I was alerted to this information and find it absolutely fascinating. Recall the fungal gnat information with the links to YouTube video’s of fly larva (little worms) that were cultured out of Morgellons lesions. This is a fascinating read, you can click on the images in this post for larger pictures.

You really should give this a serious read …

Close associations: Micro-Myiasis & Morgellons disease ==> CLICK HERE


Let me just clarify, I have not changed my thinking, correcting your terrain in my belief is still the best option we have, not just for Morgellons but for your overall health. Having said that, I am grateful to those that have worked on this theory. Maybe something will come of it. Here is a comment I received from Dr. Amin and I am inclined to agree with him at this point, and remember, he is a Parasitologist.

Thanks for the reference. We have recovered much more than larval gnats from patients’ lesions and have shown that these are all opportunistic infections on already existing lesions but they are not the cause. There are also NCS patients that have no skin problems at all. Please note. With appreciation.


I am staying the course, my health is good, and you can see from one of my comments below what taking a ton of anti-parasiticals did for me (basically nothing).


Comments on: "Close associations: Micro-Myiasis & Morgellons disease" (14)

  1. Hey Mr CS
    Interesting article. Assume for a moment the authors are correct, and Morgellons is myiasis. Would you still hold that the best treatment is fixing the terrain? They sort of say that different remedies would be helpful depending on the species. It seems they are sort of pro-permethrin, ivermectin or whatever gets the job done.
    Their take seems to be that the problem is basically parasitical, and they only in passing mention that an immuno-compromised person might be more attractive to flies because of scent. So the “cure” they promote is sort of topical and mechanical, like treat with appropriate insecticide, and remove emerging lavae.
    The authors do provide lots of interesting possible explanations for weird phenomena, and they make a lot of connections. But still I have the feeling that they are only describing what’s going on and not truly proposing a cause. Not that I’m too hung up on the cause because I still think the ultimate cause is that we have trashed our bodies.
    Interesting connections about the soil bacteria though. Also, they state, “fungal gnats build chitin tubes.” I’m recalling the info posted by, I think, Gigi about using the barley paste to coat the body. She had a link to an article on a lyme board about the chitinase in barley helping with fungal infections, chitinase being the enzyme which eats chitin. I’d like to try the barley paste. Gigi, if you are out there, can you give an update on your treatments, and did you ever have fungal gnats?
    It’s late, I’m rambling.

  2. As I re-read the above, I realize that what bothers me a little bit is that if you believe trashed terrain is the problem, then pesticides are not the solution, but rather a part of the problem. So it really does matter why one person gets flies and another person does not. It freaks me out that bugs are evolving to better parasitize us. But I think it’s better for my emotional health to believe that really we (humans) are the ones who have changed–it’s our lifestyle and all the accompanying drugs and pollution, unnatural foods and synthetic chemicals, stress and lack of physical activity which have made us sitting ducks for these opportunistic bugs as well as for viruses, bacteria and funguses. If I can believe this, than I can believe that we have the power to change our lifestyles for the better and take control of our health.
    It’s still late, I’m still rambling. Good night.

  3. Susan, I am not convinced that the article is the cause (though it could be), it could be just the effect, though it does make one pause for a moment. I’m not about to change my tactics and start taking Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and so on …. I know people that have done Ivermectin weekly (not recommended) for years and you can read about the person on my about page who does Fenbendazole constantly (but if they stop they get it back). Fenbendazole is a very powerful anti-fungal by the way and used to treat microsporidians as well so they have no idea why it makes them better (temporarily). Do you remember the post where I posted a picture of a fly no bigger the period at the end of this sentence.

    Also, how is it that these fly larva don’t just hatch out and that’s the end of it, I don’t see gnats and such though I experience from time to time the crawling sensation, these fly larva would have to have now found a way to not turn into fly’s and reproduce in my body, not likely.

    Let’s wait and see, I wouldn’t get worked up about it, it’s a good enough theory somebody will verify it, they say they are working on some way to verify it through some kind of skin test, we will see. We should be happy, it’s folks like this that will eventually figure it all out. Our job is to hang on, keep healthy, live life, and pray for a cure … However, correcting our terrain so far is the best cure we have, and Dr. Staninger’s approach is basically the same (though she uses different stuff). But she does things all naturally and focuses on the gut …

    Suppose it were true, the best thing we can do is replenish and keep our bodies very heathy. I don’t know if you have been on lymebusters but I was for a very long time, those that went the heavy anti-parasitical route often are not doing well.

