This is taken from a comment left by Rob on my Morgellons and More Cases of Collembola Infesting Man post.

Quote from Mr. Common Sense …

I worked at a certain company when I came down with this, I believe at least 15 or so people had it there (by the time I realized what I had). When I first got this real bad I sat in a conference room chair (30 year old cloth chairs) and the crawling was unbelievable, I didn’t know what to to do so I just sat there. I was just learning of my condition at that time. What ever was causing the crawling sensation was definitely in the chair, but others had sat there time after time and felt nothing.

Now, I still know some of those people as I have moved on from that place. When we meet and shake hands my hands burn, itch, crawl for at least 3 or 4 days maybe more and it will move on to my entire body.


Rob’s Comment


When I read this . I had to read it 2 or 3 times. This was exactly what I Experience. About 2 years ago I came down with this Unknown Burning on the back of the hands and sometimes feet Pin pricks itch, and crawling experience. It was a Horrible time. It lasted about 6 months after trying everything from tea tree oil. to Anti parasite herbs. Cleaning my whole house out. After some time it went away. I thought I got it from a friend. She was a Backpacker from Japan. When she went back to Japan she left some clothes and books in a cupboard . I never touched them until last week when I decided to throw them out . That’s when it all started again. First i noticed a burning of the back of the hands and then pin pricks all over my body again. I thought OH NO here we go again. I cant believe that they can live off books and clothes for nearly 2 years. I don’t want to go through this all over again.

This has been my experience too. There is something, some external component to this that is responsible for most of the crawling and biting. However, and let me be clear on this, this is only happening to us because of the devastating process going on internally which is very real and serious, Morgellons is not external, it is internal.  Now, even years removed from that company there are people that I still know that if I get around or they physically touch me in any way the crawling will start back up (yet they feel nothing). But now I can quickly beat it back, probably by that very same evening. Some of these folks you can tell are annoyed by something on their skin but they haven’t a clue what is going on, but many don’t feel this yet they carry whatever it is or cause the reaction in me for whatever reason. I know I didn’t give Morgellons to them, some had it bad long before I got there (one even had big lesions). Also, this happens to me when I get around pets (sorry pet owners) as I think they are major carriers of what causes the crawling and biting sensations. However, let’s examine what might be causing this.


What Could Cause this Kind of Reaction?

First, Rob’s comments are in no way novel. I have heard this story so many times it should not be news to you. The forums are full of such reports. Scabies? In Rob’s case, no way, in 4 days Scabies die off the host. To handle clothes that have been stored for months and years and then become “re-infected” as it were is not possible with Scabies. This has happened to me too, that is, bringing out old clothing and getting the crawlies back. As fall approaches and I begin to rotate in new clothing you can bet they will be washed at least twice with Dr. Bonners before I wear them. No, this is definitely not scabies.

I think this (not Morgellons, but the crawling sensation) could only be one of two things.

It’s either an Arthropod such as a mite or Collembola (springtail) or an extreme allergy to Arthropods. When a person first gets Scabies it could take a month or two before they actually begin to notice them. And believe it or not, a person will usually only have a few dozen at most on their body (though it can feel like millions on you). However, once free of them if a person becomes re-infected they will usually notice the re-infection immediately because their body now reacts so negatively to the presence of Scabies, a  histamine reaction of sorts. This is the same thing that is happening to us, only it cannot be Scabies in our case they would not live off the host for months and even years at a time.

Could it be a fungus? Well, in my opinion I find it hard to believe that fungus living on stored clothing that has been washed could be the culprit, but Arthropods have been proven to survive washing cycles, and even drying cycles.

Did you know still today, by far, the #1 search from Google and other search engines that bring folks to this blog are searches regarding Collembola infestations of humans? That’s right, people everywhere seem to be searching on this.

Here’s how I think I eliminated the crawling from my life (though, as I have stated, I can still get the feeling back but it’s usually gone within 24 hours).

I live out of a single laundry basket, wash my clothes in Dr. Bonners Peppermint Soap and shower with the Sulfur Soap which is a powerful and known Arthropod killer. The first time I ever experience a crawling free day was using Trisha’s soaps, especially the green stuff you rub on after the shower. I think it literally gummed up the Arthropods such that they couldn’t move. However, also very effective is the sulfur soap on my Poor Mans Protocol. Key to this though long term is correcting your terrain. Did you know an acidic PH lies behind most allergies?


The Unexplainable

When I did have this really bad and worked at the company where I know for a fact others also had this very badly they only had to get within say three feet of me and I would feel a sort of “extreme crawling or electrical feeling” like I was standing near a high voltage generator. It was unmistakable and very real. Then, when I left that company and went to another company I noticed that upon entering a conference room everyone almost immediately (when I was within their line of site – came around the corner into the room)  reached up and itched their noses. This happened to at least 50% of those in the room and I could be 20 feet from them. This has been reported by others many times as well. I remember a guy on LymeBusters who had written on a piece of paper “You will be itching your nose” and showed it to every doctor he went to see. This would freak them out because it always happened. I always wondered what could travel so fast from me to them that could cause this?

This of course no longer happens for me. I was horrified to go to the weekly status meeting, the effect I had on the room was profound but nobody had a clue what was going on.

Just a side note, whenever I go into a Wallmart I get the same feeling I get from being around animals, the crawling starts right up, then home for a quick shower with my sulfur soap and all is well. I have a good idea what is going on here, but will save that for another post. I am curious to hear your comments, especially if you have experienced similar things.


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    Read for example about the almost incredible survival of tardigrades, a tiny organism belonging to the same web (Bryofaunal) in nature as Collemlbola, remembering also that every parasite has a parasite.

  2. Elaine, thank you, I checked out that link facinating, and you are so right, parasites have parasites, whatever it is, it’s very tiny. There are such well informed readers on this blog.

    • We aall feel so completely alone yet very connected in our suffering misery…reading some of these blogs at least make me laugh sometimes out loud as I say to myself “Walk into a room and people start itching their noses, runny noses and even sneezing” like I almost instantaneously make them allergic including my dog. It sounds crazy but I know during high activity my dog will start sneezing…poor mans cure? what is it? sufferer for 4 summers now….afraid my 9 mth grandson has it and everyone around me. As if thats not enough to freak me out…I wonder how many “carriers” are out there in denial even though I see some symptoms…silent carriers…watch the movie “Bug” with ashley jud…yeah ive been there…i feel like only fire will detroy this thing. I use to work for a guy who really bad shingles outbreaks…painful breaking blisters…then many yrs later I freaked again when I would go to grocery stores and see sidewalk signs for shinkles shots…iam like “what the freak”? between herpes, aids and now this i wonder if its ALL connected and REALLY how many slent walkers are out there?

  3. MCS,

    This came to my attention recently.

    It’s about itch mites and how to combat it. Ok, I’m almost at one year mark with this and while I’ve learned everything there’s to learn about bird mites, scabies, and morgellons, this is the first time I’ve even heard of itch mites. It’s an interesting read, especially b/c the descriptions of these critters are written so much as a matter of fact, something that’s been known about for a long time and something that’s widely accepted… UNLIKE bird mites and morgellons. The irony huh?

    I’ll state right now that no, I’m not saying itch mites are the cause to our problems. But there are certain parts of the writeup that caught my attention.

    “Straw Itch Mites are fascinating creatures. They
    are small; so small are Itch Mites they are invisible
    to the naked eye. Straw Itch Mites are parasitic. They
    live on bodily fluids of other insects and will occupy
    the same nest sights including boxes, cabinets, furniture,
    clothing, carpeting, mulch, crawl spaces, insulation,
    turf, wall voids and just about anywhere insects are found
    to live.”

