A Poor Man’s Theory?

Okay, the last post got me thinking about all this. I just want to bounce this off you and see what you guys think.


  1. Our bio-terrain totally crashes (more on that later)
  2. Our bodies become like catnip to some type of microscopic arthropod
  3. These arthropods shred our skin causing microscopic perforations (which could lead to lesions)
  4. The arthropods are the source of the biting and crawling sensations
  5. The perforations in our skin allows entry of various fungal spores and various forms of bacteria
  6. These opportunistic infections combined with our very bad terrain makes us very ill


Now, that’s a pretty simplistic explanation. However, often times a Morgellons patient is the only one that feels things in a room when by all accounts everyone should feeling it as well, but they do not. This could mean the problem is entirely internal, or it could mean there is something in the environment that is totally benign normally but for some reason is no longer benign for us, meaning it’s both external and internal.


Why mosquitoes prefer some to others


Woman being attached by bugs (Getty Images)


If you’re one of those people whom mosquitoes tend to favor, maybe it’s because you aren’t sufficiently stressed-out.

Insects have very keen powers of smell that direct them to their targets. But for researchers trying to figure out what attracts or repels the pests, sorting through the 300 to 400 distinct chemical odors that the human body produces has proved daunting.

Now scientists at Rothamsted Research in the U.K. have been making headway at understanding why some people can end up with dozens of bites after a backyard barbecue, while others remain unscathed.

The phenomenon that some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others is well documented. In the 1990s, chemist Ulrich Bernier, now at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, began looking for what he calls the "magic compounds" that attract mosquitoes. His research helped to show that mosquitoes are attracted to humans by blends of common chemicals such as carbon dioxide, released from the skin and by exhaling, and lactic acid, which is present on the skin, especially when we exercise.


Interesting, C02 and lactic acid, hmmm. My blood work (though I haven’t had it done in while) showed the max C02 level. And lactic acid, if you watched the “Doctor Rotcod – PH video’s” you know this what an acidic body is full of when food is not properly digested. And when I first discovered Morgellons and tested my PH it was 5.0 consistently. I was a literal acidic mess. By the way, stress had been a big part of my life leading up to Morgellons. Stress can make a body very acidic and your body uses magnesium to buffer that acid which causes magnesium loss.


The Gut

Something, I believe has screwed up the gut so badly in a Morgellons sufferer that our skin is ringing the dinner bell which only makes things worse. If I am correct in that Morgellons comes first and then the arthropods, we are having sickness on top of sickness heaped upon us.

There is another possibility however. Something, other than a typical western diet and stress, has caused our bio-terrain to fail. If I had to guess, it is something being used in modern day GMO Pharming (Pharmaceutical Farming) that not only survives in man but thrives in certain individuals.  I know I’m not offering anything new here that you haven’t already considered.


From Natural News on PH


The basic chemistry of pH balance
Back in high school chemistry, we learned about pH: acids had low numbers, alkalines had high numbers, and a pH of 7.0 was neutral. And it all meant absolutely nothing in terms of day-to-day life.

It now turns out that we have a better shot at long-term health if our body’s pH is neutral or slightly alkaline. When we tilt toward greater acidity, which can be measured easily, we have a greater risk of developing osteoporosis, weak muscles, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and a host of other health problems.

The solution, according to scientists who have researched "chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis," is eating a diet that yields more alkaline and less acid. Just what kind of diet is that? One that’s high in fruits and vegetables. That might not seem like a big surprise, except for a few unexpected twists and turns.

Acid-yielding foods deplete minerals
If the idea of balancing acid and alkaline foods seems a bit off the wall, it does have a somewhat checkered past. Most people, including physicians, aren’t familiar with the dangers of acidosis, except in the most extreme situations. Those include lactic acidosis, from overexercise; ketoacidosis, when diabetes start burning their own fat; and renal acidosis, which can be a sign of kidney failure.

The original scientific research on acid-yielding and alkaline-yielding foods dates back to 1914 and was remarkably accurate, according to Loren Cordain, Ph.D., a professor and researcher in the department of health and exercise science at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Then, in the 1930s and 1940s, the acid-alkaline concept was hijacked by early health food "nuts." Among them, William Hay, M.D., proposed an almost ritualistic eating habit based on food acidity or alkalinity. Since then, most doctors have viewed any discussion of acid and alkaline diets with a skeptical eye.

But the problem with acid-producing eating habits is very real, contends Cordain, a leading expert on the Paleolithic, or Stone Age diet. "After digestion, all foods report to the kidneys as being either acidic or alkaline," he says. "The kidneys are responsible for fluid balance and maintaining a relatively neutral pH in the body."

That’s where things get interesting. When acid-yielding foods lower the body’s pH, the kidneys coordinate efforts to buffer that acidity. Bones release calcium and magnesium to reestablish alkalinity, and muscles are broken down to produce ammonia, which is strongly alkaline. By the time the response is all over, your bone minerals and broken down muscle get excreted in urine.

