently finding more and more problems. The bathroom that I use has mold in the walls and the ceiling, the tile floor is coming up and the bathtub creaks when you get it it, as the floor underneath is most likely damaged. We also had mold on a wall behind a piece of furniture where water was coming in from the garage. This was also in November and my husband cleaned the wall with bleach and I ripped up a portion of the damged rug. I’m assuming that either the bites or collembola from the mold or both contributed to my present situation. Needless to say, we need to rectify the mold condition, but don’t have the money to do so. I left my full time job last year to help care for my very ill mother, and, after her death, have not been able to get another permanent job.
    I did not start out with bumps on my head. They started after the 2nd dermatologist urged me to go back to my bedroom since I did not have anything wrong with me. I convinced the dermatologist in my subsequent visit that I indeed did have bumps on my head and he did reluctantly culture one of them. He later called to tell me bacteria showed up in the culture and advised using Nizoral shampoo every other day. When I further questioned him about the bacteria he said it was normal flora.
    As I continued to have symptos I went back to the Internet. I read that it was important not to scratch the bumps on my head, so one night when they were particularly bothersome, instead of scratching them I pressed on each one as it became itchy. I can’t even begin to tell you the pain I experienced the next day. It was as if my entire head was electrically charged. I continue to get headaches, which I believe are nerve related. About 20 years ago I had shingles in my head and on my forehead down to my eye. For a long time after I had post herpetic neuralgia causing the same type of headaches I now have.
    Throughout all this I needed to have a lump removed from my breast. During the course of my Permethrin treatment I scheduled and cancelled 2 appointments for surgery, based on the assumption that I was cured only to find out I was not. I finally relented and had the surgery when I knew the doctor would release me as a patient unless I had the lump removed. Since it was strongly believed that it was a benign lump, I’m still not sure if I made the right decision in having an invasive procedure.
    After determining in April that I must have Collembola due to the mold, I contacted the NPA by email. I spoke with a woman who did not have much hopeful information for me. She suggested using 7th Generation cleaning products, no bleach, and no bar soap. She suggested using Basis soap shavings on a natural fiber brush wilde under the shower spray and to use Basis soap as a shampoo as well. She also said to get rid of anything made with microfiber including mattress and pillow covers.
    They too would like someone with grant-writing ability as well as someone who can make some kind of software, I assume to identify collembola. Since they are in Massachusetts, which has a large concentration of excellent universities, including Tufts, BU, Harvard, and MIT, I would think that students with proffessor’s approval and/or help should be able to come up with both of those things. I also think, since the NPA has a registry of people with similar symptoms, it would be interesting to see what would show up if they were tested. I truly believe your idea that collembola is related to Morgellons. If proof of that is required to move research along, it would seem there would be thousands of willing participants from their registry. Agian, I think a university would help in this area.
    My main symptoms are the itchy, painful bumps on my head, itching, crawling sensations mostly on my head, face, eyes, ears, and bottoms of feet. I can hear and feek a scratching sensation in my ears when I move the position of my head at night. I also have started experiencing sharp pains in my ears. I have pinprick size marks on different parts of my body, which quickly scab over and disappear. I did originally have white “stuff” in the crease of my elbow when I scratched it, and used it as proof to my family that I did have a parasite. I also have removed a few small, salt like things from my ears and found them on my sheets. Not many though. I have 2 hair strands that have some kind of substance in the middle of the shaft, which I have kept. I believe if I had head lice I would have found more than 2 hairs, a month apart. I would like to get these tested but don’t even begin to know where to go. All the labs I know need a doctor’s script. Also, unless they know exactly what they are looking for they will most likely not identify what would be significant.
    I have always taken vitamins and supplements and have a good immune system as a result. I rarely get sick and if I do it’s very minor. I don’t know if this is why I don’t have lesions or if they are yet to come as a progression of the disease. I have noticed a lot of hair falling out within the last few weeks. I have not seen any colored fibers. I do, however, have very thin skin and my veins are very visible. I noticed one day last week that the tops of my forearms seem to have more visible veins that I ever noticed before. Last night I realized they may well be blue fibers, since some of them were shaped in a v, than a long line from there. I can also feel small lumps under my skin. With ever new revelation, I feel more panic, isolate myself more, and the intense fear for my family increases.
    I pray a lot, meditate, and try to keep a positive attitude, but can’t imagine not hugging and kissing my son when he returns home, or my son and daughter-in-law when they leave. Ever time I have any contact with anyone, even a short peck on the cheek or a child holding my hand, I am scared to death that I will pass this along. It is often times so expremely overwhelming and sad, and I don’t even have, as of right now, many visible signs of the disease.
    I apologize for the length of this writing, but I want to give you as much information a I can in the hopes that there will be some common thread to connect the dots of this disease. I would love to have someone culture the bumps on my head, someone who knows what to look for.
    Again MCS, thank you for all that you are doing to help all of the Morgellons’ sufferers.

