This subject is certainly not new to the Morgellons debate and indeed I have touched on this subject before. However, not the extent that this article is going to go into the evidence and support for the role of an active Collembola infection in Morgellon patients. If you think that you’ve read all there is to know on this subject you are about to be surprised. I believe this is one type of crawling the Morgellons sufferer feels and will talk later about a few very cheap ways to get rid of them (or at least make the crawling such that it isn’t overwhelming) and make your life so much better. This is a long post, but if you want to understand what is causing many of your symptoms I suggest that you stick with me on this. There are thousands of species of Collembola and they are extremely small in size and I read that they suspect some 30,000 species have yet to be identified.

First, let’s define what Collembola are for readers that might not know.

Collembola or springtails are the most numerous and the oldest known of all insects; they are found in the soil under leaf litter; they prefer damp conditions and some species are semiaquatic. About 2.000 species are classified. Springtails are wingless (Apterygota), brown to grey and measure about 5 mm.; they have antennae of different length, an abdomen with six segments and have a ventral tube probably involved in respiration, water absorption and locomotion. The name (springtails) refers to the characteristic method of locomotion leaping using the fourth organ, called Furca wich is doubled under the abdomen when at rest. They feed mainly on decomposing vegetal or animal material but they can feed on seeds, bulbs, roots, algae, fungi, insects or mites eggs. Some species have been observed in strict contact with humans causing persistent and not only occasional infestations.

In my first blog post titled “Does this identification mean anything? I do not know” I talk about Collembola and their possible relationship to Dr. Randy Wymore’s culturing Pseudomonas Putida directly off Morgellons fibers and the fact that Ps. Putida happens to be the favorite food of our Collembola friends. If you haven’t read my first blog post (linked above) I suggest you read it before continuing as it talks about a study in 2004 that discovered Collembola in a group of individuals previously diagnosed (if you can call it that) with delusory parasitosis. It also has some excellent pictures and links to Collembola not found in this post.

The Wikipedia War – Who will Control the Information

If you are familiar with Niels Mayer then you know the battle he has fought with those on Wikipedia regarding Morgellons disease, there is no doubt that a campaign is being run by a group of people to keep Morgellons listed as DOP on Wikipedia. Niels eventually setup Morgellons.Wiki where at least the grown ups are in charge.

If you look at the Wikipedia entry on Collembola you will notice that they attempt to totally discredit the 2004 NPA study. The National Pediculosis Association reported Collembola in skin scrapings collected from 18 of 20 research participants in its study published in the Journal of the New York Entomological Society. Here is the quote from Wikipedia attempting to discredit that study.

Claims of persistent human skin infection by springtails may indicate a neurological problem, or else delusory parasitosis, a psychological rather than entomological problem. Researchers themselves may be subject to psychological phenomena. For example, a publication in 2004 claiming that springtails had been found in skin samples was later determined to be a case of pareidolia; that is, no springtail specimens were actually recovered, but the researchers had digitally enhanced photos of sample debris to create images resembling small arthropod heads, which they then claimed to be springtail remnants.

There is a footnote on that comment but no real proof, in fact, I consider that comment nothing but disinformation probably by the same crew dogging the Morgellons wikipedia entry. Notice they make the claim these people really had pareidolia, here is the definition for that word.

The term pareidolia (pronounced /pærɪˈdoʊliə/) describes a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, and hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse. The word comes from the Greek para- —"beside", "with" or "alongside"- meaning, in this context, something faulty or wrong (as in paraphasia, disordered speech)—and eidolon—"image" (the diminutive of eidos—"image", "form", "shape"). Pareidolia is a type of apophenia.

So, it would appear that Wikipedia thinks these people have even something worse than DOP as far as crazy goes. Notice they even call the researchers basically crazy, that is an outright lie on their part. Where is the evidence to back up this claim that the researchers suffered pareidolia? Nonsense. What a hit piece, I wonder if the folks at NPA even know of this ridiculous claim.

Some Collembola experts disagreed with the NPA’s research findings, insisting that it was impossible for Collembola to live in human skin. Deborah Altschuler, lead author of the NPA paper, likens the scenario of Collembola and humans to the discovery of Helicobacter (H.) pylori otherwise hidden in the stomach lining, and the erroneous yet long held assumption that the stomach was a sterile environment and that peptic ulcers were caused by lifestyle choices. According to Kimball C. Atwood IV, MD., physicians scoffed when first faced with the notion of a bacterial basis for peptic ulcer disease. Altschuler asserts that there is more of a scientific basis for Collembola in humans than the entomologist and physician’s overwhelming acceptance of a psychiatric explanation (Delusions of Parasitosis) for people’s sensations of biting, stinging and crawling in their skin.  See this PAGE on the NPA Site for some very interesting information I didn’t include in my blog post, it’s well worth the read.


1955 – Collembola Infestation of Woman in Sweden

The NPA says even the experts appear to have missed this 1955 Swedish Medical Journal report in which the well-respected entomologist, anthropologist and author, Felix Bryk, refers to the incidence of Collembola in humans as a plague, making mention of colleagues who during that time had also found Collembola as parasites in humans. Bryk said the Springtail Sira, (today’s spelling Seira), was a human parasite being confirmed for the first time in Sweden. All this prompted him to write a report to the medical literature in which he stated:

The report can be found HERE and you should really take a moment to read it, it’s only a few pages long.

Until now, collembolans or “springtails” have played a miniscule role as parasitic insects on the human body from a entomological/medical standpoint. Rarely, if ever, are they mentioned in the scientific literature. However, the appearance of a previously unknown collembolan as an occasional parasite that for years caused depression in a patient and continues to do so – so far a unique case – has now rightly gotten the attention of scientists.

The female patient, a 60-year-old married housewife had been suffering for two years from a “nervous disorder.” She had consulted various physicians, including dermatologists. However, none were able to determine the cause of the medical problem, which manifested itself as a weak, although, annoying itching, and considered being of a nervous type. In the end, the patient herself managed to detect the culprit, which resided in the genitals and anus, organs that are difficult to access.

Initially, the patient believed that the creatures causing her discomfort were lice. They caused irritation, especially at night. They crawled out of their hiding-places. She vaguely felt how she was being "stung” by these creatures, leaving small red pricks on the skin of her torso all the way up to the arms. In specimens that were killed in hot water, she discovered a glassy, sharp process on the abdominal hind parts, whose “sting” she rightfully attributed to her “nervous condition.

I can certainly relate to the red pin pricks and the glass parts (glitter?) that so many of us see.


Collembola Infestation of an 80 year old Women

A clinical and paraclinical investigation on a 80-year-old woman who claimed a "beetles attack". A 80-year-old woman presented with pruritus (itching), insomnia, anxiety, paleness, weight loss (7 Kg in 6 months), and loss of appetite. In the lumbar region, on the buttocks, on the right posterior hemithorax and interdigitally on both feet she had small ulcers of 0.5-1 cm in diameter, surrounded by an indurated congestive or cyanotic, ovoid area of 1 x 1.5 cm.
Small scars, with furfuraceous, dry and gray exfoliation on round and linear zones of 20-25 x 4-5 cm., were observed in the submammalian region. Linear short subepidermic truncated trajects (tunnels) were also observed.
The microscopic examination of the hypodermic material obtained by scraping, revealed an adult Collembola spp. insect, eggs, cocoons of different colours, piles, a pupa, an exuvium and larvae.

The histological investigation revealed thickening and erosion of the epidermis, and isolated or confluent blood gaps. In the epidermis spaces were present binding up larvae and nymphs. The horny layer was hyperkeratotic and included the adult insect. The blood gaps were probably caused by the histophagy of the insect. Intraepidermic bullae covered by a thin corneous layer and ulcers were also observed.

Histological Findings in the case of the 80 year old woman
(Note that Collembola go through many stages, these are what they found in the woman)


Collembola Eggs

Six egg piles (shown on the right) were observed into the epidermic material.  Four to 22 eggs were present in each pile, cemented together with a glue-like secretion.
The piles were elongated, round, with a small, cylindric, blunt and short appendix.

The piles measured 144-306 by 162-378 µm, while eggs (spherical to oval) were 35-140 by 35-123 µm (average 78 by 88 µm).






The remains of an exoskeleton that is left after an arthropod (insect, crustacean or arachnid) has moulted

The exuvium , the larval or nimphal cuticle, was translucide,
very thin, composed of four distinct zones: a globulous apical pole,
a narrow neck, a brown collar and a big, thin body of the exuvium.







Larvae were divided in three segments: (shown on the right)

a) an anterior, mobile, cylindric one with two subterminally mandibular pieces;
b) a middle ovoid segment covered by a rigid cuticle;
c) a caudal segment, frayed, with three terminal sharp apexes
for the fixation to the substrate.




Pupa Stage

The pupa was brownish, oval, measuring 2,280 mm by 720 µm.






Adult Stage

Taken from the 80 year old woman





This certainly would go a long way in describing all of the debris found in our bodies. All of the information regarding the 80 year old woman can be found HERE and you can click on the photos there for even larger images.


Brief Summary Thus Far


So, we have The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) study identifiying Collembola in 18 of 20 persons previously diagnosed as DOP (otherwise called crazy) including photographs of the Collembola, many professional researchers were involved in this study. If you take the time to look at the study you can see the difficulty involved in finding these little pests. We also have the cases in 1955 in Sweden with many folks being infected by Collembola and the case of the 80 year old woman as well. I suspect these cases are but the tip of the iceberg and these particular sufferers were lucky enough to be able to contact somebody that actually took the time to “look into things”. In other words, they found caring doctors with open minds, an extreme rarity indeed.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia makes the claim the 2004 Study was basically a farce. I know who I believe and it isn’t those controlling the information on Wikipedia. But let’s continue …


Taking a bath

When I first came down with Morgellons I would take lots of baths and use different things like sea salt and stuff. I would notice this things moving which floated on the water. But the things were so small you couldn’t see them, you only knew they were there by the tiny ripples around them, in fact, you had to be at a 45 degree angle to really notice them but they were definitely alive and moving. In fact, I was corresponding with a woman on the yahoo finding1cure group just the other day who can flake them off her skin into water and see them exactly as I have described above, only she thinks they’re mites, my strong bet would be that they are Collembola and not mites.  Since I still have light crawling I am going to do this experiment capture some of them and put them under the scope and will report my findings at a later time.


Eliminating Collembola (or cutting their numbers way down)

newhope My crawling is basically a low boil now, not very noticeable most of the time. The first time I ever got rid of the crawling and realized there was at least a topical aspect to Morgellons was using the ESP Botanicals system. The Green Balm I would use and cover my body head to toe and after a matter of weeks the crawling was nearly gone. My mistake was not sticking with it as once I got feeling better and ran out I stopped. But I was so sick back then I wasn’t thinking clearly. I now have the complete New Hope Two Product line.


Also, Sulfur kills mites and I believe it kills Collembola as well. I learned about Azufre – Sulfur with Lanolin Bar (10% Sulfur) and still use it regularly. If you use this first try it on a small part of your body to make sure it’s not too strong for you, I have no issues with it at all. I use it in the shower, get wet, soap myself up, turn the water off and stand there for 3 or 4 minutes and then rinse.  And for $1.95 a bar you can’t go wrong. It comes from Mexico and really, really works.





Finally, wash your clothes only in Dr. Bonners Peppermint Soap I cannot tell you how well this works. It has a strong mint smell to it and mint also kills mites, or anthropods such as Collembola. I have made this recommendation to people that have washed their bed sheets and told me that very night was there best nights sleep in years, it works. Some people use it in the bath but it must be diluted massively, such as only 1/2 cup. I recommend just washing your clothes in it. You can find Dr. Bonners at Whole Food stores and GNC stores.


I make no money off any of these products, nor do I from any products whatsoever.



I believe Collembola infestation is a major player in Morgellons disease despite the naysayers and those that have already become numbed to the subject. The evidence of infestation has been proven beyond a doubt in my mind.  And as was stated in the NPA article linked above:

Altschuler asserts that there is more of a scientific basis for Collembola in humans than the entomologist and physician’s overwhelming acceptance of a psychiatric explanation (Delusions of Parasitosis) for people’s sensations of biting, stinging and crawling in their skin.

And finally, I would like to share with you the “other symptoms” the 18 individuals found to have Collembola infections suffered from. Here they are …

These individuals experience itching, stinging/biting, and crawling sensations on or under their skin, which are often associated with excoriations, discoloration, scaling, tunneling or sores. Their conviction that they are infested is reinforced by their observation of particles described as sparkly, crusty, crystal-like, white or black specks and/or fibers. Typically, these individuals have consulted extensively with general physicians, dermatologists, and entomologists (Kushon et al., 1993) who could not find physical cause for their complaints. Despite findings ruling out lice, scabies or other medical causes, patients refuse to accept the diagnosis of delusory parasitosis.

These people basically have Morgellons, only it wasn’t widely known in 2004. I would also bet most of the folks on the bird mite forums have Morgellons and not bird mites. Bird mites are easily spotted with the naked eye, I had them get on me at my initial onset and actually captured two of them.

This blog post is probably long enough at this point. One thing I have not covered is why we are infected with Collembola (why has this infection become so much more widespread all of a sudden). Also, I am BY NO MEANS SAYING Morgellons is merely a Collembola infection. They are in us for a reason (something came first) and they bring with them an interesting component to the mix. These issues will be covered in my Grand Unification Theory which is still forthcoming. I know this topic will bring some debate and that’s just fine. One wonders why there would be such deception on the part of Wikipedia, perhaps their fear is the world finding out why all of sudden we’ve become their dinner, and by the hundreds of thousands, probably millions worldwide.

I beleive the water technique can be used to identify a Collembola infection quite easily and will report my findings in short order.  You might take a moment to watch this News Report VIDEO of families who believe they are infested with Collembola.


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  1. Nice work. I hope you check out The Dr.’s website & my last post.

    The pupa in larva stage is not brownish, when fresh, its redish – like blood.
    The adults have smooth shells, not rippled. They loose their legs when pulled out. The only distiguishing thing is the body shape.

    And to think, at one time I thought ticks were the worst thing I had to deal with.

    You deserve a medal.

  2. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Thanks Clark, I have been reading all your posts by the way, I get an email notification each time you post. 😉 This post has sure been getting a lot of traffic in the web stats that’s for sure.

    • Shirley said:

      You mention new hope green balm… is that the new hope balm… went to order it and it does not mention green balm… only product is balm 1 and balm 2

    • I just found your site and for 2 years I have suffered, I have had my face covered with lesions, my hands, head, feet, & worst of all in my mouth. I believe I have Collembola/Morgellons. Do you have a web site that I can go to and a web site that could give me treatment for this condition. I have read that Nutra Silver can hurt your kidneys and liver. Anything you can refer to me, would be so appreciated. I have not been able to work & I must find a way.

