Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS)

I received permission from Dr. Omar M. Amin to republish this article. In some of my future blog posts I will be revisiting the subject of toxicity again. I have made reference to NCS in several posts in the past especially in connection with Toluene and other compounds.


On the Diagnosis and Management of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS)
A toxicity disorder from dental sealants

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Neurocutaneous syndrome (NCS), a newly discovered toxicity disorder, is characterized by neurological sensations, pain, depleted energy and memory loss as well as itchy cutaneous lesions which may invite various opportunistic infections. Components in the calcium hydroxide dental sealants Dycal, Life and Sealapex have been identified as sources of the observed symptoms. Sulfonamide and neurological toxicity issues are discussed and three case histories are presented. Additional notes on zinc oxide, Fynal, IRM and Sultan U/P sealers are also included. Diagnostic and management protocols at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) are proposed.


The original description of the neurocutaneous syndrome (NCS)1 was introductory in nature.1 Examination of many NCS patients and a careful study of their symptoms, exposures, clinical conditions and histories made it possible to identify the underlying cause of the syndrome and proceed with its management.


Materials and Methods

Patients were personally evaluated and their clinical history, records, symptomology and exposures carefully examined. Specimens provided or collected at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) were studied. An NCS status was only determined based on symptoms and determination that one or more of the suspect sealers have been used on prior dates. Sensitivity to sulfa and elevated levels of sulfa in the blood were used as a confirmation of sulfonamide toxicity. Continuing patients follow our recommendations for dental rehabilitation, extraction of suspect liner(s), and replacement with ethyltoluene sulfonomide (ETS) and zinc oxide free sealants. A list of vitamin/mineral supplements for patient use during the transitional period and another list of substitute sealants are provided.  Patients are followed up to monitor and insure the resolution of  symptoms.


Results and Discussion


The Neurocutaneous Syndrome

The disorder is double faceted with dermatological and neurological symptoms compatible with classical sulfa toxicity. The latter is characterized by changes in blood values, photosensitive reactions, allergic vasculitis sores, bacterial flora changes, and redness of the skin, which may lead to liver and kidney failure.2 The neurological aspects are characterized by pin-prick and/or creeping, painful and irritating movement sensations, often interpreted as parasite movements in various body tissues and/or cavities.. Movement sensations are either unipolar or bipolar and may proceed horizontally or vertically. They may manifest as variably shaped bruises or waves of elevated ripples or channels. In no case was the movement sensation related to parasites1. Neurological symptoms may also include loss of memory, brain fog, lack of concentration and control of voluntary movements.


Fig. 1. Early NCS sores on the thigh of KM. She was born in 1964, treated with Dycal in two teeth in 1982 and in one tooth in 2002. Neurological symptoms in upper quadrant started in 1997. Cutaneous symptoms began in Spring 2002 preceded by extensive treatment with topical sulfa preparations for possible mite infestation. Dycal was removed in December, 2002 and recovery is in progress.

The cutaneous aspects include small itchy sores (Fig.1), inflamed often elevated pimples (Figs.2,3), and fully inflamed and painful open/amorphous mucoid lesions that often enlarge and coalese (Fig.4). Histopathological sections of lesions (Fig.5) show superficial and deep perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes, accompanied by interstitial deposits of granular mucin material. Eosonophils are usually present within the inflammatory infiltrate and foci of epidermolytic hyporkeratosis are often identified within the epidermis (Fig.5). Lesions may also be on the scalp where they may be associated with infestation of springtails (Collembola). 1 In many cases, lesions are associated with edematous reaction usually in the arms and legs (Fig.6). Blood vessels may also become enlarged and elevated, and head may become hot and turn red. The gum tissue and the teeth and oral mucoid secretions may turn gray and become compromised first and stay compromised the longest. The above creeping sensation is clearly distinguished from these caused by nematodes such as Toxocara canis3 or Dioctophyme sp.4

General symptoms usually include fatigue, compromised immune system, psychological trauma and loss of self- esteem. The depressed immune status in most patients appears to pre-empt them for opportunistic infections.


Compounding Factors


Fig. 2. Elevated sores on the forehead of KM (Fig.1); note the hot red color of the skin.


Fig. 3. Diffuse NCS sores covering the whole body that was treated with Dycal in 1985 (Case no. 1)

While NCS itself is not a contagious condition, superimposed opportunistic infections on open sores may be. Initial infection with fungus or bacteria appear to attract subsequent infestations with many arthropod species, especially springtails (Collembola: Insecta).1,5,6,7 Black specks associated with such infections appear to be metabolic waste (fecal elements) of these organisms or mycelial masses of certain fungal species. Staphylococcus aureus, S. haemolyticus,  Streptomyces spp., Candida albicans and Madurella spp. among others, have been identified from cultured swabs taken from sores of various NCS patients. These opportunistic infections have been shown to aggravate the cutaneous symptoms of NCS patients. The Madurella infections are usually associated with black grains of mycelial masses that may be related to the black specks and fibers observed by some NCS patients. The healing of certain patients lesions9 was observed to be proportional to the exit of remaining fibers from lesions.3 Patients experiencing complete remission remain susceptible to fungal promoting conditions in damp, shaded, moldy places.

Arthropods identified from sores include fleas, caterpillars, wasps, ants, beetles, winged flies, midges, thrips, ticks, mites, spiders, and springtails.1,4 Springtails may have close association with sores in many NCS patients but they, and other opportunistic infections, are not causal factors of NCS sores.


The Sealants

The three major calcium hydroxide sealants causing NCS (Dycal, Life and Sealapex) considered 9 include only about 50% calcium hydroxide in the catalyst (Table1). Of the components common to all three sealants, ethyltoluene sulfonamide as well as zinc oxide are considered most toxic. Toluene is a known potent nerve toxin.10 The sulfonamide component of this compound causes a sensitivity allergic- toxic reaction ultimately manifesting as the vascular mucoid sores characteristic of the NCS, especially in sulfa sensitive patients.




Fig. 4. Mucoid NCS/lesions on the face of MM.  She was born in 1950, poisoned with Fynal in six teeth in 1981 and in one tooth in 1986 as well as with Life in two teeth in 1985 and 1988.

Fig. 5. Histopathological section of one of the roughly 300 sores covering the body of SK. She was born in 1956 and reacted with typical NCS symptoms to a  zinc oxide cement (combined with Durelon) underneath a total veneer job in 1982. The section shows hyperkeratosis like perivascular dermatitis with eosinophils.

Fig. 6. Cutaneous sores and swelling in the right hand and arm of DB. Born in 1965, DB had 10 amalgam restorations in 1982 and 1983 using Life. She started experiencing symptoms including ulcerated rash all over the body, unilateral edema and pin-prick and subcutaneous movement sensations in 2001-2002. Life is being removed and recovery is in progress.

