I think I’ve been subconsciously not writing my thoughts about what I think Morgellons is for the last few months because my thoughts have somewhat radically changed. So much so that I didn’t even want to own up to what I thought had occurred to me and is also occurring to many others.  What I am about to say is my opinion, when I write I write as if it were fact, you have to make up your own mind on this. I hope what I am about to say doesn’t depress you. If you are new and just discovering that you have Morgellons disease this is not a message of despair, quite the contrary. In many ways, as I summarize at the end, what causes the Morgellons condition truly is doesn’t matter. I don’t even like referring to Morgellons as a disease at this point. Don’t read to much into that statement, I mean a disease as classified by Western medicine.

Morgellons is an Old Disease

I’m not referring to what folks refer to as the Morgellons of the 1500’s and 1600’s here. In fact, if you read Joe’s Morgellons/ Mercury Article which is the most exhaustive history of ancient Morgellons that I’ve seen you will realize it really wasn’t called Morgellons like we think it was. Rather it was known by all kinds of names based on the location in the world where various folks were suffering. This is because they had no communication like we do today. It would have been hard to realize that folks all over Europe for instance were experiencing similar symptoms. According to Joes research crawling and biting were never mentioned in association with what most call Morgellons of the 1500 and 1600’s. The crawling and biting are what really alert most Morgellons sufferers to their condition, and of course lesions (which many do not get), but it’s the crawling and biting that is (for most) the alarming aspect. So, it’s hard for me to consider these reports from the past as the same thing we are suffering from. Mostly, they talk about strange hairs, and to be honest, without the pocket scope from Radio Shack I would have never seen the red and blue fibers that had formed a lattice under my perfectly healthy looking skin.  I would have never referred to them as hairs either. I think Joes research is valid, and some of his conclusions are also valid, but there’s more to the story because there is no mention of biting and crawling in the ancient writings. However, what they were suffering from was very real, and the women it says began to learn how to treat it themselves such that they didn’t even go to the doctors anymore (sound familiar).

When I say Morgellons is an old disease what I mean is that this condition which I suffer from, though I believe it is far more wide spread now than in the past, did not start in the early 90’s, far from it. It is only because of the internet that we have begun to connect the dots and realize “we are not alone” and that there are others like us, going through the same thing.  Sure, the telephone allows for far reaching communications but who is going to talk about something like this to a friend or family member? This is something for the most part that has been traditionally better off left unsaid. The long standing diagnosis of DOP exists for a reason and that is because people have long suffered from our condition. The cases or doctors visits were never documented, the patients were merely told they were DOP and sent home. If we had statistics on all these DOP diagnoses in the small towns across America I’m sure we would be utterly shocked. Instead these cases are largely unknown. These are the crazy Aunts folks kept in the attic that no one ever wanted to talk about.

Then along came the internet, with all of the anonymity if offers complete with forums and search engines that could search millions, no billions of web pages almost instantly. It was this ability that allowed  Mary M Leitao to begin to find others who had similar symptoms, adopt the term Morgellons, and bring it to the attention of millions of other folks also on the internet also looking for answers. If it wasn’t for Mary M Leitao it is likely we would all be suffering in our own private hell and I for one am very grateful for Mary. So thank you Mary, you are a brave and strong women and many have a great respect for you, including myself.

What I am trying to say here is our condition has been around in various forms for a long time. Morgellons existed  long before GMO or Nano technology came into being though these things could serve to exacerbate ones health.

Morgellons – A Single Root Pathological Cause Will Never Be Found

It is my belief now that Morgellons is a matter of the terrain. That is to say, our bodies chemical makeup, PH balance, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, gut flora, and oxygen balance are your terrain. I covered a lot of this in my It’s All About the Terrain post. I now believe that our terrain failed first (this does not mean you have a weak immune system) and then the Morgellons condition begins to take hold. Eventually, ones terrain can become so damaged that a person can become infested with bugs that would not normally take hold in the flesh of a human being. Its as if our flesh is dying and they show up to begin the decomposition process while we are still walking around. However, not all crawling sensations we feel are bugs, far from it.

