Don’t Inject Me

This is just a song folks. I’m not advising you to not to get vaccinated, everyone must make their own call. I’m not taking the vaccine, NAC + Vitamin C and other stuff is what I’m placing my bet on. You have to make your own call. One thing I’ll say, the Health Ranger says what he thinks …

Don’t inject me, Don’t infect me, stick your needle in my arm and chemically wreck me … more

Massachusetts $1,000 per day for refusal to be vaccinated … more


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  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    Our whole family has had a conversation in regard to this. The Consensus is NO WAY.
    It is just another scare tactic to dump poisons into people and for the Drug Companies to reap profits.
    I took my 13 yr old niece to the Doctor for her school physical and the Nurse came at her with a needle and asked me to sign a consent form.
    I said, “May I ask what you are giving this girl?” She said “Guardasil”. I asked her what the long term effects of this were.
    She did not know. DID NOT KNOW????? I marched her out of the office quickly.
    By the time our Children go to college they have been given up to 30 vaccines or they are not allowed to stay in public school???
    I was very lucky that I had a mother that allowed very few vaccines to be given to her children.
    Did you know that even the Tetanus vaccine is mandatory??? It used to be only if you got cut by a rusty nail or metal. It is now mandatory.
    Sister to Common Sense

  2. Most of the manufacters are putting mercury as their perservatives! My baby neice was a perfectly normal baby until she was giving childhood vacs. She has Autism.

    Also my family here in Florida has Nano 911 (morgellons). Research it people. Nano911(morgellons)=Chemtrails=bees dying off from chemtrail spray. Manosato (largest genetic engerineering co in world) has made a nightmare of Genetically modified foods. The are also the manufacturers and creators of insects that kill off other insects. Lets go deepers. Nano911 man made disease, pharmacueticals want to profit, been paying off congress for years to ban natural remedies-even your peppermint tea. NWO (New world order) plans for population reduction in effect and also google AMTRack and Camps.
    Several weeks ago Glen Beck is pleading with Americans that the new head of the FCC has plans to take away our freedom of speech. There will be 8 pods around the US to monitor activity. Then several days later VP Biden was on CNN announcing the millions or was it billions of dollars from the stimulus money that will be given to AMTRACK. Why do we need Amtrack to travel when are auto industry is going down. I am from a car family (lived in MI and everyone worked for Fords) and I realize they will really go bust if people travel by train. We are car people. What are all these trains for? Question it?
    Unless you, your family or both have these nano tubes, fibers, sparkles, bugs, parasites, insane itching…you can not really know how crazy it can make you feel….is this real? I coughed up a piece of silicone was covered in slim and then within seconds it hardened into tough silicone. My mom pulled some out of her skin and put them on the counter. She looked back down and they were embedding themselves in the counter top!
    Her dermatologist believes in Nano911 and he examined to specimens she has saved. Both had eyes. One had fiber legs, sm body and lg grey eyes. This is all true.
    Now do most people understand why we suffers are not running to the CDC who are keeping this undercover….and may be massing our info.

  3. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Julie,
    I have thousands reporting to me and with all due respect, I have seen and extracted actual REAL bugs from patients, not an alien bug, There are No Death Trains and this is not a conspiracy to depopulate the earth.
    The Silicone looking stuff is coming from leeching plastics that we have been ingesting for years.
    This is heavy metal poisoning from all the metals in skin care, dental fillings and the GMOs which change the DNA and RNA of the body.
    Then the body becomes like agriculture and it attracts all sorts of bugs and strange fungus and fungal hyphae. I have been working with an entomologist for years and we have never found an alien bug form.
    This kinda scares people, actually your post is scaring the %$&^%$ out of people.
    You have to reclaim your terrain and calm down. People are getting well on the protocols used and a Non GMO diet.
    Sister to Common Sense