Zinc oxide was shown to be genotoxic11, cytotoxic12,13, killing microphages14, and causing chronic and fibrous inflammatory reaction15,16 ulcerations16 and osteosclerosis.17 Additionally, the toxic effects of zinc oxide and calcium hydroxide were shown to be similar.18,19 Calcium hydroxide was shown to cause periapical inflammation, typical granuloma and partial lack of healing.20 Titanium dioxide and Barium ions (Table 1) were also shown to provoke strong foreign body and bio-incompatible reactions in live tissue.21,22

Cytotoxicity of Dycal, Life and Sealapex was clearly demonstrated invivo and invitro in various tissues.23 Sealapex was shown to cause severe inflammatory infiltration15,24,25 and edema25 accompanied by subcutaneous tissue necrosis15,26 and progressive differentiation and reaction of monocytes, macrophages and epithelial cells27. The final phase of the inflammation is characterized by an intense granulomatus reaction especially in epithelial cells causing various intensities of irritation.28The cytotoxicity29,30 and neurotoxicity31 of Sealapex was well demonstrated in various mammalian systems.

As with Sealapex, Dycal was also shown to cause hemorrhage and acute to consistent inflammatory cells16,32,33 necrosis,16,32,33 tissue loss,33 karyorrhexis,16 neurotoxicity.34 and formation of serous exudates.16 Life has been the least researched sealant. It, however, has the same toxic ingredients, i.e., ethyltoleune sulfonamide and zinc oxide, as Sealapex and Dycal and has been associated with classical NCS symptoms in some of our patients, e.g., DB (Fig.6) and MM (Fig.4).

Sealants not containing ethyltoluene sulfonamide but including zinc oxide and eugenol have also been associated with NCS cases.These include Fynal(>75% zinc oxide), IRM and Sultan U/P (<50% zinc oxide). Fynal was associated with the cases of MM (Fig.4).  Similarly, IRM (by Dentsply caulk) and Sultan U/P (by Sultan Chemists) were associated with classical NCS symptoms in some of our patients.



Case Histories

Case #1.

    A white female born in 1951. In 1985 she underwent dental repairs, which included the use of Dycal in 20 teeth. The lady is allergic to sulfonomides, with IGE values reaching 5000. Every dental treatment was followed by aggressive skin reactions of allergic and toxicological nature (Fig.3). All tests for parasites were negative. Her symptoms fulminated into full blown typical sulfa toxicity reactions including oozing skin and nasal sores with bloody scabs and smelly discharge and an infection with S. aureus ( Fig.7). Other symptoms included loss of memory, kidney pain and urgency, sensitivity to light and electricity fields, pin-prick and moving sensations under the skin, and swelling. After each treatment, the white female felt totally knocked out with breathing and talking difficulties. She subsequently developed intestinal problems and her skin sores flared up with unbearable and unresolved itching. Photosensitive reactions presented as blotchy skin ( Fig.7) with severe burning sensations in the face, throat and chest.

       Dycal was removed in 1991-1992 and initially replaced with Harvard cement. The lady was confined to bed with whole body musculo-skeletal system pain, bowel disturbances and signs of polyneuropathy. Shortly after the removal of the Dycal in February 1992, most of her sores and rashes disappeared and she could tolerate sunlight (Fig.8).



Fig. 7. Case no. 1 before treatment; note the hot red face.

Fig. 8. after recovery.


Case # 2.

       Born in Chicago in 1965, JM was a healthy active Caucasian woman until she started experiencing her first symptoms in 1991. By then, she already had 17 fillings. No sealants were used in one filling; Dycal was used in the other 16. Her earliest symptoms appeared as skin break outs on the face and neck, which was recurrent over the following 9 years, accompanied by body tremors, sleeplessness and joint pain with occasional vomiting of black bile. Thrush appeared in the mouth and around the lips. Pain at the teeth roots persisted throughout the nineties associated with rapid major decay. A sensation of prickling pain with a pressure and movement under the skin, urticaria and skin ulcerations would last for weeks or months. JMs body showed random swelling with red marks in serpentine-like shapes. The swellings eventually bottlenecked at the knees and ankles. The chest burned and hurt with strange fits of coughing. JM then started losing hair as she experienced night fevers and sweats, and peeling of the skin.

       During the early 1990s JM was medicated with various antibiotics, antiparasitics and herbal remedies. She experienced some anti-inflammatory relief and occasional temporary clearing of ulcers after which ulcers returned and lasted longer. In 1998, massive ulcers appeared on JMs face at the nasiolobial area and on the skin ( Fig.9). A CBC in 1999 was unremarkable except for a high level of Alpha 1- Globulin of 0.5 (Normal range 0.2-0.4) and low levels of IgA of 99 (normal range 60-400) and IgG of 724(normal range 700-1500). The right ocular cavity was severely painful and JM was beginning to lose her eyesight.

     A major dental repair was completed in 2001 when Dycal was removed from all 16 teeth. Initially, JM experienced a few episodes of sickness, sweats, and vomiting. After the fourth visit, her eyebrow area had a dramatic reduction in swelling, sensation of movement and in the red-hot congestion of her face. JMs teeth were subsequently rebuilt with gold onlays section by section. By the end of the total repair, Nov.2001, JM has regained her normal skin (Fig.10) with no movement sensations or pain anywhere in her body. This state of total resolution has lasted to date without regression or relapses.



Fig. 9. Case no. 2 (JM) before treatment; note the lesion
on the right cheek and the hot red face.

Fig. 10. JM after recovery.

Case #3

       LG, a medium- built white American born in 1957, was in perfect health until September 18, 1998 when she had a filling in her tooth no. 18 using Dycal as a liner. She experienced severe headache within 2 hours. By 6:00 pm she was vomiting and delirious with the headache persisting. Her blood pressure then was monitored at 169/108 and remained high for the following three years despite repeated attempts to control it with Atenenol and Diazide. LG never experienced high blood pressure or headaches before. An MRI scan was negative. In 1999 LGs health deteriorated progressively with arthritis- like symptoms in her back, heart palpitations, mitral valve prolapse, fatigue, abnormal pap-smears including pre-cancerous cell abnormalities, night sweats, missed periods, and severe depression.  By March 2001, LG, who normally weighed 120 lbs has lost 20 lbs.

       In April 2001 lesions started appearing on LGs face, which quickly became red-hot.  Her legs became swollen and painfully burning. By May 2001, LG had several open lesions (6 mm to 2 cm in diameter) with some surrounding erythema, on her face and scalp. Her cheek pulsated as the facial lesions seemed to track to the chin (Fig.11) where the most fulminating lesion was; nearest to her teeth. The face was burning hot. Springtails (Collembola) and fibers were recovered from these sites. At that time, she showed low lymphocytes of 15.0% (normal 20-43%), high granulocytes of 77.1% (normal 51-74%) and high rheumatoid factor of 22.6 (normal <20 IU/ml). She also tested negative for all communicable diseases then. Her weight dropped to 92 lbs as she started experiencing movement sensations under the skin of her arms, face and scalp. Grayish pustular secretions oozed and moved down from the bloody lesions on the scalp and face. The lesion then extended to her legs.

       In January 2002, LG was diagnosed with NCS by OMA. She was allergic to sulfa and sulfonamide compounds. Following our protocol, LG had the filling and the Dycal liner removed from tooth #18 in April 2002. These were replaced with Starflow and Aria (a combination of Bisgma, Tegdma, Lidma and catalysts). Our recommended vitamin supplementation program was initiated then. By May 2002, all symptoms were resolved (Fig.12). Constitutional and neurological functions as well as psychological, emotional and energy levels were restored to normalcy.



Fig. 11. Case no. 3 (LG) before treatment.

Fig. 12. LG after recovery; note the return of the natural
baby skin back after healing of all facial lesions.



