I really do feel that Collembola do play a role in our itching and crawling sensations. In fact, I believe they are responsible for the majority of my crawling and biting sensations at this point. If I am correct, and I’m not sure I am, are they here to feed on fungi and or bacteria in my body? As I stated in  my very first post “It would seem the skin and body of the Morgellons sufferer has become like a rotting log, or the very least as favorable a home to both soil bacteria and soil based pests that they are both perfectly at home living in us”. However, not covered in this post are the fungi and bacteria that are found in the gut of the Collembola, could they set this whole thing in motion in us? Some are quite pathogenic. Just thinking out loud here.

I have a FIR (Far Infrared) heating pad that I purchased through Dr. Staninger and when I break out in these red pimple like things the FIR heatpad makes them go away and my skin returns to healthy looking very quickly, but it wasn’t cheap, around $350.00 if I recall. I don’t urge you to run out and buy one as it might not do the same for you and I know how much so many of you have already spent on things that haven’t worked. I have been considering lately as to whether or not the heating pad is killing them.

This post is a follow up to my first post regarding Collembola titled “Collembola – A Major Role in Morgellons Despite the Disinformation” and I hope you find this post interesting as well. I have found even more interesting information regarding Collembola. Here is a quote from http://www.earthlife.net/insects/collembo.html

They are generally small and some species of Neelidae (Collembola) are among the smallest hexapods in the world at just over 0.2 mm long (about the same size of the period at the end of this sentence) while the largest Collembola are in the family Uchidanuridae which can reach 10 mm in length. Most species live for a year or less, however some live considerably longer and the record for long life in the laboratory is 67 months for a specimen of Pseudosinella decipiens.

Most Collembola feed on the fungi and bacteria found in rotting organic matter but many arboreal (living in trees) and epidaphic (living on the surface of the soil) species also feed on algae. Some feed on other plant materials and in some places particularly Australia Sminthurus viridus is a pest of lucerne crops. A few other species are carnivorous feeding on Nematodes and other Collembola.

Note that above text mentions that some species of Collembola can be as small as .2 mm.  Just so we are clear on things .2 mm is very small, .2 mm = 0.000787 of an inch !!!!! There are an estimated 30,000 to 100,000 undiscovered species of Collembola.



So How Small Can Insects Be Anyway?

fly The smallest insects are fairy flies, which are insects that parasitize other insects’ eggs by laying their eggs inside them. Fairy flies are only 1/5 of a millimeter in length. Many beetles are less than one millimetre in length, and the North American Feather-winged Beetle Nanosella fungi, at 0.25mm, is a serious contender for the title of smallest insect in the world. Other insect orders which contain extremely small members are the Diptera (True Flies) and the Collembola (Springtails). The “feather-winged” beetles and the “battledore-wing fairy flies” are smaller than some species of protozoa (single cell creatures). Megaphragma caribea a hymenopteran parasite from Guadeloupe, measuring out at a huge 0.17 mm long is in contention for the smallest insect.

See http://www.entomon.net/smallest-fastest-insects-alive.htm for more information. We are talking about flies here that you probably couldn’t see with your naked eye, amazing.


Okay, Back to Collembola

My first post talked about the National Pediculosis Association’s (NPA) study where they identified Collembola in 18 of 20 individuals studied, and also the 1955 cases is Sweden (there were many), and finally the 80 year old Woman in Romania. I would like to thank Sidney, one of our fellow readers and somebody that knows a lot about this subject. She pointed out to me that there were some mistakes in the identification in the samples of the 80 year old woman. She has first hand knowledge of this case.


rotifersSidney stated:


When Neculai removed the Collembola and Rotifers from the body of the 80 year old Romanian woman please bear in mind Neculai was not an entomologist, but a veterinarian pathologist and head of the department of veterinary medicine at his university. This was not a case of “sample contamination.” The Collembola was removed from the Romanian woman’s tissue by a needle aspiration biopsy. The corrections I mentioned in my email refer to the PUPA and LARVAL stage which Collembola do not have. Rotifers were also found within the Romanian woman’s skin (actual photos shown left), along with bundles of fibers.


I didn’t include the pictures of the fibers that Sidney sent to me but suffice it to say they look like our typical fiber bundles. So, some of the images that were put forth as various stages of the adult Collembola on my first post were actually found to be Rotifers.  If you really want to know more about Rotifers see this article “Epizoic and parasitic rotifers”. There is a interesting quote from the parasitic rotifer article (but you should click on the link and read the entire abstract).


There appear to be few records of epizoic or parasitic rotifers among vertebrates, apart from Encentrum kozminskii on carp, Limnias ceratophylli on the Amazonian crocodile, Melanosuchus niger, and an unidentified Bdelloid apparently living as a pathogenic rotifer in Man.

So, I’ll bet you can sense yet another blog post coming on Rotifers in the future and you would be correct, but for this post we are going to stay on the topic of Collembola.


More Cases of Human Collembola Infestation

collembola1 Let’s start with Dr. Omar, M. Amin, Ph.D., founder of PCI, who is a Professor of Parasitology and who works with something he calls Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) which to me at least, seems to be exactly the same thing as Morgellons, though he might differ with me on that. The photo shown on the left is of a springtial (Collembola) that was taken from an actual patient. If you really want to dive into some of Dr. Amin’s information see this PAGE and follow the links on NCS. And if you hit this PAGE look at Table #2 and notice how many were documented to have springtails (another name for Collembola).

Here is a quote regarding the Collembola shown above from Dr. Amin’s site.


Scalp lesions also occur in patients with neurological symptoms and are usually associated with arthropod infestation.  JH (a tall, healthy, well-nourished, middle aged white American female from Arizona) had a number of such lesions (Fig. 4) from which springtails (Collembola: Insecta: Arthropoda) (Fig. 5) were collected by myself in December, 1995.  There is only two other published reports of springtails from humans (Hunter et al., 1960; Scott et al., 1962).


Very interesting. Dr. Amin mentions that there are only two other published reports of springtails in humans. However, he doesn’t mention any of the cases in my first blog post, nor did I mention the cases he is referring to (Hunter et al., 1960; Scott et al., 1962). But as you are about to find out, we are just getting started. We are very grateful for your work Dr. Amin, you provide an amazing amount of information to aid in our search on your site.


Collembola causing itching, biting, irritation, and papules …

Pescott, R.T.M. (1942:68-69) Australia:
“In 1939, specimens of springtails were received from a Melbourne specialist who stated that they were causing skin troubles on a female patient. The insect in question was the species Entomobrya multifasciata Tull., a European species originally described in 1871, but which is now cosmopolitan in its distribution. Womersley (3) records it as being common in cultivated areas in the Australian States. The symptoms of this case were as follows : the patient experienced a sharp biting sensation, followed by intolerable itching. There were few marks on the body with an occasional excoriated papule, while the irritation was distributed fairly generally over the trunk and limbs, but was most marked around the waist. Several specimens of the insect responsible for the condition were found on the patient’s body. She received no active treatment, but her clothes and bedclothes were sterilised and this was sufficient to destroy the insect and thereby remove the irritation.
On considering the origin of this infection, it appeared that the patient had recently moved into a new house where the garden was in the process of being made. The insects had apparently migrated to the patient when the grass, weeds and soil outside were disturbed.”

“In 1941, specimens of another springtail were received from a military hospital in Victoria, where skin irritations were occuring among the nursing staff. The species concerned was Entomobrya tenuicauda Schott., a native insect originally described in 1917 from Queensland, later recorded by Womersley (3) from Western Australia and Tasmania, and now from Victoria. In this instance, the presence of the insect produced on several nurses raised lumps very similar to mosquito bites, and which later were very irritable. In one instance there was also a good deal of reddening of the calf of the leg. These conditions lasted for somewhat less than twenty-four hours in each case, but reoccurred the next day, probably from more ‘bites’. On analyzing this case, it appears certain that the insects were introduced into the hospital with flowers, and from there moved on the affected nurses during their normal routine duties.”

Womersley suggested that the easily detached, long ciliated hairs of Entomobrya species undoubtedly would cause skin irritations.  Pescott concludes that severe skin irritation can be caused by certain species of Collembola: “Typical symptoms are a biting sensation, followed by intense irritation and the production of small pimple-like bodies.

Mackie, T.T., Hunter, G.W. & Brooke Worth, C. (1945:541-542) Australia:
“The Collembola are primarily phytophagous and are not usually thought of as medically important insects. Two Australian species, however, Entomobrya multifasciata Tullb. and E. tenuicauda Schott have recently been recorded as attacking man, the patients complaining of a sharp, biting sensation followed by irritation and papules similar to mosquito bites, with pruritus.”

Cited from Scott, H.G., Wiseman, J.S. & Stojanovich, C.J. (1962:430):
Entomobrya nivalis (cosmopolitan) and Entomobrya tenuicauda (Australasian) have been reported as causing a pruritic dermatitis in man.”

Cited from Ebeling, W. (1975):
“They [Collembola] have never been incriminated in the transmission of any human disease, but Entomobrya nivalis L., a cosmopolitan species, has been reported to cause an itching type of dermatitis in man, …”

Martini, M. (1952:354) cited from Bryk, F. (1955:1824) :
“Very discomforting mosquito-like skin irritations attributable to collembolans of the genus Entomobrya attempting to bite. ”

Mertens, J. in Christiansen, K. (1998 in 2001:in litt.) Belgium:
” Several years ago our Faculty of Medicine once offered me ‘strange small insects’, which were considered as being responsible for causing allergic reactions on the skin of a woman. Those insects were Seira domestica. I could prove that the scales of Seira on the cushioned seats caused the allergy. As you know, Lepidocyrtus, has scales too. ”

Mertens, J. (2004:in litt.) Belgium:
“In 1976 (or 1977), our Faculty of Medicine was puzzled by a rare case of skin allergy in a woman, living near Ghent. The allergy was caused by the scales of Seira domestica on a cushion of a rotan chair. Whenever the woman used the rotan chair, the allergic skin response occured (and only then). The chair was located in the veranda, which was quite moisty and where the temperature was enjoyable. It turned out that the hollow rotan branches of the chair hosted a population of Seira domestica. During the night, they left their hiding place and crawled all over the chair. The cushion collected many of the lost scales, causing as such the allergic reaction.”

Scott, H.G., Wiseman, J.S. & Stojanovich, C.J. (1962:430) Texas:
“Springtail insects (Orchesella albosa Guthrie, 1903, forma ainslieri Folsom, 1924) were found infesting the heads and pubic areas of a family in Buffalo, Leon County, Texas, in June 1961. No dermatitis was reported due to this infestation, and the source of the insects was not determined. Based upon known habits of this species, some moldy household item (perhaps bedding) was probably involved. Orchesella albosa has never before been reported infesting man or houses. Its chewing mouthparts are probably not capable of biting man.


At this point I’m going to stop referencing cases. There are many, many more on the following links at the end of this post that you will find extremely interesting. I wish I had time to do this post justice but I’m so busy just trying to be a dad, hold down a job, and stay well. However, if anyone is interested in finding out if Collembola can infest human beings the answer is on this post and in the following links.

One could make the argument, okay, so maybe you could dig up 30 or 40 cases of springtails in human tissue using the links below, but that’s not very many. And I would answer that with “Yes, but who is looking? We are told we are DOP without so much as an examination”


References (there is a wealth of case history on these links)

If you take the time to look at these links, especially the first two you will begin to realize there are a lot of references of human infestation of springtails (Collembola) in man. As as referred to above in the medical literature the patient experienced a sharp biting sensation, followed by intolerable itching. There were few marks on the body with an occasional excoriated papule, while the irritation was distributed fairly generally over the trunk and limbs it sure sounds a lot like us.


FOOTNOTE:  Dental Products Causing Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) Symptoms in NCS Patients

See http://members.cox.net/llyee/dental_products_causing_neuro-cutaneous.html

The toxic ingredients common to all belong in four major categories: Zinc Oxide, Ethyltoluene Sulfonamide (especially in patients with allergy to sulfa and toluene)

Dr. Amin feels strongly apparently that Toluene plays a major role in NCS and if you look at his site I don’t care what we call it, NCS and Morgellons exhibit the same exact symptoms. Most people when they think of removing fillings think of “Mercury Fillings” but the kind Dr. Amin is refers to here are the newer kind. You know, the new white ones that weren’t supposed to be bad for us, sigh …  I’ll be honest, I had quite a bit of dental work done before this all started, crowns and fillings and alike, all the new ceramic type too.

Comments on: "Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man" (182)

  1. Some of my thoughts as I read this:

    Your heating pad statement, made me recall how it felt great to stand over an open oven door. Dry heat, not like when I go out in Summer & sweat in humid conditions.

    Algae was growing on the siding of my house.

    Small flying insects should also be killed by outdoor bug zappers used indoors.

    The bdelloid rotifer looks like what I thought was the elongated phorid fly egg I mistook for a plugged pore.

    Encentrum kozminskii on carp, the USA has an imported carp that is widespread. Grass carp, they jump out onto the grass to feed in lean times, or jump into boats when driven through.

    The Collembola photo is close, what I saw was translucent, the legs wrap around the hair shaft almost like spider webs, and exactly like the images on this page


    Pescott, R.T.M. (1942:68-69) Australia:
    “…the patient experienced a sharp biting sensation…”
    On me, it was like a whisker hair poking through or a glass sliver or cactus prick – times five- the most intense, short lived, small sharpness I ever felt. And I worked with metals & slivers before. I never had any itching, but irritation, yes.

    “…There were few marks on the body with an occasional excoriated papule…”
    These would be the bumps I’ve referred to before. Like a very bad pimple, sometimes, other times just a bump, but still like a pimple with no white top.

    “…distributed fairly generally over the trunk and limbs, but was most marked around the waist…”
    Yup. I think so. And, I did make a garden back then.
    Happy Valentines Day!

    Mackie, T.T., Hunter, G.W. & Brooke Worth, C. (1945:541-542) Australia:
    “…papules similar to mosquito bites, with pruritus…” Sometimes, not always.

    Combine the above with , yes, I got the newer fillings too. So that is what the extra money was for. !@#$$%^^&&*!
    And I was worried about mercury.

    So the people referred to earlier who had their new type fillings removed, they showed no improvement due to Collembola, et al are still at work?
    A – take out the infectious splinter & the pain is gone from the splinter, but the infection & the open wound are still there – kind of thing. Great work! Good-night.

  2. Hi Mr. CS,

    I’d like to call out a typo – your reference of 0.02mm vs the one stated in your quote from earthlife.net of 0.2mm – a significant difference. At 0.2mm we can see them, at 0.02mm, no way jose. So the ones mentioned in earthlife are not microscopic after all and if we are going down the collembola path, I think we need to focus our energy on the microscopic ones… well at least for those of us who’s never seen what’s bothering us.

    What I would really like to see is if we can find links between the scales or any other body parts of collembola to the common things most ppl have seen on their skin or the env – the black specs, sand-like granules, and of course the infamous lint balls (fibers) of many different colors (most I found are crystal white). I did think it’s rather interesting that the 1998 Belgium study stated, “I could prove that the scales of Seira on the cushioned seats caused the allergy.” Isn’t this ironic – all this time, our doctors have been telling us we have allergies (or DOP) and could they have been correct afterall? (although correct by luck) That would explain why some ppl are not affected while others are… some are allergic while others are not. But this still doesn’t explain whether a person feels stinging and biting – basically PAIN. If a person was not allergic, that doesn’t mean their pain receptors are numb, right? If a bug physically bites of stings with a sharp claw, mouthpiece, or a stinger, allergy or not, woudn’t you feel? Someone please explain why a person may not feel.

    The one interesting thing to note from the 1942 Australian report by Pescot:
    “She received no active treatment, but her clothes and bedclothes were sterilised and this was sufficient to destroy the insect and thereby remove the irritation.” I read this and thought, “hmmm….” – mixed feelings. We have sterilized our bodies and envrironments 100 times over! What I thought of when I read that is that it sounds like what I read about how to treat scabies – wash all cloth items around the house in hot water once and you should be good to go.

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kixx, I have one more very interesting reference I am going to include in this blog post, it is from an exterminator that is finding them attacking humans. It will say [Modified] in red when I add it, it will prove very interesting when you read it.

    Kixx, I made the corrections, it is .2 mm you are correct, but still that is 1/5th of a millimeter. Hit this site


    and convert .2, it comes up to

    Answer: .2 mm = 0.007874

    I think we are still talking NOT VISIBLE with the naked eye and I believe we are talking Microscopic here for sure. However, I don’t believe that the ones Dr. Amin pulled out are microscopic, but I don’t know that for sure. Remember, there are something like 100,000 collembola per cubic yard of soil. Stupid Metric System – LOL


    About the allergies. I worked at a certain company when I came down with this, I believe at least 15 or so people had it there (by the time I realized what I had). When I first got this real bad I sat in a conference room chair (30 year old cloth chairs) and the crawling was unbelievable, I didn’t know what to to do so I just sat there. I was just learning of my condition at that time. It was definitely in the chair, but others had sat there time after time and felt nothing.

    Now, I know some of those people as I have moved on from that place. When we meet and shake hands my hands burn, itch, crawl for at least 3 or 4 days maybe more and it will move on to my entire body. So, I have to hunker down and work on it to get it to stop. So what does that tell you? Some of them have open sores, others do not but have other health issues.

    When a person gets scabies the first time they don’t notice the infection for a month or so, however, when reinfected they will feel the scabie(s) within literally minutes. I can find you references on this as a matter of fact. So, don’t think for a moment that this doesn’t cross my mind. There is something on these people (as they don’t know what they have) and when I merely touch them it sets me back weeks. But I can hardly walk up to them and say “Hey, you have this fake disease and I’m insane by the way”.

    Take it for what you will, but this is why I feel there is something, a small anthropod at work here, is it the cause or do we carry something in is that makes us like “cat nip” to them? Or, did we merely get infected by them and now our bodies carry an incredible immune/histamine response to them, all very possible. But I wouldn’t say doctors have been right all along. Both they and the entomologist’s are so closed minded that can’t even consider this. Including, setting out to “debunk” the NPA study despite the overwhelming evidence that Collembola do infect man. Why would Dr. Amin make thiings up? And if you looked at his stats he found Collembola in many individuals. I have heard many folks talk about the “forked tail” bast#$#’s whatever they are” on Lymebusters and Collembola have big forked tails they use for jumping, I’m just sayin’.

    By the way, here is a very good blog on Mites (scroll down and look at the photo’s)

    • Vickie Reitenour said:

      What if we got it wrong? What if it’s a bacteria and or fungus in or on us (perhaps from consuming canned or dried meat or too much processed food) and some bugs are programmed by nature to eat bacteria or fungus,… if we have enough… it jumps on us, gets in our pores causes irritation. What if we didn’t like citrus or the right oils and didn’t know we were depleted of Ascorbic Acid and probably also depleted of the Omega 3,6,7,9 fatty acids as well. Our immune needs that, acids eat bacteria and fungus. What about….3-4 times a day eat a whole lemon, peeled and accompany it with 4 Vitamin C 1000 mg ( Ascorbic Acid) and if you can not tolerate Ascorbic Acid you will probably be able to tolerate Lypo-Spheric C, most do, take some flax seed oil internallly and externally over the skin, again 3-4 times a day and find some omaga 7, if you can afford it on line. You’ll be surprised in 24 hours and every 24 hours after that and should you be rid of this problem completely, I would do a maintenance of Ascorbic Acid C and Flax Seed Oil with a lemon slice once a day to help keep the immune in check.

