I figure while we’re on the topic of Mercury …

It’s no secret mercury is a dangerous toxin that accumulates in the human body and can produce disastrous health problems involving multiple organ systems. It’s known to be a risk to unborn babies, too. Unfortunately, as NaturalNews has reported, mercury contamination of our environment and food sources is rampant. For example, scientists have found that fish(http://www.naturalnews.com/025935_m…) and high fructose corn syrup (http://www.naturalnews.com/026528_m…) are often loaded with the dangerous heavy metal. Now comes this worrisome news: deposits of mercury in the bodies of Americans are increasing at an alarming rate and the health repercussions could be staggering.

Mercury especially targets the liver, the immune system and the pituitary gland. Numerous studies have associated chronic mercury exposure with elevated risks for autism, mental impairment and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Previous research by U.S. Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) researchers estimated that chronic mercury exposure caused between 300,000 and 600,000 American children to be born with elevated risks of neurodevelopmental disorders between 1999 and 2000.

A new University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) study of government data on more than 6,000 women in the US found not only that mercury loads in bodies are increasing but it also identified significant associations between chronic mercury exposure and immune and endocrine system functions. The research specifically revealed that levels of the pituitary hormone, lutropin (also called luteinizing hormone) are significantly associated with chronic mercury exposure. This could explain a mechanism for how mercury causes or contributes to degenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.

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Comments on: "Dangerous Mercury Contamination of Human Body Increasing, Study Finds" (11)

  1. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    “It’s no secret mercury is a dangerous toxin that accumulates in the human body and can produce disastrous health problems involving multiple organ systems.”(read Patterns in Early Morgellons Disease Considered as Effects of Mercury Exposure http://joewritesslow.blogspot.com/2009/06/morgellons-mercury-article.html)
    Toxic effects of mercury poisoning can be treated using the homeopathic remedy known as Mercurius symptoms induced by dental fillings of amalgam include many sorts of gum disease and gum bleeding, the toxic effects of the mercury can also lead to the formation of abscesses in the mouth, it can cause mouth ulcers. Patients often complain of recurring and persistent sore throat, such patients also tend to suffer from colitis and women may suffer frequent miscarriages. Another excellent homeopathic antidote to treat mercury toxicity is the remedy known as Hepar sulph, this remedy can be used in the treatment of frequently developing abscesses in the mouth, it can also be used in the treatment of bronchitis and other pulmonary infections induced by the presence of high levels of mercury, such infections typically lead to the giving off of thick and yellow pus. Each symptom must be studied and treatment should use the appropriate homeopathic remedy. (http://www.herbs2000.com/disorders/toxic_metal.html )

  2. I had non-stop sore throats before and during the onset of Morgellons. They were not strep throat either, I always had them checked. Thanks for referring back to Joes article.

    • brandicarlene said:

      I too, suffer from chronic sore throats. My entire family does… They’ve gotten a lot better. I also feel as though I can’t swallow during flare-ups that involve my throat. It’s really scary. It feels like there is something stuck in my throat. Anyone else get that particular symptom? Again, this symptom has subsided over the past few months, but it was/IS scary and very uncomfortable…

  3. I guess those non stop flu shots in my 40’s taking care of 2 elderly people and a small child were not such a good idea! Who knew?
    MCS… YOU are the best!! I have been following the protocol with a few personal embellishments and I am 50% better than I was in 2 months. The soaps (all recommendations) are helpful. I appreciate all that you do with great humilty.
    God Bless.

  4. Just to keep you posted……I am doing great! No symptoms for several weeks now. Still on the complete protocol, anu , and esp skin care. Thank you all so much for all the great post. Thank you Mr CS for this blog.
    I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ that all shall be relieved of this horrible disease.

    • brandicarlene said:

      About the anu… I talked about it in another post, though not in the best light. Not because there’s anything bad about it… I just… well, I suppose I really haven’t given it enough of a test/chance to comment one way or another.

      I will say this though… when we were having our “presentation”/PITCH from the salesman selling us our water softener/purifier… well, of course they bring this whole kit to “test” our current water, & then point out how dirty it is… they mix it up in this bottle with… I have no clue with what… anyway! The water that they run through THEIR system is of course clear as could be after the test versus the untreated water… eeewwwww! SCARY! Well, out of curiosity I asked them to put the “anu” (sorry I spelt it wrong in my prior post)… anyway I asked them to put it through the “test”… funny! It literally came out cleaner than their treated water. The guy didn’t know what to say… When I told him, “don’t worry… THAT water cost me an arm and a leg…” He let out a sigh of relief. It was comical.

      It was funny, yet I was VERY relieved to know that this expensive freaking water was indeed… “special”. LOL!

  5. hereshoping said:

    The elephant in the room


  6. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Hereshoping,
    I am so glad you continue to do well. I have found that the Typical medical approach of Antibiotics, Chemicals, Pick lines and being tied to a clinic for Antibiotics and Antiparasitics are not ever the way to go with this. And Absolutely no Steroids. Many Clinincs are charging thousands of dollars to dump dewormers and dangerous chemicals into patients.
    The Holistic approach is the best approach (IMHO), sorry Docs that have the need to dump drugs into these patients, I do not agree with this tactic.
    I have found on Darkfield that you can see the body degrade when the patients are given pharmaceuticals for this.
    Keep it up,
    Sister to Common Sense

    • brandicarlene said:

      Hey, sister to cs… I second that… NO STEROIDS!! They made me so much worse… wow! I know this post is old… but, I have just recently had many epiphanies… one being, the “meds” are NOT the key. ESPECIALLY, the steroids! They made me nuts! Okay, nuttier! LOL!

  7. sistertocommonsense said:

    This was a blurb in todays paper and I Googled it, the EPA knew about this years ago and just made and announcement. They are pretty slow on the uptake, I wonder if the EPA ever talks to the CDC.


  8. Sister to Common Sense said:

    This is really interesting.
    Sister to Common Sense

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