First, I want to thank Pamela for granting me the permission to post this information. Thank you Pamela, I really am grateful. The spirit of cooperation is moving our cause forward by leaps and bounds. When I read Pamela’s post on How I Cured Morgellons I knew it was very important.

The following few sentences are my comments and not Pamela’s. I don’t want to put words in her mouth (maybe she’ll comment later). Here is why I think her post is of extreme significance? I believe the results of her tests underscore what many of us now realize, and that is, Morgellons isn’t a disease, rather it’s a catastrophic breakdown of the body’s terrain. You have heard me many times state that they aren’t going to find the cause. Western medicine is looking for a pathogen and I reaffirm my belief that the pathogens found are as a “result” of Morgellons and not the cause.  I think you will all be absolutely amazed by Pamela’s post.  I have a few comments following Pamela’s information. Here is Pamela’s post in it’s entirety.

Hello Everyone-this is a newsy update on TESTING !

What you say? What testing? I discussed at length the ‘OAT’ and ‘CST’ testing with very smart people and we decided it is the next step while on the protocol to evaluating how its going (especially for me because of having this for over 6 years)

Seems the longer you have this the longer it takes to get well. Patience is required 😉

I would like to share and update everyone on the amazing findings in regards to my testing.
The testing called ‘Organic Acid Urine test’ and ‘Comprehensive Stool Testing’

This is what they found..

  • Bacteria Over growth Bio Film Coating Stomach and Intestine
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Adrenal System Overload
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Gamma strep 4+
  • Citrobacter freundii 4+
  • Enterobacter sakazakii 4+
  • Kebsiella pneumonia 4+
  • Candida spp. 2+
  • Low acidophilus reading
  • PH acidic

What does this mean to me?
It means I am on the right track !

Because I have these Bacteria’s (now proven) I need antibiotics to kill them
Because I have several strains of Bacteria I really need MMS
Because I have inflammation(now proven) I need Limbrel and then Ubinal (CoQ10) and Omega fish oil
Because I have Fungal involvement I need Molecula silver
Because my body is stressed from fighting this disease I am on the Burgstiner wellness protocol to support and build my body back up.

By doing this basic protocol I am treating

  1. Inflammation
  2. Bacteria
  3. Candida
  4. Parasite reproduction
  5. Balancing Acid system
  6. Supporting body systems

This is what I believe none of our bodies are alike none of us have had the same diseases have the same make up or same ancestry or gene pool.

We have been blessed with Herbs and vitamins.And also blessed in cases of severe illness to have certain medicines which are sometimes are necessary.( antibiotics, etc)
Medicines sometimes needed kill very nasty bugs.

Natural herbs and vitamins and organic foods re supply things to the body which it becomes depleted of due to illness or stress,or due to the use of prescription medicines.

For instance, Bactrim can reduce Folic Acid so I resupply my body with ‘Thymic formula at right doses’ so my body is re- filled with Folic Acid.If I have a very nasty bug sometimes I need antibiotic but I can also support my body with a good Natural flora in a good Pro Biotic.

I have been advised to stay on the protocol for quite some time by my doctor and the nutritionist agreed to the Bactrim as I shared with her that I felt it also kept the egg ( absolutely yuckkky thought)
but yes ‘egg’ production down.

As I fight this multifaceted disease I will stay on the protocol. I will also be adding a few herbs and diet as instructed by my Holistic Nutritionist, Nancy Guberti to help peel away the layer of Bio Film.

I intend to pray always, hit it hard, stick with it and guess what? I am going to get well!
You are invited to come along.

Hugs to you all,
Pamela Mae

Now, this doesn’t mean you (we) all have the exact same germs or bugs but we certainly have some, let me list some of the key things here which I’d almost bet we do all have in common. Pamela says …

This is what they found..

  • Bacteria Over growth Bio Film Coating Stomach and Intestine
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Adrenal System Overload
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Gamma strep 4+
  • Citrobacter freundii 4+
  • Enterobacter sakazakii 4+
  • Kebsiella pneumonia 4+
  • Candida spp. 2+
  • Low acidophilus reading
  • PH acidic

Notice the ones I’ve highlighted. Are these not what we have been talking about for a while? I know I have all of these. My chronic inflammation really hits me in the form of Costochondritis. Biofilm in the gut, yes and a major factor, no doubt out it. Dr. Staninger told me on the phone herself that the “Battle is in the gut” and she is right (regardless of what you think of her ideas on what the cause is). Adrenal System Overload, I know I have this and it is behind much of my anxiety and palpitations. Oxidative stress for sure. Okay, those are the first 4, let’s look at the last three …

Candida, Low Acidophilus, and an Acidic PH level. I want to scream “BINGO” here (oh I guess I just did).