      • Good advice, but a few things left out. Elemental minerals: IODINE, MAGNESIUM,SELENIUM. Vitamins D3, All B’s
        Just reaing up on iodine and how 95 percent of us are deficient, especially if in the midwest or great lakes areas. Iodine is one of the cheapest and versatile. It is a known anti bacterial, anti viral was prescribed for nearly 300 years until big pharma took over. It prevents cretinism, which now has a new name.

        • vickie reitenour said:

          Thank you, Sharon for your appreciative words, I’ve continued with my research and came up with a interesting conclusion….If a person has come into contact with mites or similar species via pets etc..and contracted a infestation your immune would go into autoimmune meaning it would automatically go into firing mode against these foreign invaders. Now in time you would get rid of these mites etc…via lemongrass and water etc…cleaning and you probably would have to give away your pet(s) so you can get well. Meantime your still itching…Why?…Because your immune has not shut off its autopilot. It is still hyperactive (probably because it was infested) so now it’s attacking things it should not (allergies etc.) now your always itch and doctors will have a hard time diagnosing this because they are not Entomologist that specialize in mites and they don’t always get that itching as a hyperactive immune they all have their various fields they specialize in. So how do you know it’s a hyper active immune, try these: Stinging nettles, ginger, basil, tyme, aloe, fennel, turmeric, horseradish do a combination at the same time if itching subsides it’s probably an overactive immune so it’s producing too much histamines so look up food, herbs, spices that are antihistamines like those and put it in your diet, or ask your doctor to give you a prescription for Allegra in am and Hydroxizine in pm for 2 months…so in essence you need to desensitize your immune…

          • Thank You Vickie, that sounds like good advice. I recently have come to the conclusion that I do have a mite infection though a human one i beleive called demodex breva. Unfortunately my husband would rather give me up rather than his dog. Sad but true.

            • dividingcricker said:

              This might be a tell when the husban says GOOD NITE HONEY , THEN SAYS GOOD NITE SHARON!!! You know sharon I have a lab and she really shows no sign of mite but I wash her in BONNERS?MY MIX and keep her dusted down with diotomacious earth and her bedding. We keep spraying the KleenGreen mist and vacume all the time. Wash all the bed clothes and were all eating organic As for your I dea on mites I emailed david on this nanotech deal we have talked about before (laginex) I talked to another researcher about the effects of this on all insects. Could we have a explosion of this type of infestation with all bugs that come into contact with this nano crap. I was just reading about rats eating the buckyball and there life spans are doubling , If the rats are doubling whats it doing to us and the bugs? Huston we have a problem! Vickie go to UK MORGELLONS and look up Oomycetes, read the web ,its really not to long , its the start. DC

            • Hi Sharon. My mom had a friend that had demodex mites, and when we got collembola he referred us to his doctor that had treated him successfully. Our doctor is wonderful and one of the few that won’t tell you that you’re delusional. Anyways, his treatment was very similar to ours; doxycycline, ketoconazole shampoo, and an antibiotic cream which I don’t remember the name. He just got rid of his sheets because demoxdex mites don’t typically leave the body too often. It took awhile, but he started feeling better in a couple months and eventually got rid of them. Has anybody tried ozone machines to clean their environment? Like I said, we are fighting collembola, and my exterminator used a 28,000mgh ozone machine on my car for an hour, and it felt significantly better. We ordered three 28,000mgh machines and are going to try to run them even longer to see if that completely rids the environment of them. An article he showed us said that 28,000 for 3 hours completely rid a house of bed bugs. P.S. A very effective treatment for dogs against mites and collembola is a mitaban dip.

            • Hi Human,
              Where do you get ozone machines from and are they expensive? Rather, how much do they run?

              I read that Dr Klinghardt gives ozone injections into the joints of Lyme and Arthritis sufferers.

            • Human, also if you could share your doctor’s name. Good and understanding ones are hard to come by.

            • dividing cricker said:

              Sharon I sell those Lightning Air Ozone purifiers, it does 3500 sqft house. I really am not set up with a web and just sell to my customers , family and friends. I really don t think ozone kills bugs ? but who knows. What do I know,

            • Hi DC,

              Do yu mean you sell the same units that “Human” was say ing that the exterminator used in her car??

              Perhaps you can give me your email so we can talk more about it?

          • vickie reitenour said:

            I just want to add an update…Eczema is due to a hypersensitivity reaction (simular to an allergy) in the skin, which leads to long term inflammation, that leads the skin to be itchy and scaly. The following can make it worse; temperature changes (heater, air conditioner, wind), exposure to environmental irritants and in water, stress, and dry skin. Other considerations staph infection, toluene from dental work, you can google Dr. Amin in Tempe, AZ on that subject. This is going to conclude my help on the research. I started out with putting myself in someone’s shoes perhaps I shouldn’t of….I do a lot of research and I understand how delicate any medical condition can be and discussing it can get as counterproductive as politics…. the day after I posted this prior comment my name was subtitled on the internet 24 times in 24 hours and all I was trying to do was help and give an objective perspective. That might have put water on a capitalistic fire like http://www.morgellonspgpr.wordpress.com who sited me 24 times in 24 hours and I would appreciate if you would undue that…it is unnecessary to punish a good samaritan for their compassionate verbiage and in turn I will not post on your site again….This is the only way I can respond to you since your website does not allow anyone to contact you…Respectfully—Vickie Reitenour

            • Hi Vicki, I think you got the wrong wordpress site, this one is Morgellons A mundande Approach. I think there is an wmail address for Mr Common Sense as well listed on the site.

              Thank you for your thoughtful research, though.

    • vickie reitenour said:

      It’s you Mr. Common Sense….Your the one that blogs everyone’s name that responds to this site with and an objective opinion 24 times to Google and 1 to Yahoo….REALLY?…That is about as uncool as someone sending you a virus, take my name off the internet associated with your morgellons. I actually came here to help others, who can’t help themselves, not to profit off their misfortunes and frightening them with government conspiracy…. I’m glad I continued to research to see who was behind Word Press. I thought it was going to be you… Napoleon Complex…. Vickie Reitenour

      • vickie reitenour said:

        I am going to start over with this because I’m not going to let spam slapping stop me from helping helping victims from this supposed morgellons because there is no diagnosis just speculation from via internet forum. Now my opinion is objective because I have personally view these symptoms in hospitals but not labeled morgellons a few simple suitable descriptors. One I had given was a possible mite infestation, I suggested Lemongrass essential oil all of it in a tincture added to a large spray bottle of water, that kills mites, fleas, etc.. but the itching would still be there. Two I mentioned diet and herbs, organic coconut oil rubbed on the skin would help relieve itching and internally cayenne pepper & garlic herbs and grapefruit seed extract liquid. These are the least expensive ways to go…To reinterate on my prior responses mites can make you very sensitive with allergies and also turn into eczema (itching) because of hyperactive immune to that allergy, so if your allergic to mites you now might start being sensative to dust mites but you need to find the source of the original problem and fix it weather it’s a pet, person, vent ,carpet, clean everything and probably more than once…Just turn into a neat freak..because if that’s the case every month you’ll get better with those protocols…Third opinion on this morgellons? It is possible you have a worm infestation, that would cause itching as well…Roundworm and Threadworm both known for itching some of the medications for that are albendazole, mebendazole, ivermectin, and you might as well go all the way with praziquantel for flukes and tapeworms and really deparasite! Some people pick these medications up over the counter across the Mexican boarder. They sell them over the counter because their dosages are weaker, so you usually have to take more of it to be equal to a drug consistency. Check on dosage amounts if you op to do that, and ask them for their book on referencing these drug names to their drug names, it is a different country. Canada may have internet pharmacies to order on line without prescription. In other countries worm medication is over the counter like cold medicine, and should be in my opinion here in the states as well. No one has died from deworming, just the worms. Roundworms are common in pets, you may have seen a dog rub his bottom across the floor on the carpet that’s because of itching, don’t get mad at your pet just deworm him/her and clean the house…Also fluke worms are to fish what fleas are to dogs…In other countries they know to soak their meat (fish, beef, chicken etc) for 3 hours or overnight in vinegar depending on how tender of tuff the protein is (it deparasites the worm and its cysts.) It amazes me how people deworm their pets and their fish tanks and gross out when they think they might have worms. Of course, you do! Your an animal and you eat meat and that animal or fish you ate also eats worms. You probably had some stuff you don’t even know you ate with little cyst (eggs) in it…In other countries they know to deworm and fast ( removes toxins) they think nothing of it…So, don’t be bashful and ruin your health it’s all you got…I hope this helps and study well…

        • vickie reitenour said:

          One more thing…It can be that you have lived with stress so long that you don’t even know your stressed anymore….and put in a bad situation you could start to itch and if you’ll just entertain the thought for a serious 20 minutes and your itching subsides, because you let your body know that your thinking that it could be stressed out… it may respond back by not itching as much. So that would mean getting in touch with your body and working on your central nervous system. Bring on the Spam!!!

          • vickie reitenour said:

            Final update…If you got this from an animal’s parasite (bugs) remember that parasites have parasites…they can spread staph infections like MRSA, lyme disease, or Helicobacter pylori (gram negative bacteria) Vancomycin just might do the trick, and you might have to be on it for a while. Go to a infectious disease doctor not a general practitioner because a infectious disease doctor would of been the answer long ago (they know more). Let him check you for bacterial infections I mentioned already. Also I believe morgellons is actually Prurigo Nodularis. Morgellons is a new name for and old disease….

            • Vivki, I went to an Infectious Disease Doctor and he found nothing in traditional ancient technology of having cultrues done. The testing that needs to be done is not covered on insurance and most of us are broke already and not able to work. That is why so many of us are on these forums. Yes even fleas have fleas. The bedbug infestation that hit North America in the last 10 years no doubt is a factor, not to mention all the troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

            • oops sorry for the typo, I meant Vickie

            • vickie reitenour said:

              O.K. Sharon I addressed symptoms and the treatment for them. I’ve researched more on what I believe the actual cause is; Leaky Gut Syndrome and it is reasonably inexpensive to fix. It also explains why these pest attack some and not others. When your gut leaks via parasite, stress, chemicals or from food source, even just plain ol’ hard to digest foods like meat or any hard food textures, all these things can cause a tear in the gut. Now that causes a problem; yeast and bacteria overgrowth over time, allergies, bugs jumping on you to eat on the yeast and bacteria in or on the skin (that’s their job) your job is to clean up your diet and gut this will clear your terrain of any issues, in fact I will go so far to say that I believe all dis-ease starts in the intestines hence the title allergies and immune in medicine. This is why people read the labels of what goes in the mouth or they are taught food combining and sometimes just plain ol’ intuition. So start there research leaky gut syndrome, what causes food allergies and how to reverse it. Try a good probiotics (health food store) fermented foods, bone broth, soak all grains and beans before cooking. This will help to seal, rebuild, and strengthen your gut lining. I’m done here and good luck!

            • Mr. Common Sense said:

              You make a lot of sense vickie, I mean that sincerely.

            • Thank You Vickie, I have been doing all things you suggested for years; but will start soaking grains also.

            • Vickie Reitenour said:


              “REALLY”…take diatomaceous earth (food grade) 1 tbsp 3 x daily mix with H2O and drink. Do this for 3 months it works. This will clean your intestines of mucus, fungus, worms, mites, plus many other symptoms you might have and I encourage you to research it. I’ve never found one negative comment about it. Give it to your pet as well you can sprinkle it on his food, his coat, and the carpet. Alkaline your body with a pinch of baking soda after you eat with H2O. Don”t over do it you don’t want to be too alkaline. Use PH strips to check your ph. Mercuroclear on your wounds pour and rub in 5 x daily or more if you like it’s a very potent antiseptic it will quickly heal you sores and for your scarring due to scratching “clear quick” soap and any skin bleaching creme will get rid of that. I honestly would recommend diatomaceous earth for any dis-ease, regardless. Again spray yourself and house with Lemongrass tincture and H2O for itching. Change your diet to 50% raw fruits and vegetables soak the vegetables in H2O for several hours before you eat them 40-60% of your immune cells are in your gut and use probiotics. Vitamin C and exercise helps to build immune cells (stem). All the products I mentioned here are inexpensive and can be found on amazon.com

    • Hey mate I am from Australia, and this is happening to myself and especially my wife, I sent samples in and it came back spring tails, but over here they refuse to acknowledge this.
      We have done what everyone has done so I will not bother telling you what you already know, but this I do, I was away at the time and a Thai woman moved next door,1 she had a cat with soars all over it.2. she worked at a mushroom farm,3 traveled to south east Asia and pacific islands 4 her girlfriend shaved her head It sounds to coincidental but when I came home I started getting bitten, when you say some can reach up to 10 mm long, that’s big, and that’s what we saw at the height of the infestation like every one else we have spent $1000s on pest controls we even moved, and thought that was the end but within 2 months they were back, everyone says get rid of the mold, the house is only 5 years old and there isn’t any my wife is loosing it, what do you suggest and why doesn’t the health system acknowledge this it is 2013 not 1920.We really cannot afford anymore half assed treatments and are sick of being mis diagnosed and everyone putting it in the too hard basket or thinking you are on drugs.

  4. Dear All,
    When I first got into this mess, during my observation an Entomloigist told me that,
    “Flies, Moths, Winged Insects carry small mites, often microscopic in Nature.”

    Flies and Gnats carry collembola and are harbingers for diseases.

    The Big bugs carry the little microscopic mites, kind of like bad hitchhikers.

    Small Microscopic Mites go along for the thrilling ride with the Fastest of the Species. The Fly, the Tick and the Gnats.

    To this day….Why the Nurses and Doctors walked out on my observation I will never know. Fear Maybe?????

    I would really like to know what is the causative organism that jumpstarts this process.

    I believe it to be Toxic Soup being carried around by a vector.

    I am trying to get someone to do a lumbar puncture for DNA analysis on a patient here in Calif. Gee now isn’t that idea novel?????

    Much Love,
    Trisha Springstead

    Much Love,

    • Vickie Reitenour said:

      THE CURE!!!

      First… I want to say THANK YOU for driving some of the best research out of me… I like a challenge…Second, a BIG THANK YOU to Donna for being helpful and patient in letting me try this experiment on her…Third, the ingredients are inexpensive and can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com and lastly, don’t give me any credit (spam smacking) this was just research…I took it from other people on the net whose antidotes were said and sounded to me to be effective… I combined them together because when I research cures I want fast results and we are going for the kill…This is the formula I used to treat Donna…my background is in medicine.

      Organic Triphala 1 tbsp with warm water mix and drink …chase it with cold water daily
      it will act as a laxative so stay home that day… you can do it at night or
      both for faster results…. your cleaning the leaky gut of toxins, bacteria,
      fungi, parasites. If it’s not a good quality brand it doesn’t work. It is bitter
      but stay the course it does work you will start to notice a difference in 24

      Mercuroclear By Humco pour this on your wounds and rub in, don’t just dab it on it will
      rid you of the sores you have currently….Do it 10 times daily or more you
      will probably want to buy 10 bottles of it to start depending on how many
      sores you have, it’s a good antiseptic with healing properties,
      no substitutes.

      Vitamin C Must be Ascorbic Acid 1000 mg. Take 4… 3-4 times a day
      It’s for the itching.

      Garlic Supplement Form, pill or capsule. Take 2… 3-4 times daily with
      the Vitamin C. It’s for the itching as well.

      Lemongrass Aura Cacia tincture put in large spray bottle add water, if it stings you
      dilute it…also use it for cleaning the house but not on materials you wash
      it will stain. Carpets O.K. if multicolored or dark, mattress O.K. as well.
      Wash pillows often… This kills mites, fleas etc…. helps with itching also.
      It will stain clothes in the wash so watch what your washing with. Make
      sure you clean your carpets and spray your vents with lemongrass often.

      Pets Dogs, cats, birds, any mammal or reptile you have get them dipped
      at the vets… no exceptions.

      If you have any scarring from scratching too much use these 3 products 10 times daily…Clear Quick, whitening milk soap…..Nadinola, extra strength, it’s a skin discoloration fade creme….Derma E Scar Gel…10 times daily or you can go the dermatologist for microdermabrasion and bleaching creme. Your going to use this until your symptoms have cleared + 3 more weeks just to make sure you got it all…I suspect that for people who have had this a while it could take up to 3 months to be rid of your “dis-ease”… Donna had her symptoms for 3 months… it started residing within 24 hours …she was symptom free in 1 week I encouraged her to stay on it for 3 more weeks…To be sure she is cleared on a microscopic level…Now, my work is done.

      • Vickie Reitenour said:


        I almost forgot…Don’t eat meat the first 3 days then add a little gradually but no canned meat, sandwich meat, processed meat or eggs…it’s counterproductive to the formula…Cheers

        • dividingcricker said:

          I read all the comments , I don’t think you did anything I haven’t tried Xs 10 to suppress or cure symptoms. To think back when the corn products were yanked off the shelves in all the grocery stores and Taco Bells years ago ,makes me think they didn’t do that as a exercise. We have been poisioned by some GMO crap and they know what and why and if were going to die. I.ve researched many things this GMO tinkering has done and nothing makes any sense ,read SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION, and SEEDS OF DECEPTION and a new movie GENEIC ROULETT by Jeffery Smith on Ytube , in that order and you will see the time line of our infection . Our infection is doubled by our Lyme Disease. So now were limping through life and hoping to clear this crap anyway we can from our systems . I hope ,just like everybody else that today is the new day I’m cured but I have limped down this road many years to fool myself. Were init for the long haul ,trying every trick in the book to help our selves. Right now I’m going into a new science with some very smart people . I’ll get back to you in a month and maybe a few answers will come about. UK Morgellons under Oomycetes read that and see the enzymes that can desolve the fibers DC

          • Vickie Reitenour said:

            Dear Dividingcricker-

            I was waiting for that….
            If you did everything including Triphala and you feel that there is a possibility that GMO is connected then I am going to assume also that in your case you are probably also sensitive to food additives and if I’m correct (and no, I’m not sure due to limited information) you are histamine intolerant…Regardless…Have you tried and I mean honestly tried ozone therapy…

            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              Via…. IV

            • Vickie Reitenour said:


            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              I am taking everything everyone states into consideration and… I feel there is more than one kind of Morgellons here…and only one similar symptom in each case (itching). There are many causes that have itching as a symptom…That’s why some people have cured their Morgellons and some have not…So, now I will address the Moregellons that has symptoms of fibers coming out of their skin… and I will hypothise on this also…..I examined various tutorials of this material found in the skin and it looked strikingly similar to the silk that the silkworm spins…I looked up genetically modified silkworms and they have in fact engineered them with spider genes to spin super strong silk, and they have also been transgenically modified to spin fluorescent colored silk. Scientist have experimented on goats by inserting them with spider-silk genes into their cells, causing goats to produce milk that contains silk proteins….So, here goes the hypotheses….Spiders already spin silk and mites are half spider half tick…Are you dealing with a spider mite?…and if I’m halfway, half a species right, this species or some insect(s) that can spin fiber would be able to cocoon themselves to be protected against your antidote to extinguish them…. Perhaps, it would take a while to irradiate because you would have to wait for them to come out of their cocoon or they change and morph….I’m not sure… I am concerned about Kevlar material, considering the complaints of clothing and bedding…What do you think?…

            • BINGO Vickie! That would explain the nature of these fibers being motile and registering in very few known lab cultures. Combine this with known research from the Carnicom institute of how the Morgellon culture diminishes in vitro solutions of NAC, Vit C and MSM

            • Vickie Reitenour said:


              I think the answer lies in acid.