      • I tried a cleanser called Kleen Free.. it’s an enzyme based product which contains amylase, lipase, and cellulose. It worked for me.. and i mean WORKED.. It will kill the fibers within a few seconds… And I have tried EVERYTHING! Nutrasilver didn’t work for me.. a zapper didn’t either… Now don’t misunderstand me here, I STILL don’t know what is taking place INSIDE my body..But on the surface, I am getting the &*#$’s out on a daily basis.
        I spray some Kleen Free on my arm and watch for bubbles.. Apparently these things BREATHE AIR.. I examine that spot carefully with a very strong magnifying glass/tweezer combo, and I pull the dark stuff out.
        I am not PUSHING anything here… I wouldn’t do that. I get mad when I watch any of the newer “morgellons” videos with “CURE” in the title and find that they are basically infomercials for NutraSilver. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. that’s not cool… there is of yet NO CURE.. but KF works for me.. maybe..just MAYBE it will for you too…

        • Please, if you have not read the Judith knilans book, she has Morgellons. I once met a man who said we will not get this out without silver – but not that nutrisilver. If you go to mel’s site,, you may see his protocol and the molecular silver and where to buy. I am getting the Judith knilans PathoGenX liqued. It’s silver 10 ppm.
          I felt better when I added the silver. I don’t know about the liver kidney thing, and the silver, but I get my labs every 2 months to be sure kidney and liver are in working order. I have battled for years without the silver and I am still crawling – head, pubic, scapula. Plus, I still have the skin poppage. All I need to do is drag my hand along my body and I will come up with something hard and small.
          For the lesions, I totally recommend the barley treatment. You can read about it in article: what is working for you.

          • I drink collodial silver daily…. I know Mel’s site very well, I just cannot handle MMS… I have tried it – ONE drop..activate it with citirc acid..wait 3 minutes.. mixed with water and drank it. I experienced the worst nausea I have ever had. For a two week period I felt like i was one bad odor away from throwing up.. I won’t even get into what MMS actually is. If it works for a person – fine, go for it. I can;t tolerate it.
            I know where you are right now.. I know how you feel..I really do.. My skin doesn’t appear to be skin anymore.. it has the strangest patterns in it – not to mention every “hair” is a hollowed out shaft with a morgie at then end – in a big black gooey ball. Yuck..
            Kleen Free has at least allowed me start cleaning my clothes and my home…plus it kills the white fibers that seem to accumulate on my body when i go outside.
            Speaking of that – do you have a black light? If not, GET ONE – NOW! Go to Wal-Mart and spend a measly $10 for a 24″ fluorescent tube and fixture – (cheap). If you can’t seem em, how do you know what works on em or what doesn’t???

            good luck – I’ll be praying for you—–


            • nano Silver of SOL silver is far superior for he same price PathogenX is one that is Dr recommended. I have Nutra Silver is not good and I object the way the pretend to be dufferers on various sites to promote their product.

            • Yes. Many have tried nutrisilver. It is not a cure.
              I am buying a silver maker. — and a meter to measure the silver content in ppm. When I get it, I will measure the silver content in PathogenX, Molecular silver from A2z and the silver I make. I will let you know the results.

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Hi everyone, watch the news “News Report on Mystery Illness” on this page

    They also think it is springtails or Collembola

  4. Heck,
    We have gotten over 22,000 hits on our website and we had to roll back the numbers. Holey Guacamole’. My poor web guy is exausted. LOL.
    Much Love,

  5. Mr. CS,

    Ahhh, now you’re really getting somewhere! You started off in your first blog establishing a link between P. Putida and collembola. Then you defined a toxin in our bodies, toluene, that may be produced by these bacterias and maybe the culprit of our skin sensations. But when you shifted your focus on acetylaldehyde, I thought the direction you were heading was that our crawling/itching/biting sensations were all caused by chemical irratations of our nerve endings in the skin and not as a direct result from any living organisms like bites from collembola and mites that so many of us have now become familiar with. If so, it would dismiss all of our real-life findings of why our symptoms get better after a bath, after vacuuming, after washing our clothes, or after applying certain topical products. I had wondered for awhile now whether your grand unification theory would even mention living organisms and if so, I think your theory would then have a hard time convincing us fellow sufferers of the real cause.

    But this post brings them back and I’m actually relieved. Not b/c this post was posted in the way *I* like it but b/c it now brings back a vector that so many of us are convinced that we have (or at least initially caused by them), their existence supported by our rigorous and very exhausting daily (cleaning) rituals/protocols, and this vector makes it that much more believable and easier on our brains to make sense out of all of this. Just curious – were you going to post about collembolas like you did in this post all along or was this a recent finding that gave you some more clues and links to the cause?

    I am very optimistic that your grand unifications theory would link all of your findings – from bacteria to insects to various toxins – and they would all make sense. Ultimately, I pray that this informations can be used wisely and expeditiously to bring about a real change and healing to everyone suffering from this mystery disease.

    Thanks for your studies and keep up the great work!


  6. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I have basically known all along the collembola play a role. When I first came down with symptoms I painted our living room, and it turned out to have tons springtails in it. As I was taping off everything I saw them all over the window seals on the inside, I was shocked, but I continued taping and painted, within days the crawling was unbearable. A week or so later I calked the window seals and that stopped them from coming inside. However, I am also a tree nut, and love landscaping our property. I have hand shovled in my life 100’s of yards of top soil and bark, I love manual labor for some odd reason. The question is, why did they get inside me. I had many things going on in my body however at this time which I will cover in a future post, I don’t believe a weak immune system is the fault at all, it’s something else inside us ringing the collembola dinner bell.

    Interestingly, if you read the Wikipedia entry on Collembola that irresponsibly claims the researchers themselves were suffering delusions they do mention a person studying collembola that inhaled their eggs by accident and they hatched and in their words “he became very ill”, and interesting choice of words, not that they itched his nose and drove him crazy, but he became very ill.

    We are collembola food, and as I said in my very first post it’s like our bodies have become rotting logs, or, so much like soil that collembola are just as home inside us as they are in leaf litter. However, there are some very nasty fungi in their guts that they feed on which I believe are set loose inside our bodies. It’s an incredible chain of events. I talk to Trisha Springstead quite often and you would absolutely be amazed and the numbers of folks contacting her, writing desperate letters searching for help. Even I have received some amazing letters and have been contacted by some very interesting folks with technical backgrounds. This thing is far more wide spread than I think anybody dares even consider. And from people and families from all walks of life. Did you watch that video link I posted? Imagine thousands of thousands of letters coming in (and they are). So, while Collembola infections are documented in the past and more recently by NPA in 2004 something has dramatically changed in mankind allowing them entry and making us a habitat they find suitable.

    My brain is churning even now on my next post. I’m glad you were pleased with the latest post, this is why the entire theory hasn’t been written yet, it’s quite large in it’s scope.

    Lots of folks take Ivermectin (stromectol) monthly and some even more often (something I most certain DO NOT recommend). I cannot say how many people have told me that, so many … However, they don’t even know what it is they are treating, they think it is killing worms, but if you hit this link:

    You can see from all these links on Google that Ivermectin is often used to kill all kinds of mites which are anthropods just like Collembola are. But it’s not a cure, because it cannot get them all at once in all the various stages and is hell on the body. There are better natural ways to attack these rather that with poisons. Ivermectin can be vary dangerous.

  7. I think part of the problem that collembola isn’t considered more widely is that the information for the species of collembola that are available is nothing like what we experience. If a sufferer were to google collembola, they’d get to the wiki page or other similar pages and the photos or the descriptions we find are not consistent with what we experience. For example, the wiki page says “Members of Collembola are normally less than 6 mm long” indicating that they are readily visible… I mean, even if they were 1mm, they are more than visible… but for many of us, whatever we have, we have never seen! We just feel them. But the species of collembola that you mention, collembola sira, is indeed microscopic. I guess this really rings true the saying “seeing is believing”. Well, we can’t see these suckers, at least not with naked eyes… so no one believes. It is interesting tho – I just googled collembola and there seems to be much more photos and info that are returned than when I googled about it months ago. Maybe I just missed it them the first time? I did find some info on sira many many months ago but the description was rather short and it was from a European webpage I believe… in other words, there’s just not too much information out there regarding these species, not like dust mites, ticks, and fleas.

    One thing I kept forgetting to mention in all of my replies before is how others are affected by this infestation, meaning, not only how us sufferers are affected but how others around us react to our presence. I kid you not, when I sit next to ppl, across from ppl, in same rooms – especially in closed room during meetings at work – without fail, ppl start scratching, usually beginning with those immediately around me, and the side of the body facing me. “Aw, you’re just being hypersensitive to those things”. NO. Definitely not. Ppl, don’t scratch like they have some allergic itch. It’s usually in a specific way. For example, with their index finger (and only their index finger), they’d scratch their eye brows across. Or they “pick” their cheek as if to pick off something. Of they dig into their eye (right at the tear ducts) as if to pick out something and they’ll look at it. And they also rub the tips of their noses. Am I just imagining these things? No. I have posted this before on bird mites forum and I have had many ppl that experience the same thing. One more thing – I have once witnesses someone during a meeting at work and I was directly looking at this person sitting on the other side of the room at the other end of the table when she “caught” something in her eye out of the blue. She started blinking all the sudden and started tearing up in one eye. “I think something just went into my eye” she said. I sat there not saying anything but felt this overwhelming sense of guilt. Could it have been some random lint floating around? Not likely. We had been in the same room for a few hours already and whatever I may have given off was probably in the air. This other guy in the room kept on taking off his glasses, looking at the lens intensely, and then rubbing his eyes. Later on he asked the lady that caught something in her eye, “are you ok” and he went on to comment, “yeah, there’s definitely something in this room”.

    So what does this mean? Whatever we’re “giving off” is something that can travel through air, quite quickly too. I am not aware of mites being physically capable of travelling large distances… they have physical limitations in the way their bodies are built. They are not jumping fleas and we can see fleas. Mites can crawl large distances very quickly much like how a roach scurries across the room. But travel through the air? They have no wings so it’s not a matter of flying. It’s either they are so small that the air current in the room just picks them up and they float through the air like pieces of dust or lint and land on others, or we’re really dealing with other organisms like collembolas that can “spring” to others around you, hoping from person to person. Let’s say that was true. But I’m still wondering if these are always the physical insects that travel or they are residues of collembola, like cocoon shells, or legs, or whatever that also get airborne… or perhaps a combination of both.

    Mr. CS, I don’t know of your personal experiences of dealing with being in close qtrs with other folks but those things written above are my personal experiences that also happen to be shared by many others. Many of us are definitely “giving off” something. I would like to know what your thoughts are about this, and if you may be able to weave it into your theory.

    Thanks as always.


    • I read this post. I have experienced the same sensation. When I come into my house, I feel things “crawling” in my hair. Sometimes it feels like biting. When I am physically close to persons …they start scratching their hair / head (many times on the back of their head just above the baseline of the hair). People seem to scratch when they are around me. I have seen this so many times….I know I’m not imagining things. I try to avoid others for the fear of making them sick. I empathize with all the people who are experiencing the same things.

      • Yes. A big one with me. I was having trouble functioning at work because I felt
        like a bee hive and almost everyone who was right next to me was itching and
        grabbing at their nose…Like we are transmitting something through the air. Some
        sort of pollen or something like the rotting log theory.

  8. Regarding what you wrote about ivermectin… It has brought me relief from time to time but definitely not a cure. I’d take the right dose for my body weight, even drinking it with grapefruit juice so that i’d stay in my system longer. I even went on an iver binge one time, taking a bit more than the recommended dose, everyday for about 1.5 weeks. Yikes, right? Trish would kill me if she ever found out (she just did!). Still it did not work for whatver I had.

    Also, I concur with your stmt about the possibility that many ppl on the bird mites forum do not have bird mites but something else, possibly collembola as you suggest. However, that’s not to say that bird mites are not real either. There are actually many many ppl that have seen these mites in their homes, and they have been able to capture them with tape and have them identified under a microscope, i.e., d. gallinae or northern fowl mite. Many have found empty birds nests in their garage, attic, a tree branch nearby the house, or in the chimney. So to those ppl they are indeed a real problem. Their sufferings are no less real and great as what the others are dealing with and they are dealing with their problem with everything they can. And then there are many on the forum that have never seen what we’re dealing with… but we know something’s there. Just thought I wanted to comment on that.

  9. Sorry, one more thing – I’ve come across discussions of using tobacco to get rid of mites. There’s this one lady from Hawaii that used loose tobacco leaves (the kind you roll up your own cigarettes with and you can get them in 6oz cans) to get rid of her mites. I guess the idea is that the nicotine it contains kills the pests. She had real mites that she can see. She sprinkled tobacco freely around her home, on and inside her furniture, in her bed sheets, all in her car… within 3 days, they were gone she said. She also mentioned that there is information out there that native Indians have used tobacco as natural insecticides for years. Also, there are tips from gardeners to make your own nicotine insecticide spray using tobacco leaves to kill off garden pests.

    What do you think of this? I don’t know why tobacco never received more attention on the bird mites forum. I think it’s definitely worth looking into. I’ve found 16oz bags for $30-something. That’s a lot of tobacco you can sprinkle around.


    • Dear Kixx, Did you spinkle the tobacco around and did it work? I know that the nanotransformation team says to smoke a natural cigarette for emergency lung symptoms. I bought a pack to have just in case. My mother has been coughing alot lately – dry cough. They are in there, I know it. Can’t get her to understand that she needs to smoke. This is a crazy thing….

    • Can you possibly put me in touch with the Hawaii lady, we are affected in Hawaii and are desperate for help. All the suggestions are great but nothing gets rid of it. We are 2 years into our fight and fairly desperate. Thanks for all your postings.

  10. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, some excellent comments from you, I totally agree with what you are saying. About people itching at work, here is a comment I made in one of my posts titled

    Nanotubes – Could they play a role in our Disease?

    When I had Morgellons really bad (during the initial onset) I would walk into a conference room and at least 10 or 15 people would immediately itch their nose all at once, this went on for months and months and I was so scared (back then) that I was contaminating them, but I wasn’t. The best I can explain this phenomenon is that the tiny hairs in their noses (or something) were picking up my electric and or magnetic charge and causing their noses to itch. There was even a guy I spoke to on the LymeBusters Morgellons forum way back when that had written on a piece of paper “You will be itching your nose” and would show it to whatever doctor he was seeing about 1 minute into the appointment and it always spooked the doctor.

    I could go into great detail about how I used to effect people at work, the affect was amazing, however, people would often literally itch as soon as they got in line-of-site with me. Was it electrical, a fungal reaction, or collembola, I just don’t know … I know when my parents came over they would itch there faces like crazy, I am sure during those times there was something actually crawling on them.

    Also, about bird mites, I know they are real and when birds leave a nest they go looking for a new host, bad news, they can be a terror I agree, but don’t think that is our issue (nor most of those on the bird mite forums) but I know you agree with this, just agreeing with you that bird mites can terrorize humans and do.

  11. Mr. CS,
    Aye, after your last reply, I now remember you posting about your exeperiences at work. My personal experience is a bit different, although there are many comman factors. If I’m in a closed room or even sitting next to ppl, ppl do not immediately begin to rub their nose or scratch. The ppl that are first affected are the ppl sitting immediately next or around me. They scratch/rub parts of the body where it is not covered by clothing, so it’s most often the head/face, or arms if wearing short sleave. Over time however, ppl in the far opposite ends of the room are affected and display the common reactions. So to me, I won’t rule it out but the electric or magnetic charge doesn’t explain these reactions. But I suspect it’s something that gets airborne, circulated by the HVAC that eventually get to the folks on the other side of the room. More reason for me at least to believe that this thing is a living organism.

    Regarding the video link you included at the end of your post, I was SHOCKED to see the FOX 25 news report video for no other reason than the fact that the video is dated 5/21/2002! How incredibly sad is it that a full SEVEN years later, virtually nothing’s been done to try to figure out what this thing is!!!! In the meantime, there are thousands upon thousands of folks getting this. I was both sad beyond words and angry.