The toxicity of Dycal, Life and Sealapex has been well demonstrated in invivo and invitro studies of various animal and human models by many workers. The toxicity assumed cytotoxic, genotoxic, neurotoxic, phototoxic, necrotic, and inflammatory manifestations compatible with the pathology and symptoms observed in NCS patients. Ethyltoluene sulfonamide, common to all three sealants, is considered the primary cause of the NCS. The toluene component, a known nerve toxin, is believed to be responsible, at least in part, for the neurological symptoms. Neurological abnormalities are related to nerve damage associated with vasomotoric reactions due to a direct influence on the peripheral nerve endings.35 The sulfonamide component is the cause of the cutaneous symptoms, especially in sulfa-sensitive patients who usually had elevated sulfonamide/sulfa levels in blood tests and allergy to sulfa in skin sensitivity tests. The relationship between sulfonamide and phototoxicity has been well established.29 Resolving the symptoms (effect) by removing the sealants (cause) in patients undergoing treatments, confirms this cause-effect relationship.

The nature of causation of NCS precludes contagious transmission. Any similarities of symptoms among partners within the same household are traceable to the transmission of opportunistic infections, especially fungi.

It is recommended not to rehabilitate more than two or three teeth per month. The patient is given a list of vitamins and other supplements to take during the procedure and for the following few weeks until symptoms are completely resolved. After reaching the state of normalcy, the patient may still retain some sensitivity to moldy places lacking sun and fresh air circulation.

After additional test results become available and a satisfactory diagnosis of an NCS case is made at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), arrangements for dental rehabilitation are made and patient prognosis is monitored.


      I am grateful to Marie Erixon, Nordea, Sweden for her contributions to the better understanding of issues related to NCS.


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See also: Amin, O. M. 2004. Dental Sealant Toxicity:  Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dermatological and neurological disorder.  Holistic Dental Association Journal (No. 1, Jan.):  1-15

See also: Amin, O. M. 2004. On the diagnosis and management of neurocutaneous syndrome, a toxicity disorder from dental sealants. California Dental Association Journal 32 (9): 657-663.


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  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    We have multiple patients who are undergoing Dental Restoration as you print this article,
    Detoxing from Heavy Metals is Crucial. It is about time we stop all the fear tactics and call it what it is…..Deceptions of Poisoning.
    Everyone wants it to be one parasite, one bug, one Germ, one thing. It is in fact the poisoning of the globe. All of the GMO’s, the leeching water, the mercury, barium and all of the above posted by MRC. The heavy metals in our mouths, foods, environment have come back to haunt us.
    Thank You for this Posting
    Hulda Clark was also of the same thought, Heavy metals and chemicals are causing Cancers and other Diseases. She passed on Sept 3, 2009 and endured a lifetime of the AMA and others in power tried to call her crazy and that is because she was right. She was a threat to medicine as we know it.
    We wonder why we have so many Cancers, Chronic Diseases in this country. It is no wonder children born to many Morgellons and Lyme patients have learning disabilities and people are frantic. Did you know that Mercury and Heavy metals can be passed on from mothers to children at birth.
    We don’t even know what is in many of our medications as they are licensed with trade secrets. We just blindly take it for granted that because the FDA says their safe that they are???? I no longer trust the FDA to tell me what is safe.
    The new Vaccinations have been approved but do we know what is in them???? “NO” but I can bet you that there are components of heavy metals in them along with thimerosol and other things that are not deemed safe.
    Fortunately, They will not be made manditory….Thank God.
    From Womb to Tomb we are given poisons even at the Dentists office, Doctors office, Supermarket, metals in our water supplies, Frankenfoods (which all change the RNA and the DNA of the body) and God knows what else.
    The United States is Ranked according to a report today as 15th in the World, it was first 37th I think the number is somewhere in between.
    We are supposed to have some of the best state of the art medicine and yet we are ranked so low in the Global Index of Medicine.
    Add to the fact that CT scans are causing people to carry so much radiation, that people are carrying around more RADs that the technicians who perform them.
    I could go on and on about toxicity but people have to get it. Morgellons patients are toxic and their bodies are heavy metaled and then their guts are becoming agriculture which invites parasites and other forms into the human body.
    We can tout conspiracy theories till the Cows come home, but I say come out, come out, wherever you are. It is only in numbers that we can create a change.
    The paranoia of having this disease doesn’t help matters much, the fear that they are going to put you away doesn’t help much either. There are no DEATH camps that they are going to put you on a train and take you to. There are too many patients out there and if they haven’t put you away yet they are not going to.
    Calm down and please stop acting so frantic, you have been poisoned, plain and simple and you must make steps to reclaim your terrain.
    I spoke with a physician yesterday and said “these people come into my office and start expounding conspiracy theories, I want to help but they act out of control and I can not help an out of control patient.” Could this be why so many are put on psychtropic drugs??
    Stop analyzing ever little speck on your body and if you are not trained in microscopy and entomology throw out your scopes. Stop picking at your skin, calm down and get outside and get youir mind off of BUGS. It is then and only then that doctors will begin to listen. If I hear of one more person going to the doctor hysterically and one more person screaming over the phone like they are the only ones going through this, I am going to need a Doctor for PTSD.
    I empathasize, I truly do, but you can not even begin to make wise decisions in a constant state of utter panic.
    Be proactive, learn from this blog and please for goodness sake calm down. Get on the Burgsteiner wellness protocol, the Poor mans protocol, or (and) the Anu and the New Hope products. These protocols are well thought out and people can help you.
    If you are a Meth or Cocaine or a street drug user GET OFF THE CRAP, it is poison.
    Sister to Common Sense

    • Sister, that is the greatest rant I have heard in a long time, so, so, so true !!! I just might make that a blog post !!! TITLE : STOP THE MADNESS !!!

      • I have had so much dental work done and now I am suffering greatly from stinging, iching, biting, crawling sensations. It has been 3 mouths now, my son as alittle affect , my husband and daughter aist nothing, but me I ha e gk e to the ER 4 times from the acmxiety and stress over my family getting what ever I have. Could it be my dentils work? I had implants fail and lots of bone loss, now I’m getting some denture implants. I need your help, I have anon profit organization but I would like to sell my clothes to help you find the answers to help suffered!! I have tons of name brand clothing I usually give away to people in need on recovery from drugs, or domestic violence. I also have a Small Hernia could that be affecting my blood? I feel just miserable. I am usually a very living and happy person who loves to help people, but now all I can do is focuss on getting better, my family misses the well Sara, I want to help myself and others, please let me know what I can do to help or be helped! I lived wa
        Hat Sister to Common sense wrote!! Proactive!!!!

  2. Joe Keleher said:

    Dr. Amin’s research and protocol (along with Dr. Bruce Shelton’s approach) put me on the path towards getting well. His indepth look at these symptoms and the cause are insightful and important.

    For myself, the removal and replacement of dental toxins was necessary before I started healing. I do believe the connection with dental adhesives is certain.

    I also believe there is a connection to mercury. There are too many pieces of evidence pointing towards mercury having a roll (dental deterioration, heart palps, loss of hair, bloating…all typical symptoms of mercury in the system…and also the historic connections between symptoms and mercury).

    I think the removal of fillings and adhesives along with an agressive approach to detox is the means towards getting well.

    As always, I send much thanks in Dr. Amin’s direction!