            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              Acidosis is the bases of all disease…Yeast and Parasites thrive in a more acidic environment. Acidosis brings on histamines and that in turn would make you itch….Your histamines are in hyperdrive from all this acid…You have to clean up the diet you can’t continue on these acidic foods without consequences…Exercise gets the stagnancy moving out of your body…Really evaluate what I’m saying. If this was all chem trails, mad scientist, government conspiracies… then everyone would have it…I’m willing to bet that everyone with this “morgellons” has a extreme case of acidosis…and that would make you top soil for parasites… You are tormenting yourself and your body by not opening up your mind…Why do you think they feel relief when they take a bath in baking soda or borax, which is the mineral boron… because they are alkalizing their body…Just to test this theory…Take 2 antihistamines if your itching stops then think about it…It will come back hours later because the drug wore off and your still acidic and still over producing histamines because of it…The acidosis comes from (mostly) diet, stress, chemicals, lack of exercise. etc…This concludes my work on “Morgellons” / “Acidosis”.

            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              One more address…On the subject of chem trails yes, the clouds have benzene in them due to petroleum from jet fuel… I suppose it is possible that some of the fibers in this kind of morgellons could be a benzene polymer chain normally your body can detox benzene unless you have been overexposed….then uv light (suntan beds) you don’t want to lay out on a cloudy day and hydrogen peroxide should detox that out of the body…I still don’t feel that it would of been intentional.

            • Vicki, watch wither one of these documentaries and see if you still “feel” that it is not intentional.
              What in the World are they Spraying?

              Why in the World are they Spraying?

              Scientists are interviewed that have been studying this for sometime. There is more in the sky than benzine. I live in a remote area that is not in a fly zone for any airline. There are days when you look up in the sky you can see patterns that the jets have made. Big X’s in the sky almost like leaving a signature.

              Chem trails exsist but I am not saying our illness is causd by them. I would say many illnesses are caused by them.

            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              For the most part the Geo Engineering is because of the depleted ozone…They are using aluminum vapors because it reflects back the bad radiation that’s coming into our atmosphere….Aluminum vapors reflects 4 times better, they are making the chem clouds to block the sun because of the bad radiation issues. The risk of doing it to the risk of not doing it….The benzene is in the petrochemicals to phase out lead in gasoline….To bring this a little more full circle with “Morgellons”…. Demodex or Harvest mites are blind…that’s why they irritate people more in the dark or under clothing they are light sensitive and they secret enzymes that thin the skin so they can eat on the soft tissue….Once the mantle on your skin is compromised and the skin tissues are thinning you are opening yourself up to sensitivities to allergies, acidosis, chemicals, heavy metals, leaky gut, and other probabilities….Cleaning the colon is a great detoxing and Tripahla works well for that if you drink it everyday via a large spoonful in warm water and has to be a good quality and organic to work but it works on Morgellons you might have to do it for 3 months depending on how long you had it or the amount you have… Aluminum can also be detox with lemons and garlic a lot of doctors feel aluminum is at the root cause of acne even up to altzheimer…fungus and bacteria like it as well….You can look up foods that detox or metabolite chemicals but we all need to all start detoxing that why people fast and drink water.

            • Vickie Reitenour said:

              Almost forgot mites also carry staph and other bacterial infections that would be accompanied by itching, bumps, hair loss, etc…for that you would need to get antibiotics for it anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending….The mites are probably gone and most Morgellons sufferers are probably actually suffering from secondary infections like above mentioned and the enzymes secreted thinning the skiln and disrupting the mantle are allowing other opportunist complications to pop up…I really hope you guys are getting the big picture here….

  5. Kathleen said:

    I too have extracted a collombola from my skin once; however, I do not know what the association is with the mites, but I do believe there may be one. I listen to many people who have this. Hundreds of people are misdiagnosed and treated for scabies.Their pets get this also. Mostly the itching seems to be coming from the ears of their pets. People believe that their pets are protected because they’re being treated for ticks and fleas, not mites! I think about the itch mites in the Chicago area, the people looked like they had morgellons. I think about the bird flu (mites/lice)– Many people’s head itch and they believe they have lice. Hundreds treat themselves accordingly. Whatever they actually have is resistant to the standard permethrin treatment. Like super bugs.

  6. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Kathleen, you are so right. Even today while searching for a link I wanted to share I found literally 50 sites where people are talking about these “invisible mites” and “bird mites” and on and on that are terrorising them. This is definitely a huge, nationwide problem and I would guess it’s effecting millions in the US. I think I will do a blog post in a week or so and list say 200 sites where tons of folks are talking about this very issue. Hard to believe we’re all delusional isn’t it. I think all of us, Morgellons Sufferers, these NCS folks, and all these people everywhere searching for thier elusive invisible mites are infected by the very same thing, and while it’s existed all through history (folks complaigning of such symptoms) something happened within the last 10 years to make it spread exponentially.

    Here’s some advice and I know it will be hard to swallow. But if you have Morgellons and you have pets, you need to somehow find a way to get them new homes, this is extremely important, and if you have Morgellons and pets and children I cannot urge this strong enough. I know this will be unpopular with pet lovers but I will share this with you. Whenever I go into a person house who has pets or even rid in thier car where their pets sometimes ride I will face a massive onslaught of crawling that will take me a month to get rid of. I cannot even go to moms house because she has pets. So, if you ever want to be free of them you need to find new homes for you pets. I also strongly urge against using permethrin unless you simply want to poison yourself (I did it initially just like everyone else but thank it made things worse in the end)

    This is one such site

    Biting Mites or WHAT????

    A very interesting comment that follows along the line of some of the comments on this thread about an allergic reaction to them or even their dead bodies like some people have with dust mites.

    No more bugs, but the itching doesn’t stop?
    The following may be the reason: Dr. Nicolau Maués – a professor at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute in Rio de Janeiro, who is a veterinarian and a holder of a PhD in entomology (specifically mites) – was able to help one desperate couple who continued to suffer from “crawling sensations” even after they had taken extreme measures to eradicate any bugs. He explained to the couple that, in reality, they were no longer colonized by bird mites. According to him, the problem was that their immune systems had developed an allergic reaction to any kind of mites or other micro-pests. There are always plenty of little creatures in our environment and on us, and we normally never feel them. But having been exposed to a mite infestation in the past, the couple became super-sensitized to all mites and micro-ants, producing welts and rashes on contact with any of these entities that normally don’t affect healthy individuals. The professor referred the couple to an allergy specialist, Dr Oscarina Ezequiel, in Juiz de Fora, MG, who ordered some exams to check their allergy levels. She advised thatm that this condition was not contagious.The solution was to desensitize themselves and to get their immune systems off of hyperdrive.This was accomplished with two anti-allergy medicines: Allegra every morning and Hydroxizine at bedtime for 2 months.

  7. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Is this the forked tail so many of the forums talk about?


  8. It is a known fact, algae (& toluene) is in jet fuel, not to mention diesel fuel. A silicone cell walled structured organism is also in jet fuel. In a storage tank of jet fuel the algae would grow on everything, including on & into the silicone cell walled organism. After going through the jet turbine combustion process the algae inside the silicone cells would survive. Other algae could possibly live through the combustion process as well. As all this algae (& toluene) falls to the ground, it lands on people, houses, food crops, cars, or other animals & insects. Wood sided houses, unlike vinyl siding or most brick siding, would absorb or give a good foundation for the algae to grow & reproduce. The algae (& toluene) in turn attracts & feeds collembola, bed bugs, gnats and other types of algae loving fungus or phorids. In non-wood sided buildings such as a hotel, the algae would find a home on mattresses, via an open window or through the ventilation system.

    The algae (& toluene?) which lands on people becomes an attractant for the insects, much like with the bees. Perhaps algae coated diatoms act as a burr to cling to clothing & skin, providing a jumping off point for the algae?

    Everyone is affected, not everyone gets it in a concentrated enough amount to be a real problem. The young shed skin cells faster & more often so as to be more free from symptoms than older adults, until puberty sets in & the oils trap stuff.
    Ear wax would act as a glue for falling algae. Are those with a lot of ear wax effected worse than those who have very little ear wax? In my case, we would say yes.

    The worldwide increase in food allergies could be related to the algae on or in the food, or there is even more to this story, a genetically modified aspect of some type, as well as physiological effects from substances like barium?

    There are also organisms with strands similar to those found with morgallons, in patients, mixed into the jet fuel. If a number of these strands landed on the food supply in the fields, it would seem possible for it to remain there through the food processing process (raw or cooked) and wind up being ingested by people. Perhaps these strands are the same used in dental work? Perhaps a silicone type glue is used in the fuel lines of jets as well and finding their way through the food chain where both the strands & the glue would be mistaken as from dental work. Or, the strands & glue could be the same type as found in dental work & the source is from both jet fuel residue & dental work. Are water lines or water storage towers repaired with the same type of materials as well?

    Combine these thoughts with the idea of using catalyst converters attached to jet airplanes to change the makeup of the atmosphere to control carbon pollution & the picture becomes clearer.
    In addition to regular commercial jet airliner traffic, and judging by the way the jets have been covering my agricultural area in an all encompassing cris-crossing & parallel fashion, this idea for the sources of our problems is not so hard to conceive.

    Too many people, organizations & government make too much money & gain too much power over others to have any desire to change the situation. They don’t call ours a vampire economy for nothing.

    For others who don’t know & are interested, I have provided a number of ideas at length with supporting facts with links on The Dr.’s website, especially on page two:

    My neck (especially) & my head area are affected the worst, I have tried covering my pillows with allergy pillow cases, it did seem to help, some. I don’t have a mattress pad case, but I do have a mattress cover I wash often. I have yet to try the peppermint soap on it, that is next. I think the blue balm you use works in the same manner as the Fast Orange hand cleaner blobs I use, it lifts, traps & smothers the collembolla. I have yet to get the blue balm, I hope that does not turn out to be a big mistake.

    The Koalachirus perkinsi (Domrow) – the koala fur mite pictured on
    the way the legs are wrapped around the hair shaft is in a very similar fashion to what I saw under a microscope. The spider-web-like strands flowing around the legs.

    I wonder if the smaller mites(2) of the larger mites(1) sometimes attack nerve endings while larger mite(1) is attaching to hair shafts?
    I wonder if the electrical charge of peoples nerves are of a different polarity & only a certain polarity is found to be attractive to the mites(2)? kind of like with different blood types. Hmm, I wonder if blood type has anything to do with it? Pan-pan-pan-dor-a.

    I do not have any pets, but the places I have stayed at have had them in them in the past.

    Perhaps I should pop some benadryl? My non-moragllons symptom, allergy suffering spouse does.

    Go, MrCommonsense, go… & consider getting a Pay-pal icon, I’m sure there are many who would like to support your efforts & reward you for what you have done so far & to help off-set your loss of time and such as a result of what you’re doing.

  9. In all fairness, when we mention Dr Amin and those he treated, we need to mention what else was found.


    Fair use

    Skin lesions are sometimes associated with arthropod infestation which may represent secondary arthropod invasion attracted to already existing lesions that may be releasing fungal metabolites. Amin (1996) reported the recovery of a tick nymph, an oribated mite, and the following insects: ant, caterpillar, immature thrips, adult hymenopteran, cranefly parts, and other insect parts from facial lesions
    end excerpt

    and this, same patient:


    She moved into a moldy old home in an Oklahoma wooded rural area 3 miles from a toxic waste dump in April, 1991. She admitted to having had frequent facial contact with cats and tick bite(s) before onset of symptoms in August, 1991.

    end excerpt

    In the first excerpt above, a tick nymph was found. A nymph is the third stage of development- first the egg, larva, nymph and adult tick. So that being the case, the other 3 stages would have been present at one time or another and it would have been deposited by
    an adult tick.


    Note- the above link- random selection- mention Lyme- as relates to ticks?

    Also in the Oklahoma Project/Study- it was noted that other things were found:


    Fair use

    There were more than 300 anomalous findings in skin scrapings from the 20 subjects and none in the controls. These anomalies included pollen, spores, hyphae, mycelium, algae, and what appeared to be insect eggs, larvae, or embryos.

    The significance of the above is that in the Phase I Morgellons study- those same things were found (and more).

    Pollen, spores, hyphae, mycelium etc

    of interest to me- Mycelium:


    Fair use


    Fungal mycelia

    Mycelium (plural mycelia) is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. The mass of hyphae is sometimes called shiro, especially within the fairy ring fungi. Fungal colonies composed of mycelia are found in soil and on or in many other substrates. Typically a single spore germinates into a monokaryotic mycelium which cannot reproduce sexually; when two compatible monokaryotic mycelia join and form a dikaryotic mycelium, that mycelium may form fruiting bodies such as mushrooms. A mycelium may be minute, forming a colony that is too small to see, or it may be extensive:
    end excerpt

    Could this Mycelium be the web or mass of branching, thread-like hyphae that many claim they have under their skin?

    Very important, IMO.


  10. Mr. Common Sense said:

    You are very correct Jill, but remember, he found Collembola in many people, not just that one, but still everything you said applies. More importantly such a wide diverse groups of “bugs” points to them being opportunistic not causitive. Personally, I think what is interesting is that even after all this Dr. Amin (even though he is a Professor of Parasitology) never attributed this disease to parasites, at least from what I can tell. Instead he attributes it to chemical toxicity and states …

    The nature of causation of NCS precludes contagious transmission. Any similarities of symptoms among partners within the same household are traceable to the transmission of opportunistic infections, especially fungi.

    See http://members.cox.net/llyee/NCS_revC.html

    This I find so interesting, because this was my point from the start, toxic chemicals!! This is why Meth addicts almost mirror our symptoms right down the the crawling sensations, even Toluene, I was on that long before I found his site and to my amazement he identified Toluene as a key player and we came at it from different paths. Dr. Amin’s site is probably the largest source of information ever published on Morgellons and should not be overlooked. I should probably read over every tidbit and do a post on it, summing up what I think the totality of his research says.

    I think this is why my health protocol is working so well now, it’s not your immune system that needs work ….

    Stick around Jill, we need your input …

  11. The spider-web-like strands I saw interwoven with the legs of the insect similar to Koalachirus perkinsi (Domrow) was very unlike the morgallons strands so often shown in pictures. I think I have seen just a few of those morgallons strands, they are thicker & less flexible looking (ridged).

    I take back what I said about Pay-pal, that would probably give the HIPAA monopolist a reason to come after you.

    Do you use a pure 1/2 cup of the peppermint stuff as laundry detergent? I am mixing it with about 1/2 cup of non-dyes containing laundry detergent, to 1/4 cup of peppermint stuff.

    I do not think any mites are infesting the insides of cars. When I take a drive, the areas that contact the cars interior are ok. In fact, the areas of my lower back & lower backside & the underside of my thighs are the least affected areas on me. The areas exposed to the air are affected. When it’s cold, only my head & neck are exposed, when it’s warm & I’m wearing short-sleeved shirts like today, my arms get affected as well.

    I’m thinking I should get rid of all my houseplants.

  12. Amazing, I had no idea. This is a part of a small section from Wikipedia:

    Aeroplankton (or aerial plankton) is the term used to describe the tiny lifeforms which float and drift in the air, carried by the current of the wind; it is the atmospheric analogue to oceanic plankton.
    Most of the living things that make up aeroplankton are very small to microscopic in size, and many can be difficult to identify because of their tiny size. Scientists can collect them for study in traps and sweep nets from airplanes.
    The aeroplankton comprises numerous microbes, including viruses, about 1000 different species of bacteria, around 40,000 varieties of fungi…

    Sweep nets from airplanes? Wow. I wonder what they learned from this sweep.

    Who needs scary movies & books, just search the internet, ugh. There are many insects & parasites that cause problems similar to what Morgallons sufferers experience. I can’t believe people are dismissed so quickly by the medical community. The following is just a small sample I found:

    From Wikipedia:

    Baylisascaris is a genus of roundworms that infest more than fifty animal species.

    Clinical signs in humans
    Skin irritations from larvae migrating within the skin.
    Eye and brain tissue damage due to the random migration of the larvae.
    Nausea, a lethargic feeling, incoordination and loss of eyesight.
    Severe neurological signs including imbalance, circling and abnormal behavior, caused by extensive tissue damage due to larval migration through the brain.
    Nemanarcosis – A recurring state of mind similar to drivers narcosis. Caused by the male wanderer, releasing nitrogen rich secretions across lining of brain while in travels through host from stationary female to female. This state of mind has a duration of 3 day’s to 3 weeks, dependent on the size of burden.

    Another Wikipedia entry of another related bug or symptom:

    Onchocerciasis … also known as river blindness, is the world’s third leading infectious cause of blindness. It is caused by Onchocerca volvulus, a nematode that can live for up to fifteen years in the human body.[2] It is transmitted to people through the bite of a black fly. The worms spread throughout the body, and when they die, they cause intense itching and a strong immune system response that can destroy nearby tissue, such as the eye.[3]

    Another Wikipedia entry of another related bug or symptom:

    It’s rare to see Muscina sp. directly on the skin of living mammals, but there has been one reported case where Muscina flies can caused cutaneous myiasis in a human. A nine-year old girl from Minnesota was reported with a lump on her wrist that was reddened and elevated, but showed no signs of any external openings or contains any pus inside. A vaseline bandage was applied after some blood was extracted and the lump was soaked in hot water several times. Twelve hours later, a worm was found in the cut after removing the bandage. Several other small lesions were noticeable around the proximity of the cut, but they receded at about this time. The girl recovered after applying a hot pack to the lesion. The larvae were confirmed by M. T. James of the College of the Washington and C. W. Sabrosky and W. W. Wirth of the United States National Museum to be a Muscina fly, most likely M. assimilis.[8]

    Several different presentations of myiasis and their symptoms:[11]
    Cutaneous Myiasis: Painful, slow-developing ulcers or furuncle- (boil-) like sores that can last for a prolonged period.
    Nasal Myiasis: Obstruction of nasal passages and severe irritation. In some cases facial edema and fever can develop. Death is not uncommon.
    Aural Myiasis (in the ear): Crawling sensations and buzzing noises. Smelly discharge is sometimes present. If located in the middle ear, larvae may get to the brain.

    Myiasis is often misdiagnosed in the United States because it is extremely rare and its symptoms are not specific. Intestinal myiasis and urinary myiasis are especially difficult to diagnose.[12]
    Clues that one should look for when suspecting myiasis include recent travel to an endemic area, one or more non-healing lesions on the skin, itchiness, movement under the skin or pain, discharge from a central punctum (tiny hole), or a small, white structure protruding from the lesion.[13]

    We live in a crazy world. There is a lot I’ll bet we still don’t know. I wonder if some of the above are found in the gut of collembola? Indoor bug zappers are a great idea.