  12. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, you are going to be blown away by my follow up post on this, I have probably a dozen more actual documented cases of Collembola infections in humans in medical literature, and that is just what can be found in english. So watch for Part II on Collembola, it’s going to prove to be very, very interesting … Also, you’re going to be shocked at how small some species are, can’t wait to write this up. Also, I have ideas on others reactions of itching when around us, and yes, it does involve collembola

  13. I am confused. Do you think we pass this on or not? I am so worried about my son and husband! I pray every day that this is not contagious, I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      lamb, I don’t know honestly if it is contagious, I think when you were exposed, your entire family was exposed, so your son and husband are probably safe. Remember, I have children too. They initially had it but it passed for them in about a year, for two years they have no symptoms at all. I think we were all exposed initially via some vector, food perhaps, GMO pharming, who knows. But I believe honestly at this point most everyone has been exposed, we are the unlucky ones I guess.

      Since you are the mom you are in a unique advantage (hope this isn’t too sexists, I’m assuming you do the cooking and grocery shopping). Be sure they eat healthy, ensure a good PH balance in food selection, lots of natural minerals and vitamins, steam your vegetables, drink orange juice for potassium and so on, and magnesium, so important. Make sure they don’t eat a lot of sweets, I think carrying a high candida load is what makes one vunerable to Morgellons, that and toxins. Finally, you might try washing clothes every once in a while in Dr. Bonners to kill mites and whatever else there might be. But above all, relax a little, worrying over this makes things much worse as you probably know. I recently stopped posting on forums, I am not my disease any longer. Yes, I have Morgellons, but I have my old life back too, the shock and awe are over for me, I refuse to be a part of it except for this blog. And like I’ve said before, I have no claim on the truth, I’m trying to make my way through this just like everybody else.

      • Annette Rowe said:

        I have had this, whatever it is, for at least ten years, and I don’t want to give it tmy grandchildren. I’m so afraid it can lie dormant; what do you thingt?

        • dividingcricker said:

          Annette go to There does seem to be a dormant phase to many diseases but if its not giving you any trouble you could be cured! Many of the symptoms could be from gmo crops that used bioengineered pesticides and geniticly modified organism we are toxic with these foods. I have changed to GMOFREE ORGANIC foods Be well

    • I am very sorry to say that this is indeed contagious. My mother, who lives on Oahu, has been infected with what we believe to be collembola for about 8 months now. Her symptoms are crawling – especially at night, bites, burrowing in the feet and privates, jumping on her, etc. They have infested her living environment and body.
      She came to visit me in February, and she brought me some clothes to try on. I am in my early 20s and just graduated college. She wanted to hug me, and hugged me closely for about 30 minutes. I suddenly felt 3 sharp pricks on my leg, and looked down to see 3 tiny red marks, each about 2 inches apart. I have had constant crawling sensations on literally every inch of my body ever since that day, and burrowing in my feet, and bites. It is horrible.
      I have been using Cedarcide which has worked to control it in my environment, but have not yet found what to do to detox my skin and internal system.
      I have not seen my boyfriend, friends, or gone to work in a month because I am afraid of passing this to others as it was passed to me. I have heard that many more women get this than men (perhaps tied to estrogen), but I still don’t want to expose my partner.
      So long story short, yes, this indeed can be contagious. I’m sorry to say.

      • Hi Mallory, I caught this from my mother also. I don’t think they are the ‘normal’ mites either. They researched collembola in the morgellons research lab and say they found none. They don’t know what it is, though. But Staninger says it is bioengineered organism and DNA plays a role in passing it. I think it takes the physical contact to spread it. And, I believe, the nano team is right when they talk about the swarming stage and being contagious. My boyfriend has not gotten it but I have limited my exposure to him. Where are you going to start with your detox skin and internal system? There are many ideas: on this site, the nano site, the Staninger site, in the Judith Knilans book, Mel’s site,, you have to read them all and pick something. It’s a crap shoot, some have gotten better from each way…

      • I am not saying this is a cure-all but what has definitely at least helped me keep things under control is taking baths (not every day) in Borax and 8 oz. of FOOD GRADE peroxide (much stronger than regular peroxide). The stuff that comes out…!!! I don’t get this with any other kind of bath. I have not noticed hairs, etc., but I also caught this much earlier than most. You might find this worth a try.

        You will also definitely want to shower afterwards (I use Trish Springstead’s soap). 🙂


        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Val, I’ve always been afraid of peroxide, 8 OZ sounds like a lot, from what I’ve read you can die from messing around with peroxide so I urge all readers to be careful.

      • Mallory, I too live on Oahu and am trying to find others in our predicament, my family have been living with this for 2 years. We have a GMO cornfield behind our house and noone seems to believe us except a few people. Some people in our neighborhood are just starting to feel things. I’d like to get in touch with other Oahu people to get their feedback. Thanks

      • Very contagious and very difficult to get rid of. I wonder if anyone know how to stop the life cycle of the collembola. I am convinced that collembola is the culprit. A few months ago, I found a disinfectant from Smart & Final called First Street Lemon Clean Disinfectant, Virucide & Cleaner (for hospital institutional and industrial use). I use this solution to clean the floor and spray to dark corner. The infestation seems to reduce a great deal. But I just can’t get rid of them! Some days they are more numerous than others. There are plenty of places for them to hide in the house …


      • I caught this from my mother who came to visit me with nonhealing
        sores and complaints of bugs crawling on her….so, I think it is contagious
        at a certain stage. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years since I
        started crawling and popping black specs and granules out of my skin. I
        also had the fiber balls that do not burn. I had a moving fiber similiar to
        the experience that Cliff Mickelson writes about. My boyfriend witnessed
        that. He, however, has not gotten this. Basically, my mother occupied a
        guest bed for 6 weeks and then I slept in that bed (I didn’t know of Morgellons
        or believe she had “bugs on her”) I caught this from the bed. She was back
        home, I used the bed and I recall getting stung that night. Can’t explain anymore but, soon,
        started popping the granules. Whatever she “dropped” in their got me. My boyfriend has
        not gotten it….so, OH, my immune system was, what I thought, real good.

  14. Hello MCS,

    Fascinating stuff… it is mind boggling to consider how widespread this problem is to still be largely ignored or discounted as DOP. The arrogance, ignorance and apathy of modern medicine to those who are suffering with Morgellons is criminal. Then again, they don’t have much to offer of benefit anyway… masking these symptoms and ignoring their causes may have profoundly devastating consequences.

    Sadness and anger are both appropriate responses here, but they must result in action… focused and determined action… Which is why this community owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. CS. I pray that your determination will continue to be matched with wisdom and discernment from above.

    For now, it seems clearer and clearer that the path to freedom includes environmental interventions, topical treatments and restoration of the internal bioterrain. The motto of my father’s medical practice was “If you maintain normal physiology, you prevent pathology and disease”. That premise was proven over and over again in his astounding 38 year career, out of which was born his legacy, the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

    I look forward to your next post.


    John Burgstiner
    Logos Nutritionals

  15. I too thought you were going with a “its just the chemicals” approach. That’s why I asked if you had read my posts. Because if everything doesn’t fit in with your theory, it’s most likely wrong altogether. There are always exceptions I suppose, but from what I recollect, the exceptions usually prove not to be so, eventually.

    Three points I wanted to add:
    The nose itching in the conference room mentioned by others, I had the same experience in my dining room cove. In winter with the high efficiency (read, lots of air movement) forced air furnace on, the nose itch/bothersome effect was terribly persistent. As I recall, it went away when I walked away from the dinner table. Once it warmed up & I turned off the furnace, the nose itch/bothersome effect didn’t happen, or at least not as much. It got cold, I turned on the heat, & again, nose itch/bothersome effect. It got warm again, furnace off – no nose itch/bothersome effect since. I was always with another person too. I suspect it will return once I turn on the CAC.
    Is it like a static electricity thing? Static traveling throughout the sinuses, arcing on the springtails, sort of like connecting the posts of a battery together? AC/ACE or DC/ACE? Or phernomes in the air?

    The gnats have been horrible for me. I don’t remember them being a problem when I was a kid. A couple of years ago they were so bad they stopped a Bluejays baseball game in the Montreal partially cover dome. When I was out hiking for morels a couple of years ago I came across a beer drinking (heavy cologne wearing?) couple of guys hunting morels as well. We talked, and while we talked I was swarmed by gnats and they were completely unaffected. I don’t remember if I asked or not, but I don’t think they were wearing anything special. I know DEET up to 100% has no effect, but supposedly there is other stuff that is supposed to work. I have tried a number of things to no avail. I wonder if gnats love the attractant from the [umm uh… toulene heated by the sun & changed into a TNT-like substance?] much the same way bees do, only the gnats thrive. If there is something that does repel the gnats, perhaps it will work on springtails/et al as well?

    For the worried mom: I still think there is something to, “the pill” and – my wife drinks a lot of cranberry juice – she is mostly free of any effects. I hate the stuff, maybe I’ll force myself to try some too.

    It’s a busy day again.

    • Hi Clark,

      I found there were gnats flying in my house as well. There are 2 different ones I saw. One looks like a tiny mosquito and another is rounder and looks like a fruit fly. I notice their presence when our house get infested by the crawling bugs (collembola). I think there are some link between these bugs. Ever since I use the disinfectant (Lemon Clean Disinfectant, Virucide & Cleaner from Smart and Final) to clean the house with. The gnats seem to disappear and crawling bugs seem less numerous. Try the product.


  16. I’ll try the cranberry juice I mean, lol, not the pill.

  17. One other thing I just learned I wanted to pass along. In the pasteurization process, there are two types, the lowest temp. of both is 161 degrees. Is that 1 degree odd, or what? Just the temp needed to turn toluene into the TNT-like substance. The government is currently hitting farmers hard to stop all non-pasteurization milk production and sales. A not-so funny coincidence?
    I drink lots of milk & eat cheese, the seldom affected wife drinks none, nor does she eat cheese. Hmmm.

  18. Clark, by cranberry juice, are you referring to chugging down mms disguised w/ the juice? Whatever shape or form or flavor, ugh, I hate the stuff… it’s so repulsive.

  19. I dont know kixx. I just know she has almost no symptoms & drinks the 100% juice, some mixed with other 100% fruits. Rice & soy milk too.

  20. Patrick Fraser at wsvn has recieved over 45,000 hits on the Body Bugs stories. He is one of the Finest men I have ever had the honor to work with in Reporting.
    If you get a moment please send him and email thanking him for his tireless work in regard to Morgellons Disease and Body Bugs.
    I told him he should get an EMMY. He said “Naw, Trisha I wouldn’t take it if it was offered.”
    He called me here and thousands are reporting to him.
    I love that Great Man very much.
    Much Love,

  21. […] post is a follow up to my first post regarding Collembola titled “Collembola – A Major Role in Morgellons Despite the Disinformation” and I hope you find this post interesting as well. I have found even more interesting […]

  22. I have been fighting these things for over two years now. I know you are right about the springtails among other things. Have you investigated demodex miites? There is a web site from Hong Kong where a doctor has discovered that these mites cause a number of skin problems.. For a numer of reasons, I believe Morgellons may start with these. I think it can be found under demodex solutions and then click on about demodex. lIf you can’t find it let me know and I will try to get it to you another way.

  23. Thank you all for this very valuable information.
    I am an ND who found this site trying to identify the recent skin issues I have been experiencing. It started with paresthesia on my back left side ribcage which affected my sleep, then formication, the feeling of bugs on me, and now I have itchy, red bumps with serous fluid that will coalesce on my left arm and back of thighs. My partner is unaffected. I know my animals have brought fleas into the house and I have found a few on me, I have previously suffered once from headlice a few years ago and then in my teens I had a case of scabies that was suppressed with topical medication. I live in a forest setting and there are many odd insect/arthropod creatures here that are new to me. I have no idea what this is affecting me, exactly.
    I am treating myself with juicing, coffee enemas (see Gerson Therapy), calendula and vinegar poultices, epsom salt baths, trying to manage my stress and also topical and internal colloidal silver. This is very helpful. I found it important to look into a decent homeopathic remedy for the condition. I am trying out Graphites 30CH at the moment for the skin situation although Sulfur 30CH is more commonly used for itchy skin. I will also try Gelsemium 200CH for my mental/emotional sphere because I feel very weak also by this experience. Also I know that with most skin situations, it is important not to suppress the healing path with strong topicals, as the disease force (what ever it’s cause) can be driven into deeper organ systems. Also I know that when the life force is strengthening, skin symptoms can be seen as a form of ‘releasing heat’ and is part of the healing ‘crisis’. So perhaps if we think positive that this is all really a healthy release may help on the mental sphere? Ok maybe that won’t fly, I thought to put it out there…
    I most certainly have come across this topic when doing chemtrail and biowarfare research and it seems I am being directed to more information so that as a practitioner, I can assist others with this health concern and be able to identify it. I really hope that I can learn a valuable lesson through this experience and be able to help others as a result.

    I am going to post something on this topic again soon at my blog:

    With thanks and blessings,

  24. This is very interesting. Collembola, Morgellons,Nano911. Chemtrails. Genetically Modified Food. Mansato the largest genetic engineering company in the world creating nightmares around the world with their GMO’s. Do some research. Nano911 think that we are their soil. Me, my mother and sister (we all have our own homes) and my little nieces have undx Morgellons. Learning about Collembola makes sense and could be part of the disease.
    But in my experience with morgellons-nano911….when I tried to use a peroxide rinse (1/3 red wine or berry juice and 2/3rd peroxide and swish and gargle in mouth 3 mins or more. You may want to repeat this over and over) after five rinse I COULD FEEL THE nanos communicating with each other. I started to be biten on my scalp, legs, feet. It was as if they were in a rage because I was literally purging bugs, parasites, larvea out of my throat and it was pulling a thick slim out of my nasal passages. I was very gross. I repeated this the next day. Same results. I have also been looking at my urine and I swear I can see silicone pods in the toilet. I coughed one of these silicone chips out my throat! It was streight and slimmy-gel. Within seconds it dried curled and became rock hard. It was not alive. I don’t have anything coming out of my arms or skin pores like my mom and sister. Mine are in my lungs and internal. This has been going on two months.
    I am a skin care specialist and have what is called a WOOD’s Lamp. It is much stronger than your average black light bulb. It can show you different things in peoples skin. I checked my sister and neices. They were cover with fuzz balls, blue fibers and also you may have heard some nanos are florescent…well they are under a wood’s lamp. Glowing blue nano larva and one nano fiber sticking out of my sisters arm.
    The fibers we have WILL NOT BURN. Some of the crystals that came out of my mothers face buried themselves into her bathroom counter top. She is growing synthetic hair. It is magnetic. It twist and turns. This collembola could be combined with nano911. I am sure that Collembola is NOT Glowing florescent blue like a laser under a professional wood’s lamp. Oh and when my sister comes around I really feel her nano’s. She leaves a trail behind.
    If you can afford it get a wood’s lamp off ebay. It may not be as strong as the professional one but it will still show you your glowing things.

