My Home is Here

This is just a quick message to let everyone know that I wont be posting on any forums or user groups from now on. Instead I will spend my time here and really try to help everyone as best I can. My next blog post as promised will be my “Poor Mans Protocol”. In addition to that I am co-authoring an article with someone which you will no doubt find very interesting. And finally, I will be working on an in-depth professional article which will be a collaboration with a group of people that will hopefully be finished by spring. I think you’re really going to like my poor mans protocol, it wont be just a list of things, it will contain some new thoughts as to why it works and why no matter what you’re doing it should be your base protocol. You can expand upon it as you see fit. I hope to write it up this weekend and have it posted early next week.

To my friends at LymeBusters you know I love you as fellow sufferers, however I am a lightening rod to certain folks who are trying to keep us in chains. If I stayed on LB you would never have peace on the forums. I will continue to pray for those of you whom I know are struggling. Soon it is my prayer and belief that we are all going to be set free of Morgellons. I urge everyone to work together to keep this sickness from being turned into an industry. As my next blog post is going to point out, you don’t have to know what it is, you just have to become symptom free. I welcome comments from all researchers working on Morgellons.

– Mr. Common Sense


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  1. Melissa Picariello said:

    Dear MrCS

    Glad you will be investing your time here. It is a lifeline for many. I hope to be one of the people who become symptom-free and get a life back.I wonder what it would be like. This disease has taken away everyone I ever loved or cared about. I live in an isolated world.Trying to be the sole parent and breadwinner for my children. We all have morgellons, including our two dogs. I spend many days crying, praying, just doing one day at a time. Seven years of this-I never had a clue that life could be this hard. On a good day i say whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. On a bad day I’m utterly depressed- feeling helpless and hopeless. and simply too tired to fight this anymore. I am grateful for your kindness , and i look to your posts daily for hope, knowledge, and faith.

  2. hereshoping said:


    I wanted to let you know that I logged in to LB tonight and I had a message that said I have been banned from the forum. OMG. WOW. It just happened so I think I’m kind of in shock at this moment. I really don’t know what else to say right now. It’s almost as if my heart is broke a little bit more. It has been breaking bits and bits since this whole crazy thing started and by thing i mean this thing we call “morgellons”.
    WOW. Unbelievable! Please keep in touch. I need some direction.

  3. hereshoping, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, you didn’t even do anything, that just doesn’t make sense? But lets not trash them, they are doing what they feel they have to do to keep the forums civil, which is part of why I felt I had to leave. I understand. But this whole thing has me at a loss. There is a good group on yahoo called finding1cure and there is a forum group at that I found very welcoming of diverse opinions.

    It’s strange, that whole thread (a member not LymeBusters itself, I’m not blaming LymeBusters) trashed a whole list of Morgellons researchers, all of whom I have pulled great tid bits of knowledge from. They locked the thread which was a good thing. It’s funny, I correspond with many of the researchers listed even though we disagree on the cause, we are civil with each other. From Dr. Staninger I learned about the Azufre Sulfur soap, the stuff is excellent, and to focus on the gut, and many other things (she is brilliant and beyond question an expert in her field), yet, we completely disagree on the cause. The same with Amelia, we correspond, we disagree on things as well, she feels Lyme plays a role and I don’t really, but that doesn’t stop us from swapping ideas, she has found my NAC + Vitamin C suggestion very useful and I have pulled many things from her (like not totally discounting antibiotics). The same from Dr. Susan Kolb, she has given me terrific advice. I also read (and post) everything Dr. Wymore puts out and respect him as well though we don’t correspond. I don’t care who has said or done what or how many skeletons are in ones closet, I wanted out of this freaking mess and was willing to listen. If others were saying they were healed by this persons protocol then I tried to find out what they had done that worked, even though I disagreed with what the researcher thought was the cause, or any other personal issue I may have had with them, does any of that really matter? Not when you’re sick as hell, you only want to get better, free of this horror … As as my next blog post is going to show, it really might not matter what the cause is.

  4. Dear Hereshoping and Melissa,
    If its any consolation to you all I have been banned from every board that even mentions the word morgellons, anyone who knows me, who goes in to defend me is banned.
    I am beginning to wear this like a badge of courage, don’t let em get to you.

    Forgive them for they know not what they do. I think sometimes people believe that by doing things like that they are “winners” there are no winners in this.