    “As the itch mite population grows while feeding
    on it’s hosts, there will either be enough in the host
    colony to support the increasing itch mites or else
    the mites will migrate in search of another host.
    When such migration occurs in the home or yard,
    the itch mites will become a very major pest
    to both people and pets. Though they don’t attack
    for blood, itch mites eat flesh and pierce the
    skin of people and pets seeking bodily fluids.”

    Again, I find it really funny that statements like “itch mites eat flesh and pierce the skin of people and pets seeking bodily fluids” is written in such a as matter of fact fashion but when morgellons sufferers go seek doctors help, any mention of bird mites or morgellons is quickly dismissed.

    The rest of the writeup goes on to introduce the products you need to use to fight itch mites and I must say, having been there and done that with stuff like permethrin, they just simply don’t work for whatever we’re dealing with. That’s why I stated earlier that I’m not here saying that itch mites are the cause.

    We’ve talked about the effects of these things on other ppl before and I’m glad you brought it back up. Yes, when I sit in conference rooms at work, I see ppl itching, scratching, digging and trying to pick off things from their skin all the time. It’s the “trying to pick off something” part that’s the most distressful to me. Sometimes I even begin wondering, maybe ppl have always done this before but I just didn’t notice… but now I notice. Then I snap back into reality… when I have days where crawling is reduced, so are the effects on ppl around me. When activity is heightened, so are the itching and scratching of ppl around me. I used to get super stressed and worry my guts out whenever I sat in meetings. I had this utmost fear that I’d infect/infest my co-workers and they’ll take these bugs home and infest their whole family and hell begins for them and I’d feel helplessly guilty for that. I now know what my limits are, now having a years worth of experience. I know that sitting in meetings for an hour or two won’t infect those around me, although they may be affected at the time, they will not go home and get an infestation. I believe it takes prolonged and constant exposure for someone’s body to get infested. Note, I’m referring to the infestation of the body, not home. I remember my home started getting infested over a weekend but it took another 3-4 weeks before I knew that my body was infested. Nowadays, the greatest stress at work comes from not thinking I’ll infest others but thinking that maybe my co-workers may notice the itch and connect it back to me… wouldn’t you hate that if that happened?

    I’ll mention the things I’ve been doing at home for the environment that I think has helped alot. Running the dehumidifier 24/7 and keeping my place pretty hot (avg 85F) to create an arrid env to dry out whatever’s there. But that wasn’t enough. So going back to the whole work thing – where ppl around me would start to itch. Obviously, either they were allergic to me or I was giving off microscopic things that were landing on them. So I came to a conclusion that these things are so small, they get airborne. They float from you to other ppl. If you think about it, that’s the logical reason. You can’t expect these bugs to crawl their way to someone sitting on the other side of the room – that’s like us taking a 10 mile hike. They don’t seem to be of the jumping species, unless they’re collembola, so my conclusion is that they’re airborne and float b/c they are so small and light. To take this a step further, when I take a shower and check my skin upon getting out, I don’t see any black specs or white lint. But after awhile I do. When I look at them under a microscope, sure enough, they’re the familar fiber balls that we’re all familiar with. Unless they came out of the pores of my skin, I’m picking them up from the environment. So I got thinking, if they’re floating around in the air, I should get an air cleaner so I can trap these floaters in the filter. And I should get a UV one so they’ll die incase UV works on them… I went to Walmart and picked up a Therapure UVC air purifier for $100. I don’t see as many black specs anymore on my skin. I’m not saying the purifier is a win but it seems to be making a difference.

    I’m at a point where I know I need to leave the house for an extended period of time. I’m constantly reinfecting my home and my home me. I’ll do your poor man’s protocol but I also plan to leave home for about a month sometime in late Sept (when I can get off work), hit the beach everyday, stay in the water all day, while the dehumidifier and heater and the air purifier do their work for my home.

    My thinking is this. I can try to improve the terrain of my body so these bugs are no longer bothering me…. but I want to also clear the environment. I don’t want to be freed yet be a carrier spreading this around unknowingly as so many might be doing already.

    • i recently walked on the beach & dug in the sand to make castles for my toddler & got terribly infested from the sand. (i didnt swim) bites all over my hands & feet which were previously the least affected parts of my body. it has spread all over & things crawling into my eyes.
      could it be the high silicone content?
      i got rid of the bugs before eating a raw, healthy diet with juicing lots of fresh v8 type green drinks etc.
      but sat on collembola infested grass & got them again.
      the toxic dental fillings sounds interesting i want to look into getting those removed..
      i do find that chlorine/bleach, nizoral & sapoderm (triclocarban) really do help.
      thanks for all the tips everyone!

  4. Two years Ago I managed to get Rid of this infliction . At the time it was driving me nuts. And I searched the net to find out more. First i thought it was scabies.and treated it as such. The thing is I never saw anything on my skin. only once or twice a little red mark. that’s all. I remember I could not sleep at all for nights on end. I would l put tea tree all over my body an many other things. I’m trying to remember what it was that I did to get rid of them. Because I tried so many things Im not sure what was it that worked. So now i’m at a loss again..If I got rid of them before,I can get rid of them again. These are the things I tried back then.
    1. Tea Tree oil all over the body. left it on for days. it stings .
    2. Benzyl Benzoate all over the body for days Nasty Chemicals
    3 .Sulfur mixed with cream was the last thing I tried ( I think this Had some effect)
    4. Crotamiton all over the body
    5. Vinegar in bath soked in it.
    6. At the same time i took 3 herbs in One formula Clove,Black Walnut,Wormwood a Parasite Formula .
    7. Many other things.

    The crawling and pin pricks are the worst feeling. I remember when once I handled some fiberglass Insulation without gloves. and got the fibers in my skin. These pinpricks and feeling reminds me of the fiberglass Insulation I got on my skin .

    I treated this as if I had scabies. But now know it was something else.. What I don’t know.I notice That Mr. Common Sense is also a vegetarian. I also am a Vegetarian. I have been most of my Life. I wonder ?? Are there any other Vegetarians that have this infliction?. could it have anything to do with this???. I hope not. I will post my progress here . I Think this is the most informative blog I have come across.

    • garlic parasites dont like garlic,a majority of the population has internal parasites, however,the majority of american medical practitioners are tottally uneducated and oblivious to their prescence & the havock they are causing to our health,when a dr doesnt have an answer ,writing the patient off as crazy ,is much easier than accepting their own ignorance sad but true,i was a nurse for years ,had a few year stint in a healthcare center in an impoverished area ,this child came in with his mom nearly every weak with numerous symptoms ,nearly everyone wrote them off as crazy,for 2 years or more ,they did stool for o&p etc… etc,,, to no avail mom one day brought in these worms that had been coming from her sons orrifices as she had numerous times before but this time a dr ,from another country was on staff ,took one look & new it was ghiardia,this kid was infested for years by this time ,the blatent ignorance of american doctors,is asstounding ,for aillments ,bacterial infections,funguses & parasites that are readilly seen & known in other countries we are the melting pot we best come to date with these common place afflictions of other countries & ours {undiagnosed}

  5. Rob, I’m not a real vegetarian, I just don’t eat red meat or pork, we eat fish, chicken, turkey but I don’t get enough protien. You should consider adding L-Carnitine to your protocol, it’s good for vegetarians. I buy this protien, it’s based on egg whites but this company “True Protien” has excellent pure stuff, it’s not that muscle building crap that’s loaded with junk. My guess is it was the sulfur that worked for you, I know somebody else that said they used a 10% sulfur mix and got rid of the crawling/biting. That sulfur soap on my Poor Mans Protocol is great. Trisha told me there are a ton of vegetarians in Florida with this, so lack of protien might play some role in this. I just recently started taking my protien again and I must admit, I feel much better when I take it. Rob, did your friend from Japan experience the crawling?

