dog So, you have pets and you also have Morgellons, what are the odds of that? Although the real numbers aren’t known it is thought that there are 80 million cats and an estimated 74 million dogs in America. Those are pretty shocking numbers really and my guess is the real numbers are actually higher. This post is probably not going to sit well with pet owners, but the truth must be told. However, if your a Morgellons sufferer with pets you’re going to benefit from reading this post.

CDC Reports Prevalence Of Worms Transmitted By Dogs And Cats To Humans Is Higher Than Previously Understood

About 14 percent of the U.S. population is infected with Toxocara, or internal roundworms, contracted from dogs and cats. That’s according to the results of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study announced at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Philadelphia.

So, the CDC estimates 14% of Americans are infected with a few species of parasites from cats and dogs. That’s more than 1 out of 10 Americans. It looks like America’s love affair with pets is finally coming home to roost. An this should be no surprise, after all, the 150+ million pets are crapping all over America’s back yards and that crap is loaded with parasites. I wonder if pet owners ever think …

Do I really want to bring an animal into my home that I have to deworm? Am I foolish enough to believe that these worms only infect dogs and cats?

BUTTSCRATHERDOGIf pet owners did ponder such questions maybe they wouldn’t let them sleep in their beds, lay on their couches, and laugh the next time see they see them drag their butt across the carpet to get relief. This is no different than having hogs living in your house.

Also, if you know anything about testing for parasites (in the United States at least) it’s like looking for a needle in the haystack, they can barely detect them at all. So if they found 14% you can bet the number is not only higher but also there are likely far more varieties of parasites lurking in your home, in your gut, and in your children’s bodies. Here’s another quote from the story.

Although most persons infected with Toxocara have no apparent symptoms, this infectious agent is capable of causing blindness and other serious systemic illness, which makes it a public health issue."
While rare, the visual impairment most often affects children. Since toxocariasis is not a reportable infection, true numbers of cases of visual impairment and other syndromes are not known, according to Schantz.

But don’t worry America, parasites are only in third world countries. However, if you are lucky enough to hunt down one of a handful of parasitologist in the United States to obtain help the first question they will ask you is “Where have you traveled?” That alone should be your clue that they themselves have no clue.


Morgellons and Pets

So many with Morgellons have pets, and they often state that their pets are also itching and scratching like crazy, and even very sick, sometimes they even die. I can tell you from experience that even though I am symptom free if I enter the home or even ride in the car of a person who has pets (without pets even being present) my crawling and biting will return for two or three days before I can beat it back and get back to normal. So if you have Morgellons and have pets I believe you have a major carrier constantly re-exposing you. You have two choices; get rid of the pets, or heal them. At the very least you should keep them outside at all times unless it is unsafe to do so (to hot or cold).

I have also noticed that there are a high number of former vet tech’s with Morgellons. I still think one must carry a heavy candida load and be very acidic to come down with the Morgellons condition. I have children and wouldn’t hesitate the slightest bit to take my dogs to the humane society in order to protect my children. I have gone to extremely great lengths to keep them safe from this. Thank goodness, however, that we are not pet owners.


So What Can Pet Owners Do?


I heard advertisements on the radio a few years ago from a company called DinoVite. The commercials were full of customer testimonials from dog owners with dogs that had horibble skin conditions, itching, smelled terrible, sores, and so on, and after DinoVite they were back to normal with excellent shiny coats. I wasn’t even a pet owner but those commercials really stuck with me. I had Morgellons at the time I heard those commercials. I actually went to the DinoVite website and checked out the ingredients, see the list below:


Dinovite ® Original Canine
Ground flax seed, dried kelp, yeast culture, ground grain sorghum, fructooligosaccharide, zinc methionine complex, diatomaceous earth, montmorillonite clay, yucca schidigera extract, dehydrated alfalfa meal, Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product dehydrated, Aspergillus niger fermentation product dehydrated, Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product dehydrated, Lactobacillus casei fermentation product dehydrated, Bifidobacterium thermophilum fermentation product dehydrated, Enterococcus faecium fermentation product dehydrated.


If only we as humans ate so well, diatomaceous earth, montmorillonite clay, flax seed, all kinds of wonderful probiotics. That sounds pretty good, and according to the testimonials it works. I’m not surprised because they are using the same approach that I have used on myself, fixing the bio-terrain. And these were folks who spent a fortune going from vet to vet to vet, sound familiar? These testimonials aren’t full of folks saying we did this or that anti-parasitical and that cured my dog. I’m sure they tried all those techniques, but an excellent diet with supplements that target the pets terrain is what accomplishes the task. That list is very alkalizing by the way, including the alfalfa.

Hopefully America will rethink it’s love affair with pets as the tragedy of Morgellons unfolds. No doubt opinions are going to change and America is going to realize we are not the chosen ones after all, and indeed, we are infected with parasites of all kinds just like the rest of the “normal” people. I wonder who has the stronger delusions, me, or your typical parasitoligist?

In the meantime, if you have pets, I think DoniVite could play a major role in your pets recovery and subsequently your own by eliminating constant exposure. I have no association with DinoVite at all. I do feel their approach is the right approach, and I believe the testimonials as well.


Coming Soon

I have been asked to post a “Poor Mans Protocol” for us humans based on my terrain post. I know many of you have very little money and have burned through what you had trying to find a cure for Morgellons. I do believe you can become symptom free as I have done, but it’s not immediate, however, it does work. Next week sometime I will be posting a detailed “Poor Mans Protocol” that you find very useful. I’ve been taking very little this past month and am still symptom free, you can get there too. I’m hoping some of you will try this scaled down simple, cheap, natural, healthy protocol and report your findings, so watch for that post next week.


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  1. Kathleen said:

    Mr. Common Sense, thank you for sharing the role that pets can play in Morgellons. In one blog: someone was adamant that the cause of Morgellons is: ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36. Here is an excerpt from her blog which everyone must read!
    By Maribeth, April 7, 2009 1:52 PM
    Maribeth claims. “[Morgellons] is an opportunistic pathogen to Humans, Animals, Plants and insects (becoming a ‘vector’ introduced infection). “
    No animal species is immune including humans.
    Yes, there are indeed many animals struggling too. Not only the lizards are “mysteriously” dying so are the birds as in bird flu, swine in swine flu, mad cows…. maybe even insects. This may explain why we can not track the specific vector. However, we love our pets. People who have pets have an obligation to make sure their pets are safe and healthy. In addition to worms, pets should be treated for flees and ticks and MITES. Checek with your vet. Enzymes are a good thing to bathe the pets in and ANU makes a “Standard Water” which I am told pets like. Remember it is all about the terrain. There are pet beds made of cedar chips which are another pest deterrent.

