These photos were taken by a follow Morgellons sufferer after undergoing Chemo/Radiation treatment around the date of June 30, 2009. She is a dear person to me and well known in the Morgellons community. Here is a quote from her regarding the posting her photos (which she gave me permission to use in this post). I’m merely going to post them here so they never go away, but trust me, we are coming back to this topic in a later post. One of the springtails (Collembola) even lived for an hour after coming out of her scalp.

Please go have a look, I was so shocked to have so many come out of my hair because I don’t even feel movement there anymore. I also have several lesions on my head after my hair came out.











No doubt you can make out the spring tails (Collembola) and what appear to be fungal gnats of some sort. Again, I am only posting these for posterity but trust me, we are coming back to this subject.

Our prayers are you dear sufferer ….

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  1. Trisha Springstead said:

    Id’d Collembola, parasitic wasp and fungus gnats, rodnius prolixus are the things that look like ants.
    Love and Light,

    • I id’d all above insects you mentioned, but after 6 years of these bugs on me, now i know it is not the bug causing our condition, what cause these bugs attracted to us is clear light olive slime our body is producing,it cause white mold, turns brown to black after interaction ( consumming) with cotton, food or our skin, whatever organic things available around its path,i have this condition 6 years, and just last year i figure it out, and been on the fungal treatment for several month, condition imporoved little but not completely cured, i think this is GM crysosporium, white rot fungus, chemically charged, i do’nt know i will ever recover, it seems this fungus is all around me and everwhere i go,

      • Hi Anne,I have a library full of pics,vids and research that the last 5 years have produced
        .i am almost completely healed,i have helped many more to heal and i can do the same for you.Are you ready? I am! Please check in at the MORGELONS SUPPORT NETWORK.

      • Fightingthegoodfight14 said:

        If a person is NOT on Chemo, they should look into MSM sulfur. Can take orally & pour & rub powder on skin. It should help a lot.

  2. Does Pandora’s box ever stop?

    You might be very interested in this link.

    Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 5 (August-September 2001)

    By Donald Scott, MA, MSc, Adjunct Professor with the Institute for Molecular Medicine,
    among many other titles, released this:

    The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
    Several strains of mycoplasma have been “engineered” to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, cancer, CFS, MS, CJD and other neurosystemic diseases…

    …Many doctors don’t know about this mycoplasma disease agent because it was developed by the US military in biological warfare experimentation and it was not made public…

    …they primarily focused on the Brucella bacterium and began to weaponise it…

    …It could be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain (in nature it is delivered within the bacterium). But the factor that is working in the Brucella is the mycoplasma…

    …the Government of Canada was asked by the US Government to cooperate in testing weaponised Brucella, and Canada cooperated fully with the United States. The US Government wanted to determine whether mosquitoes would carry the disease and also if the air would carry it. A government report stated that “open-air testing of infectious biological agents is considered essential to an ultimate understanding of biological warfare potentialities because of the many unknown factors affecting the degradation of micro-organisms in the atmosphere”.9…

    …mosquitoes were infected in Canada by Dr Guilford B. Reed at Queen’s University. They were bred in Belleville, Ontario, and taken down to Punta Gorda and released there.

    Within a week, the first five cases ever of chronic fatigue syndrome were reported to the local clinic in Punta Gorda.

    …The Government of Canada had established the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, where it raised 100 million mosquitoes a month. These were shipped to Queen’s University and certain other facilities to be infected with this crystalline disease agent. The mosquitoes were then let loose in certain communities in the middle of the night, so that the researchers could determine how many people would become ill with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, which was the first disease to show.
    One of the communities they tested it on was the St Lawrence Seaway valley, all the way from Kingston to Cornwall, in 1984. They let out hundreds of millions of infected mosquitoes. Over 700 people in the next four or five weeks developed myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome…

    Are we victims of biological experiments by our own government?
    The answer seems to be yes.

  3. Trisha Springstead said:
    I was sent this link 6 years ago. Find a good Darkfield Doctor Clark. I know there are many out there.
    Much Love,

  4. Trisha Springstead said:

    OOPS wrong link, Google Donald Scott.

  5. Trisha,

    It would be hard to believe having the fungus gnats, with the wings, coming out of a person’s skin if it didn’t happen to me three nights ago. I was freaked, thought I must have accidentely touch one with the packing tape while bringing it down to my skin. I am both in awe and grossed knowing it’s true by seeing these pictures. But there are countries (Africa’s one) where this sort of horrible thing is an everyday event.
    This entire piece of writing is mind boggling — and please keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t see us getting anywhere if you let ANYONE run you off. You’re a true saint!