  13. I have a huge problem with these things in my eyes. They seemed to want to set up house in there. I have severe headaches a lot with severe eye pain. Also have them in my hair(cannot find anything that will get rid of them there either). I believe(actually I witness this with my own eyes), these collembola or I think they look like fairy flies, I see these insects(?) falling from the sky close to dusk everyday. You will see them on your cars, and just about anywhere. It has been going on for so long that they have multiplied many times over and are all over. They will burrow into paint on cars, in walls, wood, mirrors, glass(anything shiny). But it started about year ago here(south ala.) and they were dispersed from above(yes i am a chemtrail believer. I see it with my own eyes!). They are in my ceiling, in my carpet and they are about 4 layered in the carpet. I mean, when you see one, there will be atleast 3 more under it waiting to surface later. Strange i know. Anyone know what i am talking about? I also notice them in my computer, any electronic device. I try to keep garlic in my system. thats all besides detoxifying my body with these natural and organic capsule plan i am trying.

    • I have the same problem w/ it in my eyes.

      • sulpher homeopathy drops for the eyes (Target or walmart….its the same as used for pink eye) use as needed
        seabuckthorn oil can be put on eye lashes at night, rubbed around orificies; recommend use different finger for each orifice to avoid spread of organisms across treatment sites
        seabuckthorn oil can be applied to scalp at night (use a towel or paper towels on pillow as its the color of curry)
        doctors Rx shampoo
        face scrub/eye scrub with burt’s bees citrus acne wash
        facial mud pack can help draw out

        ears/head/sinus – soak foam earplugs with tea tree oil,or other remedy, it reaches the brain through the ear canal

        GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC eat as much fresh garlic as you can
        avoid sugar like the plague, this includes milk, bread and anything that converts to sugar quickly….

  14. At first read, it seems like I’ve just been made fun of. That may be the case. But then again, that person having bugs stacked four deep in the carpet & attracted to electrical components is not all that different than the widespread swarming of asian lady beetles much of the country experiences. The asian lady beetle is attracted to the components inside the cases of stand alone computers, as are spiders. Fire ants are well known to be attracted to electrical lines, so much so that the super collider in Texas was put on hold to try and figure out how to solve that problem. Did they ever solve that or did they build it in Europe? Being as the poster above listed about everything I mentioned I suspect being made fun of. Burrow into paint on cars, mirrors & glass? That *is* hard to believe. I imagine that is how many people see those who mention stuff, like is found on this and other pages related to Morgallons. Psft, then again, termites & crickets are supposed to be able to eat through cement cinder blocks, so I suppose it is possible however much I don‘t believe it.

    What would it take to make me believe certain bugs can burrow under paint, mirrors & glass? Lots of people claiming such, photographs, official expert opinions? Well thought out & presented papers written by people who seem normal? Seeing it myself?

    I know atoms exist. How does anyone know this? We cannot see them. We cannot hold one up and say, “look here.” We cannot photograph them as far as I know. There is just a bunch of people claiming they exist by giving well thought out reasoning with provable mathematical equations for why they exist. Then there are the smaller electrons & smaller still quarks and such. Do you get what I’m saying?

    Regardless, I still think any diagnosis of D.O.P. is criminal & impossible to determine with the small size of the many organisms (known & unknown) capable of causing such symptoms. That is just my opinion, I am no one who knows something, a far better spot to be in than someone who knows nothing.

    • grasshopperwisdom said:

      hey…. there are all sorts of new materials and fibers being developed. the textile industry is having a boom of new materials. some are designed to blend with
      other matter…. its not just materials/fibers that are being engineered. its also alge, bacteria, etc. its a whole new world out there, and we humans are going to have to adapt like mad. we’re the first. thanks mr. cs for pioneering so much.

  15. Regarding the allergy talk – I won’t be closed minded to an allergy diagnosis. If taking allegra every morning resolves skin hypersensitivity, there would be a line outside CVS… ok, no seriously, I think us sufferers tend to focus on one thing and forget the evidence from another. For example, it’s hard to claim that now you’re past the infestation/affliction point and now just suffering from the aftereffects like skin hypersensitivity and ignore, rather FORGET, what you observe when in close qtrs w/ ppl – their reaction to you. As long as they reach for their nose or scratch their eye brows or dig at their eyes, it’s hard to believe that whatever you may have is NOT something tangible – as in some THING is there, like collembola that we’re so heavily discussing in the last 2 weeks.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Kixx, I know longer effect people at all when I am around them, you know your getting better when that happens … Although not everybody has this effect

  16. No, I am not making fun of you. Too many bad things happening to people in the world today(even if I believe it true or not), to make fun of anything. These things are microorganisms and maybe a little nanotech mixed with it? I definitely don’t know much about microbiology, science, or any technology really. I read mostly, people w/morg., and when it kind of makes sense to me what they say, I will believe it to be true no matter how bizarre it sounds. This past year I have SEEN BIZARRE ! There isn’t much that could shock me now(I hope). It is all hard to understand but when you actually see things happening with your own eyes, well, what can I say? I wish I could find anyone who knows what I know or seen what I’ve seen so I can TALK to them about it. This is why I surf the Internet. Hoping someone out there can relate to my happenings……

    • I feel for you. I have had this for almost 6 years. You can talk to me about it. It helps! Janet

    • If you can make it, the 5th annual Morgellons Conference will be held in Austin, Tx on March 24, and 25. Look up The Charles E. Holman Foundation. Also Mr. C/S has a post from Cindy Casey Holman about her Diary.

  17. Kathleen said:

    “In the past 2 decades, Burkholderia cepacia has emerged as a human pathogen causing numerous outbreaks, particulary among

  18. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Here are two interesting quotes made by two different people this week from a thread on LymeBusters ….

    The start of My Nightmare was preceded by something entering my nose as I picked up my son’s cat (lying in decaying leaves of a rose bed) and placed him on my shoulder. A couple of days later I blew a colembola out of my nose. I then had the worst tooth ache of my life on the opposite side of my mouth. This resolved and the dentist could find nothing. This is a capped tooth with a root canal and this has been isolated via an electronic accupunture test and confirmed by a dentist also as a root of issues. I have also posted on this web site, a photo of another collumbola taken later from my ear.


    I, too am positive that I have Collembola. They are all over my home and have survived a winter. I hope to have positive confirmation from an entymolologist tomorrow. Finally my exterminator is pursuing this with a vengeance. We are old friends. He , the bugs and me.

  19. Ahopeful said:

    Mr Common Sense,

    I have this “condition” – but be it bird mites or morgellons I don;t know. I have seen nothing – neither mites nor fibers. But I have crawling sensations and occasion pin prick bites occur, especially at night. I find, uusally on thighs, small red pimple/marks (they don’t always correspond usually with where a pin prick bite was, sometimes they may do). At the centre of them may be a v tiny blister which can express clear fluid in some cases which is I believe consitent with a bird mite or arthropod bite. Sometimes just a red mark. They a last some time. Weeks probably. Anyway, I don’t get dermatitis as result so i’m lucky.

    The ideas discussed concerning allergy are intereesting. You are right about scabies quickly producing symptoms in those who get it a second time, and this is generally accepted I think as being due to allergic reactions. I think the idea that even after killing them (whatever they are) you can react to any or some other mites or microscopic factors is defintaly worth considering.

    My other related idea was perhaps the rise in allergic diseases (asthma, hay fever, excema) seen world wide but primarily in the western world throughout the latter pasrt of the 20th century (well documented) is related. I’m not saying a parasite isn’t involved – but perhaps its always been around, now more and more are reacting to it, it is becoming a bigger problem. Still I don’t feel this is the whole story. SOmething be biting me!

    @Kixx and the “why some bitten some not” – perhaps then one person is bitten and host, the other experiences allergic reaction in the presence of parasite, but it takes prolonged exposure and matching immune system/unknown genetic factorts for the unknown parasite to be able to establish itself in the unlucky hosts ie. us.

    Keep up the good work – this is the first time I came across this blog but I’m starting to feel like a veteran of bird mite issues.

    • I have had both bird mites and collembola. The main difference in the symptoms is collembola also create a jumping/popping sensation, while bird mites do not.

  20. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Ahopeful, thank you so much for your post, your symptoms are a lot like mine. I love your clear thinking and logic, we think so much alike as do many others that have posted. I hope you stick around and contribute.

  21. The Azufre Soap does not leave residue like other so-called residue free soap. I’m impressed. It *does* leave a rather strong, after smell – whoa. It seems to provide a less hospitable terrain, much like ceasing the use of tar based shampoos I suspect. It does seem to help, but it only helps. I hope I can try the New Hope soon.

    I was, “bitten” several more times on the sides of my neck. This & the phorids articles prompted me to purchase a couple of outdoor bug zappers & place them inside. At least I feel like I am doing something defensive-like. Looking under the zappers in the mornings I find many no-see-ums (phorids? fruit flies?) I didn’t know my house contained so many.

    Absorbine Jr. is supposed to work at repelling gnats. Perhaps the whole lot of insects (phorids, gnats, collembola, micro-worms, etc) dislike or react badly under the effects of the same substances. For example, to catch worms for fishing bait, soak a tub full of walnuts in water overnight, pour into the ground & the worms (as well as other insects) crawl out of the ground seeking to get away. That is something I may consider in the future for myself if nothing else works. I’m not so sure about a crank generator though.

    In the meantime I have found several dabs of Absorbine Jr. has made a huge difference with reducing the size & severity of the bumps & bug-bite/rash-like/pimple symptoms I have. Very effective & almost overnight. Too soon to tell how long term it is. The effect may be the same as with walnuts. The idea being to soak the area of skin affected (more so than just with diet changes) to change the skin conditions to the point where the “insects” don’t like it & either die (and I don’t!) or leave the underside of the skin & come topside to be washed off or brushed off.
    Then of course the idea after that is to keep my body inhospitable to them with eating right & avoiding … most everything? I don’t know. And that is no slam on Dr. Wymore.

    I noticed on the TV news today a baby was born with MRSA who is not suffering any symptoms. The mom had a baby prior to that in a different hospital, the baby was said to have died from MRSA. I’ve said it before, I think MRSA is carried by the smallest of insects like demodex, however; the hospital Dr. seemed to think the mom was a carrier. The mom thought it was the hospital environment that is why she went to a different hospital for the second birth.
    Perhaps MRSA co-exists with Morgallons et al & the MRSA virus is the only thing they can identify so they call it only MRSA?

    RE: The Kathleen Lusson link,
    “…One highly transmissible strain [of Burkholderia cepacia] has spread across North America…” Funny how they never mention stuff like this in the print media or on the TV news. I’ve never heard of it.

    RE: imysbbad,
    I can relate, that’s for sure, I can relate.

    All of this could be the result of natural fluctuations in the populations & densities of certain unknown harmful insects. Perhaps that is what killed off the dinosaurs & previous civilizations or concentrated groups of people who just, “disappeared”?

    Or, if we were victims of Fourth Generation Warfare, how would we know, would there be a press release saying so? Look at the movies, they present future warfare as seen in Transformers & Terminator to be man against large, man-sized & larger robots on a scale equal to what we have had with the old Third Generation Warfare, i.e. large aircraft carriers, submarines, mega-ton nuclear bombs. As I have read from expert military people, Third Gen. Warfare ideas no longer apply in today’s world & today’s warfare. War has gone guerilla, and small scale, very small, nano-small. I’m not saying this is what is happening, but, how would we know? It sure makes more sense than corporate biological mistakes resulting in lab escapees or badly constructed misplaced GMO food crops.

    Worst case, the answer is all of he above.

    With respects to Dr. Strangelove,
    I’m gonna die anyway someday, so I might as well quit worrying & love the bomb, right?
    Now that the intense suffering has passed for me, it is possible.

    • I have always wondered just who we are in this time and place. I have read a lot of strange things about who we are: we have to awaken and realize we are all “one” and that we are reincarnated because we wanted to be here in this time era to help get us through these trying times. I just can’t believe that all of the human race is in such a deep sleep! Anyway, I do believe that the elites (NWO or whomever they are), are depopulating us every single day. I think this Morgellons is purposely put out to infect us, even the fly species that would bite and infect us was put out also. Last year when it all began for me, I noticed several large black flies in my house . They were 3 times larger than the usual house fly , and there were no normal flies to be found. Well, that is when I got bit a few times and then these micro creepy things kept getting on and around me all the time and then in my eyes! They are in my hair( cannot find anything to rid them there), and they will work themselves up towards front of my head so they can spring into my eyes. I hate it so much this constant fighting them away. It is driving me crazy. But back to the subject, yes we are gonna die someday but I can’t stand to see my kids and loved ones suffering slowly because of these evil greedy people gasing, poisoning of food, water, medicine, and no one can do anything to stop them. This past week they have heavily chemsprayed this area so much that just about everyone I know here is sick in some way. It’s knocked me down also. And when I go outside in the morning to go to work, they have already got the sky polluted up and you still see them flying criss-cross and every which way with a thick smoke line behind them making sure they cover up every bit of blue sky up there! Sorry but I get nutty when I talk about all that. It just doesn”t make sense to me at all.

  22. Noted on darkfield microscope on Adam 2 weeks ago. Small 1 micron parasitic forms what looked to be combelloa and small 2 mm silver looking threads and large 3 mm flat worm looking progression. After 8 ounces of anu and 20 minutes later all forms were obliterated. White cells highly charged and eating up fibers and parasitic forms.
    PS other threads with no cellular pathology obliterated in 1 hour.

    • You are on to something ~ I am working with our county/state ~ we have been able to identify Collembola infestation in and around my home that I moved into almost 2 yrs. ago and I have had ALL of the symptoms many of the others on this forum have discussed. I have been to doctors/derms/specialists etc. for over a yr and a half trying to figure out why/what type of skin lesions and itchy sensations I have on my skin ~ prior to moving into this home in the country, I had NO skin irritaions/sensations or any other health issues ~ Over the course of the last year and a half I have suffered tremendously. I have collected hundreds of samples of collembola and have turned them over to our county extension services.

  23. Now that, imysbbad mentions it, I have seen some little brown beetles clinging around the past few months that I haven’t seen around these parts before. The black flies were bad last fall & into winter here as well. Granted, I’m no expert, but these beetles are new to me. The bug season is just beginning in the Midwest and today I killed four of them that were on my light colored curtains. None were on the windows though, kind of strange I thought.
    They are small enough that, like the no-see-ums, you might not even notice them on you. I hate how I’ve become so keen to noticing things like bugs. Crimeiny, while watching Survivor, I couldn’t help but notice a huge bug crawling up the shoulder of JT when they were in the last Tribal Council. He sure didn’t notice it.

    “Beetles can be found in almost all habitats… They often feed on plants and fungi…”

    I think the ones I saw were either A bark beetle of some type, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bark_beetle

    Or, more likely, “The death watch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) is a woodboring beetle, namely a beetle whose larvae are xylophagous. The adult is approximately 7 mm long….”

    Xylophagy is a term used in ecology to describe the habits of an herbivorous animal whose diet consists primarily (often solely) of wood.

    Many xylophagous insects have symbiotic protozoa and/or bacteria in their digestive system which assist in the breakdown of cellulose, … Others, especially among the groups feeding on decaying wood, apparently derive much of their nutrition from the digestion of various fungi that are growing amidst the wood fibers. Such insects often carry the spores of the fungi in special structures on their bodies (called “mycangia”), and infect the host tree themselves when they are laying their eggs.

    Didn’t Dr. Stricker say parts of my body was being turned into cellulose by AgroBacterium, that I was now the Swamp Thing?

    Hmmm, I wonder if the enzymes in the death watch beetle larvae are affecting my body and are adding to my dilemma?

    “The term mycangium is used in biology for special structures on the body of an animal that are adapted for the transport of symbiotic fungi (usually in spore form). This is seen in many xylophagous insects … In other cases (e.g., the southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis), there are mites which have their own type of mycangium (for historical reasons, mite taxonomists us the term sporotheca), and the mites ride on the beetles.

    Mycangia of bark and ambrosia beetles … are often complex cuticular invagination for transport of symbiotic fungi. Several types exist. Phloem-feeding bark beetles … have usually numerous small pits on the surface of their body, while ambrosia beetles …which are completely dependent on their fungal symbiont, have deep and complicated pouches. These mycangia are often equipped with glands secreting substances to support fungal spores and perhaps to nourish mycelium during transport.”

    I wonder if those same mites ride on the bodies of the asian ladybeetle and the asian ladybeetle deposits them everywhere they walk?

    In a photo on a page of the mite Megalothorax, http://macromite.wordpress.com/ a researcher wondered what the small circular pouches on the back of the mite were for, perhaps they were for fungus transport & the mites & insects giving us problems have the same kind of pouches?

    “Some bark beetles form a symbiotic relationship with certain Ophiostomatales fungi, and are named “ambrosia beetles” after these “ambrosia fungi”.”

    The Ophiostomatales are an order of fungi within the class Sordariomycetes.[1]

    The Sordariomycetes are a class of fungi in the subdivision Pezizomycotina (Ascomycota)…. Sordariomycetes possesses great variability in morphology, growth form and habitat. Except having perithecial (flask-shaped) fruiting bodies, ascomata can be less frequently cleistothecial (like in the genera Anixiella, Apodus, Boothiella, Thielavia, Zopfiella)[1][2], fruiting bodies may be solitary or gregarious, superficial or immersed within stromata or tissues of the substrates and can be light to bright or black. Members of this group can grow in soil, dung, leaf litter, and decaying wood as decomposers, as well as being fungal parasites, and insect, human and plant pathogens.[3][4]

    Did you catch that? The bark beetle carries a black colored flask-shaped fungus that can be a fungal parasite of humans. Is this the black specks people see?
    Trisha is on to something I think… Trisha may be a hero type of person who is actually doing something. Go-Trisha-go!
    anu = A New Hope? The blue stuff?

    [I never thought I would spend my Friday night like this.]

  24. Kathleen said:

    Please look into this regarding the mite. Mites/thrips. From:

    Thrips feed on leaves, buds and flowers. Populations of thrips should be closely monitored as they can be vectors of viruses. Propagation houses, dead plants and constantly moist media are ideal environments for fungus gnat development.
    Hypoaspis miles
    This tiny (0.5 mm) light-brown mite naturally inhabits the top 1/2″ layer of soil where fungus gnats, as well as springtails and thrips pupae dwell. The female Hypoaspis mites lay their eggs in the soil, which hatch in 1-2 days, and the nymphs and adults feed on the soil-dwelling pests.
    First Sign: Leaf surfaces finely speckled with yellow spots. Later, a silvery metallic looking sheen may cover leaf surfaces. Not all Thrips create this sheen. With or without the sheen, you’ll also see black specks (Thrip fecal material). Only on close inspection is the pest itself found. About 1/16″ long, thrips can move quite quickly for their size. Many gardeners report thrips as a small “worm with legs”. Larvae and adults look similar, but adults have wings and can fly.Thrip Predators 10000 Mites

  25. I just recieved an awful phone call from a Mother in Mass. it seems that there are approximately 100 vegans in Miami with Morgellons. DO NOT GO VEGAN PLEASE, IT IS DANGEROUS.

    These young people have been in and out of Doctors offices and Emergency rooms for the past year and have been called Delusional by the Doctors.

    Many of them were forced to take antipsychotic medications, have been put in Mental Hospitals and Have lost everything financially.
    It is getting worse by the day???

    Much Love,

    • being vegan is not dangerous, in fact it offers many health benefits. go look it up in the americans dieticans association. It can reverse heart disease and is used to treat cancers, can prevent most of the common killer diseases, it is VERY healthy.