    Here’s what it says about the “Egg White” protien I take …

    Egg White Protein provides an excellent combination and profile of amino acids. Egg White Protein also possesses a high level of sulfur which is essential to various hormonal pathways within the body. This increased production of anabolic hormones leads to increased muscle mass.

    Sounds custom made for Morgie land doesn’t it?

    Kixx, I have heard of the “itch mites” and assumed they didn’t exist like the so called “black pepper mites” and so on … Folks are trying to figure out what is causing this crawling sensation. If you just search on google for “crawling sensation” or “skin crawling” you will find folks all over on medical forums everywhere asking questions, this is EXTREMELY WIDE SPREAD and I believe these folks have Morgellons, they’ll say, “But I don’t have lesions or fibers” to which I say I didn’t have lesions either but I was absoluely loaded with fibers, red and blue, running all over my body like a lattice under perfectly healthy looking skin. But guess what, I would have never seen them without a scope. I believe this is the same with them.

    Consider the Bird Mite forums, they don’t have bird mites, I had them, I physically caught them, they are easilly seen with the naked eye and run like an olympic athlete, very fast. Then there is the “invisible biting mites” forum on yahoo and on and on it goes, tons of folks being bothered by what they swear is some mite. And don’t forget the collembola, I’ve posted a ton of stuff from medical literature proving beyond a doubt that they infest humans.

    So, there is some kind of Arthropod at work here, some people carry them and have no reaction whatsoever like the I suspect Rob’s friend from Japan was, also, folks I know that feel nothing have these all over them, only certain people, if I shake hands with them within seconds my skin is burning and crawling, yet they don’t feel it. We have become incredible allergic and hyper sensitive to them for whatever reason.

    Kixx, I want to address what you’ve said about work, your co-workers, you’re fear they’ll connect it to you and so on, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, you know, you description is EXACTLY what I experienced, and your thoughts on “are these things drifting from me to them?” oh yes constantly I was trying to figure it out. The only other thing that could cause that reaction is if you were a giant body of rotting mold (possible). My neighbor killed his yard with the wrong kind of fertalizer, then he watered the “@#$#” out of it trying to bring it back to life, instead, it turned so moldy people that lived as far as 3 and 4 houses away were complaining. The moment I walked outside it felt like someone had poured crushed glass in my eyes, it was unbelievable (and near the same time I came down with this). Anyway, a fungus could possibly cause the near instant reaction but for a human to be emmiting it like that and still be walking around alive, I just don’t think so. And there is still one more thing, electricity, an electrical field can cause this too, Dr. Staninger has said many times her patients emit a high electrical field. I’ve spoken to her on the phone and they do physically measure it in the urine and so on. So, could it cause the tiny hairs in the nose to make one itch? on the skin? It’s possible. Like I said before, there were folks at work who had this so bad that when they got within 3 feet of me I wanted to jump out of my skin, they didn’t even have to touch me, I really think there is some electrical component here as well.

    • My Friend from Japan Only ever complained of Mosquito Bites. I saw her scratching her legs all the time, That’s before I came down with this Two years ago.At that time I had no idea what this was.
      Ive noticed That When ever I am on my laptop and Large Lcd Screen It seems to come alive. Im trying not to spend too much time in front of the computer as I really start to feel them. I think your thoughts about an electrical component might be Right. Im also having Serious Brain Fog at the moment.
      I Have a Zapper HC and BB and zap for a few hours, that seems to calm it down, But not Kill them off.
      I bought some sulfur soap and started using it. along with Taking the Herbs I took Two years ago. Im also Up-ing my Protein Intake as you Suggested. Thanks for your feedback.

      • There are 3 species of bird and rodent mites that affect humans. They are arthropods, but do not live on you, even though it may feel like they do. They come from nests etc. that have been abandoned, and they are searching for new hosts. They can live for very long periods of time without a host however, and in the mean time, they will continue to bite you while searching. Most likely, the source is the workplace, where you claim others are itchy too. You must find and get rid of the source (e,g, abandoned nests), possibly at your workplace, in the rafters or even the walls. You are not infecting the people around you. They just do not have the extreme reaction you are having.

    • Has anyone tried MMS?
      It works, is safe and is cheap.
      I learned about it from
      continue it through the death of the parasites and through the dieoff toxins, which could take up to 4 months

      • The Morgie community has long tried MMS, nobody I know has said it cured them of it. I could send you to a hundred posts on LymeBusters and other forums where people have tried it, they still have morgellons, it’s no magic bullet.

        • Sister to Common Sense said:

          I have to agree with MCS on this MMS is an isolate and I took it when I was well and have never been so sick in my life along with high doses of some Silvers.
          I try anything that I tell people to try. The other thing is that many silvers are being mentioned on the forum.
          This is also no magic bullet.
          It these were “cures” people would be screaming it from the rooftops.
          Sister to Common Sense

    • Very interesting you would bring up the electrical component as I’ve always felt I was highly electrical as I could touch electrical appliances and short them out. Cars, radios, light switches even walking under light poles, setting off those anti theft things at stores and on and on. Been like that most my life so it justs sounds crazier and crasier but try discussing this with the 16 drs ive been to in 4 yrs. Pretty sure they would lock me up in a padded cell LOL

      • barry zerden said:

        i also am an ‘electrical’ person, and for the past few weeks i’ve been experiencing unusual, light sensations on my face and head only when i am using my desktop computer (it is a powerful computer)

  6. Mr. Common Sense,
    Hi, new here. Thanks for what you are doing! You’re helping me immeasurably.

    I want to say that I too have started thinking about an electrical component. I believe this is why many people feel bitten near the computer. I had my husband take down my flourescent lites in the kitchen. Also, when I go into my plastic garbage bags in the garage in which we are storing laundry, I get a little itchy/funny, but it’s more like static electricity–as if I had rubbed a balloon on my arms and made the hairs stand up on arms and nose. At first I wondered if there were mites in the laundry (it is why we are bagging it, after all), but more recently I’ve wondered about the electricity–from more flourescent lites and static from plastic bags. (I have to point out that we’re still not sure if there are or ever were mites in my case–just being real cautious.)
    Regarding mold: it’s one more toxin to add to the mix-maybe more relevant in some cases than others, but we are doing mold eradication measures in our lives. I read on a website yesterday that people with an armspan greater than their height are much more likely to be susceptible to biotoxins, i.e. mold. So measure your wingspan (my arms are super long).
    I’m on Anu, esp skincare, most of Trisha’s and MCS’s protocol. I need to read more about Anu and it’s charge. I don’t get scientific stuff real well, so it will take some slow reading, but I think the electricity/ energy has a lot to do with this. Not to get too far out, but I know my psychic/spiritual/mental energy has a lot to do with this too, and I know it is real , measurable energy. Last week Dr. Mercola wrote about biophotons in his weekly newsletter–it’s the light every living thing gives off. Fascinating stuff.

    I do believe the basic problem iwe are all suffering from is toxicity in our bodies from a variety of sources. Cleaning up the terrain, I am sure, is the answer, as is taking responsibility for our own health (with all physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.)

  7. Mr. Common Sense,

    Thanks for this great blog, I read it often. Glad you kept it going man!