Suppose a group of Morgellons patients are found to be infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, even a very high percentage such as 80%. Does that mean it is the cause, not in my opinion, what is means is their terrain is in bad shape and Pseudomonas aeruginosa has taken hold, but it doesn’t cause the crawling or the biting or the fibers and so on. However, a body whose terrain is a complete mess will allow such things to take hold. In fact, I believe ones terrain can be pretty bad off and that person can still feel relatively well for quite sometime.

You begin to feel high levels of anxiety, suffer more sinus infections, sore throats, allergies, maybe begin to suffer fibromyalgia like symptoms that aren’t too bad but effect you nonetheless. You might experience neck pain, weakness, palpitations, thyroid issues like being cold or hot, running a low temperature, and Vertigo. Nothing terribly alarming. This goes on for years and all the while you probably do any number of antibiotic prescriptions and don’t seem to be getting better, in fact your getting worse. Your doctor keeps telling you it’s all stress, you suffer mood swings, maybe a little depression, you just don’t feel like you used to, you feel old. However, Morgellons, or what we call Morgellons hasn’t kicked in yet. Even after the hair loss you’re still not too overly alarmed, but by now you are worried and know something is wrong.

Eventually one day, you feel a sharp bite, but see nothing, this could go on for some time, then you begin to notice blotchy skin, what appears to be bite marks, your skin might appear as it it has some kind of fungal activity going on and you might even develop sores or lesions. Finally, intense crawling sets in. Some will experience itching and I believe those are the ones that get the lesions as it’s a histamine response to the toxins now built up inside the body which is reaching its breaking point. If this goes on long enough without correcting the terrain parasites might become a reality and even insects in our bodies. Eventually, the possibility of cancer becomes a real danger.

I have written a post previously that compares what we go through with Meth users. Meth users poison their bodies with chemicals and while their “crank bugs” might not be real, the feeling is real not imaginary, they have wrecked their terrain completely and rapidly and experience many of the things we do, even lesions and tooth loss.

All this is to say that like Louis Pasteur our doctors are (and even I was) looking for the germ, bug, or pathogen that has gotten into us and caused Morgellons. The problem is they’re never going to find it, because the cause is the failure to maintain the terrain as Claude Bernard stated was the cause of disease. Now, this is not to say that living in the toxic world we live in doesn’t play a big role in this disease. However, in essence, Western medicine is looking for a cause that cannot be found because it does not exist. What Western medicine is looking at, examining, and investigating is the result, not the cause. Even worse, Western medicine rejects the very idea that terrain could be the cause because they consider it to be the result of disease.

Forget the Cause and Get on with the Business of Healing Yourself

Are you busy taking all kinds of things trying to kill off germs, worms, mites, fungus, and what have you? Here is my suggestion. Begin to consider your terrain, that is to say, the built in system that makes all of the above a non issue when it’s functioning properly. Certainly killing the germs via antibiotics whether natural or pharmaceutical can play a role, but if the terrain is right for such disease, you maybe only be holding it steady or be losing ground. I really encourage you to read my It’s All About the Terrain post. Above all things get your gut flora back into a healthy balance, get your PH back up with minerals such as magnesium and potassium. There’s so much I could say, I’m rambling, forgive me. I hope I’ve given you something to think about.

Finally, I would like to say that the report below (give it a moment to load) is the kind of information we need. I  have found it to be an very informative piece of work and hope to see more like it.


Comments on: "Morgellons – My Current Thinking on What it is" (18)

  1. Hello again Mr. CS,

    Bravo! I could not have said it better.

    “Modern Medicine” insists on isolating and “treating” symptoms, when not only is the compromise of our bioterrain the underlying cause of Morgellons, it is the underlying cause of virtually all degenerative illness. This is the legacy of my father, nutrition pioneer, Carson Burgstiner MD… he recognized this fact, and set out to assemble a brilliant group of nutritional products to support foundational health pathways.

    When Western Medicine is confronted with the impact that the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol can have on a patient’s quality of life, the question that invariably surfaces is “What is the active ingredient?”.

    They just don’t get it…

  2. Have you tried the skin test where you take a lesion and put pedi-fix antifungal soap and then on top of that put endure3000 alcohol. The silicon gel that oozes out of the lesion will make it obvious that this is not something natural occuring in nature. And that this is a chemical compound that includes plastic. The nanotechnology fibers are made of silicon. Research online how scientists can make nanotech fibers. It has already been proven by scientists that this plastic fiber nanotubes are being sprayed on us and are also being put in our food and other products. Do the test above and then try to tell me that this is not a weaponized instrument that is self replicating and producing plastic throughout peoples blood stream and bodies. Look up carnicom.com and see what the plastic turns into when left for a month and a half in a glass jar. This is a biological weapon.