  4. Two Questions Sister, if you don’t mind. I totally respect your opinion, this is curiousity.
    Do your patients get any drug therapy…i.e. are antibiotics beneficial?
    Why do animals get this too? There is no doubt in my thought process and research that does not include pets.
    I am truly confused.. isn’t that a “Zoonosis”? (Jumping species from pet to owner for everybody)
    I hope you can respond, I appreciate your care and help, there is a big place in heaven for folks like you.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Lamb,
    Doctors have tried and tried for years to give all kinds of antibiotics and dewormers. Unless proven otherwise I have never seen antibiotics help this and dewormers contain Toulene which is further poisoning the Human Body and yes it is being carried from animals to humans. Certain Doctors who I will not name, are charging outrageous fees up front to see these patients. Unfortunately all they know is Drugs.
    I have only heard of ONE REMISSION, with the use of all these drugs.
    I recieved a letter from a woman who was in a Clinic in Bermuda and they were giving stem cells and Chemtherapy to patients with this condition. I was appaled dumping acids into people whose bodies needed to just be akalined. There are some pretty horrendous goings on out there in secret and it makes me very angry.
    I think reclaiming the terrain of animals is easier that humans. Look at all the dewormers, flea collars (our GI’s are wearing them) and poisons we give to our animals and to humans.
    When I first started seeing this stuff, I thought maybe Ivermectin or Albendazole would do the trick, I went to a Doctor with one of my patients and we got her a script for Ivermectin. This set her back by a year, remember she had this for 3 years before coming to me. Her color turned Grey and the Internal Terrain of her body was horribly compromised.
    Then stories came in that Doctors were telling patients that it was MRSA from across the Room. No one could show me the cultures because they didn’t have any. Now how do you diagnose MRSA if you do not have cultures.
    I am a huge proponent to the use of Probiotics (tear apart the word) Pro meaning FOR
    Bios meaning LIFE. I think in this Country we got it all wrong when we started making Penicillin a Chemical. Now it is not better living through chemicals, they are our downfall. I prefer to use the approach of building up the immune system with Whole Foods, No GMOs, herbals as listed on this blog and no propyls, hexyls, ureas, nitrates, or petrochemicals in skin care. Hulda Clark detested all the propyls ect in skin care because she said that they carry mites. I think she was on to something.
    Pesticide corportations make 35 billion dollars a year and Pesticides are changing the evolutionary pattern of insects, crops and man.
    I believe taking a proactive stance with herbals and dietary suppliments will prevent the necessity of using antibiotics for many disease syndromes and as you know this disease is a SYNDROME that is very complex. Throwing all these chemicals into the body (IMHO) just exacerbates and for a while may or may not stop the symptoms temproarily, but they just come back once this therapy ceases.
    It is of my humble opinion that disease needs to be drawn out of the body. Detoxification of the Human Body is necessary with many diseases.
    Don’t get me wrong there is a place in medicine for Emergency Drugs they save lives, and I have been an Instructor for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Treatment of Strokes, Pediatriac Life Support in the cases of drownings, Heart Attack, Stroke, Hypothermia, Accidents, CHF ect. Surgery is often necessary…..but if we reclaim our terrain we can avert so very many diseases.
    Yes Dogs and Cats and now we are finding many animals harbor parasites.
    My recommendation is to find a Holistic Vet that does not use drugs and for you to find a good Darkfield Doctor in your Area.
    With Respect and Kindness
    Sister to Commons Sense

  6. Sister,
    I have a couple of questions for you about co2 and bugs. Somewhere on this blog, there is mention of mosquito attraction and co2. Now I can’t find it. But didn’t you say something about all your patients having elevated co2 or something? What do you make of this? I did find this in Mr. CS post about toluene:
    “Complete combustion of toluene yields CO2 and H2O.” Interesting.
    I’ve always been pretty attractive to mosquitos. Yesterday was bitten by an aphid from the tree in my front yard. I don’t believe these are normally biting creatures and it hurt bad!
    This morning after rinsing off my new hope 2 (slept with it on) and while putting on balm, I found a bug (small waspor fly thing) stuck in hair. Did it come out of me? my skin is intact-no sores. Was it attracted to me because of co2?
    do you find folks have bugs coming out of intact skin? Wouldn’t one feel it?
    I guess I’m wondering when I see bugs these days what they have to do with me. Do they hatch from me or are they attracted, and why? I’m thinking of the aceteldahyde and the co2.
    Does co2 simply mean a deficiency of oxygen? It’s a byproduct of normal metabolism that we usually excrete (breathe out,) isn’t it? Any thoughts on this topic?

  7. sistertocommonsense said:

    Great Question Susan, 10 out of 10 patients had a elevated CO2 level that we studied. I kept thinking this is really strange, we inhale O2 and exhale CO2 it is the normal exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Molecules when we breathe.
    Many people who are not smokers with Morgellons have an elevated CO2 which is a very interesting finding to say the least. That meant that they had random CO2 in their blood. Exercise will help decrease the CO2 elevations in the blood and by alkalining your diet.
    In order to decrease the CO2 levels in your blood, which make parasites attractive to you…PH is crucial.
    It was also noted by myself and an associate of mine, that We who did not have morgellons were outside with some of these patients and they had bugs all around them, none were coming to us. Strange huh, Like attracts Like, I am not calling you a bug but the electrical component of this is so incredible. I have sat in a room with 15 or so patients and they would itch, then I would itch, kind of like when someone yawns and then everyone in the room starts yawning.
    In my experience bugs don’t come out of intact skin and you probably attracted it.
    When your Heavy Metal load is reduced and your body more alkaline you should see less of an attraction to Bugs.
    I have a very quick PHing Trick, 1 cup of apple juice, 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and the juice of one lime. Mix it up and suck it up. Do this once a day or so and you will not a great reduction of PH.
    Every one thinks that Vinegar, Limes, Lemons ect are bad acids when they are actually alkalines.
    sister to common sense

