I am not a physician, nor am I a clinical nutritionist. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. I do not recommend any of this be used on children.

An Apology

There are many things I need to say. First, I have been very insensitive. My last few blog posts have been going on and on about how I am symptom free. I was so happy to be feeling better I wasn’t considering your feelings. I must confess, when I was really sick with Morgellons and somebody would state on the forums that they were doing great or even becoming symptom free I would be happy for them yet a part of me would be really hurt. As bad as it sounds, I almost hated to hear of others doing well. Selfish and sinful I agree. I would feel like everyone is getting better and I am being left behind. “Why am I still in this living this hell?” I would think to myself. If you feel that way when somebody says their doing well it’s perfectly natural, I felt that way often, and I will tone it down a bit. I am sorry for being insensitive to that.

While I am symptom free I am not cured. I still get “tinges” in my skin, these come and go, but I call them little squiggles, like a mite or something? But no biting, no marks, my skin is fine. My fatigue, brain fog, Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, hair loss, weight loss, fibers, black specs, eye issues, stomach issues, all gone. Also, my muscle is back, I just look healthy. Now, let’s get started.



You have probably all seen my Terrain post which was a turning point in my ideas about health. If you haven’t read that post yet I really encourage you to do so. However, I learned a lot of these little tricks and tidbits from people such as Dr. Staninger who is truly an expert in her field. I also have learned from Dr. Susan Kolb, Amelia Withington, John Burgstiner, Trisha Springstead, and still others who wish to remain behind the scenes. We may have different opinions on what causes Morgellons but that never stopped us from being civil to each other, in fact, quite the opposite.

I am by no means an expert, nor should I be a consider a leader in the Morgellons community. I am a sufferer nothing more, just like many of you. I encourage you to read what others are saying about Morgellons and consider the possibilities.


Why I think this Protocol has Helped Me

Let me first start off with an interesting quote made by John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals on one of my blog posts.


“Modern Medicine” insists on isolating and “treating” symptoms, when not only is the compromise of our bioterrain the underlying cause of Morgellons, it is the underlying cause of virtually all degenerative illness. This is the legacy of my father, nutrition pioneer, Carson Burgstiner MD… he recognized this fact, and set out to assemble a brilliant group of nutritional products to support foundational health pathways.

When Western Medicine is confronted with the impact that the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol can have on a patient’s quality of life, the question that invariably surfaces is “What is the active ingredient?”.

They just don’t get it…


When I read that I thought to myself, how insightful of John. That is the question they must ask. What is the active ingredient? and it is so typical of Western Medicine and of course the way most of us think as well. This kind of thinking is also why people will read this post and think to themselves, “That wont help me? You’ve got to be kidding? How is this protocol going to kill off Morgellons? Where are the strong antibiotics like Oregano Oil? Where are the parasite killers? The Antifungals?” And so, they’ll never give it a try even though they themselves have been doing all of those antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-parasiticals  for so long and yet they are still in this mess (as I was for so long).

As for me, for the moment, I have stopped searching for the cause. A Morgellons sufferer is carrying a bacterial, fungal, and possibly even a parasite load. How will they determine which one is the cause? What pill or shot are they going to give us to cure it? Do you really think that is possible, honestly? Are you going to take or are you currently taking antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasiticals? Are you symptom free? What if you go off all that stuff will it come roaring back? How many years have the Lyme Advocates been fighting now, 30+ years? Lyme Disease has at least a known cause too (complex I agree). Do you see what I’m getting at? We cannot wait, spin our wheels looking at our skin, fibers, crystals and things? What good will that do? Suppose you were found to have Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is that cause of Morgellons? Not likely, what about this fungus or that one? Whose going to identify it for you. After you take medicine for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and still have Morgellons then what? My point is why wait on the CDC or some miracle breakthrough that might not ever come. I’m not trying to depress you or discourage you at all, in fact, just the opposite. Try attacking Morgellons from a new point of view, by correcting your bio-terrain. It really doesn’t matter what causes Morgellons if you can make it go away does it? What if in fact, massive failure of the bio-terrain because of modern living, diet, farming, and pollution is the cause? That is a real possibility.

Okay, so why do I think this protcol has helped me? The magnesium in the protocol does so many good things, first and foremost it manages my PH. I would encourage you to read the links below in the magnesium section. The NAC + Vitamin C is just dynamite. I will probably do an entire blog post soon on just that subject alone. The probiotics of course you know are very important, healthy gut flora is the hinge pin on which our health swings. I chose the probiotic I did because I know what is in it. I recommend you never do a probiotic with soil bacterium in it. There are some that do contain them. The Milk Thistle protects the liver, increases bile, very important for detoxing. The CoQ10 I started taking when I was suffering chest pain but found out it has so many positive uses. I do 30mg a day, sometimes I skip a day. I read an article titled Oxygen and Cancer and found this to be very interesting.

Nutrients for Healthy Mitochondria

Oxygen is necessary for cellular respiration and energy production, but it must be carefully handled within the cell or the mitochondria will be damaged. Five nutrients necessary to restore and maintain healthy mitochondria are:

  • L-Carnitine – for the proper oxidation of fats within cells
  • Coenzyme Q10 – is necessary for the synthesis of ATP, and prevents free radical damage within the cell
  • Alpha lipoic acid – helps regenerate vitamins E and C after they are oxidized
  • Vitamin E – protects cell membranes from free radical damage. Try to get non-synthetic vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C – inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol and supports production of the antioxidant glutathione.

Most of these as it turns out, are in the protocol below. So CoQ10 has many positive uses, not just for the heart alone. Vitamin E is one of the things on my list and I eat Almonds and nuts which also help. Also, I drink an 8 oz glass of orange juice each day for potassium.

L-Carnitine is also very good for the body and I take it as well. If you don’t eat a lot of red meat (I eat none) this supplement I feel is vital. Finally I take Spectrums Fish Oil, mostly because it’s certified by an independent lab to be Mercury, Lead and PCB free. Omega threes, inflammation reduction, the stuff is terrific.

Finally, I use the Azufre Sulfur soap in the shower and launder my clothes with Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap, these two are very effective arthropod killers and I will have more to say about those in the future. I have had people tell me they had very dramatic crawling reductions the very first night they washed their bed sheets with Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap. Also, I recommend cutting out all of the sugar and processed foods that you can from your diet.


The Poor Mans Protocol

It was very hard to reduce this down to a handful of products, but I think if done long term a person can find amazing relief. My goal was to keep it cheap but very effective. It probably took 3 to 4 months of the Magnesium and other things before I realized I was really feeling much better. The prices are listed later in this post. For more information on each product click on the product image for more details. The great thing about this is I am able to buy all of these products except for the Azufre Sulfur soap and my local Whole Foods store. You can probably find each product cheaper but then there is shipping charges to pay, we’ll talk more about that later. I like Whole Foods and our store has very knowledgeable people to talk to.



CALM Magnesium

I have found CALM magnesium 8 oz to be fundamental in my getting better. I had all kind of muscle weakness, pains, twitching, heart palpitations. However, and most importantly, Magnesium balances and keeps my PH at a good level in my body. If your acidic, my advice is to try magnesium rather than some artificial PH buffers.

I take two teaspoons full a day, one in the morning, one for lunch or with supper. You dissolve it in hot water and drink it like a tea, you can take it with your food and it helps absorb your other vitamins. They have different flavors, I just do the natural, the less stuff added the better in my opinion. They also make a childrens version of this. I do not take the Mag with Calcium they offer, I prefer just the pure mag.

WARNING:  If you are currently experiencing any type of kidney condition or disease, do not use magnesium supplements without the full knowledge and approval of your physician. Magnesium is necessary for life and can protect the kidney from disease but if kidney damage has already occurred magnesium supplementation could be harmful, even life threatening.



Jarrow NAC SUSTAIN™ is in a bilayer Quick Release / Sustained Release format of N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE (NAC), a powerful antioxidant amino acid and a precursor to the critical antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione exerts a variety of protective effects, including detoxification and intracellular defense against oxidative stress.

The advanced bilayer technology combines 1/3 Quick Release and 2/3 Sustained Release formats to both immediately raise and to maintain blood levels over a longer period of time. NAC SUSTAIN™ releases in the small intestine over a 4 hour period, compared to the 1.5 hour biological half-life of NAC in the bloodstream.

I really encourage you to do some research on NAC and detoxing, Glutathione, and NAC and the flu, I read a medical article stating if your taking NAC during the flu season its very hard to come down with the flu. NAC is a natural sulfur-containing amino acid derivative

NOTE: I take this on an empty stomach with 2,000 MG of un-buffered Vitamin C. They say 1% of kidney stones are made of Cysteine and the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) will keep them from forming. I don’t worry about it, it’s very rare and I need the extra Vitamin C so this works out well.


Ultimate Probiotic

The Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula is a twelve-strain blend with a minimum of 12 billion live cells at expiry date. Different species in a single formula more closely approximate the normal composition of intestinal flora. See this article by Dr. Murray.

I take one with breakfast and supper, that’s two a day. I take them along with the Milk Thistle. I don’t take them at lunch since they need to be in the fridge and hauling one to work everyday is to much hassle.



Milk Thistle

The Silymarin in Thisilyn’s 2X proprietary extract dissolves quicker and easier in the digestive tract than other brands, yielding 2X more of the active. Standardized to 80% Silymarin.

Clinical studies using Standardized Milk Thistle extract show that it supports and promotes normal liver function.* The active bioflavonoid complex, silymarin, is a powerful antioxidant that exerts a protective effect against substances harmful to the liver.*

Thisilyn is especially recommended for those who use alcohol, smoke, or are exposed to environmental pollutants.

Thisilyn, the unique standardized milk thistle extract, is the standard for quality. The milk thistle used to manufacture Thisilyn is carefully extracted and tested for purity, ensuring all the plant’s desirable benefits remain bioavailable.

I take one of these with every meal.


Coenzyme Q10

Country Life’s Maxi-Sorb™ CoQ10 is hydrosoluble and employs the patent pending BioSolv™ delivery system. This delivery system enhances absorption 300% over that found with CoQ10 tablets, hard shell capsules, or other softgels tested.

Also contains 20% of your Vitamin E.

I take one gel capsule a day with a meal.




