The post below in quotes was a response made by somebody to someone who posted a link to my blog on the Bird Mite forums. First the post made by this person and then my response.


The Post About My Blog


Marie –

Perhaps I’m an "elitist", but I don’t spend a lot of time reading speculations by non-scientists. When someone doesn’t have a scientific foundation, the mistakes that are made are embarrassingly naive.

I only have enough science (biology major and some research experience) to recognize the naive assumptions that are made. I know enough to refrain from trying to be an "expert".

That research was done by real scientists, and there are certain details that are worth pondering. One, in particular, is that 300 unusual pathogens were found, collectively, in the skin of this group of 20 subjects. Two of them did not have collembola.

What does that mean? I would suggest what many of us have said – that we are "magnets" for all kinds of things. And, ultimately, the answer way be when the answer to WHY we have become these "magnets" is discovered.  I will go even a little further and say that some of these blogs do a disservice
by spreading very faulty information, and often promote products that are VERY expensive with NO proven efficacy.

That particular blog spun a tale about toluene that was completely unscientific, confusing information and assuming causes and effects that were childish. But because people are desperate for anything that might provide answers, they started writing to Dr. Wymore to get clarification (as it was his words that
were distorted and misunderstood). So he had to take the time out of his very busy schedule to try to set the record straight. Took time away from his research.

For me, I read the real science and what people, like us, are finding are effective in helping to lessen our nightmare. I know this is going to cause a hailstorm, but I am not the only one who feels this way and it needs to be said. I heard that someone on the radio the other night said that "Swine flu is Morgellons" Good God. That’s the kind of nutty stuff that has shrouded the community with an air of lunacy.



My Response

I am apparently smart enough to figure out what was happening to my body, correct it, and become symptom free. And from my first blog post on Toluene and Putida to my final “Poor Mans Protocol” post is my recorded journey. Call it want you want to (non-scientific, embarrassingly naive, trying to be an expert, childish, doing a disservice, spreading very faulty information, promoting products) but I am symptom free. Morgellons is over for me. You go ahead and keep waiting on the scientists. For me and many others, we are smart enough to figure this out on our own. My Poor mans protocol has nothing on it that you cannot buy at Whole foods or online very cheaply. And I never distorted a single word. We are not captives, we are being set free. Where exactly are all these “real” scientific papers on Morgellons that you are reading? Because to date there is not a single scientifically peer reviewed article published anywhere in any journal on Morgellons. As far as I’m concerned, my voice carries just as much weight as anybody else’s does on this topic, maybe even more so because I have been a sufferer and I am now symptom free based on “my science”. You state 300 pathogens were found? Which one is the cause? While your scientists spend the next few decades trying to figure out the cause (what they are looking at are really the effects and not the cause) I suggest my readers focus on their terrain and get on with healing and make Morgellons a distant memory.


Comments on: "Morgellons – Apparently I’m not that Stupid After All" (12)

  1. herehoping said:

    Dear MCS and readers,
    Just an update…

    Since starting your protocol, using esp skin care, anu, organic diet, all natural products, exercising and not smoking (quit aug 14th) to date I am 98% symptom free of morgellons and feel better than I ever have. My vision is improving, the brain fog is gone. I am scheduled to return to my job as a vet tech on Monday after being on sick leave for 2 months due to this terrible disease we call morgellons.

    Is there a part of me that is scared it can all return??? You bet ya. I continue to squeeze that part out with a positive presence of my being an faith in God and our lord, Jesus Christ. I continue to pray for all who are suffering. I continue to pray for guidance in this journey. I wish you all well and love all of you.

    Again MCS I thank you for all the time and effort you have put toward this cause. Without this blog I really believe I would still be freaking out.

    nancy aka herehoping

  2. Herehoping (Nancy), that’s awesome. And just to let you know, I go out and play in the yard, roll around in the grass, wrestle around with my kids again, dig in the garden that’s just full of nematodes of all kinds, get bit my misquitoes, and couldn’t give a crap about any of it anymore. I’m not scared of the world anymore at all. I know many more are starting this terrain approach and my guess is will be hearing from many more who are doing much better …

    And by the way, congratulations on quitting smoking, that is such a smart move, not only does it make your body very acidic but it’s just so overall BAD for you. You know now you can control this and probably just go totally symptom free. If you have a setback don’t freak out, it wont last long … Btw, I don’t even take the Anu anymore, I’m just doing the poor mans protocol and half the time I forget to take the stuff, that’s where you will be soon. I just do the Mag and other stuff for overall good health now. By the way, I posted a thread on lymebusters asking how many vet techs there were, there were a lot of them. Could be coincidence, maybe not, but I think you’ll be fine. I’ll be praying for you too.

