Pay close attention to the beautiful woman singing backup and see if you can figure out who she is … She’s one of our own, singing a song titled “Helpless …” a feeling we know all to well at times.

You should know me by now. Of course we are not helpless and there is great hope, I believe we are going to see the tide begin to turn on this horrible condition referred to as Morgellons right before our eyes very soon.

Please read my "Poor Mans Protocol" post if you haven’t read it yet …, not saying it’s the cure, but it’s good help …


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  1. I hear Joni is doing much better these days, God bless you Joni, I and many others have been in the dark place but I’m better too.

    • Dear Mr CS,

      I recently visited Wikipedia only to find that it’s still quite disturbing in it’s depiction of Morgellons and it’s CDC classification. I am appalled that it lacks unbiased new scientific data. The MAYO clinic seems to have a strong hold on classification also with similar indication that we are simply making this up. “Criminal” indeed as I have read from another sufferer. I hope there is a shove in the direction of getting that info updated so that people who suffer are not shunned away.

      Many refer to Wikipedia for info; family members and friends may easily read it and conveniently decide that we are making this up. I understand that people entering data on Wikipedia are somewhat like drones for the system and may not have a critical full understanding of details they are informing the public about.

      If you are aware of any action being taken to change the info on Wikipedia I would like to help.
      Thank you for your web site. Hope to dialogue further with you.

  2. Joni Mitchell Successfully Treated for Morgellons Disease

    Joni Mitchell says she has had Morgellons disease for over 20 years. I have spoken with hundreds of Morgellons sufferers during the last three years to get a glimmer of how much this gifted singer has suffered. Joni told me she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Doctors, pharmaceuticals and every other kind of health-care practitioner imaginable over the years in many different countries including some of the best Doctors and hospitals in the USA as well..

    All she got was worse.

    Joni told me she was so angry with most of her Doctors since none of them knew anything at all about Morgellons, but all of them took her money and gave her prescription drugs, herbs, potions and lotions. She said “Most of them are out for the money and pretend they know about Morgellons so she would come back for further help.”

    In February, 2009, it became public that Joni has Morgellons. I found her manager in Canada and spoke with several people in his office. They were very pleasant and helpful, especially when I told them that I was sending her 8 bottles of NutraSilver without charge and that Joni should expect to heal dramatically in a few weeks. I waited and waited until Joni actually called me to say that many of her worst symptoms had either subsided or mostly gone away. She said she was beginning to feel “like herself” again and that her brain fog was clearing up and she could think clearly once more. She has since bought several hundred bottles both for herself and her father.

    Many of her lesions have dried up and fell off. The lesions actually consume the skin pigmentation, so where the lesions fell off there are now white areas where the lesions used to be. Joni said she could live with that as long as the lesions did not return. While not yet symptom-free, Joni continues to heal and gain her life back. Joni has since moved away from her relentless suffering towards recovery which has made life easier for her.

    As an expression of gratitude, Joni was gracious enough to send me an advanced copy of her up-coming ballet The Fiddle and the Drum. Not being much of a ballet fan, I really was not interested in any form of ballet until I actually saw Joni’s DVD. Joni and her crew did an outstanding job creating this entertaining and enjoyable masterpiece. Joni’s singing and writing skills have been honed for this very endeavor.

    I am happy to have met Joni and I know that if she continues to take the NutraSilver, her Morgellons symptoms will leave her alone and she can continue to create music and art for all of us to enjoy. Joni is a brave and courageous woman. I hope she decides to tell her story of how Morgellons nearly ruined her life and stands up to proclaim to the world that Morgellons Disease a real disease that steals lives and raise some significant money so real research can occur.

  3. DeniseMcKinley said:

    I’ve been dealing with so many health problems mental and physical for so long that I’ve gotten brief respite through allopathic and holistic methods. I am on so many medications just to function yet I do not feel well. Everything every little thing is a drudge, going out for a nice meal is such an ordeal. You’d think that would be a pleasure. Chores around the house are near impossible . When I get a smqall spurt of energy I’ll give my tasks a go and then I’m wiped for anything else. Worst of allis the anxiety, If I’m not depressed I’m often freakin’ out about somethin’ or another. Allopathiic treatment is slim to none and that which is proferred is most often medication for delusionla or psychotic ailments. I want to scream!!!Help!!!

  4. herehoping said:

    Have you started MCS protocol?

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