Okay, no matter how much I want to stop I can’t stop blogging about Morgellons. So hang with me folks …


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  1. I would like for everyone to notice she is not covered with lesioins. There are as many of us who have no lesions as though that do. Also, the press still reports the supposed hotspots of California, Texas and Florida, that is a crock, there as many cases now in all over …

  2. Patricia McGee said:

    I spend many hours a day trying to find a way to get rid of Morgellons using different articles on the internet.
    Unfortunately, this is the only source of info that a sufferer is able to investigate.
    I have come to feel that a closed-minded doctor should not be a physician. A DOCTOR SHOULD BY DEFINITION BE OPEN-MINDED, knowing that the medical books of yesteryear do not apply to the oath that they took upon being a doctor. How easy it is to say that this condition is in our heads. Anyone can say this; it is easy-words are cheap! I do not have lesions all over my body! I have all of the other symptoms! Life is NOT! I am surviving each and every day-NOT LIVING!!! By the way, I live in MD!!!!

  3. sistertocommonsense said:

    In the past 2 weeks reports from
    Colorado many
    Virginia 40 families
    many of them GI’s
    New Mexico all over the place.
    New York Hundreds
    Now reports from patients who have been with the MRF are reporting to me. Good God Almighty. They are scared, mortified and do not know what to do.
    Now people are naming the critters they find coming out of thier skin.
    Some are in the beginning stages and I am trying to catch em quickly and send them over to this blog.
    These other chat rooms are scaring the life out of these people and giving some really insane advice.

    • I believe I have morgellons, and I have had it a long time it was that the doctors and myself did not know what we were dealing with. I have be said to be making up my symptoms and that I am wasting there time. I have the crawling skin, I can not sleep at night because of it, I had the fiber start popping out of my skin with this last bout, that I am still having with it. I am very much looking for Dr. which can help me but there seem to be none where I live in northern michigan. I have tried to let my family know what is happening to me and they just say its another one of my new illness that I’m off my rocker in other words. I have found some relief on line but I know there has got to be medical help out there which can end this. Please send information.

  4. Ronel greyling said:

    I suffered from morgellons since 2001, had it for 4 years, tried everything, went nearly mad, dr’s and my husband said it is all in my head, ect.
    I took photo’s of the worms, fibres and stuff coming out of my skin.
    Then I discovered that it had to be something I did different from my husband and kids.
    Because I slept and lived and did everything the same as they did, except, I ate and drank different.
    Thats how I found something that worked for me. I realized that something cancelled my skins naturall shielding, and therefore organisms could breed and live inside my skin.

    Normally an insect is seeing a shielding around any human , like a glaze, and when they bump into you they bump right off,. for the shielding protects you, but for some or d freelyother reason, my shielding was missing, and therefore they could jump right into/onto my skin and stared breeding and living into my skin. I was a perfect host.

    Then I realized that the only thing I did differenrlty was drinking slimming mixture almost like turbovite but with a slimming ingrediant added, this also had a very high level of caffiene, you could almost say that I had a caffiene overdose inside my body. Pheseuephedrine /effedrine was one of the main ingredients as well.
    It took my body 5 to 6 years before my natural shielding started to recover. I do not have a problem any more, but the slightest caffiene or any form of slimming or energy medicine flares it up again.I will send fotos of my arms and all the stuff I used to get rid of it.Also the fibres and insects.I went to our univercity “Onderstepoort” to a professor, he took the worms ect. and said that he has never seen anything like it in his 45 years.The worms had the most fearsome teeth and big blueish heads.
    The best thing is to not scratch, and to put spirits or handy andy on your skin while you in the period of recovery. I kept a bottle in my handbag, and whenever I started to itch, I put it on right a way. Then the itching stopped and the nexct day it was gone.

    • HI. I’m having a little trouble understanding what helped you. What exactly did you use to cure your problem of Morgellons?? In desperate need of help. Thanks.

  5. What was the anti-parasite drug mentioned on the show?

  6. maria vanderpool said:

    Everyone with Moegellons needs to check out Marc Newmanns Research.
    Morgellons is a form of fungi, like a mold. I personally have coming out of my gums:
    Metarhizium Anisopliae strain-52, it is a Biopesticide. It is in our food, our household bug sprays, and was deemed not toxic to humans by the EPA.

    • I think fungus as well. I had it erupting from my arm’s and lower leg’s. I think there might be an agrobacterium thing in our food that causes it to grow in us and actually start turning our cell’s into the fungus. If it can make a gene from a flounder become part of the dna in a tomato and that is a fact they do that, I’m sure it can make the fungus grow. Then come the parasites.


  7. I,ve done alot of research, thanks to support groups & informational web sites. I believe morgellons is a zoonotic condition, involveing micro-miasis.

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