    • shirley dobbins said:

      Trisha, Just read your post. Fungus gnats have been infecting since june 2009. I also have some good photos. What have you tried to rid yourself?

      • Shirley,
        I don’t have this, thought I did at one time but I do not have this stuff. It walked in my door one day after and article came out in the St Pete Times about my patent and it kept coming, coming and coming.
        Now we are looking at this Nightmare on the Gulf Oil Spill and Lo and Behold they were reporting this when Exxon Valdex dumped pseudomonis pudita in the water up in Alsaka. Look at the lesions on these people in the spill, they are so very familiar.
        from the Gulf Stream to the Bloodstream. There is a link on this blog to Kendra up there.
        Now the water in Nuclear down here and it is off my shore. What have we done?????? I can tell you we have allowed the Government to make our choices for us. Sorely, our only saving grace is Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, but guess what???the AMA will have nothing to do with that. Mr Common Sense has a good protocol. So does Pamela Mae and Dr B at Logos Nutritionals.

  6. p.s. would like to know more about the person who did chemo radiation. and perhaps the doctore who helped. thanks vivian

  7. shirley dobbins said:

    Has anyone else out there been infected by fungus gnats?

    • sherry Taylor said:

      Yes. I haven’t seen them for a month now but had lots..coming out of ears particularly I’ve had “M” from exposure to an infected person through casual contact…since Feb 09. Really want to get rid of it. /Think the mites and fungi are in my lungs now…Yikes Sherry

    • redbird888 said:

      yes, last week we had an infestation all at once. Several days later I noticed itching all over my body especially in my ears and scalp. I took some cream colored painters tape and everytime I felt an itch- I would first stick it with tape. After several time of doing this I took a 10X mag glass(all that I had) and there they were!! These were the very small ones that I had seen on the walls- smaller than this period . Also found some with tiny clear maggot like bodies with black heads. Also found some small brown flecks that looked like bug parts and even things that looked like antenna or little bug legs. This is freaking me out.

      • We have similar mold issues here in San antonio. My son,wife and i have been sick .

        • Yes– I am in San Marcos and have this problem, too! We also had a water leak under the house that was not discovered for 4 months as it was underground.
          Fungus gnats have been id’d and while I am battling them with small successes on and in my body, I don’t know how to get them out of my house and car. Vinegar as been one of the best things I have found.

    • had a leak in my car.. clean diaper open on back seat… after putting diaper on my child she began screaming and within 2 minutes developed rash on buttocks..I pulled out a yellow rain coat from car and it was full of tiny gnats.. also had a problem with mold growing in my home. Identified fungas gnats thru county home extension office with light trap. Also noted brown circles on inside windows that lightened over time. Approximately at same time my dtr had skin problems developed skin problems…1st time I ever saw black heads on my daughter face at 18 months old..multiple itchy papules at leg opening on diaper, increased pigmentation at an area on her back with mulitiple papules. I noted sand like substance on my furniture..bought a portable microscope from radio and noted these were egg like clearish in color.. also noted scaping off skin placed under microscope appeared same egg like shape imbeded in pore of skin. I also developed geographical tongue and also increased skin pigmentation in skin not exposed to the sun, which I believe is connected.. I continue to live in a home with a roof that leaks after multiple attempts to fix it. I believe the same organizism that causes demodex skin problems in animals is the same for humans and without a doubt is related to the fungus gnat..I am a nurse and have made multiple attempts with dermatologist but they dismissed. Last year noted article from medical biologist that rosacia was related to mite in skin was happy with this little progress. Just FYI…swiming in pool helps probably related to chorine, topical abx eg bacitracin, cleocin gel, and benzoyl peroxide soap and gel help

  8. I have the gnats, and at one time springtails…
    it is evident after bathing with either borax or enzymes. You can see them on the water if you look closely.
    Both help relieve the itching and crawling but they are in my furniture pillows all types of clothing. so they come right back.
    I think they burrow into the skin, hatch and then fly into environment. They live in eyes nose mouth and sometimes get into ears.
    I do not have the fibers, as far as I know.

