Just a little something for the weekend, hope everybody is doing well. I’m almost done with a major deadline and will have some more interesting Morgellons work coming up soon.


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  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    From: Dr. B. Maron
    Subject: morgellons
    To: Dr Richard W and Trisha Springstead RN MS
    Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009, 1:52 PM

    Am a very busy and sage M.D in Albuquerque. Just received a very bright RN patient with all the signs and symptoms of Morgellons. So I did exhaustive research and contacted mentors I trust as bright and grass roots interested in the esoteric and pushing the cage on established smarts to learn more.

    I do lots of stuff…pain management, integrative orthopedics, addiction medicine [heroin and opiate street users in a separate clinic], office ortho, GP, house calls, production calls [movie sets].

    I have an ever updated ‘immunity news letter’ begun to keep my wife alive [1 of 14 with bad family genes and 4 already dead or dying from different cancers.

    Your summary of care is ‘right on’ [my opine]…max immunity is the way to go as a base…I push ‘zero wellness as an objective’…get as good as possible by ‘auto supplement and food fertilizers’ and then live. Any ills above the zero can then be simply addressed instead of going back to ‘go’ with each symptom. Analogous to preparing sand [soil] for a garden in NM., when fall dig up and 2 spring dig ups with fertilzer each time allow the sand to sift and hold the ideal elements to create a ‘zero soil for growth’…body is the same. All my patients have a 5 minute diary to analyze their day and prepare for tomorrow…working well…soon to have a web site.

    If a list exists as to docs for treating Morgellons, please add my name…
    Vitamin D is the missing link in Immunity Ideal [my opine]…all my patients get a loading 3 day dosing [Rx level] and then 5000 iu daily OTC [over the counter]…low vit d, 20000 of the gene pool do not work…factoid.

    I attach my CV and current copy of my newsletter…if questions call me or mail me. Keep on ‘truckin’ Barry Maron, M.D.

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