  9. That was powerful.
    I feel for you,
    I have had the head bumps too, I stopped using shampoos altogether & used only conditioners. I didn’t leave the bumps alone, that seemed to help. For the most part I am free of the head bumps. I may not have had the same thing, but I hope my experience helps some. Leather insoles helped my feet too. I would leave that house, as if it burned down, I’d act. Prolly won’t do well unless you have spouse support, tough to get.
    The story of Job comes to mind after reading this. I’m begining to think demons are temporal (bodily) and they are very small & very real, we just give them long latin scientific names.
    Don’t worry so much, if they don’t get it from you, they’ll get it from someone else just by being in public.

  10. As if you might come back & read this, if you cannot move, you might at least want to try a de-humidifier. That should help to remove any molds.
    After learning more about collembolla, I’m going to try getting an exterminator, but I’m sure that may only be a temporary respite.

  11. bannanny said:

    I love all of you who are trying to help… you’re my lifeline and I just want to say thanks to all of you first.

    Mr. CS, you’ve always been there for me… and you’re here for me once again now. You know my story so there’s no need for me to explain it here.

    I just want to let you know that your research and what I’ve just read has given me hope again. Your name suits you my friend, cuz this makes alot of sense to me.

    I have the same symptoms as you Sandy and more. My heart hurts everytime I read someones account of morgellons… I’m so sorry you’re going thru it too. I don’t believe this is contagious tho. There are at least several people I would’ve given it to by now as I have an extreme case. I’ve had it over 5 years and I’ve spent many a day with the same people over that time. My environment is also completely contaminated and a number of people would’ve picked it up from that alone. But I think there are those who are simply resistant to it.

    So I really don’t see how we can be contagious. Try not to worry about infecting your family… they would’ve had it by now if that were the case. If someone’s susceptible, they’re gonna get it whether you’re around them or not.

    I have a mold problem too, so here’s a good tip for that. Borax works better than anything you’ll ever use against it. It’s very good at killing mold.

    big hugs to all ~~ bannanny

  12. […] amino acids, gut flora, and oxygen balance are your terrain. I covered a lot of this in my It’s All About the Terrain post. I now believe that our terrain failed first (this does not mean you have a weak immune […]

  13. […] there is a single post on my blog everyone should read it is this post. It’s All About the Terrain and it has in large part lead to my being symptom free, no crawling, no bad skin, no pain, no […]

  14. Thank you for this work, it makes so much sense, so you are well named!

    I’m fairly sure morgellons can reduce kidney function and cause thyroid disfunction – any thoughts on supplements to help support these key areas?

    thanks again

    Jo Simmons

  15. […] (her words) in her name.  What she is saying really corresponds with how my protocol on my terrain post I believe has helped me become symptom free. She has a quirky style (purposefully) but she is […]

  16. […] have probably all seen my Terrain post which was a turning point in my ideas about health. If you haven’t read that post yet I really […]

  17. sistertocommonsense said:

    I thought you all might be interested in this article by Kelly Preston, in the Huffington Post.


  18. Thank You for your website, I have started your poor man’s protocol, it’s too early to determine if it’s helping, but I will continue it for three months.

    Can you tell me what I use for cleansing my home and car?


    • Here’s what I did to clear my car, it worked very well. I bought menthol crystals from Mountain Rose Herbs, the 1lb bag, see


      You need a diffuser, it’s disolves the menthol crystals. I made my car so full of menthol smoke you could see it, let it sit that way for 12 hours, nothing, no anthropod could survive it. Not for internal use, don’t breath in the vapors. You can clear a room this way too, but don’t sleep in it for a night or two, let it air out.

      From thier site (this is the only kind of mint you should use)

      These carefully crafted crystals are a 100% naturalproduct that originate from Mint essential oil extraction. Menthol crystals come from freezing the base concentrate oil from a common mint, Mentha arvensis.