    • lrobinson said:

      I seem to have all of those symptoms but I also have one I rarely hear anyone else say I hear a high pitched sqeaking in my ears sounds like a mouse but it’s one of these things yuck. I tried soaking in epsom salt sulfur 8 shampoo boric aciding everything OMG!!!! Nothing is working. My next step is cayenne pepper cleanse, more eposom salt soaking, an eat right! Okay and another thing my hair moves I guess from the fungus part. Anyone notice more people are bleaching their skin lately (chemical peel’s). This is why britney shaved her head and micheal jackson turned white got addicted to pain killers. I feel sorry for the millions in denial making an excuses for their obvious infection with this crap. I just read the first known account of these babies was in the book of job. I am definitely not a bible thumper but I’m bout to take a look just to satisfy my curiosity! That would be nuts.

      • I also get ear symptoms. I’ve had good success with instilling hydrogen peroxide in my ear canals which dislodges huge clumps of collembola and exuviae

  9. zara cybele said:

    Yes, I’ve been infected by either gnats or fruitflies.
    I had worm bins in which I was home-composting. For those not familiar with worm bins, they are entire ecosystem with many de-composers (some of which are springtails and mites).

    The bins developed a fruit fly problem—then I saw gnats and drain flies (also, the worms weren’t eating some avocado I put in the bins, which is unusual). When I examined the avocado, there were little white pulpa nesting it in that I’d never seen in a bin).

    I got rid of the worm bins.

    Woke up one morning sometime after that with bites on my ankle that I couldn’t explain. No bedbugs apparent.

    3 weeks later the bites which itched like mad finally went away and that is when I exploded with itching and biting everywhere. They went into my ear (giving me an earache and swollen gland), all over my face and head and privates. I felt them systemically.

    This went on for a week and a half or so. Now I still itch some, but not like before. Don’t know what this is. Maybe all those epsom salt baths and bathing with tea tree oil helped.

  10. Nichole York said:

    My mother Dawn has M none seems to believe it though. She gets things all from nose nails head ears and her hair she has to pick at scalp. It is awful. She can not concentrate, gets sick she has done a cleanse. It worked only a while the last picture the springtails. She has more than one type of parasite. Her tear ducts they even come out of. She has had the fibers. Please if anyone could help it would be so greatly appreciated. God Bless Nichole

  11. This is all very interesting,when I was fist infected,I developed what seemed to be a bad case of dandruff,my folks took a close look because I never had such a problem in all my life, my folk’s told me the dandruff was very small worm’s, this was 7 months after infection. I really had no clue, but I took a closer look, and sure enough I notice a tiny worm attached to almost every hair shaft, but I couldn’t got them out,so I had my hair shaved, these tiny worm’s had what looked like a tony black dot as maybe a head, almost S or thin shrimp shaped with a set of 6 hair like like legs.I never associated this with anything, thought it was unique till I started to notice photo’s such as this, over time now and then I would have a clear colored molting come out from my eye,this happened only twice,one time after taking Ivermectin I found what looked like a larger dead worm in my bedding that look the same as I described above but 1/2 length or smaller, I took this to the Dermatologist is was seeing at the time,I got very upset when he said oh! it’s just a worm and tossed it in the trash,I could not believe what just happened, proof of what was attacking my body,and this guy totally dismissed it as a simple common worm,this guy was arrogant beyond belief,I got upset to the point when I had left his office he was quite shaken by my response, and was of need to relieve himself in the nearest bathroom,I am normally docile in my nature,but this accrued after getting the run around from 15 different Doctor’s in 2 year’s, so I find this blog very interesting. B.J.

  12. i have same problem with gnats for 4 years now, spend so much money to see all sort of doctors and pest control co. how long do we have to live this way, just can’t believe this is happening in america,i don’t have any plant inside house and i am catching 20-30 newly hatched gnat daily inside my house, i believe larve is hatching from my skin and dropping from environment, and it is in hundreds,

  13. There is going to be an accounting by God someday for bioweapon experimentation on people.

  14. I’m not sure what ever this is,..but if that’s the case J.B., I surly hope so. B.J.

  15. […] (sarcasm) springtails or Collembola that came from her scalp after radiation treatment. See this POST. They were in fact, quite […]

  16. elizabeth said:

    i have had all of the insects listed in this post.i have coughed up ants and had many different worms including round worms in the skin. it is almost too much to bear.I am glad i have faith in God! I use alot of ivermetin and neem. It is disturbing and unbelievable to me that Randy Wymore hasn’t seen any insects or fungus. May God heal you all.