      There are loads of vegan athletes, loads of healthy people who are vegan.
      Please go read up about it, the meat industry would like people to beleive it is not good because they want to protect their profits. So would the drug companies, as most killer diseases today that use up a lot of drugs can be prevented or cured by a vegan diet.
      It is also the kindest diet for the environment, causes the least amount of pollution, CO2, uses the least amount of water and resources.
      And the rainforests being mowed down are destroyed so people can graze beef and grow soy, most of which over 80% is fed to factoary farmed animals in the meat industry.

  26. I had a real interesting find of my Aberdeen Guys. 2 had swollen scrotums. The Doctor phoned me and said. “What Should I do??” I said, “Here is a novel approach… why do you not take a needle aspiration biopsy and send it off for results???”

    It came back “Cornybacterium and Aspergillus Niger” I have seen these things on Darkfield microscopy. With the Anu after 50 minutes obliterated.

    All fibers and parasites obliterated. They also have parasitic wasps and collembola coming out of their skin.

    It is all about the Terrain, and getting these patients well is all that matters.

    PS I thought I would tell you that I now have 20 patients cured before the anu, it is just a means to help in the end. When they are cured they do not want to look back and want out of this mess.

    They are not delusional in the least.
    It is all about the Terrain.
    Love and Light,

  27. i have this fungal parasite as does my dog i have a great many accounts i wish to share with others afflicted, in an effort to connect with those that wish to exchange information

    • i had morgellons symptom for 3 years now, and it is all over my house, car, interior and exterior, the collembola(?) or some other sort of bug are imbedded in wood floor,makes track on wooden furniture, track on my skin, it is in ice container in freezer, in rifrigerator, some white, some black, i wonder how it got there, it is either airborne or fell out of my skin while i get the ice, this bug(?) seems it can dig in to my skin and becomes part of the skin, it can be part of placstic surface, and become part of ceramic bowl, sounds crazy, but i ve seen it imbedded in ceramic bowl and i can’t wash it out, the black perpper like spec is imbedded in the ceramic bowl, i know it was not that way when i bought it, this organism seems coating my skin and clothing and everything in the house in layers, creating fungal dusts, and from the dusts, collembola(?) or some sort of bug is developing, my dog was infected with this condition first, and i saw out of nowhere, white spore or fiber like larve developing from the container i used to bathe him, collembola picked up from my dog’s fur was identified by local entomologist, i used all sorts of cleaner to clean my car, and house, but i can’t never get rid of this dusts completely, i feel as though thousands of minute parasites are all over around me, just like dust, at the beginning of this nightmare, i got bit by something,i am not sure it is collembola, or tick, some sort of microscopic kind, i had pain on the wound, which is my back for about a month, and crawling feeling deep under my skin, ever since then you know the story, i ve moved and bought a new car, it came with me to my new residence, it took about 2 weeks to my car to get infested with this thing again, even though i vaccumed my car and cleaned everyday, it goes with me, specially when i am eating, i feel the activity around me, just like these invisible bug want to eat the food i am eating, in addition to a collembola, there is all sort of bugs attracted to my house, i think whatever it is, it is preferred food to many other bugs, especially, there is abundance of tiny gnats, some smaller than collembola, i wonder if these fungus gnats causing allergic dusts in the closed environment to cause the symptoms, or they are just merly come in to eat collembola, there seems, something attracting all sort of micro organism to come in to my house, some food source for them is in my house and mybody, if anyone experiencing same symptoms, or know how to get rid of this from the car, let me know,

  28. Kathleen said:


    This might be our mite!!!

    We know that we have extracted Collombolla from Morgellons victims. This psocid lives in the same environment as the springtail. I am wondering if this too, may be a vector. They feed off the same things: cellulose, algae, fungus,grain, and fabric. This might explain the holes people are finding in their pajamas.

    I have spoken with a woman who has the symptoms of Morgellons. Several weeks ago she employed an entomologist to set traps around her house. She learned that she has psocids living in her house. These are commonly referred to as Book Lice. Psocids, pictured here: http://www.extension.umn.edu/yardandgarden/ygbriefs/e611psocid.htm
    This article states: Despite being called ‘lice’, booklice are not harmful to people or pets; however she has red pimple like patches all over her body, that is what made her call the entomologist in the first place. The woman set 8 traps around in the inside of her home. Psocids are able to change their dietary needs as food availability changes. They can be found in damp, warm, undisturbed places where mold and fungi are growing. They are more likely to be a problem during summer. In this article, http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page1219.html If you have psocids active in or around your home – expect them to prosper and keep coming back unless the conditions which they seek are changed. Many people report that they see little critters moving around in their carpet etc. I am wondering if this could be one of the culprits. Psocids hatch from eggs in about 2-4 weeks after the eggs are laid. Young will go through about 2-4 nymphal stages to reach adulthood which takes another 2-3 months. Maybe this explains why we think we are in remission. Once mature, females can generate 50-100 eggs during her life and as an adult she would expect to live 1-4 months. Most populations will produce 2-3 generations per year but there could be a lot more if conditions are just right. Psocids are able to adapt to their environment which will dictate just how fast they reproduce. In general, the more moisture and the more moderate the temperatures (50 -80 degrees) the more they will prosper. Cold weather (below 35 degrees) will kill off adults but eggs will live ready to hatch as soon as local temperatures get back to where they are comfortable. Psocids will eat just about anything. Maybe us? in fact psocids can thrive on a wide range of food. Such food includes cellulose (paper or books), book bindings, fabric (from which many book bindings are constructed), glue (the glue that binds most books has many natural components), any type of grain, mold, mildew, algae, fungus and other plant life. The fact that psocids will readily live in books is the same reason they will readily live on trees: the presence of both cellulose (paper is made from wood) and fungus or algae. Algae or fungus will readily grow in damp dark places inside homes but it also thrives outside. It is here where local psocid populations will begin to accrue. Once established alongside homes, they will commonly find adequate food supplies up underneath any type of siding on homes. From there they commonly find window sills to be great food areas as well as outside light fixtures, outlets, door frames, etc. The author has seen them thrive on just about any perimeter location of any structure which gets wet during rain or irrigation. Such areas have a tendency to harbor moisture and this harboring is what enables fungus and algae to grow. Once this growth starts psocids will soon follow.
    Read the information in the links.

  29. […] reading about collumbola and man. Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man: Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man Morgellons – A Mundane Approach . I hope some of this information is helpful. I used to have them too. :hug smiley: […]

  30. Quote from Mr. Common Sense .. (Now, I know some of those people as I have moved on from that place. When we meet and shake hands my hands burn, itch, crawl for at least 3 or 4 days maybe more and it will move on to my entire body)
    When I read this . i had to read it 2 or 3 times. This was exactly what I Experience. About 2 years ago I came down with this Unknown Burning on the back of the hands and sometimes feet Pin pricks itch, and crawling experience. it was a Horrible time. It lasted about 6 months after trying everything from tea tree oil. to Anti parasite herbs. Cleaning my whole house out. After some time it went away. I thought I got it from a friend. she was a Backpacker from Japan. when she went back to japan . she left some clothes and books in a cupboard . I never touched them until last week. when I decided to throw them out . Thats when it all started again. First i noticed a burning of the back of the hands. then pin pricks all over my body again. I thought OH NO here we go again. I cant believe that they can live off books and clothes for nearly 2 years. I dont want to go tho this all over again..

  31. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of a collembolla infection lasting over a decade. I think I have finally hit upon a possible cure. An acid system is known to attract insects so I surmised that if I could change my system from acid to alkaline, it might deter the springtails. I have done this with diatomaceous earth and reducing sugars and carbohydrates.

    It may be too early to tell for sure but I have been on a 11 day regimen of taking a heaping teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth (de) in a glass of water twice per day. I have not had a “bug bite” in 8 days. What a fantastic relief!!!!

    If one has had springtails for any length of time, everything he/she owns is infested with the insects and their eggs, this includes bedding, automobile, books, clothing, everything! No amount of spraying, topical applications, baths, etc. will deter them fro any length of time. In my opinion the only protection you have is to make your self undesirable to them by making your system alkaline. De seems to do this very well. If you are interestedyou can purchase de from: sales@earthworkshealth.com No guarantees but it has worked, thus far, with me.

    Good luck!

  32. […] Morgellons by Mr. Common Sense on August 27, 2009 This is taken from a comment left by Rob on my Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man […]

  33. Like “A Friend’s” comment above, I have used DE. It seemed to be helping, along with limiting sugar and carbs, but the DE as effects of helping to lose weight and I’m already tiny (weighing 115 lbs) so I definitely don’t want to lose weight. I lost 5 pounds and panicked (that’s ALOT for me!). This isn’t a problem most folks taking DE would have. Everyone else in my family takes it with no problem.

    Any suggestions on how I still benefit from using the DE without the weight loss??

    My situation seemed begin in September of this year when my Yorkie and I went romping in grass in a local park. I’ve been using Cedarcide oil, a bit of Windex and this all natural clothes detergent containing Lavender, enzymes, borax (and a few other ingredients) that I’ve made a spray out of. Sometimes it seems to get a bit better but it doesn’t last. My doctor has given me a prescription for both Lindane and oral steroids, both I’m afraid to use. I like natural if at all possible. If anyone has benefited from either Lindane or the steroids, please let me know. I feel they’re both poison.

    Any suggestions well appreciated!!

    • Please definitely DO NOT DO LINDANE, even the UN has called for it’s ban worldwide, trust me, I know an expert in this area, do not use it. Windex is an insecticide, I wouldn’t be using it either, why not use Dr. Bonners Peppermint soaps.

      As for catching it after going for a walk in the park with your dog did you know that Dog Parks can never be used to build anything on in the future, the reason, parasites.

      Steriods shut your immune system down, from what I’ve heard, it’s bad news for Morgies, but I’m not a doctor, I definitely would never do Lindane.

  34. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Sister to Common Sense


  35. Thank you for your fast responses! I will discard these immediately. I will definitely try Dr. Bonner’s. Please tell me where I would find it??

    Do you know of anything I could take (natural if possible) to expel what I believe to be Collembola from the body?

    Im afraid to live like this the rest of my life.

  36. can anyone tell me if collembola (sprintails) jump,fly or crawl?

  37. Once the springtails jump, as is their wont, they keep jumping til they reach body heat. If you have a pet that sleeps near you, sorry my friends, you are in big trouble.
    Anyone or anything that has a BODY temp more than yours will attract them.
    Enzymes, Enzymes, Enzymes..
    Spray spray spray…
    Sulfur, Sulfur, Sulfur internally and if you can, exterinally.
    Flowers of Sulfur, Ionic Sulfur.

    They hate the menthol too.

    Sorry to sound like a crank, but this is the second time I have had them. the first time was in 91.
    We have psocids as well… like booklice on steroids.

    Threw out so much stuff, decorative pillows, blankets, linens, rugs, books, papers.

    I totally get why folks think that I am nuts!

    Springtails live in your yard, your mulch, your winter wood etc.,
    once on your lovely pet
    or your shoes
    or your bare feet in the summer

    Say hello to your nightmare! These little b’s can live on anything that has some type of hair/fabric/cotton/carpet/paper etc.

    They are the first pest that attacks a corpse. Like MCS said, we must be like rotting piles.

    I also believe that there is a great deal of agrobacterium involved and pheromones from greenie solutions to pesticides.

    /Rant off/

  38. Sorry for above post, I was in a horrible mood when I wrote it.
    Drive by posting is not a good thing.

    • that was not a drive by post, i have been suferring from collembola for almmost 5 years!! i am a 33 year old male,when i was 29,i was awaken by something biting me in my bed.it took me almost 3 yrs to put a name to thing that was ruining my life.i have been to numerous doctors,ive spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits and medication,and i still have the same symtoms that i had from day 1!!! one of my doctors had me taking scabies topical cream callED eurax and permetherin cream for almost a year and i still have the same symtoms.i havent seen my mother,father,sisters,daughters or friends almost 5 yrs!!!! IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME I WILL BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT!!!

      • Mizzo, I want to cry reading your post, I know the nightmare that you are experiencing. Do not take any more poison, please. Try the menthol crystals in your environment and definitely the Dr. Bonner’s soap in the wash. Follow the poor man’s protocol and watch the videos over at nano transformation. I am a big believer in dehumidifying and cleaning top to bottom with enzyme cleaners. I recently read That a germicidal cleaner called Citrus II has been successful for some folks. I haven’t tried it myself.
        Get your pH balanced and don’t eat sugar, drink coffee and stay away from carbs. Read all Mister Common Sense’s link regarding collembola, folks have many helpful suggestions.

        I think these little B**turds could probably survive a nuclear war but I keep trying and I am better than I was.
        God Bless you.

        • lamb,thank you very much for your info,i would love to speak with you personally if your up to it,sounds like your more experienced than me.i can really use your coversation,i havent spoke to anyone in years who can really understand what im going through!!if you would like to you can add me on yahoo messenger,my email adress is squarebiz90@yahoo.com!!!!

        • lamb,how and where can i find flowers of sulfur and ionic sulfur,also enzyme spray?

          • earthhoney said:

            Mizzo, sulfur is super easy to obtain by simply buying some MSM. MSM is pure sulfur….. and it can come cheap…. try these people:


            Make a strong solution, i.e. fill up and spray 300ml bottle with 100gm MSM with 200ml water and vinegar…..also add many drops of peppermint oil and orange oil.

            also make up a separate solution of just bi-carb in water….

            and go spray your place wild… (including your body)

            that’s it, in reckless abandonment SPRAY!!

            eat a bit of garlic, drink alkaline water (and basically stick to a more alkaline diet… and your suffering is over!


            These little critters will favor you no more.

            you have ceased to provide them with the environment they need. they’ve had it with you… and are off to greener pastures.

            …. so spray munchkin, spray…

  39. If you are new to these things and don’t want to buy the “heavier” types of treatment like diatomaceous earth and MMS, etc., you can start with moth repellent packets.

    I never did go the MMS or D.E. route because I was worried that the Diatomaceous earth might get into the lungs of my kids or my small pug dog. In any case, I tried everything to kill these parasites, starting with Clorox Clean-up spray. It worked initially, but the stuff stains your clothes since it’s bleach, so you have to be really careful with it.

    I ended up using something my mother ordered for me from a catalog. It’s actually meant for bedbugs, fleas, ticks and spiders. It’s by J.R. Eaton and it contains deltamethrin. I believe it’s called, “KILLS BEDBUGS II” and it can be gotten from Home Trends. Sells for around $25.00 and you can spray everything with it, even your bedding. Although directions say you shouldn’t have to spray again for 4 months or so, with this nefarious critters that isn’t going to be the case. I had to respray two weeks after the first spraying.

    Unfortunately, these parasites or whatever they are get immune to the particular warfare mechanism of the week. In this case, they seemed to build up some resistance to the Bedbugs II spray. Still, the stuff served its purpose and did help to diminish the bad bug population, including these things.

    Another more easily accessed method of “warfare” on these things is moth repellent. I bought Moth-Away Herbal Moth repellent packets in an Herbal formula with a Mint scent. It seems to have worked better than anything else I tried. 24 sachets come in each box. I put one sachet into corners, near the computer, bed, drawers, corners, you name it.

    They’e not expensive (don’t remember the exact price of each box of 24 sachets), but I do believe they work. Make sure you buy the Herbal Mint type if you get them. These parasite things have an aversion, it seems, to mint.

    Oh, and don’t forget to drop some in the car. One sachet packet per section of car. A sedan would use a total of four or five packets in the actual seatiing area and another two packets in the trunk. An SUV would use more. Drop the sachets in your car and roll up the windows overnight.
    The next day remember to roll the windows down for awhile before getting into your car so you can air it out. Leave the moth packets in the car until you feel it’s time to replace them.

  40. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Thanks Eden, Good info

  41. Trisha,
    This is Susanne, we have spoke once or twice on the phone. Reading through the posts below. . and i have not read them all.
    I would HAVE TO AGREE with your post, “do not go Vegan”.
    I was vegan, alternative, organic, homeopathic, . .
    I got this.
    The 100 people in Miami are vegan who contracted.
    I have lost everything financially as well.
    I live in South Florida.
    Could you write to me by email?

  42. […] I’m not sure he’s saying anything new here, many have suspected very small wasps, and from this POST you can see they can be very small indeed, microscopic wasps? Yep, they […]

  43. Carol Stull said:

    Have your doctor look into Herpes Dermatitis. I had all the above symptoms minus any threads. Dr. diagonosed me with Herpes Dermatitis and now it is all gone.

    • Carol,
      What did the your Dr do to cure you of Herpes Dermatitis? Is it linked to gluten like celiac disease?

  44. Hi everyone, Wanted to comment on beginning of Mr. Common Sense article about the (Fir) infrared pad from Dr. Staninger and he said he did not know if it was killing them or not. When I first got my FIR pad I figured that it was just an expensive heating pad because I really did not feel it doing anything but keeping me warm and making me sweat.

    But once I discovered that I had to be right over the area where I had the bug and applied pressure I could feel the pad working. When I would be over an area where probably they had multiplied and were new ones, the pain would be so bad I could hardly stand it but I would have to bear it until the pain let up and that is when I feel I had killed it off in that area. It would often take 2 or 3 hours that I would have stay until the pain quit. If I gave up before the pain resided than I figured they would get a chance
    to revive and I would have wasted that time.
    The problem is that they can multiply faster than I can kill them off with the pad but I am hoping by killing some off, my body will not have to fight off as many inside. In the mean time, I have loaded up on my probotics (take 4 different kind after each meal) which I find really helps.

    In my stool I find the thick bio film and I figured that is why it hurts so bad when the FIR pad is ripping of the film. It hurts so bad I feel it must be the biofilm peeling off inside because I have peeled some off on my outside skin and it hurts like that. I have to tell you though, my skin on the outside looks like I burned it.
    The first time I did it on my thigh, it blistered and pussed, but once I drained it and it dried up, there were all kinds of little black spots that had come to the surface of my skin and peeled off.

    Since I can only treat one area at a time, I plan to order another FIR pad at the beginning of the year. I tried a small portable FIR sauna but do not feel that it did anything for me.
    I have never heard of anyone else having the same affect of the FIR pad that I have. I know I am killing them but not fast enough so getting my body up to par and the diet is the rest of the trick. I would not be without my pad and sleep on it every night. Lynn 2

  45. God's Fallen Warrior said:

    Wow. Incredible to read all the stories, treatment methods, and accounts.

    I was Baker Acted and just spent 3.5 days in the ACUTE UNIT PSYCH WARD in my county. I had 7 doctors tell me in different ways that I could not be getting bit by bugs. I even stuck a qtip in my ear, removed a small black dot, and showed one of the docs; they said everything from “there’s no blood so it can’t be a bite” “the number of bites don’t matter (in influencing why someone would be driven to the limit by these things)”, “doesn’t look like a bug” etc. I was lucky to maintain my sanity and only was forced to be sedated once when I arrived (and said I was going to start dropping people if I didn’t get something to calm me down). I have an appt with a family doc. tomr who knows me and has treated me for many conditions over the years due to sports and life.

    I have so much more to discuss. I could write a book on how I was taken into custody by 4 police officers; after talking to my parents on the phone about how these bugs were keeping me awake and I couldn’t get rid of them. I almost got in fights there, woke up one night with a 6’4 crazy tatted up guy standing over my bed (cellmate with schizophrenia), was persuaded and prodded multiple times to take anti-schizophrenia medicine (zyprexa) which I refused.