    This all started for me after a two/three day period where I was bitten by fleas while cleaning out a home that was full of dogs and cats, was also bitten by a tick while I was working on landscaping. Developed a rash/itching, Dr. gave me steroids which made the crawling alot worse. Interestingly though, I tried the Dry Oxy a while after that and I noticed that it helped the crawling and stinging for the first few days. Didn’t cure it but helped a bit. Steroids reduce the immune system and the Dry Oxy is supposed to boost it. Hmmm…

    I’ve had the crawling, stinging/biting sensations on most parts of my body for over a year now. Haven’t really felt it much on my underarms, I think because I always use anti persperant spray. Have felt it even on eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp/hair, nose, at times inside mouth etc…. felt the stinging even on my eyes a few times. Have noticed others rubbing/itching there eyes when around me.

    I’m thinking this has to be a collembola, as I’ve got a few samples of them from the bathroom. Never seen anything on my skin though. My wife has never felt any of this.

    Seems as though it’s in my house, cars, clothes, by the computer. Whenever I wore cotton shirts, I could almost immediately feel the crawling. Have switched to poly based shirts. Using pillow/mattress covers (not vinyl) and satin sheets & pillow cases have helped reduce it. Before, when I used regular blankets/pillow cases, I could feel these things jumping on my eyes, legs etc. These things will just not wash out of the cotton or fuzzy materials. Melting Menthol crystals seemed to help inside the car.

    Left the house and car for about three days and on the third day this was about 90% gone. Came home, went in the closest and felt it back on me within a couple of minutes. This makes me think that there is something in my environment causing this, In the day around noon it’s not as bad, it seems to get worse at night most of the time.

    It has not bothered my wife, so there must be a reason this is attracted to me. Maybe my acidic terrain, maybe fungal overgrowth, maybe something vectored to me through a bite etc…I’m not a vegetarian and should be getting plenty of protein, so I don’t believe that has anything to do with this IMO.

    Here’s a link to a fellow that seems to be suffering with the Collembola also.

    Another family that seems to have had some kind of unseen crawling biting bug that they got rid of.

    I’m slowly incorporating your protocol, so hopefully in time I’ll see some results. Been using the Peppermint soap for a while, need to get some sulfer soap still. Do the ESP New Hope products work as well as the sulfer soap, and do you still use both?

    Is the ANU water as effective as Trish claims it is? She was basically saying it was a cure for a while. Debating on trying that also.

  8. Stu, thanks for this link:
    I first thought “oh, it’s another poor soul with a new infestation. This person is a newbie and have much to learn”. Then I saw all the photos she took from the microscope. I don’t know who’s behind the person that’s doing the collembola blog but what I see in her slides are exactly what I’m seeing at my home!

    MCS, reading her blog made me rethink about the combat strategies. I’m not discrediting Poor Man’s Protocol and the focus on the terrain of the body but this is a powerful statement don’t ya think and it’s in line with the earlier postings on your blog – to find the cause and attack that cause. It maybe worth taking another look at what’s really the source of the problem.

    “While there may well be a systemic component (body chemistry attracts bugs), or infection into the bloodstream or organs, from what I have seen what we are dealing with (micronized collembola), is insects and their eggs living on your skin. Other symptoms like fatigue or memory loss might be due to parasitic virus living on the collembolla which then enter the body because of their presence. My point is: Get rid of the bugs, get rid of the eggs, and get rid of the problem. I mean as oppose to taking antibiotics, diet, or other remedies not directly toward killing the bugs and their eggs. It only seems like an internal disease because you cannot see them, which is why I recommend getting a microscope like I did and view them for yourself.”

    • Kixx, No problem. These things bother some people and not others, even in the same home etc…. There must be a reason for that. Fungus? Lowered Immune system? etc…How do you kill Collembola and their eggs? I’ve read it’s hard to kill Collembola and even harder to destroy their eggs. I don’t know. If anyone knows how to do it, please let us all know about it. At this point, just trying to find anything that works at all is important. I agree though, that we should look at all options.

      • Hi, have had the same problems as most of the writings in this blog… The only things that will kill everything and remove them from your body are: Hydrogen peroxide 3% inhaled, colloidal silver drank, and detox with bentonite and psyillium husk… for cleansing the die off out of you. Oh and loads of fresh clean drinking water to flush it all out… then use the sulpher soap to stop being reinfected…

    • Kixx, I’m assuming you mean this blog?

      Here’s a link to a fellow that seems to be suffering with the Collembola also.

      I did look through it. And read through it. In fact, I think this is going to feed into another blog post. The blog is written by a man, his name is Rick. He talks about it being terrible at night (the crawling and biting) but then wonders if washing his sheets will help? He’s using some toxic stuff like Windex powder (Windex is a very toxic substance by the way). Have you seen the pictures of everything literally covered in plastic? Here’s the deal. You could take 20 people without Morgellons and I bet they could spend a month in there and would never feel a thing. We don’t know for sure that Collembola are the issue, a strong suspect but still, his slides are unconvincing. I did almost no cleaning and am not bothered anymore. My guess is the Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap kills them dead and good, and it must kills the eggs too. I have sort of an interesting theory I’ll post on my next blog post and see what people think about this, I still think the problem is internal, which is why one person in a household can be terrorized by this and the rest of the house hold will suffer no symptoms what soever.

      That last comment from his blog is interesting, but his got it backwards.

      “Other symptoms like fatigue or memory loss might be due to parasitic virus living on the collembolla which then enter the body because of their presence”

      The problems he is attributing to bugs bringing pathogens in are really due to his bioterrain failure, the bugs came and are attracted to us, because first his terrain was whacked. I’m sitting at my computer right now barefoot with flipflops on, I used to be eatin’ alive sitting in this same place, we have wooden floors. It wasn’t cleaning that got rid of them, it was changing “me” that did. My wife would sit in the same chair work on the computer, never felt a think during the 3 years of my terror, the carpet was a terror to me, yet the kids played and wrestled on it nonstop, they were fine. I’ll do another blog post on this and see what I can come up with, more food for thought as it were.

      • MCS, I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light on why I have had an incredible downward spiral in a very short time. I had been consistently improving since April when I began using things suggested on your Terrain post. Within the last week I have begun using the non-moldy bathroom with a newly installed shower water filter. A new water filter was installed in the kitchen and I began taking Anu. I take 1 1/2 – 2 oz. twice a day. I began getting the crawling sensations back and intense, painful stinging/biting throughout the day. My scalp is extremely sensitive and the head bumps and hairloss seem to have gotten worse. I did stop taking the dry-oxy tablets since I ran out of them. I’ve used up all the money saved from my last job and, since I have not been able to get another job, am out of financial options for any more products. I did purchase most things listed on your PMP as soon as you posted it. One other thing, in moving beds around after my son moved out I put an old quilt on my bed that years ago had been used as a beach blanket. I should have washed it in the peppermint soap, but since it was clean just threw it in the dryer for a short time.
        It’s so disheartening to go back to all that again when I was beginning to feel that there was indeed a light at the end of the the tunnel. Any advise you might have would be greatly appreciated. I trust your common sense more that anything else I’ve read on any other site.

    • Hi Thanks for the info. Which Hairever should I get the scalp formula 1 or 2? Confused? Unfortunately the link doesn’t seem to be working now. Any contact info for this lady, I’d like to see these pictures. I have itching and pulsiing for the past 4 years in what I would call the “male bald pattern area” on the top of the head. Sometimes they crawl down the back to my back and under my bra in the front. I have noticed same sensations in my scalp but now in the back and front and when I feel a prick, I usually find a tiny cream colored thing and later a red bump. Often the bumps are in a line.