  3. Thank you to Joe and Sister for posting! I agree totally that toxic bodies/world is our problem. I can get my my peace of mind very easily upset by reading the conspiracy garbage, and I so appreciate your reasonable, truthful, compassionate help!! It helps me to hear this message again! This choir needs the preachin!

  4. Agreed Susan, it’s not Chemtrails, not Nano 911, not related to lyme (IMHO), and nothing bizarre or crazy like alien junk or transformation of the human into a better creature. I don’t even beleive it is parasitical at it’s core … Stop reading the crazy forums that only serve to scare the crap out of us, keep your peace, think logically about this, and start working on your body, terrain, and spirit.

    Remember, a lie travels around the world while the truth is still strapping its boots on.

    I have to say, revisiting Dr. Amin’s material sure has me thinking, and unlike any other researcher he seems to have done what any person would do, investigate, form an hypothesis, take action based on that hypothesis, and then publish his findings. There is a great wealth of information on his site. And REMEMBER, Dr Amin is a parasitologist and says parasites aren’t the cause, and has brought folks into healing (like Joe above) without massive anti-parasiticals, in fact, I’m not even sure Joe did any? Maybe Joe can comment there.

  5. Joe Keleher said:

    As described in my account of getting well, I was originaly diagnosed with “sheet mites” by a medical professional…and then “scabies” by a dermatologist. I went through a variety of treatments before I came across Dr. Amin’s research.

    Dr. Amin’s assistance gave me plenty of “peace of mind”. He has worked with enough NCS (or Morgellons) patients to have some grasp of the indicators of toxicity issues. I wonder what his thoughts on the recent research by ML & etc. is?

  6. Hi Joe,
    There is a lot of info on this blog about people feeling that they affect others in a room with itchiness.
    Do you have any thoughts on this? For instance, if I am toxic with Mercury and another person is borderline toxic or maybe normal, can you think of a reason they would itch more in my presence?

  7. I just re-read my above question. It sounds like a challenge to Joe, but it’s not! I fully agree that Morgellons is a result of toxicity (except for in my more paranoid moments!) I’m just trying to find ways to accomodate some of the more bizarre phenomena in the toxic overload theory.

  8. Sadly, Susan paranoia is part and parcel of this disease….it just is. I can’t prove it, explain it or tell you why. These are the the ditties that run in my personal gene pool.. anxiety,arythmia,acidosis, breast cancer, cancer of the prostate, the bowel, skin…
    shall I move on to the “D’s”?…
    Sister is on the right track.. we have been poisoned…do what you can and pray like there is no tomorrow.

  9. Joe Keleher said:

    Susan, I think the issues with toxicity are complicated. For myself, I believe the toxicity associated symptoms started years before NCS/Morgellons symptoms (especially panic attacks, racing heart, lack of energy, bloating. etc). I think the symptoms occur in levels. Once you have X amount of toxins these symptoms occur, X+1 new symptoms occur, X+2 more symptoms occur…and so on….until the symptoms are overwhelming.

    As for others getting symptoms in your presence, it is possible they are dealing with toxins. It is also likely that your fear is being transfered to others you are close to (I’m not certain how our minds play into getting any illness/condition…but I’m certain it plays some role…especially when neurotoxins are present). I really don’t know. I guess there are others who could speak better on this.

    No need to apologize for any challenge. Have you asked Dr. Amin about this? Take care, Joe

  10. Hi Joe,
    I agree with you regarding the progression. I too had racing heart, palpitations, bloating, fatigue and many other symptoms, including clearly neurological ones, for years prior.
    I did not ask Dr. Amin. But I am developing my own theory regarding this sympathetic itching.
    By the way, we are going to do the heavy metal/hair testing for the whole family and research the areas h20. Take care,

  11. Me too Susan, let us know what the hair testing shows, the palpitations, anxiety, and so on, my doctors say it’s stress, I swear it’s physical somehow …. I’m very interested in how things go with you Susan, so keep us informed. I think we are making great progress, I read all of the comments but don’t get as much time to comment as I would like …

  12. sistertocommonsense said:

    I just got an email: Dr Richard Springstead, 33 Ponce de Leon Blvd. and his wife
    Trisha Springstead RN, MS, Doctoral Candidate will begin seeing patients at his office every Wednesday starting Jan 2010. Trisha will begin a support group at her home the 2nd Saturday of every Month at 4 pm EST.
    Anyone who is interested may email Dr and Mrs Springstead at
    She has been quite the advocate and welcomes any suffer into her home. To call her you can call 352-544-8111.
    Finding one Cure has bashed her horribly but she persists and will not be silenced.
    Sister to Common Sense

  13. I found your dental link to Morgallons sufferers to be the best proof – so far – but not necessarily all encompassing as to exposure to the toxins used in the dental application. If true, surely – correcting your terrain alone – is not going to be sufficient. The dental link may only be one of many, the first child diagnosed as having Morgallons on the unreachable back is an example where passing on toxins from dental fillings doesn’t seem to make much sense. As many have stated, what if there were other, “vectors” releasing these toxic materials as yet unexamined?

    Here is official proof that the U.S. government is releasing materials (toxic?) into the atmosphere to create artificial clouds:

    They say they are studying rocket fuel dispersal among other things, either of which could be, or are, harmful to people.
    The government readily admits it creates artificial clouds using CARE dust released by a rocket, the Black Brant XII launch is on schedule for Saturday evening, Sep. 18, why is it so hard to fathom that they would do so, or have already done so, using airplanes over our cities? No official disclosure is required, by law they can do so without informing the public. There is more than enough documented video evidence online to show they are applying some type of substance in the skies, if it’s harmful or not is *the* unknown as well as how these toxins may react with the other toxins already in our bodies, or how GMO‘s interact and on and on, in domino fashion and in basic chemical reaction fashion, one compound produces another compound which produces yet another with different reactions by our bodies.

    When you cast ridicule to the idea of chemtrails, do you not see it is no different than those who would call Morgallons suffers D.O.P.? The application of chemtrails in our skies may have nothing to do with Morgallons, but they are real.
    MrCommonSense’s recent setback/trouble was just before Labor Day, a time that many people across the country witnessed the greatest surge in Chemtrail applications which continued, ironically, for the two weeks leading up to this recent rocket launch to create artificial clouds.

    If you don’t want to talk about chemtrails, fine, but don’t ridicule it.

    Lastly, the calls by Ms Commonsense for heath care reform are misplaced If they are meant to be encouragement for further government involvement in health care. If the government is the cause of dangerous toxins in the air or otherwise via FDA approval, they would surely shut down or discourage any research into discovering such a link (no darkfields allowed) and ensuring those with Morgallons remain labeled as D.O.P., or allergies etc…
    I suggest a free market approach, much like those on this blog pursue.

    “I have seldom experienced open minds even in academic discourse or in the highest levels of government. Among the public at large, the ability to follow the truth wherever it may lead is almost non-existent.” – Paul Craig Roberts.