    I agree that something has changed, we have wrecked our body (mankind) and we need to restore it, I did a ton of anti-parasiticals, Ivermecting, Fenbendazole, Menbendazole, Praziquantil, and probably 6 or 7 more, after I stopped all that nonsense and started working on my terrain is when I got better. Don’t underestimate suflur though, use the soap I recommend and eat foods rich it in …

    • Hi – I am new to all of this. I was bitten on a beach by something, and thought it was lice. I treated it as lice for over a month until I saw a fly fly out of my head. I have seen 7 or 8 since then and I have tried every natural essential oil and remedy known to man ( olive oil coconut oil, tee tree, coloidal silver) I also tried a few prescription medications from my family doctor. I believe that I have subcutaneous myiasis in the scalp, as I can feel them move and when I don’t have a ton of neem or oil of oregano on my scalp, they bite. I cannot see anything in the hair or on the scalp other than some red bite marks. The flies fly out one at at time, so it seems, and I never have any warning when they are going to emerge. The thing is that I don’t even feel them “leaving” or “coming out”. They just do. The doctors think I am imagining things or just don’t seem to take what I am saying seriously. I am concerned that because they are under the deeper layers of the scalp ( I think), I am not sure the oils and topical treatments are able to “reach” them where they are hiding/nesting. Would anyone know which diagnostic tool would show the subcutaneous layer of the scalp? I don’t think an MRI or CAT scan would do so. I know there are a few cases where the medical community has become involved. There is a little boy (13) in asia who had flies coming out of his penis, and at first, his parents didn’t believe him and they have been trying to treat him at the hospital since. I haven’t been able to get an up date. There was another little boy (4) In Iran who was agitated and had a headache, and they opened up his scalp to find larvae. So there must be some diagnostic tool to determine this. Can anyone help me? Please… I am a single mother with 3 children and I am trying to be strong for them but this is bringing me down to my knees.

  4. Susan, maybe this will help. I am not changing my tactics on treatment one bit (stay the course). I received this comment from Dr. Omar M. Amin and remember, he is a Parasitologist.
    Thanks for the reference. We have recovered much more than larval gnats from patients’ lesions and have shown that these are all opportunistic infections on already existing lesions but they are not the cause. There are also NCS patients that have no skin problems at all. Please note. With appreciation.


  5. Morning MCS and all,

    The paper on Micro-Myiasis as relates to this condition is well done and I’m sure that the theory could well be one of the means/vectors of becoming infected with this disease.

    It goes beyond one of the sources referenced- one who had been a frequent poster on the ‘old’ NUSPA board- on the same topic (flies as vector), mentioned here:




    Truth is, as Dr James Schaller pointed out: “They know of 8-20 causes of morgellons”. ‘They’, in that statement
    is- I’m certain, those that are the closest to the research. Dr Schaller has had the unique position of serving
    on both the MRF Foundation board (past) as well as the NMO board (current) and would be the best authority
    available to speak to the issue of ’cause’.


    Fair use

    Morgellons (We Know of 8-20 Causes. Patients Get Better Over Time. I am on the Board of Both Morgellon’s Agencies and Helped in CDC Definition)
    end excerpt

    Additionally, Dr Schaller has authored over 20 books and 27 Peer-reviewed Journal Publications, mostly on
    diseases that relate to Morgellons such as Lyme, Babesia, Mold and so on (per above link). I would say that he
    is about the best authority that we have available, in print, on the condition.

    We have the words of Dr Harvey to substantiate that in addition to Lyme disease (Harriet Bishop stated at the
    2009 Morgellons Conference- that 97% of those with Morgellons have Lyme disease), there are Protozoans- Babesia and
    others, he has stated.

    So while I believe that Myiasis is no doubt a part of this condition, there are other factors as well.

    The question remains: What is the cause? What are the insects, et al, ‘vectoring’?

    I believe that if the truth is ever told, it will relate to vaccines.

    Case in point: the work of Robert Smith. He found T parva in specimens. No small find. Hard to spin- easier to ignore. Other elements that he ID’d relate to the the transmission of the T parva via vaccines (cattle).
    The 67 kDa surface coat protein (live-sporozoite/pathogens) were used in vaccines for the East Coast Fever- cause: T Parva. This and other protozoa such as Babesia (which is often found with T parva) is the cause
    of the 80% of the cattle WORLDWIDE being ‘At Risk’. 80%

    More here:


    Half of the components that Robert Smith ID’d in this report relate to T parva and the other portion to
    VOCs and the remediation products for the same:


    We need to look at what is affecting the world at this time in order to confirm our speculations and research.