Long term, excess acidity leads to thinner bones and lower muscle mass, points out Anthony Sebastian, M.D., of the University of California, San Francisco. These problems are compounded by normal aging, which increases acidosis, bone loss, and muscle wasting. Along the way, calcium and magnesium losses can equate to deficiencies, with many ramifications. Both minerals play essential roles in bone formation and normal heart rhythm. Low magnesium levels can cause muscle cramps, arrhythmias, and anxiety.


Co-Authoring an Article

I’m going to co-author an article with someone who I think is very talented and a great writer and researcher. Our hope is that it will be out by the end of September. So I need to get busy on that. I think you guys will find it interesting.


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  1. Assuming there’s some type of arthropods involved (you know I believe that), I’m inclined to go with the scent theory. If not scent, something given off the body.

    Everyone that gets this dabs w/ menthol crystals early on. While you burn menthol, the itching/crawling/pin-pricks are reduced or go away. It does not kill however but a good repellentr; if it killed, whatever’s in my car or condo would’ve been gone long ago b/c I menthol-fumed the $%#@ out of them, esp the car. At least at home, when I did menthol, i got relief. It could be that things like menthol, which emit very strong odor confuses the things and disrupts their ability to find the victim or communicate with each other. I bet you won’t get bitten by mosquitos if you burn menthol.

    Mosquitos don’t typically bother me. I can be outside on a hot, muggy, summer evening and while everyone around me gets eaten up, I come out totally unbothered. I often joked that my blood tastes bad but I don’t even get bit so it must be my odor or whatever I’m giving off or whatever they’re not picking up from me. Maybe it’s the same with this – some members of the family get attacked all day while others are totally oblivious, like your kids and wife, and it could be b/c either they are attracted to you or not, not whether they even exist in your environment or not.

    Focusing on improving the terrain perhaps changes your body composition such that you’re no longer attractive to these things…. ? These are my guesses.

  2. Hi MCS and all,
    To my way of thinking you left out point 1.5: As your terrain is failing, you begin to feel bites, crawling, some itching and assume you have bugs. At this point, you very likely do not have bugs, may or may not have fungal infection going on, and yet you proceed to poison the crap out of body and environment, thus insuring that you further wreck your body, thereby inviting the fungus and arthropods you were so sure existed from the beginning.
    It sounds like some people positively did have bugs from the beginning, so this may not be the case for them. But I’m thinking this was possibly the case for many of us. Just my ideas.

  3. As there are families with Morgellons where some members catch it and some don’t, it is clear that those that don’t catch it have some kind of immune mechanism working for them. What if there was a parallel research done on the family members that didn’t catch it? What do all these people have in common that protects them from Morgellons? Perhaps approaching the research from this angle might turn up some unexpected clues.

  4. Ok, here’s my theory; I’ve rearranged MCS’s points in the order that I feel is relevant.
    This is going along with his idea that it’s not arthropods that is the only cause, but they serve as vectors to initiate the process and invite secondary conditions from other things, like fungus.

    4. The arthropods are the source of the biting and crawling sensations
    2. Our bodies become like catnip to some type of microscopic arthropod
    3. These arthropods shred our skin causing microscopic perforations (which could lead to lesions)
    5. The perforations in our skin allows entry of various fungal spores and various forms of bacteria
    1. Our bio-terrain totally crashes (more on that later)
    6. These opportunistic infections combined with our very bad terrain makes us very ill

    Susan, i am of the opinion that pt 1.5 you brought up is backwards. You said “as your terrain is failing, you begin to feel bites, crawling, some itching and assume you have bugs. At this point, you very likely do not have bugs, may or may not have fungal infection going on, and yet you proceed to poison the crap out of body and environment, thus insuring that you further wreck your body, thereby inviting the fungus and arthropods you were so sure existed from the beginning.” I don’t believe this (note, we’re just exchanging views here, not a personal attack ;). What I believe is exactly the opposite logic. These things (bugs or whatever) were NOT there but somehow you pick them up or they came into your presence. At this time, your immune system is “normal” (being a relative term). Then they attack you. Then you go crazy trying to eradicate them and suffer emotional and physical torment and exhaustion and these along with all the chemicals will send your immune system spiraling down really hard which only makes things worse.