    • elizabeth – i believe dr wymore is using the grant money to find a “cure”. he is a professor of pharmacology after all. cliff carnacorn on a very meager budget as come up with more results than dr wymore. i also think the delay from the cdc is for the same reason – oh it is this but don’t panic – BIG PHARMA has a cure for you all. now take this shot and everything will be all right – NOT!!

  17. I am glad I found this site!!! I don’t know what’s going on inside my body—but there is something living in there!!! It could be springtails, it could be bird mites or scabies—-I’m not sure. I don’t have anyone to believe me because I don’t have the usual all-over bites from the bugs that most people do. But a few weeks ago, laying in bed before going to sleep, I felt something bite me inside my vaginal area, up towards the cervix a little. And about 5 days later, i noticed at nite, “movement” down in the private area just under the skin. It felt like a few worms moving around,like they were trying to get out. But I have not had any bugs coming out of my skin. I’m scared that they are incubating down there. I have read some stories of women who felt bugs biting them in the vaginal area, so I know this is possible. I have tried 3 straight days of ivermectin to kill them, and I still feel the movement down there. I want to get rid of these things—I don’t know what they are doing to my insides—that’s the scary part!!! Is anybody that’s going thru this scared like me? Any advise at this point would be greatly appreciated. My email is—–

    • “It felt like a few worms moving around,like they were trying to get out. But I have not had any bugs coming out’ I too get this feeling it seems to coincide with the full moon. i got this in 2006 and thought i was well or went into remission for a year or so and then it hit me again. Symptoms have lightened somewhat but I still get that horrible dirty itcgy movement in the vaginal/labia area that wakes me up at night and it does feel like something trying to get out. I suspect it is fungal. See recent posts in ‘What is working for you on dealing with chitin – making chitinase.

    • Dear Chevy Cars 60… I was reading an old post re: Morgs & Collembola and came across your post… then your email address really got me. My first car was a 68 Camaro… oh how I WISH I’d held onto that baby! Anyway, Just wondering how you’re doing these days? I’ve had M for 10 years – you’ll find plenty of support and friends at Morgs Support Network. Oh, and if anyone has this and ISN’T scared, well I’d just think their M spread over their entire brain to make them okay with the crap we have to live with on a daily basis… with barely a soul believing any of it. God bless! Pattie

  18. lrobinson said:

    also since learning I have it it comes to me as I sit and ponder who knew they had this nasty crap an didn’t worn others! My ex one now that we’ve broke up I know why he used to offer me coffee which tea is better, boric acid everything , and run me baths that I’d swear he’d put boric acid into mistakenly (at the time) then I’d see lil gnats in my water thinking they came from somewhere else. Also an aunt who uses boric acid no roaches an years touched on the subject years ago never naming it, and has this thing where she doesn’t want people coming to her house. When I called my ex to sort of warn him he sounded not surprised at all and told me he didn’t think I was crazy. I’m telling anyone who will listen this thing is everywhere! This is about to sound crazy but I hear the same thumping the fungus causes in tree’s, wood period. It’s in my phone, computer, eye EVERYWHERE! My seller when telling people is just look in their eye their right there for you to see. And I remind them how do you all of a sudden have allergies when you never did before? Or does it feel like things crawling under your skin because it is.

    • it seems to be most prevalent in countries where we have a lot of GMO foods. i beleive from agro run off from farms and golf courses (they use GMO neamtodes now) it has got into municipal water supplies. i looke forward to when we get onto a private well being dug soon. i know we are told by supporters to forget the source and just build our terrains but this scurge haunts me.

  19. Ola,
    Simply to annonce you that there are also cases (still veri rare) of case in Europe.
    My wife was contamined in 2003. And me that made hardly a month !
    Chemtrails ? extraterrestres ? A thing is certain : it is a very heavy ” business”.

  20. Going through the same thing and I’m scared to death. Has anyone gotten a full ultrasound or a full body Catscan to find these things so they can be surgically removed???!!!

