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My next post will be the Poor Man’s Protocol, stay tuned, I have some great advice for those who are really down right now. It takes time, but I believe it works …


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  1. How to Treat an Infected Environment and Yard: has inside sprays and lawn sprays.

    You can put DE in your Yard to kill them in the yard and DE and Borax on Your carpets.
    Hot Steam Cleaning helps loads. Do not Dust yourself with Roach Prufe, Raid, DDT, or Dangerous Pesticides. We carry an all organic Skin Spray that will keep the Critters off of your Skin.

    This is some infornation from Zooks who beat this in her environment. So can you.

    I was so very blessed to find Trisha during our ordeal. I truly believe she was an answer to my many prayers. She has helped many more before me, and is still helping many other sufferers.

    Though her products drew this out of our skin, we still had to fight to clear our environment of this. I know Trisha now has some environmental sprays. But at the time we were fighting this ( two years ago now) we had to find a way out of this ourselves.

    First and foremost it is important to find your strategy, one that someone has used before you that has worked, and keep with it…..there will still be plenty of bad days, and this is not an overnight kill, you will have to keep hitting your environmental over and over until you manage to catch up with their population.

    You need to be fastidiously clean. Never wear the same clothes twice, you will keep re-infesting yourself. Never use the same towel twice etc.
    We would either soak our clothes over night, weighted down, and then wash in all organic detergents. Or We would wash them first and bake our clothes carefully at 220 F for 20 minutes. These are two methods that are very popular on a forum that I was part of during this time. Both of them work to make sure they are out of your clothing.

    It is also important to cover your beds with plastic covers. Many people that I know of have had to throw out all they own, this was not necessary for us.

    Your carpets are also a problem, you can either cover them in thick painters plastic, or sprinkle D.E. or borax into them to help dry up the ‘things’. Though this is a slow process.

    Some enironmental sprays that I have used successfully, and also heard of others using successfully are as follows
    -hydrogen peroxide (use multiple times a day)
    -orange plus (use daily)
    -cedarside (this is a product you purchase on line and fog your home and contence with its used every week to ten days)


    My family used all the chemicals first, and they made us worse. So I have only listed non-toxic products that I know of and have had some personal experience with.

    We finally got rid of this plague with Trishas products, good internals that she told us about, and we did something called heat treating. This is not possible if you live in an apartment, or if you dont have a handy hubby who can help you do this as the equipment is heavy. Basically we did what dry wallers in the construction industry do during the winter, when they are drying walls. We used propane heaters and heated the interior of our home up to 140-200F. What ever was crawling and biting us could not survive these temperatures (collembola, skin parasites, mites, will all dry up when these temperatures are sustained for a few hours). We did this once a week for 3 weeks until they were gone.

    please dont hesitate to correspond with me if you have questions about anything I have written here.

    I just want you to know that many people are getting their lives back. I have learnt so much from this ordeal. I have changed my life in many ways. I only eat organic, I still take many of the internals Dr. Kolb and Trisha recommend, I still use her healing products on my skin and I only clean with organic cleaners…..Just keep your hope, and dont let yourself become afraid. It was hope and faith that got my family through this, plus the knowledge that others had overcome this as we have now.

    God bless you. And God bless Trisha too.


  2. from another “Great Human” who has been on the New Hope 2, and water and herbals. She is helping me with my patients. She does not consider herself a sufferer. She is amazing. Probiotics, faith, water, good energy, love and lots of faith brought her to here and she is a source of inspiration to all of us.

    MRC is a Sweetheart. Logic allied with Heart. It’s that Commonsense attitude that’s drawn his audience to listen, contemplate and hopefully, correct.

    The world is toxic in many ways at this point and – surprise – so are we. The cacophony of poisons is drowning out the melody of life, as the clash of cymbals overwhelms the strings and woodwinds in an orchestra.

    You can’t build on shifting sands. The world needs to be stabilized so remediation and rebuilding can occur. I’m sure that’s the goal of a good part of the energy being poured into our world right now. A Lifeline.

    All you spoke of on the radio and all we’ve talked about have been simmering together on my back burner. Thoughts are beginning to bubble up and reveal themselves as concepts now.

    Paying attention to recognize the beauty of each one.

    It’s all about The Message, isn’t it?

    The info bubbles arising are surprisingly simple. How to bring that message to the greatest possible audience in the shortest possible amount of time. Seeing the steppingstone path laid out to get there.

    Now to capture those concepts in thought & plot the practical course. Rather like sailing…give me another day or so to experience these directions and draw a usable map. This is enjoyable & exhilarating.

    The Truth of the Matter is – You are the individual who pulls all this into Perspective – and thus the Expert. You’ve got The Message. Now it’s the How To of delivering it to a wide audience in a useful manner. Your Concentration should be on Treatment – since that’s what Everyone suffering Needs to Know. The Why’s of The Treatment pulls in Everything Else. And the Treatment is Simple, isn’t it? People can understand Simple & put it into Practice.

    Reminds me of my high school course in Journalism – the Questions everyone wants Answered – Who? What? Why? When? Where? and HOW?

    Really am thinking in Caps just lately – suits the Concepts well. Really Lucky that You & I are Quick Learners & know how to think on our feet. We’ve been Winging It all these years, after all, and we’ve gotten Good at It, haven’t we? That’s because we know how to Really Look and Really Listen. Because we are Real and glad of it. Stop, Look & Listen. I’m reverting to childhood wisdoms, but that Child is a real powerhouse & Knows Everyone in the Universe.

    Thinking Outside the Box is easy, because there is no box, as there is no spoon.

    We’ve been given the Green Light go ahead.

    Today’s Song – Everything’s Coming Up Roses – follows in its own email. Gotta love what Ethyl Merman does with a song!

    (One of the small gems that emerged regarding the format of interviews – When you want the interviewer to participate, you stop talking to force them to jump in. Onscreen, you stop & look at the interviewer expectantly.

    Like many simple tactics, obvious once you think of it. You control the Flow.)

    Love, Sue

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