      • Can you please tell me what kind of diffuser you use (especially for the car)? If the crystals are whole, I can’t figure out how you do this but I really would love to know so we can do this. Thank you!


  19. […] 2009 I changed my diet to organic healthy food three to five times a day.  I began the “original protocol” of vitamins and supplements posted by Mr Common Sense on his blog, drinking ANU water (one ounce […]

  20. Mr. Common Sense,
    How have you rid your car and home of morgellons? Many talk about menthol crystals in a diffusser – thier must be a less expensive yet effective method? By the way, how cured are you now? Do you employ colonics?

    • Mr Common Sense
      I think my daughter husband and I have this Morgellons I know this is not something you normally do but I am so scared for my little girl who is 6 years old I am helpless and do not know what to do. Can you email me so I can give you my phone number to call me or i can call you. I really need to speak to a person instead of just reading all of this stuff I really don’t know where to turn you sound like such a wonderful person unlike all the fake stuff you find on the internet where they are trying to sell you something and prey on the weak I hope to hear from you or someone who knows about all of this
      Thank You Kim

      • Kim, I am not a doctor so I cannot prescribe or recommend treatment. However, I can tell you what we did for our kids (two of my boys at one time had this). We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased mite proof mattress covers, they zip around the entire mattress, we got the pillow covers too. We wash our sheets and clothes in Dr. Bonners peppermint soap that we get at Whole Foods, GNC stores also sell it. We cut sweets out as much as we can and eat an alkaline diet. In the summer we let our kids get real sun on thier skin with no sun block. My wife cooks mostly everything from scratch, plenty of steamed vegetables which of course with have to threaten and otherswise cajole the kids into eating 😉

        I can tell you this, I have rarely, if ever, heard of a young child becoming seriously ill with Morgellons, they tend to pass it eventually. Do not talk about it in front of the children, don’t scare them to death over it, also, don’t attribute everything that happens to them as Morgellons. I hope that helps some, oh, and I buy Jr. Probiotics for them (make sure they are age appropriate, I buy mine at Whole Foods and they are made for children). A healthy gut is a large part of the battle, our kids now love to snack on roasted almonds (but we don’t let them eat to many). They are alkalizing and full of minerals, also, a glass of OJ in the morning, great for PH, it has sugar of course but it’s God’s sugar, the best kind.

        I hope that helps, write back if you need to.

  21. MCS
    Do you have an idea of many have improved since starting your protocol? If there are some I would love them to post.

    I had a small set back at Thanksgiving (which I posted) but now back toTerrific. I tell this to give hope.

    I love and pray for you all!!!!

  22. Just found this webpage today. Will read it thoroughly soon. Thanks for posting the info on “the terrain.” Your vitamin mineral protocol will be my next step as I have my environment and symptoms 99% under control now.

    Please excuse me for being brief and blunt. I just want to help others and get the info out to whoever wants it and needs immediate help. I’m not totally sure what I have. I’ve called it birdmites for the last few months. I just want to heal from it and this post is for others who want to do the same. Please don’t criticize or judge me. I am basically a shy person who hides a lot, but on the internet I come across as blunt and pushy. lol.

    My nightmare began with a tremendous and long lasting flea infestation (collembola attach themselves to fleas). I first felt one tiny crawling mite on the top of my head on August 7, 2008 and I ignored it. By August 28th my body and home were fully infested and felt mites racing on my skin and also witnessed with my own two eyes mites diving INTO my skin. I then began infesting my workplace and car. I finally got rid of the fleas by dumping epsom salts on the floor, but something still kept jumping on my legs. There was nowhere to escape from them. My entire life changed and nightmare is an understatement. I had this an entire year before I noticed I had fine, tiny lines of tunnels on my hands and upper arms – I had previously dismissed them as old kitty scratch scars. I never had itching. No rashes except for a small spot near my ankle which does itch and I’ve had for a few years.

    Possible explanations of how it started:
    There were thousands of pigeons above my small home and I had roof air conditioner. The mite problem coincided with my use of the air conditioner in Summer 2008 in a seaside town. I also had an indoor/outdoor cat who walked on the pigeon droppings; there was an empty lot next door that had just had long grass cut; the city main sewer was on my tiny lot; I had indoor plants with diseased soil; I also belonged to a posh gym and worked in an upscale hotel. Healthwise: I have ongoing dental problems (the terrain) and varicose veins.

