First, If you missed my blog post titled Morgellons Disease – There is No Spoon it’s simply a must read and probably my most important post. If you are a Morgellons sufferer you are going to want to read the post above. The following information below goes hand in hand with it.

Okay, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do a blog post for a while but a link to DoctoR RotcoD was sent to me and it really didn’t take much time to put this post together. I just have to share this information with you and thought you should all be aware of her work. Too many doctors today have a forwards name with backwards thinking so she reversed the order (her words) in her name.  What she is saying really corresponds with how my protocol on my terrain post I believe has helped me become symptom free. She has a quirky style (purposefully) but she is great at presenting information in an easy to understand style …


Health optimized is food oxidized. Learn how incompletely oxidized carbohydrates make cholesterol, triglycerides, fats and acids that lower the pH of your tissues and contaminate your swimming pool with tiny microbes that can infect any type of cell and tissue. Because doctors don’t test for these microbes that normally turn you to dust when you die, many people are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and prescribed drugs with more harmful side effects than Methuselah could count years. The power of Health, then, is pH control by complete oxidation of carbohydrates and avoidance of soda…not too hard, is it? Watch each short video and it will all come together for you, and learn how modern medicine lost its way.

For inquiring minds: DoctoR RotcoD is a reflection of Modern Medicine: Loud (her voice), obnoxious (her attitude), a mess (her hair) and backwards (her name).

To your health and long life, DoctoR RotcoD


Here are some terrific YouTube Video’s of hers, they are well worth watching.  The first video is absolutely brilliant, watch it and you’ll be hooked …





Her YouTube Channel can be found here …

And her home page can be found here


Comments on: "Morgellons – Get Your Swimming Pool Cleaned Up" (6)

  1. BamdBam said:

    Loved the Doctor, and wanted to point out that “clean your swimming pool” is actually pretty good advice.

    Did any of you note the connection between water and Morgellon’s that was noted in the published “Phase I” section of the study-in-progress, which can be found on the Morgellon’s Foundation website? In my own experience, the water I use, both internally and externally, has a huge effect on how I feel, and how bad my symptoms are. So wash your pool, and fill it up with good, clean water.

    Get a good water filter, Nikken makes a great one, and start with small steps. It took me five years, but you can get this thing under control.

  2. […] I haven’t had it done in while) showed the max C02 level. And lactic acid, if you watched the “Doctor Rotcod – PH video’s” you know this what an acidic body is full of when food is not properly digested. And when I […]

  3. wow this is just great! thanks keep up the truth work

  4. sistertocommonsense said:

    Another good trick to pulling lactic acid out of the body is WARM epsom salt baths, after any bath rinse in the shower before drying off
    Sister to Common Sense
    Many reporting from New Jersey and New York today. I think word is gettin out there.

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    Get this….Plastics which I have pulled out of people, and Dioxin. All drinking water should never be left in a hot car. As a matter of a fact Dioxin and other Chemicals are causing Breast Cancers and other such maladies. Many of Morgellons patients are getting soft tissue cancers if left unchecked. Back to the Poisoning of America.


  6. Sister,
    at the beginning of this whole experience, when we thought it was birdmites, we packed up most of the house and just kept a few key clothing and bedding items out, which we put in (new) plastic boxes, safely away from the assumed bugs. We also put vinyl covers on beds and pillows. We also began wearing lots of polyester and using satin sheets because a)we heard “birdmites” or “morgellons mites” liked cotton, and b)we heard lots of bizarre stories about cotton, and because c) we were washing everything daily in hot water and drying, which ruins cotton/natural fiber clothes.
    I’ve always been a non-plastic/non-polyester/non-vinyl person myself. In our case, there is no proof of any actual bugs and there never really was. I’m wondering what to do about all this new synthetic stuff we’ve been using. Any thoughts?

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