    I have recieved thousands and thousands of emails from all over the world. I have tried to answer each and every one of them and help them. Stick with Mr Common Senses Blog.

    This is just like the HIV/AIDs epidemic people fighting over “Its my name, it’s my disease” Paris and the US fighting over who was right. Who loses in the end…the patients who are struggling, suffering.

    To all I say there is a way out. Reclaim your Terrain, Your home, your body, your mind, your skin, your diet. Keep praying and know that God is on the Field.

    I have found there is not one cause, it is multifocal, multifactoral. The most important thing to me is to get these patients well.

    Much Love,

  5. I have a bunch of apologies of my own to make too, this is a learning process for me, I learned when you have a blog and opinions on things it’s probably better to not post on forums for many reasons. To LymeBusters am I truly sorry for what just occurred, you were a lifeline to me for 3 years, and I realize I cannot belong anymore but Thank you for being there for me. And Trisha, yes, God is on the field.

    It’s still the Cross

    The Fathers Heart

  6. What can I say right now. “Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together try to love one another right now.“


    John Godfrey Saxe’s ( 1816-1887) version of the famous Indian legend,

    It was six men of Indostan
    To learning much inclined,
    Who went to see the Elephant
    (Though all of them were blind),
    That each by observation
    Might satisfy his mind.

    The First approach’d the Elephant,
    And happening to fall
    Against his broad and sturdy side,
    At once began to bawl:
    “God bless me! but the Elephant
    Is very like a wall!”

    The Second, feeling of the tusk,
    Cried, -“Ho! what have we here
    So very round and smooth and sharp?
    To me ’tis mighty clear
    This wonder of an Elephant
    Is very like a spear!”

    The Third approached the animal,
    And happening to take
    The squirming trunk within his hands,
    Thus boldly up and spake:
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a snake!”

    The Fourth reached out his eager hand,
    And felt about the knee.
    “What most this wondrous beast is like
    Is mighty plain,” quoth he,
    “‘Tis clear enough the Elephant
    Is very like a tree!”

    The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
    Said: “E’en the blindest man
    Can tell what this resembles most;
    Deny the fact who can,
    This marvel of an Elephant
    Is very like a fan!”

    The Sixth no sooner had begun
    About the beast to grope,
    Then, seizing on the swinging tail
    That fell within his scope,
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a rope!”

    And so these men of Indostan
    Disputed loud and long,
    Each in his own opinion
    Exceeding stiff and strong,
    Though each was partly in the right,
    And all were in the wrong!


    So oft in theologic wars,
    The disputants, I ween,
    Rail on in utter ignorance
    Of what each other mean,
    And prate about an Elephant
    Not one of them has seen!

  7. Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

    I am not really sure when and how I became a 24 hour on call Morgellons expert,
    it certainly is not a lot of fun but I am getting so much better at it.
    There are so many that do not have internet access, phone ringing incessantly, people just wanting to hear a voice on the line.
    The first thing we need to say to them is “Relax, take a deep breath, do not panic, people have gotten well from this.”

    Try to calm the scared and frightened mind of the person on the other end of the line. The Daughter whose elderly Mother has had this for years and she has just found a name for this, must be calmed first.

    The Mother whose children are breaking out in whelps and strange debris coming out of the whole families skin or maybe even just the childs skin, we must calm them first.
    We also must teach them that they, the caretakers, have to let go of the guilt as they would have never had any way of knowing about this unless they were educated on the subject. Validation and Education is key and paramount.

    Try to take them mentally back, “When were the happiest times of your life, where you felt the most calm and secure?” Let them answer. Then ask them, “Go back there in your mind and feel that feeling of security and calmness”. Let them know “You are not alone, I promise you are not alone.” “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself, right now you must calm yourself or you can never get well and (or) you can never help anyone else get well.”

    Elderly People, Families, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers all calling, “What do I do?”

    I tell them, “The first thing you do is breathe deeply and know that this too shall pass.”

    I can not listen to every little story anymore about what is coming out of their skin, how they have been treated by the Medical Profession, names, dates, ect.” It is too much for me to handle. So I say, “there is not a thing you are trying to tell me that I haven’t heard, seen or listened to before.” So I can not go into the minute details, and I do not have an hour to listen to every story any more.

    I tell them write it in a letter and send it to me. I keep all letters, or if you have and email write your story to me in an email and I will run it off and keep it in my stacks of emails, that can fill a U Haul with by now.

