I am that I am

I am no way equating myself to Moses, but found this particularly comforting … If you have never rented the movie “The Prince of Egypt” it is very moving even for the non-believer.


Comments on: "I am that I am" (2)

  1. Dear MRC,
    I just listened to “We Shall Be Free” by Garth Brooks. I am so worried about Andy Coyle.
    I just got a Call from the FDLE. All inmates and Children in the Jails have Morgellons Disease.
    It is so very sad that Children and Meth Babies have this crap.
    Much Love,

  2. Uplifting video clip- MCS- Thanks for that! Seems that anyone attempting to lead a group of people in a better direction gets resistance. Moses had Divine intervention-
    which is probably what we should be requesting first? Otherwise it’s like herding cats.

    Trisha, I hope that Andy is ok. Do you have knowledge of what could be wrong? He will be in my prayers. The man put forth an enormous effort to right the wrong that is this condition…

    I will be praying for all those in pain today- most especially Andy and his family.


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