    1) 7.2.1 Ticks and tick-borne diseases (TTBD)

    Fair use

    TTBDs are widely distributed throughout the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical countries. It has been estimated that 80% of the world cattle populations are at risk from TTBDs and that they annually cause US$ 7 billion worth of losses (McCosker, 1979).
    end excerpt

    ((and that is old news- 1979- imagine where that number would/could be now?))


    2) VOCs such as MTBE/TBA/BTEX


    One source that I read about the MTBE stated that it will remain a pollutant in our water and soil for many decades to come, despite the remediation in many areas.

    In looking at the conditions that prevail World-wide and in matching those conditions via the work of Robert Smith in his analysis of fibers from a Morgellons sufferer- which confirm those conditions, I would say the cause is obvious as are the vectors.

    Flies and other insects most likely become infected by environmental factors – such as the protozoans in cattle and other animals which cause various diseases, the vaccines given to the various animals to include cattle and
    as well the pollutants and remediation products (bacterias to include Agrobacterium Ti-C 58) in the soil and water supply, consumed by those animals to include pesticides.

  6. Mr. CS,
    Thanks again for bringing more truth into the light.
    Having read the articles and all the links, sounds like a ringer for the miserable symptoms of morg.
    The process of paedogenisis (larval stage reproducing without maturing) described for fungus gnats and gall gnats explains why so few adult flies are seen, and these same species are described as predacous and some even parasitoids Many of the photos confirm much of what I have seen over several years of self-study.
    I believe this is most significant, and in no way undermines your sage advice re. maintaining one’s terrain as vital to recovery.

  7. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Friends,
    First, let me say that I have seen so many strange bugs and I have boxes and samples of many. They are preserved until I find someone who is willing to help me mount them, but I don’t think that is as important any more because I will not find the one thing that causes this Disease Syndrome.

    I have said for years that Dewormers are poison and will only hit one phase (if it was completely parasitic) in nature. For example, Ivermectin will hit a larvae stage but not correct the problem.

    It seems IMHO, this is toxic soup. Every one wants it to be one bug, one worm, one bacteria, one this and one that.
    Doctors who see these patients (the few that will) one looks at the skin, one looks at the feet, one looks at the heart, one looks at the thyroid, lungs, veins, blood and it goes on and on and on. The patients in this Quagmire can never mention the tabu
    “M” word, except to a very few who will or do even care.

    Then they slap an antibiotic on people with uncultured wounds, if that anitbiotic doesn’t work we’ll try another one, then another one. Then lets drop a Central Line and or a Pic Line (very invasive procedures) and dump some more dewormers and antibiotics and antifunguals in them. This is happening in Clinics in Florida and California and Texas right now as we speak. I have been told of ONE CURE by the use of these methods., I have yet to meet this person or speak to them.

    Then, lets give em a thyroid pill to someone with a thyroid problem when it could be balanced with low dose lugols solution 2 drops a day or some sea kelp iodine. Pretty soon the patients are on so many Drugs, that thier livers are gonna go next and their kidneys and then we’ll just put em on Dialysis or look for a Liver Transplant.
    Medicine has taken people and treats them like pieces of a part and not the whole…like in holistically.

    I had the honor of meeting an incredible Quantum Physicist who turned Doctor, when he got tired of working for the government.. and he became a healer. He was almost blind, over weight amd sick all the time.

    My Husband who is an MD and I listened to him speak last week and spent an everning with him. Both of us were quite impressed and we are going to a 2 day Seminar in Orlando this weekend with many other health care practicioners. Maybe….just maybe I can get some interested in this debacle. I believe it is going to be really nice to meet some holistic practicioners who are open minded.

    When you get a moment you may want to read his website, it is very interesting and he speaks of the stages of wellness. Environmental, Physical, Intelligence or Mental and Spiritual. He speaks of Nutrient intelligence and is quite a pioneer in Healthcare.

    His sight is back, he is well lost 60 lbs and 73 years old, I have never met such a postive, brilliant, kind, man in my life and he is such a Wise Man. It is really a good thing that this journey has brought me to such wonderful people.
    It is all about the Terrain and now some Health Care Practicioners are getting it.

    His website is http://www.essencesea.com you can read much there.
    The group that we are now working with is Body Balance Systems.
    I always saw this disease as a Curse to me, many times I cursed God and said “Why would you let me see this???? WHY God. You had better give me some answers because I don’t know how much more I can take??”

    I know that those who have this disease feel traumatized, I too have felt the trauma of the other end of an email or the other end of an endless sea of phone calls. Miracles of Miracles, I am watching the sickest I have ever seen improve, some are getting jobs when we didn’t know if they would ever get well enough to drive, let alone get a job. It is those people that keep me going. “it is thy will, not my will be done”. One at a time, inch by inch and then miles and miles we go.