  25. Worried Mom back again. I have found through out the summer that refraining from any thing that’s food or drink containing sugar or processed sugar has helped. I do Mr CS’s protocol along with antifungals. Garden of Life Fungal Defense, Oreganol drops and pills 2xd, Olive leaf drops and pills 2xd, MSM 3xd and I spray the living daylights out of my home with enzymes every day. ( I use Nature’s Miracle. Petco 28 USD per gal) It’s expensive but I am somewhat functional. I also love the sulfur soap even tho it’s wrecking my hair. I did mess around with my dryer vent today and was instantly reactive, hope it does not last. I am very OCD with my laundry, use the enzymes with the peppermint soap and I bag my lint in a ziploc. I spray the inside belt of the dryer with enzyme, the dryer door and the filter after I clean it with anti bacterial wipes and bag it. For me the laundry has been the biggest issue because I think what ever these little buggers are they somehow thrive in that wet moist environment. Yes I have seen bugs, fungus gnats, fruitflies, ants, some type of Goat horned fly (just like Kammy’s) came right out of the dryer lint the other night. Dog and I are both eating papaya enzymes twice a day and she is on a Dino vite copycat. Did that a few years ago pre-m
    and the dog got the runs and would not eat.. I have also been running my dehumidifiers at top speed 24/7. It’s amazing how much moisture is in this house!!
    I can now sit in a chair, my clothes don’t “bite” and my brain fog is lessened. I can sleep on my sheets 3 nights in a row! YAY! I have also been taking 2 tbls DE food grade since April 1 and I religiously give it to the dog w/ food every night. Trisha’s soap and NH2 have been daily since May. I ain’t outta the woods yet and likely never will be but I am supremely grateful to God for this small break. Keep the faith friends.
    And Mr. CS Xanax is your friend… take it if you need it… you’ll know when. Anxiety was my first symptom, then arthritis of the neck, acidosis, breast cancer and then full blown m no lesions. So we are all in the same boat, we just don’t get kidnapped at the same time! It took ten years for me…. I wish you all healing and blessing.
    Believe me I am not counting any chickens!

  26. The adult specimen looks a lot like the fluke Hulda Clark identified as being responsible for cancer.

  27. Sorry!! I’m a posting neophite! Thank you very much for all the brilliant articles! A very generous contribution-much appreciated…

  28. i have one of these bugs in a jar.It looks like a knat with a muskular body.Almost every time I take a bath one comes off of me and it’s almost as if it flies in my face and stares me eye to eye for a minute then dissapears .Anyway I got one of them.

  29. 2 years almost to the day that I have been infestest I now know what it is…thank you
    Please please please find a cure.. I am going to try the pepermint soap, sulphur soap also read b vitamins and msm organic mineral sulphur will really help…msm also helps minimize scar tissue take care all of you that suffer as I do… btw ..turns out this house had a very bad mold problem and bad well water which both now have been addressed… Carol

  30. Evelyn Rios said:

    The NIH has an article saying that certain pesticides including Pyrethin type ones are NOT killing Collembola but are killing off the predators of Collembola causing population explosion. I believe the monthly flea treatments are also causing part of the problem by lowering the animals immunity.
    Most birds have heavy Northern and Red mite infestations along with Collembola infestations.
    My infestation started 16 years ago when I bought some chickens who were infected with bird mites from common sparrows I was feeding with a bird feeder and bird bath in my yard.
    I treated the birds who got well and then gave them away. Unfortunately, I contracted what I now believe are Collembola.
    I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and non-specific poly-arthritis for the past 15 yrs. I only improved when I moved away but still occasionally had attacks of itching and bites.
    We moved back to the same house where it started and again we are suffering along with my 4 Chihuahuas. I didn’t know and treated the yard, house and dogs with pyrethin type pesticides and viola – an explosion of Collembola and also thrips which were biting all of us outside while the Collembola was feasting on us 24/7.
    I swithched to bifenthrin (sp?) and Sevin-5 (can’t find Sevin-10 anywhere) outside /inside and non-pyrethrin dog treatments and have vastly decreased the Collembola numbers.
    I wash with Lavender shampoo mixed with same body wash from Whole Foods mixed with2 caps tea tree oil from Wal-Mart ($8.00 cheap!). I use Arm & Hammer clean burst for wash. Mop with Borax. Srinkle borax, baking soda, plus non-pyrethin type flea carpet powder on carpet and cover all with 1mm plastic sheeting from Wal-mart. Only 1-2 bites per day compared to dozens weeks ago. Added immunity boosting supplements for us and dogs and cut out all sugar including fruits and juices, too.
    I wouldn’t wish this curse on the devil and I know some of what Job suffered with his scraping his skin with potsherds for relief. I think he put ashes on himself like the birds bathe in dust to help themselves itch less.
    God Bless and keep up your spirits! We will overcome!

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Evelyn, It might have worked for you but I stop with pesticides, in the end they will make you worse. I am glad you are doing better however.

      • I have to disagree, no offense intended.
        My best environmental fight has included “Not Nice to Bugs” via safe solutions. It does have sodium laureth sulfate in it but it helped me to get my indoor environment under control. Other than the SLS, it is non toxic and smells like mint.
        Non toxic pesticides that contain peppermint, spearmint, etc. have worked well for me. You have to be persistent via the theory of a monthly life cycle to these horrors and vacuum after the stuff dries.
        I am a firm believer that they are parasites and go by the monthly moon cycle.
        I don’t always practice what I preach, I am open to All suggestions. But like the dude in TX who made up the More-g cream with sulfur… brain fog can’t think of his’s on the sidebar somewhere, I do think there are some gmo parasitic wasps involved too. We had confirmed springtails and booklice in our home at my onset.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          lamb, I was referring to things like “seven” and so on which are extremely toxic. I consider my sulfur soap and Dr. Bonners great killers of bugs, I still use them every day so I agree, it’s just that traditional toxic pesticides, I say no way, they do more harm than good.

          • We are of one mind. I have also sprinkled sulfur on my lawn several times this spring/ summer (organic section of most Nurseries). I have a dog, the dog loves the grass and mulch.
            The buggies come in on her feet and she munches on them constantly. They drop into the carpets, breed, it’s a circle jerk nightmare!
            I totally agree with you MCS… no chemicals but there are some G*d made natural helpers.
            My byword is “if it did not come from G*d or Nature” don’t touch it.
            Vitamins, food, drink, supplements, cleaners, shampoos, soap, toothpaste etc.

            Read yer labels!!
            Best wishes.

  31. I had collembola too (along with gnats), but I later discovered they were only after the mold and yeast overgrowth on/in my skin. I lint-rollered my arm once, and got three of them out – they were stuck to the tape, so I had visible evidence, but I quicky threw them away. Once I had my skin under control, these suckers left as there was no more food for them. I agree that the New Hope II soap works great and I still use it to this day daily even though I have no more stinging, biting, or crawling.

    • Hi Gigi,

      I use the lint roller to stop the itching, crawling sensations, too. But the bugs are so numerous in the house that I can’t get rid of them. I use disinfectant and it helps but if I skip cleaning for a few days, the crawling sensations return. How do do clean your house?


  32. sister to Common Sense said:

    301 TURNER
    PHONE NUMBER IS: 727-466-6987

  33. Thank God for all of you folks who post so much information on this, or else I surely would have not made it this far. I have no idea what I have, as not ever confirmed, even with a friend looking under a microscope. I know it is not Morgellens, but I believe it may be Collembola, none the less. My home was invaded by rodent mites last Sept, a nest was located directly outside my living room window, I began getting horrible bites to my hands after handling the living room curtains. One doctor after another just said “unidentified”, including skin scrapes. After months of trying to clean them away, and having no idea what I was dealing with, I finally called an exterminator. He sprayed my apartment with pyrethrin. Then, all hell broke lose. Starting that night, I was swarmed with bites, and it only got worse. I panicked after a few weeks of this, trashed literally everything, and got out with the clothes on my back, which I promptly threw away. Unforntunately, it was in my skin, which I still had not figured out. As nothing was working with washing my new clothes, it just got bad again at my next place, within a matter of weeks. I moved after being there only 3 weeks. It was at that point that a friend told me to try soaking my clothes in 91% alcohol, as this would drown any living orgnaism. That’s when this thing finally turned around for me. I got away from every speck of fabric, now renting a home with all hardwood and linolium floors, metal blinds, leather and wood furniture, and vinyl encased air bed. I soak all bedding daily in bleach for hours, and still soak all my clothes in alcohol. I own a little over one load’s worth. My family considers me insane, my mom believes I have PTSD from the original mite issue, and have become delusional about bugs. She took me to a Harvard grad dermotologist, she gave him full regard for his opinion, which was I have a “sweat gland problem”. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “there are no parasites in your skin”. This was after a 5 second look at the bites. No testing, just a quick full diagnosis. I told him he was a sad case indeed. I have been using the sulfer soap, tea tree oil, cat’s claw tincture, and zinc cream. The bites are not gone, but contained for now. I finally broke down and bought another car, after driving my last one to the salvage yard the same day I left my home of 20 years. Now having to have it reupolstered in leather at a pretty penny. All in all, I have spent my life savings on this. And I live like Howard Hughes. I actually feel far better than in recent months, but cannot imagine doing this forever. The worst part was not being believed by anyone but a close precious few. I have never experienced anything like it, not the infestation, the suppossed cure, nor the lack of professional help. I pray for us all, and for someone, somewhere to set the record straight and begin to find a cure.

    • Terri, you won’t have to live like this forever; sounds like you are improving and that is great. You are believed here. It stinks living in such an austere environment, and I think the really hard part is that you alone will have to decide when and how you can relax your protocol and become a little more normal. But as you fix your terrain, (please read Mr. CS’s posts on the topic), stop adding synthetic chemicals to your body and detox what is already there, you will improve bit by bit. We learn patience in this process.

      The more normal you can live your life (that means laugh, exercise, pursue other interests, talk to people as if you are alright–kind of like the old saying “fake it til you make it”) the better off you will be. There is a huge emotional, spiritual, mental connection with the state of your body, especially in these itching, biting maladies.

      If you ultimately find “professional help”–great. I suppose there are some alternative practitioners who can help you with your diet, deficiencies and so on. A good alternative healer will only help you to realize this fact anyhow: you are responsible for and in control of your health and your life. To truly wrap your brain around this truth is, I believe, a mind blower and the beginning of healing. (Note the difference between healing and cure. We were all a little broken to begin with. A cure won’t fix us. Healing will.) You can do this!!!

    • Hi Terri,

      What you experienced was exactly what happened to our family 7 years ago. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. At first we called a Pest Control company to spray chemicals in the house. It made the problem so terrible. After that we tried everything I found online. Nothing work! More recently, I found some commercial disinfectant solutions work quite well. The collembola and gnat population dropped dramatically but I still can’t get rid of them. Try Lysol disinfectant or the green products for disinfection. I have to clean the house very often (everyday) in order to keep them down. However, it is much more manageable. Collembola and gnats infest the house and it infest living being in the house. If you treat the house, the infestation on you is also treated.
      I hope my advice helps ..

  34. I hear GMO food may be a cause for human bodies becoming “hosts”.

  35. Hey, not sure if it will help, but on other type of eggs or infestations, I heard that ironing sheets and clothes after washing kills what may be left.

    • Hi Laura,

      I think so, too. I notice that every time I iron the cloth. I feel less itchy with crawling sensation.

  36. Evelyn Rios said:

    Hi, I just wanted to say I noticed that in the days after the county fumigates for mosquitos the collembola bite like they are on crack.

    When I first tried to fight them with flea treatments for my dogs (believing they were itching from fleas) the collembola would bite the dogs up to 50 or 60 bites on each dog and on me.

    The NIH has a page about how spraying crops with pesticides caused the natural predators of collembola to die but not the collembola themselves, their population exploded. I guess there isn’t anything to be done to stop the spraying.

    I have been having great success with tea tree oil bodywash followed by tea tree oil shampoo followed by tea tree lotion. I buy the oil at Walmart for $8.00 and add to lavender or mint shampoo/ bodywash/lotion I get from Whole Foods. I only get bit about one day a month, usually right after they spray for mosquitos.

    Oh, I did verify the collembola with the water + light + heating pad under the water container traps. Like I think you said they are attracted to heat, light and vibrations just like fleas and ticks. I use the traps + two electric bug killers inside my house to get the population back in check after the county sprays. Unfortunately they spray here about every two weeks.

    Sorry about how my posts look. I only have blackberry internet. God Bless

    • Elizabeth said:

      can you explain the water light heating pad method. i cannot find info on this. thanks – i am desperate like the rest of you battling this.

    • Kira Erikson said:

      Regarding the collembola and Morgellons — I know when I got it. A small plane circled over me in my garden at 6:15 a.m. in 2009 — apparently it was spraying pesticides for Los Angeles County, Calif. to get rid of mosquitos. It took a few days to several weeks, but suddenly adult springtails were jumping off my scalp. Earlier, my hair had already started falling out where the pesticide dropped on my head from the small plane that was spraying live pesticide organisms (I couldn’t see the plane as it was cloudy– just heard it). I knew I had been hit by something bad the moment it landed on my scalp — I just had no idea how bad. I have had a garden for 25 years and no colembola or gnats previously. They apparently came with the pesticide spray which seems to be a soup of organisms (mostly in egg form). Lots of my plants (particularly several rose bushes) died after this pesticide spraying. I’ve come to realize that the pesticide spraying with live organisms actually started in the early 1990s in Santa Monica, CA. I did get symptoms in earlier years from the pesticide spraying– odd bug bites, small skin rashes, etc., but had previously only a glancing exposure. There is no doubt in my mind that these dangerous pesticides with live organisms are being knowingly released (but only a few people at the top of the world power structure know) — the intent is to kill population in an invisible manner. I intend to write a paper on this subject backing everything up — but am still trying to recover from the lesions that almost killed me (and I was young and in good health before the spray). Among other things that saved my life — massive doses of ivermectin taken daily (and supposedly the dosage was enough to kill me each day), plus Bactrim (sulfur based anti-biotic), and Eurax creme (used to get rid of demodex mites). As for there being at least one world power structure — I know it exists from personal exposure to people in it (again, only a couple of incidental contacts — I was in the process of writing a book about this power structure and how they like to kill people using “natural causes” when I got sprayed). Also, my being sprayed was not connected to anyone out to get me, I just happened to be where they were doing general pesticide spraying along the beach in Malibu and Santa Monica.

      • Kira, I agree with you. I became ill days after they were spraying for mosquitoes, when they were attempting to scare us about West Nile Virus. I believe we had 1 person out of 33 million that (supposedly) died from it here in Canada. There was no warning to people other than an off cuff remark on a psuedo morning news breakfast show not to go out between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. In hind sight how stupid. In a city of 2.5 million people of course there will be shift workers, etc out past those hours. Afterward our house and deck and my car were covered in odd spider like webs that were almost impossible to clear away. At the same time they were tearing down a sewage treatment plant minutes from our house where I learn they use these micro organisms as well. I did not think much of it at the time of this being torn down until I read about the fellow in Texas who worked at one of these plants; he and his family and co-workers have been infected for nearly 20 years wih Morg symptoms. This explains why we have different bugs depending on our geographical location. If this was spraying was not intentional genocide it was criminally negligent. Other toxins may also be responsible at breaking down the immune system but the bugs, nematodes and their excrement that are plaguing us. I know these ideas are not welcomed here, but I feel it my duty to spread the word when I can. It helps to know the cause of an illness to find a cure. We have been bombarded on all sides from nuclear radiation, fluoride in the water, needless and contaminated vacinations, GMO foods, aerial spraying, denial of safe cancer treatments that work, dismantling of the constitution, detainment camps in your country built on your tax dollars. Gosh, if I really was delusional, I could ignore all these facts. If people do not believe me see the documentaries: Beyond Treason, Core of Corruption, Burzynsky, etc. Do you know that the Church Of Satan of SET is one of the accepted religions in the US military; another one to see is the Kay Briggs interviews. This is not to scare folks but to open their eyes. Until I became ill I would not have believed this stuff either. Now our Prime Minister wants to take us down the same path bankrupting the country in order to take part in the teh US Imperial Ageneda starting upcoming World War III. You ask how can this be? Everyone of your institutions have been infiltrated over the years. Next they will be telling us that War is Peace. All of this stuff is being done to convince people that Armaggedon is near so that when it is over the survivors will be total slaves. 1984 anyone???