    So what I just said supports my experience of buying a used car which definitely had something extra b/c everytime I drove it, I’d get stings and pinpricks – this has never happened to me before, but it happened whenever I drove the car until I’d come home and take a shower. Then whatever that was in the car eventually spread to my home and that’s when all hell broke loose. Now what I said does NOT support MCS’ experience – his wife and kids are totally fine rolling around in the carpet or sitting in front of the computer, while MCS would suffer like crazy; hence the belief in 1.5 which is, they were always there, you just didn’t know it until something happened to your terrain…

    Hmmmm… the conflicting forces of nature! I’m getting a headache now… 😛

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    OMG I just read the CO2 elevations comment in the Mosquitoe report. I have seen many files of patients and 8 out of 10 had elevated eosinophils which can be an indicator of parasitic infestations. But GET THIS 10 out of 10 CO2 was ELEVATED.
    Sister to Common Sense

  6. sister, I’m really depressed right now, I had some strange happenings this week, not good, my heart palps are back with a vengeance, felt like I might die last night. I’m so tired of this. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t voice this here, I try to stay so positive, but today I am reeling. If I ever appear to have stopped blogging for no reason, you know I am gone. I feel like it could happen at any time. Morgellons damaged my heart somehow. Despite all of the heart tests I’ve had I know that something is wrong. I’m at work right now but I just want to get away from all this misery. I look around at other people who have no clue about our misery and think how lucky and blessed you are friend, to not know what I know, to not have seen what I have seen. I’m having a pity party right now, give me a few days … My blood C02 was the max they test for, oh joy !!


  7. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Brother,
    You will not die from this. You will die an old man with grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. I have seen in others what you are seeing and because I feel so much for them I truly feel their pain myself. I may not have this but I have seen the screams of pain when the organisms exit the skin, I FEEL EVERYONES PAIN and it really gets to me as it does to you.
    I met with a Couple from Tampa 3 weeks ago that have this. The wife was so distraught and the husband was so very ill with lesions all over his body, teeth rotting out of his mouth and they too felt “helpless”. When you become the only one who others can trust to say I have parasites coming out of my skin it can be quite an ominous task,
    It’s okay to have a pity party once in a while, I had my own yesterday because everyone is so desperate and I can’t be everything to everybody, neither can you.
    You are stressed, so many are begging for your help and as you have seen I am getting thousands of emails from people begging for help.
    You have got to walk away from blogging on this for a while, eat a good lunch, go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Take deep breaths, remember you are not your disease and you have helped so very many.
    You can not save the world, nor can you take the fears out of the world. Reclaim your spiritual and physical terrain for a few days. Stay off this blog for a few days.
    You, like me, take the problems of the world on ourselves and you can’t do this to yourself.
    Tomorrow is a new day and the Labor Day Weekend is upon us. You need to take time with your family to stop and smell the flowers, laugh, watch a good movie, listen to soft healing music. In other words stop laboring over this for a while.
    Stress can make you feel as though you are having a heart problem, believe me yesterday I had to take a Xanax in order to calm myself down and I don’t do that often.
    You are on the road to recovery and you will be free of this, in this lifetime. For Now..YOU have to nurture YOU.
    I Love You Dear Brother,
    Sister to Common Sense

  8. To MCS,
    My heart goes out to you, my prayers are with you. I wonder if you are under the care of a trusted Naturopath? And I wonder about heavy metals in your body–you said you are a teeth grinder with fillings.
    To Kixx,
    I feel perfectly safe and fine if you want to respectfully disagree, no problem at all.
    I think it’s very possible that in your case, and others, bugs came first. The reason I believe what I wrote may be true, is because when I read MCS’s explanation on the post titled, “My Current thinking on What Morgellons is”, it seemed to fit my situation exactly. Here’s the part I’m referring to:
    “However, a body whose terrain is a complete mess will allow such things to take hold. In fact, I believe ones terrain can be pretty bad off and that person can still feel relatively well for quite sometime.

    “You begin to feel high levels of anxiety, suffer more sinus infections, sore throats, allergies, maybe begin to suffer fibromyalgia like symptoms that aren’t too bad but effect you nonetheless. You might experience neck pain, weakness, palpitations, thyroid issues like being cold or hot, running a low temperature, and Vertigo. Nothing terribly alarming. This goes on for years and all the while you probably do any number of antibiotic prescriptions and don’t seem to be getting better, in fact your getting worse. Your doctor keeps telling you it’s all stress, you suffer mood swings, maybe a little depression, you just don’t feel like you used to, you feel old. However, Morgellons, or what we call Morgellons hasn’t kicked in yet. Even after the hair loss you’re still not too overly alarmed, but by now you are worried and know something is wrong.

