A lot of what is said on this video regarding GMO foods seems to be common sense, which is of course, why I posted it. Even though I am symptom free I know Morgellons is still in my body, you can just sense it. In fact, it may now actually be my body, so we must be ever vigilant. I really don’t like the laws coming regarding healthcare, and this includes what is an acceptable diet. Guess whose making the rules? There is a request and the end of this video to visit some site. I found a lot of stuff on the site pretty nutty, but this video was good and it is not related to their other video’s.


Comments on: "Honey, can you pass the Fishberries?" (1)

  1. http://innersites.com/feet2fire/
    Trisha Springstead will be interviewed for 110 minutes in regard to Morgellons, Lyme and many Chronic Diseases associate with these.
    I am dedicating this interview to Mr Common Sense, Sidney, Debbie Auschuller, and all the Warriors who have stuck with us.
    Trisha Springstead RN, MS, Doctoral Candidate

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