        • About ten years ago, my brother and his pregnant wife (4 mos) were walking down the street in New York City and a truck spraying for mosquitoes (West Nile fright) came down the street. My brother said that they literally ducked into a doorway to avoid a direct hit, but got it anyway. My brothers wife, very shortly, had a dead fetus
          inutero. She nearly died from that but my brother is sure it was the spraying incident that caused the fetal demise. One other thing…where I live in the South, they do a lot of spraying… I think the bugs are adapting,.

  37. Collembola loathe Citronella.
    I have added it to my anti bacterial/ anti-parasitical paste made with essential oils and aloe vera to prevent re-infestation..
    Here’s a link to Collembola infestations in humans all of which they consider to be external and not internal. One of their pics is the same pic shown here Fig 3 the mite. Quoted from this page
    ” If there were forms burrowing in human tissue they should be highly specialised in form, such as having a narrow, elongated worm like body with strongly reduced eyes, antennae, limbs and furcula and having highly modified mouth parts for biting through human skin and underlying tissue.”
    I post this as the slug like thing I removed from under my scalp looks very much like a Collembola mite under the scope..were they to have evolved as suggested.

    • Hi Kay – new here, trying to gather info… can’t open the link to your “slug like” mite photo. Is it still active and functional? Thanks.

      • It was a site discussing collembola not a personal bug pic.
        I found similarities in what they said would need to be possible to a beasty known among the morgs click as “The Lizard.”
        Try a search for ‘Collembola in Man’ Sozo, or copy paste a sample of the quoted text from my post above.

  38. I’m new to this & recently self-diagnosed. I’m in terrible shape, right now, pretty much started in October & I’m in the 3rd cycle now. I would estimate that it has multiplied 10X since last outbreak. I’ve been researching like crazy & have found out some very interesting things.

    1. An old dental cement called Dycal has been linked to Collembola infections in the mouth.
    2. There could possibly some connection to applying Frontline to your pet. Since they contain permethrins which just make collembola mad, you could be doing yourself a terrible disservice by using these products.
    3. Have you heard about the only official finding to come out of Kaiser Permanente on this: All 25 Morgellons patients tested positive for Agrobacterium. Agrobacterium is used to develop GM plants.
    4. 4 years ago I had a dermatologist do a biopsy of a raised brown spot on my face. Turned out it was a wood tree fungus. Was told not to worry about it, it’s harmless. I’ve heard that Collembola are attracted to wood fungus. Now of course that I’m paying attention, I realize that I seem to have this wood fungus all over my body.
    5. Lastly, I had the first flu shot in 25 years this October. Perhaps some connection? Don’t know but I’ve been sick ever since.

    • One more thing: everyone talks about the difficulty of identifying Collembola in the skin. But I have it everywhere: Head to toe, inside & out. It’s quite easy to identify Collembola located in mucous: The nose, mouth, eyes etc.

    • So sorry you are going through this. My nightmare started exactly 2 years ago. A year and a half ago, I was full blown with collembola and gnats attacking me and living in my skin. Turned out that my immune system tanked (various reasons), and I had severe yeast overgrowth and a mold skin infection from a moldy showerhead (which I did not know at that time). The bugs were attracted to the mold.

      Several rounds of antibiotics, nutrient deficiencies, low thyroid, high heavy metals, etc. all contributed to my spiral into this mess. I, too, had some vaccines right before my downward spiral. Maybe a connection?

      It’s possible to get well again. I am well and trying to clean up those last few things. For me, it’s leaky gut/food intolerances and low thyroid I am majorly focused on. I still have some small mold remnants in my skin, but there are no more bugs and larva to deal with. I wish you all the best.

  39. I’ve a combo mites/collembola problem for a few years. My doctors have been no help, but I took samples to my vet, and they were identified as collembola and an oribatid mite (and I was told not to worry, they could not hurt me (sigh)).
    Later a family member took some specimens to a lab at his job and took some photos. The collembola could not be accurately identified due to deterioration, but we got an amazing photo of the mite. I have the file saved on my desktop, and I would love to send it to you if I can figure out how. It’s a large file, like a scanning electronic microscope picture (312X). Please let me know if and how I can send it to you. We need more scientific evidence if we hope to be taken seriously.
    By the way, my family member met the “leading scientific authority” on collembola at an entymologist conference at the university where he works. The “authority” had never even heard of anything (nothing!) regarding the collembola human infestation issue.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  40. About the Acgrobacterium. I don’t think it was discovered by Kaiser. The one who found it was Citrovsky in Stoney Brook NY. I asked Dr. Staninger personally and she said they did not find any. Nor did Wymore in the Morgellons research lab. Citrovsky was the only one. (as far as I know, please correct me if I’m wrong) I was wondering if you had a link to the info. about what Kaiser found? Thanks
    OH, there is a morgellons conference in Austin on April 2. I’m going. They now have a new forensic medicine specialist involved in the Morgellons research. Hope she finds us some new info.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Who is having the conference? MRF or someone else? The forensic specialist is affiliated with who: MRF?

      • Hi Denise, the conference is Apr. 2nd in Austin, TX. The official speaker list has not come out yet but will soon. The website is That will take you to the new website. It is the 4th year for the conference. This will be my first time going.

  41. YOU are not going to belive this. I was looking for a
    Geohazards expert to validate some claims in a paper called Phoenix rising from the Gulf. LOOK, what I found on the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY WEBSITE. I WAS FLOORED.

    Seems that the United States Geological Services know more about Vectors, Environment ect than the CDC.


    I JUST CALLED A GUY THERE AND HE WANTS TO TALK NEXT WEEK. I will be taking the Metametrix courses this weekend and am working very closely with a few new Docs. Say your prayers…..this is why the Geologist warned me to start screaming 5 years ago.
    Love and Prayers,

  43. You know Trisha, I love you. Your heart is hardy and most definitely in the right place. I buy your stuff and swear by some of it, but please FGS stop using the HuffPo as your major news source, most of it is BS, some is appalling and what’s left of it is trash day.

    I totally believe in Zoonotics, my dog was diagnosed today with the same MRSA like bacteria that my boy contracted five years ago!

    The dog is nine going on ten, the boy developed migraines and acne simultaneously. Muciprocin (sp?) is the recommended med in both cases. I find it very odd,
    and so did the Vet.

    I wish you the best with your new knowledge and feel confident that you will be successful.

    Just please spare us all of the HuffPo, it’s tainted and it smells.
    /ducking for cover/

    • Speaking of acne, I have found that Burts Bee’s acne wash (2% solution) does a decent job of removing the fibers from the skin surface.. Of course one of the maddening things about this stuff is that what may work for one person may not work for another.. Nutrasilver didn’t work for me, neither did the “zapper”, but the ionic machine seems to do wonders – so who knows?

  44. Pat Van Niekerk said:

    Mr. Cs,
    Are you people aware that the CDC issued a report in January this year? You can read it on the website of M-R-O. Pardon me if I am missing the boat. It is unfortunately not good news, I am afraid.

    • It was not on the CDC website under Morgellons. I will try M-R-O but for some reason they think I am a spammer and will not let me register

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      There is no information published by the CDC folks.

  45. Heh… They reported a need for a committee to report on our need.

    They did I believe add a vet to their crew.

  46. Pat Van Niekerk said:

    Mr Cs,
    Please accept my sincere apologies. I made a mistake. I was searching for any latest information from the CDC, typing in “What’s new from the CDC” etc. This site from the M-D-R, (not M-R-O) came up. I must have been tired, it was late at night here in South Africa and I somehow thought I had found a report from the CDC. Without looking closer, I once again assumed it was from the CDC. I read it briefly but did not save it. A day or two later, I posted my comment to you. Sorry to all bloggers as well!

    This report is also not too encouraging, displaying once again the attitude of mainstream medicine.
    You can register at the website of M-D-R and read it there. Here’s the article (not the full one) that I saved:

    JJanuary 21st, 2011, 02:29 PM

    Morgellons article published in 2011
    ingentaconnect Morgellons Disease and Delusions of Parasitosis

    Morgellons Disease and Delusions of Parasitosis
    Authors: Robles, David T.1; Olson, Jonathan M.1; Combs, Heidi2; Romm, Sharon2; Kirby, Phil1
    Source: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, Volume 12, Number 1, 1 February 2011 , pp. 1-6(6)
    Publisher: Adis International
    view table of contents|next article >

    Buy & download fulltext article: OR Price: $62.95 plus tax (Refund Policy)


    Morgellons disease is a controversial and poorly defined symptom cluster of skin lesions and somatic symptoms, most notably `fibers’ in the skin. Because of widespread coverage in the media and on the Internet, there are an increasing number of patients presenting to dermatologists. We present three patients who believed that they had fibers in their skin. We offer a discussion of delusions of parasitosis to demonstrate similarities between these conditions.

    It has been suggested by a limited number of healthcare providers that an unknown infectious agent underlies this symptom complex yet no available evidence supports this assertion. Laboratory values that would be reflective of an infectious process (e.g. elevated white blood cells, sedimentation rate, C reactive protein) are routinely normal and biopsies often reflect only nonspecific findings such as acute and chronic inflammation with erosion or ulceration.

    Patients with Morgellons disease generally lack insight into their disease and reject the need for psychiatric help. The goal is to build trust and refrain from minimizing what the patient experiences. Attentive examination of the patient’s skin and fragments they present is necessary to rule out a true underlying pathologic process and to establish a trusting relationship. A supportive, non-confrontational approach is ideal. The patient is best treated by a team of practitioners of several specialties, including dermatologists, psychiatrists, and counselors.

    Keywords: Antipsychotics, therapeutic use; Delusions, diagnosis; Delusions, treatment; Olanzapine, therapeutic use; Pimozide, therapeutic use; Risperidone, therapeutic use; Skin-disorders, diagnosis; Skin-disorders, treatment. Document Type: Research article

    Affiliations: 1: 1 Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, USA 2: 2 Department of Psychiatry, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Publication date: 2011-02-01

    and this website:
    Morgellons Disease and Delusions of Parasitosis : American Journal of Clinical Dermatology

    • I’m sorry but when I pull something out of my body that resembles a wad of cotton candy, and it’s doing the cha-cha on my microscope slide – in front of five stunned people, THAT IS NOT A DELUSION!
      I don’t mean to sound combative but when you have this crap and all the terror it unleashes on you, only to have your doctor treat you like you have lost your mind, it makes you mad as hell… Surely you can understand..
      I have cataloged thousands of various MOVING “things” from my body, as well as made fifty videos (on youtube under “terracer”) clearly showing this stuff in an active state. What more proof is needed? This is REAL… it is happening to thousands of people… and our medical community wants to suggest to us that we are imagining it?
      Being left to our own devices we have made some progress – we now KNOW it is man made…in a lab…and we have found the patents providing us not only with the process that is ongoing, BUT also those responsible for it’s creation.
      Any good attorneys onboard here?

      2011 is going to be interesting, that’s for sure-

      • Yes Terry. Me too. The cotton balls “knit” themselves on the outside of the skin and are the fibers that do not burn. We tried to burn them and they turn black but retain their shape. They never go to ash. The people that let this man made thing out will do anything to cover up, as well as the gov. who allowed it. Doctors will not understand, yet, and even tho a number of them have it, other doctors think THOSE doctors are nuts so…don’t expect any professional treatment..yet.

        • I have taken some of these fibers and dropped hydrochloric acid on them, then burned them in a fire pit. I then watched in amazement as they continued to move on a microscope slide! (I documented this on a youtube video-under “terracer”)
          I have frozen them, microwaved them, sent large amounts of current through them, and done everything I could think of to kill them – yet they still move!

  47. Newly infested first-time blogger/poster/whatever!
    Moved in 150yr-old building last November. It started slowly but am now living in a veritable petri dish of an apt. My car is equally infested – things hopping all over while driving, etc. Think I got it all: bites all over chest and back, “things” hopping on legs as I walk through apt, hopping into eyes/eyebrows/nose, etc. Have tried Pyrethroids(?) (“bombing”), lysol and other sprays, DE on carpet/clothes/fabrics, regular vacuuming with HEPA filter, different laundry/bath soaps, etc.
    Question: Has anyone tried CedarCide?!
    Will try DB’s peppermint castile soap; sulfur soap with lanolin (btw-where can I get it?); the “New Hope” thing (don’t quite get what it is or where/how to find it though?); tea-tree oil soap/shamp. Also, “Not Nice to Bugs” by Safe Solutions.
    …. Anything!?!
    Not to get dramatic, but have even been entertaining the most drastic of measures. Sorry, but it’s already getting so that I can’t even imagine a life without this issue.

    • hey, make sure you brush the DE into the carpet with a broom, I mean really get it in there. There will be some dust, but just wear a dust mask and open your windows if possible. If you can, wash your walls/ceilings with murphy’s and neem oil, it seemed to help my situation. DE the hell out of your car as well, headliner and all, I did my car a couple of weeks ago, it’s a mess, but just get some cardboard to put over the seats or wrap them in plastic if possible to avoid getting it on you. I don’t feel anything in my car anymore, even with the heat on!
      as for Bronner’s, I might try whole foods if you have one nearby, or GNC. If you can’t find it, your best bet might be to get it on-line. I’m about to order cedarcide for the hard to reach areas, so I’ll get back with my results. also, throw away your bed and get an air mattress if you haven’t already, I can’t stress how much this helps.

  48. Aaron (Portland, OR) said:

    Hello everyone, I am a male in my late 20’s from Portland, OR.
    I am thoroughly exhausted, so sorry if this is a bit jumbled. My infestation started a little under two months ago (7 1/2 weeks) after receiving a mattress from a friend. (thrown out now) I felt nothing for the first 2 nights sleeping on it, but after putting freshly washed and dried statically charged blankets on the bed the 3rd night,
    I was instantly crawling in thousands of invisible bugs. static cling from the bed to the blankets? bug blanket?
    My first thought was bed bugs, based on the recent spike in bedbug population. But after a little research I decided I had bird mites, but after treating for bird mites topically, environmentally, etc. I saw little to no improvement. (come to find out bird mites aren’t truly microscopic) I have come to believe after reading several different forums that I have a collembola infestation. I have only kind of seen one. I shook a hat I was wearing out over a stainless steal pot full of luke warm water while shining an LED light directly over the top, to watch for shadows of intelligent life on the bottom of the pan. sure enough, there was a little critter swimming between all the little hairs, skin flakes etc that had been in my hat as well. but the strangest thing was, that every time it would pass any free floating object in the water, the object would literally gravitate/magnetize to it… freaky.
    I was so shocked that I didn’t even bother to try capturing it…
    I just observed, then it stopped as if it knew that it was being watched, shook off the things it had collected and shot the opposite way across the water to the other side of the pot and disappeared…
    My blood ran cold..
    I’ve also seen the weird mosquito gnats bugs flying around the room and in my house.
    I have tried various things to rid my life of these dastardly creatures and these are my results thus far.