  8. sistertocommonsense said:

    I meant to say you will have a great reduction quickly of your PH above sorry fingers typing faster than the brain. hehehehe

  9. Working on the Ph thing with the buffers when needed, but I find that we are all different.
    I cannot do sugar at all, i.e. apple juice. Anything with sugar makes me go! My diet is so limited. Still don’t get the pet/human/laundry issue Thank you so much for responding.
    God Bless you.

  10. Hi Sister,
    This is very interesting to me that you and colleague were itching with Morg people in the room. It’s as Mr CS, Kixx and others have been seeing when their unsuspecting coworkers were itching. You, of course, are in the know about the itchy sufferers in the room whereas the aforementioned coworkers would have been clueless. Two questions: 1)Are you pretty sure it’s a real physical itch and not the power of suggestion (you know how anybody will start to itch if you talk about scabies or something,) and 2)if it’s a real physical itch, is it generally itchy, or crawly or like pin-pricks? I’m having some thoughts about this “sympathetic itching”.

  11. sistertocommonsense said:

    Letter from Dr John Cannell and a Peer on the use of Vitamin D for Swine Flu and H1N1

    I’m writing to alert readers to a crucial email from a physician who has evidence vitamin D is protective against H1N1 and to ask you, the reader, to contact your representatives in Washington to help protect Americans, especially children, from H1N1 before winter comes.

    Dear Dr. Cannell:

    Your recent newsletters and video about Swine flu (H1N1) prompted me to convey our recent experience with an H1N1 outbreak at Central Wisconsin Center (CWC). Unfortunately, the state epidemiologist was not interested in studying it further so I pass it on to you since I think it is noteworthy.

    CWC is a long-term care facility for people with developmental disabilities, home for approx. 275 people with approx. 800 staff. Serum 25-OHD has been monitored in virtually all residents for several years and patients supplemented with vitamin D.

    In June, 2009, at the time of the well-publicized Wisconsin spike in H1N1 cases, two residents developed influenza-like illness (ILI) and had positive tests for H1N1: one was a long-term resident; the other, a child, was transferred to us with what was later proven to be H1N1.

    On the other hand, 60 staff members developed ILI or were documented to have H1N1: of 17 tested for ILI, eight were positive. An additional 43 staff members called in sick with ILI. (Approx. 11-12 staff developed ILI after working on the unit where the child was given care, several of whom had positive H1N1 tests.)

    So, it is rather remarkable that only two residents of 275 developed ILI, one of which did not develop it here, while 103 of 800 staff members had ILI. It appears that the spread of H1N1 was not from staff-to-resident but from resident-to-staff (most obvious in the imported case) and between staff, implying that staff were susceptible and our residents protected.


    Norris Glick, MD
    Central Wisconsin Center
    Madison, WI

    Dear Dr. Glick:

    This is the first hard data that I am aware of concerning H1N1 and vitamin D. It appears vitamin D is incredibly protective against H1N1. Dr. Carlos Carmago at Mass General ran the numbers in an email to me. Even if one excludes 43 staff members who called in sick with influenza, 0.73% of residents were affected, as compared to 7.5% of staff. This 10-fold difference was statistically significant (P<0.001). That is, the chance that this was a chance occurrence is one less than one in a thousand.

    Second, if you read my last newsletter, you will see that children with neurological impairments, like the patients at your hospital, have accounted for 2/3 of the childhood deaths for H1N1 so far in the USA. That is, the CDC knows, because they reported it, that patients with neurological impairments are more likely to die from H1N1.

    The problem is that I cannot get anyone in authority at the CDC or the NIH to listen. I need readers to email or call their senators and congresspersons in Washington.

    Ask your senator or congressperson to contact the CDC and NIH to complain about CDC and NIH inaction on Vitamin D and H1N1. Also, ask your senators and representative to demand congressional hearings on Vitamin D and H1N1, before it is too late. Here is the link below, just click it and follow instructions to contact your own represenatives.

    John Cannell, MD
    Vitamin D Council
    585 Leff Street
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93422

  12. sistertocommonsense said:

    I thought you may find this interesting….

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