Here are the top 10 things missing from Obama’s health care reform plan (and often absent from the debate) 

  1. Ending the FDA’s suppression of natural cures and safe, effective nutritional supplements.
  2. Initiating a real investment in public education to teach people about how to prevent disease with nutrition.
  3. Ending Big Pharma’s monopoly on drug prices and drug patents (not to mention patents on human genes and animals).
  4. Restoring the ability for local doctors to practice local medicine without being controlled from bureaucrats in Washington.
  5. Cracking down on junk food advertising, soda advertising and pharmaceutical ads that convince people to purchase products that will only harm them.
  6. Banning dangerous chemical ingredients that cause diseases in the first place (aspartame, MSG, sodium nitrite, etc.)
  7. A real effort to improve school lunches and serve food that’s nutritious instead of food that’s cheap and convenient.
  8. Ending bizarre food subsidies on crops like corn that end up making high-fructose corn syrup the cheapest sweetener for manufacturers to use.
  9. Affirming health freedom for parents who wish to opt out of the current system of forced vaccinations and gunpoint-enforced chemotherapy.
  10. Requiring honest food labeling where irradiated and GMO foods are clearly labeled as such. 

This Video is Very Good, Makes a Ton of Common Sense

Think about signing a petition for real health reform …



Comments on: "Health Ranger – A Better Health Plan" (1)

  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    I am so very happy to have this site to go to. Mr Common Sense and so many on this blog are finally putting the picture together. Many are being helped by this.
    My Prayer is that all of the Morgellons Community comes together in order for all to get well. All the scientists involved need to read this blog as it is finally making sense.
    I have found that getting well is a choice.
    Thanks to John at Logos Nutritionals, Kathleen for standing up for the rights for all afflicted.
    Debbie Auschuller, Dr Susan Kolb and her staff.
    Mostly Thanks for Being Here and everyone who has blogged to this haven of hope.
    PH is everything, Reclaiming your Terrain is how any one can get well, no matter what the “Chronic” Disease is that they have.
    Sister to Common Sense

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