  3. Whoops! I thought moderator had to approve?
    I’m a little out of sorts. Only recently started discovering blue fibers and glitter. Then I read depressing articles. I came back to Mundane Approach to get my fix of hope before I turn in for the evening, then I read this “biological weapon” business. Big sigh. I really need some hope tonight. Think I’ll go read the 23rd Psalm!

  4. Susan, I know how you feel, believe me. Everybody is entitled to think Morgellons is whatever, and I have spoken to Dr. Staninger before about this being man made, she feels this is. I really don’t. Does Jenn’s experiment above prove anything? Who knows, you’re mixing all kinds of chemicals together pouring it on an open wound and seeing some reaction. Stay grounded in what you know ….

  5. The jmedicalcase reports link above does not work. l so wanted to see it. I am on the Burgstiner wellness protocol. Got my mother on it. Along with things that Mr. Commonsense recommends. It’s the cure not the cause I’m after.

  6. George Fuhrmann said:

    Hi Mr. CS,
    Common sense is welcomed when talks, hopefully it also functions when listening…
    I believe you are (unfortunately)completely wrong in what you believe to be the cause. (As in being a natural phenomena.)
    You will not appreciate the “man made aspect” until you consider the long standing actions and history of CDC. – which is the giveaway factor here.
    This to me has made it clear from the beginning that there is a conscious cover-up and they know exactly what the cause is and shielding some entity from liability.
    I had to change (update) this opinion by mine when at the first Texas Morgellons conference I joined a conversation. There a person – who described himself as having been in government service all his life – made a fine distinction based on his knowledge how government works and he said this: It is absolutely not necessary that someone at CDC know the cause. All that is required, that someone somewhere in gov. pick up the phone, calls the CDC and says: we fully expect you not to find the cause of this, and direct all efforts to find such in dead end directions. That’s it.
    So therefore everybody who gets lost in the micro analysis of the (natural)causes is already a victim of CDC and in loss of the broader picture.
    I of course could go into details about CDC (if anyone interested in the details) but this is basically the bottom line.
    Motto: We are all in it, but have to keep our heads above it.
    Sincerely yours:

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Well, I’m all too familiar with “Government in Action” and that is what the CDC is.

      “The CDC reported to Congress that it spent almost $22.7 million for CFS research, but the Inspector General’s report showed only $9.8 million or 43 percent of the funds, was used for that purpose. More than $8.5 million was diverted to non CFS-related research, and $4.1 million is still unaccounted for. The GAO is now beginning the process to evaluate the consequences of the CDC’s actions.”

      They reportedly laughed and joked about Chronic Fatigue sufferers and then proceeded to blow the money set aside for CFS research on pet projects and others just “stole” the rest of the money.

      Here’s the deal, government is inept in all branches, unfortunately what many see as a cover-up only requires your typical liberal government worker working on agenda totally separate than what there department was intended to do.


      I do appreciate your comment, there is room for disagreement here

  7. I agree with Mr, CS. I’ve been increasingly sick for over 20 years, finally blooming into full-blown morgellons over a year ago. This took a while to happen, a lot of stress and antibiotics. Before GMO crops. I’ve been battling it with PMPII since March, I’m better, down to a 1/4 inch lesion on my scalp that comes and goes. Hair still falling. But WAY better! And still working the world’s hardest job (OK, maybe not) city high school teacher. I also think that the physical stress on my nervous system of having pretty bad degenerative disc disease and a fused neck plays a role. Stress, stress, stress.