  9. Sandy, it very well could have been that Quilt. Did the crawling sensations start when you started taking the Anu? or with the Quilt, it’s hard to remember all these things and put together what causes it. My guess is it wasn’t the anu, I’d remove the quilt, wash your bedding with Dr. Bonners (a fair amount of it). I can say the dry oxy tabs were very good for me, perhaps running out was what allowed it to come back? Here’s what I’m doing, I’m getting a little smarter, albeit slowly. When I’m doing good, I don’t rock the boat, I try not to introduce to many things. I’m very leary about quilts, believe me, my wife and I have been round and round on this subject, our bed has to handled with special care or I could become reinfected (we have argued over this more than one time).

    While I am what I call symptom free and I can get the crawlies again, for instance, visiting the home of folks with pets or certain old clothing articles (althought that never happens now cause I wash them with Bonners twice before reintroducing them). But like I said, a shower or two with the Sulfur soap and it’s gone.

    It could be your body became acidic again, have you been eating a lot of sweets lately? Beleive me, I’ve been round and round on this. “Dang it, what brought this back !!” I’d say, but don’t freak out, you can get back to where you were and better, use this as a sort of learning lesson. Hunt down what caused it, running out of dry oxy? the quilt? anu? Who knows, but slowly get back to the way things were before. I suspect the quilt, however, dry oxy was very effective for me.

    This weekend I basically took nothing off my poor mans protocol, I’m getting to where I don’t need to take anything hardly anymore, my guess is you will get there too, just hang in there. Today though I did bring my NAC + Vitamin C and much of my PMP, I just totally slacked off over the weekend. I think it was very important for me to stop taking everything, try it sometimes, strangly, when I did that I often felt better as the body was rebalancing (I think) and so I could gauage how I was doing.

    You stated moving beds around, it could have been that, you never know, you son could be totally uneffected by this but yet it effects you like nobody’s business, so, messing with his bed “set you off” again. This is why I beleive the battle is internal for us, external too no doubt to get relief, but long term relief seems to be in changing our physiology for the better. Keep us informed, I want to know how you are doing and what you do to get back to “good shape”. First thing I’d be doing is ditching the quilt …

    • Thank you MCS for your advise and especially your support. The quilt and the anu were both in the same week. I did get rid of the quilt though. I also ordered the dry oxy and am hoping to have the money by the time the bill comes. I agree I shouldn’t change anything when I’m feeling better. I’ve only been on the anu a short time, so am hoping I improve as I continue to take it. I’m starting out with a small amount, but can I ask you how much you took in a day. I’m having some stomach problems that I think may be due to the anu so I’m taking it slow. Thanks for your feedback – it really means a lot.

    • OK here goes, organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar everyday makes the body more alkaline, bacteria,parasites ,fungus ,& many diseases including cancer have a difficult time surviving in an alkaline environment,an acidic environment promotes disease ,bacterial infiltration & decay,,apple cider vinegar everyday & oh yes water is a neccesitie but god knows whats in the water we are provided ever notice it smells like a swimming pool ,a lot of chlorine now why would that be,pretty much seems ,it may not be safe for drinking, how much you wanna bet ,your president doesnt ingest tap water,filter it ,filter it filter it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many yrs ago they put flouride, in the water they said to strengthen teath,i dont need to be a chemist to know ,that chlorine smell is not to strengthen our teeth

  10. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    The following is from:

    Someone mentioned that they itch more when they are in the company of certain people. We all have parasites of some sort. Evidently, everything has intelligence and everything communicates. Yes, I believe the parasites move around more, get riled up and spazz around.

    “Intentionally or not, insects may also communicate with members of other species (interspecific communication). This is like David Letterman’s top ten list.
    The adaptive value of these communication signals may include:
    1. Recognition of kin or nestmates
    2. Locating or identifying a member of the opposite sex
    3. Facilitation of courtship and mating
    4. Giving directions for location of food or other resources
    5. Regulating spatial distribution of individuals — aggregation or dispersal;
    6. establishing and maintaining a territory
    7. Warning of danger; setting off an alarm
    8. Advertising one’s presence or location
    9. Expressing threat or submission (agonistic behaviors)
    10. Deception / mimicry”

  11. Hi All…

    I truly believe that this thing starts out as some sort of fungal infection, and this is what attracts the insects and parasites to us. This initial infection happens because the terrain is broken. I am affected, but the rest of my household is not. My problem started after taking a few rounds of antibiotics for sinus issues. I broke out with a systematic candida infection and M symptoms appeared a few months later.

    I agree absolutely that this thing is internal, thus I spend most of my efforts treating the skin, boosting the immune system, killing candida, detoxing, etc. I do clean the environment and have a washing protocol but this is just so I can be as comfortable as possible while I fight this thing. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to sterilize my environment completely, but I know I can become symptom free one day, even if my environment never becomes completely clear.

    I didn’t notice it at first, but I can actually see what I believe is this fungal infection on the skin. Areas of my skin will light up rashy and red when some type of antifungal is applied to it and rubbed in. Tricia’s soaps will do the same thing to my skin.
    My entire arms were slightly reddened by this… it looked like I had a tan.

    I came across a post on the Lymebusters board, which discusses a treatment designed to help break up and kill the fungus. The treatment uses barley, as barley contains the enzyme chitinase. Here is the post:

    I am currently using this treatment as part of my protocol and am updating the thread with my progess. If others believe they also have some type of skin fungal infection, I would love to know if this treatment works for them. I am currently seeing great improvement in my skin. The rashy, red areas are becoming less and less with time. In addition, skin activity, like stings, crawling, etc.. is also diminishing.

    Mr. Common Sense – regarding the electrical component, I also experienced this as well. I feel it much less now that I have been improving tremendously, but at the height of my infection, my arm hairs would stick straight out like they were charged with static electricity. Did you ever get tested for heavy metals? I did, and was shocked to learn that my nickel load is so high that it could not be measured by the lab. I wonder if this plays a part in the electrical component, or whether the heavy metals issue is just ruining my terrain and complicating my recovery from candida…..

  12. Your Top Ten list sounded reasonable. How do Dew Worms find each other at night on the lawn?

    I fluctuate between the 75%-90% better spot. I gave up cheese and milk, as the day I consume it I flair up again and I’m not lactose intolerant. Working on that PH and probably going to try the Calmag soon.

    Your recommendation of sulfur soap and peppermint soap still seem to help. I used a large amount of the peppermint soap at first but I use less of it now. The best, “relief” I get from trouble spots is still Absorbine Jr. If I don’t use it things get worse at that spot, vs. when I do use it things clear up after repeated applications within a few days, sometimes totally clear up, sometimes only partially. I still ONLY use conditioner, never shampoo, that was the biggest help for my scalp and I’ve only had one flair up on my scalp since switching. I too try to think dry (skip a shower sometimes, dehumidifier in the basement frequently runs) but also cool, as I noticed sweating equals irritation… sometimes.

    For the most part it’s a skin issue, but sometimes it’s a deeper tissue and/or muscle issue.

    I haven’t seen a collembola in months. I don’t kill spiders anymore and vacuum them up infrequently, natures bug zapper.

    I mowed the lawn last week and today and am fine.

    Still nose itching at Wal-Mart and the dinner table, the only itch I ever got, if you can call it that.

    I have a cheap digital voltage tester, it goes off sometimes simply by holding it in mid-air. The meter seems to be working perfectly.

    I’m often told I think too much and so, I can’t help but wonder a few things:

    It’s so very odd how similar the attacks and denials by the “professional experts” are with your blog and this issue compared to the various and few housing blogs and the denials and attacks from the “experts” who denied there was a problem with our economy and housing in general, before the housing bubble was evident, calling everyone who thought the housing bubble was going to crash completely crazy. See how that worked out? Although for some strange reason they are still in charge of our economy? Go figure. Just like doctors who ignore this issue while so many people suffer.