  14. The more time that goes bye the more I think Dr Admin is on the right track. Grady I know I have said this before but I love this blog. I have been on the nac and opaline and magnesium for a while and am doing much better. There lots of good information on here. One thing I want to point out is the about “YOU” section. There is a lot of good info in there but I think it’s kind of hidden cause it took me a while to find it. I have been so busy so I have not spoke to Trish for a while but I’m happy to hear she is going to be seeing people. I know some people don’t like her for whatever reason but she is a very caring person with a big heart who wants to see everyone get well from this mess. By the way Trish great post telling everyone to calm down. I think you should make it it’s own blog post MCS. All these people freaking out in doctors offices and writing crazy conspiracies stories on the internet are hurting everyone who suffers from this condition badly!

  15. Hard to dismiss Dr. Amin’s work, which is obviously well-researched and demonstrated.

    However, I just had the sad experience of having my mini-poodle put to sleep today, because of her apparent morgellons symptoms and associated suffering, scratching and biting. She never had dental work. She did have black lesions all over her back (similar to those in the dog photo on website under the “Debunking DOP” slide presentation), among other open sores and known lesions, e.g., viral papillomas, lipomas (tumors, one the size of an orange). In the past I put scotch tape on one sore and found blue fibers, and looked no more. I was using version of terrain repair, but apparently too late for her. Seemed to be helping, but these last heavy rains greatly increased her skin inflammation/sx (molds, fungi?). Though white poodles are susceptible to “allergies,” my vet acknowledged today that he did not know what was wrong with her. I had a bizarre experience one night last winter when tending to her sores; that night my bottom lip felt like there was a jumping bean inside; I had a tiny black lump on the inside of my bottom lip, erratically moving and keeping me awake for weeks. I used oregano oil daily and finally after months it shrunk until it disappeared. I have two other dogs that apparently are not affected.

    I wondered if the dog flea/tick/worm nsecticides (which can be neurotoxic) contributed. But also, I have wondered if all the old leaky water pipes being replaced neighborhood by neighborhood, all the deep digging could be bringing up some subterranean crud. Or perhaps the GMOs spread over my lawn a few yrs. ago by Natural Lawn of America, which boasts “nature-derived” (GMO) lawn care…or the mosquito spraying by the county…or all of the above.

  16. Clark, I’m definitely against the Government takeover of health care, that would be an utter disaster, what I am saying is we need to change medicine itself, and that if focus on the terrain, that would completely cure America’s problems (not all disease).

    As far as Chemtrails, here’s a video for you from the History channel

    I’m just not convinced and don’t really want to start a big debate about it.

  17. I am using everything I can think of to get better, and yet this thing seems to have a progression of its own despite everything I throw at it. The intensity of the crawling/biting has lessened and there are really good days that I don’t notice it much at all, however, I now have crawling in my eyes. I feel the closer it gets to the brain the worse it is (based on absolutely nothing). The comment from Julie on The Crawling Sensation, What Is It? is terrifying. What she and her family are going through is heartbreaking, and for the medical community to dismiss anyone with such extreme visible evidence is unconscionable. As I pray for her and her family, I also fear that her plight will be my future. The only thing I have not tried yet is heavy metal detox. I have no faith in any of the doctors I have seen and so, as most of us do, deal with this on my own. I assume the first step is to be tested for heavy metals. Is this a urine test or a hair test, or both? Then what? If anyone has gone through heavy metal detox, I would like to find out how it was done, and how successful it was.
    I believe my problems also include dental toxicity. I had a root canal done about 3 or 4 years ago and within a short time knew something was not right. I went back several times and was told everything was fine. They insist I shouldn’t have any feeling in the tooth, but I do have odd sensations and that tooth has moved quite a bit. I believe Dr. Amin has found an important part of the puzzle. I wonder if anyone has dealt with this from the east coast without traveling across the country.
    I know there is a wealth of information from MCS and the contributors to this site and hope someone can help me figure out what to do next.

  18. sistertocommonsense said:

    There is a link somewhere on this blog in regard to hair analysis. What state are you in on the East Coast. There is also a link to Dentists in MRC’s last posting on Neurocutaneous Syndrome.
    Sister to Common Sense

  19. Sandy, I want to offer some support to you, because I hear your fear and panic. First of all, Julie’s comments are terrifying, and fear feeds your problem. I KNOW this. Pray, and don’t read that kind of stuff. Think about the fact that you are now having some good days.
    Secondly, about your eyes: what if it’s neurological, this sensation. Not a weird, mutant or man-made bug. That could very well be from the toxins in your body, esp. dental work. Get your metals tested, look for a good holistic dentist. I trust you no longer use pesticides or any petroleum products in your home? or on your body? My understanding is that for ultimate relief you need to get the metals/chemicals out, and the detoxing will take time. You can start with detoxing now, however, eventhough you can’t get the metals out today. Tons of organic green leafies is a reasonable place to start, I think. You may want to read about NAC? MCS has recommended it for detoxing heavy metals, if I’m not mistaken.
    Possibly your intuition that this is going to your brain is correct. In fact, if you listen to Dr. Amin, the problem was neorological before we realized it–what we initially interpreted to be bugs on the skin was really sensations of the skin caused by the nervous system (hence the name ncs.) [Note, I am not discounting folks who swear they have bugs, esp bugs they have seen!] I know in my case and many others, neurological symptoms were present for years before this skin business ever started.
    Have hope Sandy, I think it’s great that you are having some better days. Work on the dental angle. I believe heavy metal testing is a hair test only.
    Final thought: from the tone of your comment I’m wondering if you are throwing too much at it? I’ve been wondering lately, based on MCS’s terrain post, if when we throw all the “natural” anti-fungals, anti-parisitics, and so on, at this problem if we are helping or hindering progress. In other words, we know building our terrain is key. Can we build and destroy at the same time? I’m guessing we need to build our bodies more than we need to destroy bacteria, fungi, ets. Perhaps I’m wrong, and your not doing the “anti-s”
    Very final thought: the thoughts you “throw at it” count too! Watch a funny movie! Love your body. Listen to your favorite music and sing and dance. Don’t read garbage.

  20. Netmu,
    I’m sorry for your loss. I took steps last week to have my apparently health cats put down because I was afraid. I couldn’t do it. But I’ve been there too many times with sick pets, and euthenasia is so hard.
    It is mystifying why some animals/people have ithisand others don’t. As mentioned elsewhere, people with no dental work can get this. Bottom line–everyone in this world today is toxic. Our planet is really poisoned, and it can be a depressing thing to dwell on. Some of us have bigger toxic loads than others, and we each have our own Achilles heel. For instance, if someone was on an inappropiate diet for years or drank, they would have a weakness. Somebody else maybe never learned how to have healthy relationships and how to deal with anger, so they have poisoned themselves for years with toxic emotions. Someone else maybe has a constitutional weakness because of a genetic predisposition. All these things can take a toll. For the pets, I’m betting it’s years of Advantage and the like. And pet food, and water, and herbicides in the yard, plastic chew toys.
    Then again, perhaps there is some bacteria at work or something. But at this point in time none of us really has that info or any tools to deal with it. Let’s do what we can do and clean up our bodies and homes, then take the effort global. No matter what else Morg may turn out to be, we absolutely know now that we are polluted and that we need to take steps to fix ourselves and our world.

  21. I agree with Netmu and for whatever reason the proliferation of this disease in the last ten years is some how tied to the flea and tick applications in my particular case. I am sure that I got this from my dog and I am pretty sure she got it from bark mulch. The dog is doing better, I give her 4 papaya enzyme caps everyday along with 2 tbls DE and a supplement green powder ( Much like Din-o-vite). It’s a crazy world and a crazy disease but we victims are not crazy, just freaked out. Sorry about your dog.
    Am going to a holistic dentist next week that was from the website, they test for heavy metals as well, will keep you all informed when I go.