Pamela, I am SO VERY GREATFUL TO YOU. You have in large part confirmed why my “Poor Mans Protocol” and Johns advice are really working for me.  I am sure my “Poor Mans Protocol” can use a facelift, so I’ll watch carefully what you do and your progress. I don’t want to be “right” I just want us all to be cured completely. I can only hope that others who read this realize the incredible importance of what you have shared with us. Remember the comment in my last post regarding “Hyper Toxicity” and the person saying

I would advise that further proclamation that Morgellons exists is a self defeating effort, because the disease has been redefined into something which really does not exist.

well, I couldn’t agree more.

We are making great progress folks, let’s keep at it. Let’s keep the “crazy” out of Morgellons. The medical community will engage us when they know that they are dealing with a real verifiable condition and do not have to fear being associated with crazy conspiracy theories. Pamela, you have not only made my day, you made my entire month. I suspect there will be many comments on this post.

Pamela’s original post can be found here:

Also, I recommend this site and their forums, they have great people over there. And for the record, I am sticking with my protocol but am going to watch Pamela’s posting over there and hope she keeps us informed on her progress. Keep posting Pamela.

I’m forever grateful Pamela, this is going to be one of my posts in “red” on my “All Articles” page.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Morgellons – Great Progress Just Over the Horizon, I Can Feel It" (16)

  1. Our experience with a few hundred NCS (Morgellons) patients have established a cause and effect relationship between the expression of the symptoms and toxicity from various sources including incompatible dental materials. Most other variables reported were observed to be of coincidental or opportunistic nature, as Mr. Common Sense appears to agree. Treating out patients based on this documented research has invariably lead to complete recovery.

  2. I agree Dr. Amin and very happy you posted, it’s great to have real experts like yourself chime in validate what is coming to light.

    Given this list …

    • Bacteria Over growth Bio Film Coating Stomach and Intestine
    • Chronic Inflammation
    • Adrenal System Overload
    • Oxidative Stress

    • Gamma strep 4+
    • Citrobacter freundii 4+
    • Enterobacter sakazakii 4+
    • Kebsiella pneumonia 4+
    • Candida spp. 2+
    • Low acidophilus reading
    • PH acidic

    My whole point and approach is that without the first four and last three on that list, these wouldn’t exist …

    • Gamma strep 4+
    • Citrobacter freundii 4+
    • Enterobacter sakazakii 4+
    • Kebsiella pneumonia 4+

    And the first four and last three are not by any means insurmountable obstacles, in fact, not all that hard to correct.

    It’s been a real revelation for me, from horrifically frightening at times with incredible desperation to great moments of Joy. I am learning about the human body and what an amazing ability to survive we have. I must say I’m very happy today. I read a comment by John Burgstiner on another post on my blog today that broke me down right in my cube at work. I had to duck down and recompose myself as I didn’t want my fellow co-workers to see me that way.

    This may sound crazy to those of you in the dark place right now, but I am terribly blessed by all of you despite my circumstances, and greatly humbled by all of your comments.

    Dr Amin, my mouth is loaded with Mercury and the new type fillings, the new ones are from around the years of 1997 – 2000 and I am sure they are the bad type that contain Toluene and such. It weighs heavy on my mind …

  3. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    First of all, thank you Pamela. I too agree that Morgellons is not the cause of this affliction, but the result. I think we all need to work on our internal selves. Catch the Bio Train! Dr. Amin, can dentists be held responsible for giving patients toxic materials?

  4. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    Pamela, what about the costs of those tests? Can you tell us more?