  21. Hi there,
    I have been going thru this for 2 months now too. The biting, itching and crawling sensation are relentless. Thought it was scabies because another child in my daughter’s class was diagnosed. I have been doing natural treatments for scabies with a mixture of grapeseed oil, neem oil, orange oil, clove oil and tea tree oil all mixed together. I first use hand sanitizer, then the oil mix and last top with coconut oil. Leave on overnight and then wash with sulfur soap. Washing my hair with neem shampoo too. It seems to make the itching stop while it is on and a little while after. I have washed everything with borax and hot water and a hot dryer everyday now for 2 months. I have treated my 4 girls and husband as well. I am exhausted with it and scared they will get it. As of last week, little clear sand sized granules and brown specks would come off as I would treat with oil. I saved them to take to get tested. As of last night, I have seen multiple brownish black small pieces and some as long as a rice grain. They are on my skin and clothes. I found these same things by my shower this morning. I am so freaked out and can’t hide it from the kids. I don’t know if I have springtails or Morg. I am afraid docs will think I am crazy. just want my life back. Someone please help as I am crying as I write this.

    • Hi Alicia,There is a lot of help to be found these days with this sickness.Morgellons Support Network s where I place the correct info on this disease.Please visit me there,not that anything is wrong with this site, as I too come her to find info and to try to help those that need it so badly.It’s just so time consuming to try and help others and duplicating is time consuming.If you need help then you have found it. Scabdraggr

    • Hi, Alicia, you are not infested with springtail, i have this condition 6 years now, and now i think we are dealing with plant fungus or mold, which these insect such as springtail or moth fly, midges are attracted to, it is the white and brown black slime on the body is what we are infested with, i think it is some sort of Gene modified fungus, i think it might be Crysosporium, since you only have condition for couple month, try to do fungal treatment right away, you might be able to get rid of it,

  22. I had thew worst of it beginning March 2012. I almost lost my mind. I agree with the person who says its fungal and attracts bugs. I am a female with dreds. At night while in bed with my partner who never seemed affected, my vagina would itch and crawl and I assumed it was a yeast infection or irritation from sex. I’d wake from my sleep to go shower. Temporary relief. Then I would wake at night feeling an itching in my nose. Then later a rash appeared which I assumed was from a nasal spray I’d been using sinus problems and infections. I stopped using the spray. Then the allover crawling and itching began. Unbearable. You look at your skin and hope to see something there but its not visible. I was renting a basement. I slept with the lights on hoping to catch a bedbug or something. Nothing. I think I did have springtails which I had never heard of before, but thought scabies or mites first after doing internet research. I remembered several years back I rented a basement for only one month because of all the insects. I thought I had ljce that time and got some Rid and also moved so I was ok after that. Thought it was my nerves or in my head. So this time I treated as if it were lice or mites. Bagging clothes, obsessive washing of clothes, vaccuuming. Later I saw black and white specks like salt and pepper dropping from me. I had to cut off my dredlocks I had worked so had to grow. I am not a dirty person and this has nothing to do with that. I just wish I knew what it was. I would go to work, which didn’t last long, and pretend these things were not constantly crawling and pricking me. I’m paranoid. Everyone around me is rubbing there noses like I was. More than allergies. I’m in DC and i feel like its airborne. I was spraying myself with all sorts of concoctions. I stopped using scented lotions. Duh that should hve been a no brainer but you don’t realize what you are doing until something like this happens. I was drinking alcohol heavily. Cognacs which I hear have a higher sugar content. So I’m spraying with a bottle on listerine, alcohol, peroxide, water mix and sleeping covered in oil at night. I get the best relief from the vaseline intensive care oil gel. When I ran out I used some pure olive oil I had in the kitchen. This almost seemed to cure the crawling itchinb and red bumps on my skin. It was a blessing until the next day I got a sinus infection. No one believes that whatever was outside went inside. That was almost 2 month ago. My sinus infection migrated to my respiratory system and I’ve had this awful cough for 3-4 weeks. It was so bad it kept me up at night. I was diagnosed with asthma but had appeared to have outgrown it with age. Mainly when I left my parents house. Maybe its some mold exposure. I wish I knew. So today, no crawling and itching really. My scalp sometimes. Oh, my hair…