    1.bathing in peroxide and baking soda helped, but I think it made me ill for a day.
    2. tea tree oil doesn’t do a damn thing for me.
    3. I made a soap with bronner’s baby mild and neem oil.
    it doesn’t smell good, but I think it’s what helped my lady, I’ve personally seen no results from it, I think the neem just makes them mad at me.
    4. straight bronner’s baby mild soap seems to work best for me,
    though I haven’t tried the peppermint yet. when I get out of the shower, they still come out of my various face holes throughout the day so I really have no way of knowing if they’ve left or just burrowed into my skin.
    5. I’m using 50/50 99% alcohol and white vinegar in my ears and sinus rinse for the sinuses now and that seems to keep them from deeming my showers insignificant..
    6.I wash my clothes/linens daily in borax, detergent, and dawn dish soap, (soaking for an hour before agitating.)
    then I dry on high heat with bounce sheets, the results are mixed, but I think my science is getting better.
    7. my shoes frighten me. I don’t want to wear shoes anymore.
    I freeze them, I hairdryer them, I DE them, I steam them (?)
    I want to burn them… I have no idea how to kill them in my shoes.

    my only true relief has come from large amounts of food grade diatomaceous earth left on the carpets/ furniture and rigorous cleaning with lysol on a nearly daily basis, I even washed my walls and ceilings down with a Neem, Murphy’s, and borax mix which seems to have helped. I got on it pretty quick so I had a chance to slow things before they got truly horrible I think, but they were pretty bad, I couldn’t walk into my house without feeling them land on my face.. I have no lesions, or any external dermatological symptoms, aside from super tiny, slightly itchy, light red spots here and there. I also feel tiny pin pricks on occasion, but not for the last couple of days, but I am reluctant to say that things are ok if they’re not.

    So my fear is that they are mostly feasting internally, I’ve felt them in my ears and on my eyeballs, as well as in my sinus cavities. My girlfriend has experienced the crawling, as well as a couple of my other house mates, but
    with nothing lasting. . I’m going to try capturing one for identification soon, will keep posted as to whether it is in fact collembola or just my IMAGINATION….

    Q: why is this one of the oldest known arthropods in existence,
    yet nobody seems to know anything about them… dare I say WTF? I’m not normally one for short hand, but I’m trying to keep it family friendly.

    If you’re just beginning to research this topic, and are struggling for clarity as we all are, take every measure possible in order to control them but then in effort to elude mind loss… take a breath.. relax, get a beer with some friends, make a nice meal, go see a movie, sit on your plastic wrapped furniture and read your plastic wrapped book… whatever.. continue on with your life whenever possible..

    thank you all for your insight,

    I’m beginning to see that the internet is everything we ever wanted it to become.

  49. Get an ionic foot bath… Seriously. It is the ONLY thing that I have found that works for me! The “stuff” that this machine will pull out of your body is incredible. I can’t begin to describe the stench but afterwards you WILL feel normal for a while. The thing is, you CAN’T afford to let these things get ahead of you – By electronically sucking a few gazillion out two or three times a week at least maybe you can slowly begin to rid yourself of these parasites.
    I have nothing to do with any machine, or manufacturer, and I get nothing for recommending these things – well, I DO get some satisfaction knowing that a few more of these bio-terrors will be sucked out and destroyed- That’s enough for me!

    good luck-

    • I wanted to add that the “springtails” may possibly explain some of my manifestations. I read yesterday that some types of these little critters can GLOW for up to ten seconds – could this explain some of the brightness I see under the microscope?
      As I mentioned above, my feet seem to be taking the brunt of this attack- so I pulled the liner out of a pair of my tennis shoes and examined them. I saw several dark brown or black objects – they looked like specks to me, really small.. When I tried to grab one with my tweezers it moved. I tried again and once again it moved.. I would up chasing it across the foam shoe liner! Once I finally got it and examined it, I couldn’t tell if it was a springtail or not. I couldn’t distinguish any discernable head or tail.. But now I am certainly open to the parasitical insects aspect of whatever this is-

      • Terry, What kind of ionic foot bath do you have and how do you use it? Do you put anything special in the water? What brand is it? And thanks.

  50. Torpedolynn said:

    What is helping me. Of course I take a lot of suppliments to try and defeat the illness attracting these bugs, but here are the enviromental things I use with pretty good results.

    Dr. Bronners Pepperment Soap. I keep a large bottle in Laundry room and one in bathroom.
    TKO Orange One bottle in laundry room one in bathroom.
    Sea Salt fine grain out of bulk bin
    White Distilled Vinagar
    Witch Hazel
    RoseMary Oil
    Tree tea Oil
    New Hope Soap 2 with Sulfar in it from ESP Botannicals.
    Try and get a conditioner for hair from ESP or Dr. Bronners.

    For lotions. Body Balm from ESP or find one as organic as you can find. I have been looking into using lotions with Olive leaf. Probably will make my own using Cold pressed Coconut oil as the base. Then add in Buckthorn, Olive leaf and possably Tamanue oil (sp).

    In Laundry room Bio-Kleen Prenium Powder

    Menthol Crystals.

    3 24oz spray bottles One in Luandry room. One for shower and one for anything I need to use it for.

    Gold Bond in the Blue bottle and tree tea oil powder. I use these for inside socks and shoes. Spray the outsides with a vinagar mixture I will tell about.

    Vinagar mixture I use on everything. Walls, floors, ceilings, Coats, Shoes, and clean clothes before I whare them.
    Receipe: 24 oz spray bottle with 1/2 cap of TKO orange. A cap of Dr. Bronners Pepperment Soap, 4 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of Rosemary oil. Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with Vinagar. I spray my Jacket inside out everytime I am done using it. Makes for a pretty bug free jacket. I spray the rooms twice a week. In between I have powdered the floor with very little releif. Burning Methol Crytals in a closed bedroom for 20 minutes helps alot. Hold my breath to go in an blow the candle out. If leaving the house I leave bedroom door and closet door open to get fums into the rest of the house. If staying home I open closet door and bedroom door, but once I get a tingle in the eyes in the living room from the fumes I shut the door. I spray bedding every morning with WinterGreen rubbing Alcahol. Wash bedding once a week.

    I am disabled and rarely clean. Once a month I swiftered the ceilings and walls and floors with TKO orange. I have used other orange products. The D-Lemozine (sp) in the product seems to melt the eggs and deter the creature some. So a bucket of water with 2 caps of TKO orange per item. So one bucket for ceilings a fresh bucket for walls and another fresh bucket for floors. Wood furniture can have TKO mixed with a litte Murphys oil soap. Same for wood floors. I used TKO straight once only so far on my wood floors and did not seem to mind the outcome. I will probably only add Murphys oil now every third cleaning to feed the wood.

    Morning Shower is 24 oz bottle mostly filled with hot water. Add what you guess is about 1/4 C. of Vinagar. 1/2 cap of D.B. Pepprmt Soap, and 4 drops of Tea tree oil and 3 drops of Rosemary. Get into shower. Spray head to toe liberally. Rinse body. Leave in hair. Soap up with a orgaic soap Sulfar, Lye, or tar. I like the Sulfar. I use my hands as a wash clothe saves on laundry. While the soap drys on I do my hair with D.Bs Pepprmt soap. Rinse head to toe. Resoap the Sulfar soap and blow dry it on with a blow dryer. If this is too drying then you will need a lotion. I know I need to get to that for me also.

    Like I said the house Vinagar mixture I pre spray clean clothes before I get into shower. The spray seems to discuise me from the bugs and makes living in the clothes near impossable.

    Laundry: Bio-KLeen Prenium Powder per medium load one full scoop. In a softener ball add a 1/4 cup of D.Bs peppermt soap. Put it in with clothes. Put settings on heavy duty and Hot cycle. In bleach tray use 1/2 Cap of TKO Orange. In about 2 weeks clothes should be nearly or all bug free. My clothes are bug free. I keep clean clothes tied in garbage bags and dirty clothe tied in other garbage bags that I store the dirty bags in laundry room. Undress in shower if room. Hatch days soap in tub with 2 Cups of Sea Salt and 1 cap of TKO Orange. Summerge as much of yourself as you can. If you are afraid of a reaction try just a few minutes. The minute you try anything that makes you feel uh oh. Then stop and use less of it or switch ingredients.

    E-mail me if you need links or need to ask questions. There are those who are using olive leaf internally an externally and getting big releif along in their protocals. I use it internally and plan to add it externally. Tanmanue oil I am looking into but have not used yet. Please do not use straight vinagar on yourself. I know of people who have tried this and burnt their skin.

    My night time shower routine is slightly different. I do everything the same but I put in 1/2 Cap of TKO into the spray bottle with my other ingredients and leave it in hair. I do not wash my hair at night. The TKO and other ingredients really cut back on head problems. All the rest of this shower is like the morning one.

    Hope this helps someone.
    In Light Lynn

  51. Ok, I have poor internet connection so will attempt to keep this short (have already lost some long explanatory yarns).
    First off, don’t know if I got these things from my apt or a “new” mattress I bought shortly after moving in. I say “new” ’cause I was determined to avoid any possibility of bedbugs so, for first time in almost 30yrs, I went “new”. Also, though it had tags,stickers, etc. and was wrapped in plastic – it wasn’t a perfect seal. What’s the real likelihood here?!?
    Next: as evolution of situation progressed (and nothing was working!?), I eventually wrapped mattress in other plastic I got at Home Depot.
    Question: I thought plastic was plastic and the stuff I got was/is 0.7mil – can the collembola get through this?!?
    Reason I ask is that am essentially wading through DE I’ve brushed into carpet and it seems to be helping only a little. In some respects I think I’ve just pissed ’em off!?

  52. Though I think current underlying issue is the carpet (that’s as funny as I get anymore) – have also heard these things like/hang-out in paper and like products. Anybody got anything on this?!?
    Am slowly purging (meticulously dusting and bagging) books for resale, goodwill, or trash. (As Nazi as it seems, mostly trash, as I don’t wanna spread these #$%@%#s!).
    Also don’t think my laundry situation/possibilities are cross-contamination free, but am working on it. Have been doing Torpedolynn’s plastic bagging dirty and living out of clean. But, again with the carpet! Seems like best I can do is move as fast and little as possible after shower and get out of apt as soon as possible thereafter. Am open to suggestions/more testimonials on this(?).
    Am slowly purging myself of clothes as well – to at least simplify issue. Would sure help if the freakin’ weather got nicer!

    • I too have found these things in paper bags, in a new loaf of bread, in TV dinners, in a new pair of scoks…EVERYWHERE!
      I had read where Monsanto patented a nano-nematode for cotton that could replicate the host’s DNA… This made sense to me because I have had a ton of these nasties in my socks…and all my socks were cotton. SO..I went to the local Wally World and purchased socks that were not of cotton. At the end of my first day of wearing these new socks they were once again loaded with these fibers! So it ISN’T the cotton? Or is it the cotton AND everything else? I tell you what, America RUNS on cotton! It is involved in our daily lives like few other substances- If you wanted to infest/infect America, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way than by the use of cotton-

  53. Have been using Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap in shower (and only that – for hair, etc.) with some “comfortable” results. After massaging into hair/scalp, I lather up with wash cloth and thoroughly, but gently (’cause bites/sores on chest and back still hurt), scrub into every nook and cranny. I then stand there (water has been off since I initially wetted down) for as long as I can take the freaky sensation (about 2mins).
    Also use DB’s as laundry soap. Think it helps.
    So, Aaron said he saturated his car with DE. Thought I did the same but found it difficult to get it into headliner. How did you accomplish that part?
    Also, as I heard they like paper products, I would try another alternative to sitting on cardboard while in car (as I think you mentioned you do?).
    Another aspect: do these things really like/freak-out with electricity – particularly computers, but also static, etc.?!? Have been unplugging TV and everything else when not in use but don’t know if it’s making a difference(?).
    Another one for Aaron (or anyone, of course!): you said you got an air mattress. As soon as weather permits, I will haul my “new” mattress to dump. So, I guess my issue stills centers around my “prolific” carpet, ’cause I don’t get how these things can’t hop (or whatever they do!) onto the bedding itself.
    Herein lies my biggest/longest-standing issue: getting a “peaceful” night’s sleep. Has anyone else noticed that the alarm clock for these critters goes off at (what?) around 6-7am?!? Have further noticed (when I have the time to attempt to sleep-in) that after about an hour of going nuts, they calm down again!?

    • You could try vaseline on the bed legs.
      I use a decoy mat beside the bed. A nice wool sheepskin that they prefer to my satins and synthetic sleeping bag. They’re destroying it but I can shake it out, vacuum it & turn it skin side up, throw it out even. I kept a few wool/ cotton blend socks to put on my hands and sweep them from the bed, turn inside out into a plastic back and some days you can get back in. Getting used to my new synthetic world but they did eventually eat/ scavenge the sleeping bag. I’ve seen the fibre critters move through glass.
      Yes on the electric Buzz. Initial detox was like being a competing Pole. Blowing phones, appliances, lights constantly. Get into the habit of grounding yourself frequently. If you have a plastic tub adding Epsom salts helps connect you to the pipes.
      Can’t beat friction, feet wiping on metals.
      I use a Bio Enzyme spray in the car and a essential oil air freshener lemon grass, citrus or citronella seems to work best. Burning lavender incense and adding essential oils to the blow out filter on your vacuum helps clear the air.
      They seem to settle with some types of music and rage/ paralyse with others. If you find something they like you might get a sleep in.
      Hope this is of some help.

  54. Suggestion/question: Thought I read somewhere that someone benefitted from bathing with Phisoderm. Haven’t yet tried it myself but it reminded me when I lived in Africa and the Peace Corps issued PhisoHEX (Phisoderm’s prescription relative). I used to bathe (bucket-bath) with that stuff every day and never had either microbial issues or adverse effects (and both were out there!). I wonder if that would help(?). Enquired at drugstore the other day and pharmacist said it’s still available but they didn’t have it in stock (nor did I have a script for it anyway).
    What I did find (and was available OTC) was Hibiclens (Chlorhexidine) – also an antimicrobial and commonly used in hospitals for (among other related things) surgical prep. Have yet to try it.
    Will ask again if anyone has tried Cedarcide in home? Think I’m going to order some, and the really pricey “fogger”.

    • Torpedolynn said:

      Hi Some Guy

      When I had a severe outbreak of fleas. The Cedarcide killed all of them but it took five sessions and I had to spray in the attic, then in the house, then under the house and also had to really wet it with PCO with a garden sprayer attached to the hose, Then lastly hit the outer house with the garden sprayer and surround yard and outer boarder of the yard. It was very expensive. The day we saw our last flea and have not seen a flea sense then. That was the same day some unseen bug hit me head to toe. Now according to Cedarcide if I had kept hitting it with Cedarcide I would have won that battle. It was way too expensive. A women in Hawii got rid of her mites with Cedarcide, but it depends on the bugs situation. Also she did internals to defeat what ever is wroung inside us that attracts these bugs.

      I did powder the floors in the really buggy days with a combo of Borax laundry soap and Baking Soda. I would let it set in for three days and Vaccum. Then I very slowly cut the numbers down by spraying my vinagar mixture. You have to run fans to dry the room out or you will just create a mold factory. Burning the menthol crystals has really helped. You can buy a electric burner made for burning oils and put a timer on it to burn while you are not in the room.

      TKO kicks butt on bio-film, bugs on body and laundry. I use it in my Vinagar spray mix for my body, my Vinagar spray mix for the enviroment, and laundry. Your laundry will be so different if you would buy Bio-Kleen prenium plus powder laudry soap and use TKO and DR. Bronners Peppermnt soap. No bugs live in my clothes and pre-spraying them with my Vinagar mix makes it harder for them to find me.

      Hope you can figure a way to get some sleep. I spray my bedding with Wintergreen rubbing Alcahol in the mornings just before burning the menthol crystals. Keeps the bug world very low key. Do a thorough room clean before the routine so to get a fresh start. Buy 2 cheapy swifter sweeper. You the poles out of one box to make the other long enough to reach the ceiling. Use TKO in a bucket of hot water and dry swifter pads on the swifter to get the solution onto the swifer and do ceiling first and remove wall art and work your way down the walls. Do floors last. You can use Murphs oil soap for wood and at times should use it, but you can get away with TKO on alot of things.