    Now, I have discovered now, it is a gift that God gave me the eyes to see this and the hands to feel this and the soul to care, it is a learning experience for those of us to wish to make it so. As a healthcare practicioner I am blessed to have such wonderful, brilliant people take me under their wing and want me to be part of the Holistic Healing Movement. I am excited, enlightened and encouraged at this Blog and the Good that it has done. I will report back after the weekend on what I have learned. To those of you who are suffering, I say….stick with this blog it is a source of comfort to all.
    Respectfully and Lovingly,
    Sister to Common Sense

  8. Many thanks for posting our research MCS.

    We certainly do not report that traditional anti-parasitics will cure Morgellons. Our report reviews case of usual myiasis, which is mostly treated with Ivermectin, along with topical treatments.

    Micro-myiasis is not, ‘usual myiasis’. The major difference is that micro-myiasis seems to be caused via the sub order Nematocera (eg Fungus gnat and gall midge larvae).

    Check out any gardening forums and you will see very different treatment options for these crop pests… (D. Earth, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint, citronella, neem). We believe essential oils are more useful, along with a good terrain.

    We are focusing on fungus gnats as a possible primary cause now. Manipulated or tropical? that is one question. We urge morgellon sufferers (that have a passion for research and are able) to carefully record themselves and their environments. To move from ‘learnt helplessness’ to ’empowered researchers’ – realising that they have samples at their fingertips 24/7.

    Any queries or observations please mail us at : info@morgellonsuk.org.uk

    Jo Simmons
    Morgellons UK

  9. Thanks MCS for enabling Dr Amin to comment on our research. Thank you Dr Amin!

    I would like to comment regarding Dr Amin’s two statements printed below:

    “We have recovered much more than larval gnats from patients’ lesions and have shown that these are all opportunistic infections on already existing lesions but they are not the cause. ”

    “There are also NCS patients that have no skin problems at all. ”

    I know from Dr Amin’s work that he’s found thrips, collembola, tick nymph, mite, ant, caterpillar, cranefly parts, adult hymenopteran and other insect parts. And he mentions above, recovering ‘larval gnats’ also.

    The following insects are attracted to fungus gnat larvae and their eggs: phorids, gall midge, parasitic wasps, collebola, trogophytic tipulids, moths, stone flies, caddis flies, sand flies, red ants, spiders, millipedes and isopods.

    I remember having thrips and collembola coming from my skin in the beginning, but they soon went when I started treatments. However, the fly larvae remain, four years later. They are the only insects in the list that have the anatomy and physiology to infest mammals AND survive and thrive under our skin and also in all body cavities we have -causing systemic, chronic disease.

    From our research we know fly larvae can burrow through intact skin, without the host knowing. They can also burrow, causing what looks like a small bite mark to appear on the skin, BUT by squeezing the unwelcome visitor out, the ‘bite’ often disappears.

    The skin can remain intact for years. Years. Apart from having enlarged skin pores that over produce sebum, many morgellon sufferers don’t have lesions and would appear to have ‘no skin problems’, as mentioned by Dr Amin.

    So fly larvae can operate through skin pores. Then, through eventual aggregation, they cause lesions, lumps and nodules – on the skin, under the skin and in organ cavities. Quite possibly, the severity of the lesions, can be explained by the specific infecting species concerned.

    On Dr Amin’s website there is a page called ‘Understanding parasites’ (http://members.cox.net/llyee/understand_parasites.htm).

    With due respect, unless I’ve missed it, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of myiasis or any infections from fly larvae on this page or anywhere else on Dr Amin’s website (http://www.parasitetesting.com/).

    I will comment no further at this point, in the hope that Dr Amin and others will engage further in this debate.

  10. i totally agree with morgellons.UK’s theory, i had this condition for 6 years, first my dog developed this condition, from what i observe from his skin, and enviroment, i believe it is the gnat infesting the enviroment and everthing in it, including aminals and human, there were several other insects involved at the beginning, include bird mite, lice, ants, collembola, but i believe they were just opportunistic pests after the microscopic fly larve ,after cleaning and treatment, only these gnats remaining, gnats looks like plant fiber,i have beem suffuring from plant fiber growing on my skin, which i know now this is plant fly develping on my skin constantly, someone i met on line, told me to try 2 table spoons of cinnemon powder mixed in glass of milk, i tried, and whithin an hour, these gnat larve is coming through my skin all over my body, they are in imbedded in your skin, constant cleaning and laudering, moving , buying new car, will not get rid of the condition, you are carrying the larve with you all the time, you are reinfesting your enviroment, and creates molds, everthing your skin is contacted, and it could multiply on the items you used own its own, these gnat seems to penetrate drywalls, and makes bump on wall, simular to bumps on our skin, it seems become part of wood floor,and furniture, lays egg in wood, it is eating wooden hills and glue on shoes, it seems eating the paint on wood, it looks as if it becomes part of ceramic tile, or part of ceramic bowl,this larve or chemical totally becomes part of ceramic bowl, is anybody experiencing what i am talking about,

