On Swine Flu


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  1. WOW! how refreshing for a doctor to speak up. On the topic of Morgellons- I don’t think he will be saying anytime soon that our “delusion” becomes part of our DNA. If accurate, the bio-engineered virus containing insect DNA is permanently linked with ours-when we contract morgellons…
    and its all compliments of our government. how do i ever say thank you.The more this unfolds-i wish it was a bad dream – its just a day in the life. Maybe I’m a gnat breeding factory now-who knows. i feel like Jeff Goldblum. Oh, that’s right he had the black fly problem.

  2. (New York, NY) — Hundreds of health care workers will rally in Albany Tuesday, angry that they are being made to receive H1N1 flu shots. The State Health Department has made it mandatory that all health care workers get immunized by November 30th. The protestors say their rights are being violated and that they can not be forced to get a H1N1 flu shot. Officials say there will be exceptions for those health care workers who have a personal health issue that would prevent them from getting the shot.

    WOR News spoke with Helena Kosorek from the New York Healthcare Concerned Citizens Group. Kosorek and her group will lead a protest that will take place at the State Capitol Building in Albany from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM tomorrow.


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