    The things that helped me the MOST were these in the order I found them:

    1. Washing all laundry in hot hot water (I now only use Arm and Hammer powdered laundry detergent) and drying all my clothes and bedding after one use on the hottest hottest hottest dryers at the laundrymat for two solid timed hours. It heat sterilized my clothes. I double plastic bagged and sealed tight, 100% confident that no “activity” would happen in my clothes and bedding. I spent about $130 a month.
    ps I have read that even dust mites are not killed unless 160 degree hot water is used. In my opinion, where one type of mite is, others are attracted.

    2. Fogging car and home and spraying with Best Yet by Cedarcide (electronic air vents must be covered during fogging. I killed 2 dvd players and a new computer, trust me on this). It was expensive ($200 fogger, $$75 – $100 a gallon for Best Yet) but saved my sanity and allowed me to work again without infesting other people and places.

    3. plastic mattress covers Walmart $11 (I have 3 of them covering my $99 Costco tempurpedic mattress topper for a comfy bed that is portable). I use it at home and when I am travelling and staying in hotels. I never sleep on a hotel mattress but I use their sheets now.

    4. Apple flavored Ivermectin bought at the feedstore for $6 a tube (for horses, no blends, just ivermectin). I injested it at night with a fatty meal, a dose and a half up to a double dose. I did 25 days straight with no ill effects. In hindsight, every 3 days would have been ok for me. It got rid of the vibrations on my upper back which I believe are mites hatching under the skin. I still take it periodically. Vibrations under the skin are a sign of active mites. I resisted buying this for a long time. If anyone decides to do this, it’s for your horse so buy horse bisquits at the same time.

    4. Pomado de Azufre 10% Sulfur cream $5 Walmart and Kmart spanish label section in the pharmacy area. I applied it full body for 30 days. It can irritate after awhile and I avoid my face now. I now use it on my feet and shoulders, ears and upper back at night before bed. This helped me not infect other places or people.

    5. Arm and Hammer powdered laundry detergent (non perfumed if you can find it). skf on topix scabies forum discovered this. She cured her home and body of birdmites (or whatever this is) after 4 years of hell. She took a full body bath in it 30 minutes head also and washed pets in it. Use a small amount (1/4 cup or less) in bath. Clean house and spray car. I didn’t take baths in it but I’m convinced consistent use of it in the laundry really works. I was finally able to hang my laundry out to dry (didn’t have to dry clothes on hot hot for two timed hours anymore). Soak clothes if possible before the wash. I will use that laundry detergent for the rest of my life.

    6. Dry regular baking soda fluffed in dry hair. My hair and scalp didn’t recieve as much treatment as the other parts of my body and I still had some mite activity there. I only recently discovered this and it works like a charm. 75 cents in any grocery store baking section.

    Those are the main things that helped. I’ve tried many things. I stay far away from permethrin, alcohol and bleach. Things that helped with cleaning were Borax (kills eggs), Windex (toxic but socially acceptable smell), eucalyptus (candles and oil). One note: other people may have this but not know it or feel it (husbands/wives). They are carriers and reinfect you. Denial is a big part of this and adds to the emotional distress.

    • I’ve had a terrible time with mite activity in my hair. In your post you mentioned using plain baking soda in your hair. Is that just at night or do you put a little in it after you dry it to wear during the day or both? Any other tips on the hair would be helpful. I have been putting conditioner with tea tree oil on it at night and covering it, but I feel activity after it dries. Are you washing your hair daily and what do you use? Posters say that if you take hot baths it drives the mites up into your hair and face. The only time I don’t feel anything is when I put a mixture of Epsom salt and water on my scalp, but that doesn’t kill them. Has the baking soda killed whatever was in your hair & scalp? Thanks again for your help and anyone else who has answers to the critters in the hair/scalp!

  23. buggie, How often did you fog with Cedarcide?

  24. sister to common sense said:

    This is quite an amazing company. Compton is very wise. I am now working with a South American Company and anu skin care which I have invented. I also invented a 10% sulphur soap with moisturizers that will be affordable and on the website soon.
    We are getting some great feedback on our products and trying to keep costs down.
    Arnel and I are working on a way to get patients to Calif and do a two week to one month intensive, skin care, herbals, food ect. It is not cheap but we are putting a crew together to work with patients who can get to Calif for testing, products, darkfield,heavy metal testing and other testing.
    Siser to Common Sense

  25. […] am a BIG Believer in Mr. Common Sense's philosophy, which is healing the terrain: It’s All About the Terrain Morgellons – A Mundane Approach I have never taken MMS or silver internally. I switched to an anti-candida diet using organic, […]

  26. I have been practicing many of the things that Mr. Common Sense has been recommending for a few years. My list of supplements is shorter but diet and lifestyle seem to be the same. I call this approach “damage control”. This seems to keep me functioning and almost symptom free. I believe that I am in a remission state. Any slip could put me right back into a manifested state. This is not good enough. We need to press on to evict this thing from our bodies and our environment. Or is it too late, is the genie out of the bottle?

