This is going to be my last post for a while everyone. I have a lot going on right now. I run a Software Development company and am busy working on a new release, it’s thrilling and this release is our best work ever. However, before my respite I have a lot to say, including some criticism, some cynicism, praises for some, and finally some hope for fellow sufferers. You are the ones I truly care about. I am not a doctor, I want all readers to clearly understand this fact. By the way, this post got me banned from finding1cure … Let’s get started then.

To the Sufferer who is Ready to Come in out of the Rain;
You can get Better but You Need to Change your Thinking



First, almost everything I am about to say can be summed up by the 1 minute video above, and I am being serious here. I urge you to watch it before you continue reading. I say, there is no germ …

I was asked a question in an email by someone just the other day who I consider a dear friend. The question was about my previous blog post. The question was along the long the lines of “What do you mean by it, that they wont find the cause of Morgellons?” And now having time to really think about my reply to her and corresponding with another trusted friend here are my thoughts on this question.

There is no cause; however, there is prevention and relief to be had. If our internal terrain is failing, lacking: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, PH, healthy gut flora, and oxygen and if we are not staying hydrated, eating nutritiously and strengthening positive emotions we then become prime target for disease.  Of course, there is some catalyst, or vector probably a fungal element from GMO pharming or something, but it will not take hold in those with a strong terrain and we can all strengthen our terrain and become at least "symptom free", I hesitate to use the word cured. No living opportunistic invader will thrive in a well balanced terrain. This is why I say, at this point in time, there is no cause. What doctors are seeing at best, is the result, i.e., fungus, fibers, bacteria, bug infestations, whatever, which they then examine and study as the cause. This is why antiparasiticals and antibiotics will probably never rid anyone of this, but, instead will further damage their internal terrain. I believe following the pharmaceutical path leads one down a long road to destruction as is happening to folks on the LB forums far to often (many whom I love dearly though have never met). We don’t all have different causes, we all have different symptoms, the cause is the same, and healing, true healing (I believe) is on my terrain post.

Now many who cannot think beyond the rigid walls that confine them will immediately think I am saying Morgellons isn’t real, but that is far from the truth, it is real, serious, scary, and often horrifying. What I am trying to say is the current search for the cause is most likely never going to find it, because Western medicine rejects the possibility almost outright that the terrain fails first, then disease sets in. Our problem is not a weak immune system, the immune system merely kicks in when the terrain fails. Try not to read more into it than what I am saying here. I did not say that there are no pathogens at work. But I am saying they are not the cause, and when it comes down to it, they are insignificant to your battle plan.

You need to fix your Terrain, I have recommended to some that they try my Terrain advice and have received back some positive feedback. It’s not immediate, it’s gradual, the body can heal itself, but if you have degraded to the point that you have developed the Morgellons condition your body is indeed a complete wreck, but hardly beyond repair if you make the right moves. Antiparasiticals and antibiotics in my opinion, are not the right long term move. They have their place, don’t get me wrong, but if you truly want out of this mess you need a different approach.

If there is a single post on my blog everyone should read it is this post. It’s All About the Terrain and it has in large part lead to my being symptom free, no crawling, no bad skin, no pain, no fibro, it’s simply amazing. I even came down with Lyme Disease again after finding a tick on me fully engorged and two weeks of Doxycycline knocked it right out. There is a time for antibiotics and they worked effectively this time for me because my terrain was very strong. I was astounded because in 1992 I did two years of antibiotics for Lyme and never really ever got rid of it. I attribute my success this time to my terrain alone being completely hostile to disease of all kinds.

I cannot make any guarantees to you, but once I changed my thinking as shown in the “There is no spoon” video and threw everything out the window I thought I understood about disease, only then did I began to get better. And I continue to do so even now, three years after the onset of Morgellons, I am walking away from it.


Some Criticism

First, I admit I have made many mistakes in my three years fighting Morgellons. I am by no means the holder of the truth, I want to make that clear. I was privy to an email by an Entomologist the other day who completely discounted some pretty solid evidence that was provided to him. His response was as follows:

How come the only scientists or medical professionals in the world who claim to have found parasites are staff members of the (name intentionally left out), and why is it that in OVER TEN YEARS spent promoting this "disease" they’ve never shown *any* of these supposed specimens to any *other* scientists or medical professionals? Surely they would want someone to confirm their findings?