    I wear weaves and wigs since I cut my hair. My natural hair comes out at the root super easily sometimes. The tip is white but not your average bulb. Like a coating. Some have a black bulb. This includes facial hair. I believe these to be demodex mites which a dermatologist swore it was not. Even today, my hairs have black specks stuck or affixed to them. (I’m a little more freaked out after seeing one of my aunts hairs with the same thing last week. Is it coincidence that we both had dreds, or are related and genetically similar, or have I exposed her to something. She’s diabetic and his heavily medicated and subject to infection due to a disabling car accident.) a while back a group of 2 or 3 hairs were all stuck together near the root by a gummy clear substance. But here’s the strangest experience so far. So I get the hair weave fresh out of the package. I comb thru it with my hands and unpackage it. I check the tips and there a tiny black dots on the ends. I am almost certain it was not there when I first opened it. The funny thing is that these black specks or dots look a lot like what was at the root of my hairs. Like they moved to the tips from my roots. So later I took the hair out and washed my own hair. I tied my hair with a clean scarf. I sat in bed on the internet for an hour and ghe scarf slid of from my tossing and moving around. The darn scarf had the black specks standing on the ends of some frayed strands. It freaked me out like a sci fi movie. They didn’t move, but how had they gotten there?

    ankther weird thing is this black dot on my back. Doctors swear its just a black head but I want to cut it out. My partner saw itaround march when this all began. He said it was a bump with a black thing in it. Since then I have had to instances where I get a small cluster of bumps like a rash except the bumps are black and it feels almost like scabs. Looks like scabs. The rash went upward toward my neck. Both times the rash was near that black dot on my back. So the second time I saw the rash I inspected it better. There were like spikes sticking up. The more I picked with them, the more they seemed to go back into my skin. I oiled my self down as usual and they were gone the next day. The skin was smooth but it was dark where the rash was. I’m sick of doctors saying eczema because those treatments happen to work for this problem. I believe the oil suffocates watever it is. This is all too weird.

    I remember days when I d be at work at my new job and be fine. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere the crawling and biting would start and I’d have to pretend its not. I didn’t last at that job. Work is difficult. I can’t keep a job. I’d always oversleep or not get enough sleep and be depressed about missing work. I’ve been called lazy but I’m just tired. All the time. I got a 2 week temp job but didn’t even finish that becuase I watched people around me start itching and fidgeting. I felt I was the cause. My friends say i m ocd and should think that maybe its people dealing with their own issues and not me. But the timing is too precise. I’m just attentive now. Like most of you i ve been called crazy by several doctors who claim I’m fine. I have no insurance so I’m self treating the best I can. Grateful for websites and forums like these. It feels good to tell someone who understands. I encourage you to post and seek answers. I hope we all find relief soon. I remember what it was like when things were normal. Try not to get too depressed. I really am. Docs always do surveys and psych evaluations. Of course I’m depressed! I’ve lost weight and feel I am continuing to lose. Although I get compliments its not on purpose. Loss of appetite and I’ll feelings when I do eat. I changed my diet. No sugar, carbs, alcohol. I continue to backslide but make a conscious effort. Supplements: women’s multivitamin, iron (most women are deficient), golden seals, zinc, vitamin c. Someone said one of those b vitamins. I’m not a fan of supps and rather just eat the appropriate foods but considering, I’ll do what I have to do. And garlic is a good one too. I cook with it a lot more. Oh and don’t take all the pills at once. Oops! And on an empty stomach it didn’t stay down…

    oh and the gnats. I think they were drain flies. They are now in the new place I’m staying. Strange thing is you would expect to see them jn the bathroom near the drain. I do, but the majority are in my bedroom…I blew my nose and one was in the tissue. I brushed it off months ago. I was half asleep and didn’t believe it came from my nose until the other day I literally saw one fly from my nostril. I never saw it land there to begin with. I would have! This whole thing is a lot. I keep a journal/scrapbook withnevidence taped to the pages of what I’m witnessing.

    about me: 29 yo african american female, 154lbs, sickle cell trait, allergy/sinus/asthma sufferer, poor vision, numbness in extremities, always cold/anemic?, vericose veins, genital herpes, heavy drinker, depression, light spots on skin, also some mole looking dark spots recently, over prescribed antibiotics as a child. I don’t know what’s relevant but I hope to help someone connect the dots. Just now I heard a gnat humming but did not see one anywhere!

  23. I am 45 and have had this problem for 15 years I have all the signs that DCgurrrl has and its frustrating and I think that I have passed it to friends and loved ones when I am around I alway see them scatching and figeting, its the same at work and I am just exhasted trying to deal with it. Concentrating at work is extremely difficult. I hope to find a cure soon.

  24. julia bittinger said:

    I have been to the er 9 times… to several health dept. And this has been painful over the last 7 months I now pull out smaller verison of the pic. Above. I am scared now abelive that I am may die soon please help…

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