    • WOW, what a horrible and sad way to try and blame animals for your “disease”, or “parasite”, or whatever your blaming your Morgellons on!! I have a family member who claims to have this, and while it saddens me that they feel there is something wrong with them, I find this incredibly hard to believe. They would go to some of the ridiculous lengths that I see people in here do, and the rest of us would just laugh it off….. for instance: not touching your kids, washing clothes separately, not sitting on furniture, sleeping in different beds, and are you trying to say you didnt have sex with your wife (or anyone) for two years???? did you drive in the car with anyone? in someone elses car? ride in a plane? go to work? shake anyones hand? The list is literally endless …. Look, I read all over that no one knows what this is, where it came from, etc etc; but you all need to look at what your doing…..if it can be transmitted to or from animals then YOUR WHOLE FAMILY AND FRIENDS would be affected. A miracle soap isnt going to kill it, it could live in the washing machine, it can come off your clothes and go directly on to the carpets that you “cleaned” as best you could…… Come on people!!
      Im NOT saying that you all dont possibly have an issue going on, I just think that you should all re-evaluate and find a more realistic approach and common ground to the issue.
      Lastly I do have a question. What is the end result of Morgellons? Some people blame their animals deaths on it I guess, but never a humans? Theres obviously nothing that medical doctors see that is remotely serious or any long term affects ….All of the talk is about “fibers” and 20 million ways to maybe stop it or keep it under control….So what happens?
      I really didnt mean to offend anyone even though Im sure I did, but this guy and his obvious hate of animals set me off!! (Im sure Ill hear stories about how much this guy loves animals now but I call BS already)

      • Mr. Common Sense said:

        The CDC has shown that greater that 1 in 10 people are infected with their pet’s parasites, the number is undoubtedly higher as testing for parasites is notoriously hard, so ya, Pets are bad, you’re taking an animal that must be dewormed into your home, just like a pig, cow or horse. Children are infected at even higher rates, those that let their pets sleep in their beds at higher rates.

        Look, if you think your pet doesn’t have Hookworm and other very dangerous parasites your kidding yourself, and odds are, you have them too, scary isn’t it …

        • 1 out of 10 people are infected BC of their pets. Hmmmm…I’d like to hear about the other 9?

      • Thank you Lee for stating the obvious and trying to steer this back to some reality. Amen to your post.

      • you’re not qualified to make any assumptions or medical claims. This is the most ridiculous rubbish I have ever read. Get educated and stop blaming animals for peoples filthy living. BTW when a dog scoots on the floor it usually means there anal glands need expressing. I cant believe you could cause someone to be scared enough to take there animal to a shelter. Youre a disgrace!! why not do good and post facts.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          Well, I know the CDC reports that as much as 15% of dog/cat owners are infected with their parasites, and the rate goes up dramatically if you allow them on your bed. The truth is parasites are extraordinarily hard to detect in tests, that’s a fact, so if they found 15% infected, you can bet the rate is far, far higher and they are infected with parasites they didn’t even test for. Tell me expert, why do people have to deworm their pets? Therein lies your answer. I have kept my mouth far more closed on this subject than I’d like because it’s far worse than you can imagine, and pet owners are by and large irrational, many of them away. What pains me even more is those capable of having children choose pets over God’s greatest gift. My heart of course goes out to any who cannot have children. But if you think pet’s are different than livestock when it comes to parasites your deluded.

          • Well said, I agree, you have been on this blog coming on 5 years, am I right.Well your intelligent enough to not have discovered this blog.
            IF SOMETHING OUT THERE IS NOT HAPPENING and animals definitely do not make this equation better, that’s if there not the source, but that remains the question?
            Something is biting people and there’s not a damn thing that you can do, the medical and professional authorities do not want to deal with it, as its either in the too hard basket.
            Or they know about it, and for this day and age, it is a disgrace.

  2. I was so glad to find you’re still posting. I’m anxiously awaiting your “Poor Man’s Protocol”. I started adding to the supplements I already take, based on your previous terrain post, and have been doing better for the last few months, until I did some gardening. One concern is the amount of plastic I am ingesting with all the capsules I take. Along with your protocol I would love to hear how you are keeping your family safe from morgellons. I take extraordinary measures, some of which I feel may not be necessary. I would love to let some of them go and live a more normal life.

  3. Sandy, two of my boys initially had this, on thier faces, a strange dark fungal growth that would peel right off, those brilliantly colored red and blue fibers were all in the dark material. Our childrens doctor didn’t know what to make of it and gave us an antifungal ointment. Thank the Good Lord they passed it all, for some reason it didn’t take hold on them.

    For two years I never touched them, we have leather couches, nobody was allowed on my couch, I even slept on it to protect my wife. I live out of a single laundry basket to this day, wash my clothes everyday with Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap. We bought mite proof matress and pillow covers for the childrens beds, they’re vinyl. I shampood the carpets to get them as clean as I could. My wife is a great cook, and we eat even more healthy than we used too, lots of veggies and fruits, now we’re eating watermelon as it’s in season (very alkalizing). But now things are back to normal, I touch and hug my kids again, sleep in our bed again, I did alot of cleaning initially, not sure that helps, I think most of what is going on is internal, it just feels externally driven, but I could be wrong.

    I still use the Dr. Bonners on every load of laundry, still live out of a laundry basket (never mix my clothes with my wifes) and so on. But other than that, things are back to normal, the mite proof mattress and pillow covers I think had a lot to do with stopping it for my kids.

    • Thanks for sharing what you’ve done. I can imagine it must be heartbreaking to see your children suffer with this. Thank God they are free of it. I too have my own chair and keep my laundry separate.
      We just helped my son move into his own apartment close by. I feel great relief that I can worry less about him contracting this from me. As far as I know, no one I have had close contact with has gotten it.
      I hope your protocol has something to slow down or stop the hair loss. Along with everything we have to endure, going bald is an indignity I would like to avoid.

    • Hi, I’m trying to locate your “Poor Mans Protocal”. Where do I go to find it? My little yorkie and I need help fast.
      Thanks so much.

      • dividingcricker said:

        you can just google it poor mans approach to morgellons…comes right up…my dogs we used borax sprinkled in bedding wash and change bedding change dog food to a grain free (web DOGTOR J) we used a dusting of borax in whole house i also used diotomatious earth a 50/50 mix it kills almost any mites fleas bed bugs etc etc its a start….will take time…. dinovite is a good web also nzymes very good..been there i wish you and your dog well….

  4. Hi MCS. Been away for awhile but I have been following your posts. This one’s very interesting b/c it’s almost like an “I told you so” to pet owners. I mentioned in the past that I got my affliction from an infested used car that I bought off of these couples that turned out to be very active dog rescuers. Mine started all from dogs is what I believe. So when I’m reading up on the various forums out there and see that everyone has dogs and cats (except me!) I kind of cringe and I get to the point where I really despise these animals through no fault of their own. But I do understand that pets are like kids to many families so it’s a bit unfair to say “get rid of your pets!” to anyone suffering with this. But I still cannot help but to have this thought “humans first, animals second”.