    “Eventually one day, you feel a sharp bite, but see nothing, this could go on for some time, then you begin to notice blotchy skin, what appears to be bite marks, your skin might appear as it it has some kind of fungal activity going on and you might even develop sores or lesions. Finally, intense crawling sets in. Some will experience itching and I believe those are the ones that get the lesions as it’s a histamine response to the toxins now built up inside the body which is reaching its breaking point. If this goes on long enough without correcting the terrain parasites might become a reality and even insects in our bodies.”
    Now perhaps MCS has revised his thinking on this, I don’t know. I just know that his description pretty well matches my experience. For the last 3-4 years I’ve had lots of annoying, seemingly unrelated symptoms: palpitations and racing heart, joint pain, way too many colds/sinus stuff, atypical migraines with weird visual effects, vertigo and tinnitus, lots of tummy troubles with bouts of vomitting, hair loss, anxiety, fatigue, generally feeling/looking older over the last 2 years than I thought I should, terrible intolerance to cold and now Reynauds syndrome (fingers and toes get really cold and kind of damaged). I saw my Dr. for most of this stuff along the way, and you can guess how helpful he was. At this point I do not believe that I actually have bugs, though possibly fungal stuff. I believe the health of my whole family has suffered from living in an old, damp house (we’re getting out asap) the last four years. For me, the biting, crawling, itching started abruptly about a month ago. It was a few hours after I had an awful encounter with a person I really don’t like–I carried that huge anxiety with me all day. I believe it to be the day that my body finally just “broke”. There was a possible source of infection from a vector the previous day. But I am now seeing that the possible vector event may have been coincidental. Or perhaps an infection did get in from the vector, but probably only because I was already so damaged. So I’m really no longer focussing on that vector/event at all. I do believe I’m pretty toxic inside and that the toxins affect the nervous system. When I had that bad experience with a very “toxic” person and I had also just started a candida diet–well, I think it pushed my body over some sort of threshold. I’m thinking that detoxing and rebuilding the body with a knowledgeable professional, as well as learning to set better personal boundaries, exercise, etc. is what I need to do. I’d also like to note that what I’ve experienced is pretty congruent with Dr. Amin’s theories on NCS.
    I’m certain that others do have problems with actual bugs. I’m also very saddened because I think many do not have bugs initially, but self treat with loads of pesticides and toxic chemicals. I freely acknowledge that I could be wrong about any of this!
    This website is the most helpful I’ve found; I’m mostly not visiting any others because they freak me out, and I think they are mostly so on the wrong track. Though MCS is having a difficult time, I think he is on the right track. And I am very grateful for the respectful atmosphere around here.

  9. Thanks everyone for you thoughts and prayers, I’m feeling a little better now. I just read your post susan, thank you for resposing that !! I haven’t changed my mind, that’s exactly how I think Morgellons comes about, at least it did for me.

    And for those who have said “then you treat yourself with harsh chemicals thinking you have bugs” YES YES ! That’s exactly what I did, how many of us did scabies stuff like Premethrin and so on, all nasty things. So Susan you had heart issues too, I wonder how many others have.

    Here’s what happened to me. I mowed the yard, had some kind of bite on my arm a few days later, whenever I get near the cat-tails I get chiggers. But usually not on my arm, but one night this week the itching was unbearable (never had that like that before) I was sure at any moment a great big lesion was going to break out and I would be entering a whole new realm of Morgellons. I took the eye-clopse thing we have, looked at it, and all around the bite were black specks, I was shocked, hadn’t seen my skin like that in a long time. Finally, I thought what the heck, put fingernail polish over it (old rememedy for getting rid of chiggers) and within hours the itching totally stopped, I was shocked. However, during that time period I had squiggles or crawling like senstaions all over, this freaked me because I was sure I was done with that. However, now, a few days later the crawling has all but stopped, but then last night my heart went bonkers. Maybe it was anxiety, not sure, but I’m feeling better now, things are not spiraling out of control as they appeared they were going to.

    I was shocked honestly about my reaction, I wanted to panic but knew better, so, I stuck to my protocol, took an extra shower for a few days using the sulfur. And now, it seems I’m almost back to normal, I think this three day weekend will reallly help me relax.

    When things looked bad I said a prayer and was very thankful that I had this “Summer of Good Health” which I never thought I’d have again. I think I have been spared a repeat. My PH has been out of whack alittle lately, so I need to refocus.

    Lesson learned, this at least in my case seems to be a protocol for life, or, I haven’t fully corrected my terrain. I know the site that really got me started on Magnesium said that it can take a year to recover from severe depletion, I know in my case I was very depleted of minerals, vitamins, amino’s.

    Thank you all for your thoughts, everyone chiming in has lifted my spirt. I just got back from a bike ride with my children, my heart is definitely strong, but I get palps and they’re scary, my pulse has always been low, resting at 60, sometimes can go low 50’s, but it’s always been like that, that kind of scares me too, but it was like that almost 20 years ago so it must be my norm.

    God bless, and everyone enjoy your holiday weekend.

  10. herehoping said:

    To all:
    Ok I apologize in advance if this offends any one but Ive’ got to get it off my chest…..

    WHO CARES WHAT THE #!&%!*$ CAUSE IS??????????? Scientist, doctors,the #@#@!&% cdc can’t fiqure it out and we think will/have?

    Let’s concentrate on what is happening right now…..are you getting better, worse???

    I have been on MCS protocal,using esp botanicals and anu water for approx 5 weeks now and I FEEL GREAT! I LOOK GREAT!!! I have no lesions, no crawlies, no more swollen,numb hands, no brain fog, my eyes no longer feel as if they are full of sand.

    I went back to work 2 weeks ago as a veterinary technician, I sleep with 6 dogs. Every now and then I feel a tingle nothing big just a little tingle on my skin.

    If it wasnt for this blog I would be lost and terrified on one of the forums and most likley taking fenbendazole eod.