L-Carnitine is an amino acid which has a role to play in the body’s fat metabolism process. L-Carnitine transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, which is where they are essentially burned as fuel. It naturally occurs, although it can also be biosynthesized from two other amino acids.

The carnitines exert a substantial antioxidant action, thereby providing a protective effect against lipid peroxidation of phospholipid membranes and against oxidative stress induced at the myocardial and endothelial cell level.

I take one pill a day (500 mg) on an empty stomach.

WARNING: Supplemental L-Carnitine is not advised for nursing mothers. L-carnitine is not recommended for people with active liver or kidney problem . High doses (5 or more grams per day) may cause diarrhea.


Spectrum Fish Oil

Spectrum Fish Oil contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA supports heart health, reduces inflammation and improves cellular integrity, while DHA supports memory and nervous system functioning.*
Our Fish Oil comes from non-threatened species of wild-caught, small, plankton-feeding fish (anchovies, mackerel and sardines) that are low on the food chain. Harvesting these types of fish also ensures that our oil tests below acceptable limits of harmful contaminants set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and other advisory agencies. Spectrum uses only the purest fish oil with a naturally occurring ratio of 18:12 EPA to DHA.

Certified as having NO mercury, PCB’s or Lead by an independent lab.

I take two of these a day


10% Sulfur Soap

Grisi Soap Sulfur/ Azufre – Recommended as an aid in the treatment of pimples and blackheads; reduces oil on the skin. Sulfur soap with Lanolin is an excellent aid in reducing excess dryness and skin scaling.

I used this everyday in the shower for months and months. Sulfur is a well known treatment for killing arthropods of all kinds.

WARNING: Test this a day or two on a small part of your body before using it on your entire body. I even washed my hair with it. You can find it for cheap, as low as .95 cents to $1.25 a bar.


Dr. Bonners Peppermint Soap

I use this on every load of laundry, never use this on your skin, it’s to strong, this is only to be used in your laundry. I give a pretty good squirt of this into each load of laundry. Mint/Peppermint is a well known arthropod (mites and other type creatures) killer just as is the sulfur soap above I use in the shower.



Those are the products I would choose if I had limited funds, let’s go over the pricing now to give you some ideas of what this would cost. I to take a few other things but right now I’m pretty much only doing the protocol above.


The Costs

I hope you find these costs reasonable. The Cost column is the cost of the bottle or product. In many cases this cost is much more than a months worth, in fact, in some cases it is 3 months worth. The daily cost is the true daily cost of Poor Mans Protocol. Notice that I have included Vitamin C + Bioflavanoids that is not included in the list above, I buy a bottle of the Whole Foods branch, it’s unbuffered that you want in this case, the bottle is 10.00 for 100 tables with each tablet being 1000mg a piece. The price is included below and you can click on the prices for links to specifics sites with that product for that price.




Daily Cost


CALM Magnesium


0.46 cents

Price / 30 days, but in reality this lasts longer than a month, so the cost is less than 46 cents a day, amazing! This is for the 8 oz package, the 16 oz can save you even more


0.14 cents

100 tablets / 14.67 = 14 cents a day folks !! I only do one a day
Ultimate Probiotic


0.83 cents

60 caps @ 2 a day = 30 days, so 24.95 / 30 = 83 cents a day. I buy these local because they must remain cold.
Thisilyn 2x Milk Thistle


0.72 cents

(24.14 / 100 capsules) * 3 a day = 72 cents a day
Maxi-Sorb CoQ10 30mg


0.29 cents

14.53 / 50 softgels  = 29 cents a day, 1 a day
L-Carnitine / B6


0.28 cents

16.95 / 50 caps = 28 cents, 1 a day
Spectrum Fish Oil


0.15 cents

(7.85 / 100 caps) * 2 = 15 cents a day, I take two a day
Vitamin C/Bioflav’s


0.02 cents

(10.00 / 100 caps ) * 2 = 2 cents each. I take two a day with my NAC on an empty stomach




$ 2.89 a day is not bad …


So, for basically $2.89 cents a day you can do this protocol, shipping is not included in the cost above so it might be a bit higher. However, if you use some of the cools sites listed below you can buy these all at once and end up with free or low cost shipping. As I said initially, these things might cost a little more at Whole Foods but then there is no shipping. You can use online stores like NextTag or TheFind or LuckyVitamin to locate good bargains.

Finally, not included above is the Azufre sulfur soap I use in shower which you can get for a little over a buck a bar. The Dr. Bonners peppermint soap can be as little as $7 dollars a bottle. The reason I do not include the bath and laundry soap above is presumably you’re using soap and laundry detergent now (he he) and these I do not consider additional costs. In fact, they’re probably cheaper than what you are using now.

While the initial outlay of cash may seem large, you can spread it out and add things as you go over time. I really feel these are very good products, if nothing else start with the Magnesium and NAC. The Magnesium for instance is an award winning top seller three years in a row for a reason. The NAC is just absolutely great stuff. The Max-Sorb CoQ10 is both water and fat soluble meaning it can get into the fatty tissues. The Spectrum fish oil is certified Mercury, Lead and PCB free. You might not be aware of this but the ocean is full of toxins, most kelp for instance has high levels of arsenic in it, so if you taking that for Iodine you might want to look into that issue.



I was talking to someone on the phone last night (not mentioned in this post) about nutrition, especially the NAC and other amino acids. If I knew half of what this person had forgotten about nutrition I would be a genius, and that’s probably an understatement. I was struck by how lucky or how “guided” I had been in choosing the protocol I did. My terrain post is more expansive of course. In fact, I was even more confident I was on the right track when John Burgstiner commented on my terrain post. However, it was only last night that I went to his site and looked at the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol though I had been to the site before. John doesn’t even know I mentioning this or his name in this post, but now I think you will see the reason why. Here is his protocol.


Let’s list the items from left to right:

  • Essential Flora
  • Essential Omegas
  • Essential Digestion
  • Thymic Formula
  • Magnifcal (Mag/Cal)
  • Liver CS Plus

Do you see the focus here? Almost the same approach I have. The price is $119.99 which is very close the same price of what I’m doing. I’m not sure how long that supply is for and in in many cases the products I listed are a 3 month supply, but still, very intriguing. Not sure if it has the NAC but I am going to have to consider trying Johns Wellness protocol soon. If I do try it I will let you know or if you do report back here and let us know what you think.

I hope you have found this useful. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. I have no relationship nor do I receive any profits from any of the products mentioned here. If you are very short on funds go with the Mag, the NAC and the probiotics, you will still benefit greatly I believe.


Comments on: "Morgellons – The Poor Mans Protocol" (77)

  1. I was so excited to see this posted already. I’m glad you included pictures of the products. It helps in identifying the correct supplements to purchase. I also was very happy to find I have a Whole Foods within a half hour from my home and will be visiting it this weekend. I started after reading your Terrain post by adding NAC, increasing the amount of C and doubling the amount of Magnesium I was taking. I also added dry oxy tablets and PH buffers. Those changes alone made a huge difference. I was just about to order some of the other items on your terrain list when I saw you were doing the Poor Man’s Protocol. I am glad I waited for the more detailed info in this post.
    You may consider yourself just a “sufferer” but to so many of us you offer hope when things seem very hopeless. I know what started my symptoms and I know there may never be a cure. My goal is to feel better and to start getting my life back. As a result of the what I’ve learned and the changes I’m making, though I may never get rid of Morgellons, I will be living a healthier life. Thank you Mr.CS, you’ve been the light in some very dark and scary times.

  2. Thankyou so much Sandy, it really makes me very happy to hear you are making progress, it also helps me confirm what I did to get better wasn’t by chance, maybe if we can get enough folks to try this we can find a way out of this mess for everyone, that would be incredible. I wouldn’t say I’m cured either Sandy, and think we will need to be careful for the rest of our lives, but we can get back to near normal to even normal again. Keep letting me know how this is working for you. Your reply alone made the entire post worth doing.

    Thank you.

    Mr. Common Sense

  3. Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    As Sandy said, you offered us hope and light when everything seemed so dark. I was freaking out and was feeling like I was spiraling quickly down into the depths of insanity after reading all the crazy forums. When I came upon your blog , it calmed immeasurably — you were the voice of reason amidst a sea of madness on the internet.

    Most certainly, you do not owe any of your readers an apology. I am grateful that you are taking the time out of your very busy schedule from running a company and time with your family to write, comfort, and bring hope to us all. (The fact that you write so well helps!)

    Since I already have a somewhat different perspective on healing than the typical western one, it was very easy for me to be consider what you said about the terrain — where we need to make ‘whole’ again. What I had was a result of not taking care of my terrain — based in part on my lifestyle and recent extensive dental work. On a different level, I feel that in the same way, much as we have neglected our physical terrain, we have also neglected our spiritual terrain — it is time for a lot of learning and personal growth, as well as a time of giving of ourselves and caring of our soul, of gratitude, belief and faith.

    On a more mundane level 😉 I can get all items in your protocol posted earlier and have been using a sulfur soap from natural ginesis where I purchased Kleen green for getting rid of the springtails, but where did you get the sulfur soap? One source wanted personal details dob and another site’s least expensive shipping charge was almost $12.00. I can’t find it locally — one would think that one can get anything in NYC, where incidentally I cannot find borax laundry powder either. Do you use the sulfur soap before using the New Hope soap from Trish?

    I have been taking most of the items in your earlier post except for the NAC which now that you have explained its importance, I will get it post haste. I am not sure how well the Oxy tablets work since I understand that one needs something to help “transport oxygen” such as beets or dandelian. I was taking Cats Claw as well as Danactive. And, already my symptoms seem to be abating.

    Also, I would like to share an article which is about a treatment protocol for those
    suffering from lyme disease which discusses the importance of minerals, magnesium being one that is depleted with the onset of the bb.:

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful posts.