  8. Well. This is a very intersting website.
    My journey began at the end of January, 2011.
    I was skiing in freezing frigid weather; the tip of nose and my chin were beet beet red.
    A few days later, swollen with pustules (not pimples).
    Intense burning, itching, and the strangest feelings that had no comparison.
    3 different doctors, 3 different diagnoses:
    1. shingles; (blitzed with Valtrex)
    2. cellulitis; (10 days doxycycline)
    3. rosacea.
    I started to google around and read about the connection between rosacea and demodex mites. Went to drug store and applied NIX and dramatic improvement overnight.
    During the initiatl outbreak, there were little red lines that appeared on the bridge of my nose and my cheek – not near the swollen infected site.
    My nose looked like Rudolph and if I squeezed it blood and clear fluid would ooze out of ALL the pores.
    There are not, to my knowledge, fibers. And I must be honest – that is freaking me out. Mind you – I have no microscope and keep thinking about the weird random red marks that appeared and then just disappeared.
    It is 6 weeks later and the pustules have disappeared, although there are random days when weird swellings like the beginning of a giant zit show up, only to disappear a few hours later or overnight. Its like something is living under my skin.
    My lips, bottom lip (especially in the morning), feels very swollen and tight although looks “normal”.
    There is a patch on my forehead that literally feels like there is anthill under there but no physical signs. My chin feels the same.
    I have been using Lubriderm with 2% sulpher 2% salicyclic acid ….
    I have been using NIX (premethrin) randomly at bedtime.
    I have been taking Grapeseed extract and Olive Leaf extract.
    I have stopped drinking coffee and am cleaning up my diet (taking BioK every day and trying to live on smoothies) ….
    The INTENSE itching burning crawling sensations on my face and on my scalp persist. It is very stressful.
    These symptoms seem to be only from the shoulders up … but I’ve noticed that I have white patches all over my forearms as if I am losing pigment in my skin.
    I have a wild cat that sleeps in my bed all the time.
    (Seriuosly) – he is a feral prowler.
    Does this sound like Morgellon’s to you readers?
    How did your symptoms “start” … when did you first notice them?
    I notice that if I go to sauna or steam room, or if I sweat they seem to be aggravated and as soon as I lie down, they seem to amplify tremendously.
    This is very very stressful. I do appreciate what you say about terrain. Have just purchased
    Humic Fulvic Acid Master Detox – and then found this website — so —- I hope I am on the right track.
    Please share your onset stories with me. Is it possible these parasites (whatever they are) could be on the surface of the skin, and the extreme cold I was skiing in drove them “underneath” into moist fertile tissues? Weirdest shit I have ever discovered and I can’t believe this is happening to me.
    I feel like I am in a bad dream. A bad bad dream.
    It’s affecting my ability to function.

    • Torpedolynn said:


      I had skin rosacea alot like what you have and my skin was puffy every whare but the face was worse. I had white blotches start first on the arms and then later the freckles and I never had freckles before. chronic fatigue. Intestinal problems galore. Sore joints, Poor circulation so bad that just brushing my hair or teeth and my finger tips or hand would fall asleep.

      Next came the sensitivity to sun light, and my hearing would go wacky at times. Like I was hearing everyone who talked or my serrounding noises through a tunnel. Than periods of time whare things tasted so salty that even a glass of milk tasted stong like salt. My face would ooze tiny sand size cylindar shapes that fell apart like whipped peanut butter. White tiny specks would be strewn throughout my hair.

      Durring the take down years I had a constant tickle in the bottom. I thought worms even though I never saw any in the stool, but saw long white stringy things in the pee. Once I fish one out and it was stringy like snot but kept its string shape fairly well even if stretched. I thought Canda yeast infection back then in the bladder. Well my female parts went wacky and I started gettig a little bit of squirmy in the private areas. Had a hysterectomy and that paused everything while I was healing. Then things went down hill very quick after that.

      It took me 5 to 8 years until I hit the bugs living on me head to toe and three kinds of bugs at that and who knows how many parasites. That happen in May of 2009. My family has a history for weight problems so I was very heavy and right before the bugs hit I started getting layers of chapped areas that peeled inside the legs, on the privates, butt area, and under the breast and down almost a 1/4 of the belley area under the breast. I thought chapped skin from being so heavy. It did not dawn on me the area with the bio-film went way past the bra line and I had never had chapped skin like that before.

      By the way I had adopted a ferrel cat years ago before the onset of symptoms, but really think it was all the mold exposure when I had cleaned homes one with serious mold issues, and then later a home we rented with some serious mold issues. Out of five people I was the only one to get this. Could be because I weaken my system with the use of bleach and harsh soaps. I was known as the bleach queen. I also was a nail bitter at times. Also was exposed to raw sewage a few times. Maybe the combo of all I did was enough to weaken or thin out the cell walls so that my whole system to a dive and now I am in bug hell.