    I FEEL GREAT TODAY!!!!! God bless us all!! God bless MCS.

    How are you?

    Love, love,love you all,
    nancy aka herehoping

  11. That pretty much says it all nancy, that’s what everyone wants, “Out of this mess”, thanks for the slap in the face, I don’t want to go chasing rabbits again and I needed that 😉 I’m okay (hopefully). I love my children, can’t wait to get home to them, when I’m around them I’m so calm, I think to myself, okay, if you die even this one day of life seeing thier faces would make everything worth it, and it’s true. Just had a bit of a bad spurt through some bizarre circumstances (and remember we men are big babies) 😉

  12. Mr. CS,
    Take heart (no pun intended). I believe it extremely unlikely that you would be overcome with full-blown morgellons again, with all of your corrective measures in place.
    It’s all about restoring and maintaining balance, as you have elaborated in your blogs.
    I do, however, believe that there is an infectious process, and that it is likely soil-based. For this reason, I fear for you. I cringed when you recently described rolling around on the lawn…We MUST seriously consider the possible-to-likely lyme link to morgellons, with iincreased exposure to insect vectors as an unnecessary risk, and that ticks are described as virtual cesspools of germs. Lyme can cause all kinds of medical problems, including lyme carditis–For this reason, it would seem prudent to consult a cardiologist.. I could tell you stories of my son who had lyme 3x (including cardiac symptoms), my brother and sister who had life-threatening cardiac problems arise out of nowhere (I believe, from the woods,garden or ballfield), or a former coworker who died of lyme carditis. Skip the lyme titer, and ask for a western blot (though imperfect, a better test). Have you seen the NIH description of morgellons? It clearly links morg to lyme:

  13. Good advice, Netmu, about skipping the Lyme titer and going straight for the Western Blots, but for the fact that ‘they’ don’t do it that way. Mandatory- the Elisa is first and then the Western Blots IF the Elisa is positive. That was changed a few years back.

    Will keep you in my prayers, MCS.

    Recently, my daughter was bitten by something- she thinks a sweat fly or one of those little mini-wasp looking things. In any case, she has another bulls eye rash. She was bitten in 1996 – had the bulls-eye rash and subsequently developed all sorts of symptoms to include Panic/Anxiety, palpitations and much more.

    My daughter’s philosophy is much like yours but for the name (Terrain). She believes that good nutrition, exercise and so on will correct any illness/disease. Those things help, to be sure, but in the case of what we are dealing with…. not sure it will be enough.

    I’ve been looking at the work of Robert Smith for a month or so now and I’m convinced that his work contains the answers. I’m close to what could be a solution.
    Will keep you posted.


  14. Sending prayers your way MCS! For some REALLY informatiive lectures, visit:


    and listen to the “presentations”.

    Don’t let the topic of “Austism” fool you, these presentations deal
    with Adult health and are extremely informative.

    Stay Well,

  15. sistertocommonsense said:

    Hey I have a great idea, Lets have a contest…I HATE THE %#$%^*!! NAME MORGELLONS. It carries a stigma and Sorry Dr Harvey and Mary L, I personally take offense to the verbage in your peer reviewed paper that states that all the Morgellons 25 subjects got mentally ill after getting morgellons. This just pretty much feeds into the Merck Manuals Diagnosis that everyone who has this should be on Psychiatric Medicines. I have some patient coming to me who do act a bit nutso, but they are terrified, endocrine disrupted and the crawling and itching would make you feel like you were losing your mind.
    So I would like to give this a new name, a new acronym. Here are a couple of things I will thow out there.
    DOP- New Name …..Deceptions of Physicians or
    HIP- Human Infestation of Parasites great take off from HIV
    GIPF- Global Infestation of Parasites and Fibers
    I think we need to make new acronyms for this disease. I know many of you are very intellegent and could really help us out here.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • I agree, the disease is ugly enough w/out an ugly name attached. Search further back, perhaps into the Joe Morgellon’s mercury article. The HIP name is probably closer to the correct name, for this disease….. wonder how many wonderful gay people actually died from a doc tx. for AIDS to a gay person, that actually had Morgellon’s? This thought was posed recently to me by a sufferer…ironically, my brother died from AIDS in the 80’s, yet had contracted Lyme’s years, years prior to having a gay life style. I vote for the name “PANDORA’S CHAMELEON” -which has a copy right- .By the time one finds the right place to search on the i-net (if you’ve suffered long enough) you know to not surf the i-net for the “crazies” i.e., “the chosen few”, the “conspiracy theorists” and all of the snake oil sales persons out there, to make BLOOD MONIES, off of the suffering. And then to register w/ certain so called research organizations, that have seemingly fallen into just a numbers game, in order to get FUNDING…You’ve spent beyond your means….. TERRIFIED??? YOU BET. Any doc worth their salt, will tell you that any pt. that goes undiagnosed for years (even if they know something is wrong, AND NOT WEIGHING IN THE FACTER THAT IT IS MORGELLON’S, SO AS TO MAKE AN EASILY DIAGNOSIBLE DISEASE,… EASY FOR THEM, IF THE DOC HAS NOT HEARD OF IT, IT MUST NOT EXCIST….) Again (if not morgellon’s), the doc will tell you or anyone, that any disease going un-dx. or untreated, the pt. WILL SUFFER SOME SORT OF MENTAL SOMETHING, IF NOT JUST ANXIETY AND FEAR OF BEING FORSAKEN. After spending 1/2 mil. in under 3 years, abadoning our home and renting an apt…… Now, 4 years later….. if all one has to spend on the treatment /relief of this, is the poor man’s protocol, then use it, if funds are left for purchase of product, http://www.espbotanicals.com and purchase Anu water w/ the New Hope 2 pkg, w/ shampoo and Kleen Green enzyme and lastly, only read MR. COMMON SENSE SITE FOR INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, WRITTEN BY -MOSTLY THE SUFFERERS- WHO KNOWS YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU… AND FOR THAT MATTER, WHO KNOWS THEIR CHILD’S BODY BETTER THAN A MOM!!! This, the fore mentioned, is not for relief, but it is a cure! we are almost completely symptom free, THANK GOD!!! AND FOR ALL OF THE MED. PROFESSIONALS AND FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT HAVE FORSAKEN US AND NOT BELIEVED, YOU ARE FORGIVEN……