      Good luck
      In Light Lynn

  55. […] Collembola – A Major Role in Morgellons Despite the Disinformation «Also showing that you are finding Collembola, I do feel that is the root of our biting and crawling, this is why people find relief by taking Ivermectin, as it can be used to kill mites and other anthropods, however, I do not take any anti-parasiticals. […]

  56. PEERS: has some very informative, researched news that you do not get on CNN or FOX

  57. sorry I meant to send this link for some good news:

  58. It’s a “Qlive” ionic foot bath that I bought off Amazon. It’s dirt easy to use (thank God) Wash your feet in hot water.. as shot as you can stand it – it opens the pores.. Then get a plastic tub like they have at hospitals, that both feet will fit in, OR a bucket – it doesn’t really matter. I use purified water from my Berkey water filter – I heat it up on the stove – not HOT but really warm.. I pour the water in the tub until it gets just at my ankles, then i drop the electronic gizmo from the machine in there. I place it in between the feet making sure that it’s completely under water at all times. Slip on the wired-up bracelet, making sure it too is plugged into the machine.(the submersive gizmo and the bracelet use different sized connectors so you CAN’T mix them up). I use saran wrap and seal up the open space between my ankles and the top of the tub, then I start out at 30 minutes on the timer. I use a pinch of salt to get the energy level up to 2.0 and try to keep it there..don’t go over if you can help it. Then for half an hour i read or distract myself – just pass the time. The machine has a built-in mp3 player and comes with connectors so you can download your own music but i never have. After half and hour the water, the tubm the saran wrap and your feet will be disgustingly nasty. Have some old towels laying around, and a pitcher of cool, clean water to rinse them off… (There is usually enough room left in the tub)

  59. Jennifer Easter said:

    I have this! I have been to the er 4 times, my gp 3 times, and I have my 3 rd derm appt tmrw. I didnt know what I had until this morning. I was googling (like I’ve done all day and night for a month straight) & I came accross a blog that said Collembola hate ammonia…. So I sprayed windex on my hands and they started coming out by the 100s!!! I have many specimens that I’m going to take w/me tmrw. My fear is that all of my specimens appear to be pieces, that they won’t acknowledge it! Ive blown my $4k tax return in 2 weeks going to Dr’s and buying supplements & creams and cleaning supplys. My face looks like I went through a windshield and my hands look like I’m a lepper!!! I’ve always had beautiful skin, and I dont wanna sound vain, but this is MY skin!! I got ill right after Christmas. I was in the shower about to get ready to go celebrate NYE, and I realized I was just to weak to go anywhere… I ended up sleeping for 4 days straight. I couldnt stay awake longer than 2 hours, & I’d be so drained I had to lay back down. On the 5th day I started to feel a bit better, that lasted only a couple of days and I was sick all over again. So I went to the er cuz I dont have insurance and it was the weekend. They did bloodwork and told me I must just have the flu and sent me home.
    I eventually started to function again, but I had a runny nose for at least a whole month. I would get extremely sharp pains in my sinuses too. It was worse in the cold air, it was pure torture just to walk to the car. Then when that finally subsided I started getting weird red bumps on my face and the itching started. I’m 34 years old and have never had any bad acne. I get a few pimples around my monthly cycle, sometimes… I would try to pop the pimples and it was like if I popped 1, 4 more would pop up! I thought that was odd, but was curious as to what was going on w my skin, so I kept picking at it. It ended up getting infected. By the time I realized it was infected, I felt nauseas, muscle aches, extremely weak and fatigued, and my lymph nodes were so swollen I couldnt turn my head….My neck hurt just to touch it!
    So in fear that I had a staph infection, I went to the er. They were so rude, and treated me like I was crazy, like I’d done it to myself! The Dr didnt even touch me, let alone scrape my skin. He said it looked like a staph or strep infection prescribed me doxycyline for 10 days, and discharged me.
    Well the infection cleared up, but as soon as antibiotics stopped, these monsters started devouring my face!!!
    Me not knowing what it was would examine my skin all day and night trying to figure it out…. Then one night I saw something moving thru my hands and I panicked…. My first thought was scabies so I took the whole family to the er (again)
    I was so sure that I wasnt prepared for the way they treated me! They deemed me delusional, pulled my fiance in another room a & asked him how I’d been acting lately. All while my kids get to see their mom cry and be called crazy!
    That was a month ago, and since then its just gotten outta control! I keep going to dr’s and keep getting pushed around. How I figured out it was Collembola: I called my sons pediatrician & told him I suspected pinworms. Him being a GOOD Dr called in vermox for the whole family. I also started taking colloidal silver under the tongue 4x a day. Literally 5 hours after vermox, all the stuff started pouring out of my skin!! It feels like glass in my skin and it hurts unbelievably bad! So in picking all these pieces out, my face became infected again. So I went to a diff er and he once again didnt touch me or scrape my skin, but prescribed me 2 strong antibiotics…. 24 hours after I started antibiotics, these things started pouring out worse than the first time! Now I’m able to collect good samples & we’ll see what dr says tmrw 🙂
    Sorry tnis is so long… This is the worst thing that physically happened to me in my LIFE!! I’m telling my whole story in hopes of helping others 😉
    Couple more points I wanted to make. The whole time this has been going on, & I would pick at these, it didn’t hurt. Almost as if they were becoming my skin! I once picked a scab off and watched it close over in less than 2 mins!!! When I started these antbiotics, I woke up and OMG hurts SO unbelievably bad!!!! I’m wondering if it was the collembola or the staph that did that. Also I read somewhere that its impossible for collembola to live IN human skin cuz the ph balances wouldnt be right for their environment. Well if someone has staph then wouldnt that make an environment of bacteria and fungus that these little demons thrive off of???? I wonder how many people w this have had staph, or may be a carrier of it….Dr’s REALLY need to quit being so lazy & get up to date on researching this stuff!! There is no excuse for people to be treated this way! I’ve only been goin thru this a few months and my heart really goes out to ppl whove dealt w this for years… YEARS?!?!?! You must be extremely strong willed, cuz I would go crazy for real!!! (not the fake diagnosed crazy lol)
    Thanks for reading and if anyone wants to contact me, my email is
    Stay strong! We WILL conquer this!!!

    • dividingcricker said:

      with that fire i think you could change there minds…ive been doing this 4 years with slow improvement After spending 1000s on stuff i found kleen green .it is a enzyme to clean yourself .clothes and they are very helpful.My research has been on nanotechnology..which is used in thousands of products but another nano fielg is nanobots a type of life thats used in larvacides..When i started researching you could find these webs everwhere now there all gone erased, never mentioned i know they sprayed this stuff antwhere mosquitoes breed any pest bug lives and now i think the us government stopped it…well i had a few 10 or so open sores that wouldn t heal i used this silver burn cream thats used in the er sds i think. my ex was a rn and i had a tube ….a sugar free diet seems to help….the king diet …i was already on a glutinfree diet so my diet change wasnt so over the top…ps you will get better..its just a slow go also i m trying a cleanse product called zeolite powder but only a few days into it but i m feeling much better but i m not holding my breath….

      • Yep.. I agree about the cleanser AND the diet. I found one called kleen FREE which is an enzyme cleanser like kleen Green and has amylase, lipase, protease, and cellulose in it.. It is the only thing i have found that KILLS the fibers…

      • After reading this a few days ago, I ordered a bottle of Kleen Green. It seems to be helping me with the skin issues better than anything else I’ve tried! I take several supplements, and have changed my diet drastically, but the “biting”, itching, and little lesions on my back, arms and legs, and recently my face, were driving me nuts! The Kleen Green is SO helpful with these things! I’ve also been spraying it all over the place to help clean up my environment. Because it is a natural enzyme cleaner, it is safe to use most anywhere, but you do have to be careful not to get it in your eyes! Thank you SO much for sharing about this product!

        • You have to get them out of your environment or they will simply reinfest your body continuously… What I do (and have done) is this:

          I use Kleen Free in my Rainbow vacuum carpet shampooer attachment and do all my carpets AFTER using a long hose and vacuuming the celings and the walls.. I use a black light (24″ fluorescent tube with mount at WalMart – $10!) to find the “nests” they make in the house. You will see glowing wads of fibers… sometimes white, sometimes neon green or orange..but GLOWING under back light. Use the KF to spray these things before wiping them away into a paper towel…

          IMHO it is CRUCIAL to have a black light because you cannot see them without it..

          Don’t get discouraged!

          May God bless you.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      My advice is not to use windex or ammonia or chemicals, they are toxins. Work on your terrain, ie, fix your internal body balance, as in gut flora, ph, amino acids, electrolytes, but go gentle, never take more than any recommended amount, but back on suguars, eat more veggies.

  60. I thank you for your information. Does anyone use Garlic? its the only thing that is working for me that doesnot cause severe reactions.

  61. It’s both reassuring and distressing to read through this. I’ve been dealing with what I believe to be a Collembola infestation for roughly one year. Although I suspect I’ve been exposed to them much longer. I thought I had a problem with dust mites at first. I would wake up scratching and I’d shine my flashlight like a mad man looking for a cause. I tossed my bed and bought a very expensive bed of natural latex that was advertised to be an environment dust mites don’t thrive in. Unfortunately I later realized my problem is not dust mites. I have a nice expensive bed that I never use. Insult to injury. Instead I often sleep on a wooden floor with bedding I put down. I’m doing more laundry then I ever imagined I would do. I plan on getting a blow up bed but hope to use it temporally. I will order a custom fit mattress protector for one last chance to save my bed.

    I’m not sure how I got them. I believe from my plants. I had 3 large potted plants with tremendous amounts of soil. Once I suspected the problem was bugs, in a foolish effort to save the plants I tossed the soil and re-potted them with miracle grow soil. I think I basically made a zoo and it backfired. I noticed they change too. They seemed to have adapted to my body. At first they were bigger and seemed more interested in my place than me. Now they are smaller and love me. I have friends that come over and feel nothing. They are not even worried about it at all. One friend would sleep at my place when it was at my worst and he has never felt anything to this day. It’s a relief but I suspect like many that for some of us we offer an attractant. I’ve long since tossed my plants and will never own a plant again in my life. Aside from herbs in small pots. At one time my whole place was covered with borax and salt. I had to leave my place for 2 weeks cause it was so bad. I even thought I beat it. What a great joy that was. But then all of a sudden I’d get the tingly feeling on my scalp like a bad omen. When I came back from a long camping trip I slept in my bed and that seemed to set them off again.

    It’s become normal for me unfortunately. The last year sleep has been infrequent and I constantly hear, “you look tired, are you ok?” I understand what some said about worry to spread it. I’ve noticed a co-worker rubbing his eyes. Stopping to take his glasses off. I feel guilty but haven’t had the guts to say anything. Now I notice every time someone scratches or rubs their eyes. I was more open at first but no one I told ever seemed to have a problem with it. And its not an easy topic to bring up. I had a guy stop by in my building doing routine check ups for bed bugs. I told him about my experience and he looked at me like I was nuts. Said to throw my stuff in a dryer for 6 minutes and up to nuke them. He checked for bed bugs and found nothing. Had I had bed bugs the building would have covered the cost and I’d be a much happier man.

    It sounds nasty, but the best way I have to kill them is sucking them in my mouth when they hop. LOL, I am feeling quite loopy. I had it so bad at one time I was sucking them in my mouth all day. They would even get stuck in my throat. Try to get out. The hopping is what led me to believe they are collembola. I figured they were like tiny fleas that don’t suck blood. I’m like a big tree to them. It’s also how I knew I was not crazy. The first time I attacked my place with a vinegar was a horrible night as I was attacked constantly. I was the only safe place in my place so they all came to me! Now I am hyper sensitive and notice them without effort. When I had it really bad my get ready for sleep routine was: I would put on socks, tuck my pj’s into the socks, put on a long sleeve tucked in, a hoody, socks over my hands, a t-shirst tied around my face ninja style, and all through out my clothes I dumped baby powder. I showed my good friend my routine and he couldn’t believe it. I use listerine, kleen free, baby powder, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, lavender oil, vinegar, borax. All with varying results. I was rubbing borax in my hair and leaving it in. I haven’t bothered with a doctor and reading online it seems like my suspicions in regards to the lack of help received to be true.

    Some of these products like menthol crystals and cedar oil sound great, but I tried to order them and could not as I live in Canada. I’m pretty sure my car in infested too. Which sucks. Swimming in community pools seems to help. So I’ve been doing this more often. Will look into cleansing internally. I never thought of that. I was bit by a tick, that I didn’t notice for a few days. I was tested for lime disease and no results. Sometimes I wonder if this is what makes my body attractive to these pests. I love when I read the “experts” dismissing this. If there are an estimated 30 000 different species why is it so hard to at least contemplate the idea that some have developed negative relations with humans? Also before my infestation I was constantly breaking out in hives. Not sure if this is related.

    The only thing I have found to work is complete consistency. I was close and hope to get there again sooner than later. The black light idea is interesting. I will try that. I’ve already said to much, but secrecy isn’t helping so oh well.

    • dividingcricker said:

      bubba i have researched for several years and i lean to a gmo-nanotechnology that was used ….a larvacide that lives 7 years and not a living creature but a nonobot…this larvacide was sprayed in our area (langanex).i think they used this same nano in seed coatings that when the plant grows the nano grows through the plant up to the flower.. so when a bug draws nector the nano infects it..they have THE FBI tried to figure out what the fibers are silicone and polyethelene (this is the coating of the nano) bucky ball i was reading that they have stopped using the silicone/poly buckyball and are using sugar…this poly silicone seems to be causing allergies do ya think…well cleaning the house with kleen green –diet organic sugar free and the nano was created to attract bugs this is why we have bugs….this is just a theory that seems to have developed last year…your not crazy you are nanotoxic and it wiil get better

      • I’m willing to consider anything at this point. I’ve never heard of nano-technology but I will look into it. I’ve read lots of advice suggesting to avoid sugar and internal cleansing so I plan to do that. And cleaning daily is a must. I plan to get rid of clothes I don’t use. I’d hate to just throw them away, but I don’t want to risk passing on anything either. The less clothes I have the better I figure. Less laundry and less to worry about.

    • Hey Bubba, you gotta get some sleep, it is one of your best defences. Even if it is only for a few nights or weeks; or on occasion it is ok to take something like night time benadryl as it is great for itching and also helps you sleep. Or you can take a combo of natural remedies that work well together such as: Easy Now Tea from Traditional Medicinals. Resue Remedy or Sleep Rescue (great one) by Dr Bach the father of homeopathy. Any of the above taken with Melatonin at bed time helps you sleep which sooths the nerves. BTW – you have a funny writing style, lol

  62. Hi Bubba, I live in Canada and I order Menthol Crystals from:
    No problem with delivery but takes about 3 weeks. Ruth

    • Thanks. They look to be all out of the menthol crystals right now. But I will give them a call to see when I can order some. I especially want them for my car.

    • Hi Ruth, Do you still use the crystals? Is it a one time or occasional application? As you know, I am in Canada too and when we move from the rental we are in i am going to steilize the entire house with steam and kleen green but perhaps the crystals would be good to use on the last day before moving so our furniture gets bombed as well.

      • Hi Sharon, Yes I still use the crystals once in awhile now especially in the laundry room. I also do every room about once a month. The crystals really clear the air for me. When things were really bad the menthol was a saving grace. Ruth

  63. Oops, I did that wrong, I meant to type bubba. Thanks for the info

  64. I’m not sure how to edit a post. I meant to say thanks Ruth. They look to be out of the menthol crystals currently but I plan to call them.