    I’ve been struggling reading and accepting some of your recent posts, especially the matrix-themed ones. When I started following you back a few months ago, your posts were very focused on finding that “thing” (or things) that’s causing this so there can be an effective solution. Now it sounds like the gear’s been shifted to changing the state of the mind and body and not much focus on the attacking the causitive agent. I’ll withhold some of my other comments to keep from babbling (maybe we can discuss privately) but my honest reaction to those posts left be disappointed and deflated. Part of it has to do with the fact that this isn’t what I wanted to hear as I (and anyone else with this) would’ve desperately wanted THE answer, the cause. Nonetheless, it’s working for you and that’s what’s important.

    One question that I do have is, since ppl with this affliction deal with this as a multi-faceted problem – meaning body, home, car, etc., is focusing on just healing the body going to work? Many ppl have witnessed the endless cycle of body infesting home, home infesting body, etc. With your focus on the terrain of the body, have you done anything to your home? It’s hard to imagine that your home was totally free of this while your body still suffered and now that you’re symptom free, all the sudden your home is ok or perhaps always have been? Hmmmm…..

    Anyway, I’ll continue to stop by here from time to time.


  5. I understand what you’re saying completely Kixx, I think you’re going to get alot out of my “Poor Mans Protocol” post coming in a few days. There’s a real reason I stopped looking, becasue they’re never going to find anything (IMHO) and I’ve discovered it really doesn’t matter what it is. The search makes for compelling reading for sure, but it doesn’t lead to a cure. I think after you read my next post you will realize how utterly hopeless it is to think they are going to find some fungus, some “thing” behind all this, it’s too complex, folks are infected with everything under the sun, but they are just manifestations. Don’t read between the lines though, it was the realization of this that changed my thinking, changrf my protocol, and set me free, which was in fact, my goal. I think there are going to be some people somewhat shocked by what I have to say, the end result is real hope Kixx with things you can do right now. Ask yourself this, do you honestly think they are going to find something and give us pills or shot and we’re going to be cured? Honestly? I don’t, I think I can lay out a compelling case for everyone to stop waiting, to forget about searching, and get on with healing, and it can be done. If you look at some of my ealier posts I actually talk about how sick I was at the time and that wasn’t too long ago, what changed? What I was doing changed, how I was approaching healing myself changed, and part of that was realizing no calvary is coming over the hill and there had to be a way to bring my body back to normal (because it was a rotting log). That might sound depressing to some, but it will set you free. However, in this upcoming post there is going to be some theory on what lies behind all this, it’s going to be quite a long post as I have a lot to say, it’s been a while since I put out a “meaty” post.

    As far as you comment on the pets, I’m afraid it’s my opinion that ya, they are major carriers, and that makes me very unpopular with pet owners, you don’t have to own pets, you can move into a house or buy a car from pet owners, same thing. I’m not saying they are the cause, but I will have more to say on that topic in my upcoming post.

    Have I done anything to my home? Honestly, very little. Here’s why. My wife sat at the very computer where I would immediatly crawl like crazy if I sat there, or my kids room’s carpet would send me through the roof and yet they would roll around and wrestle on it and be totally unaffected. This story can be retold by 100’s of sufferers, a husband sleeps next to his wife is crawling and being bitten all night long yet he feels nothing, same bed, feels nothing. Sometimes, you have to step back and look at the circumstances and believe them even though it goes against everything you think is true, there is no spoon Kixx.

    Oh, there is an anthropod in this mix, don’t get me wrong, but the very fact that they wont effect those around us tells you something, the problem is internal. I know many people that are walking away from this, they are not doing so by ripping out their carpet and all that stuff. It will help yes, because there is an anthropod I believe, but you’ll become reinfested at the drop of the hat, that is, until you fix your terrain. Now, I better stop now before I give the whole store away.

    Kixx, trust me, even I don’t like some of my conclusions, imagine that, but I have to believe them because they are the only logical conclusion in the end, and fixing your base terrain is the best thing you can do for your overall health. It could be if enough people start trying what I and others are talking about and becoming symptom free that we find a generic way for most to get out of this mess.

    Consider Lyme, they just had thier big hearing after 30 years of debating, and they already know basically what thier bug is! How much more behind are we? Do we wait for the calvary and hunt for a root cause (with no lab to do testing abilities) or do we instead do the only lab work we can do, and that is, heal ourselves safely.

    • Just couldn’t agree with this more!!!It is empowering to read this for me!!!!Thanks Again! Feel like I have a program that won’t make me sicker as in toxic medications internal or topical.Also I believe in getting out of victim mentality…There is just so much more emotional and physical strength gained for me if i get pro-active rather then waiting for someone else to “fix”me…That is not to say I am not going to check my labs and blood tests from time to time. I will keep an open mind and that’swhat is so great about the Forums….Gratefull that so many people are standing up and spreading this help to the many that are in the dark. Rose

  6. But where do dogs get this from? Are the dogs, canaries in the coal mine?

    I still suspect a nematode, such as Spirurida, notice in this Wiki article it’s the target for the link “creeping disease”:

    A more in depth Wiki article about the nematode Filariasis is here:

    “In all cases, the transmitting vectors are either blood sucking insects (fly or mosquito) or Copepod crustaceans in the case of Dracunculus medinensis.”

    Here is a Wiki article about Copepods, they don’t look all that different from, “The Entognatha … a class of ametabolous arthropods, which, together with insects, makes up the hexapods.” The Entognatha contain the springtails.

    I think morgellons is in this nematode group and spread by many different vectors along with the other nematodes. Take a look at this picture halfway down this webpage, where an eye maggot of sprat looks very similar to the threads morgellons sufferers have:

    Cleaning up your, “swimming pool” would probably be helpful, but not the complete solution. I too am much better, but I still get the stings, with no bites.

    For me, eating raw onions seems to help, in addition to avoiding milk and certain sodas as they seem to set things off a bit.
    Keep tracking.

  7. You said : “in addition to avoiding milk and certain sodas as they seem to set things off a bit …”

    or rather lactic acid and soda’s make my PH tank and Morgellons goes nutz?

    Clark, see my latest post, the poor mans protocol, start doing that CALM Mag and watch how much you improve, it’s so cheap too.

    • It’s your ph. I nearly went crazy before I figured it out. You don’t have to give up all the stuff you like, but you do need a little more moderation. Your skin ph and internal ph can be different. For a quick boost while changing your eating habit’s rub your whole body with vinegar and then baking soda when showering. Vinegar first or you stink all day. A glass of water with a teaspoon or a little more of baking soda 2 times a day. Try it for a week or 2. It worked miracles for me and the shower’s make you feel great and kill anything on your skin the water work’s from the inside to kill the fungus that the parasites are attracted to. This may not work for you but I have no more bug’s or part’s coming out of me, no more biting feeling, no more itching, just some scar’s from the sore’s. I really think the sores were fungus erupting through the skin and not caused by the bug’s but they were attracted to them. I also am not nearly so full of static, I think my low ph messed with my bodies electric. the bug’s are not the problem they are the result, at least for me. I blame agrobacterium in gm food for making the fungus grow in me. If the smell isn’t there the bug’s leave.


    • I cannot find your post where do I go to find it?? Help.