  16. Sister, I hate the name too!!
    Regarding the study and mental illness diagnoses: did I misread it? I thought it stated that many had received diagnoses of mental illness prior to contracting Morg.
    In either case, I’d like to discuss taking a very holistic approach to this complex of symptoms we are calling Morg. I believe we are most of us in the Western world suffering from a lack of nourishment compounded by everyday toxins of the modern world.
    There was a dentist named Weston A. Price in the 1920’s and 30’s. He travelled all over the world and what he discovered was that people who had been isolated from the rest of the world and who still ate traditional diets, did not suffer dental disease or other disease much either. As soon as they were introduced to refined, sugary Western Food, their health began to decline quickly, and subsequent generations were born with dental abnormalites that we are all very familiar with these days– narrow palates and overcrowded teeth, underbites and overbites–the kind of things many of us had braces for. He also noted that as soon as people returned to their native diets, they could reverse disease usually and halt dental decay. He chronicled all this stuff in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. His work in turn inspired alot of other work. I recommend Sally Fallon’s cookbook “Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats”. She’s really into healthy fats, organ meats, properly prepared (soaked) grains, fermented foods, raw dairy, organic vegies. It very much goes against much of what we’ve learned about nutrition, i.e. lowfat is good, red meat and coconut oil are bad. This is where real nutrition is at. (Remember Trisha’s warning not to go Vegan because many vegans were getting Morg–vegan diet doesn’t nourish the body, regardless of what your personal philosophy on animal cruelty may be.) Also, Price inspired “Traditional Foods are your Best Medicine” by Ronald F. Schmid, N.D. Finally, I bring this all up because Price’s principles are used by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in “Gut and Pyschology Syndrome: Natural treatment for Autism….Schizophrenia”. The idea is that children (and adults) on the Autism spectrum are suffering primarily from Gut disorders. She presents a picture of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as being results of gut problems–supposedly they are always sugar addicts. I don’t find it at all surprising if many Morg sufferers are actually clinically shizophrenic or bipolar. I know there is a stigma with mental illness, but if it is primarily a problem of nutrition and toxic/heavy metal poisoning (think the autism-mercury connection), then it really makes sense that these people would be susceptible to Morg. (This of course is totally separare from the fact that Morg itself will make you crazy, as Sister noted.)
    Then you have Dr. Amin who believes Morg is toxicity from chemicals used in dental work (not just mercury amalgams, but the sealers used to seal off the tooth from the filling materials). And, to paraphrase Mr. CS, I think Dr. Amin has at least one important part of the puzzle, because detox is key. As I think about it from the Weston A. Price point of view, only a person who is not properly nourished (and yes, you can be fat and under-nourished, as much of America seems to be) would require fillings to begin with. So here’s the situation in America currently: You take an infant from a mother raised on a crap diet, third generation, vaccinate the heck out him within weeks of his birth, feed him refined, sugary food, and he gets his first cavity at 5 or 6 or 7. Almost a rite of passage. So you fill his mouth with toxins, heavy metals, and admonish him to brush (with flouride!!) He continues to eat crap, get fillings, vaccinations. His parents feed him fast food, he’s offered candy and special treats everytime he turns around. They spray the yard with pesticide, advantage on the dog, etc., and he spends most of his time hooked up to the tv or video games. He’s got horrible allergies, so they give him shots or drugs. He gets acne as a teenager, or if it’s a girl, menstrual cramps, maybe the beginnings of autoimmune problems. And why not, everyones got these things, right? They’re normal, right? And taking tylenol, or any OTC or prescription drugs regularly is normal, right?
    Actually, this whole picture is so horribly wrong, and it’s what’s killing all of us. My point is that by the time you’ve got Morg, you’ve been poisoning your body for a long time, your brilliant body which knows how to heal and survive. That’s what symptoms are: your body trying to fix a bad situation.
    So I don’t know if there is a single “Morgellons” mite, or if the problem is primarily fungal, or bacterial. And I’m for sure not thinking about nano-bots or chemtrails or biological weapons. What kind of an enemy would need those things when we are so enthusiastically poisoning our own selves? Let’s fix what we can (our own habits) before we worry about some boogey man.
    Another point on that study of the 25 Morg. patients: I noticed that of the symptoms they listed, I have had many of them for a really long time, and I have apparently had Morg for 5 weeks. So there is something lacking in their methodology. My thinking is that those symtpoms are not caused by Morg., but rather are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, which is ultimately what causes Morg.
    Happy Labor Day!

