I was directed to this article by Sidney and I highly recommend that all of you read it. It is the most complete analysis of the Morgellons of the past (1500’s and 1600’s) that I have seen. Terrific article Joe. I have two main thoughts right now having read the article (which I will re-read again later today – it’s that good).

  1. It seems that Joe did a lot of work and research concerning the old accounts of Morgellons and I am absolutely astounded that in the none of the medical literature can be found the mention of “Skin Crawling or Biting Sensations”.  Also, Morgellons was found almost primarily in infants and young children and occasionally women. I am reeling from these two observations right now and seriously questioning whether Morgellons of the past is our Morgellons. I have very serious questions as to how our crawling and biting sensations, which are among the most bothersome symptoms, were never mentioned in 200 years of medical history?
  2. While reeling from the first part of Joe’s article the second part did seem to explain how part one above can be true. Joe connects Morgellons (of the past) to Mercury contamination and explains why infants, children and women were more likely to be exposed. Joe is or rather “was” a Morgellons sufferer who was helped by Dr. Amin, someone I have quoted often on my blog. Dr. Amin works with what he calls Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) which I have also written about. The interesting thing about the mercury aspect is that I grind my teeth at night (I need to go back to using my byte guard again) and that would no doubt release quite a bit of mercury as I have mercury fillings. I wonder if that is why NAC is helping me so much. I still have doubts about mercury and newer dental fillings being the cause of this however. But one cannot doubt that Joe’s better now and was helped by Detoxing. I wonder if Joe outlines his symptoms and his treatment anywhere?

So here is the article ==>  Joe’s Morgellons/ Mercury Article

Please, read the article and offer me your thoughts on Joe’s blog post. I am extremely curious to know your thoughts as my original assumption was that Morgellons is caused by a toxic condition. I hope to see some comments on this post.


Hell and Back Again

An Account of Morgellon’s Disease and Its Cure from a Former Sufferer

See Joes Personal Story Here ==> http://members.cox.net/llyee2/NCS_article_by_joe.pdf


Comments on: "Joe’s Morgellons/ Mercury Article" (18)

  1. It seems that Joe did a lot of work and research concerning the old accounts of Morgellons and I am absolutely astounded that in the none of the medical literature can be found the mention of “Skin Crawling or Biting Sensations”. Also, Morgellons was found almost primarily in infants and young children and occasionally women. I am reeling from these two observations right now and seriously questioning whether Morgellons of the past is our Morgellons. I have very serious questions as to how our crawling and biting sensations, which are among the most bothersome symptoms, were never mentioned in 200 years of medical history?

    Above- by MCS:

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but the name Morgellons is only a ‘placeholder’.
    Always was. The story about Sir Thomas Browne added some mystique to the condition, ergo….

    Here’s the scoop:



    When Leitao began posting about the condition on the Internet, the responses came pouring in. While she believes the MRF’s letter-writing campaigns played a large role in motivating the CDC investigation, Leitao seems ambivalent about the fact that the name she assigned to this condition has gained such widespread acceptance among sufferers. “It’s just a placeholder,” she says, admitting that much about the condition remains unknown.

    end excerpt

  2. I already posted on Joe’s blog and told him what a wonderful job he did with the
    Sir Thomas Browne story- now I wish I would have ready your entire blog before
    posting about the ‘placeholder’ – Sorry.

    Fact is, I believe that Joe is on the right track with the Mercury. Could well be a part
    of this. I was just reading about Mercury in a recent issue of Discover magazine. More
    should be mentioned about Mercury as relates to health issues.


  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    Jill, Since I started taking my Jarrow NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) 600mg with 2000 mg of Vitamin C on an empty stomach I have made huge improvements, and guess what one of the things NAC is really good at? Detoxing the human body of things, including and especially Mercury, and it’s very good at that. Dr. Amin has a piece of the puzzle for sure. I agree with you too. Joe’s research is absolutely spell bounding, imagine to this day nobody has ever published such a detailed research paper on Morgellons of the past, if one can call it that. However, I have my doubts as to whether what they had and what we have are the same thing, no mention of crawling and biting is really a red flag. No reason to apologize ever, you made a very good point with the placeholder comment that we tend to forget. And remember, so many are new at all this and don’t know the history (such as myself)

  4. Dear Jill and MRC,
    I believe that the Mercury Connection is so incredible and Joe did a great Job. We have combined forces with Jeffery Smith at http://www.espbotanicals.com which is very exicting for us.
    The hairs were black on the Children and Women in those years. Do you think may be the Colors of the Fibers are now the result of more toxins in our Environment and the Exposure to them. I keep thinking that this is the bodies intrinsic way of ridding itself of the Fibers. Nanotechnology is killing us. It is time to reclaim the terrain of our Globe, Our Bodies and the horrific pollution in our Environment.

    This is pandemic and it is terrifying to people, I see this everywhere and I absolutely do not have this, Dr Susan Kolb is my hero, Dr James Matthews, Brandi and Billy Koch and the Children who are so well. You all and Mr Common Sense. Thanks Joe so much for posting your findings.
    Much Love,

  5. Hello again Mr. CS,

    Thanks for sharing… as always, the information you turn up is compelling and thought provoking. You have in your writings already pointed out the similarities between common Morgellons symptoms and those of heavy metal or other cumulative chemical toxicities… which we might group together under the descriptive term NCS.