    Remember the 10 word prayer?

    I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.

  3. My motto is: WHATEVER WORKS.
    Your website has been consistently interesting, intelligent, reasonable, and practical, and most helpful for the past year. Love the format. For a “non-scientist” you have done a wonderful service to this community.
    I, too, focused on (internal) terrain, using all-natural products: vitamins, herbals, minerals, probiotics, essential oils, and are essentially symptom-free. Also generally avoid sugar and simple carbs.
    Never focused on pharmaceuticals–too many protocols, too confusing, fear of side-effects. Only used occasional short-term antibiotic for sinus infection @1-2x/yr.
    I do use diluted Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap as handwash and cleanser, and one cup of borax in wash, peppermint/teatree shampoo, seabuckthorn oil skincare products.
    Never soaked in bathtub–symptoms were always worse around water/steam, so I reasoned “think dry.”
    I appreciate your “poor-mans protocol”–compares fairly well to mine, but gives me food for thought, and I have taken your advice.
    Thanks for all your dedication to the rest of us.

  4. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    Dear Bessie:

    First of all, I am taken aback by the title (elitist) you have given yourself. To me, that is embarrassingly naïve; however, it is good to see that you have high self esteem. It seems to me that people who label themselves do so with a specific purpose in mind. Most “elitist” assume special privileges and authority hoping to benefit humanity or themselves. I see how your title may be self serving only; to me it reeks with arrogance, ignorance and discrimination.

    I think it is a big assumption on your part to assume that scientist do not speculate, that people who speculate are not as smart as scientists, that people who speculate are not elitists and that collaborative thinking and sharing information is “embarrassingly naïve.”

    I would say that everyone has something to bring to the table. Your writing is very telling that you have a very high opinion of yourself and I thank you for stating your title, because had you not written it, I would have never had know you were trying to be elite.

    Stay tuned, there are many “experts” who visit this blog; they are humble and need not beat their own chests. No one is telling anyone else what to do. People are sharing what works for them. I wonder why that bothers you as a biology major and with some research experience?

    My question to you is why do you feel that you have to rely on a “real scientist” or anyone to tell you what works for your body? I know what works for me. I appreciate the suggestions and efforts from concerned contributing bloggers, (many whose educational level exceeds yours). Nothing is ever black or white. There is no one size fits all. Either way Bessie, you are welcome.


  5. What came to mind when reading that post and others like it- is the fact that
    in Lyme, Ct, it was 2 women- 2 MOTHERS- that observed that their children and many others in their area had acquired Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which does not normally occur in clusters…

    Fair use


    In the United States, the disease was first recognized in Lyme, Connecticut, after two mothers were told in 1975 that their children had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a type of disabling arthritis of childhood characterized by swollen, painful joints. When the women discovered many others in the area had the same disease—which does not normally occur in clusters—they took their concerns to Yale University.

    By the late 1970s Yale researchers discovered that many patients they studied were afflicted with a mysterious disease that produced a variety of symptoms in addition to joint swelling. They determined the cause was apparently a microorganism transmitted by at least one species of tick found widely in the woods around Lyme. In 1982 the bacteria was identified by Willy Burgdorfer in Montana, who discovered the spiral-shaped bacterial species that today bears his name: Borrelia burgdorferi.
    end excerpt

    As to the Toluene and Putida- Robert Smith’s work ties to those (components) as does the MTBE in the soil/water and the air which is not only Nationwide but Worldwide.

    To date, Robert Smith’s work is the stand out, IMO. The best research to date. And where is it? Somewhere at OSU. It was sent to Randy Wymore in 2006.


  6. Thanks Jill (and others) for your responses. Very appropriate indeed Jill. These two non-scientist Mothers did their own research and helped A TON OF PEOPLE. Thank goodness Yale was more open minded than some are. And as for the Toluene you are so right, MTBE’s yep, very bad and widespread. And regarding the “Pseudomonas putida” it is one of, if not “THE” fundamental building block in GMO applications. I do not rule out anything, not even collembola. And as “real” scientific papers have pointed out (and I referrered to in my first post) Collembola love Ps. Putida and actually prefer to feed on it. And as the for the two in the study “it is not true” that they “did not have Collembola” rather, they were not found to have collembola, there is a difference that even this non scientist understands. You cannot say that there is no gold in China, in the same way you cannot say those two people were free of Collembola.