    Sometimes I have to be harsh and say, “I must get off of the phone now, because I can not listen to you screaming to be heard and the cacaphony of loudness and the sheer terror in your voice.” I am trying to be a voice of reason here. Nothing will help these people if we do not first get them calmed. We can be of no good to anyone if those of us, who are caretakers, get stuck in the panic of the person on the other end of the room, or the other end of the line.

    If I can get them calmed, then we can talk. If I can not get them to calm down then I can not carry the conversation further. The best approach is to say, ” I am hanging up the phone right now and will give you one hour to calm down, so that you can listen and we can find a way out of this mess. I have a very short time to speak so I can give you 10-15 minutes on the phone when you are calm, but only once you are calm and willing to listen.”

    So many times, they are able to calm down and then I can present the options that they have. The ones who do not calm down, don’t call back.

    I have to say, Once you can calm the patient down, they feel better, they do not feel so itchy. That voice on the end says, “I now have hope”.

    Teach them to pray, teach them to not fear water or the “Boogey Man in the Closet” or fear of going outside. ” Let go of the fear, find faith and you then can begin to find the answers.” The answers are right here on this safe haven called Mr Common Sense. Morgellons A Mundane Approach.

    I see, hear and feel the anxiety of people, some running around like rats, worried, frightened and chasing their own tails. I hear the anger toward the Medical Establishment, I have heard it, felt it and know that anger. These are wasted emotions are they not???? Justice will prevail in the end, Alas, I have discovered, “it is not my will…but thy will that will be done.”

    The people who have caused harm, treated you horribly, in the end, are paying, in their own journey in this life. “We reap what we sew”, “What goes around comes around”, you have all heard this before. The Doctors that treated you badly, the CDC people who know about this and the ones who caused harm, will reap what they have sewn in the Good Lords divine time.

    I am watching a Nation who is screaming to “Give us back our Constitution, of the people, by the people and for the people.” They march in the streets and are showing up on city hall steps and in meeting, no longer afraid to voice their frustrations. They are no longer afraid to stand up and be counted, for there are so many who want justice, freedom “that shall not perish.”

    It is through calming the mind, letting go of anger, envy, fear, panic, worry and finding that true spirit of God in your heart, that you, who are begging to find the answers to the mysteries of this syndrome, will find solace in a “Mundane Approach”. This is how we find the answers.

    Thanks you all on this blog post and namely Mr Common Sense, for your words of hope, wisdom and respite. Thousands and thousands are reporting to me. Through email, phone calls and I try to answer each one, or each group.

    Lady Justice, in the balance of her scales is alive and divine right action prevails in this world. This is a pandemic, I am afraid to say but lets not let Pandemic=Pandemonium.

    When the AID’s epidemic broke out, it took so many years for acknowledgement, it is taking years for acknowledgment for this but we are getting heard, seen, and listened to, by more people than we will ever know right now.

    The pebble has been cast upon the silent,still water,it is beginning to create larger and larger ripples, these now can create a wave. I am seeing the wave beginning to form and by the time “THEY (whoever THEY are) figure it out, we will have already done it.

    “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the cure of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
    Thomas Edison

    Everything we need, to get well, comes from the water, soil and the things that we seem to fear the most. Reclaim your terrain, spiritually, physically, mentally…in, on and around your being.

    “There is no anger, doubt or fear…You are perfect complete and whole right here.” Old Proverb

    Lastly from the Bible, “Be Still and Know that I am GOD.” WOW.

    Much Love and Light,

  8. Hey Trish–

    Same here — Seldom has anyone described anything new; however, they need to tell it. Writing it is a good idea. My ear actually burns from taking the calls. I know we are doing the right thing. Validation is key.

    Thanks to all of you: Trish, John Burgstiner and Mr.Commonsence for your Perseverance.

    I urge morgellons suffers to read the poor mans protocol and the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

    Is absolutely paramount to be proactive. Do something! Start somewhere. Read these blogs. Check out these protocols and get started.

    In addition there are many things people can do topically to help with the itch and fend off some of the components of this affliction. No one mentioned this web site which has excellent organic botanicals:

    At the same time remember to: Eat healthy, Breathe, Stay Positive, Excercise. Sweat and Smile. Nurture your Souls. Pray.

    Amd Stay tuned to these blogs for support and the latest updates.


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