    • I have heard so many things about this but all I know is that so many of the symptoms match my everyday life for the last month… I remember some discomforted ( I spell crappy sry) I have specs of black splinter like and painful emigrants come from my skin and they are things that are described in perfect detail by most morgellon sites to the key of what I HAVE and cannot find an answer to?…. I have read so much and my CONCLUSION IS that it really is a PH balance thing or what the hell is the videos about that show strands of the same stuff moving?? I know that there are so many internet video fakes that u can’t believe what you see BUT what I see is proof and exactly what all the evidence suggests. !!!!!!!! Bottom line is what do I DO?? there is red and blue hairs or fibers coming out of my skin in certain areas and little specs of black that,,,,,, for the most important part are going into anything in contact like my girls thighs or any part of her body in prolonged contact or even if I have one emerge and don’t remove it quick it borrows back into my skin… I saw an internet video that showed black stuff in a tub and it looked like what I would see if I was that infested and had a bath that would pull them out. So much more filtering and research is needed on my end. I am looking for a real answer to this problem and I read that it can be something that makes people suicidal and live in depression and always confused with brain fog even though I am a quick minded person I am lost in thought process over simple things that would not usually stump me or take much thought… my excuse is that I have much more stress than before but I know what I can deal with and this extra is overwhelwwming… I see a lot of talk about the word of the lord and I have not attempted to relate what this is to any scripture but I know that god is thee alpha and the Omega and what we do not know is not worth our discomfort because tomorrow has enough worries to come

      • Kevin, Look around on this blog. Mr CS has done an excellent job of providing info. The very best approach is first to “do no harm”.

  8. hereshoping said:

    Mr. Common Sense,

    Hi. Just to give you an update.

    I’m doing very well. Darn near symptom free. Working very hard at it per all your recommendations and TS skin/water.

    Can’t thank you enough for doing all the research and sharing. I know your an angel.

    Will hook up to your twitter today. Looking forward to this incredible journey.

    God bless.

  9. I am heavily leaning towards giving a shot at your method. I just can’t seem to want to hook up with yet another Dr. and try and get that special water even though I think it might work, it‘s my very last resort (excuse me Trish). I was hoping it’d go away, or eating right would work. It’s not like I didn’t eat right to begin with though. Lotsa perfect dirt food in my area. I have had some good luck at avoiding certain foods and eating stuff from the farmers market, with results that were good enough to allow me to be photographed, and that IS saying something. [Darn near symptom free, for awhile, only for awhile, not good enough… UGH.] Crimeny, I feel like I’m on the same track you are, doing ok one day/months, backsliding the next.
    As far as the milk and sodas go, I ate before I drank them and they still caused me problems, the good hair pulling Dr. woman non-withstanding. And, my PH was ok last time I checked, I think.

    I still think there is also a huge input from the you know whats you prefer I not mention here. They correlate almost as much as the milk and soda do. What would barium salts do to your PH level?

    The point of my original entry is, it may not be the dogs/pets that are the problem, they may be having the same problem as the owners, and from the same source (mosquitoes, phorids and flies). [In my mind, I will forever link you to the word, “phorid” tyvm LOL] Do dogs and other pets have to watch their acidic intake too? Those butt dragging dogs eventually are free from those symptoms, without the special effects er I mean the special diets and supplements [I know for a fact this is so.] why/how is that? I imagine it’s from eating grass and such. If it’s natural, does it not happen if the dog is on a full time soda diet, so to speak? Oh man, I’ll bet dog owners are turned off by your hogs in the house comment, but it’s true.

  10. Dear Clark,
    I take no offense whatsoever, just so long as you get well. When you do get well maybe you can then help us counsel others on their terrain.
    Much Love,

  11. Doggone! Ok you guys, it’s a Combo! It is everywhere!!! It’s all Morgellons. I believe the “newer form of typhus” that is mentioned in this blog is Morgellons!! I think the following blogger may be right on, that it is an opportunistic pathogen when given the right set of circumstances can get us all. That is why we need to get our Terrains in fighting shape. This is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

    By Maribeth
    April 7, 2009 1:52 PM | Link to this
    Morgellons is an infection! It is an opportunistic pathogen to Humans, Animals, Plants and insects (becoming a ‘vector’ introduced infection). It is ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36. This fungus was mass produced by GMO as a bio controll (nonaflatoxin)organism because it out competes and replaces ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS (which contains Aflatoxin) Aflatoxin contamination is controlled by CDC and results in needed Crop
    destruction and revenue loss. Aspergillus Flavus 36 was dropped by air in a “colonized degermed wheat seed” application over most of our farm land to eradicate the normal, but costly, Aflatoxic Aspergillus Flavus, soil organism. The soil replacement organism, A.Flavus 36, was used extensivly with GMO BT Toxin crops. (BT COTTON} These crops are genetically altered by adding the DNA of the toxin in Agrobacterias. This BT TOXIN DNA then became assymulated from the BT Plants into the aggressive A. FLAVUS 36 Fungus. This has resulted in a progressive loss of normal soil into a disbiotic pathogenic soil by this Rouge Genetically altered and mutagenic bio control “BT Aspergillus Flavus 36” fungal organism. Now causing colonization infection in Humans, called MORGELLONS

    June 22, 2009
    Humans can get MRSA superbug from pets
    No doubt you have heard of the persistent superbug, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, that has plagued football teams in Texas, school kids and healthy adults. This bacterial infection that resists some common antibiotics used to be confined to nursing home and hospital patient. But community-acquired MRSA has become a big problem in recent years, and it sometimes kills.
    Did you know it can spread between your pets and you? I didn’t until I read about it today.
    A review article in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal describes how dog and cat bites can transmit MRSA and even worse, a potentially deadly blood infection called sepsis. It also tells how touching the skin of infected pets also can transmit MRSA.
    It turns out, however, that people are more likely to infect their pets first with MRSA.
    “MRSA-associated infections in pets are typically acquired from their owners and can potentially cycle between pets and their human acquaintances,” the article says.
    This type of infection is on the rise and includes horses, the article says, and bites to the hands, forearms, neck and head can cause the most trouble.

    Last year, the health department reported 33 cases of typhus, prompting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate to see if a new type of typhus had invaded the area. Ultimately, the CDC issued a report that confirmed that the cases weremurine typhus, the kind typically found in South Texas. Sporadic cases of murine typhus had been reported in Central Texas in previous decades, but no one could recall an outbreak locally like the one in 2008.

    Murine typhus is carried by infected fleas that generally come from rodents but can be carried by opossums, cats and other animals. The illness is characterized by fever, headache, nausea and rash. It’s easily treated with antibiotics and lasts about two weeks. But typhus can cause patients to be hospitalized, and untreated patients can die in rare cases.

    The CDC’s investigation last year also said a newer form of typhus-related illness not seen in Central Texas before, Rickettsia felis, could also be circulating. Humans get it from exposure to flea-infested domestic cats and dogs, primarily. Like murine typhus, it also causes a fever, headache, malaise and possibly, a rash.