Now, some of you reading know who said this, please do not post any names. I do not blame this Entomologist one bit. Despite all of the energy some have put into Morgellons research there has been little to no real scientific research put forth (until the recent report Morgellons disease, illuminating an undefined illness: a case series which I appreciated). Our researchers have failed. And worse yet, in large part they cannot be reached by those suffering and offer those suffering very little real advice on how to cope with Morgellons. I understand why they cannot offer help, because they haven’t a clue as to what Morgellons is.  This isn’t my real compliant however.

My real complaint is the terrible infighting that is going on between groups and between individuals and we should all be ashamed. Many of you know what I am addressing here. There has been a lot of additional pain, and may I add, needless pain suffered by many. In fact, this infighting has delayed greatly our desired goal, the end of Morgellons. Day after day my blog is hit by those searching out names of people involved in Morgellons and from the additional keywords I can tell they are digging for more dirt. Others relish in the public humiliation of their enemies. They carry out their search and destroy tactics aimed at their supposed enemy camp not realizing they have lost site of their goal. What amazes me is that folks are still actually listening to them. Can somebody correct me if I’m wrong here. Aren’t we trying to end suffering for people who are going through a particular kind of hell that no one should ever go through? I have seen the emails from parents who have had Morgellons and watched thier children become effected by it. Enough already, put your energy into helping those who are suffering.

Some Cynicism

Based on what I believe to be true now I feel most of the current research will never yield fruit. This is because, as I have stated above, they are looking at the results of having Morgellons and studying them as if they are somehow the cause. But this will never, in my opinion, lead to anything remotely close to what I have managed to do, and that is become as near symptom free as one can be.

Most things we do or take serve only to mask symptoms until ultimately the final disease state takes your life. When my PH strip was consistently yellow or between 5.0 and 5.5 on the PH scale I bought something called Buffer PH and then it sat on my counter for weeks unopened. Why? Well, I knew it wasn’t the answer, my body was extremely acidic for a reason, I was lacking potassium and magnesium and these are vitally important for all of our bodies needs. When I developed heart palpitations (pretty bad ones) I was given Toprol (a beta blocker) and took it for two weeks and said “The hell with this, there is a reason this is happening”. To mask it over means years from now I might die of a heart attack or something. And so began my journey, having faith in myself to be able to read and understand research readily available to me on the web, and listen to others who have gone before me, and believe testimonials when they seemed based on sound reasoning. I knew my body, something was wrong, and it wasn’t a lack of Toprol or artificial PH Buffers. They would have only masked my symptoms. They might have made me feel better for a time, but my terrain all the while would be deteriorating until I wound up with cancer, or who knows what else.

So what am I saying? Stop the insanity, read my Terrain post, try it if it makes sense to you. The cause isn’t some bacteria, fungus, or parasite, it’s more fundamental than that, those are the result. And the good news is, you’re not just healing yourself of Morgellons, but all kinds of health issues, for instance, I have zero allergies now, no sore throats, sinus infections, and so on that used to plague me in the past …


Some Praise

I’m not going to name many names and will avoid naming any of the players in Morgellons who know I know they have done well. I would like to thank John Burgstiner, Founder and President of Logos Nutritionals,  who has commented with some very sound advice on health and nutrition. He is not a Morgellons sufferer but has reached out to help us when so few would bother. To him is great reward. To Sidney and her incredible wealth of information regarding Collembola and this condition from way back, and to Jill for her blog post. And also Kathleen. I know I am leaving off many names here and am doing so by design. I mean no offense but am doing so to avoid what will only cause more controversy.


In Summary

I’m going to take a break for a few months. I need a break from Morgellons and my software company is in the throws of a major release. A certain part of me now no longer wonders what Morgellons is because it doesn’t matter. The healing approach is the same that I would take now for any disease. Again, I encourage you to read my Terrain post and consider it. Do your own research and test if what I say makes sense.