      When the bugs hit I was covered head to toe with at least 3 kinds of bugs and they would crawl over the tops of each other for prime loctations and accadently loose their hold and fall off. Now I am down to one bug and have been fluxing from almost nil to medium low on the infest range.

      Hope this helps you.
      In Light Lynn

      • Torpedolynn said:

        Ohh sorry need to add that the cat was gone 2 years before I got hit head to toe with bugs and also right before the bugs hit. I could hardly eat and lost 50 lbs. over a short period of time. Too painful. Even water felt like rocks working its way through the intestines. I really think the way things happen is different to each of us. All bodys have strengths and weakeness and as the dease progresses it takes down you weak points first.

        In Light Lynn

    • Hello YHWH

      June of 2008, something bit me. In the middle of the night I was itching everywhere. Then I began seeing little pepper looking grandules in my bed. Next I experienced lesions, sores, biting not itching as much as internal biting. I was tolhd to take baths in amonia and this helps. I take MSM which is sulfur and that helps. I take Max GXL Glutithiane…they are not all equal… this brand delivers it to the cells and boosts your immune system 100 per cent in 30 days. I have been taking it for one year. I have lot of energy and I know longer think about killing myself. Sugar puts me in such misery…I avoid it liie the poison that it is. I use Stevia only. in the beginning my mind was very foggy and I had chronic fatique. I have been to doctors in Illinois, Ohio. Michigan, and Georgia and
      i have learned something from them all. Up your vitamin intake, each lots of green stuff, buld up your immune system so that it can fight this stuff off. The host must become stronger than the parasites.

    • I have discovered a few things.. you can dab arrowroot powder on the lesions and they will scab over.. I make my own mixture of grain alcohol, lavender, chamomile,pao’d’arco, and calendula…let that set a month, shake it weekly, then strain and use… so I soak gauze in this mixture, then hold it in place with dry gauze, then sleep with that, then in the morning I will dab the arrowroot powder.. and it will form a very hard dark scab.. and if you leave it alone, it starts, lifting around the edges..(to speed up the process you can dab hydrogen peroxide ONLY around the edges of the scab)…..and coming off by itself.. but it takes a long time…. I also buy magnesium flakes .. soak in the tub with that and alternate the next day with epsom salts… that has stopped anything from coming out on my body.. I am only dealing with my face now…and I just started taking Nutrasilver… so I am hoping for the best with that.. has anyone tried their protocol?

  9. Hi Mr C, I m new to uour site, don’t know how to get hold of you, love wath u doing lots of info, I found this today that wanted to share it with you, me like you I never got the lesions, but have the fibers on my skin when I swipe and look under microscope alot of these fibers we see in Morgellons does look like fungus and some of them as described in this web site have cotton like looks with black specks please review and do wath u like with this site, like to know whats the best way communicate with u the future. JS

  10. Ok over the weekend after I tried to clean out my car from all the white lint balls I came down with pretty bad eye infection, at first I didn’t think much of it but the next morning my eyes looked pretty bad with lots of pain, with everything s going on with mr I looked up eye fungus infection, I m also fighting a pretty bad candida infection, sure thing Fusarium Keratitis came up, so I went to my optometrist and got drops for both bacteria and fungus. He told me its pretty rare for an eye fungus infection, then I thought to myself so does what we have. Anyway he said to see an ophtomalagist to get it cultured if it got worst. When I got home I looked it up again and it indicates if u don’t start treatment rightaway for fungus infection you can go blind, with RX in hand called every possible pharmacy and sure thing noone carries it so it had to be ordered. Anyways here’s is what else I found searching the Fusarium Oxysporum thought I would share this with you as well…


  11. MCR you are always right on, this article proofs your point that this been going on for awhile and its not a new disease, I think the report is from 1940s, again doesnt talk about fibers, but then again he didnt know to look for them like you I wouldnt have not seen them if I didnt use a microscope to look for em or I would have just write em off as environmental debris, there is no doubt in my mind that hypertoxcicity plays a big role in this whole thing and thats why your approach to correcting the bioterrain seems to be working…..

  12. Hi MRC
    Eventhough I know you are changing directions, I had to share this with you, looks like its an old text from a Cotton production manual, Chapter 13, titled ” Cotton Diseases and Namatodes” Very interesting info……


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