  4. Sandy, about the Azufre soap, some Wallmarts in areas with high Hispanic populations carry it, you can call your local stores and ask. I ordered mine online and did pay the shipping charges. Also, since you’re in NYC you can probably find local Hispanic stores, I bet you could find it there. We go to NYC every year, lived there for a long time, kids love riding the metro into Grand Central Station, hopping subways, very fun stuff. The NAC I think behind the Mag is the 2nd most important item I take. Take it with your vitamin C on an empty stomach. That article you posted about Lyme disease is so true, I really think Magnesium, as simple as it sounds, is extremely important to our getting better for more reasons that I can post here right now, the CALM Mag brand I recommend is very, very good. Also, and funny you posted that article, we eat pancakes every Saturday morning, a family tradition now, we use real maple syrup and not High Fructose Corn syrup. The type we have is this


    It has 130% of the manganese (not magnesium) in it which is also important. Now I know you can read articles that manganese is linked to Alzhiermers or whatever, I don’t buy that nonsese. People are developing these degenerative diseases because they have treated thier terrain like crap, what western medicine does is see the result, and call it the cause, which in the end, causes even more demage by telling us to avoid things that are healthy for us.

    Also, the Probiotics, look at this article that just came out, double blind study, amazing results

    Probiotics are Essential in Preventing Disease and Maintaining Health

    Dr. Staninger told me “The Battle for recovery from Morgellons is in your gut” and she was right. I also take Enzymedica digestive enzymes with my probiotics, they are not on the poor mans list.

    Here’s a quote from the Natural News article above

    The double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with 326 children between the ages of three and five separated into three groups that received one of three milk solutions twice a day for six months. The first group received milk containing the probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus, the second group received milk containing L acidophilus as well as Bifidobacterium animalis, and the third group received plain milk with a placebo.

    The results of the single and combination probiotic groups, respectively, were reductions in fever incidence by 53% and 72.7%, coughing incidence by 41.4% and 62.1%, and rhinorrhea incidence by 28.2% and 58.8%, relative to placebo. Duration of fever, coughing, and rhinorrhea were also reduced by 32% and 48%, respectively. Consequently, there were crucial reductions in both the use of antibiotics in the single and combination probiotic groups equaling 68.4% and 84.2% as well as in truancy days from group child care equaling 31.8% and 27.7%, respectively.

    Overall, the study results definitively prove the efficacy of probiotic supplementation in maintaining health and preventing disease. Since about 70% of a person’s immune system resides in the glands, mucosa, and mucosa-associated lymphoid system of the gastrointestinal tract, it is vital that the intestinal flora residing in the tract maintain optimal levels and function. The colonic bacteria that interact with the gastrointestinal lymphatic and immune tissue are what regulate the systemic immune system and inhibit the bacterial enzymes responsible for synthesizing colonic carcinogens. In other words, probiotics populate the gut and maintain a vibrant immune system by fending off foreign invaders from taking over while simultaneously assimilating vital nutrients from food and supplements.

  5. Excellent job Mr. CS!!!

    I am not surprised… your insight and discernment into the underlying causes of degenerative illness have long since earned my respect. I think that to say that you have been “guided” is obvious, because your position and your suggestions are grounded in wisdom and truth. Our views on what Morgellons is and isn’t are very similar, as well as how to go about “treating” it. Since you have graciously pointed out that our Burgstiner Wellness Protocol exists as a potential alternative to what you have so impressively assembled, I would like to share some thoughts with you on your protocol and how it compares to ours.

    I am glad to see from your last post that you are also taking digestive enzymes (although they were not included in your poor man’s protocol). Enzymes (Essential Digestion) are an integral part of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol because of their critical role in controlling inflammation, restoring the efficiency of digestion (and assimilation), and aiding in cellular detoxification. Along with the probiotics (Essential Flora), they help to maintain the integrity of the bowel, but especially for Morgellons patients who typically suffer from chronic inflammation and multiple infections, the importance of their “housekeeping role” over and above digestion cannot be overstated.

    For the same reasons, kudos on the high quality omega three content. Essential Omegas is likewise pristine (molecularly distilled and mercury, lead and PCB free), but also contains the only omega six fat that is often deficient, GLA as well as CLA to enhance overall lipid metabolism. Not only do omegas have potent anti-inflammatory properties, but they help rebuild the lining of the gut, naturally thin the blood, lubricate the joints, and they are quite literally brain food.

    I was impressed (but certainly not surprised) that you chose to invest in a high potency, multiple strain probiotic… nothing is more foundational to addressing the particular challenges of Morgellons. Our Essential Flora is a bit broader (three more strains) and more potent (15 Billion active cultures), but as you demonstrated, this is not the place to conserve costs.

    Certain people with badly compromised digestion (IBS, leaky gut, chronic candidiasis) might also need to add L- glutamine and eventually whey protein isolate to their regimen in order to rebuild the integrity of the gut.

    Your protocol places a high value on detoxification and recycling glutathione, the body’s quintessential antioxidant, which NAC does very well. However, with all due respect, nothing comes close to matching the overall detoxification potential of Liver CS Plus. The power of synergy is taken to its maximum advantage in that formula, which not only fuels stage one and two liver detox pathways and recycles glutathione very efficiently, but also strongly promotes liver regeneration.

    Up to this point, with the exception of the digestive enzymes, our protocols have been roughly equivalent (although ours is consistently a little broader in scope). Although they remain similar throughout, this is where the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol really begins to shine.

    The thing about your protocol that is most impressive is its emphasis on magnesium over calcium, which runs counter to conventional wisdom… even in the natural health community. Magnesium is far and away the most common nutrient deficiency in Americans, and since it is involved in more than 300 metabolic pathways, this is one of the key factors explaining why we lead the world in degenerative illness. Among other things, adequate magnesium levels are crucial to balancing pH, maintenance of blood pressure and heart rate, fueling cellular respiration in the mitochondria, maintaining proper calcium absorption, bone health, and hormonal regulation.

    MagnifiCal is truly a breakthrough in the nutritional formulation of natural medicines, and a cutting edge anti-aging product. Take a close, thoughtful look at it and you will see how it takes what you are doing with magnesium to quite another level. I invite you to contact me to discuss this at length, because restoring calcium absorption and reversing bone loss and calcification of soft tissues has a profound impact on human health and longevity.

    I believe that magnesium and iodine deficiency (and resulting thyroid suppression) may be the critical underlying factor that “opens the door” to Morgellons in many sufferers. Thyroid deficiency leads to immune suppression and chronic inflammation, two of the hallmark problems that are common to Morgellons patients. MagnifiCal contains both of these minerals along with many other critical bone nutrients. Please take a look at the articles on iodine on our website articles page, “Iodine – The Rest of the Story”, as well as “The Hidden Epidemic – Hypothyroidism Type II”.

    Complete Thymic Formula (CTF) is the foundation around which the entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is built. It offers a very comprehensive and therapeutic array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, herbs and glandular extracts to restore integrity (strength and balance) to immunity and vastly separates our two protocols in terms of the overall nutritional support contained in them. CTF is the seed that God planted through the legacy of my father, nutritional pioneer Carson B. Burgstiner MD that has matured over the last 12 plus years into the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

    I applaud your vision to add direct mitochondrial support. Although our protocol does contain very significant cellular energy (mitochondrial) support, we opted not to put small amounts of poorly absorbed ubiquinone (the commonly sold form of CoQ10) in our formulas which amounts to nothing more than expensive windowdressing. We do, however, offer (in one of the very few single ingredient products we make) ubiquinol (product name is Ubinol), which is the fully reduced form of CoQ10 that is up to eight times more effective at reaching target serum CoQ10 levels than regular ubiquinone.

    Once again, you are to be applauded for your efforts on behalf of the Morgellons community (and really all chronically ill people) in coming up with the Poor Man’s Protocol. Upon close inspection, however, I think that you will agree that for a very similar investment (actually less if you add the enzymes to yours), the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol offers a much broader base of synergistic nutritional support.

    I’ll tell you what I will do. Logos already offers a standing 20% discount on full wellness protocol orders which is reflected in the price that you quoted. For anyone who orders the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol online and identifies themselves as a “Mr. Common Sense reader” or mentions under order notes the “Poor Man’s Protocol for Morgellons”, we will add the Ubinol to their order (a $38.99 retail value) at no additional cost.

    Having served the Morgellons Community for some time now, I am familiar with the financial challenges that accompany the horrifying physical and emotional trauma and isolation that is being endured. We want to do all we can to reach out and encourage them with truth, love and incredible nutritional support.

    Thanks again MCS for your persistent efforts to make a difference.

    • Hi Mr. CS,

      For the convenience and edification of your readers, I just wanted to update you on what Logos Nutritionals has done since your original post on the PMP and my offer above.

      In order to eliminate any confusion in the ordering process and to ensure that Morgellons sufferers were given access to a full array of desperately needed natural medicines, we made available a separate page offering the Logos Morgellons Support Kit (which includes the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and the free Ubinol CoQ10).

      As you know, these products are all about restoring the integrity of the bioterrain and forming a strong defense to pathogens. In addition, we have made available and listed at the bottom of the Morgellons Support Kit page a number of new products that have proven to be very useful for a strong offense.

      These products are designed to take the fight to pathogens and help remove biofilm communities in which they thrive, such as Parabolish, Candida Rid, MagnifiZyme, Colostrum, and Olive Leaf Extract.

      Also included are formulas to promote dextoxification pathways such as the seven day “Spring Cleanse” program, MagnifiCleanse or the maintenance cleanse/fiber supplement, Colon Pro Health.

      Interestingly, we have found that with the addition of some of these formulas to the regimen of those taking Mel’s protocol, people are not only stabilizing and becoming symptom free quicker, but with far less herxheimer responses and setbacks along the way.

      Thanks once again for all you are doing for the cause of those who are learning how to overcome this plague.



  6. I just wanted to sy Thank You.I have read some other things You wrote and i liked them.This is a good service what You have done.It makes sense and I am going to do it.I am a nurse and I see the wisdom in this.Thank You also for Your sensitivity to our economic difficulties.I agree that We all can start a program of recovery without waiting for the ultimate permission .Western medicine is often based on a presumption of give me that 1 pill that does it all.This is a whole body approach which makes sense.Anyway it’s sure worth a try!!!I am very happy for Your increased health and recovery.Maybe if You can I can ,too. Thanks again,Rebecca Rose…Not saying it’s a cure either but I sure am gonna give it a shot!!!!(also Magnesium is very good for anxiety)

  7. […] it, and become symptom free. And from my first blog post on Toluene and Putida to my final “Poor Mans Protocol” post is my recorded journey. Call it want you want (non-scientific, embarrassingly naive, trying […]

  8. Hello. I have lyme disease and morgellons. I have contacted every site on the net and get no response for treatment. Except see your dr. Thats a laugh. It took me over 2 years to figure out I have TBI’s. As first test was neg and did antibiotics before next test 2 years later cos I was neuro and got a positive by Igenex. I have found several things to bring them out. Dawn, lemon juice, clindamycin gel, and dog flea and tick dip. I do the salt/c, b12 shots, e, thyroid, Cq10, fish oil, coconut oil, on top of everything else I have to do for the lyme. I have read the latest research concerning its kinship to gall. And I have theory that it is biotech related to corn smut. So now what? Do the doggie flea and tick dip? Are there any fungicides we can try? I did colloidal silver for several months and it did not cure it.

