Green World Path proudly welcomes Trisha Springstead as their special guest speaker this Thursday evening, July 23 starting at 6:00pm

You won’t want to miss this class! 

Come early because we are expecting a large crowd.

Trisha Springstead will present views of various illnesses using Dark Field Imaging Microscopy and her experience with alternative approaches to working with these illnesses; namely Morgellons’ and Lyme Disease.

She will present her experiences working with Morgellons’/Lyme patients and her tireless efforts on behalf of advocating and assisting these patients and their doctors in the use of alternative approaches to the above disease syndromes and their associated diagnoses.

Trisha has been in training in Dark Field Microscopy in California for the past two and a half months under Arnel Calindas Lindgren who advises many celebrities and sports figures on nutrition, water and alternative approaches to health.

Trisha has been featured by Miami, Fox News Washington DC, Natural News Writer, Barbara Minton and has been a Guest on Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory on the Subject of Morgellons Disease.

Trisha currently works with experts,  Dr James Matthews in Maryland, Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, Georgia

She is the owner of Essential Skin Products “ESP” located in Brooksville, FL and has developed a line of natural skin care products based on essential oils.  You will be able to check these out at class!

She is also working with Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food, Soil, Animals and Humans.

Quick updates from GWP will include:

  • Ray Nielsen will update us on Green World Path worldwide activities. 
  • J.B. Williams will inform us on how we can control insects in homes, hospitals, hotels and all indoor environments.


1665 Donto Way
Brooksville, Fl 34601
"Together Going Green"


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