    God is good. I am building up my reserves to fight once again; against this disease/organism, the misinformation, and the horrible ineptness and abuse I witnessed during my 3 days in the psych ward. People getting held down and shot up with the strongest drugs they have. That is a whole nother story but an inseparable part of my journey with this illness.

    I would love to hear any comments and will be writing my entire story and posting more soon.

    War until death.


    This brought me the closest I’ve been to suicide. Was bitten through the night at a shitty, insect infested room I was subleasing; huge bites on my arm as well as hundreds of smaller pinprick bites. The window was open; facing a crappy bog of a backyard pool, with vegetation and damp earth, 4 dogs and cats at the house, with the owner being a pretty unsanitary person.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Here’s unsolicited advice:

      Don’t send samples to anybody, do not spend your time trying to prove this is real. Honestly, I cannot recommend that you avoid doing these things strongly enough. It’s an utter waste of time and will only cause you further harm in many ways.

      Do not talk about this with your family, deal with it internally and through support with other sufferers. Focus on rebuilding your terrian.

      The worst thing a sufferer can do is spend your time at war with the world trying to prove what is happening to you is real. In the end, getting better is all that matters, you can escape this hell, and the first step is giving up the battle you are now involved in and redirecting your energy.

      Trust me, I’ve been there.

    • God bless said:

      I totally agree. Sectioned for 3 months which I won with appeal but forced to take heavy antipyschs for years. Damage was done by then depression kicked in. Several suicide attempts, one leaving me with a broken back and ankle unable to move for 6 weeks. 4 Years mostly in anti pysch wards missing out on my family. Don’t go their with the authorities, Don’t go their with your family just try and make your self as comfortable as possible and function as well as you can and prey especially for a time when people have a cure and others who have caused our pain will be held to justice. The serenity prayer helped me so much. Good Luck

  46. dividing cricker said:

    gmo bt cotton nanotechnology they all have lumped these new and wonderful things togther to give us years of mental and phical confusion. can we eat wipe bathe or breath without a new manufactured nano product to worry about. its all wonderful for the chemical giants but can we escape with our own lives. bayer said its too late. what morgellons is [nanotechnology] 25000000 placed end to end would make an inch. they are used as a pestacide or larvacide or seed coating or a glass coating to keep glass clean what about a vegatable and fruit dip to keep them nice and fresh for the supermarket. there are thousands of these products comming on the market every day .for big pharma big agra germ warfare to sewerplants. we are the ginny pigs so get use to it. the cdc knows whats going on but the money and future progress of these advances out weigh human life . just think a world without the human problem the animal problem what a world . just imigine. no more bugs to itch sores to magnify no more air to breath. what would we do who could we blame but just think if this is the begining what would we do if a nut got ahold of this shit and really went crazy. i think the elected officals should put the brakes on and look at the long term health effects and the worst case sanereo. hope i havent scared the shit out of you remember we could be in japan .

  47. Respectfully, two things need to be said:

    FIRST, who is ready to hire some forensic entomologists, PhDs, a couple of MDs and a lawyer or two? It is not as unattainable as you might think. You need a solid Study that produces actual biting insects, found in your skin, that you can hold in your hand, confirmed by microscopy, and supervised & documented by medical and entomological professionals. In other words, you need proof. Real proof that satisfies the medical/scientific community AND excites the media. Until you get that, you will continue to be scorned and called “delusional”. Maybe you’ll lose your job. Maybe you’ll lose your marriage. Maybe you’ll be locked up. The system does not care.

    This is the only approach to take so you can 1) identify the biting culprits, 2) acquire appropriate medical attention, and 3) prove to the world you are not nuts. There is no other way. None.

    Maybe you think you have all the proof you need? But of course you don’t, or we would not be discussing this. Got bugs all over you? Body covered with bloody sores? Itching ‘til you want to cry? No you’re not; it’s all in your head. Prove it. Now wrap your itchy head around this concept: We are looking for a remedy to a disease or condition that DOES NOT EXIST. It’s hard enough to get appropriate medical assistance for existing ailments. But one that does not even exist? Think about that. Doctors are forbidden to treat a disease that does not exist. (Enter the shrinks.) We have to pin it down.

    There are many of you out there. Thousands, tens of thousands, probably many more. But where is your voice? In our society, if you have no voice, you don’t exist… and neither does your disease. There are hundreds of disjointed blogs and websites scattered all over the Internet. Snippets of anecdotal information here, some more over there; here a little, there a little. The ‘Bitten’ are too scattered, too leaderless, too weak. Taking on the ‘Deniers’ alone, by yourself, is impossible. That is exactly what they want. When you do that, you are playing right into their hands. Come at them one at a time, insisting crazily that you are being attacked by biting things; they love it. You will lose and you will suffer. They will eat your lunch and pop the bag.

    Those of you who understand “organizing” need to get to work. I know you are out there. The owner of this site, Mr. Common Sense, seems to be one such individual. There are others, many others. Start spreading the word to other sufferers while you discuss remedies, the same way you spread the word in order to organize politically. Same principles involved. There is strength in numbers, but those numbers must be concentrated, not spread out all over planet Earth.

    Take note of what this really is: This is a Political Fistfight. It is NOT a medical affliction…not yet. It’s a bareknuckle battle to stomp your “bug” theory into the ground. It’s in-your-face medical politics, American style. Right now, you are bloody. You can change that. You change it with NUMBERS, with MONEY, and with STRATEGY. I see no strategy out there, just random railing at a corrupt and uncaring system. You need to collectively chill, heal as best as you can, and focus on organizing.

    Not a perfect example, but this gets the point across ~ Remember when AIDS was a dirty word and sufferers, whether straight or gay, were alone? Well, they organized. They came together. Then the families came out and supported them, then friends, and finally politicians. AIDS assistance is now an international undertaking of immense financial proportions. You have to ORGANIZE. You have no choice.

    SECOND, but even more important in the short run, is to HEAL as best you can. Focus on easing your suffering. It will help you think more clearly. No more screeching attacks on the medical/pharmacological establishment. We already know. (Been there, done that.) They will win, NOT because they are right, but because they are stronger. “Truth” never has and never will impact them. (Message to previous writer, “God’s Fallen Warrior” ~ Remember what Pilate said: “What is truth?” Well, truth is whatever the folks in power say it is. Pilate said He was innocent…then he killed Him. Truth, for Pilate, was to quiet down his “political” problem. Same thing here. They quieted you down, big time; some folks they quiet down without so much as a single scraping. That is barbaric.)

    How do we improve this picture?

    NUMBERS: You have numbers.
    MONEY: With numbers comes money.
    STRATEGY: You have none. But you can get it.

    When you add the above three forces together, you get an ORGANIZATION. Imagine, for a moment, if all related sufferers formed into a single group. Maybe two or three organizations/websites/blogs, three at most. Now that would garner attention. People of fame and financial resources, who are THEMSELVES afflicted (or who have family or friends who are), would be much more likely to come forward to assist. A few already have. We need many more.

    Last comment for now: I have close friends who are really suffering from this. I don’t have it and hope I never get it. In the meantime, I am putting every spare minute into working on improving their lives. If you can actually see and locate your bugs (like some of you have written), please KEEP THEM in a sealed jar or some other air-tight container, and note the date/place you acquired them. NO, they will not serve as conclusive medical evidence, but they may someday serve as a key piece of circumstantial evidence that may help some researcher get started… one who actually believes you.

    • Please tell all your friends that the 5th annual Morgellons Conference is going to be in Austin, Texas on March 24 and 25, 2012 at the Westoak Woods Baptist Church confer. Center. Please tell them to tell their friends so we can grow in numbers as a group to have a voice. Hopefully the word gets out and they can make it.

  48. I post here as a man torn asunder. A mere shadow of the person I once was. I will not speak of this affliction because I know each and every one of you can relate on some level. I will however express how much this thread means to me. I have found strength when I thought all hope was lost. Reading the various remedial methods and knowing that I am not alone in this has given me a second wind. Stay strong my friends.

  49. Beautiful Geekette said:

    I’m so grateful to discover this site. It appears I also have this weird affliction.

    I’ve been reading through these comments, and its true that ultimately it is up to us, no one else is going to step in and fix this… we have only to look at the evolution of AIDS and see what happens. Perhaps a marriage with the Lyme community would be a useful strategy, since they have made progress legally and many people with Morgellons also have the coinfections for Lyme. I was able to document the infections I have by paying a private lyme literate physician. I had both babesiosis and ehrlichiosis. But I had no idea what was wrong without this physician knowing which labs and which tests to run. I could barely sit up in a chair. Not to mention all the totally bizarre skin things.

    Babesiosis is now a code on the disability form. At least there’s that.

    Mr. Common Sense is right, our first priority is taking care of ourselves, as best we can. My lab results show the babesiosis and the ehrlichiosis are in remission, I believe it is because of a product I took called Artestatin by Health Concerns. I spoke with the physician who created the formula (btw artemesia is now the WHO gold standard for malaria, which is very much like babesiosis) and he shared that the label indicates 1/2 of what an adult could possibly take without overdoing it. I had to add peppermint, or pepogest, to keep my stomach from being upset by it, but its really helped. Also when lots of horrible crawling happens, I still resort to Jason’s dandruff shampoo, smearing it on my feet and calves.

    Other things besides documenting our blood infections would be documenting all these strange new moles that we get. That would be easy to document…

    I also agree there are clusters of people with similar symptoms who don’t konw about each other yet, such as the pediculosis society. I found a number of research papers on “smart fibers”… in fact they are building new kinds of materials, fibers, and some of them have electrical sensing properties, some can and do blend with other materials. So if you see that or feel that, you are not crazy, not by any means. I’ve seen research reports where goats are being genetically engineered to have milk that is like spider silk, to be used for parachutes for the military, and that’s just a start.

    I find taking salt baths helps, but rotate them with other things, like the New Hope 2 products, sulpher bath, msm bath…. Also, no longer own cotton clothing. The bed
    is encased in benesleep, and I use medical drapes. I have a helper who sets up the sheets and also helps with baking buckwheat biscuits, because if I had to do that, I would probably collapse from exhaustion. I can’t eat hardly anything still. But its certainly expanded from when I could only eat eggs.

    I saw an Ayurvedic doctor who was kind and did not think I was nuts. In India parasites are as common as a cold or flu. She didn’t bat an eye about this stuff, and gave me some
    Vedanga mix, which caused me to expel worms for 7 days. I did send a sample to a lab, and paid for it, the Santa Clara Dept of Public Health, and it came back with the label “tissue of unknown origin”… it looks like round worms. Plain and simple.

    I’m told that pets/farm animals are dewormed every 6 months or so, and this is why they are moved from one pasture to the next to avoid high levels of infestation. Also that some organic farmers are using garlic juice to help worm their animals. I bought some garlic juice, but it just didn’t do the job the way eating real garlic seemed to. I buy premade salsa and add some garlic.

    OK, well, that’s a big post for my first post. Again, I am truly grateful for this site.
    Very very.

  50. btgraham620 said:

    I am very grateful for this site, I am following dr amins protocol the best that my finances allow, recovery from this disease is a long process.I received my test results from a lab that does testing to determine what dental materials are incompatible and highly reactive now im searching for a holistic dentist to rehabilitate my compromised dental work.I know that dr amin has had considerable success with many patients and I hope that the protocol is effective for me I will keep my progress updated on this site.I hope and pray that we can recover from this horrible affliction.The consequences for me have been devastating, I lost my job I spent 26 days in a mental hospital because i had ongoing panick attacks im now heavily medicated, the panick attacks have subsided, but still experience extreme depression when the crawling sensations are active.Any way I do have some hope thanks to dr amin he is a very intelligent, compassionant and understanding.I feel that anyone suffering with morgellons would benefit from his protocol especially people who have had extensive dental work.I wish you all the best and complete recovery and thanks to all who have left replies on this site,

    • jane smith said:

      If you google on collembola you will find more and more research/science supporting
      its discovery in the human skin and other tissue, which is in direct contrast to what
      most physicians and scientists still believe.

      The best weapon is information. Scientists are in the business of speaking truth and they fight like heck to do so and preserve the right to do so, over centuries. Sadly physicians are not scientists, at least the majority. There is a 17 year lag time for best practices to reach the average dr. office. By best practice, what I mean is when someone discovers and publishes about a better way to administer care.

      The insects around us are changing, becoming more resistent to things…. our immune system is being challenged.. I’ve changed my diet big time. As more
      and more flooding occurs, the collembola problem and mold problems will grow. We are pioneers right now. Have courage and faith. We are all sharing solutions that are cheap, and cheering each other on. As opposed to physicians who charge 300 to 600 for a visit and call us delusional.

      Just recently, a NY Times wrote a story on a group of schizophrenics who cured themselves, in spite of doctors’ whose only outlook for them was to take a job as a grocery clerk and you will never get better. The people in the Times story had gone back and were working as CEO, group manager, etc. because instead of being harsh to themselves and just taking pills, they decided to try and understand what was going on…. they took the time to try and understand. Time and good old fashioned listening and observing.. something that is gone from the modern physician’s office visit…… sadly. Stanford has hired a professor to teach these skills again. But for us…

      To kill mold spores: baking soda…. its great for everthing from bathing to floors t laundry
      To kill microtoxins: borax… can be used to spray on walls, put in laundry… see curezone for more on borax…

      Wishing you all the best.

  51. Wendy Pappas said:

    We lived in a home were exposed to toxic mold and every other allergic type for over 2 yrs. Numerous health issues but culminated when we all got sick. Thought we had lice, it was not human lice. Two years later and 5 moves getting ready for 6 and having thrown away everything still I am increasingly itchy especially scalp. Have been having horrid outbreaks from hair touching face. Numerous insects I have collected. The colembola is what I fear it is although I am wondering re psocids? Could be more than one. Forsure my there is a fungal component to it. Whatever it is I am going to loose it at any moment. Under the microscope I have seen the same things as pics posted and then some. Whatever it is that clear flourscent fluid my head/ hair produces has caused cracks in fiberglass, caused scratches that draw blood and hv had people w asthma react to me. My hair follicle looks like that black funky ball that looks kinda wet it’s goopy sticks to stuff the there’s usually like an opening in the hair like it’s split and stuffed with white stuff looks like fungus and insect debree wormy maggot looking and it looks like claws hanging onto the white stuff in one spot actually looks like eggs stuffed in the hair and just below this mess is always what looks like a tiny fly with its proboscis in the shaft like its feeding on the stuff. Any ideas suggestions on who will actually look under a microscope at it? Have been turned away by ER and other docs no tests or looking.

    • Wendy u r that person that will look. Pick up a cheap kids microscope at Wal-Mart or get a camcorder with a good zoom and record it on your skin. I had to do exactly that and even capture samples and put them in zip lock bags for viewing. Don’t give up hope cause u and others like u including me r the hope. God bless.

      Scott B

  52. Scott Beck said:

    Has anyone tried to de-mold themselves to get the springtails to stop feasting on them? I have got them and I seem to be the only one in the household that they bother at all. I have been sleeping in a wet basement room and had recently been in there nearly 24/7 for the past four weeks and that is when I noticed them. I am theorizing that my being in the moldy environment has made me carry an unusually high amount of mold on my skin, clothing, and maybe internally. I figure that is why I am their huckleberry anyway. I also noticed they seem to not like it at all when I sprinkled chilli powder or garlic. Maybe spicy foods could help to become uninhabitable. My 17 year old daughter has allergies and now that I got infected with the springtails she can only be near me for a minute or two and then she starts feeling sick. My doctor wouldn’t even examine me. My feet are red, swelled, got bug shaped scars all on and around my feet and ankles. They were in my arm until I removed them with 2 rolls of tape. They were mostly transdescents, but I also pulled springtail and book lice nymphs from there. I was also wonfering if anyone else has had any of these hairy wormlike things going in their skin. They are the ones that got in my eyes and on my back. They hide in my eyebrows sometimes. I also had the transdescents in my nose. I could shine a flashlight up there and see them. I was able to blow eight of them out. I have stayed out of the basement and been eating spicy foods and doing tea tree/baking soda soaks and I am pretty sure I have gotten rid of a lot of them. My feet are the one place they dont want to let go of. I got some anti-fungal spray and foot creme to try for that. Probably even use the spray as a insecticide for me and my clothing. If springtails are everywhere, and that is why we see them when we go out, then to make ourselves unappealing is the only way.

    Scott B

  53. dividingcricker said:

    the news dr don huber a perdue bioligist has just blown the wistle on monsanto aka round up about a unknown entinty that seems to be causing all the animal health problems. a interview with dr mercola and dr huber ytube explains it all (maybe). we should still hold our elation because one man is not going to change the path were going down . every university lab government etc is working on some nanotech something to save the world without a thought to the long term effects its going to have . so dont hold your breath . you need to keep breating and react with as much anger as you can

  54. Scott Beck said:

    I ordered an HD camcorder with 420x zoom. Has anyone tried filming them on you? I have three other friends who have also got springtails besides me. It started in my house and they got them too. If someone doesn’t prove they will attack humans will we ever get rid of them? At least with a camera like this I can see how things effect them and where I need to attack them the most.

  55. I bought a digital camcorder that films at 428x zoom in HD. I filmed me and the floor around me on full zoom and have solved Morgellons. I am not sure if you are aware of what is happening or not, but I have video proof of what it is and how to fix yourself in one minutes time and how to keep it away and never have to deal with it again. If you are interested I will do a partnership with you and make Morgellons cure kit to sell online. I will send youvideo proof and tell you exactly what it is and how simple a fix it is too. Email me at scott_kb38@yahoo.com if you are interested. I sent this to you like this because I didn’t know how else to contact you.

    • Scott many of us here are nearly bankrupt trying to find a cure. This site is to help people not make a buck!

      • Scott Beck said:

        Who is trying to make a buck? I don’t sell camcorders or microscopes. I am trying to help everyone the way I am helping myself.

        Scott B

        • I presumed that the paragraph below referred to selling a cure kit on line, if I was mistaken I apologize.

          keep it away and never have to deal with it again. If you are interested I will do a partnership with you and make Morgellons cure kit to sell online. I will send youvideo proof and tell you exactly what it is and how simple a fix it is too. Email me at scott_kb38@yahoo.com if you are interested. I sent this to you like this because I didn’t know how else to contact you.

          • Scott Beck said:

            yes but I didn’t mean to charge people a lot. I meant cheap. If you can be cured what are you willing to pay? When you hav been a chew toy you get desparate. I don’t want to get rich on anyone but you think it would be a bad thing to offer a cure for a small profit? What kind of help do you want if not a cure? If a cure is made available anyone suffering should be thinking thats great and be happy with whom makes that possible. Not being upset with them for profitting at the same time. Do you hold resentment against the inventors of any of the items that make your life easier? No you are glad you have them. I have proof of what the ailment is. I have found semi-cures (temporary) at this point. A modification to one would be a permanent one but would have to be worn like jewelry or such. I would like to tell you what to do, and will shortly. This cure I was referring to would probably go to market at around $20-$100. I wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of any other chew toys out there as I am one and share in your suffering. May God bless you by removing this affliction.

            • So sorry, after being “chewed on” for seven years I get a little testy. I have paid thousands so far whats a few more $. On another note did you (and others in the group)receive messages/updates from this site when they were posted. Many of the ones that I replied to yesterday I noticed after the fact that were sent in December?? Either SOPA and on line spying has started earlier or WordPress had a problem with their server over Christmas??