    Usually I see millions of moths throughout the Summer, this year I’ve seen six. This reminded me of the bats and their problem with the mold. Have you noticed a decrease in moths as well?

    In this day and age of military “this and that” and bombing the moon (what a waste of money and effort better spent on troubles we face here) the use of magnetic electrical currents in the air as a missile shield isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Maybe not everyone has the same degree of electrical sensitivity or the same level of charge and we’re being affected? Or perhaps the whole issue is naturally caused by changes in the magnetic field of the earth, that is supposed to happen every so often, I’ve even seen such discussed on science TV shows. Maybe the critters we host adapt to us and assume the same electrical charge as our bodies and it’s not us that are being affected but they are the ones being affected and as a result wiggle about causing itch, discomfort etc… And by changing our PH level we change our electrical charge somehow and theirs and thus we no longer, “feel” affected?

    Did you see the article about scientists thinking they know why some people are attractive to and get bitten by mosquitoes while others next to them do not? It seemed like they think hormones or something similar plays a role which suggests a good meal. The article wasn’t very clear on that.

    Who knows?

    A source or a link for what Maribeth said might be illuminating:

    Kathleen said, on August 14, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    By Maribeth
    April 7, 2009 1:52 PM | RE: Aspergillus Flavus 36

    –Beat them with facts and Keep on it Mr. Commonsense.

  13. Gigi22 or anyone else with Candida issues,
    There is so much conflicting info on candida. What did you eat (or not eat–more to the point.) Dairy? Good kefir, yoghurt, eggs, grains of any sort? Fruit? Red meat?
    MCS, what is your diet like?
    Also, I’m wondering how many of you folks are overly-sensitive types like myself–not just physically (I’m on the thin-frail side) but personally, emotionally as well. Don’t know that it’s relevant, but I can so relate to Clark’s comment above — he says he’s often told he thinks too much. I’m wondering how many of you notice a relationship to symptoms and state of mind, i.e. the “it’s worse when I think about it” syndrome. I am not at all implying our problem is psychological!! It’s just that for myself, my symptoms are often worse when I’m fatigued at the end of the day. Since I don’t think I have real bugs, I think it’s more about my defenses being down in every way, and it has something to do with energy and focus–and I think energy is real, like electricity is real and measurable. Just sort of thinking out loud here.
    Wishing you all A Peaceful Day

    • Susan –

      My candida was really very bad about 6 months ago. I could not drink one sip of lemon water without feeling die-off. I had numbness from head to toe during die-off. It was awful.. so my diet was really really strict at first. At first, it was mostly just chicken, veggies, (eggs are ok), and I found that I could tolerate small amounts of brown rice. This was my diet for awhile. Absolutely no sugars, alcohol, vinegars, white flours, mushrooms, or dairy of any kind. Fruits were limited to green apples, lemons, and limes. The diet was so boring, because there was very little I could put on my chicken, and it was hard to find salad dressing without vinegar or sugar. Eventually, the only dairy I would have was kefir because of the cultures. It was not hard to stick to the diet in the beginning, because I would get physically ill eating something I shouldn’t have.

      Today, I’m improved tremendously, but I still do not eat anything with sugar or anything with white flour. I have introduced back dairy and vinegar and do eat limited fruit – I will eat berries mixed with plain, unsweetened yogurt. I still in general do not eat bread, but I found that now I can tolerate a wheat wrap every once in awhile.
      I don’t feel deprived…my favorite meal is stir fry that I make myself with beef or chicken and lots of veggies… with lots of garlic and some soy sauce over top of some brown rice. You may not have to be as restrictive, but you could start out more restrictive and see how it helps you, and add some things back little by little as time progresses. I actually accidentally had a sauce with sugar in it last week, and I felt more activity on my skin afterwards…. so I paid for that little slip-up…

  14. Ok, so I think I found part of a collembola in the bathroom sink after messing with my hair. Sigh. Unmagnified,the part was about the size of a period (“.”) and had a long part sticking off of it. The long part was barely visible without magnification.
    I called the entomologist at the local university. He said my description sounded about right, but he assured me they don’t live in humans, they don’t have the right mouth parts to even bite or parasitize humans. I said, “what if a fungus has colonized a person and the collembola is feeding off that?” He said that the coll. could not get into a person. I said, “what if the person has a sore?” He dismissed this, and I pretty much gave up, I mean he’s studied this stuff, and he’s gonna believe what he’s gonna believe, right?
    So what do you all make of his comment that they can’t really bite? He said their eating apparatus is more for sucking something up.
    He did say that if they are going to be anywhere in a home it would be a bathroom with a leak and mold (we’ve got that.) But just now I combed my hair over the sink again, and I did get some debris. Funny thing is, my skin is pretty well intact. My few little bites/pimples I’ve had have healed nicely.
    I am going to take my find to him next week–I’d like an ID.
    So I suppose I have to assume now that I am more contagious than I thought. Bummer! I keep thinking about the rotting log description of our bodies, and I think it’s sort of true HOWEVER I will not think of myself like that. I will picture every cell filled with light, oxygen, and love and I will sing, “Jesus loves me, this I know…”

    • Susan –

      I do not have lesions, and in the beginning, I believed I did pull out 3 collembola out of my skin with a lint roller. They were very tiny and copper colored, I never had them ID’d though. .. and heck yeah, I think they bite! It was either them or another type of bug I never saw, but I would get physical bite marks on me. I would just be sitting at the computer, and would feel bites on my back.. I would look, and I would see 5 bites, all in a row, up my back. I don’t feel them much anymore – I got a random bite a week ago while I was cleaning, but otherwise, they don’t seem to be bothering me anymore. The only insects I ever saw were collembola and gnats. The rest of the stuff is, of course, the black specks, threads, fuzzballs, and fibers… I don’t think it’s difficult for collembola to get into a person’s skin.. they only need to enter the pores. ??

  15. Unless you, your family or both have these nano tubes, fibers, sparkles, bugs, parasites, insane itching…you can not really know how crazy it can make you feel….is this real? I coughed up a piece of silicone was covered in slim and then within seconds it hardened into tough silicone. My mom pulled some out of her skin and put them on the counter. She looked back down and they were embedding themselves in the counter top!
    Her dermatologist believes in morgellons- Nano911 and he examined two specimens she has saved. Both had eyes. One had fiber legs, sm body and lg grey eyes. This is all true. These were not Collembola. We victims may have that in addition but the whole ordeal is not collembola.
    My mom was given parasite meds by primary and she purged like a volcano! Cream color parasites out of every opening in her body. from her feel, ears, nose, eyes her skin pores. This went on for three days. All different fibers, x-mas sparkles, and globs of synthetic hair came off her head. Bugs with eyes and fibery legs. The cream colored parasites were all dead and turned to hard silicone. Tons of spongy white strands came off her scalp. After the first night when she woke up she had black spots (the black tar substance some victims see) were sprayed all over the wall and the lamp shade by her bed. Was she in a sci fi movie? She was fine for several days.
    My sister and her children are covered in debris. I am a licensed skin care specialist here in the state of Florida. I took my Woods lamp (a professional black bulb like lamp) and went over my sister and the children. Not only were the fibers, sparkles, fuzzballs glowing but there were several specks and a fiber growing out of my sisters arm THAT WAS FLORESCENT NEON LIGHT BLUE like the light on your computer screen on off button. Or the blue in a neon sign. I was freaked out! I went over a pillow i had them lay on….it was covered with hundreds of fuzzballs, blue lint strands (no one had blue on) but we all had blue fibers that you could see with the Wood’s lamp. White fuzz, spots, dots…the pillow was covered. I would suggest you could get a black light bulb at your local store and run it over your arm and you will see this stuff. It is everywhere in our homes but you cannot see it unless you use a black light or woods lamp( you can probably get a cheap one on ebay) and then you will be able to decide if it is on your walls, furniture, bedding etc.
    It is true that these things can communicate with each other. I was trying a oral flush (you take 1/3 c red wine or dark juice and 2/3rds perioxide and mix in cup) and swish around your mouth for 3-5 mins (if you can) and see what comes out! Yeeks! I kept doing this for 30 mins and it was gross. My sister who is out of state and has been kindly researching this called and told me about this. She said it is not for the faint hearted and she is right. If you do not want to see ….just use watered down perioxide. Everything was dead, but I had streight fibers, seed like larva, larva sacks, silicone chips, black specks, lint like substances, insect looking things with leg (they are very small) and towards the end the perioxide pulled out from my lungs and sinuses a huge amount of CLEAR gel like substance that many morgellon suffers report. The larva sack was in this. Suddenly I was recieving bites on the top of my scalp where I usually get bitten and I was bitten hard…then I rec bites several other places as if these NANO’s were angry!TG my dr gave me xanax cuz this stuff is too weird. I know what parasites are and have study them for several years….but this is not normal…this is man made and we are like the soil. I will post some good websites. Oh also people may be too shy to say this but these can come out vaginally also.
    Go to a university specially trained derm, not a reg derm who just does body checks and offers beauty treatment. Treat yourself naturally, it is as if these are attracted to chemicals. Use vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil based natural soaps. I read a victim is using Dr Bonners peppermint liquid based soap for her sheets and it is doing wonders.