  12. The Bubonic Plague started when the Europeans began killing Minks that were Rabid, they would put sticks out and if a Mink Was Rabid it would go at the stick.
    Then they put the pelts on a ship and the Rats ate at the pelts and they became infested with the Plague, then the Fleas on the Rats became infested with the Plague.
    Then the Rats bit the people and the Fleas bit the people and thus the “Bubonic Plague” hmmmm.
    This is how thieves oil came about, it is a mixture of essential oils of Cinnamon, Eucaptylus Oil, Cloves, Lemon ect. You can make your own mixture of this easily and Dr Kolb also carries an something that I formulated called Gods Tears. Where we also added Oregano Oil, Thyme, Myrrhh, Peppermint. 3 drops twice a day in a warm glass of tea.
    Everyone is looking for a Drug to Cure this, it is a lifestyle change. It is a new way of looking at the Terrain of the Body.
    Harvard has proven, ‘Disease, especially Cancers can not live in a perfectly Alkaline Environment.” PH is Crucial.
    Look at the Acids we use in Cleaning our Clothes, Dumping Chlorine in our water, Acids in our Pesticides.
    The Globe is Acidic, our thoughts can make us more acidic, our fears can change the PH balance of the body, taking in substances with a -ORP (a negative Oxidative Reduction Potential) can degrade the terrain.
    The Very Best Vitamin C you can take is in the form of Paprika, isn’t that interesting???
    An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure. The whole world should reclaim their terrain.
    Use lots of Good Spices in your foods, Oregano, Paprika, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Dill Weed, this will also help to reclaim your terrain.
    NO GMO’s Soy, Corn, Cottonseed Oils or Canola Oils for now. They are not safe. Read you labels if it says High Fructose Corn Syrup, Asperatame, it shouldn’t be taken.
    Coconut Milk, Lots of Fresh Vegtable Juices, stop the sugars.
    Safe Sugars are Agave Nectar, Muscovado Sugars, Raw Maple Syrups not the fake kind that we slather over pancakes. These should be used only in Moderation.
    Fast Ocassionally, The Lemonade Fast once a month for a few days is Great for cleaning out the Gut.

  13. This has been what I have thought all along. We brought back a dog from Central America, NO quarantine required.
    After using natural flea products and walking in woods – our dog became flea infested and this spread to our 3 house cats before we knew what was going on.
    The fleas – in my opinion – transmitted some parasite from the dog to me. I have had morgellons since. The dog slept in my bed. Two cats had lesions – one lesion was tested and it came back as pennicillum – a household contaminant per the vet. The bedroom that one cat hung out in had things floating and pulsing in the air, white things all over the room. Another cat had barely visable things flying in and out of her nose and around her head. Although cats still scratch, all are on revolution, and are in much better shape.
    Today I am still trying to combat strange constant dandruff on my dog and some hair loss. I did not notice the dandruff until after my suffering although she did always have the hair loss. I am sure she is producing some parasite still but the vets can’t recognize anything. I have the same white things on me constantly that the vet says on her is just dandruff. So to cure me I am constantly trying to cure her.

  14. Kathleen,

    That post of yours, By Maribeth, was very interesting, where did it come from? Inquiring minds want to know, perhaps there’s more to be learned from that source.

  15. sistertocommonsense said:

    This is very interesting Beauchamp was studying diseases caused by the silkworm !!!!!

  16. Antoine Béchamp lived to be 91 years old
    Louis Pasteur lived to be 72 years old

    So Bechamp lived almost two decades longer …

    Anectdotal I know, but still …

  17. sistertocommonsense said:

    So this means you are going to live to be VERY old and watch your kids grow up, get married after graduating from college, have grandbabies and live to be a very old man.
    Sister to Common Sense

  18. I know I caught this from my dog. He was brought over to our neighbor’s house against my explicit instructions. I knew the neighbor had been fighting “mites” for six months, spent $30,000, and still couldn’t sleep through the night. But a crazy family member walked him over there, and then his fur started falling out in clumps about three days later.

    I don’t blame my dog. He’s an innocent victim. I think about putting him down, sometimes, because he’s suffering, but he’s still happy most of the time. I’d have to put him down myself, too, probably by injecting him with an overdose of some kind, because the vets don’t see anything (Ever since I mentioned Morgellons, they decided I was a whacko, and don’t really LOOK for anything.) Having someone else put him down would be depressing enough…. Someday, if I can’t get him better, I may have to do that for him.

    His terrain was pretty damn good until I let a vet talk me into giving him a multiple vaccine. He was sick for three days afterward, and forever after that, he’d get sick when he was around new synthetic carpeting and stuff like that. But he was never your typical toxic American pet. Vets load up our pets on all kinds of heartworm meds and flea meds year-round; the commercial foods are junk; no wonder their immune systems can’t fight off some parasites. Mainstream veternary medicine is a very destructive racket.

    Even if I could have fewer symptoms without him, I am trying to get us both better together. I’ve lost almost all my local friends over my “delusions,” and about half the ones out-of-state, but my dog is good company. He makes me laugh, he makes me go out for walks, and he makes me play. When people drive me nuts by trying to convince me this is all in our heads, I can pet him a while and feel better. People need to touch and be touched, and he’s the only one I can be near without worrying. If I had some supportive humans around me, or children, I might feel differently. For now, though, I’m keeping him around.

  19. Annie, I feel for you and your dog! I think you are right on about mainstream vet. medicine and it’s very interesting what you say about the connection between vax damage and your dog’s sensitivity to things like new carpet, which are terrible for our health. I think perhaps one part of Morgellons is that a sufferer, upon discovering he has mites, bombards his already immune compromised body and environment with toxic substances, which makes him more ill and then terribly sensitive to everything–normal mites, petrochemicals and everyday things. One thing I’ve noticed often is that I’ll have a pin-prick, and when I look closely, there is not some mysterious substance, but a piece of junk from the environment or one of my own hairs. It’s like my skin and my nervous system are really hyper-sensitive. How much worse is this sensitivity when the “normal” debris from the environment is synthetic stuff like new carpet. That’s to say nothing of what off-gassing from new carpet does to your insides.
    I like your sentence, “People need to touch and be touched.” This is the tragedy of Morgellons, is it not? In our time of greatest need we are either abandoned, or voluntarily isolate ourselves. Best of luck to you and your dog. He’s lucky to have you. I hope you can come here for some support. Have you read about Dinovite? I think it’s Herehoping who feeds the supplements to her seven (!) dogs.

  20. Oh Duh, I didn’t realize this was the Dinovite post. Of course Annie has read about Dinovite!

  21. brandicarlene said:

    Alright… I am SO upset by what I’ve read here about the pets!!! Now, I do think that it’s something that every pet owner should consider (not giving away their pets, but rather making sure their pets are disease & parasite free). HOWEVER, I personally do not believe for ONE second that our dogs re-infect us UNLESS you ARE keeping your animals outside 24/7 and/or not having them properly de-wormed from day one.

    Here’s the deal… well, MY experience with animals. I got my dogs and developed my animal obsession AFTER being sick with Morgellons. To this day, my dogs are not ill in any way, shape or form. Well, besides the fact that one of the puppies we adopted was born blind. She is SO STINKING cute!!!!!!!