  7. sistertocommonsense said:

    Debbie Auschuller sent 1700 letters to the Desk of an Offical in Oklahoma on her
    letters (before internet) and her findings. Do you know it sat on his desk for 3 months and nothing was done. NOT A WORD, I will not name his name but I do hope that one day he will, just as many others….have an “AH HA” moment.

    So many have been warned by the “Warriors” in this very treatable disease. I find it so sad that the warnings to the CDC and others, were pervasive and ominous. Many called… Debbie at the NPA, Trisha S in Florida, Dr Susan Kolb, Sidney in Oklahoma and so many others. Yet they “the ELITE scientists” refused to listen.

    I guess if Doctors and the Medical Field do not listen, then they think it will go away. Sorry to say, day after day many are coming forward due to this blog and the work, that this sacred team of people have done.

    I have a Masters Degree and am quite educated, I even Graduated with Honors. I was on my way to an Internship and Residency in Medicine. (thank God I quit) no degree would have ever prepared me for the horror of Morgellons or Lyme. So I guess that counts me out as a scientist. I am also a Registered Nurse and have spoken to so many nurses and professionals along with the “Everyman”. with this horrible syndrome.

    If I had become a Doctor, I might have been on of them who couldn’t “think out of a textbook” or out of a “University Lab” and would have agreed with the current misconception that these people are “NUTS.”

    If we wait on the “Elitists” in this Country to solve our problems, we may as well GIVE UP. I will never give up.

    Stress, I know makes this a living hell, stay calm, if you itch go for a walk and get your mind off of Disease and Pestulance.

    It takes a Villiage to Raise a family and yes thank God to the “Non Scientists” as many of us are being called in this, to Raise the ROOF. The treatment and hopefully the Cure is on these pages.

    I wish it was so simple as a pill to take every day and “voila” you are well. Alas, Finding One Cure will not get their wish and I pray that they and the factions in this mess will come to this blog and find peace as I have.

    Barbara Minton wrote in her Natural News article. “People need to get it, that this is a lifestyle change.” She was ever so precise and correct. No one pill will ever do it.

    “The Wheels of Justice are grinding slowly, but they are grinding ever so fine and quickly may I add and so we will find peace in this blog. It’s nice to know we are not alone in this mess.
    With Friendship and Peace I write this.

    Thank YOU,
    Sister to Common Sense

  8. I spend many hours a day trying to find a way to get rid of Morgellons using different articles on the internet. Unfortunately, this is the only source of info that a sufferer is able to investigate. I have come to feel that a closed-minded doctor should not be a physician. A doctor should by definition BE OPEN-MINDED, knowing that the medical books of yesteryear do not apply to the oath that they took when becoming a doctor. How easy it is to say/diagnose this condition is in our heads (mentally induced!). Anyone can say this;these are easy words, basically cheap! I do not have lesions all over my body, but I have all of the other symptoms. At the present time I am surviving-NOT LIVING! I live in MD. I downloaded the letter that was sent by the CDC to every state’s medical board. As of this writing I have not found a doctor that has read it OR HAS KNOWLEDGE OF THIS DISEASE!!! This is sad and a poor representative of our doctors in the U.S.

  9. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    I know a doctor in MD. His name is Dr. James Matthews. He knows all about morgellons.

  10. Eileen Matichuk said:

    I found no help through two family doctors, 6 other doctors at drop in clinics and many skin specialists. I had a personal visit with a microbiologist who had no answers even though I gave her many samples (in stiralized glass) of the things coming out of my skin.

    I was healing miraculously by God and have been totally Morgellon’s free for over a year. The healing came on Sept. 19 of 2008. I still have to touch my body and claim the healing every once in a while as the thing tries to pinch which feels like a needle prick and it also tries to bring back an itch. This always immediately disapates if I say “healed in Jesus Name, Thank you Jesus, or “in the Name of Jesus, leave”

  11. Although its now almost December 2010, I saw this and wanted to comment.

    I am a scientist and I work in healthcare. History is a great teacher. the physician who discovered
    h. pylori causes ulcers was mocked and ridiculed by
    his peers, and then 3 years later received the nobel prize…. the md who discovered prions/mad cow
    also was laughed at, fired, etc. Let’s face it, there is a BIG difference between being a human with a disease/illness/parasite and being a doctor or a scientist with only theoretical understanding. Its like being a woman and trying to guess what is like to have balls. COME ON!

    The other fact is, we must face, is that the US healthcare system is crumbling, it has been crumbling in a long time. Statistics show that it costs more than most places and gives us less help than many. But its BIG BUSINESS to treat sick people… its not big business to cure/fix people.

    Think about it.

    Keep on doing what we’re doing.

    VIVA LA WEB!!!!!

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