I will probably pick up posting once fall begins.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Morgellons Disease – There is No Spoon" (8)

  1. susanna marrs said:

    I realize you must get on with the buisness of living and envy and appalaud you! This disease has consumed me and destroyed my life! I will truly miss your blog posts. Everyday I check to see if you have written something new. I take all you say to heart. You are a very intelligent and compassionate man! I want to thank you for providing me with some form of guidance and hope. I am a 37y/o single parent who lives in Chicago. I am also a RN who can no longer work or walk or enjoy anything! I can’t wait to see your posts again! I truly wish you and your family all the best! You have provided a great service for a fellow sufferer!
    Aka Susanna

  2. Thank You, MRC for such a beautiful post. When we realize that it is all about the Terrain is changes everything, including the Terrain of the Earth.
    If I have harmed anyone in this I am sorry, It is time for all of us to work together in love, light and wanting the best for each and every sufferer.

    I know that I have made mistakes and for that I am sorry. My passion gets in the way sometimes. I have known you MRC from the beginning since I discovered this insane syndrome. I have cried and prayed for the peace and healing of all.

    Many Patients who do get well, walk away and get on with their lives. This is when the terrain of their spirits gets better. I am not angry at any of my detractors, I know that you are scared, frightened and feel alone. I had to forgive myself and I forgive anyone who does not know me. I do care and I do want healing within this community.

    I have recieved the most loving and beautiful emails from people who have helped themselves giving me credit. I have been called an Angel but that I am not, I do not deserve the credit, God speaks through all of us.
    Faith, fresh air, good food, exercise, non GMOs, love for each other and the children who have this can change the terrain.

    Do I wish I had found the Anu Water 5 years ago…of course but I did not. I am sorry for that but it’s time had not come. Many do not like me but many do not know my true nature and I am here for anyone who needs me. I am gathering Doctors daily who can follow patients on the water. I would be glad to help anyone who wants to try it and Dr James Matthews, Dr Susan Kolb and many others are stepping up to the plate.

    I hope this group will forgive me, because I forgive anyone who has said anything negative about me. I can only go forward in Love, Respect, Forgiveness and the spirit in me salutes the spirit in you. We all must let go of the anger toward each other, depression is Anger turned inward.

    If I ever hurt anyone, said anything unkind please accept my sincerest apologies.

    You may call me on my business line at 1-352-544-8111 or email me at

    I honestly mean this and will say it one Last time on this blog.
    I Wish you all Love and Light,
    Trisha Springstead RN, MS

  3. Mr. Common Sense said:

    I cannot believe it, I tried to share this post on the yahoo group finding1cure and was banned from the group. That is unbelievable, I had been a member their for years as Scithster and so on … I guess some don’t want to hear what I have to say, and would even stop others from hearing it that might otherwise benefit. I must have hit a nerve somewhere, perhaps a detractor there from another faction. Probably folks are thinking I have said this is not a disease, but I did not say any such thing. I’m saddened by this event. But such is the problem in our community, why not just reply to my post and say I’m full of crap? I know penny over there would agree with much of what I have said here, and she is the pillar of that community. I figured I might get thrown under the bus on this post. Everyone wants a quick fix, and the CDC to “discover” something and come to the rescue with some drug. Well, don’t hold your breath, and honestly, in your minds heart, do you think that is even possible? That a drug will eradicate what you are going through? Or is what I have said here and on my terrain post more likely to be your way out of this hell? And for this I get banned.

    However, I’m not angry, had somebody told me what I myself am saying now even a year ago I’m not sure I would have wanted to hear this message, I wanted a magic bullet and felt it could only come if the cause of Morgellons was discovered. You can wait, or you can get busy right now … It’s your call.

  4. Mr. Common Sense said:

    This was sent to me by Amelia, how terrific this lady is (both of them). Check this out folks, it goes right along with what many of us are saying …

  5. Kathleen said:

    Minerals, Minerals, Minerals!
    I hesitated to respond to this too rapidly because it is still early days for me, but I, too, have changed my thinking. I spend a great deal of my time researching trying to find the answers to Morgellons. I realize there is a correlation between nutrition and diseases such as allergies and food sensitivities, cancer, diabetes, digestive diseases and disorders, heart health, osteoporosis and MORGELLONS. Six weeks ago I started drinking the ANU Water which was mentioned in one of these blogs. Thank you to whoever mentioned it. I had no idea what a difference minerals could make. I, too, had to change my thinking and I agree: There is no Spoon!