            • Its fine Sharon. I did it too. I solved the problem entirely. You have to wear a certain piece of electronic jewelry. I have watched them under 428x HD zoom for weeks and paid a lot of attention to every little detail. I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this as several of the little boogers are in a thickened vegetive state all around me. The fluid will thicken and immobilize them. I had them crawl out of my legs and down to the floor. I kicked it up and they stopped dead in their tracks. The only thin is u will have to deal with a little noise or wear three different pieces of this electronic jewelry. I know I don’t mind wearing a neck chain, belt buckle, and a ankle bracelet. Let me get the the details on how we can get this cheap and fast. I am totally bite free and I can pick them up and check them out as long as I stay near the source of their neutralizer. It doesn’t kill them, but u will b able to keep yourself free of them and your home if you place some electronic nick nacks and some door hangers up. God bless everyone He has definately answered our prayers. I am going to make sure you get a free set up Sharon as I feel for your pain and know the hell u r in.

              Scott B

  56. Scott Beck said:

    You don’t have springtails biting in your skin. You have nematodes. Hookworms, pinworms, or threadworms all enter through the skin. Some will stay shallow in the skin. Others will ride your veins into the lungs and down to the small intestine. They are attracted to certain scents. Just to name a few. Alcohol, ketone, acetone, mold, and sodium chloride. Most of those will kill them , but it can’t help itself. If you look at the life stages of the hookworm alone you will realize how they get confused with springtails. I was passing worms and eggs, so I went to the doctor again after going once before to be told it was in my head. I didn’t even get an examination even though I told the doctor I had been living in a basement room that was wet about half the time for four years. Well after they checked my stool I got an apology from the doctor. I had hookworms and threadworms both. Not sure how it started for sure. I ordered some herbal aromatherapy goods from China so that is suspect. Also could just be the mold in my room and on me. They entered me through mostly my feet at first causing my feet to swell badly and turn dark red with lessions that were oval or bug shaped.

    I am still working on completely being rid as they want to reinfest. I am getting ready to move, ditch the pets, and change my diet and habits to hopefully become a bad tasting burger for these roundworms. If you got them you will see lots of little tiny bubbles or tiny brown eggs in your stool.

    • ak phoenix said:

      I have suspected nematodes also. I’m not positive though, since my sister and her family were treated for scabies. Are nematodes contagious you think? Interestingly, I live with my father who follows a pretty strict alkaline diet and he isn’t affected. If the scabies treatment doesn’t work, I plan on doing a cleanse fast, parasite detox and strict alkaline diet. I should probably do that anyway! People don’t understand how common parasites really are… why, because we living in such a developed country? I believe parasites and bacteria are the root of a lot of American’s health problems and it all stems from the horrible garbage we consume that we call “food.” Doctors unfortunately know very little about parasites and nutrition, which I find bizarre. Though I also believe that environment plays a part in our lack of health, a strong immune system is crucial. At the very least, it’s the one thing we CAN control. All these creams, baths, cleanses, ultimately these are helping the symptoms (what doctors do best), when really what people need are cures. And education on prevention wouldn’t hurt. Best luck to everyone.

      • Its even beyond just nematodes. They play a role and maybe the culprit for some. I have a home that is wet in the basement. I captured some perfect male and female full adult thread worms. I have also a lot of live mold spores now in the house otherwise known as protozoa. The protozoa will kill nematodes and springtails and you will see them in the makeup of the growing protozoa. The protozoa that I am in particularly talking about is B coli. Yes bacteria is involved as it is abundant in the mold and bacteria can even be a living creature. I was wrong also about them being in a vegetive state. It destroyed the cell. I thought at first it was separating again and I would soon feel them hit my fingers or hand as I held the camera near the water to film the cell splitting. It did not however but separated into dead cells and a dead nematode and a dead springtail nymph. I am sure they were already dead at the hands of the protozoa. This is totally amazing. If anyone wants advice e-mail me at scott_kb38@yahoo.com and I will gladly help you out. Thanks and thank you Jesus for ending the suffering of many.

        Scott B

        • This is probably the same unknown protzoa that was discovered by Dr Stephen Fry of Fry Labs and also Metamatrix labs. See Morgellons Focus on Health website and nose around, you will find blogtalk radio interview with Dr Stephen Fry and other good info.

        • Scott, You said you saw them split but figured they were dead. I have seen them split but they are alive for a short time, swimming around in the toilet bowl but eventually don’t move. I figure they have finally drowned and I do believe they do need air to breath. When I see less air bubbles in my stool I feel I have less, because when I was really bad there were alot of air bubbles. I am interested in the generator you said you used. I feel the infared pad kills them but it is a slow process and it takes a lot of time and you can only treat a small area at a time.I Would not give up my pad till I found something better. If you would be willing to contact me at: ldross4150@peoplepc.com
          not give up my pad until I find something better.

      • Wow. You guys need to also look into silverfish. Just had one run out of me and I got it in a little plastic container and its one lively little fellow. Guess he don’t like my electronics but he lived through it.


        • Scott, I am not an expert but beliee all of these critters are attracted to us because of this unknown fungus. check out cliff carnicorn’s web site at the carnicorn institute, he has been researching and running scientific tests for years now. Morgellons is not about the bugs/nematodes/worms/collembola, etc – these are side effects, or attracted to us from this fungus. ii is probably used in agriculture (cotton fields?) as a “natural” pesticide. Judith Knilans, ND. recently got a diagnosis of unknown filamentous fungus found in her lungs after doing a lung flush. They also discovered a cancerous growth. Have you heard of the documentary “Cancer is a Fungus”? Google that or Dr Simoncini. very interesting….

          • i am elated and going to let you in on the secret cause God let me in on it. Download a frequency generator. NHC Generator is what I got.Set it to 2.55hz. That will give you your life back and let you live it on your terms. 2.5hz didn’t work. It’s 2.55hz. The good Lord took care of me with it and it is only right that I tell you so you can get relief fast. I did know about the cancer thing and had just been screened for it when this all started by the swelling of my lymph nodes in my throat. Jam that frequency and you will be so much happier. If we had some small ones as I said for wearing spread out neck, waist and an ankle we would have a full body armor and can operate it at a sound level we don’t have to hear ourselves. God Bless and let me know how it goes for you.

          • Scott Beck said:

            Sharon let God handle this. You know that He is capable. Christ told us that if we believe in Him we will never perish. These things can’t be the end of His followers. We are the chosen and we will rise! You have the means to take your life back its called complete faith. I am so ashamed for letting any doubt creep in even if it wasn’t intended. I belong to Him and He has never let me down. Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to the basics in this world. Christ risen and if He died for me before I was, how can I do anything other than know for a fact He is who He said He was and I am because of His grace. Kick the hold they got on you to the curb and let God know that you are going to stop worrying and show Him the faith that brought you to where you have got and He didn’t bail out on you , but teaches us lessons worth learning. Never doubt or lose hope because you know the King. God bless you and your husband and may God remove this curse now.

            Scott B

    • Scott, I’m glad you mentioned that you saw lots of little tiny bubbles and tiny brown eggs for I also felt that was a sign. At one time that I was doing real good, I had very few bubbles and was not seeing the brown eggs. By the way, I think the brown eggs start from a tiny black dot because when I look at the eggs you can see a black head at one end. I also have the tiny white grainny like seeds too.

  57. Scott Beck said:

    You really got to show these little mf”ers where the door is. I took control. I still get bit once in a while but I don’t give a rats ass. I got two bone spurs and these guys aint got shit on that pain. I have been picking them up and checking them out right before I flush them. They got me a few times, but so far I have got them about so many times I am losing count. Does that make them go away? In my mind yes. Fuck them! Who do they think they are? I can tell you. Something that I don’t have time for so they have been throwed out right on their tiny little asses. Try to at least remember whatever elements or circumstances you find yourself in that God is in control not some nasty little nematodes or springtails, or protozoa or anything else. He who made is the creater and what He decides for me is always going to be too good for me.

    Scott B

  58. Scott Beck said:

    Sorry about so many posts but you got tohave this news. I am completely whole. My faith in Jesus has completely removed this. I am so ashamed for it ever getting as far as it did, but I was a chew toy for nearly 3 months. I know drop in the bucket for many of you. promise you if you call on Jesus He will hear you and help you.Just humor me and try it. doesn’t matter if you did before, do it this one more time. For those who don’t believe or just won’t pray. Get yourself a bottle of taurine and dump it into a large bowl that has a lid to it. Leave this bowl set out somewhere in your house. Give them a tastier treat than yourselves. While they were still bothering me I also noticed that listening to music was a big game changer too. God bless you all and don’t give up. I am living proof of the way out of that hell. Now you are my prayers.

    Scott B (power in prayer coupled with childlike faith)

  59. dividingcricker said:

    the (cure) dont really know for sure but a no sugar diet will help i used the king diet almost starved to death but ate range free eggs organic rice combo. nothing with bread even glutin free starch rice doesnt seem to make this allergic reaction in the skin . organic non starchy vegtables in salads olive oil with bragg vinager . small amounts of chicken ok rice crackers chicken soup homemade seemed anything on the shelf made things worse. you can find the king diet on line. i tried many skin body cleaners but i found kleen green enzyme the best product . now i spent 1000s plus on products i dont have a dime in that co but i think that it worked for me . when i first started using kg i took baths 2 to 3 a day 20 min each started to take showres with 1 bath now just one shower at nite after shower use a 50/50 mix wipe my body down with the mix every where i can reach then spray my bare back . its alot of work but it worked for me. when it started i thought i had the scabes so i tried all the chemical products all most killing myself they just didnt touch this stuff. so the king diet and kleen green now the house, used a 10/90 kleen green spray for the house every day washed the sheets and blankets for about a year down to one time a week laundry a large load 1/4 borax 1/8 liquid bonners soap 3 tbs kleen green . no dryer sheets. spray animals and wash with kg spray carpets frooring

  60. 10 month’s ago I went into my shed to begin cleaning it, the roof had blown off several month’s before. I buy sell collect glassware and the shed was full of boxes of stuff all wrapped in paper. Everything was covered with fungus, mold ect., all different color’s. Black, brown, red, green, blue, white. 4 day’s later my arm was itching and when I pulled up my sleeve there were about 8 bug’s of some kind I had never seen before stuck to my arm. I actually had to use pier’s to start removing them. These were not tick’s. As I was removing them some crawled under my skin. I freaked. the next several month’s were a nightmare. My wife thought I was crazy and causing these sores, well you know the story. I identified about half a dozen different “bug’s” living in and on me. I was just about crazy, I couldn’t sleep, spent all my time researching and had these serious sore that when I picked the covering off Would ooze black tarry looking blood. I also think the scab’s were actually layer’s of “bug’s”. My research led me to agrobacterium and how it can actually change our cell’s to fungus or cause an inhaled
    fungus to grow in us. I think several species that eat rotting plant matter had invaded my body due to a scent or smell of decaying plant matter or fungus. I did many thing’s and eliminated the problem quickly and cheaply. I really cleaned my house. Under my washer I found a six inch spot of mold from a small leak. I changed my shower massage thing, it was black inside, the shower mat also went. I started rubbing my whole body with vinegar and then baking soda when showering. It really burn’s when hitting a sore. Twice a day I drank a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda. I think these thing’s killed the fungus that the parasites smelled. I still have scar’s but no sores, itching bug’s crawling out of me. I also got dust mite cover’s for my mattres and pillow. I baking soda’d the carpet. You would be surprised how many thing’s live in it. I don’t know if this will help any of you but it sure helped me. I also do my laundry with a cup of ammonia and a scoop od borax.


    • Dear Dave and everyone here,

      Thank you so much for your postings. Sometimes in thinking of the science of this problem, we lose focus on the patient. I am in phone contact with someone right now who is in the beginning stage of this (I went through it about a year ago and lived to tell the tale) and it is truly the case this is so horrible people want to commit suicide rather than live like this.

      Its really important, if physicians are reading this, that they listen. Doctor, can you hear us? The rules have changed. So many species have died we are in a new geologic time period. We have lost a very large percent of large mammels. Can you imagine, Mr. Physician, with all respect, that maybe, just maybe, the patients who come to you with symptoms that you don’t understand, are telling you something? That they are not delusional, but that there is something very very real.

      Scientists are a rare breed. They live for truth. They fight each other over truth, and criticize and debate to find truth. This truth is based on data, information, as much as possible. Even so, these “truths” of science turn out to be wrong, and get revised. Physicians, who take an oath “do no harm” have lost the ability to listen, look, and understand the patient who presents symptoms in front of them. If you regard a patient with unusual symptoms as delusional, without even so much as a glance at the specimen, but disregarding or labelling someone as paranoid so that other doctors who see the chart will not take them seriously then are you really being a doctor? As in, the kind of doctor you went to school to be? To care and to cure? Did It occur to you that 50% of the bankruptcies in this country are related to healthcare? It would seem, you are certainly in a strange world. Maybe doing harm. Perhaps its time for real physicians to stand up and have their own “Occupy Healthcare” movement.

      Thanks to all the social media, and to people like Dave, Mr. Common Sense, and others, who despite their suffering have managed to think and find ways to help and who then have shared this. Physicians, aren’t you ashamed? Taking our money, taking an oath not to harm? People are suffering.

      It had to be said.

    • Hi Dave, do you still think you are vulnerable to bugs? Ruth

  61. dividingcricker said:

    one web site that is a must dogtor j aka john symes a vet has a world of information another book is seeds of destruction another is seeds of deception by jeffery smith has dvd cd and a book another auther dr is russell l. blaylock excitotoxins; the taste that kills reading all this is a life change that makes a country boy into a way differnt animal (we have all had the rug riped out from under us). so dont loose hope answers can be slow but theries are put together and progress is made slowly i wish i could put a training course together for people dealing with this right now . back to cleaning the house i used borax soap powder , sprinkled a fine dust all floores under all furnurture window sills out side around porches it makes the surfaces so alkaline nothing lives very long a bug guy told us this years ago work and very cheep also diotomatious earth mixed with borex works better. leave down 3 days then sweep do this until you feel its done its job we used this about a year we still spray kleen green about once a week i live in a area with soy bean farming the farmers thougt it was a type of nemataod a natural aphid. maybe but its still not a bug ive ever experinced. we have greenheads stayberryflys

  62. dividingcricker said:

    my theroy is the gmos are blasted seeds with many genes that kill bugs fungus and in the process its effect on us has not been studied also the seeds are coated with a nanotechnology that acts as a larvacide a fungacide a pesticide and this nano is so microscopic it can take 25000000 laid end to end makes 1 inch . this seed coating stays active 7 years. in popular science years ago they said this active nanotechnology is coated with a scilicone polyethelene bollyball looks like a scoker ball this coating mist break down in the human body and comes out through the skin which looks like threads blue green white but the combination of all this stuff the genes of funguses weeds genes of anuals bugs well this is just a bad dream and ill wake up who in there right mind would do this do you remember the movie water world the old guy in the bottom of the oil tanker when kevin kosner droped the flare in the oil and blew up the ship (just before that flare hit that oil he said ) thank god! some days i feel that way some days . the reason i know about this was our mosquoto commision was spraying with a product called langanex made in maryland company was sold cant find it anymore thats what all these copanys do sell out move under a different name well all for now

  63. dividingcricker said:

    products i found useful dr bonners peppermint liquid soap/ssd sulfadiazine cream/borax soap powder/genisis kleen green/allstop skin cream/ silver biotics/sski iodine/ earths aloe by natures factory/ immutol/ msm / j crow lugols iodine/ vira stop by enzymedica/ neem aura neem leaf/ calm magnesium/ tea tree oil/ flax high lignans by barleens/organic stevia if you want to see your bugs and red and blue strings go to radio and buy a pocket microscope cost 12 dollars. i switched to glutin free diet then later to a gmo free diet very hard to find products. i use a copper silver gold twist braslet . started using earth magnets in each pocket. some other researchers are royal raymond rife / hana kroger / h clark / have tried all these theropies with little or no luck ive talked to researchers drs of biology brain chemistry they dont know either my own dr doesnt have a clue. i think we have a mistake in us that is going to take 7 years to work itself out. a web site to check out is a dog cleansing product called nzymes . you can see how it effects dogs. the diet effects on humans can be read about from john symes aka dogtor j i hope this helps ps if you have a real good product leave a reply

  64. As I am reading these posts I an getting bit on my neck…legs and waist. I keep slapping at it and can’t get these things to stop biting me. I can’t see then but i can definitely feel them..it feels like tey are burrowing under my skin. I would like to add that it is night time and I am in bed but, I also feel them on my legs during the day…if you have any ideas on how to make them stop please help…its gettibf worse… I have been suffering for the last 8 months and my friends think I am crazy…and laugh when they see me slapping at invisible bugs….and i can’t sleep so It’s affecting my personal and work life…thank u…mobilemonkey625@gmail.con

  65. dividingcricker said:

    shane and any nubees i used natural ginesis kleen green enzymes …it worked for me after spending 1000s on other products …it is a recomend by national geographic so i thought it must be worth a try … i dont sell any products… when i started i used it in a warm to hot bath 3 times a day if i itched during the day i sprayed the spots that itched with a little spray bottle i took with me at work or just out… i now have lessened this bath to one hot shower and finsh with a 50/50 spray once a day . stay away from sugar …it reacts to sugar… i went glutin free… no corn chips organic is the best diet…try to stay away from prepaired box mixes unless organic…. stay as clean as posible …. change clothes everday… sheets everyday …spray house with kg every day spray shoes coat hat every day …. walk …i also take a mess of vitamans and minerials and try reading some of my other blogs been fighting this a few years …still going one dat at a time…..

  66. Yes.Been there, done that – for 15+ yrs. Never could figure out what it all was. Used all kinds of poisons: pyrithins, permethrins, etc. Had an exterminator twice – a waste. Was told all I had was black pepper specks in the trap. Well, yeah! Last year sent a few papers with these taped on them to Cooperative Extension, with a simple explanation that they infested my house from outdoors, acted like fleas-but not fleas. And these ‘things’ would jump off of my indoor-outdoor cats if they slept on my bed. Report from two universities was forwarded saying:’SPRINGTAILS'(collembola)Yes, experienced doctors’ skepticism, the nightmare-like determination of the rotten things to me tamped down for a day or two after spraying-only to pop back. Sick of the laundry, cleaning(I’m naturally a meticulous person). Thankyou all for the helpful suggestions. Wear clothing once or twice. Inbetween, spray a diluted cedar oil solution on garment and put it through dryer for several minutes. Also, as these medical symptoms sounded alot like Lyme Disease. I noted the same type micro-organism is responsible for syphillis. An old herbal doctor listed several herbs to take internally. I set myself up to take a capsule each of: red clover, yellow dock, hyssop, uva ursi. Drink burdock and dandelion tea also. God bless all of us and guide us on this journey to find peace and a solution in all this.

  67. I have been dealing with this since last June. I sent samples to Univ of FL entomology Dept.. I used tape on areas of my skin that felt itchy or crawly. I was told most of my samples were made unidentifiable by the tape, but they could identify three microscopic soil/plant bugs, one of which was the springtail. The entomologists implied this did not make sense to him. I was told they were “accidentals”, and that they are not biting me, but that springtails may be causing ‘pricks’ as they use their tails to jump off me, probably passing through the area. I was horribly disappointed the ‘culprit’ wasn’t found and obsessed for months trying to get better samples.
    Left our home, got rid of our belongings, hotel hopped for several months & relocated from FL to Midwest. We do they daily cleaning: ammonia, dawn, borax, etc. Still have bugs, but much less. I am excited about the Collembola info & allergy angle. Just recently I began considering an allergy/hypersensitivity possibility, along with another possibility… I remembered an ex, who studied nematodes in the 70s, told me insects would flock to sick trees, and sometimes healthy ones, destroying the tree. They didn’t know if the bugs were communicating with each other, or responding to something the tree was putting out. Wonder if they know now?