  17. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Susan,
    What a wonderfully thought out response. I just finished reading the book “Truly Cultured” by a woman who lives locally, Nancy Lee Bentley. It talks about the state of the Globe, GMO’s, Mercury Toxicity, Dangers of Vaccines.
    I have been out of town and somewhat MIA for the past few days. While out of town I met the Mother of a Toxicologist and an Evironmentalist, who live in Washington State.
    The Enviornmentalist is the head of a Research Team studying, get this “Why are the Salmon, not swimming upstream for 2 years in a row.”
    In the most current Time magazine article it speaks of “DEAD Zones” on, in particular, where the runoff from polluted farm lands, that is created by the excrement of Animals who have recieved GMO foods, Antibiotics and dangerous fertilizers, gets into the rivers and streams, that we used to play in and then into the Gulf of Mexico, this has created a Dead Zone that is 6,000 square miles wide. In these “Dead Zones” there is no oxygen and no life forms and it has killed off a fishing industry of some of its most valuable protein….FISH.
    There are 400 such Dead Zones on our Globe.
    She and I shared some very valuable information and she is the a Dean at a very prestigious college. I asked her, have you ever heard of Morgellons Disease and she said “NEVER”.
    This was a great opportunity to educate and educated woman. She was very interested and interesting and hopefully she will take this knowledge to her Children and tell them of this.
    I never miss an opportunity to Educate and make people aware. I totally agree with the above and thank you for your wise and well thought out comments.
    Sister to Common Sense Another name for DOP….Delusions of Poisoning hehehehe

    • Amen, to educating the educated; Provided that they are not set in a paradigm. I find it most baffling that the med. community, that has forsaken all of us, are the largest group of NAY SAYERS…. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME….. and you became a dr. because of what? Love of science, love of learning, want to help heal? Yet, if you’ve no knowledge of such, it doesn’t exist? How arrogant and so ignorant. Is it so far fetched that one might have a parasite that produces fibers, when one of the most sought after materials in the world comes from what….. SILK, FROM A WORM! Any way, the most baffling, is that I’ve friends (very educated and some going into the med. field) that have no problem believing that this is real. And WHO wants the gov. to run our health care system? They, the gov., cdc can’t even step it up enough to figure out how to research…..hmmm….. not talking…. in 05 the cdc told me that there was NO CURE for MORGELLON’S? Odd, that the cdc, would tell me that there is no cure for a DISEASE, THAT THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE???? This was eva nace, that told me this and w/ GREAT BED SIDE MANNER… HAD I NOT BEEN SO STRONG, I MIGHT HAVE CHECKED OUT AT THAT POINT. I continually called D.C. for n.i.h. and niaid, they kept patching me through to e. nace, in Atlanta…. NO THANKS. WE NEED A P.S.A. (public service announcement); As to “help” the gov/cdc even come close to knowing the numbers that they will be dealing with…..And I could not agree more w/ MCS, in that, stop going back to WHERE, WHEN, HOW AND WHY….. you can’t help but wander there at times, but take your health into your own hands, calm down (this is for the new comers and the still terrified forsaken, I know that this is difficult), try to educate the loved ones around you, take a natural route to healing (dillusions of poisoning…. you can tell a new comer to this disease when you see them in the grocery/cleaning ailse, reading and wondering, “will this kill me if I guinea pig this, for the sake of my children?). If funds are so thinned, that all you can afford is the “poor mans” recommendation…DO IT…. But if you can afford, again, esp botanicals products, Anu, vita D-3, pro-bots….And for goodness sake don’t surf the net for info, this is the SITE! WHEN YOU GET THROUGH THIS AND YOU WILL, OR ARE ABLE TO, WHILE GETTING THROUGH THIS, PLEASE GRAB THE HAND BEHIND YOU AND PULL THEM UP. If you’ve dealt long enough w/ this, you know that feeling of swimming your a** off to a life line, only to find it is just a line floating in the water, not attached to anything…… BE AT LEAST THE LIFE LINE TO SOME ONE FOR THE SAKE OF HOPE AND YOU’R NOT ALONE! the lower case was used intentionally for the cdc and gov…. Sorry, I did not mean to use this for a super venting forum. As of now we are the only health help community among our selves…AND THE FEW THAT BELIEVE, FROM THE EDUCATED W/ OUT PAPERS -MR. C. S.- to the handful of papered docs/professoinals -Trisha Springstead R.N. THANKS, BLESSINGS AND HEALTH TO ALL