  22. Sandy, recall this from my “Grand Unification Theory -Sneak Peak” post

    Formaldehyde (Tiny insects crawling over the eyes and nose?)

    Let’s talk about a close cousin of Acetaldehyde and that is Formaldehyde. There is an amazing research paper out there on this, take a look at this quote:

    Skin reactions: …chemical can be both irritating and allergy-causing…(EPA). A slight sensation of tiny insects crawling over the eyes, nose and pharynx (formication) is felt at 2-3 ppm. (Zurlo N, via OSH, NZ.) Contact with the vapour or solution causes skin to become white, rough, hard and anaesthetic due to superficial coagulation necrosis. With long exposure, dermatitis and hypersensitivity frequently result. Prolonged exposure may also cause cracking of skin and ulceration, especially around the fingernails.

    I would the farm it’s not bugs, not worms, but chemical and neuro in nature, keep at it, if you use the Azufre Sulfur soap I use wash your face with it. Keep your eyes closed and leave it on for a few minutes, it works, then rense … If there are any mites, trust me, this will get rid of them.

    Toxins in the body break down, do you remember that tree I posted once that showed how Tuolene broke down into three pathways, one being Acetaldehyde? A very close cousin of Formaldehyde, both known to cause crawling sensations in human beings, it’s all chemical … And like Susan said above, NAC is a major detoxer of Acetaldehyde/Formaldehyde and so good for so many other things, it’s key to Morgellons treatment.

  23. One more thing, my mouth is full of fillings, both mercury and the new kind, and probably the bad ones Dr. Amin talks about. However, I am not about to get any of them pulled, I am going to simply manage Morgellons for the rest of my life, there is no way I’m getting all that dental work out (by the way, I haven’t had a cavity in about 8 years but did have a lot of them years before all this started). So, by posting this article I am not recommending everyone go out and get all their fillings replaced, that will have to be your decision, my decision is it’s jut impracticle for me.

  24. I would pass on the dental work if I did not think it so relevant in my case. I worked in a Chemical company for many years and walked through puddles of toluene and God knows what every day for 12 years. Knowing that I have already been exposed to vast amounts of toluene, getting the mercury out of my mouth seems like a necessity at this point. I loathe going to the Dentist and it will be expensive but I really want to give myself a fighting chance. Oddly enough the only Doctor I saw who was concerned about the toluene exposure was a psychiatrist. Frankly I thought he was the one who needed help.

  25. Thank you all for your advise and support. Susan, I haven’t taken anything other than vitamins and supplements since February when I completed several courses of Permethrin and Ivermectin. Since it all came back I gave up on those and subsequently found this site. I was always very healthy and took lots of vitamins and supplements. Since reading mcs’s posts I have added more supplements and changed my diet. I do feel overall that I have been getting better, but the eye thing made me a little crazy. I try to keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor because I agree that these are really important in over all well being. As mcs said I’m sure I’ll also be managing morgellons for the rest of my life, but I will be healthier and will pass this information on to my family and friends who will also, hopefully, make positive changes based on what I’ve learned through this journey.

  26. Susan, I read on another site about folks using the colloidal silver nasal spray in their eyes to get rid of the biting. The person claimed that it worked. I am personally abit leery of colloidal silver and would get advice from Sister or someone else who is knowledgeable first. fwiw.

  27. Question for Joe Keleher. if you would be so kind could you list some of the supplements that you used to detox with? thanks so much!

  28. My apologies! Brain fog Major! my post re: colloidal silver was meant for SANDY.. sorry…anyway just passing along an anecdote..fwiw I had to go in the house and look up how to spell “knowledgeable! How silly is that? Can’t remember the poster’s name in a 2 minute span of time..oh boy!

  29. For the record, I have done tons of Colloidal Silver (back in the day). It is very hard to run into problems unless you really abuse it, or make your own at home which I do not recommend.

  30. sistertocommonsense said:

    I have many patients who tried and tried so many silvers. I suggest you buy a reasonable silver to put in your nose and ears. I don’t endorse any silver products but there a SOME you can buy at the health food stores for a reasonable price.

    I have found that many of these silvers don’t really do much for the terrain and I have only heard of one cure from silver. The long term effects on the kidneys concern me,
    agyria is an irreversible condition. In the beginning of this mess that was all we had.

    Then people began ingesting copper and other metals, IMHO, this may be a temporary fix but if we want to decrease the metal load on the body, the ingestion of metals will only compound the effects.

    Many buy Backyard silver makers at a very high price and do not know what they are doing. Silver can be used to clean fruit and used in ears and nose. Long term (lifetime) ingestions can cause some problems with the terrain, espscially the kidneys.
    This is just one reporters opinion.
    sister to common sense

  31. sistertocommonsense said:

    I wanted to send my condolences on your favored pet. My little dog died 2 years ago and I still miss her, they become part of the family, don’t they. Anyhow I am really sorry about your having to go through this.
    Sister to Common Sense

  32. Joe Keleher said:

    Clark, Consider the possibility of the child getting these symptoms prenatally (FDA and EPA have recent statements related to mothers passing mercury onto children). I think this is what was happening in the earliest documentation of these symptoms (as presented in Kellett 1935…and in my own research).

    Tommy, I’m detoxing with phospholipids and OSR#1. I also take a chelation supplement to replace the good metals. Dr. Bruce Shelton is the doctor I’ve been working with. he recommended this approach after some training he’d gone to with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (considered by many the best in the world on the topic of health/toxicity issues). I mix the phospholipids and OSR#1 with juice every other morning. I take the chelation supplement every day. Hope this is helpful- Joe

  33. I just came across this book while searching for information on detoxing.
    Amalgam Illness
    Diagnosis and Treatment
    A book on how to cure mercury poisoning
    by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE
    It looks very interesting. I’ll be busy with company until next week when I’ll have more time to check it out and possibly order it. I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or read it.

  34. Sounds interesting Sandy.

    I’ve been reading up on acetaldehyde (read up on Mr. CS’s post about Meth and Tuloene if you don’t know what this is) the last couple of days and there seems to be a link between Candida and mercury. I’d like to share more of what I found, but no time right now. Here’s one thing though: there was a quote about a health clinic where 84% of the candida patients had mercury levels which were 60% higher than normal. The source said the same was true for parasite patients–not sure if they were saying the parasite patients had mercury or candida?

    One list I found said: Mercury can be in: environmental pollution or acid rain from coal fired power plant emissions, adhesives, talc and body powder, broken thermometers, cosmetics, all plastics, diuretics, fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes/polishes, fungicides, industrial wastes, laxatives, mercurochome, photo-engraving, skin lightening creme, suppositories, wood preservatives, hair dyes, batteries, preperation H, solvent-thinned paints, latex paints.

    Unfortunately, I wrote a bunch of stuff down in my notebook without citing the source, but here’s an interesting theory I read about: the body produces yeast as a defense against excess metals. I’ll have to share a bit more about aceteldahyde and why I think it’s relevant later.

  35. Joe Keleher said:

    Tommy, I’d meant phospholipid exchange (in a rush the other day).