  9. Mr. Common Sense,
    What about the Anu Water? Do you believe that will help? I was just about to purchase some. What about Trish’s products as well?
    Should I go with Anu/ESP or do the Poor Mans Protocol?
    Or Both? I just want your opinion only. I know you are not a doctor.

  10. Alright, Mr. Common Sense… You had me at hello.
    No seriously, I’ll do your poor man’s protocol (PMP). If ppl are really getting better doing the PMP, why the heck not, right? I’d be foolish to not do it and keep on doubting and speculating whether it really works while I continue to suffer and keep trying the things that I think it might work only to find out that it really doesn’t.

    My biggest obstacle has been unbelief in PMP, and it’s for a good reason. I’ve tried EVERYTHING already regarding internals. MMS, antibiotics (bactrim), salt and c, MSM, E, B12, iodine, mollecula silver, ionic sulfur and copper, Logos products (including probiotic), you name it, I’ve been there. And I’m still with this thing. But now, I am forcing myself to get over the obstacle and try PMP.

    If it works awesome and you will be my hero (after God, sorry, have to put him first :), and if it doesn’t, I won’t come here barking up a storm discrediting the PMP. No hard feelings and I’ll just move on trying other possibilities.

    I will say, it’s so hard to literally ignore the whatever the pathogens that are out there or make myself believe that the spoon is not really there. This is something that’s fundamentally different about you and me maybe. I believe the spoon exists – and I know you’ve said that you believe there are pathogens too but you decided not to focus your energy on it. As long as I get a attacked when I drive my car for example or when I see ppl around me itching, it’s hard to dissociate my mind from pathogens.

    Regardless, Whole Foods here I come…

    PS – Since there seem to be a few on here that believe in God, I’ll make it clear that my God is Jesus Christ. I don’t know when but I know He’s going to rescue me from this in due time. “The God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” 1 Peter 5:10 NIV

    • kixx,
      i have had morgellons for 5 yrs now. i use tree tea oil an alot germ x an benadry 3 a day to keep the itching down.i eat no red meat. i eat alot salads an yogart an drink alot milk. but i also have fibermalgia-rhemotory arthrities – gout-osto arthrities. i am not a kid, i am older an wiser now. try tea tree oil ,it does work any thing that has it in it rather, its body soap-sprays ,try it u may be suprized bye it.i take no vits. i alos have hep c.dont take any thing for it.
      always mary-or spirit chaser. oh i live fla.my email is marymar369@aol.com.
      let me know how it does on u.

    • I have suffered for three years withlyme disease and morgellons.This year in the month of August 2010,the infromation of what morgellons is was given to me. why I got it and from where I got it. There is no cure.I have had to fight this problem all alone with only Gods help and I can tell you that The poor mans protocol is so close to what I have been doing to stay one step away from deaths door, the only difference is I take peppermint[Dr. bronners] on my skin in my bath and sometimes on my head all night. This brings the bots up,very painful but most affective. Large doses of powdered Vit,C and 7000 unites f D. I also when I have the money buy CELLFOOD.My most affective herbs are chapperal,and Thyme.I also use GSE from Nutribiotic,Sulfer from Nustock Co.I was cured I though for about 5month in august of this year I was infected again with morgellons.To date I have 14 lesions in my body and no medical help.This is Lab created.My DNA has been altered by this disease.in August two small white nematoid came out of my right ear,both were dead they were adenafied as screw worm larvae.Cattle disease. There are no cattle anywhere near my state.The larva was found in my Apt. Along with two others kinds of larva and a small white vile with larvae still in tact.These items were quickly removed.I now have medical and am declared disabled,Test showed the leasions growing and thats that God will do the rest. thank you Carol 11-10-2010

  11. […] Arthropods such that they couldn’t move. However, also very effective is the sulfur soap on my Poor Mans Protocol. Key to this though long term is correcting your terrain. Did you know an acidic PH lies behind […]

  12. Hi MCS,

    I got started on PMP today. It was expensive shopping at Whole Foods but I guess I need to think in more of per day cost to ease the pain, which isn’t that bad as you say.

    I had to substitute certain products with either Whole Foods brand ones like L-Carnitine and Milk Thistle b/c the either the ones you recommended were out of stock or it was a lot more expensive than expected and the store guy helping me (very knowledgeable guy) thought the substitution was ok. I wanted to stick to the PMP products as much as possible so if they didn’t work as expected, product substitution was not the cause. He also did comment that when taking L-Carmitine, since it’s got amino acids, if you’re eating a meal w/ amino acid (like meat), then don’t take it then or the amino acid from L-Carmitine will compete against the one from the meal and the absorption will not be as effective… so best to wait til a bit of time after the meal.

    The Whole Foods I went to didn’t stock the probiotic you recommended at all so I’ll have to order that online.

    BTW, do you have any thoughts about taking MMS w/ PMP? I’ve been on MMS for about a week now and didn’t want to quit but wasn’t sure how sodium chlorite might play with PMP.


  13. Kixx, I think Substitution is probably fine, though I would definitely use the CALM mag, and yes, the folks at whole foods at least in my experience are pretty knowledgeable. Always take amino’s between meals, they are to be absorbed not digested. You can probably take any good probiotic, I don’t know how you’d order it because it must remain cold. If you’re doing MMS I would just stick with that for now, I have never done it, but a good probiotic probably would be a good idea in case it wipes out your gut flora. Basically, nothing on my PMP isn’t anything that already isn’t in your body (and it should be) so that’s good. But MMS is some funky stuff. I wouldn’t mix too many things in with that. Let us know how that goes.

  14. hi my name is mary i live fla, i have had morgellons for 5 yrs now,know where it came from. i was landscaping a yard ,an it either came from steer soil or the top soil that i got at local company. the night went on after good shower,, an next morning looked like i had measles,no itch yet.finished the yard an then it was really bad. went to several doctors only to be told they had no idea what it was. the itch was out sight then the leisons began. they do hibernate in winter months.
    i have found that tree tea oil helps me alot, also in wash water when washing cloths.
    i still have them mostly on arms -shoulders.an they itch alot when get sweaty.
    wish i had some insight on this bad diease.there is no cure i know of. i cant take no vits for this as have liver diease.
    i wish evyone luck on this. god be with all u.mary.

    • sistertocommonsense said:

      What area are you located in Florida. I have approx 65 clients in Florida that I am working with.
      Sister to Common Sense

      • HI I was reading this blog and saw your post..where in florida are you..im in delray beach
        my email michaust2004@yahoo.com..i just got morgellons 6 7 wks ago, I believe my 5 yr old daughter has it and I am so worried

  15. myeyesRewideopen said:

    Dear Mary,
    You may want to try virgin coconut oil on your hair and scalp. I order from a company called Tropical Traditions. They have soap and creams that are organic and natural. I also use Young Living theraputic oils. I add their Theives blend to my water…several dropsI Yes Theives is the blend that the actually black plaugue theives would rug all over themselves and would go and rob the plaugue victims. They did not get ill and walked about freely. This is also good for the flu and colds.
    I too have rhuematoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I live on the east coast of FL. I am sorry you cannot take supplements. Young living oils cannot be purchased in a store only on line thru a distributor or online at their main site. I use Lavendar which is a SAFE oil for anyone. I also like to mix alittle peppermint with it to get rid of any itching on my head. We use lots of witch hazel and large cotton balls to cleanse our skin which removes the black specs and fibers.
    My family, three seperate households have just gotten this terrible stuff two months ago and have been trying many things. My mother is using the medical approach and is having a horror show! I have been using natural organic shampoos, remedies, ect. My fibers and nano tubes are internal. In my lungs which I cough up, excrete and also douche out. Am I losing my mind?!!!!!
    I thank the creater of this blog because I am really learning alot from him and his research. Thank you for bringing some many people together.

  16. Dear CS,
    Would you please email me?
    I would like very much to speak with you.
    I would very much like to link your blog to my website?
    Would that be okay?


    Blessings my brother
    Pamela Mae

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  18. This morning I ordered the Logos Nutritional kit after I realized that I was probably doing harm to myself by assembling my own kit.

    My doctor told me to take three calcium pills (600 mg each) a day, but he did not ask if I take a multi-vitamin and he did not ask if I chew tums. Also he did not ask if I take Vitamin D supplements. So, I have been getting way too much calcium and that can cause KIDNEY STONES!

    Also, I was taking too much Vitamin C and clear blisters were developing in my mouth.

    I totally believe in your protocol, Mr. Common Sense, and I am SO GRATEFUL that you are helping people such as myself find a way to control Morgellon’s, but we do need to carefully evaluate what we’re doing if we’re doing the Poor Man’s Protocal PLUS taking other additional supplements.

    Mr. Common Sense, you are a God-send!

    • Ya, that’s a lot of Calcium, I know a womans calcium needs are different than a mans though. From what I understand Magnesium and Vitamin C both will help disolve kidney stones and more importantly prevent them from forming. Also, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are all important in balancing the acids the body creates. To be honest, I stick with pretty much the RDA amounts on everything. I think honestly people are taking way too much stuff. That is why I say stop taking anything for two weeks and see how you feel, if you feel better, you know you need to back off, add things slowly and see what works. Do some reading on Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, all very important to be balanced (and not overdone). I NEVER recommend supplimenting with Potassium, always get it through OJ (which is very alkalizing by the way) or potatoes or other foods rich in Potassium. I do basically two teaspoons full of the CALM mag a day, that’s less than even the RDA. Cutting out sweets and a good probiotic have done wonders for me.

      When I posted the poor mans protocol that was all I was taking, in fact, I have been very lax and am barely taking anything right now. What worked for me seems almost too simple to improve ones health but in my case it worked.

      • Thank you for clarifying that you follow RDA! And thank you for the comment about potassium!