    However, I do not let my dogs OUTSIDE a whole lot. They are small, and get enough exercise running through our house or outside in the screened in lanai. We also have one small area where they “do their thing” (literally, no bigger than the size of an exercise mat) because we don’t want to have to worry about walking out into our yard without shoes to step in… well, you get that nasty picture!!! We also clean up after them IMMEDIATELY… and even SPRAY… yep, spray the area with straight peroxide immediately after cleaning the mess up. It may sound weird, but I don’t care. Like I said, my dogs are healthy.

    We’ve now had them for almost 5 years. We have 3 dogs and 2 African Grey parrots. Not only do I not believe that they re-infect us… BUT, I personally believe that the joy and stress relief they offer helps keep us WELL!!! Again, there’s always a million and one perspectives on everything…

    I read the one post that asked, “where are THE DOGS/cats getting the parasites from?”. I think that’s a valid question. Meaning, really WE are just as susestible to being exposed to any parasite out there residing in the earth looking for a host-if not more so. Mostly, because at least vets recognize the need to de-worm animals. With us, it’s like many of you said… you see a parasatologist and the first and often ONLY question they ask you is, “have you RECENTLY been out of the country?”!!!

    Animals are de-wormed periodically whether or not they test positive for them (parasites) or not… so, the fact that their test don’t always show what’s really going on in the way of parasite infections doesn’t matter; it’s part of their standard care. Not so with us, HUMANS! LOL!

    So! WHERE in the world are they getting these parasites???? Why would they be more proned to catching whatever is out there waiting for some sort of host when we’re the ones who don’t get de-wormed on a regular basis. Well, BESIDES the fact that they are WAY more likely to purposefully eat feces. EEEEEWWW!!!! I don’t know!!!! I’m just saying… my animals have brought me so much joy and happiness! More importantly, they have made my children happy… and sometimes, my hubby comes to bed so stinking dirty that I’d kick him out of bed before my little, “Pepe”! LOL! JUST KIDDING… I think! LOL!

    I just don’t know how I feel about this. I think that if you take good care of your animal, the pros completely out do the cons, only because I believe that you can take steps to ensure that your animal is worm free! My animals are VERY healthy, and they make me SO HAPPY!!! Not happy as in, “haha… that’s so funny he just dragged his butt across the carpet”!! EEEEWWWW… who laughs at that! If I saw them doing that I’d bust out the spray bottle of peroxide and disinfect everything within a 2o ft radius! FOR REAL!!! Heck, I might even consider spraying their little carpet butt dragging booty with somthing that would harmlessly disinfect it! LOL!!!

    My opinion… keep the dogs-lose the husbands! JUST KIDDING! No… just keep your pets inside more, away from other animals that might not be de-wormed, and take the cleaning up after them very seriously. Meaning, wear gloves… spray the area… etc.

    I suppose this is easy for me to say because my dogs don’t have Morgellons… but, I’m hoping that SOMEONE else out there has a story about their animals that’s similar to mine!!???? Don’t get me wrong, if I ever find out that it’s actual factual that my dogs are re-infecting my children… they’d immediately lose and be shipped off to a new home… but, I just don’t think it HAS to be that way. Please someone… advice… input????

    • Hello,
      I’m glad someone came to dogs’ defense. If it weren’t for my 13 yr old Shih Tzu I would have no one. She helps me with the extrememe loneliness. She doesn’t tell me I’m delusional. She is my company and my lifeline. I;ve had her since she’s was 6wks old. I don;t know if she has Morgellons or not. Most likely she does. I haven’t eaten any meat or fish since I was 14. I have always been an animal lover and also felt that they have sould just like us (as the Buddists feel) and have as much right to be here on this earth as we do AND are here for a reason. I don’t think we all know how complicated animals really are and I think 1 day people may realize that aniamls have emotions just like us. There are animal people and people who don;t like them. It’s always been that way. I could not bear parting with my dog. She loves me as much as I love her. It hurts when people are so flip and say “Oh get rid of her ‘She is my family! if that makes me sound crazy so be it!

  22. BrandiCarlene. Nice to meet you. You are one refreshing kick in the pants, Girl!
    My dog and I share this affliction, my family so far does not. The family itch when near me without realizing it, as does the dog. I just took her to a new Vet and she is being treated with Ivermectin… finally! I am seeing my Derm on Monday, annual skin cancer screen. I think I’ll ask him to prescribe for me ( he offered at my onset…stupid..stupid.. stupid me..afraid) so we can take it simultaneously I do not have lesions just “exit” bumps.
    My son too has headaches… “tension headaches” according to the Neurologist at my onset, now he’s decided “tension migraines”. I just as soon shoot the dog as have her hurt my baby but we are trying to cope simultaneously. Will let you know how the Ivermectin trials go.
    God Bless.

    • brandicarlene said:

      Lamb… I hear you! I find you too, to be equally refreshing, & SO freaking funny! I am so sorry to hear that you have this. I realize it must also be SO frustrating to (supposedly) be the only one in your family (human, at least) who has it; or at least, knows you have ‘it’.

      I realize I should be careful when making statements like that… but, sometimes… well, don’t you just feel like SO MANY people live in constant denial? I realize that my saying this might attract a bunch of the, “oh yeah… the WHOLE world has it-sarcastic types”. Still, I do wonder that sometimes. I mean, if what we are dealing with is some sort of parasite, or poisoning via GMO/chemicals, etc. Well, it would only then make sense that SOME of us would have harsher symptoms than the next.

      I totally get what you say when you said that you notice that your family itch when you’re around. Of course, god forbid you were to SAY something about it. At least, that’s been my experience… not with my family (anymore, my husband was initially in denial until his symptoms became UN-deniable too). If you don’t mind me asking you, how old is your son?

      I hope I don’t offend or annoy any men when I say this, but it KIND of seems like MOST men have less physical symptoms than women? Would anyone agree with that statement at all? I guess I just feel that way because all though my hubby and son have this, their symptoms are MUCH milder… and I have heard something similar from others…

      Lamb, I haven’t yet gone back to the page I originally posted on to read some of the answers to the questions I asked you and a couple others… if you even answered me… I’ve been reading through page after page of old posts whenver I get a few minutes here and there… but, I am going to go back and check that page out… I am wondering how long you have had this… well, I have a million and one questions… but, I’m trying to pace myself! LOL!

      What are you going to do about your dog if you don’t feel that the meds work? I’m just thinking that the stress alone from just worrying about it would be enough to freak me out more than I already do from time to time. The way I see it… well, like you said… if it comes down to you being less stressed and/or protecting your baby… and your dog is adding stress NOT happiness… what do you do? Each and every situation is different. That’s for sure. I too, would feel the exact same way you do about it. You need to minimize your stress in every way possible right now. For yourself and your child. If that happened with my animals, I too wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of them!

