I promise you I’ll back to my Morgellons theory soon but wanted to pose this quick question to you.

If Lyme Disease is cured with two weeks of antibiotics and it’s a bacteria why do they call it a disease? Strep throat would fall under the same category yet we don’t call it Strep Throat Disease. Why is that?

Sometimes the most obvious things are in front of us, hiding in plain site.


Comments on: "Why do they call Lyme Disease a Disease?" (4)

  1. Kathleen said:

    I don’t know, but I’ve been told that ANU can change that disease all around too. After visiting the ANU presentation in LA… “Now I’m a Believer! Not a trace of doubt in my mind…. .”

  2. Ha ha, I like that. Actually, it’s no laughing matter for those of us with lyme disease. I have a daughter with it as well. Hers is manifesting with extreme JRA. We live in a lyme infested area, but I never found a tick on her. She’s been on antibiotics and when we give her a break from the antibiotics, her red swollen joints and pain return. It is in fact a disease that we are struggling to be done with. I’ve had it for ears becasue it was never diagnosed since there are no definitive lab tests for lyme disease. Praying for a cure.

  3. Agree with Dr. Jemsek!

    Low antibodies in a Lyme test is so terribly misleading. A person will only have/develop the antibodies if they HAVE been infected with the pathogen “Borrelia”. Therefore; if a person HAS symptoms and even only ONE borrelia antibody …… they ARE experiencing Lyme “DISEASE”.

    The number of measured borrelia antibodies doesn’t matter at all, cuz in reality, we should have NO antibodies to Lyme/Borrelia unless we took the Lymerix vaccine which very sadly ended up causing illness and was removed from the market.

    Borrelia/Lyme can go into remissions and some remissions can last for the rest of a person’s life. OR a person can experience flare ups. Some die, while others never miss a beat and don’t even know they have been infected.

    Some can handle the pathogen well on their own, while others cannot. Just as two people can get chicken pox (one may die from it while the other has a mild case).

    An individual’s age, genetics, and environment together determine the outcome for being infected with Borrelia/Lyme.

  4. Kathleen said:

    Dear Everyone:
    First of all this blog is outstanding, thank you Mr. Common Sense, and incidentally, what a wonderful name, because that is exactly what it takes, someone like a modern Thomas Paine to get the people to think first independently and then collectively. We must think outside the box of conventional medicine. Paine first published in 1776, Common Sense. It challenged the authority of the government. The plain language that Paine used spoke to the common people of America and was the first work to openly ask for independence from Great Britain. Now we as a group are doing the same. I encourage every reader to think outside of convention main stream medicine, think out the box. We do not need any more of the same. In many areas of medicine, darkfield microscopy is used to view live samples of blood. Allopathic medicine discards the results of live samples. According to Ingrid Naiman, darkfield specialist: http://www.darkfieldstudies.com/intro_darkfield.html
    Dark field microscopy is a special form of microscopy in which the light beam is split in such a way that the edges of objects in the samples are illuminated so that they appear as silhouettes against a dark background — as opposed to brightfield microscopy which allows the examination of specimens against an illuminated field — and which washes out the tiny and faint objects that can be seen only in darkfield. The second major difference between darkfield and other forms of microscopy is that darkfield can be used to view wet samples, including live blood and other liquids or apparently liquid substances. Check the website out. Ms. Naiman actually identifies various parasite found in the blood. Get your internal biological terrain in top conditon. Make your terrain so healthy that the invading parasites want to leave. Change your pH. It is that simple!
    Please everyone, be proactive. Stay tuned to this site. Updates are regularly posted. Until we find other treatments, Mr Common Sense’s protocol which is found on the terrain posting, and/or Anu seem to have received the best reviews from users. See Lyme Busters also. More protocols will be posted for treatments as they are received.
    Thanks everyone.

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