  16. Julie,
    What does the term nano911 mean? What do you believe Morgellons to be?

  17. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    For those of you who believe this is some type of mite or insect infestation— I highly recommend sprinkling diatomaceous earth a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges which can cut through an insect’s protective covering drying it out and killing. If the insect ingests the DE it will shred their insides. Diatomaceous Earth may be used to kill thrips, mites, and many other insects. It may be used for bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks and is helpful in dealing with fungus gnats. In addition, many Morgellons sufferers have made a paste using the human grade DE and olive oil. I purchased my DE online from a company called Access Nutraceuticals. I sprinkle the powder on my mattress (under the pad) and all around the edges of the room between the walls and the baseboards. Furthermore, I have purchased enzymes from the same company and spray them on me and my furniture as a good natural pesticide. These are safe ways to keep pests away.

  18. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    I guess I should add this comment to the poor man’s protocl page, but I found a site where people can order a powder Concoction which contains DE for free. It us called Angel Powder.

  19. I think its a future Problem we are having with Technology and Radiation Waves. Our bodies are reacting to so much radiation wave. TV generate Radiation…Computers…Cell Phones…I get a fungus attack everytime I’m near a computer that I have to shower to calm it down

  20. I am new and itch terribly when around certain people. Could it be an infection of some type on them. Sometimes my husband makes me itch and I cannot see any bugs. I just feel itching start when making any contact with him. If I take a shower and use Vanacream it goes away. Some people I don’t even have to make contact certain peopl and I itch all over and it drives me crazy. It feels like a bunch of invisible bugs are Landing on me and crawling and biting me. I also get this when certain things like slimfast, certain medications ect. Should my husband use the soaps that are mentioned on his website as well as i. We don’t have carpet but one of our chairs was given to us be someone who had cats–i get this feeling around cats, certain books–old ones–carpet. If someone could reply to this, I would appreciate it.

    • Totally agree with lamb, and folks, please, NEVER accept furniture from anybody, our world is different now, especially from somebody with pets, that’s just totally asking for trouble. Remember, pets are animals, they have to be dewormed all the time, I don’t care what pet lovers say, having a pet in your house is a red-flag. Julie, I’d haul that chair out of my house today, pronto. If you can afford it, buy only leather funiture, arthropods and other things that terrorise us cannot live on leather surfaces and neither can fungus. I wipe down my leather couch with Dr. Bonners at least once a week, it’s soft, warm, and I just love it.

      Jorge, I know exactly what you are talking about, amazing the relief a simple hot shower can provide, and I do take mine hot.

      • Hey mate really appreciate your work, have some information that you might be interested in if you want to contact me I will send it to you.
        Regarding entomologists findings and samples, sent in.
        God bless. Dave.

  21. I think you should get rid of the chair immediately. If books bother you check for psocids and dehumidify.

  22. herehoping said:

    Julie-How is your diet? What do they put in that Slimfast? I bet it’s alot of no good.

  23. First time here. I am wondering how many of you might also suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and notice such reactions with, say, fragrances? I do feel at times that I’m being bitten by something like mites, but I especially notice this when I am around artificial scents. Unbearable if I have to sleep on sheets washed in fragranced laundry soap. I have found that maintaining an alkaline skin surface and general body level helps alot, but I can’t seem to get rid of the bites entirely. I eat no red meat or pork, just chicken and fish and often feel that I need more protein, or just more food in general, but have little appetite.
    Dr. Bronner’s soap has always been a part of my life, but not for laundry. Like this idea.
    I do think these symptoms will become more common as the environment is more and more saturated with chemicals that are compromising our immune systems. And the weakened immune system lets the mites/parasites get a foothold. Or mouthhold, sorry to say. The thing that bothers me is that I do so much to keep a clean (organic) diet and home and so many people who don’t care at all don’t seem to suffer at all.

  24. Has anyone tried to wash their laundry in Dettol and clean the house with it. It is a British anesthetic and cleaner and is used alot over seas and by Caribbeans. It’s made with pine oil, alchol. I washed some clothes by hand with it and it helped tremedously. Practically all gone!! Next step is try it in the rinse cycle in my laundry. Let’s see.

  25. tigatail said:

    Still fighting this from april 2009. I have been on high doses antibiotics for 2 years. Had to quit. I elevated my liver enzymes with nanosilver – which I nebulized. Quit doing that. But my dr. thought it was my Rx drugs, so I had to go off. Didn’t have the heart to tell him I was adding nebulized silver (judith knilans) as, he told me “no silver.” Anyway, the crawling is as Staninger said. For me that is. When I feel the crawl I can go to that area and search for a little bump to pick out of my skin. Like, a little clicky thing under my fingernail, as, they are very tiny. Crawling, then I can find the thing to pick out. Usually white and tiny. These diminished recently, but, after quitting the antibiotics, within 2 weeks –> crawling and at the end of 3 weeks I could pick out the little white “parasite” Just wanted to post this, as, I have been religiously slamming down the antibiotics for 2 years and all for nothing I think. So, I am rethinking my approach and sort of agree with the fact that antibiotics may not help this. Staninger said they just dumb down the symptoms. She may be right although there have been some who benefited from the antibiotics. My face crawls and itches. All my fight for naught. In addition to the antibiotics I tool an antifungal and an antiparasitical. Quitting just 3 weeks and it is all back.