        I have been taking potassium supplements AND iodine drops in beverages!

        As you can tell, I don’t know much about nutrition and that’s why I probably ended up with Morgellon’s. I’m having to learn fast, though!

    • I know the post is old, but it sent a red flag and I had to say. Kidney stones are not caused from to much Calcium. Its backwards. When your body is starving for Calcium it trys to hoard what little that goes through and builds up into Kidney stones. Try to find a Shaklee dealer that can explain this better than I can. If you can not I know a Shaklee dealer that keeps a library on subjects like this and I can have her pull it up for me and I can e-mail it.

      In Light Lynn

      In Light Lynn

  19. Dear Mr. Common Sense

    It has been about 4 months since you posted the poor mans protocol – now – in December of 09 would you recommend the poor man’s protocol or the Wellness Protocol?
    It’s not about the money for me (though it is tight) It’s about getting better! Your words will be very helpful to me.

  20. Dear Mr. Common sense,
    Can you please clear up something for me, do these bugs ( or whatever they are ) thrive in Alkalined body or does it deter them, some say they thrive in Alkalinity ? I am taking PH drops to keep alkaline around 7.5 Should I go the other way? To acidity ? Also drink DE 1 tble a day at night w/ 4 oz water, take 15 drops GSE per day , 2 droppers Silver per day ,1 EpiCor for immune . Use 20 M.T. BORAX in laundry & carpets ,along with DE in puffer . Cats are on Revolution their ok now, no head shaking ! Use menthol powder on sheets to stop biting , spray w/ windex , wht. vinegar ( seperate ) wash floors w/ borax , keeps down crawling & biting . Any info will be appreciated .

    • My personal opinion is that Akalinity is better, mine never even gets to 7.5 but I take Magnesium and get my pottasium from Orange Juice, it is this minerals that really boost your Alkalinity, you need calcium to of course, this is why I don’t use artificial PH buffers, I feel if you’re acidic your lacking this basic minerals and they are so key to good health, so while you could jack up your PH with other things it might not be beneficial. Almost all of the reading I have done leads me to beleive that having an acidic body is bad news.

      I would avoid Windex, did you know that it is basically a pesticide and very toxic, google it and you will see. I am not a doctor but I certainly wouldn’t strive for an acidic body. As long as your don’t have kidney problems try that CALM magnesium I take, just do the recommended dose with is 400 mg a day, I think you’ll see that not only do you not need an artificial PH booster (I would stop taking it once you try the Mag) but you’re health will greatly improve, at least mine did.

      Finally, I don’t see you listing any probiotics, I strongly recommend them, the gut is a big part of this, I don’t use any chemicals or do any cleaning whatsover, I gave up on that part of the fight long before I got better, which means in my case anyway, the battle was mostly internal, the less chemicals the better I think.

  21. I am reordering my Logos vitamins this morning.

    You will think I’m nuts when I tell you this, but it is true:

    I have not felt suicidal since I started the Wellness protocol. During my entire life, suicide has been constantly on my mind.

    You would think that if I had a reason for suicide, contracting Morgellon’s would push me over the edge. Not so – because I started taking these vitamins.

    I’m not talking about results for just a week or two …I’ve been taking these vitamins for 2 or 3 months. This is a solid track record of improved mental health.

    Also, my hair has turned darker and darker and it has grown back in. It had turned snow white and thinned to the point where I could see my scalp. (I am 58).

    These vitamins are worth every cent! If you can’t afford the Logos brand, buy the equivalents in your grocery store. AND THANK YOU, MR. COMMON SENSE, FOR PUBLISHING YOUR POOR MAN’S PROTOCOL.

  22. Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    I posted a reply to you previously, but you didn’t respond. Hopefully, it was nothing I wrote. Could you elaborate on two things from above or direct me to a prior post if you’ve already elaborated on them.

    First, you say above that you gave up on “cleaning” long ago, and focused on the internal battle. The Nanotrans Team places such an emphasis on cleaning, and as I noted in my earlier post, I cannot seem to resolve “cleaning” my workspace. If cleaning can be abandoned, then I guess I would do that.

    Second, above and in your first YouTube video, you mention both your poor man’s protocol products as well as the Logos products. Are these groups duplicative, or would taking both add to strengthening one’s terrain.

    Thanks for all you’ve done Mr. Common Sense.


    • In all honestly I totally gave up on the cleaning protocol, just got sick of it, I wasn’t getting any better. Now, you gotta realize I live out of single laundry basket to this day, and pretty much shower only in the basement shower and I stay mostly in the part of the house with wooden floors. Also, I slept on a leather couch for two years and don’t think things can live on that like a cloth bed. I always did my laundry in peppermint soap so in that sense I was cleaning, but that’s about it.

      My Poor Mans Protocol (PMP) and the Logos products overlap, I was just showing how you could probably buy the Logos stuff and almost accomplish the same thing as my poor mans protocol. Remember, I am not a doctor or even a nutritional expert. I only did the Poor Mans Protocol and not other things. For instance, I have the CALM mag in the PMP and Logos has Magnifical, you wouldn’t want to double up on things.

      • Hi Mr. Common Sense. I am disabled and could not keep up with the cleaning as others do. I even found vaccuming only made the worse. I had to resort to spraying things daily with Echo Orange and Murphys oil soap. Once I got on a protocal to start taking care of my internals things in the house got better. I am not well yet, but getting there with some struggling. Keeping up with my shower routines it bad enough on my crippled hips.

        In Light Lynn

  23. […] a comment » I’m working on PMP II (and update to my Poor Mans Protocol) which I think is going to be terrific for me. One thing I wanted to get a handle on is what is the […]

  24. Hey mr cs
    appreciate what your doing here. I like your theory and am about to give it a whirl. I feel some of my symptoms are quite similar to those u experienced/described so i have extra faith this may work well for me. For example I only seem to have one or two “lesions” and the rest are more zit like with white crust that just never really go away and also little cuts that spontaniously appear on my hands(both seem gel like). I get the fast heart beat/pain and headaches definately joint pain, muscle twitching, black dots, skin rash, etc. The eye issues are really bugging me. My most severe problems i feel are my eyes and the Crawling feeling but anyway the list goes on and on. I wanted to ask you about the probiotic you have listed here. I got almost everything on the pmp at whole foods but couldn’t find that probio. I mainly wanted it to cleanse gut since that seems crucial here, so I got one called New chapter probiotic all flora. This seems to focus there however Im concerned about soil bacteria in it which you stated above is bad so i researched a little a found others with similar opinion. Being all that I’ve heard about morgellons starting with soil I agree and would definately not want to take that but I don’t know if its in this particular pro bio. I would like to know where you got yours listed above if not at whole foods or if you know of any other good ones that definatly don’t have the SB in it.
    Thanks and I appreciate what yer doin here, hopefully it works for me and many others.

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      C, a couple of things here. For your eyes you might try the Similasan “Stye Eye Relief” it has Sulphur 12X in it but it doesn’t burn. I have used it many times and think anything morg’s doesn’t like Sulphur.

      Now, on the probiotics I play it safe, I’m surprised the whole foods you went to didn’t have the brand I bought there, let me tell you whats it mine, I just grabbed it out of the fridge.

      There are 12 strains in it for a count of 12 billion per capsule, the 12 strains are only of these two types (with various types within the sub type)


      Of course I eat yougurt too. But I stay away with things with strep this and strep that in it though they say those are normal, just makes me paranoid. A lot of folks like the Jarrow Megadolphilus but it has all kinds of things in it, probably okay, I’m just overparanoid, any good probiotic is going to help.

      I did get mine at whole foods, feel free to ask any follow ups …

  25. thanks. yeah im just gonna try to find that type I think theres another whole foods and maybe the vit. shoppe will have it since they do at least on their site. my eyes are already starting to clear up using antifungals so if they dont get any better I’ll def. try that. I also got to find the sulfur soap ( forgot to check for that at WF not sure theyd have it anyway) but can’t wait to get this goin.

  26. Hello;

    I’ve purchased most of these products and have been using them, the most recent addition being the carnitine. I’ve been feeling kinda better, but my question is this: do symptoms get worse before they go away? The top of my head is the last hold out, and it seems to be worse, although overall things are better. Comments?

  27. Stuart Graner said:

    According to your Poor Man’s Protocal, the Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 is taken with a meal which is the same as the instruction on the bottle. Other areas of the web say to take it on an empty stomach to avoid stimulation of the digestive enzyme secretion, which accompanies the entry of food into the stomach and which could have an adverse effect on probiotic preparations. This has led to confusion and has delayed the start of trying your protocal.

    • Hi Mr. C,

      I was reading here and saw that it appears Stuart’s question was never addressed. Even though it has been a long while since he asked it and he may not still be around, other people may have similar concerns. Therefore, I offer the following response:

      While it is true that eating food elicits a gastric response that includes the release of acids, digestive enzymes and bile salts, the pH of the stomach is always very acidic. It is quite obvious that our Creator’s intention was and is that we access beneficial bacteria from the foods we eat… when we eat as He intended.

      However, man’s so called wisdom and the pursuit of convenience, shelf life (as well as industrial farming techniques and the lust for profit) has resulted in dietary habits that are far removed from God’s plan for mankind.

      No longer do we consume fresh organic fruits and vegetables direct from our garden. If we eat them at all, they are likely grown from GMO seeds in nutrient depleted soil, poisoned with herbicides and pesticides, picked before they are ripe, gassed, radiated, and shipped from the other side of the world to your local grocer.

      The most likely source of dietary probiotics is from fermented foods such as yogurt or kefir, but commercial products are typically loaded with sugar which more than offsets any potential health benefits they might offer.

      The best way to get your probiotics is through supplementation with a high potency, muti-strain source of shelf stable, acid stable cultures such as the one Mr. C mentions above or of course the Logos formula, Essential Flora.

      Either one may be safely taken with or without food, but as I already pointed out, God’s original delivery system for probiotics has always been food.

  28. CrazyFingers said:

    Was looking at the peppermint soap and they seem to suggest that it can be used on skin:


    Is this the same stuff your talking about? I didn’t see anything labeled explicitly for laundry.

    Its interesting though – I’ve used this soap in the past on my skin and I do think it dries my skin out, and perhaps this allows nasty critters to get in?

    Anyone have a site online where I can get the sulfur bath soap?