  11. First,the library of pictures that i have compiled since contracting this mess shows just how prevelant the phorid flies are, in the bodies of m sufferers.I have found ways of growing the specimens from my stool,lesions,spit,ear wax,sperm fluid and urine, into phorid flies.The Myiasis is inside the gut and makes a horrific mess of things there and in all our organs.
    Fenbendazole and it’s repetitive and pulsed used has returned my life and health to me.One must base the rhythm of the fenbendazole use upon the expulsion of the built up parasitic materials inside our system before making substantial progress.Ivermectin is way too dangerous in constant doses.Praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate used together can be very beneficial towards helping to remove the multiheaded wormlike organisms that are often found under the scalp and or in the lips and jawline.
    If we do not treat this infestation, we may risk damage to the organs and the intestines.If one were allowed to view hospital records pertaining to the number of gall bladder removals,thyroid surgeries,prostrate surgeries and kidney stones, the alarm bells would be set off due to the sheer increases in percentages of these invasive and expensive procedures.It seems to me that the alarm system has been shut off and the numbers hidden.
    During the last 4 years I have examined every one of my body functions waste materials.The things that are in my collection are difficult to place a proper adjective upon them as they are huge,confusing for several reasons,massive in their appearance and until they are forced to leave our bodies,we will not heal.The normal amount of parasitic material that I am able to remove from sufferers is around 16lbs.I have videos that show this in realtime.My most unusual material,if there is one, would be the lining of my intestine folding up like paper and then coming out of with my BM.
    My son in law came to visit me at my home complaining of chonic pain in his appendix area after having visited the drs office and being told that he did not have a problem with an infected appendix. I gave him 8grams of 10%febendazole paste for a total of three days, consecutively.The fourth day he passed what we now refer to as a crocidile egg.It was huge and one side was showing a soft area that apparently had been stuck to his appendix area and had almost ate through his intestinal wall.Upon a 3rd trip back to the ER with him,we asked for a CT scan.The surgeon came back into the room and asked me how i knew that there was damage at that particular area as i had just saved my SIL’s life.While waiting inside the er exam room,I heard a cell phone inside the soiled linen basket.I called the owners number and immediately recognised the lady that answered as my former neighbour.She was crying and saying to me that the ER drs had told here she was doing this to herself and that she must be on drugs.I left as she was only a few minutes away and upon arrival,I found her covered with the sores.With a white paper towel i wiped the nice floors a bit with it and took the rag home only to find millions of the black specks that i grew into phorid flies.
    The use of Fenbendazole in the correct manner has produced many miracles in the lives of m sufferers.All this has been documented.
    For the sores and the surrounding area to heal,Ihave found the Colgate Total toothpaste to be of great and complete help towards drying up an healing the lesions which one must never touch, when dry and not in the shower.
    My photos show that the phorids have left fibers and egg massses on many other creatures that we come into contact with each day,such as ticks,collembola,other flies and many other tiny insects.
    My back room is now the maggot room as all my growth experiments yield maggots from the phorids.
    There are many other things that I have found and poto’d,whch are a part of this dillema called Morgellons.
    For pics of anything related to M, please contact me and I will try to produce them.

  12. Hello, I think I may have Morgellons. I’ve spent the last 4 hours researching, sometimes I think I do and sometimes I think I don’t. I was misdiagnosed twice with scabies but all the other scabies forums I have been to have not come across someone with my symptoms.

    From what I gather doctors are essentially useless, right?

    I also came across two supposed ‘cures’ what do you guys know about them? Please help don’t want to waste money if hey don’t work: -NUTRASILVER and LOGOS NUTRITIONALS.

    Also, what are you guys doing to cope, this is such a nightmare I haven’t left the house in two weeks, so embarrassed.

    And lasting some of you guys were talking about ‘fixing the terrain’ is that a treatment???

    Thanks a bunch, please shed some light on someone confused, desperate and slowly going mental!

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