    • dividingcricker said:

      Tig A few of us have been checking into this DAVID BELL LAGINEX AGRAQUEST connection. He seems to be infected with Oomcyetes a type of life thats not fungus or algae but its somewhere inbetween .I ve been researching the links with Oomcycetes and fungicides and if it is this,its not a easy cure .A few webs sharon found UK MORGELLONS-Oomcyetes on that same site there are at teast fifty other webs about morgellons and lymes. Tina found another site BIOTECHNOLOGY KAISERPAPER its a little scary but many of the connections are a little scary! good luck

    • Tigatail, just like you, i am going to take Anti fungal, and Ivermectin, currently i am taking antibiotic for 3 weeks, it seems work great for first couple of days then slime slowly came back, how long did you take anti fungal i took it for 3 months, when i quit, it came back slowly, them in couple months, it came back worse, i am thinking about taking antifungal for long term. like a year or so, if you read this, can you tell me how long you took antifungal,
      i think the crawling feeling we get is slime drying up, our skin erupts clear slime, which glitters multi color crystal, slime is clear with slight olive tint, from skin, goo like slime erupts, and spread surround area, and skin gets red dots, itch like crazy, I think the itchness is not from any bug, it is allergic reaction to slime, i took antiboitic, and antifungal, this M has both component, first couple of days upon taking antibiotic, i had total change in my hair texture, and skin, then i believe this bacteria developed resistance to this antibiotic, slowly the med did not work as good as first couple days, as for antifungal, the symptom was diminishing slower than antibiotic, when i quit taking the med, it took longer to come back to full blown symptom again, my dog got diagonosis of Chrysosporium fungus from lab, white rot fungus, upon researching this fungus, it has aggrobactarium, i think this is what we have, all those bugs, gnats, collembola, beetles, ants, bees, they are after slime our body creates,

      • Yes Anne, I am reading this. First, if this is morgellons, 3 weeks of anything will not help. I did find that the ivermectin and the antifungal helped, I took them a year and a half. I took diflucan and then nystatin. It all was helping, but, my liver enzymes spiked – I think because of the nebulized ionic silver I was inhaling as per Judith knilans book. I’m not sure it was the silver, but had to go off all meds to get liver back in line. Better now. Things I now think are helping: Paw Paw tea ordered from hilltop acres. Certain herbs: ginger, clove, garlic – enzymes: like the blockbuster all clear that Judith Knilans talked of in her first book, interfase by KIaire labs, all of the suppliments on Mr. CS protocol. Still crawling though and stuff coming off and out of skin. Anyway, it is a long fight. I use Farinfrared sauna and also,
        goo up with the suggestions on Keep up the fight. I think you need the antifungals long term. No one knows I have this. I keep it under wraps. Long and slow beat back, like peeling the membrane layers off an onion. One step forward and one step back. Then one day, it’s only One 0.9999 step back. Can you ask mr. cs for my email address and email me personally if you wish.

    • Tigatal- “When I feel the crawl I can go to that area and search for a little bump to pick out of my skin. Like, a little clicky thing under my fingernail, as, they are very tiny. Crawling, then I can find the thing to pick out. Usually white and tiny.”

      This is exactly what I have been experiencing on and off since 2009. It’s getting bad again. I have it really bad tonight (last few weeks) they are also spraying chem trails really heavy last 3 weeks. Today was foggy spray that looks very fibrous and lots of strands falling down. (I live in an area that is never foggy in August, so I know it is just spray, plus the way it dissipates is not like fog.. it blows down.)

      My ear canals also have been very itchy (I do think it is yeast but possibly something else too) and I am getting a pulsing feeling to parts of my head, it feels like a pulse. Really odd.

      What parasite drugs can I ask from my doctor? What seems to help? Please respond. I feel so confused by all these crawlers.

      Gonna try the Peppermint Bonners soap for laundry too. Good tips here.

  26. Have you ever been able to draw them outof you with drawling sap or anything?
    Do the bugs get larger once you begin to remove them?
    What’s the scenario if we do try to remove them somehow?

    • I read that the hairever from helped and so I got 3 bottles. It really does help. It supposedly digests the sebum or (whatever) from the hair follicles – but, I think these things hang in the follicles so, it maybe works on them too….only grasping here, like everyone else.

      • david burcher said:

        same thing is happening to my wife, also myself but not as bad, no one (here in Australia) will take us seriously (G.P.s health dept, entomologists, etc) First thought it was spring tails have only just found this web site, does it first start in hair?What are our best options?

        • David, I am in Queensland. Some of the products mentioned on this site are not available here, probably have to order from overseas.

  27. Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss
    and would really like to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my viewers would appreciate your work. If you are even
    remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  28. There is some interesting research about the mutation of yeasts into fungi and then fungi into more advanced forms of fungi which become immune to the current treatment. This explains why some remedies work for awhile and then the crawling returns as the yeast/fungus/parasite advances to new forms.
    We know this happens with bacteria very quickly, and we know now that bacteria can communicate over distance. One case, noted by Stephen Buhner, author of The Lost Language of Plants, 2006, tells of an experiment where naturally-occurring soil bacteria and fungus were subjected to one dose of a pharmaceutical antibiotic and began to die off right away, but after 20 minutes they were back to “normal” and then began using the pharmaceutical as actual food.
    Then, right away, they did the same thing to another sample of the same bacteria in another lab, closed room, same building. The second sample took no time to immediately begin using the drug as food, as if they already knew the procedure.
    The author here, Buhner, is advocating the use of native plants and plant extracts to counteract the overabundant bacteria, fungus, yeasts rather than using contrived drugs.

    Also, some treatments are recommended for one life cycle (of a fungus) and then switching to another treatment for the next life cycle, for instance, raw garlic for two weeks, then pau d’arco powder for two weeks, then aloe vera for two weeks, then back to the garlic.
    I have used this plan for awhile and it really seems to keep fungus from increasing in number. Learning the life-cycle is important, and, in the case of Morgellons, not knowing exactly what critter we’re dealing with makes it tricky. But most of the plants that help (garlic, wormwoods, p’au d’arco, coconuts, usnea, aloe) will help even if just used as first aid.

    • In my opinion, the garlic, wormwood, etc. work on the GI tract, liver, etc. but not on the external skin, or layers of the skin. If I use essential oils with e.g. coconut oil, emu oil, etc. I get all this debris coming out. I read somewhere, black bits are dead, red are alive and white are eggs. I too would like to know the lifecycle, its duration, etc.

  29. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I know all this stuff probably sounds out there to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Since about 2009 I had major scalp issues, I thought dandruff but it spread to my ears and a ND told me it could be a yeast infection in my skin.

    Yeast supposedly is stimulated by EMF frequencies.

    I would wash my hair and skin several times a day and bag and wash on hot with hot dryer for 80 minutes my clothing every other day. Eventually the weather changed, or they stopped pulsing the air or whatever and within a week I felt everything quiet down.

    It has come and gone a few times since then. Last August was terrible. I used Peregrin every few nights or soaked in Vinegar (seemed to help equally to Peregrin and not as toxic) All my efforts just kept the levels about the same. Eventually something would shift in the weather or environment and it would kinda dissipate. Anyone have experience/ ideas what makes it worse and eventually stop?

  30. Ive got some bugsliving on my scalp
    They are tinyittle black pieases of coal
    They hop or jump if i try aang kill
    It dokters keep telling me thers nothing there thesethings bite and feed on my scalp nothings killing them i do not have any ideas what these paracites are pleses can you help me or identifiy them and recomend somthing to kill them
    Many thanks tanya x

    • Dear Tanya all I know is this is a major problem, I assume you have looked at the fox news report, on I am half a world away in Australia and it is happening, I think we even have a better health care system than you do.
      The bad news is they will not help you and after much research and sending in samples we have found out it is some sort of tiny spider (related to your black widow and our red back) how to get rid of them we are still finding out, it will get worse any where you have hair follicles they will go to, my wife and myself have shaved our heads and every where else there is no point trying all these supposed cures they simply do not work.I sympathize with every one who is going through this nightmare.
      Mr Common sense seems to be the only one out there trying to help all the people, for the medical fraternity they simply put it in the too hard basket or they do not want mass hysteria as we were told by an entomologist (bug guy) that little is known about them, but they can assure you they cannot get under your skin.Well if little is known about them how can they tell you they cannot bite??????.
      I Mr common sense reads this can you contact me and I will send you the entomologists report.

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