To PalMD and Gang

PalMD and gang. I would like to challenge you to help us. Why not do something more productive rather than just making posts (bait) to further lure in Morgellons sufferers for there next round of punishment? Personally, I am not hurt by the mocking and stuff, it really doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t have the need for people to believe that Morgellons is real, I’m so beyond that at this point. I am only after the truth no matter where it leads. Many of us are really suffering terribly, you cannot imagine some of the letters I have read lately.

I know there are some people who read your blog that are in fields that can help us. Pete D has offered to have Morgellons fibers looked at and I know there are many sufferers who desperately need help. You guys could do something far more productive than what you are doing now.


Why not put together a little team to investigate Morgellons and see what you can find? You might actually discover something truly great.


Right now the arguments going on your blog really wont lead to solutions. Many are saying, “IT’S REAL, IT’S REAL”  and then others are saying “NO IT’S NOT, NO IT’S NOT” but some of those saying “No it’s not” have the ability to actually do some real science and help us. Let’s get beyond this rhetoric and get our two sides working together. I know there is a lot of junk science on our side, and some of it could be in my blog posts, but what are we to do? I am reaching out to you and your readers to help us. Isn’t this the only logical thing to do?

Think about it, it could be a really interesting project for you and your readers. Just think of the readership, it would literally explode and be the most exciting thing that has come about in a long time …

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  1. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Well, I posted a request on PalMD’s latest blog post regarding Morgellons, it appears it was blocked as others have posted since my post and they are approved. I guess we have our answer then. The posts are merely bait to lure sufferers in to be mocked. It would appear that Dr. Peter A. Lipson (PalMD) isn’t really interested in helping us but merely gets a kick out of mocking those he disagrees with through sites such as

    It would seem we are not the only ones with whom he has an ax to grind …

    In April 2007, Peter Lipson, a doctor of internal medicine, attempted to edit the article on breast cancer to include evidence against Conservapedia’s statement naming abortion as a major cause of the disease, but found his medical credentials being questioned by Schlafly and other Conservapedia administrators, all of whom ended the debate by deleting Lipson’s edits and blocking Lipson’s account. Several editors, including Lipson, started another website, RationalWiki, which offers criticism of and satirical articles about Conservapedia, its administrators, and the conservative Christian viewpoint which it promotes. According to an article published in the LA Times in 2007, “From there, they (Lipson and his fellow editors) monitor Conservapedia. And—by their own admission—engage in acts of cyber-vandalism.”

    It’s too bad too. I really thought they were interested in helping for a brief moment. Dr. Lipson, I hope someday you find inner peace as you seem to have so much angst to spend so much time on the internet doing what it is you do. It’s funny, I suffer so much pain and am inflicted with such a frightening disease yet my inner peace is so wonderful. My self worth is not derived in being superior, or right, or better than anyone else. I have nothing against you and hope some day you find whatever it is you are looking for.

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