A Few PH Polls

I’m curious as to what you are all doing concerning your PH (potential hydrogen). I’m going to start monitoring mine very closely. I spoke to the folks from VAXA who make the Buffer PH product to get some tips. I will publish my results after I monitor my PH for about two weeks. I know recently for some reason I went pretty acidic again, which suprised me. The folks at VAXA said stress can even cause that, and maybe that’s what it was for me. Take the time to answer the polls if you would. The kind lady I spoke with at VAXA said that 1st thing in the morning was the best time to get a true reading of your bodies PH.


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  1. I have been using Buffer PH from Vaxa since I read your Terrain post. Since I started using Calm Magnesium along with the other supplements from your Poor Man’s Protocol I have been taking less Buffer PH and hope to eventually regualte it with diet alone. It goes between 6.2 (with a beer on pizza night) to 7.6 when I’m sticking with the proper foods, but most of the time it’s between 7.2 and 7.4.

  2. Thanks Sandy, after my PH tanking the last few days I decided to rethink taking VAXA’s Buffer PH. I have been relying on the Mag alone but there might be times when I need that extra boost. I’m taking my PH in the morning and will let you know what it is. I think sometimes I might need the Buffer PH. Can I ask you how many Buffer PH’s you do on an average day?

  3. It says to take 6 a day, but I generally took 4. Sometimes I got to 5. The difficulty I had was taking it 1 hr. before or after eating because I generally eat smaller meals more often. I recently cut it down to 1 or 2 a day. Yesterday I didn’t take any and my PH was 7.2 this morning. I do eat a lot of watermelon since it’s in season, and always squeeze a lemon wedge into my water every time I fill my glass. I don’t test other than in the morning so I don’t know how much it fluctuates during the day. I also take 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar with 2 tsp. of DE in 4 oz. of water before going to bed. I don’t know how much the cider vinegar affects the morning reading. I’m doing well since I started the Mag, but agree that sometimes that extra boost is good. Hope this helps, and again thank you for all the excellent information you have on your site. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t found it.

  4. Thanks Sandy, I agree on the Mag, I think it single handedly saved my life, I was near death of a heart attack (as so many die from lack of mag, it’s called a heart attack though the person had no blockage and their heart was fine). Whatever Morgellons is, whether it be some foreign invader or just a complete collapse of ones terrain I think extreme acidity is the underlying and very real danger of Morgellons.

    It is interesting to note that nutrient status can be impacted by the acid-base balance in the body. Researchers in Germany found that “acid-base status affects renal magnesium losses, irrespectively of magnesium intake.” This means that besides not eating enough foods high in magnesium, an acid load in the body could be another factor that contributes to a magnesium deficiency condition.


    Basically, your body will pull magnesium to buffer the acidity and flush it out of your body, thus the more you lose the more acidic your body becomes and it needs to pull even more Mag and bang, you die of a heart attack, not so hard to do on the western world diet. Not to mention that Mag is key to so many of the bodies processes. However, this is also linked to the gut flora in our case, and we are not correctly digesting foods thus the probiotics to fix that and hopefully correct the mal-absorption problems. I believe it can take a year or more to correct serious magnesium deficiency issues and replace it in the mucle and bones which the body drained long ago trying to keep your blood PH in the correct range.

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