      • Thank you for your kind words Rose, and when you said this …

        “WHEN YOU GET THROUGH THIS AND YOU WILL, OR ARE ABLE TO, WHILE GETTING THROUGH THIS, PLEASE GRAB THE HAND BEHIND YOU AND PULL THEM UP. If you’ve dealt long enough w/ this, you know that feeling of swimming your a** off to a life line, only to find it is just a line floating in the water, not attached to anything…… BE AT LEAST THE LIFE LINE TO SOME ONE FOR THE SAKE OF HOPE AND YOU’R NOT ALONE”

        You said it ALL and why we are all here, you get it, congrats, and I hope you are doing well …

  18. sistertocommonsense said:

    Somewhere in Iowa, a pig is being raised in a confined pen, packed in so tightly with other swine that their curly tails have been chopped off so they won’t bite one another. To prevent him from getting sick in such close quarters, he is dosed with antibiotics. The waste produced by the pig and his thousands of pen mates on the factory farm where they live goes into manure lagoons that blanket neighboring communities with air pollution and a stomach-churning stench. He’s fed on American corn that was grown with the help of government subsidies and millions of tons of chemical fertilizer. When the pig is slaughtered, at about 5 months of age, he’ll become sausage or bacon that will sell cheap, feeding an American addiction to meat that has contributed to an obesity epidemic currently afflicting more than two-thirds of the population. And when the rains come, the excess fertilizer that coaxed so much corn from the ground will be washed into the Mississippi River and down into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will help kill fish for miles and miles around. That’s the state of your bacon — circa 2009.
    (See TIME’s photo-essay “From Farm to Fork.”)

    Horror stories about the food industry have long been with us — ever since 1906, when Upton Sinclair’s landmark novel The Jungle told some ugly truths about how America produces its meat. In the century that followed, things got much better, and in some ways much worse. The U.S. agricultural industry can now produce unlimited quantities of meat and grains at remarkably cheap prices. But it does so at a high cost to the environment, animals and humans. Those hidden prices are the creeping erosion of our fertile farmland, cages for egg-laying chickens so packed that the birds can’t even raise their wings and the scary rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria among farm animals. Add to the price tag the acceleration of global warming — our energy-intensive food system uses 19% of U.S. fossil fuels, more than any other sector of the economy.

    And perhaps worst of all, our food is increasingly bad for us, even dangerous. A series of recalls involving contaminated foods this year — including an outbreak of salmonella from tainted peanuts that killed at least eight people and sickened 600 — has consumers rightly worried about the safety of their meals. A food system — from seed to 7‑Eleven — that generates cheap, filling food at the literal expense of healthier produce is also a principal cause of America’s obesity epidemic. At a time when the nation is close to a civil war over health-care reform, obesity adds $147 billion a year to our doctor bills. “The way we farm now is destructive of the soil, the environment and us,” says Doug Gurian-Sherman, a senior scientist with the food and environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).
    (See pictures of what the world eats.)

    Some Americans are heeding such warnings and working to transform the way the country eats — ranchers and farmers who are raising sustainable food in ways that don’t bankrupt the earth. Documentaries like the scathing Food Inc. and the work of investigative journalists like Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan are reprising Sinclair’s work, awakening a sleeping public to the uncomfortable realities of how we eat. Change is also coming from the very top. First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden has so far yielded more than 225 lb. of organic produce — and tons of powerful symbolism. But hers is still a losing battle. Despite increasing public awareness, sustainable agriculture, while the fastest-growing sector of the food industry, remains a tiny enterprise: according to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), less than 1% of American cropland is farmed organically. Sustainable food is also pricier than conventional food and harder to find. And while large companies like General Mills have opened organic divisions, purists worry that the very definition of sustainability will be co-opted as a result.
    (See pictures of urban farming around the world.)

    But we don’t have the luxury of philosophizing about food. With the exhaustion of the soil, the impact of global warming and the inevitably rising price of oil — which will affect everything from fertilizer to supermarket electricity bills — our industrial style of food production will end sooner or later. As the developing world grows richer, hundreds of millions of people will want to shift to the same calorie-heavy, protein-rich diet that has made Americans so unhealthy — demand for meat and poultry worldwide is set to rise 25% by 2015 — but the earth can no longer deliver. Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food, they face a future of eroded farmland, hollowed-out countryside, scarier germs, higher health costs — and bland taste. Sustainable food has an élitist reputation, but each of us depends on the soil, animals and plants — and as every farmer knows, if you don’t take care of your land, it can’t take care of you.

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