    … Peace …

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Yes, you can use Dr. Bonners in the bath, but it has to be very, very diluted and they don’t tell you how much, I tried it twice, it always made me nervous and I never did it again. My advice, use it in laundry only.

      Look at my recent Poor Mans Protocol II Post, just made a few days ago, it has a link to Walmart where you can search and see if a store near you has the Sulfur soap.

      If not click here:


      But try the WalMart link on my PMP II post first, you might be able to just pick it up.

      I have ordered from Mexigrocer before, I order them by the case (12 bars of soap)


      • There is a sulfur/salicylic acid ointment used for years as a mainstay in Black hair care called Glover’s medicated ointment. Cost for a large tub: $7-10. Can be found in most Black hair care shops. I compound this ointment with other antiparisitic essential herbs. By massaging, I apply a lot of it to my whole body after the epsom salt and borax baths. So I treat the skin while sleeping. We prescribe sulfur creams for MRSA, so I know this will work on mild skin infections. I never leave the house without apply a small amount to my scalp. As this was a major source on infestation at the beginning and I lost my hair every where. Now its normal.
        The BIG TAKE HOME MESSAGE “IS” STRENGHEN THE TERRAIN! and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

        Has anyone investigated G. Naessems theory of the Somatid biology. This may all be INITIATED via a stress response….something to think about and change our life styles to get beyond survival…

    • http://www.espbotanicals.com/strongest_organic_skin_care-new_hope_two.html

      Hello Crazyfingers

      Half way down on the page. Best soap ever for detering bugs. Gave me alot of help. The price for shipping will come out wroung, but do not worry. She corrects it when filling a order. So the real amount you will be charged is 25 dollars for 4 bars of soap with the shipping already in that amount. The white boxes of soap is her sulfar soap. I know 5 others who love this soap.

      In Light Lynn

  29. janet ramsey said:

    Dear Mr. CS, Do these things bite you when you’re outside? I fear being outdoors and work outside. I have to keep my job. I’ve been using a protocol, but will add some of the things in the PMP you suggest. I am much better than I was a year ago, but still having suicidal thoughts. Do you have any suggestions?
    Sincerely, Janet

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Janet, see my new post as well, the “Poor Mans Protocol II”, you can find a link to it on the bottom of my All Articles page.

      First, let my say that I consider myself symptom free now, I also still do a lot of yard work, and every once in a while I do feel like something “has got on me” while I’m outside, but within a few hours it’s gone. I do not think it’s bugs, but it’s some environmental factor, maybe fungal spores or whatever that our body has an extreme histamine response too.

      The fact that you are better than you were a year ago should be very encouraging to you. It takes time, but I believe once you are improving you will continue to improve, I had set backs right up until when I became symptom free, honestly, the body is doing it’s job, just hang in there and let it work. Please see my PMP II post.

      As far as the suicidal thoughts go please don’t entertain them, I had them too, I think we all experience that, but they are more physical than phychological, at least they were in my case, I think the toxins from die off (probably mostly candida and other fungi) cause a lot of those feelings.

      Hang in their Janet, you are not alone, we are here for you. Remember, you are better than you were, keep at it …

  30. Susan Myers said:

    Mr. Common Sense,
    Thank you for this website. I’m about to begin changing my terrain and am looking for some clarification. I feel these mites everywhere in my house, especially in the carpet, papers and untreated wood (around the bottom of my kitchen cabinets). Did you feel these things in your home and if so, how did you eliminate them? Or…when you changed your terrain were you then unaffected by the mites? My husband walks through the house and never feels a thing…..it’s amazing. Thank you for any information that you can provide.

  31. Hi,

    I am going to start this as soon as I can. I’m not sure if I Morgellon’s or not, or Lyme or not…or if all we have are mites. I’m thinking that by helping to restore my health – I can’t hurt anything. I was wondering though, are you a vegetarian or just don’t eat red meat? Did you decide to do that because of Morgellons or for other reasons? Thank you so much for taking the time to help people…I don’t just speak for myself when I say that it is so greatly appreciated.

  32. summergirl7733 said:

    Another product that is inexpensive is also found in the Black hair section in Dollar General, Family Dollar, Food Lion or Wal-Mart ids a scalp conditioning treatment called Sulfur8.It contains 2% sulfur, lanolin and menthol and can be applied 1-4 times a day.n acne treatment in the hispanic section at Food Lion or Wal-mart is Pomada De Azufre which has a specially processed microcrystalline 10% sulfur in a wate washable base. Both are under $5.00.

  33. Magnesium seems to be the key. Candida Albicans cannot survive in a magnesium heavy environmnet. I have the Collembola style Morgellons and the first time I sent it into remission, I was covering myself from head to toe in Epsom salts( Magnesium Sulfate), Over a period of time, I thought I Killed all the bugs this way, I think I just killed the Candida which was attracting them, since it infected me pretty good. I have been taking heavy doses of magnesium and my symptoms are getting less and less, without doing anything to my environment. Which is why I believe most who have these conditions have Lyme, and Candida is usually right there with it in most cases.
    A year later it came back after I lost a bunch of weight and I was very depressed at the time and drinking heavy. Well the Candida smell stores in your fat, losing all the weight coupled with my poor diet, it came back with a vengeance. Which seems to work with the problem intensifying with some people while sweating.
    I will be checking out a product called DermaMag soon, it’s absorbed through the skin, and see how it works.
    Currently taking about 3000% of my magnesium intake a day and using epsom salts to rub my body down out of the shower and my symptoms have almost evaporated in a week and a half. Bugs are still there, as I think they always are to a certain degree, they just aren’t interested. Will continue with other protocol to help rid them as much as possible from the environment, and see how it goes.
    As always, with Magnesium, however you choose to use it, make sure your kidneys are ok before doing so.
    Big thank you to Mr. Common Sense for this site, and my heart goes out to all of us battling this.
    Best wishes.

  34. when i read or hear that someone, anyone, has recovered or half rcovered from morgellons disease i am so grateful. it gives me hope that myself and others may heal as well. that hope was some welcome medicine that worked while i searched and waited for something to help. you worked hard for your health and i love hearing about it.
    i also agree that while finding the cause of morgellons is very important it is more important that those of us that suffer find relief asap. i am very thankful for all the people doing research but all the anxiety ridden fear mongers might give it a rest. we have enough to deal with.
    as for what and where morgellons came from consider this: if someone broke into your house and threatened the lives of you and your family, do you stop to ask thier name and address before you hit them on the head with a bat?

  35. NE Morgie said:

    I am sure many Morgellons sufferers will relate to the fact that one can remember the exact date in which whatever these organisms are became active in our bodies. My battle started on October of 2010 but I did not start fighting them until February of 2011. I have tried almost everything suggested by websites but I think I came upon a vital, life saving realization. Like Mr. Common Sense says, it is all about the terrain and body chemistry!!!!

    I believe Morgellons is a challenging disease to conquer (notice not impossible) BECAUSE it requires a person to make LIFESTYLE changes. In traditional Western medicine we are taught not to be responsible for our health as medicines treat symptoms and we can ignore disease. Since Morgellons has no approved treatment yet, we must take the healthier road and change the lifestyle and the diet.

    Although there is a cleaning and vitamin/supplement protocol that I follow religiously, I have noticed that diet improves the most disturbing symptoms and strongest symptoms I get, crawling sensations. Has anyone experienced with specific foods and how they affect the symptoms?

    For me, I have noticed that whenever I experience intense crawling sensations I can get them reduced if I eat the following foods (all of them highly alkalizing):

    – Beets (My god do these help like nothing else. It is unbelievable)
    – Papayas (instant crawling relief)
    – Plain yogurt
    – Apricots
    – Almost every green veggie and most fruits help too

    In addition I follow this protocol everyday (butI take a one day break once in a while)
    I take the following in the morning
    – 2 garlic capsules
    – 1 500mc of MSM
    – 1 Liver detox (dont know ingredients top of my head but can look if anyone is interested)
    – 1 Womans Once a Day multi-vitamin
    – 137.5mc of levothyroxine (I am hypothyroid)
    – 1000mg of Vitamin D once a week
    – 1000mg of Vitamin C (i also take them whenever the crawling bothers me but I try not to exceed 3000mg or I get a stomachache)
    – I eat a full cup of plain yogurt

    I follow the same protocol at night without the levothyroxine, multi-vitamin and vitamin D. I add CALM Magnesium to relax and aid in sleeping. I swear by it. Thanks Mr. CS!

    For Skin care
    – Coconut oil in the morning (the moisture can make sleeping impossible at night, so do it during the day when it can be ignored)
    – Vitmain C lotion (makes them come out! and smells great)

    For the Scalp
    – Jason’s Tea Tree Shampoo
    – Coconut oil. I leave it on for an hour before washing. Goodbye lesions on my scalp.

    For Cleaning
    – Mix in a bottle of water, 2 cups of hot water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of borax. I spray daily or once every two days.

    For Laundry (this has worked so well that I do not need to bag my clothes and sometimes can wear some items more than once!
    – I cup of Borax
    – I cup of OxyClean
    – A squirt of Dr. Bonners Peppermint Soap
    – Two Bounce dryer sheets in the dryer

    I am not cured but I am improving! It has been a month and although I still struggle with some days I find that most now are tolerable if not symptoms free the majority of the time. HOWEVER, I could use more help in stopping the crawling sensations (now a bothersome tingle but I want to rid myself of them!) Any suggestions? Please advise

    This is working for me. I believe it may help you but one must always use common sense when tailoring suggested protocols. Be patient. If you are proactive, it will get better.

    • Thanks for the information, I do use oxi clean to bath and launder, and some other items, I find adding idolized salt in the bath, the last couple weeks, have been bringing these out. I use coconut body wash, coconut cream rinse also. I will be trying the other items and vitamins you said asap. I have been drinking every moring for a month or longer. a tbs of de.a tbs of bentonite detox, a tsp of psylllium husk powder, in a large glass a water, mix, and drink fast and takin a multi-enzyme formula. I have to admit, first week, fibers coming out like crazy, now, one or two hear and there. But, the specks are driving me mad still. Nothing will get rid of them. Any, ideas? I will start on your protocol asap, I have most of the vitamins already, I stopped taking them for awhile. I guess I need to get back on them.