    Mercury was also used in extracting gold and silver with mining (and I suspect found in ground water from these areas).

    In searching through I found a large scale study on effects of skin lightening creme (used in South Africa) which lists scabies as one of the commonly recorded symptoms. It makes me wonder.

  36. Hello Folks,

    Dogs may not have fillings, but they have massive exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals if we as conscientious pet owners choose to allow our vets to poison them with countless vaccinations and boosters, flea and tick treatments, etc.. My son got a puppy this year and I was appalled at the recommended schedule of poisoning our local veterinarian tried to push onto our puppy… we never went back.

    Dentists are somehow convinced that the poisons they are putting into the mouths of children are harmless… doctors routinely prescribe medications that they would never take themselves or give to their own children.

    The desire for riches does funny things to people.

    As a manufacturer of natural medicines, I am sickened by the endless barage of pharmaceutical advertising designed to condition an ignorant public to accept the horrible side effects of its most toxic drugs as a normal and acceptable risk of life. Never in my wildest nightmares would I produce… much less sell… products that intentionally poison my fellow man.

    All of this is taking place under the watchful eye of our government which is supposed to be there to protect us. But alas, they too are on the take.

    Bottom line, we are all exposed, and detoxification is critical to our survival.

    Mr. CS, heavy metal toxicity and the fungal mycotoxicity that comes with it has an estrogenizing effect on the body. Plastics and chemical toxins such as those in dental sealants are xenoestrogens as well. Immune compromise secondary to thyroid suppression is an inevitable result for those with chronic exposures.

    If you are dealing with a heavy load of mercury and other of the above, IV chelation may prove very helpful and may in fact be necessary before you are able to successfully rehab your thyroid. Oral chelation will work, but it takes longer to work and therefore runs the risk of essential mineral depletion. That risk can of course be offset with supplementation, and you may in the end want to do both. In any event, NAC alone is not going to do the trick.

  37. “As a manufacturer of natural medicines, I am sickened by the endless barage of pharmaceutical advertising designed to condition an ignorant public to accept the horrible side effects of its most toxic drugs as a normal and acceptable risk of life.”

    Right on, John B. Once a person becomes somewhat aware of the true state of things in this country, this world, he begins to examine the big picture and make connections. Once this starts to happen, you’ve got to look at the misplaced role of the media in our lives. Time to turn off the tv, put down People magazine and start to educate ourselves.

  38. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear All,
    I have an absolutely wonderful man who lives in New Mexico. We shall call him Bob, he is kind and funny and a gentle Giant.
    He has been on the wellness protocol, anu and the skin care. Ben phoned me Tuesday night and said that his psychiatrist who is the Head of Psychiatry for the VA in New Mexico, listened to his story, he brought in everything he was taking.
    This man was on the road to healing.
    He was so excited and so very kind and cared for others with this Disease.
    This Psychiatrist made a deal with him, “I will give you an anti-psychotic for 24 hours and I will phone this woman (meaning me) and speak to her of her findings.”
    I had a very lengthy conversation with this woman, and spoke to her in regard to this Disease. What my findings were and that of the Scientists who had been working on this.
    I cited Wymore, Cytovski, Withington, Savely, Stricker et al. I told he of my experiences with this disease. She listened, so concerned….so caring I got off of the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. “Finally, Finally someone listened” I also told her that these patients were sleep deprived. She said, ” So it is of your opinion that he needs a sleep aid along with his herbals ect” I said “Yes”. I thanked her for her listening and I thanked for being kind and caring.
    For 2 days I have been concerned over this man and I breathed a sigh of relief.
    Yesterday I recieved a phone call from Ben, “He said he went back to see this “CARING DOCTOR” and she told him. “I AM NOT BUYING ANY OF IT, THIS WOMAN (MEANING ME) IS AS DELUSIONAL AS YOU”. She also brought in Psychiatric reinforcements and medical reinforcements. HE IS NOW IN LOCKED UP IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL IN NEW MEXICO WITH DELUSIONS OF PARASITOSIS, PARANOID IDEATIONS, SCHIZO-AFFECTIVE DISORDER.
    I honestly, sincerely do not know how much more I can take. So many are suffering, so many are crying out.
    This man was getting well, he just wanted to share his experiences with others so that if anyone else came to them they would understand.
    THEY ARE WOLVES AND I HAVE NO RECOURSE. This man over the past few months became a bright spot in my day, he had no internet access only the phone.
    Dear Friends, What do I do???? How many more are locked up that I don’t know about, mistreated, lied to. This Doctor lied to me and turned around and with her Doctor Buddies locked up my patient, my friend who was just trying to teach them something.
    Please Advise????
    Sad, Sad Sister to Common Sense

  39. One thing is for certain, this blog has been One of The Most Informative sources of concentrated information on the internet for the specific difficulties many of us face.

    After reading an article about it on Natural News, for the last few weeks I’ve been trying olive leaf, 300-450mg after each meal, it seems to be helping – a lot. It seems like it is pushing the remaining stubborn hold outs – out, and lessoning the beginnings of any new developments as well as a significant reduction in joint difficulties.

    I’m not about to get my dental work pulled either, unless I really really had to. I’m pretty open to any and all ideas and discount none until thoroughly proven otherwise, sometimes not even then, after all, for the last twenty years I was taught the, “experts” just knew there was no water on the moon, but now we find there is.

    Morgellons seems to be something all by itself. I don’t have the strands others have, but I do have Morgellons-like symptoms. There are Many conditions that cause Morgellons-like symptoms, some known, some unknown, some not acknowledged for whatever reason, be it liability and cost concerns or to control a panic situation.

    Unlike with some (not all) toxic chemicals, where things such as dental materials in a prenatal transfer which requires a substantial amount to begin with – to create the same level of symptoms – as in the parent, viruses and worms require just one part per:

    Chikungunya infection causes fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, rash and joint pain. Symptoms can last a few weeks, though some suffers have reported incapacitating joint pain or arthritis lasting months.

    There are no specific treatments for Chikungunya. There is no vaccine currently available.

    An estimated 120 million people have filariasis caused by thread-like filarial nematode worms… These worms occupy the subcutaneous layer of the skin, the fat layer.

    But people who complain of “worms” and, “bugs” or crawling under their skin were called delusional even though this is known, why was that? Was that a conspiracy, if not, what was it?

    One way or another, these many conditions Do inhibit and/or reduce sex drive and work to reduce the birth rate. That begs the question, are there those in the upper levels of government who advocate involuntary birth control methods as a way to reduce the earths population? Are there those who influence and control the levers of power in our government who have even gone so far as written detailed books promoting involuntary birth control so long as it wasn’t torture? Are there those in the same positions of power and influence who have changed the meaning of the word torture to perhaps exclude the intentional delivery of the many Morgellons-like symptom causing factors because they don‘t result directly in death? If the answer is yes, and I think it is, then something bad has gone wrong in the upper and perhaps even the lower levels of our government and perhaps many meag-corporations that work hand in hand with the government. Food for thought, based on known facts.

    There’s a whole bunch of other mosquito transmitted, “diseases” some of which are parasitic:
    Dengue fever
    Ross River virus
    West Nile virus
    Yellow fever
    Japanese Encephalitis
    La Crosse Encephalitis
    Murray Valley encephalitis virus
    Rift Valley fever
    St. Louis Encephalitis
    Equine Encephalitis
    O’nyong’nyong virus

    Just to name a few and not including all the things transmitted by ticks, flies and the like that have been covered in the past on this blog.

