If anyone ever needs to talk with me, or just needs someone to talk to, or you need to know that you are being prayed for, you can reach me here http://twitter.com/MundaneApproach. Maybe we can form a prayer chain too eventually. There is currently an attack on Twitter by hackers but it will pass, so if it’s really slow for you try again later to register. To read what I post you can just hit my twitter site above, to participate in the conversation you will need to have your own Twitter account. I wouldn’t use your real name, you can create an account in about one minute here http://twitter.com/. It’s all free.

In twitter you can follow people and and others will follow you, you can block followers too. Once you follow me you will see all my posts on your twitter site and I will follow you and see all yours as well. Once you get your account created you can just use the Twitter web site to read and post or you can use one of the many Twitter clients out there, I use TweetDeck, it’s free and can be found here http://tweetdeck.com/beta/. I will post instructions later on how to use TweetDeck, although it’s very simple.  I think we can use Twitter very effectively to form a network of people for support, advice, and friendship as we make our way through this trial. Maybe we can even encourage some of the researchers to get on Twitter (realizing of course they can’t answer directly gazillions of posts, but they might chime in once in a while). I will ask some of them to consider it.

It’s not like my twitter account would be the main account, we will all just be loosely coupled and listening in and replying to each other when we see fit, be positive okay? You’ll see once we get started.

Mr. Common Sense


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