    • Hi NE Morgie,

      I believe you have found the key for I have been working on it which is as you said, the foods that are alkaizing seem to make you feel better. I have stuggled with this since summer of 09. If I knew then what I knew now, I feel I would have this under control. I read somewhere that cancer can survive in an acid environment. My cousin died of cancer in March and he was just starting to realize that he needed to get his body from acid to alkaline, but he found out too late, he was too far gone.
      I came across this book “The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health by Christopher Vasey, N.D. and if I had read it long ago I would have saved myself lots of money and I might be out of the woods by now. The only thing that I question and would like to know if anyone knows??: Mr. Vasey says that the more ripe a banana is that it becomes more acid so he is saying the unripe bananas are better for you which could make sense. But in other books I read they say the opposite.

      Mr. C/S diet makes sense but it helps to know about the foods. Eating sweets or sugars is a no, no, I see them come back with vengence. Getting my PH up to 7 I noticed they are cut down a lot and hardly notice I have anything. My trick is to keep my ph in the 7 range. I feel if I can get my ph up and keep it there for a month, I will have it licked. By doing blood tests I found that my WBC was down also but again that Acid/ Alkaline books explains it all.

      Other things that have helped me for the environment, the menthol crystals as Mr. C/S mentioned in one of his posts, the infrered pad he also mentioned, and I have used the MMS for washing my clothes in the beginning but no longer have problems with the clothes or the environment because of these things I used.
      I am hoping that in a month I will know if I have this in remissions. (Many believe that it is like chicken pox, it stays in your system dormant until you let your guard down.!!) I can attest to this and others have posted 30 years with in and out of remission.
      Hope by posting that book, it will help others!!’ Lyn

  36. Rosamond said:

    Somehow I was reinfected. Sadly, I have a strong hunch that my husband is asymptomatic and that skin to skin contact is causing this. Anyway, in reflecting on the protocol that I used prior to rid the stinging, crawling and bites (mine are tiny little holes, but they are straight and not round), I remembered
    an inexpensive treatment that worked quickly to eliminate the problem from my scalp and then gradually the rest of my skin. I didn’t invent the treatment on my own, I read about it here http://www.avianweb.com/bitingmitestreatment.html. There are a lot of suggestions on this site, but I found the one for boric acid powder to be very effective. It has not made me feel ill and it is working. I’m hoping to be all better for the swim season!

  37. The sulfur soap formula has changed. The internet listings do not state the percentage of sulfur used in the product. I will post the percentage when I find it.

    Listing says:


    Description: GRISI Sulfur soap is for Acne treatment. Sulfur treatment, when used regularly, is effective in the treatment of acne. It may take 1-8 weeks for an improvement to occur in the skin, depending on the severity of each case. For better results with Acne, we recommend you use this product in conjunction with our Sulfur Ointment and Madre Perla Bleach Cream .

    Directions: Wet affected area with warm water. Apply soap and make abundant suds. Leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Repeat 2 or 3 times daily or as directed by a doctor.

    Other Uses: Sulfur is great for the treatment of scabies and lice in babies under 2 months, pregnant women and breast feeding women since it is much safer than most over the counter medicines that target scabies and lice. Tips and Tricks: Don’t over wash or use harsh scrubs. Remember, acne is not caused by dirt. Two gentle washings a day is sufficient. Too much cleaning can leave skin irritated and dry, triggering glands to produce more oil, increasing the likelihood of pimples. Use oil-free or non-comedogenic products (those that won’t clog pores) on your face. Don’t squeeze or pick blemishes. Popping pimples can drive acne bacteria deeper into the skin. Picking can lead to more inflammation and permanent scarring. Watch what you eat. Eating greasy foods can increase the breakout of pimples. Don’t let acne define who you are. Do the things you can to improve your skin, and then get back to doing the things you enjoy.

    Size: 4.4 oz.

    Not for children under 12 years .

  38. what didnt kill me made me stronger said:

    God bless your heart. My 22nd birthday was last week and suffering for a few weeks short of a year, I prayed and hoped that it was in the Lord’s plans with granting me some sort of relief by my birthday and though I ended up to enjoying my symptom-full night out with friends to the fullest I could endure, I didn’t expect such a wonderful post to cross me during one of my routine insomnia-filled iphone-research nights. I only had vitamin C and began that and though I was sleep-deprived when the tingling and craziness in the soles of my feet and scalp begin shooting out causing freakish acne and eversoslowly healing lesions, within 30 mins of taking Origin 500mg vitamin c chewable tablet w rosehips….my symptoms dramtically decreased. I truly believe this disease of many is Gods way of showing the end of times is very near and very real. Through this year of suffering, multiple miadiagnoses, losing high-end fashion retail position, focusing on school, and the many other stressors of this journey called life, I am left with thankfulness. It took an apocalypse for me to finally turn back to God to be my stronghold. I see this whole fiasco as a wayof God showing me that he loves me that much..that 13 years ago when I gave him my heart and accepted Him into my life..He is still to this very day tugging at my heart to open my eyes and be aware of Satans deceitful ways of making finding happiness in this temporary life on earth seem like it will last forever.

    Revelations 21:4 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    ^that is the life i need to be focusing on. the one that lasts for eternity.

    thank you, again. i feel like i can go in public places much more comfortably now.

  39. NE Morgie,

    I believe you have learned the key to getting well (watching your PH) but you also need to have testing done to see what your body is lacking and what progress you are making. My Dr. knows nothing about morgellons but I take in what I have learned and she moniters my progress because I had low White Blood count, my throid was off ph was acid, and lacking some vitamins and minerals. After doing the test from Great Plains Lab she perscribed things that GPL said would help my body (as you know people’s bodies are different and we react to different things.) Also some things are good for Cancer, heart conditions but may not be good for all conditions. When you eat anything be sure if you are eating acid foods, off set it by more alkaline things. I believe the key to getting well is getting the body’s ph to 7 or 7.5 and staying there.

    , people who have heart conditions are told to eat walnuts, where as for Morgellons almonds are the best for you. Also soy is acid while the best milk is almond milk ( I have tried Silk Almond milk but like the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze best. Remember that sweetened things make whatever more acid so keep that in mind when buying things.

    The very first things I saw on Mr. CS site was Dr. Proctor’s video about the swimming pool and it took me over one year to go back and review some of the things I read because we are so miserable when trying to fight the morgies we grasps for every straw.
    I recommend people to read acouple of books on Acid/Alkaline but after reading three I found some contradictory things on the food list so I have been actually testing the ones I can myself. I also heard awhile back that cancer cannot survive in an Akaline environment so that is where I am concentrating the most along with something similar to Mr. CS and loading up on probotics and taking an enzyme. I can prove to those who do not believe that there is some type of parastie involved

  40. Dear All –
    Below is a case study on the use of oral levamisole that produced rapid and lasting recovery in a 52 year old male who suffered from recurrent erythematous papules, plaques, pustules and abscesses over the anterior chest, abdomen and back with severe pruritus for four years.


    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      A 52-year-old man suffered from recurrent erythematous papules, plaques, pustules and abscesses over the anterior chest, abdomen and back with severe pruritus for four years. He was under long term systemic steroid treatment for more than 4 years due to arthralgia. Steroid-induced folliculitis or Pityrosporum folliculitis was impressed at first, but treatment with systemic, minocyclin and topical benzoyl peroxide for 4 weeks and systemic itraconazole for another 4 weeks showed no improvement. A skin biopsy of an abscess taken from the back revealed a perifollicular infiltration with plasma cells, neutrophils, eosinophils and some foreign body giant cells. Within the sebaceous duct and gland, there were Demodex mites. KOH examinations of the specimens from abscesses revealed many Demodex brevis mites. The skin lesions were unresponsive to topical antiparasitic treatment (benzoyl benzoate and crotamiton). Therefore oral administration of levamisole HCl 50mg 3 times a day for 10 days was given and all the skin lesions and pruritus were subsided.

      See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levamisole

      And Interesting report, thank you. By the way, the Demodex Brevis Mites are the mites that cause Mange in animals and can easily live in the humair hair follicles (all over the body).

    • Mr. Common Sense said:

      Here’s something interesting, since you posted that link it went offline, after being online since 2005, very curious. I have the full PDF however, and so do many others, but really strange how it’s gone offline isn’t (the article that is)

      • Would it be possible for you to post that PDF file or maybe email it to me? We have had dogs with Demodex mange in the past. Could my problems have started then instead of a few years later when the tick bites were almost common to me? Thank you for this site, and all the information you share here. It is the only sensible site I have found while trying to treat this disorder, disease, or whatever it is!

      • The link is fine from my end; maybe it was just a hiccup. I can post my results with levamisole in a few weeks if that would help.

        • Mr. Common Sense said:

          It is my understanding this drug was banned in the US in 2003 or so … I’m not recommending anyone go out and take this drug, I’m not a doctor, it is my understanding it can have serious side effects.

  41. Angel Bethany said:

    This looks like a website devoted to marketing these items. No thank you

    • hey angel,
      i usually stay away from the negative stuff because i am on a serious healing journey but i have to tell you you either have serious morgs on the brain and or have not read through all mr c.s. posts.
      if you are real sick you should pay close attention to the stuff mr c.s. so unselfishly researches and makes available to all us that desperately need help.
      the only thing this website is devoted to is helping us all to get better. check yourself

    • This is the ONLY website devoted to this disease that I visit. Products are mentioned, but only with the hope that they will benefit someone who isn’t getting better with whatever they are doing. AND there are many, like I was, that come to this site as soon as they discover the Morgellon’s disorder, and need all the help and support they can find. And they WILL find it here!!

  42. oh and sorry mr c.s. i can sometimes get a little mouthy (that last reply of mine) but i am getting real tired of the piss poor attitudes. thanks again for all you do

  43. Study finds that herbal taraxaci (dandelion) shows a remarkable in vitro activity to Demodex http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17633825 (abstract).