    IMO, The number one cause for the increase are military troops stationed in foreign countries being bitten and infecting the native mosquito and fly populations here on their return, or by bringing in the adult mosquitoes and flies or their eggs on their equipment.
    I wouldn’t rule out things like DNA manipulated insects or some type of Nano-lab-created-whatever either, anything is possible these days. The world’s labs are not constrained like ours, “supposedly” are, disallowing any such proclamation downplaying DNA manipulation or Nano-whatever.

    Your swimming pool analogy is very good, however; I would add that no matter the condition of the swimming pool water, if there’s a turtle in your swimming pool you need more than a balanced PH, But having a good swimming pool PH Does help to combat any single danger, or combination of dangers.

    Lastly, no further discussion is forthcoming (and as if things like The Love Canal aren’t enough to make one doubt the official explanation of things) but to counter the minimizing, truth denying, coincidence theorist’s chemtrail disinformation out there, please consider spending a few moments reading the information or watching the videos on this URL, especially if you think there is a toxic chemical or man-made link to Morgellons:

    Whatever the chemicals are that are being used, I doubt they are good for us.

    I like this saying by Susan:
    Once a person becomes somewhat aware of the true state of things in this country, this world, he begins to examine the big picture and make connections.

  40. In the Stalin era of the Soviet Union, psychiatrist were used to lock up various kinds of people who were not supportive of the Soviet state and official government positions on certain subjects. How similar is that, Sad, Sad Sister to Common Sense?

  41. Joe Keleher said:

    I guess if there is one thing I pray for more than anything it’s guidance. Sis, your story I fear is one among many. Of course, the whole situation is wrong. The bad news is ignorance can be carried in ripples…the good news is so can enlightenment.

    What your friend did was right. I’m sorry he is where he is.

    Take care, Joe

  42. “It does not merely allow the U.S. Government to imprison people alleged to have committed Terrorist acts yet who are unable to be convicted in a civilian court proceeding,” Greenwald wrote. “That class is merely a subset, perhaps a small subset, of who the Government can detain. Far more significant, ‘preventive detention’ allows indefinite imprisonment not based on proven crimes or past violations of law, but of those deemed generally ‘dangerous’ by the Government for various reasons…”

    If your friend is any indication, it appears the subset was expanded long ago, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the, “news.”
    Mighty slippery slope we’re on here. If your ideas threaten the stability of the dental industry, or any other well established industry, are you considered dangerous, will you disappear too?

    Or is it those who diagnose people as D.O.P. without fully analyzing their blood who are the criminals? I would guess it’s up to the other half of the medical community to step forward to set things right for this person, or soon a GP will have to clear every diagnosis with a psychiatrist first?
    Are they good party members supportive of the state? if not, it’s off to the gulags for you! Now THAT is nutz.

  43. Sister, Can you contact Amelia Whithington (sp?). She is a psychiatrist, I believe. I doubt that anybody as awful as the psych. who did this to Ben can hear the truth, but maybe Dr. whithington could try?
    Big sigh. Sister, just know please that you have helped me and others so much. I wish you peace, you deserve it.

  44. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    Hey Sister–

    Just wanted to let you know, I heard from BobBen. Good news apparently he did not have to go to the snake pit. He now believes, thanks to you referring him to the Santa Fe DR., that his psych docotrs are believing that this is REAL and everyone is in communication with each other. So, maybe the doctor did really listen to you. You just do not recognize the good work you are doing.
    God Bless You.

  45. sistertocommonsense said:

    Hey Ms UnCommonsSense,
    This is really good news. He has been on the http://www.espbotanicals com
    protocol. I have kinda backed off and am allowing the thing that I am doing here speak for itself.
    We can now say that in the past 5 years now, we have had numerous remissions.
    Many are getting well, able to function, Lesions gone, Brain fog lessening, Pain diminished.
    6 of my Florida Patients are now able to go back to work begin a new life, their families and friends came to surprise me yesterday at my home to show me just how well they are doing, brought me a box of fruit and they are getting on with their lives. These were undoubtedly some of the most ill patients I have had.
    What an Honor.
    I am just going to say something and no one needs to agree, I have done a lot of research and work in this cause and God takes me to people who I need to meet in order to help others. MMS 1 and MMS 2 are isolates, some pretty crazy stuff is going on in the Morgs world. People are capping pool shock and ingesting it. I am sorry but those kinds of desperate actions are going to kill people in the long term.

    BroBen is a wonderful human being and he promised he would post some day, he was improving in every way. I am so glad he got to Dr Maron a kind man, who contacted me the day I posted the letter above, he was iin New Mexico and had connections at the VA there. I have a feeling that it was when I asked Dr Maron to help me, he phoned some of his connections at the VA, and changed their minds on BroBen being delusional.
    I don’t know what did it for Ben but all I can say is “Thank God” someone listened to our dear BroBen.
    Another thing I want to say is please be careful when you take vitamins and suppliments, some of the caps are plastics and are filled with junk fillers ect. find out what they use for fillers. I have been reading labels and some are filled with corn fillers, soy isolates and things that don’t belong in live good food yet alone in Vitamins and Minerals.
    I continue to work now with Arnel at, Dr Ron Cusson at with his wonderful products that are great adjuncts.
    Thanks for the Feedback on this and keep yourself in tip top shape. God has some great things in store for you.
    My Goodness a Group of Doctors in New Mexico communicating with each other. It was after this, that I began working at networking and hopefully we can post some other Doctors soon that will see Morgellons patients holistically.
    I can’t refer patients to Doctors who are dumping massive amounts of De-wormers and Antibiotics into patients, I don’t agree with it and will not promote it.
    I will keep doing what I do quietly, effectively and I have found that by not making myself crazy, many more people are coming to me.
    I also had to take some of my own advice, “Exercise Daily, Eat Right, Take time for me, Get out of the Office and off the phone for a while and stop being angry at the Medical Profession and the CDC”.
    I am very excited to report that wilth all my college credits and life experiences and the 30 plus years as a Clinician, my old Counselors said “You have enough credits for Dual Masters Degrees.” and not far from your PhD in Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.
    I also have the Charts, Photos ect and in the next few months will write a peer-reviewed paper on 4 patients. I am hoping to get this published and know I can do it.
    The 4 that I have chosen, are now well and functioning so much better and they NEVER had a delusional day in their lives.
    Thanks Again Friend,
    Sister to Common Sense

  46. sistertocommonsense said:

    BIG OOPS ON THE ABOVE THE COMPANY Owned and pioneered by Dr Ron Cusson is
    Sister to Common Sense

  47. […] than Dr. Amin, who appropriately reported his findings regarding NCS there seems to be little, if any information being made […]

  48. Rodona Cleeg said:

    For all you who still suffer.

    I was near death. Dr. Amin saved my life.

  49. Sister to Common Sense said:

    Thank God for Dr Amin, Joe Keeler, Mr Common Sense, Debroah Atschuller,Dr Susan Kolb, Dr Burgsteiner, Arnel Lindgrean at anuwater and all the kind people on this board.
    We are blessed to have this group, Happy Valentines day.
    Life is better with you all.
    Sister to Common Sense

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