    Certainly some of the symptoms that typical Morgellons patients deal with are directly related to toxicity, and like you and Joe, these patients find relief in detoxifying the body. However, many patients are dealing with multiple infections and infestations that also directly contribute to those same symptoms.

    You have also postulated (and I think correctly) that the underlying toxicity causing NCS symptoms is what is creating the environment and the opportunity for the body to serve as host for the wide variety of pathogens being found in Morgellons patients. The pathogens themselves add to the growing burden on the body’s detox organs and systems by producing wastes, promoting a more acidic environment and introducing new opportunistic pathogens.

    All of the above does place a demanding burden on both mucosal and cell mediated immunity that leaves these patients vulnerable to coinfections or autoimmune disorders. The fact that so many sufferers share in common a history of exposure to heavy stress or trauma also points to the role of immune suppression here.

    Regardless of which comes first, toxicity or infestation, detoxification is clearly a prime directive for all Morgellons and NCS sufferers, and immune support becomes more important with increasing morbidity.

    NAC is helpful because it is a powerful antioxidant in its own right, but also recycles glutathione, the body’s premiere detoxifying molecule. Logos Nutritionals uses alpha lipoic acid in our Liver CS Plus formula to do the same thing because it is more easily absorbed and more cost effective, which enabled us to add a synergistic blend of chinese, ayurvedic and traditional liver support herbs to promote both primary and secondary liver detoxification pathways and a pharmaceutical quality liver extract to promote liver regeneration.

    It would be very interesting to see how NCS patients respond to treatment with sodium EDTA, an even more effective chelator of heavy metals. IV chelation works quickly but it is expensive and not covered by insurance (it seems they only cover things that actually make you sicker). Oral chelation also works, but it takes time and can create mineral imbalances if not supported properly.

    If you are interested, there is an excellent article on detoxification (as well as one on chelation therapy) on our website, http://www.logosnutritionals.com .

    Thanks again for sharing… you are a blessing!

    John Burgstiner
    Logos Nutritionals

  6. The one thing that is becoming more and more obvious is that this is not an external (skin) problem; it is a systemic or internal problem that is manifested or revealed in the skin. Therefore, external treatments may mitigate symptoms, but will not likely address their cause… especially in cases that are more NCS in nature and no bugs are discovered.

  7. John,
    You are a Blessing to all of us. I am taking down the other things that I have listed on my website and going to have people go to you. I believe you are on the Mark with so many things.
    Much Love,

  8. PS I will continue to sell the Skin Care and the Anu water. I think a good protocol is in order about this time.
    Love Again,

  9. Joe Keleher said:

    I’m glad to see that my research is getting looked at. Please keep in mind that some of it is speculative (such as the use of cinnabar in Laguedoc for dye…though the date of cinnabar dye recipes coorelate well with the appearance of symptoms). The morgellons/NCS symptoms are unique enough that we need to consider historic references to such symptoms (Mary may have used Morgellons as a placeholder…but it was a damn good one!)…especially when the observations were made by medical professionals of the time.

  10. Many thanks for sharing your ongoing intelligent journey into the mystery of morgellons with the rest of us. Somehow this must all fit together, but the co-issues of toxicity/
    infection ring true to me in my own quest for answers. Many of your readers have probably passed references to Dr. John Martin’s research into ACE pigments, and his belief that ACE pigments are both responsible for morgellons symptoms and also our bodies’ attempts to heal. Just think, the unbearable creepy-crawly sensations and various bizarre fibers, ?hairs, specks, granules, etc. may be the body’s energy response to a stealth virus infection, among other things, toxicities… This is a whole new and fascinating discovery/science and his articles often reference morgellons, and his belief that it answers much of the how-what-when-and-why. He describes it so perfectly in scientific terms that it has brought me some peace for the past three years:











  11. […] to what folks refer to as the Morgellons of the 1500’s and 1600’s here. In fact, if you read Joe’s Morgellons/ Mercury Article which is the most exhaustive history of ancient Morgellons that I’ve seen you will realize it […]

  12. sistertocommonsense said:

    Tell me that these are Delusions, This woman has been through HELL and BACK.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • sistertocommonsense said:

      I have this womans most current photos, I will post them after meeting with her on Monday. She has reclaimed her terrain, with herbals, heavy metal detoxes and is better but brain fog is still residual. We are working on this with Anu, NAC, Diet, Dr Burgsteiners wellness protocol, she is such a beautiful woman. I find it interesting that I can film delusions and photograph them.
      Much of the things you see are very tiny and she is on the mend.
      Sister to Common Sense

  13. Netmu, thanks for posting those links. Interesting stuff!

  14. sistertocommonsense said:

    Cancer-Causing Plastic in Medical Devices and Dental Sealants

    The views about BPA (bisphenol A), the toxic chemical used in many plastic products, is going from bad to worse. Not only is it more dangerous and ubiquitous than previously believed, now we’ve learned it is even used in medical devices. A new investigation is exploring whether patients undergoing such procedures as cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and kidney dialysis are suffering dangerous levels of exposure to this chemical. If this is found to be so, new regulations will be issued — but how much damage has already been done?


    BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics. In the human body, however, it acts like a hormone and can disrupt normal endocrine processes by mimicking the effects of estrogen. BPA has been linked to hormonal disturbances, reproductive and fetal abnormalities, breast and prostate cancer, neurological changes, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and liver disorders. While news reports tend to focus on risks to developing fetuses and babies because of their extreme vulnerability, study results published in the September 17, 2008, issue of Journal of the American Medical Association note that adults with higher levels of BPA in their urine also have higher rates of heart disease and diabetes.

    In animal studies, toxic effects of BPA occur at even very low concentrations, observes Scott Belcher, PhD, who has conducted research into the health effects of BPA at the University of Cincinnati. Yet US industry continues to produce more than six million pounds of this chemical each year, using it in baby bottles, large water bottles, food storage containers and many other products and to line food and beverage cans. It also is in dental sealants and composites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 90% of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies.

    Random daily exposure is bad enough, but it’s truly disconcerting to learn that many medical devices — including not only plastic tubing, such as intravenous (IV) lines and catheters, but even implants that remain indefinitely in the body — also contain BPA. This leads to high exposure over extended periods of time. For instance, In heart surgery, a pump takes over the work of the heart and lungs, circulating and oxygenating blood through plastic tubing while bypassing these vital organs. In dialysis, people with chronic kidney failure have their blood filtered and cleansed through tubes several times each week. The dangers are intensified by the fact that heat causes BPA to leach even more readily from the plastic — and blood, of course, is warm as it passes through tubes and back into the body.


    At present, there are few if any BPA-free alternatives for these crucial medical products, though Dr. Belcher told me he believes industry will be motivated to develop some if enough outrage gets expressed. The widespread use of BPA makes it difficult to evaluate all potential exposure sources, says Dr. Belcher. He stresses that it is most essential for high-risk groups — including pregnant and nursing women and infants and young children — to seek out products labeled BPA-free. However, limiting exposure makes sense for everyone — so Dr. Belcher offered a few common-sense suggestions on how to do that.

    •Buy products packaged in glass rather than plastic bottles.
    •Look for reusable water bottle makers, such as Nalgene and CamelBak, which now offer BPA-free plastic containers.
    •Don’t reuse plastic bottles (such as for water) unless they are labeled BPA-free.
    •Don’t drink coffee, tea or other hot beverages from plastic cups or bottles.
    •Use glass or ceramic to heat foods, rather than plastic.
    •Only microwave plastic containers that are labeled safe for this purpose.
    •Enjoy fresh or frozen foods rather than canned.


    Scott Belcher, PhD, associate professor, pharmacology & cell biophysics,

  15. sistertocommonsense said:

    The Silence is Carrying a heavy load for us. Tell me oh wise ones what to do?? I now have over 49,000 families reporting to me alone.
    What do we do. Begin Yelling loudly and pray.

  16. Hello,
    I am realizing that Morgellons is something I have, but am not deabilitated by it. I saw photos of this on a childs legs and it looked exactly like a mysterious rash I suffered as a child over 30 years ago. It was treated by wrapping my Ozonol coated leg in saran wrap and leaving it like that overnight for weeks. It did go away, but that part of my leg no longer has any hair on it.

    I never got anything again until my 20’s and started getting these rashes on my legs again, my brother also had them (he had none as a kid). I would say that the both of us were probably drinking more than we should because of our age. This would point to a yeast connection. These rashes always got worse in the winter and I thought they were fungal, since I think fungus doesn’t do well when it’s exposed to the sun.
    At times they went on my arms and back also, but mostly on my lower legs and the itch would drive me insane and it did feel as though something was in my skin, but it was on the back of my calf, so I never saw any fibers. I also had problems with my thyroid and other issues.

    When I think back to when I was a kid, the rash on my leg coincided with me starting school. I found out in my 20’s that the school was built on a site from an old copper smelter. Our play structure was on the old slag pile. This was sure to have a lot of mercury in it and I have seen research linking these rashes to mercury exposure. I have done a lot for my health, including oral chelation, getting rid of my amalgams, and lots of cleanses to get rid of yeast and have done so for years and no longer get the rashes. I also eat very well and eat very little sugar. When I had the rashes, I tried everything, treatment for scabies, everything and anything.

    My brother is lost, he came down with bipolar disorder and I don’t know where he is. He always felt there was something crawling under his skin, and had rosacea on his face.

    I suspect it is connected to fungus in some way, and maybe these fibers are some debry that they make. So whatever contributes to you having fungus in your body will contribute to this problem. My opinion.

  17. Looking at the comment I left, I realize I left out something important. I did still get rashes as a kid, but I did not get that bad rash that I had on my leg again. I would get rashes that resembled ringworm, but wasn’t, and my mom would put MERCURIC ointment on it and they would go away. If I could only go back in time.

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