  23. I agree re: the “male” issue and in my case I thank God daily. Only the dog and me have the alpha female gene, mine is permanently lost. My girlie seems to be hanging in, she has a ton of health issues. My so is fifteen and we both became ill at the same time, I went nuts, he got headaches, July ’08. The dog has always had issues, she’s “overbred” but hers intensified at the same time. I totally distanced myself from the humans but I confine my dog to the kitchen and here we hang together. I have already ruined every one’s life so I hang with her because we are both in the same boat and it’s too late for a quick cure.
    I think that the female intensity has to do with pheremones, whether they are GMO insects or normal insects that have been DNA/RNA “un-sequenced” due to the Idiots behind pest control/ seed manipulation or general do gooder “Green” remediation… I don’t know. I agree with Susan, once we stop believing in a higher being and an impossibly beautiful source of creation. We destroy what we have by trying to deny God and proving ourselves smarter. Science has been proven to be a politically driven academe as proved this week by “Climategate”.
    I believe, like MCS that m is an old disease but I think all of this genetic engineering has resurrected it to the virtual Armageddon stage, small life forms are developing at an alarmingly frightenening rate.
    Just a few of us “lucky campers” got in the wrong line. The good new is we got in the wrong line with a lot of very smart cookies. It will be the patients who bring this to light not the political hacks at the CDC, nor our “inside the box” physicians.
    The most ill informed of all are our infamous Shrinks who became Shrinks because they have always been convinced that they are the smartest people in the room. Unfortunately the inside the box physicians agree with the vapid Shrinks when they realize their own vulnerability. Presented with a profoundly disturbing and scary conflagration of symptoms, the average Dr. runs like a house afire to throw the ball in somebody else’s court and kisses the problem good bye. I believe that is fundamental human nature.
    For us that suffer, this doubly sucks. We can NEVER run away, there is no where to go.
    That’s why the sleep issue is so huge, it’s our only real refuge, even though we dream m.


    As for the dog, I pray that this will give her some peace, but I do have alternate plans.

    God Bless.

    • brandicarlene said:

      Hey, Lamb! Wow… loved all you had to say. Well put. Although, I have some concerns about you saying that you have, “already ruined everyone’s life”. Assuming you mean those closest to you? I have SO much to say to you so bare with me. I am going to write you something in a minute that I really hope helps you… I remember feeling that EXACT same way. In hindsight, well… let’s just say that YOU haven’t ruined anyone’s life. This is not YOUR fault, & NO ONE acts like themselves when they go through what I call, “the reckoning stage”. It’s hell. Although, you WILL get you back. It’s not an easy task, but not only is it possible, it’s positively life changing (for the better-as annoying as that may sound right now) once you get past this point.

      You are at the most crucial (my opinion) point in dealing with this affliction… give me a few minutes and I’ll explain-at least, TRY to!!!

      Before doing so, I just heard the best quote on CSI-or was it Criminal Minds-hehehe-dont’ know, but the quote was great! Many of you may have already heard it before. I think it pertains to ‘this’ in the biggest of ways! Here it is

      “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” Stuart Chase !

      I’m going to post that quote somewhere else on here too incase people don’t really check out the pet section… good-eh?

  24. Go girl!
    I no longer feel guilty, too much responsibility! Slowly coming back, but I did ruin my son;s life and I cannot take that back no matter how I try.
    I don’t mean to stick on the “pet thread” but I just comment on what I comment on.
    My boy is doing okay, Mom gets better every day. As Mother’s we have to remember that our actions have consequences. My actions had tremendous consequences, I cannot change that. I can try and make it better and that’s what I do.

  25. Hi everyone, Mr CS,

    Please know that several people I have communicated with have shared that their pets have benefitted and gotten well with the product Revolution, however all must be taken into consideration as in any ( “first do no harm” ) approach. Dinovite sounds great as well, surely if you are educated about pets the first thing you know is that there is a plethora of information to be gleaned regarding parasitlology.
    I have not lived with my pets due to my own personal situation(someone else is allergic) for more than 3 years prior to coming down with any knowledge of the condition let alone any symptoms of morgellons. I had someone in my family who used to work in a veterinary practice, however they have not been in that for many many years now, nor ever became ill from it. I too, used to rescue animals, however that was years prior to experiencing any of this.
    ALL SYMPTOMS , SIGNS, ECT..ONLY CAME WAY AFTER THAT PERIOD OF TIME . The onset was sudden, I felt a distinct change come on.
    I have not lived near , with or around any pets for years.
    I pray that those who have pets will do their best to protect them.
    They didnt cause it, and they cannot cure it!

  26. Hey!
    Great posts about pets. They are innocent and depend on us for treatment.I cannot give Dino- vite to my dogs because they have an allergy to some ingredient. But there are alternatives-Try a dollop of fat free cottage cheese with organic flaxseed oil for your furry friend! I givie my pups a probiotic with digestive enzyme and food grade dm- a healthy diet- with no by-products.a good multi-vitamin by Thorne- geriatric basic nutrients for canines -good for a dog of any age with morgellons.(also you can look at ingredients-and see the list includes some of the supplements on the poor mans protocol) Revolution is something to be used with extreme caution-as you mentioned. It is not good for senior dogs with morgellons. A younger pet that has not had morgs too long might do fine-not sure though.-better than getting rid of your dog though!
    My ten year old maltese has had morgellons for seven years now, she has liver cancer-as a result of morgs- i believe. Imagine trying to find a vet to treat cancer being caused by morgellons-Ha ha talk about being on your own. Interestingly all the research i have done shows that many of the vitamins on the poor mans protocol are safe for dogs with cancer ,AND treats morgellons. I decided to try and get a little doggie protocol going for her. I have her on Anu, Essiac tea , milk thistle seed, 3 v cap ,nac , a little green tea,and just trying cats claw, a bunch of other stuff too. i give her 10 %-a very small amount of a capsule supplement once a day. There has been alot of talk about cats claw slowing down morgellons-so we take alot of the same supplements safely.I ve got to say that this website has helped me so much. I couldn’t get much help even from a holistic vet -though i spent probably well over a thousand dollars i didn’t have. Most I’ve learned from here and researching all natural pet remedies- and have brought the dog into remission for now.!! We take one day at a time. Sometimes it feels overwhelming having 2 dogs and 2 kids with morgellons-plus myself. No wonder I’m just about ready for the loony bin! “Just for today”
    keep going and be strong,

  27. Denise Habib-Casesa said:

    Please help my 3 dogs and I from this terrible nightmare of Mogellions….. I just figured out how we got it. I just moved from Connecticut and the house I’m renting in Los Angeles has terrible soil and there are 2 wooden crates that my landlord had gotten this soil off a farm mixed with garbage and cow manure. I cleaned it all out not using gloves. So maybe that’s how my 3 dogs and I got it. It is so sad. I still cannot believe this has really happened to us. How would a human be cured and how woyld my dogs be cured. And can it go away forever? Thank you denise

  28. LIVINGINHOPE said:

    Hello Denise H-C and all other Morgellons Sufferers,

    I have had this condition for a little over a month and to some extent so have my dogs. I believe that we all contracted this from either an air borne and/or soil borne vector. Whether it is mites, spring tails, nematodes, genetic engineering or space aliens really doesn’t matter to me, I just want them gone. Getting rid of your pets and all your possessions and moving constantly is not the answer. Getting you, your family (whether or not they are displaying symptoms) and your pet’s bio-terrain and/or immune system in top shape is the answer. Get rid of every possession, move, get rid of your pets and isolate from the world and the problem is still on and INSIDE OF YOU.