    • grasshopperwisdom said:

      hi Jake,
      At least they found some collembola, which is more than a lot of us get… but that’s not helpful! I have had similar problems, and I moved and also threw out almost all my belonging, after trying every cleaning product and combination. Finally I detected
      a problem in fabrics, like in the carpet, in my clothes, etc. where I would get bit or crawled on, etc. I mean massive crawling, not like a little ant. So I saw with a microscope, it was collembola. I am not a scientist, but I moved. Sometimes if we wait for science or the medical community we will be dead. 🙂 I have found the following to be helpful
      -change to all synthetics, there is an “ecology” to this
      -no carpet! use benesleep mattress cover and i bought a synthetic foam mattress
      with charcoal and green tea, expensive but i now feel safer from weird things.
      -i changed my diet: no wheat, no milk, no sugar, no non-gmo, etc. eat as clean as you can
      -do a colon cleanse, if you can find a chinese doctor or ayurvedic, they are much more knowledgable about the parasite issue… in western medicine we only speak and think in terms of germ theory… but when i took the simple pills the ayurvedic doctor
      gave me, within 3 days i was pooping out worms and immediately felt better.
      prior to that consult, i had seen numerous western docs spending thousands and also none of the tests for parasites turned up positive, yet…with my own eyes, and also had other folks look and i did collect samples… although the public health lab, which charged about 500 or so for the test, said it was tissue of unknown origin. yeah right.
      -support the immune system: that includes all sorts of things, but important to get positive and eliminate negatives, almost as much as anything else, including vit C or etc.
      -All Stop and New Hope 2 did the job for a lot of my worst times…. I use the all stop on my laudndry because it was never enough to use borax or bak soda etc. i tried all of it…. i soak things overnight with a cup soemtimes 2 cups of all stop. its expensive, so at the same time i am being aggressive about doing cleanse, etc.
      -I spray the bottoms of my shoes and outside of my pant legs with a solution of
      pine sol and water…. just use a spray bottle from some old empty product that i liike the sprayer, be sure to rinse really good…. i also clean the floors about 1/week with the same solution, and more if someone has been working in the yard as their shoes seem to track in thigns that then translate to my legs and feet becoming crawling again…not sure if i am getting something on me, or if what is in me is reacting, its really hard to tell…. recently they dd a nerve conduction study and my feet and legs were going crazy with sounds in them… so there must be something in there…my chinese medical friend said to soak the feet up to the knee each night in salt water,
      1 – 2 cups in a bucket of hot water, soak as long as you can, probably while you do something else, like typing or working or talking on phone, etc. and keep water
      hot if you can i have an electric tea kettle and do it by the back door so i can dump
      the salt water easily when done.
      -so many things to change, to do… we must keep our spirits up, and its not easy. i pray a lot now, for wisdom, for courage… but also
      -i started practicing qigong… it helps a LOT. i think it might change my
      electromagnetic field in the body because the rawling stops when i do it regularly….
      -easy cheap things like baking soda for keeping mold levels down (some insects
      feed on mold) but also sucking on cloves to keep any eggs in teh body at bay, but i also had weird stuff in my mouth, so the cloves also help keep it fresh and clean… i have electric toothbrushes several pplaces in the house and even in my car and backpack so i brush my teeth often and don’t forget….
      am running out of steam but here’s a good one:
      -garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic
      eat it raw, with food as much as possible. screw the pills, they don’t work as
      well. if you have to make a suppository and put it up the arse. coat with
      oil of some type. its great for so many things, but bugs don’t like it.

      ok, i better go… one last thing, for the eyes
      eyeballs: homeopathic pink eye drops, they sell them at walmart/k-mart
      eyelashes, brows, nose, etc. seabuckthorn berry oil
      and if you need to, make up a paste of diatomacious earth with some good
      stuff in it, like citronella or the sea buckthorn, etc. and apply right before
      closing your eyes for sleeping…. can also apply to legs and feet at night
      if it helps

      -another thing for emergencies that helped me was Jason dandruff shampoo,
      i smothered myself in that for a while at first, slept in it, it was freezing cold
      and i used super heat to stay warm, but it did the job. can be applied as a
      mask and leave in the day, and also ok to apply outside of genital region.
      you’ll find this info quite a few places, its how i leanred, that and i found
      a doctor who had worked in africa for 3 years who has seen a lot of people
      coming in with this and he had a list of things to try. not all things work for all people so be prepared to expierment.

      i had babesia and ehriliciosis (my lab numbers were very very high, i’m lucky to be here writing) i used chinese herbs for this, because the western meds don’t have a good track record according to research papers in medical journals and they can have nasty side effects. the medicine i used for that was called artestatin.
      read as much as you can, it will help the more you know. docs are only human,
      and their number one job is a businessman, although there are exceptions… just stop and think about all the diseases that have been with us for a long time, like cancer and asthma and diabetes, etc. there’s no money in curing… seriously. you must sort out the idea that you need to be a sherlock holmes to survive…

      best of luck!!!!

      • Hi Grasshopperwidsom, You are going in the right direction according to Dr. Carsten Nicolaus MD, PhD Medical Director BCA-Clinic Augsburg, Germany.. I just got back from the 5th Annual Morgellons Conference in Austin Tex. this week end and he was one of the main speakers. He believes in getting your system in balance using the naturals. He is treating Morgellons patients in Germany and using naturals, Just a few of the recommendations, Vita A, B complexes, C, D, Magnesium 1,000 mg daily, coenzyme Q10 100-400 mg, Zinc 50 mg daily, selenium 100-300 daily, etc but he feels you need to be under a MD’s care and usually people can’t find one so they say

        to use a Lyme Dr. specialist.
        The conference was very intersting and full of information. They addressed the CDC report by Kaiser, saying that the so called professionals they used were not qualified to give a correct analysis, and so few participants from an area such as Calif which is one of the 3 states that report the most people having morgellons.

        • Thanks for the info from the conference Lynn. Did they have any new research results? Ruth

      • For some reason could not finish the post because my computer would not let me continue so the end of the prior post may be messed up. Anyway, the Morgellon conference was well worth the time so I suggest anyone who can go next year should attend even if you have to drive down and sleep in your car for you will be able to get your questions answered from reputable people. They will not turn you away if you cannot afford the registeration fee which was $30.00 if you pre-registered. They do need money to put on the conference and for research so if you have any rich relatives that can contribute it will be for the good of mankind and possible their own or childrens, or grandchildrens health. They do say that not all things work for everyone. You will meet people who were born with it, someone who had it for 44 years, 50 years. A lady came from Canada, One of the other speakers was a Dr. Peter Mayne a Dermatologist from Australia so you can see there was a variety of people and speakers.

      • Needed to add one more comment about the earlier discussion on this site when the CD report came out and suggestions were to not use the name morgellons. I brought this up and they said they agreed with me that it would not be advantageous to change in the middle of the stream for we have history and there has been some progress on research but it is very slow. It is VERY< VERY slow but the good news is that it is going forward and by changing we would be validating that we are delusional and don't know what we are talking about. Remember how long it took for aids to progress in to being acceptable and not a stigma, lymes, fibromyalgia, etc.When they

        talked about the research that was done it left me with lo,ts of hope. We just need to support the New Morgellons Order/The Charles E. Holman Foundation and the research being done by Randy Wymore of the Oklahoma State University. Dr. Wymore spends the bulk of his time working on Morgellons Disease and cancer research. So by attending the conferences you are showing your support and we need to get the organization to grow so that we will be noticed and can make a difference and demand more research funds from the government as a LARGE< GROWING

      • Cut off again. But what I wanted to say, is we need to get recognition so please go to the web site: http://www.thecehf (The Charles E. Holman Foundation. ) and register for their e-mails so they can keep you up to date. Error posting on the cost of the conference it was $50.00 and early registration before 10 march was $40.00 which I suspect will be the same for next year. Was well worth it because the knowledge and quality of speakers and so much info. They really spent alot of time to put the conference together so we should be thankful for their efforts. They would like to do more outreaching to people but they need help for they are stretched thin so if you can volunteer in anyway, it is for your benefit and even your family and future generations.

        • Lynn that is such a good idea for us to unite with another very credible group at least for sharing information and getting better numbers. We know this is way more widespread than Texas, CA and FLA. Perhaps we could rent a tent over the summer to attend summer fairs and hand out materials. When people see us as “normal” human beings this would help our cause a whole lot with very little cost. What do y’all think?

          • Yes, Sharon, we will have strength in numbers. But just like the research for morgellons, it is taking time to build up the numbers to gather in one place. I do suggest that those of you that can’t attend for finances or other reason, just sending a donation will help. If they do what they did last year, for the cost of the conference ($50.00 ) they will send you CD’s and information from the conference once they get them compiled from the conference. But, it is well worth it if you could attend your self because the contacts you make about what people share and hear the stories of those who have had it the longest and how they have managed all these years.. hereason I did not want to make any more comment on the progress of research is because I would find it hard to write about it and would not want to misquote. But I felt they are making progress but as one Dr. said it is a very slow process because of constant testing and some tests fail or get contaminated.

            • grasshopperwisdom said:


              There’s something you might want to know about…. I’m part of a new kind of clinical trial right now, as in, I’m helping to build the software for it to happen. Its the first of its kind, and it allows individuals free range to talk, rather than have a select group of questions to ask about specific things, and also the data will be OPEN, not just belong to a small group of elite doctors… so any doctor who wants to study the disease will have access to the data. It is a research project, not out there in the world yet. Our first trial begins end of April, and goes for 3 months. But I’m in a fortunate position to be learning about the software, so it would be possible to use it for other diseases I think if there was interest….. its not a trivial setup as it requires servers, protection of data, a web interface and etc. But just to put it out there….. like I said, its in the early days, but there is hope. We are not just victims of a broken healthcare system. Long live hackers.

            • Mr C, this sounds to be your area of expertise.

          • The posting from Mr. C/S “Scourge of the New Millennium” was on the same line of thinking as the Drs from the conference. They actually showed slides of how some of the fibers start from the hair follicle. One other thing about the conference is beneficial if you attend is that you can ask questions. Dr. Saverly (lyme Dr.) was there giving some treatments that have worked for some of her patients. The conference should get better each year as people put their in put, but they also need hands on help and funds to put on such a conference. I believe the conference will be about the same time each year, the 2nd to the last week end in March, always in Austin, Texas. If you

            go to the Charles E. Holman Foundation http://www.thecehf

            • grasshopperwisdom said:

              The thing is… how do we REALLY know what works. My physician is also publishing and giving talks, and she is literal. Yet when we have our office visit, I know that there are things not said, things I’m doing, eating, experiencing, etc. that are not in her sphere of info inthe file she keeps. So, it seems to me that its VERY important we keep citizen based medicine in the picture for difficult to diagnose or difficult to treat situations. Even she, who is a private doctor, has trouble with the patient interview and information gathering … all the tests… this is a multi-systemic disease. I tried putting things in a computer file for her, and it was too much info for her, etc. Maybe we need an intelligent agent like SIRI, to sort through all of this, and who will draw conclusions based on data, independent of any standard methods of treatement. 🙂

            • Having a Natl. organization is the only way we are going to get it together and that is why I suggest we all support The CEHF and even your Dr. can get in touch with them and get ideas and maybe they can use your Dr. to educate people. In other words networking so that we can get recognized where people will give us donations like cancer. We can all have our small support groups but come together at a convention once a year because you find out what is going on in Germany, Australia, Canda, etc. Like I said I talked to a gal from Canada who believes she was born with it,. For 3 years I have been e-mailing some one from New York, (I am from Ca. ) and we met for the first time at the convention

            • grasshopperwisdom said:

              That’s a good one. Have my doctor go. Just to be clear, she did not recommend the artestatin. What she recommended was a combination of antibiotics that when taken together often kill people. 🙂 I discovered this when I simply looked them up on google….. 🙂 The artestatin was recommended by an acupunturist and international health center up in Oregon. I did the research on it, and decided to take it because I read that the combination of drugs she wanted me to take would likely have killed me. She barely heard me when I explained this. In another famous Lyme publishing MD office, I saw young girls who looked very athletic, who were sitting there so very very sick…. one of them was carted off in an ambulance while I was there. THAT said…. my MD LLD is the person who fills out the insurance forms and who is recognized in this country as an authority. So she is the only person in this whole setup that can sign anything that keeps me from giong bankrupt and homeless. Mind you, she charges 150 per form, on top of the 450 per office visit. Sorry, but i’m just so unimpressed by the current system of solving problems…. AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes… they’re all unsolved, all a big business now. I really don’t think personally, that the answer is to do things the same way. We are probably not the only NEW disease that is emerging. At the same time the antibiotics are breaking down. Its time to listen to our instincts. If yours says, be traditional, then by all means you have to listen to that. With all respect, If I had done that, I would not be here to write this email right now.

              Another alternative that helped and continues to help me tremendously is QIgong.
              I believe it changes our body’s EMF. Doesn’t matter if we can explain it yet with science, what matters is it works. We shouldn’t have to wait until science explains how something works in order to know it works. 🙂 Sounds like a Calvin and Hobbes statement. 🙂

            • You sound just like me in taking charge of your own health. I have a Dr. who never heard of Morgie, but was willing to take me on. (I think it was because she just got in a new office after she broke off with a group of Drs. so needed patients.) My old Dr. of 20 yrs. labeled me Delushional) My new Dr. more or less went along with what I researched off the internet and would do the lab tests that I needed to moniter my progress. When lab tests showed that my WBC was so low I found some naturals, got off the antibotics and within two months my WBC went from 2.1 to 3.6. My Dr. was impressed. Attending the conference I shared some info and even gave products that
              I used, even

            • Lynn, I would love to go but Texas for me at this time in my life just is not possible. If they lowered the cost of the CD they would raise more money and more people buying it. I would pay $ 20.

            • I think they will try to work with people who cannot afford it. Maybe instead of the whole package from the conference they could break it up. I will talk to them to see what they say and get back to the site. I have not gotten back to them about my ideas for next year because I need to catch up and I am sure they are resting after so much preparation for the conference. Hope you are making progress. It does take at least a year before you get it under control where you can get out to do things other than concentrate on the morgellons. The lab testing is an important part of you making recovery, other wise you are stabbing in the dark. Strict diet will also help you get better sooner.

            • I have watched some videos directly off of websites where you pay $ 5 and watch it once. We saw the movie Thrive that way. It would likely not be costly to set something up with PayPal from the Charles E. Holman website.

  68. I feel like I am in a crisis. I had one good day, and now I’m back to itching, stinging sensation, goo coming out of my eyebrows, what appears to be tiny flecks of gold coming out of my face, (if only). My back is plain eat up with either sores or huge scars from sores. Finally put up my hair and stood on the toilet seat in order to see my whole back. It’s AWFUL looking. Found more little mushrooms growing at base of toilet this evening. The wood from there looks like what comes out of my skin. Black fibers, long clear fibers, goo, red and black dots. It’s just plain gross. I wash my tub prior to every bath or shower, and afterwards, I wipe it down, and it makes me feel like I’m dying to see the stuff that has come out of and off of my body. I don’t know how long I can deal with this. No one believes me. Videos, specimens on slides, fibers in thick eye drainage, and no one thinks there’s anything wrong with me. Why couldn’t I just have a good old heart attack like so many others in my family have done? At least people will take that seriously and try to help.

  69. dividingcricker said:

    i know i sound like a broken record. wwwnaturalginesis.com its a liquid enzyme to bathe in coat your skin with that relieves the itch calms the skin it has no odor no residue..it breaks down the oil of any bug insect and emulisfies the skeliton without harming your skin..it kills mold virus and bacteria.. added to the laundry with borax and dr bonners peppermint -a little goes a long way mist the house and furinture beddingit kills dust mites to ants.a sugar free glutin free organic loose the potatoes and starches for a while rice seems to be ok.. ive been using diotomacious earth with borax in the house …sprinkle on floors and funiture a little goes a long way mist house with kleen green then vacume it cuts down on dust…diotomacious earth can be taken internally 1 heaping table spoon in liquid 2 times a day.. it will kill any paracites and add scilica and calicium to the body…this also removes a mountain of toxins metals,mercury aluminum and i have spent a mountain of money on products that don t work..one thing i ve learned theres always something else to know.. right now i m learning about herbs celantro cummen peppers oragano peppermint…things get better with time its like learning as you go…i ve been through some tough spots it will get better

    • I’m so sorry! I just realized that your post was a response to mine! Thank you! I just recently started using the Klean Green. I also use Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint soap. I need to order the diotomacious earth. I’ve read lots of good things about it. What ratio of earth to Borax do you use? Keep me updated on the herbal trials you’re doing.

  70. grasshopperwisdom said:

    How do we start a new thread? Just thought I might re-post about citizen based clinical trial work, to give folks hope. Sometimes I think about what my life insurance would cover, because this stuff is so awful and the doctors and healthcare system is just so unfriendly and expensive.

    • Sharon, Not sure, but may have to go to Mr. C/S regular web site because remember these are e-mails we have been receiving and responding too. One thing about the Morgellons conference and CEHF it is a reputable organization and the research they are connected with is Dr.Randy Wymore, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and is the Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease and that is why I recommend getting on CEHF mailing list so you can get what information they put out.

      • grasshopperwisdom said:

        I guess my point is that people, individual patients, and what they have to say, is important, “reputable” and should be respected ….greatly respected, and valued. For this disease, as well as others. I can’t take antibiotics, and that is what the Morg and Lyme docs can give, at least on the record, and that is all they can really write about. I cured my babesia and ehrlichia taking chinese herbal formula that is now used by Bill and Melinda gates foundation and also backed by the WHO. BUT, the health insurance folks accused the doctor of non-standard medical care and refused to cover me. This disease cripples us, it makes us SO sick. There’s no time to wait for years to figure out what to do, we have to do what works, NOW.

        for those who are interested, the formula was called “Artestatin” and it is partnered with Aqualaria. It cured the babesia and ehrlichia. According to the lab numbers. Which I paid for out of my own resources, the labs, as insurance doesn’t cover. Strange, because the national blood centers now screen for it. What a weird world.

        • Since you cannot take antibotics, I need to share something with you but I can’t do it here because I can only write so much without getting cut off as you could see from my past posts. Please E-mail me at “ldross4150@peoplepc.com.” and say you are from Mr. C/S site otherwise I delete any names I do not recognize. Antibotics were killing my White Blood cells and I was so low that my Dr. said if it dropped any lower, she would have to put me in the hospital.

  71. My complete library of pics points at tiny phorid flies as the main infestor of us morgies.

  72. Does anyone know how the DNA is different with Morgellons patients then someone without it,. How does it affect a humans DNA?

  73. dividing cricker said:

    Susan good luck with that question , and after 5 years of searching , I’m still looking ! google gall crown disease gmo , that might spark the fire , many of the best webs were removed google UK Morgellons look at the home page , you should find some answers . I wish you the best in your search ……

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