  27. Ever thought about trying Methionine to help chelate metals out of your system. My son seems to have a lot of the same symptoms as I do, but worse in some ways. If we give him sugar, we all will pay a price and the rashes will begin. He is a susceptable to getting candida. We eat very healthy, take MSM, Magnesium and a bunch of other things. I find he has been much less “obsessive and irrational” and much less anger about 6 weeks after starting him on Methionine a couple of months ago (Sam-e for a month). I also, in the last two weeks started giving him Vinpocetine from AOR and he seems less scattered and forgetful. We have tried NAC and many other things, but I have seen noticeable improvement lately.

  28. MaryRuth E. Smith said:

    Thank you everyone. We were doing well and then the holidays and being hosted and
    different foods, etc. What I am wondering is this: should I be shy about mentioning
    Morgellons to my family physician? his main focus is infectious diseases.
    My husband and I have struggled for 3+ years and had just reached a plateau which
    means 10 “bites” or so every week. Instead of hundreds and hundreds. I would say
    thousands, but fear someone would say I am exaggerating. Please respond to me
    directly through our email address as I don’t think I can submerge myself in all the
    combined sorrow again. I pray for all affected. It is frightening and isolating. I wonder
    if we should move as our neighborhood is built on a spring and we have much mold.
    We also bought a used car from an invalid woman with two dogs who didn’t get out much, if at all. Any word of wisdom helps. Comforts, too.

  29. Marjorie said:

    I think you might have mentioned something about not wanting people to discuss Lyme here. I just have to say the testing it tricky there is a new culture test for it that is suppose to be definitive. Also the co-infection testing is unreliable too. Infectious Disease MDs are notorious for giving one the worst of all the Lyme testing and then declaring you don’t have it when you do if given better testing. I found out the hard way and I even had a bulls eye rash but was told there is not Lyme in CA.

  30. Stressed! said:

    Seeking help! suffered morgellons for too many years now. I thought I had won the battle with my laundry rinsing with Dr Bonners and borax after washing at 60 for quite a while now. The small glittery multi coloured sparkles, black fibres and crawling as soon I put the item on had disappeared for a while.Saving my sanity! But unfortunatley there back and now with a drandruff all over my laundry which I can see moving around when I hanging them out to dry. I am totally sickened and avoiding doing laundry because it’s stressing me out creating a back up, creating a worse situation. I have two girls and my 12 year old has started showing signs of morgellens on her feet. I massage creams and oils everynight into her feet at her request for her itchy, sore feet and spray her shoes with antibac foot deodour or sprinkle with boric acid. I tell her it’s athletes foot. I go through stages of trying to have a sugar, wheat and dairy free vegan diet ( I am a veggie anyway) using lot of spices and garlic as I think this helps and I enjoy. I take msm, garlic, probiotics, milk thistle, magnesium and cinnamon tablets but the activty in my skin is still quite bad and only go out the house fully covered with gloves on even in the hottest of days ( yep I do get quite a few weird looks but it helps with the anxiety and guilt of infecting others and I know its totally a placebo effect as I know the parasites can move through cloth but it has helped me) . I do however have a sweet tooth and the willpower lasts so long and then it’s a feeding frenzy of junk food. This happens when I’m stressed, despondant or too busy to stand and cook which has been alot lately. I know I have infected other peoples environments as my symptoms are worse there but I am the only one showing the horrendous symptoms (which I am truly glad of). My family see what is coming from my skin but are at a loss what to do and refuse to believe its parasitical as they are not infected. I try and avoid morgellons conversations as much as possible as it upsets everyone. I am starting to think I’ve infected the local water due to my laundry condition and the scum that develops in my bath when I put tea tree oil in or borax. I am usually quite positive and I’ve learned after many years to cope with morgellons.But this has kind of knocked me again. Also money is tight because I can’t work due to morgellons and the emotional toll it’s taken on but I am starting to try and set up my own small business from the house! Any advice and motivation very welcome and needed!

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