    Thanks to you and a few others, I read about alternative approaches to western medicine where we treat symptoms instead of the disease. I was raised in an allopathic culture. My family viewed doctors like gods. Western medicine has always been a part of my life and is imprinted on my brain. I then read Antoin Béchamp’s research which recognizes that the internal condition of our cellular terrain determines whether disease will materialize or thrive in our bodies. He affirmed that if one had a strong terrain, disease would subside. I also read about the terrain on this blog! Thank you again. I’m not a rocket scientist but, if you open up your mind and start thinking outside of conventional wisdom, you too, may see that there is no spoon. The research that I have read just seems to make sense. You don’t need a PhD to understand how simple and at the same time complex the human body is.

    Our blood is similar to a salt water aquarium; internally our composition mimics the ocean. According to Dr. John Heinerman. “..we.. carry this ‘ocean’ of minerals around with us. So, just as they did for the first life forms, the components of seawater play a vital role in our lives. This confirms the mineral demands of our cells today…” Many of the foods we eat are over-processed and grown in earth which is drained of nutrients, or soils which have been contaminated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides; therefore, much of the food we eat is toxic and nutrient free. The bottom line is: our bodies are not getting what they need to thrive. Mineral and trace element deficiencies are more likely to occur in our bodies than are vitamin deficiencies. Poor diet and lifestyle choices also contribute to the acidification of body fluids which whacks our pH out of balance. Our bodies must have a proper pH balance in order for us be healthy as Doctor Rotcod shows us in the video using the swimming pool analogy. Again seen on Youtube and the Lymebusters blog.

    I had read some about Doctor Hulda Clark who has always advocated the importance of minerals; she claims that all cancers and many other diseases are caused by “parasites, toxins, and pollutants” which can be cured by killing the parasites and ridding the body of environmental chemicals. The word parasites stuck out in my mind like a ringing bell. I then read Ingrid Naiman’s websites. Wow! I viewed the parasites that she identified in the blood and was able to see how our cells can morph into disease. There are some very strange critters in our blood indeed. We all have parasites, if our pH is not balanced, or in other words, if our biological terrain is not strong, the bacteria morphs into other forms and shapes which can potentially contribute to disease states. It’s that simple.

    So, with all my own research of terrain in mind I purchased ANU Mineral Supplement what the heck, I started taking probiotics. I am happy to report that I am my symptoms have subsided. It is amazing; I had little bumps in my eyes that I have had for about 5 years. The eye doctor at my local Kaiser Permanente assured me that this was normal with ageing. I did not think too much about it until I felt the prickling in my left eye too and noticed the bumps. By this time I had contracted what I thought was Morgellons. Regardless, the ANU has shrunk the bumps by at least 75% which confirms to me that I had a mineral deficiency. It made sense to me in that I have never taken mineral supplements other than calcium and zinc (for colds) in my life. After drinking the Anu Mineral Supplement, I am still learning and trying to understand minerals and their information field, but from what I have experienced thus far with Anu Mineral Supplement, it’s awesome water; my sinuses have cleared completely. I have a sense of well-being and believe that I have turned this around.

  6. […] PH, Terrain by Mr. Common Sense on July 17, 2009 First, If you missed my blog post titled Morgellons Disease – There is No Spoon it’s simply a must read and probably my most important post. If you are a Morgellons sufferer you […]

  7. MCS – I am humbled by your kind comments and inspired by your wisdom.

    Enjoy your well earned respite… may your efforts in launching your new software release be blessed abundantly. You and your company will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    If you get to Atlanta in the course of your project, please let me know… I would be honored to meet you.


    John Burgstiner

  8. Excellent, I’ve read this a number of times and it is much in sync with my own views.

    I am curious though, you’ve said that we’re asking
    for trouble if we keep pets, because they have worms etc. that could infect us.
    How does that square with your thinking that
    it’s the inner terrain we need to look at, rather than the outer? Just wondering.

    Well, I know you’re taking a break right now, I will
    wait on your reply, and hope you are feeling better.

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