  44. Hi i am so thankful for all your information. I have been researching for months and you seem to be the most thorough and helpful. Im thankful for the product references i understand those who dont have it or just started dont get it but we want to know anything that helps. I was dna tested along with my bf i was low in magnesium calcium and low glutathione… mine was 24 percent and his was 97 percent i have M he doesnt after being by my side for 5 months. Magnesium affects Glutithione. Currently my doc is doing autohemotherapy its not practiced in our country because its the bodies way of curing itself with its own blood. It helped me boost my immune tremendously. Sores are almost healed after 6 shots and i dont sleep all day anymore. Hes trained in cuba where they search for cures not keep you on meds and he is a friend so he is expirementing on me and its so harmless and safe. You can get a nurse to do it for u. He takes the blood from my vein and injects it in my butt muscle immediately. He is going to warm it up next and then he ordered a plasmapheresis machine which seperates the blood and cleans it and puts it back in your body. Im hoping that helps. Along with vitamins im doing reiki twice a week. I want to win this assault on humans! i believe that the CDC committed a crime against humanity with their decree. Not acknowledging this disease makes us all look crazy and we feel more depressed and helpless and hopeless not a good mindset for the disease. It keeps the person newly infected from knowing about it so they suffer and spread the disease unknowingly. What a way to disable the population. I wanted to know your thoughts on ozone air purifiers. Do they add oxygen to the disease or really help purify the house. Thank you again for all your help …thank god for the interenet.

  45. Wendy said: ” i believe that the CDC committed a crime against humanity with their decree. Not acknowledging this disease makes us all look crazy and we feel more depressed and helpless and hopeless not a good mindset for the disease.”

    She is SO right! My 28 year old daughter didn’t believe in this at all, and when the CDC report came out she actually told me I had lost my D*$# mind! Thank you CDC! I have lost the respect of my adult daughter due to your proclamation that this isn’t an illness and it’s all in my mind! I am trying many different things to get my body as stable and healthy as possible in the hopes that it will be better able to fight this off. I recently purchased a digital microscope, the pictures aren’t as clear as looking at them through a regular microscope, but I can save the photos and videos, and they ARE clear enough for anyone with half a mind (remember, I’ve lost MINE) to see.

    • dividingcricker said:

      marsha you may want to buy a book by jeffery smith (seeds of deception) it has a cd dvd and a book …i just loaned mine to my 14year old neighbor …he just did a science project using corn to remove lead from soil…the jeff smith book tells about the india farmers using bt cotton and the effects on them the anamals and monsanto…. i live with a very understanding person who has seen all the sores itching and mental anguish… seems over the top… im ok just waiting for the other shoe to drop… i dont know another soul with this stuff. its a pretty lonely deal… ive talked to genisi kleen green ,i used there enzyme its the only thing that gave me any relief…some other names to look at dr don huber,,with dr mercola … i know reading this suff doesnt make this real but it leads to a better undrstanding….

  46. Colleen said:

    One person noted at another internet location that as a believer she affirms that God had created all things for a purpose and thus she had a sort of relief for her problems with this epidemic of the 21st century. I, for one, do believe that remark is true, yet at the same time I do not wish to share my body with any unwelcome or health hampering hosts; much less my dwelling place. As much as I loved my cats, I gave them up a year and half ago to ascertain better health for myself. I still miss them, but I do feel it was very important and I believe many of these people with pets who want to get themselves well should think of the same heartbreaking choice or stop seeking an answer when it could also involve keeping pets in the home, in the bedroom and on the furniture. A personal observation after researching the last 5 months, there seems to be a connection to SILICA SOILS or PRODUCTS WITH HIGH SILICA CONTENT, and ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS. Another observation, now that our society and much of the world has placed itself in a “Web” of electromagnectic technology there may be “nano-mutations of parasitic lifeforms that have developed along with the advancement of our techno-society. The impression of compromised health and certain pre-existing conditions is duly concurrent. What Mr. Common Sense has come up with as the Poor Man’s Protocol and the protocol of John Burgerstein are valid in all aspects. I’ve been familiar with many of these products since my first year shopping, eating at and living holistic and natropathic lifestyle, 1968. As I’ve grown older different items and aspects of these protocol plans have played a vital part in trying to maintain better health and I am now 63 and have had my share of lifes tough times, too. I don’t care to go into health issues, but I Thank God with all my heart that I have not had to suffer like some of these people. I do believe that in seeking an answer to health issues sometimes we grasp onto anything that seems common in basic ideas and may not always be the exact same problem or treatment necessary. But, it is better to be preventative and caring in health issues rather than sorry later on in life when caring for our health alligns with the little phrase about “FORD stands for Fix or Repair Daily”, with people it seems “After 50, its hard to be thrifty when it comes to daily maintenance for our health.” Each person who reads these articles, websites and blogs and does so with an open mind and desire to regain their health must do so with the wisdom that change has to begin with themselves in all aspects of life and no undesirable aspect left undone. All areas of health and daily life have to be approached on the basis of what was considered just a “New Fad” of health food store, organic foods and health nuts when I first ascribed to live my life by these standards 43 years ago. Good authors some of these people may want to go to for help are Adele Davis books and foundation on-line, Louise Anne Gittelman, Helda Clarke and many many established and worthwhile contributors to the health of all people. Do no expect to have solutions to problems come about if change does not come along with it; and do not expect better health just be reading and not listening and applying sound truths as put for in the Poor Man’s Protocol, etc. The adviser, with experience and wisdom can advise, but the hearer must apply and live these truths in order to be Blessed. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT WITH THE BIBLE. May God be with each and everyone one who reads the words of these people and may the Cross of Calvary thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour bring them healing, nurturing and promise for the future. I am glad to have read this site and contributed my feelings as set forth above. RCML

    • hi colleen, i have no idea what morgellons is or how i got it. actually i have a lot of ideas but that’s another subject. i just want to put something out there for the people that have pets. the following is absolutely the truth. in 2007 i started getting sick. real sick. i started isolating because of..well you know, morgellons disease. my friends turned their backs on me. i have very little family. so i thought i will become a dog fosterer. well the first dog i fostered turned out to be the only dog i fostered. he is sitting on my foot right now.
      he was a healthy gorgeous pain in my ass. they told me he was 2 years old. it turns out he was an 85 pound puppy. the first thing he did was poop in my bedroom and pee in kitchen. when i told him to sit he ran the other way. but he was healthy and beautiful. i was not. i gave morgellons to my dog. i made my dog sick. or it was the house. i don’t know. the point is the dog was living super healthy in a shelter for four months before i met him. within months of hanging out with me in my house he got “sick as a dog”. it was heartbreaking. as i started figuring out how to get better i was able to get bunny better. i used silver, herbs, and plant oils on his inside and outside. i powered hosed his lesions on his rump and tail. i set the hose to that setting when a bunch of little streams come out fast. his itching was so bad at times he would throw himself against the wall and flop down whimpering and crying. in those times i bathed him in epsom salt etc and then took him out and hosed his itchy hot spots. he loved it and i did notice stuff lifting out of his lesions. he got better fast because he is a strong healthy happy young dog. it took me much longer. still though it was in one of his ears really bad and just last month i had him at the vet to have a deep ear flush. it has finally cleared. after his ear flushing it finally resolved his one weeping eye that he has had since he got morgellons.
      also when i was “sick as a dog” it was my dog that sat by my side. it was me my dog and god. and in the end when i thought i had lost it all. i still had a lot when i found i still had me my dog and god. maybe some people might have to get rid of their pets. i only want to say that i had morgellons before i got my dog and did in fact give it to him. even if i gave it to him then him back to me and so forth, for what he gave me in comfort and loyalty it was worth it. my life was a a living nightmare i might not be here if it weren’t for the loving company of my best friend. living that isolated and sick for almost 4 years would have killed me.
      to keep him protected now i give him diatamacious earth mixed into plain kefir. i also add msm and chorella to his food. his diet his 60 percent raw protein 40 percent raw plant. he is very healthy again. me too. thank you for reading.

  47. Once Bitten said:

    I prayed for a long time to be healed, and was given an overwhelming feeling of peace that God was with me. I kept my faith, and about two weeks ago, I read something online like I was reading if for the first time. God bless the man who wrote a long article on Morgellons and Candida.

    I never had a clue about any of this. I have taken antibiotics when I had a lot of dental work done, but didn’t think I ever had a yeast infection, being good about taking my probiotics. But I was wrong. Every symptom this man listed as a symptom of Candida was what I was experiencing with Morgellons, down to the crawling, granules, and black specks. I couldn’t believe it.

    I continued what I was already doing, including antifungal meds, acai, garlic, aloe vera juice inside and out, and of course my acidophilus.

    I went on the candida diet, which I looked at as a strict Atkins diet, and the first five days my poop was white. That was the proof I needed. I couldn’t believe I had all of this awful stuff built up inside my body, no wonder I felt so bad. And keep in mind, the little bast—-s feed off of this stuff! The diet starves them out, but you still need to keep up your current treatments.

    I am two weeks in now, and I am feeling great. A little crawling here and there, but getting weaker and weaker, skin is looking great, I am feeling human again! I think that fairly soon, I will have seen the last of Captain Trips for good.

    I don’t know how I got this and I am not here to try and shoot down anyone’s theories. All I know is that somehow, we all ended up with it, and this is how I’m getting rid of it. For any of you who are clinging to your theories and don’t believe the answer could be so simple, please just give it a try. I am not selling anything here, like a lot of other people are. There is even a doctor in Scottsdale, Az that is removing people’s hip replacements, telling them it’s the metal making them sick! We are all desperate, and predators know that, which is why I am writing this. It is simple and cheap to take care of, some otc supplements and meds, along with diet. Remember our father of modern medicine said “let their food be their medicine”.

    I take mucinex morning and night, acai, acidophilus, and garlic during the day. After drying off form a nice hot shower, I use a spray bottle to spritz aloe vera juice all over my body (anti-fungal and antimicrobial) and I sip it mixed with water throughout the day.

    I have also discovered my environment in not contaminated, all I felt was from within myself. I am finally back to leading a normal life.

    I pray for all of you the results I have had. I don’t know why this happened, but my trust is in God to know what is best for me, knowing that everything happens for a reason. He is in control, and that is all I need to know. While we are here together on this earth, we need to love and look out for each other, so I hope this will help you all. It was my Christmas miracle and I hope it is yours, too.

    Love and God Bless.

  48. worriedmom said:

    Hello ALL,

    I am so grateful to GOD my lord and savior JESUS CHRIST for finding this site and taking the time to read each post. I am very afraid and I think my house is making me and my 2 baby girls very sick. I have most of the PMP already and can add to it. I also plain to purchase the kleen Green. My question is concerning my girls. How do you treat children? I an wing them off the cookies and stuff but what about supplements? Anyone- PLEASE HELP me save my girls?

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