    • I don’t know about Canada so I’m just throwing this out there.
      Kleen Green and Tweetmint for cleaning plus an enzyme booster like Nature’s Miracle (petco). I have also found Safe to be a lifesaver… my dog has this too.

      JR Watkins menthol camphor bath soak is the ultimate bees knees, totally natural and safe.

      I am all in for Pathogenix as suggested by JudithK. Good luck!

      I am “cycling ” still but my issues are smaller and smaller.
      God Bless.

  65. Marjorie said:

    Could someone please help me I am new springtails they have invaded my rental and now followed me to a motel this is getting to be too much for me. I have to go back into my rental and can’t keep staying in motels.

    Thank you!


    • Marjorie, though this is a good sight; you may get more help at

      • dividingcricker said:

        So what do you think about the pesticide angle . I really don t think anybody thinks this is the problem but maybe you? My next step was to see if the corperation had a cure or a lab emergency cleanse. I ve tried to find a disgruntled worker or a student that was infected. My other search was litagation with farm workers. I really don t think its the Oomycetes its the unknown crap but I really think this pesticide was the problem. The other study is bucky balls look that up and follow the trail. Maybe you ll shake a tree and find some nuts!

        • DC, I strongly believe that it is the mosquitoe larvacide. David Bell has more than a oomycetes infection. Laginex was weaponized with pherimones (sic) to attract insects.
          This seems a very logical explanation why insects are so attracted to us. The fact that this mosquitoe pesticide is found in fresh water also leads me to believe that it is could be in many water supplies. Remember the bilogist in NJ found murdered at the water purification plant? This is not conspiracy theory but conspiracy reality.

          • dividingcricker said:

            So glad and relived you can research this better than I can ! I guess its been taken off the market but wondered what the lasting effects might be.? I guess were living it. Now all we/you have to do is put this into some kind of convincing format . Poisoned: the morgellons story.I m still hoping that the 7 year life is a fact.or can we look at a lifetime of this lifestyle? Wonder if this disease is in another name right under our nose and it already is listed as a poision/cure in the industry ?Nanotoxic /nanotoxicology Ive looked but you do seem to uncover more ,well see what you can find ,maybe in germany or china ,they would have a open medical system

  66. dividingcricker said:

    Sharon Ive been looking there are some nanotoxicology webs but I haven t seen the cleanse for nanos . My eyeopener was how small a nano is one thousand laid together don t equal the thickness of a piece of paper, It takes 25,000,000 laid end to end to make a inch 25 million! To study nanos you need an electron microscope! There are over a 1000 products on the market and maybe there are 10s of thousands on the market. they already are using nanos in drugs ,i was looking at a pain killer asprin commercial on tv ,It really seems that there going full steam ahead with nanotechnology in all its forms. I saw a famous lady on cnn talking about all the new cancer cures using nanos S/S Did you wiki THE GREY GOO! Well I guess all technology has its scary side .Its really scary when your on the recieving end of bad seed . Did We Scare Everybody ?

    • Hey DC, did you read all of the info on David Bell’s site? There was another co worker who fell ill as well. Seranade, Sonata, and Laginex are GMO but I do not think that they are nano. It is surely why so many of us have trouble kicking this. I wish I could afford to go to the Conference they have in Texas. There are different people doing research; hopefully they can co ordinate.
      I have more to say but do not want to be banned.

      • dividingcricker said:

        Believe me sharon many thousands of people are talking about (Sharon and DC on the Mr C site) Did you buy an electron microscope? LOL This stuff isn t a gmo its a concentrate made into a spray 1oz is mixed with water then sprayed by plane about 700 to a 1000ft with no wind its designed nanopesticide using bucky balls.Ithink that later this same stuff was added into the seed coating , mixed with the normal chemicals on the GMOS. Now this grows through the roots and reaches the flower so any bug comming to pollinate gets infected. Pretty sick isn t it killing the butterflys and the bees. I really think they figured out what was happining and put a stop to it but the damage was done. theres to much future in nanotechnology for antbody to rock the boat,even the government!


  68. My symptoms began when I was doing therapy with a boy, who had lesions all over his arms. He was scratching repeatedly and he told me that he thought he had bed bugs at home. As soon as I left, I began itching and had welts all over my legs, that quickly faded. I thought I could have picked up bed bugs from him, so I washed clothes and immediately took a shower when I got home. It is now three months later and bed bugs, fleas, & scabies have been ruled out. I received treatment for scabies, which only helped with the itching temporarily. I have been cleaning non stop and still am not able to get rid of this. The itching is worse at night, but I still feel the crawling and itching when I put jeans or pants on. This leads me to believe that they stay or live in my skin. At night, I’m being bitten constantly and little tiny welts are appearing all over me. My fiance only gets bit when he sits on the couch, and he doesn’t seem to have an allergic response to these bites. My son is also being affected but not to the extent of what I’m dealing with. I think they are living in my hair too and often feel a crawly sensation. When I wake up, I find tiny, black pepper looking specks on my body and on my bed. I tried going to the sauna recently and felt them crawling on me as soon as my body got warm. I believe some even crawled in my ears to find safety.

    The interesting thing is that I have my window open a lot and realized about a week ago, that bugs are living on my screen. When I smacked the screen, many flew away but the majority stayed there. I haven’t opened my window since. The bugs are tan colored and almost look like pieces of wood. They are small enough to get through my screen. I have seen a couple in my house, near my sink since then. Also, I’ve been experiencing sharp pains in my chest and stomach, that did not start until this itching started taking place. I’m really starting to believe that it’s Collembola. I ordered some food grade Diatamaceous Earth and plan on sprinkling it around my house and taking some orally with my food. Does anyone know if this stuff works for Collembola?? I’m desperate for help, its taking a toll on my sanity, my family, and my career.


    • Jessica, don’t panic, easy to say but we have all been there. It does get better. Follow the Poor Mans Protocol or PPII here on the main page. If you want a support group there is a great bunch of people, join us in Facebook at U.K. Morgellons as well as the Charles E Holman Foundation for information, support and updates on research. Read Mr Commons Sense’ final words in the End, there is some good advice.

  69. Valerie Thomas said:

    Hi I am looking for the pictures of the collembola that you had posted originally. The link is no longer there and I was wondering if you saved them on your computer and could repost or email to me directly. I have these things in my hair and they have been popping out of me dead and/or alive for almost a year. I am better but just got re-infected and I am declaring war. Thank you so much for sharing all of this information. Valerie

    • There is a mustard treatment I descovered recently for scalp and all over body treatment.
      2 Tablespoons Dry Mustard Powder to 2 Tablespoons Water added to enough shampoo and body wash for one application. Wash all over with it as well as hair. You can also add it to your body lotion to apply at night before bed. They do not like mustard, which is also an antifungal. Perhaps just typing in collembola photo or diagram into your search engine will show you what they look like. The one posted here I believe was extremely small almost microscopic.

      don’t panic, easy to say but we have all been there. It does get better. Follow the Poor Mans Protocol or PPII here on the main page. If you want a support group there is a great bunch of people, join us in Facebook at U.K. Morgellons as well as the Charles E Holman Foundation for information, support and updates on research. Read Mr Commons Sense’ final words in the End, there is some good advice.

  70. Alicia Nettles said:

    My friends and I are infested with Collembolo . It is awful and no one believes us although we are educated and hold responsible positions. We would love to help you expose this parasite.

  71. EmmettLBrown said:

    It is believed that pharmaceuticals destroy the immune system in the gut, resulting in an imbalance that leads to candida overgrowth and collembola. The condition that makes this possible is initiated by Centers for Disease Control regs on immunizations and vaccinations that are Thimerisol laced (containing mercury), and perpetuated by over-the-counter meds. Exposure to lead from batteries and mercury in teeth fillings exascerbate the problem. Chelkation of toxic metals, followed by restoring the immune system and kidney, with a fungal, alcohol, sugar, yeast and dairy low or free diet for every member of the house reduces their reproduction, along with cloves, lemons, and wormwood reduces activity. The sulfer may be substituted for vinegar and borax on clothes. As far as steps toward a cure, I heard UC San Diego was working on nano-bots that will not be rejected by the immune system.

    • I couldn’t agree more Emmett. It is my belief – with lots of fact filled research to prove it – that this is being DONE TO US.. I have examined too many specimens that contain numbers and/or letters to believe that this insidious “disease” is anything but a bio-weapon. The parasitic invasion comes only after this man-made infestation has corrupted the body into a more hospitable host.

      • I am new to this sight. I have been struggling with Morgellons for 1.5 year. I have absolute proof its collemboli – atleast on me. The bug has attacked my head and face the most. I have it every where but my head is the worst. I purchased a 10X magnifying glass just to try and see what was crawling all over my face, eyes, nose, and mouth. I could see these verying sizes of black specs. When I tried to scoop them up with end of a needle some would crawl back into my skin, some would jump, and some would crawl away. However, I could catch a few. Sometimes they jumped and landed accidentally on my needle. I spent a few hours day and night trying to keep them off my face so I could sleep. I used betadine to kill them then I could wipe off. If I sweat the bugs would come onto my face in great numbers. I started using scotch tape to get them off my body. I couldnt make out what type of bug they were so I purchased a small microscope. I immediately could tell they were collemboli. The largest one I have is barely visible by the eye and just looks like a spec. The other samples arent visible without the 10x magnifying glass. I recently had a hatching in my nose and I had an instant head ache. So I knew they were going into my sinuses. I started looking around my face and I could see little trails every where. They all lead to my mouth, nose or eyes. The collemboli are getting their fluids from these areas unless I sweat. I have started sleeping with vasoline around my nostrils, mouth and eyes. That has helped some. A few months ago my entire tongue peeled off the top layer of skin. I now know why. It hasnt happened again since I started using vasoline. Who do I need to contact about my evidence? My infestation just happens to be bad enough and in a visible place. I just dont know where to go from here. Bobbi

  72. Seems like lone European said:

    I’m with you on this! I I think this is the governments answer to over population. Fill us with loads of harmful chemicals kill us off at an earlier age and make some rich and powerful allies with food and pharmaceutical in the process! But I seriously think they have bitten off more than they can chew with this super bug. They are horrendous and filthy bugs but respect where respect is due very, very intellegent.I have been using cinnamon and cloves in my food, baths and creams and they are really useful

  73. Thanks for intelligently acknowledging a legit problem. Tired of know it all people on line invalidating everyone else’s experience telling them there’s no such thing etc.

  74. RegisteredNurse said:

    Go to the doctor and lie! Say you have jock itch and athletes feet. Ask for Nystatin ointment. Rub it around your hairline, face, feet, elbows, knees and groin inclunding the anus. Wash your clothes and spray everything with a 50/50 solution of dawn (five min soak) solution. Clean your environment everyday! Wash your sheets everyday. You can pass this along to others with close skin to skin contact. Although everyone is not susceptible to the same level of infestion. With some it is localized others it is full body. Sprinkle sheets with gold bond medicated body powder. Go a low candida diet. These these live in the gut also. Eat Activia. The probiotics crowd out the invaders. The key seems to be treat it as a massive candida infection. When these things start to die off you will feel pressure under your skin and in your gut because when they die off the release toxins. You might start to feel the effects similar to the candida die off. It doesn’t happen overnight but with work your can rid yourself of these things.

  75. has anyone experienced “hair loss” with this condition ?

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Yes, very common, I had lost a ton of hair before I started to display symptoms, it has come back however …

  76. In the last five years, I’ve spoken to more than 1,000 people affected by parasites including scabies mites, bird mites, rodent mites, mange mites and beyond. I was never quite sure if the springtail debate was valid until a client collected samples from his bed and used a microscope with a camera to capture images. He sent the images to me, and I found myself looking at pictures of springtails. Before that incident, I had treated springtails like garden pests. I had helped countless people resolve springtail issues without knowing how serious these little critters could be for folks with suppressed immune systems. In the end, experience is the best teacher. These days, I pay very close attention to clients battling mold infestations, and sure enough, I’ve observed a valid link between mold, springtails and crawling sensations. In some cases, springtail specimens can be collected and observed. In other cases, the offending parasite simply can’t be captured or identified. Pay close attention to the comment submitted by Registered Nurse. If you find yourself chronically infested by a mystery parasite, treat it as a massive candida infestation. If you’re looking for a product you can purchase without a prescription, try Lotrimin powder spray for jock itch or athlete’s foot. If chemical creams and ointments aren’t working, try mixing essential oils with hypoallergenic skin lotions. (Essential oils kill mold, bacteria and parasites. Go for cedar, tea tree, oregano or eucalyptus.) If topical treatments seem to merely knock down the crawling sensations without fully eradicating the problem, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working. It simply means that the offending parasite is protected by many epidermal layers. You’ve killed the surface dwelling organisms, but there are always more coming up through the pores. A proper battle against chronic parasite infestation should be conducted from the inside out. For internal treatment, my clients rave about Peppermint Plus Softgels, organic Tumeric pills and raw garlic. Natural remedies are no joke. (They are now using essential oils against MRSA in hospitals!) Above all, get the yeast and sugar out of your diet. This seems to be the most difficult rule for chronic mite victims to follow. My average client blows through two or three pest control operators before contacting me. They’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on pest control, yet they can’t seem to stop eating yeast for more than a week or two. (It can take a month or two to notice profound changes.) I would also recommend buying a microscope if your mystery mite battle has become chronic. Even a cheap microscope designed for students will be adequate for your needs. It’s vital to put this technology into your hands because too many mite problems are misdiagnosed. For example, there’s a specific type of mange mite that jumps and moves like a springtail. Capturing samples will help you develop a pest control agenda that matches your specific needs. Proper identification may also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. For example, the scabies mite doesn’t require home treatment if pets aren’t involved. It simply can’t live far from the human host, so massive pest control measures are useless. If you feel confused about the circumstances surrounding a mystery mite infestation, I can teach you how to capture and identify samples from the home. I charge nothing for consultations, and you don’t have to buy products. My greatest hope is to spread awareness and create an environment where mite victims are no longer shunned by doctors and dermatologists. P.S. I wish the medical community would stop trying to discredit Dr. Wymore.There’s a critical shortage of physicians and entomologists who are willing to research parasites and study infested people.The remaining soldiers in this battle risk infection, persecution and public disdain. For God’s sake, leave the researchers alone and let them conquer territory that others fear to tread. University entomologists who spend most of their time lecturing in classrooms aren’t exactly qualified to deliver a verdict on the springtail’s ability to infest human skin. Neither are dermatologists who primarily deal with acne and cosmetic issues. If there are a few brave specialists willing to study chronically infested clients, why should they be discouraged and abused?

    • Hi Bethenny, How can I get ahold of you?

      • Lucy: You may call me at 734-782-5205 or visit my website at Rest assured I won’t try to sell you anything, but please contact me Monday through Thursday, as I have a weekend business that keeps me away from home Friday through Sunday. I’m particularly concerned with teaching people how to capture proper samples because it’s SO CRITICAL when approaching doctors for medical treatment. A lot of people in the Morgellons community have developed a mistrust for physicians, but I want to encourage you to keep visiting doctors and keep trying. It’s not that doctors don’t care. It’s that they can’t deliver an absolute diagnosis without OBSERVING the offending organism. If you’re dealing with a parasite that tends to drop off after feeding, it will be extremely difficult to diagnose your condition beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s why I encourage all chronically infested individuals to buy microscopes.

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