    How I believe I was susceptible to these parasites is because I already had a yeast and fungal infection, that went unchecked, topped off with a poor, unhealthy diet and other health issues. Yeast and fungus seem to turn us into suitable host for these and other parasites. My oldest dog (16 yo) and I seem to be suffering the most.

    I found a site that Mr. CS has posted to called – how I cured morgellons . com. On that site there is a Morgellon’s nutritional protocol which includes supplements, MMS, Oregano oil and Molecular silver. There are many people who have not only stopped their symptoms but have been cured for many years including the site owner Mel. Many more are getting symptoms under control for their families and pets.

    While I have not started the full protocol yet, by just adding the MMS, O.O., Grapefruit Seed Extract and Mole. Silver I have seen great improvements in myself and my pets (no Oregano Oil for them). I spray/wipe them down (all dogs have a low hair cut) with MMS and clean (mites and/or specs) out of their ears with it. During the day, I add a couple of drops of Grapefruit seed extract to their water bowl and more than 2 hours after their last meal I add 1-3 drops of activated MMS to a fresh bowl of water. In addition, I have doubled up on all our probiotics to help re-establish healthy flora our systems.

    It has taken about a week to see results but the scratching, itching and head shaking has calmed down a lot. I ordered the Dinovite and will start them on that and see how they do on that.

    Believe me I know how hard it is to watch your children and pets suffer with the scourge but relief and a cure is possible. I totally changed my diet to mostly fresh vegetables, with some baked or steamed included. Cut out dairy, sugar, juices, soda, just drink water (distilled is best), some fish and turkey (not every day).

    Also every other day, I take a shower and thoroughly massage myself with betonite clay with some borax in it from head to toe. The 1st time I did this, tons of specs came out – now very little does. I also massage my dogs with this mixture (which is of course easier with their hair clipped very short).

    I thank Mr. C.S. for his efforts and all the other people who have suffered with this affliction that have found ways to alleviate and cure this. There is a solution, don’t give up.

  29. maybe we should discuss the people who use washrooms and walk out without washing their hands….more germs are spread from people’s hands than any pet going

  30. I have three dogs, 2 chickens, 2 birds, 10 fish, 3 kids and I live with a incurable form of blood cancer. Two weeks ago I became aware I had Morgellons after starting a pumpkin seed, apple vinegar cleanse stuff starting pushing out of my skin. Black and gold hairs, black specks and my skin started to crawl and sting. I attracted odd globs with hairs stiking out of them. So, I learned everything I could about what was happening to me through the Internet, local alternative pharmacist and whole foods. I was able to wash my dogs with a gentle solution of borax water and sprinkle their beds with diatomaceous earth and put DE in their food. Same with the birds and chickens. Bathed myself in borax, started a real cleanse with Premeir Research Lab Parastat and Paratosin. A couple days later my food grade DE arrived and I started the kids and Myself on DE. For a week it felt as though a thousand worms were crawling in my back. But, it has slowly improved over the week and the red dots have left my skin and we are all doing much better. It was stressful, but honestly I never considered throwing my pets dumping my animals at the humane society because we were in crisis. My animals are a responsibility I chose. They are connected to my family and depend on us to care for them. Clearly animals are less culpable for this situation we find ourselves in than mankind. We are all in this together. Lets not start off by abandoning those we love.

    • dividing cricker said:

      Juls — Have noted that several cancers of the blood have been traced back to GMO , bio-pesticides , round-up , fungicides and larvicides . A close friend has a blood cancer they are watching . The European Doctors are putting their patients on a organic Glutenfree and sugar free diet . When you have some time research the GERSON DIET . There are several hundred cancer cures ,I have read about most of them , the pure diet seems to work . If you have a issue with morgellons it can be a long drawn out thing . I used Kleen Green Enzymes a very good product that I swear has saved my life. The DE is very good . I used that too as a 50/50 mix with borax as a dust in the house ,bedding , garage and walks. Dr Bronners Peppermint as a wash soap with a mix 20 drops of teatree,lugols. and neem oil in a 10oz mix with 50% water. Wash clothes in OXY-CLEAN ,borax, Kleen Green and a liquid natural or Bronners. .. This could be a lot of things , I’ve been on this kick some time . I found the symptoms fit Pythiosis, check out and check out the symptoms and pictures. On that note . STAY CALM . Stay clean and stay tuned here . There are several people that can give you tips. Look over the poor mans pro. it has several ideas to keep you well.

  31. TorpedoLynn said:

    Hi Mr. C

    I use to own a dog off and on all my life and cats here and there. Guinea Pigs, Parakeets, Lizards. If one can afford to keep a pet and treat them too I am all for it. It would have broken me to pieces to loose one dog I was fond of back in my youth if I had been ill with this. But like you said my children’s safety would come first.

    I know a few who work for animals shelters and you would be shocked at the poisons they use daily to try and stop the constant rain of disease and only keep it from being rampant. They have to were protective clothing when spraying and within 2 to 3 days quite a few animals start getting sick with the diseases they are trying to prevent. A lot of animals are put down because they can no longer adopt them out because becoming ill in a short time after arriving.

    It is so sad whole case at shelters and those with kids with pets and then become ill with Morgellons. I do know of one who was successful at keeping all pets healthy and never got ill. Put no kids living at home and she made sure she did not take care of any of them. Her husband did until she got well. Now she can handle them all and no crawling no symptoms for over six years for her.

    So it is possible and so is getting completely free.

    In Light Lynn

  32. TorpedoLynn said:

    Oh i wanted to add this thought to your point. Why do we have to De-worm our animals. Do not forget folks use to long ago DE-worm themselves on a regular basis without all the travel. Why is it folks forget to do that any more??? Its like in modern times we think we are protected from it. Makes me shake my head.

    Folks should De-worm themselves whether owning animals or not. Especially with all the many more folks and out of country travel.

  33. Vivian Leese said:

    Juls, I agree. My precious baby (nine year old) yellow naped Amazon parrot, Bubba, I would burn in hell before I would ‘give her up’. Imagine how those pets felt after having been abandoned by their Masters of the Universe? That’s what pets think of us. We are their heroes. They depend on us for everything. And we just leave them at the vet. Shame on you.
    For you people’s information, it is a serious commitment owning a pet. My Bubba is a part of my soul. If I lost her to this or any disease, I would just die. I was cleaning her day cage and, to my horror, I saw some of the same parasites that I have. Back to the vet. I will bathe her in Borax and dare those Monsanto Monsters to bother her!
    Do any of y’all have any suggestions to treat Bubba? Use the protocol? I would appreciate any advice.

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