  5. This is wonderful news! We will find our way out of this morass somehow. We cannot give up hope.

  6. MCS, thank you so much for Pamela’s posting. I feel like I now have a place to start with the doctor. Now I just need to find a doctor. I haven’t gone because of bad past experiences which most of us have had, and didn’t really know what tests to ask for.
    Like you, I also have old and replacement fillings and just ordered Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler. From some comments I read on, even after the fillings are removed and replaced, it is still a long process to remove the mercury from the body including the brain. It seems that detoxifying can be a dangerous thing if not done correctly. I felt as you did that I was not going to go through all that dental work (nor could I afford it). Now I’m reconsidering. I know you’re worried about that too, and I’m so glad Dr. Amin is continuing to post on this site.
    With each new piece of information I’m more convinced that I am not contagious to anyone. One of these days I’ll feel safe enough to be able to sleep in my own bed again with my husband.

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  8. I recently went to a posting site and saw this fascinating article and glad I am home with a morgies migraine…

    ‘Wow,did it interest me’ Why?
    It has always been a theory of mine from experiencing this disease personally for over 6 years that.
    The nature of morgellons creates several stages of developement.
    One feeds off the other ( fungus,bacteria,parasite)
    Therefore the studies mentioned on different pathogens..bacterias ,fungus,parasites etc.
    There may not be just one form of bacteria per host , but several.There may not be one species parasite but several.
    If we strengthen the body and kill all of some of these – the others have to die off.

    I always believed that ‘Something in one of these pathogens- – tries to morph(either create an encasement to reproduce) perhaps the fibers and the crustations are the different stages which are trying to be created but are not created in their usual environment -therefore somewhat deformed.

    [Following is a descripton looked up in a nature publication on stages in butterflys..seems an interesting parallel to me.
    The pupa of a butterfly is called a chrysalis.”
    “Many larvae, especially among the moths, weave about themselves a covering of silk which serves to protect them from their enemies and the weather during the helpless pupa period. This silken covering is called a cocoon.””After the larva has attained its full growth it changes its skin and its form, and becomes a pupaSIZE]

    Seeing the post on Agrobacteria in Morgie skin samples…Morgellons Research”This observation indicates possible involvement of pathogenic Agrobacterium, which is known to produce cellulose fibers at infection sites within host tissues.'[/B]
    This makes perfect sense!!!

    Then I was so fascinated that I went and read the article http://
    and reading way down into the text ……..
    Oh have mercy- found ‘Enterobacter’ and the area on white pox and the formations involved.

    This so dynamic because recently I had an Organic Acid Urine test run and a Comp stool testing done at Great Plains Laboratory.
    Guess what they found? Enterobacter sakazakii 4+ , now I am not sure if this is the same strain,but you better bet I am going to try and see.

    I am so excited right now I am going go contact a resident smart person on monday (they have to have their weekend n all) and ask them to read and see if they think there is any coorelation.

    AWesome! What a wonderful wonderful post.
    It shows the work we have been doing is headed in the right direction!

    So grateful for the sharing.
    I am happy as a little clam right now all this theory shaken out into possible
    proven and documented thought.

    Pamela mae

  9. Just saw something that made my skin crawl all over again!!!
    Read and weep.
    God Bless us all.

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  11. So…how do you explain the unusual filaments that are present in body fluids and emerge from the skin. I don’t think that any of the things you mentioned causes filaments to emerge from one’s body.

    • Cindy, I don’t know what to make of the fibers honestly. I can tell you that a lot of us that once had them no longer do, but still have morgellons. For instance, many will no longer have the fibers and still experience the crawling sensations (that would also include me) though my crawling is rare now. Many think it’s a quirky way for the body to eliminate toxins. I would have never seen my fibers had I not used a scope ($10 dollar pocket scope) from Radio Shack, but there they were, red and blue all under (I mean way under) perfectly healthy looking skin. The bird mite forums are full of people that (not only do not have bird mites) but say “I don’t have Morgellons because I don’t have fibers” well, my reply is “Don’t be so sure unless you look”. Maybe the fibers aren’t even unique to Morgellons. This might upset you but it is not my intent, I think studying the fibers is pointless, now, if maybe they did a study on the black specs that would be something.

      Even the testing that Pam has done above, sure, it gives us a picture of what is going on in the Morgellons sufferers body but in my opinion her testing is showing the result of something, not the cause, and whose to say that half these things (or more) aren’t routinely found in the general populace.

      It’s a mess, I agree, I think a fundamental step in the right direction is fixing our gut flora and terrain. More and more I am convinced that we are the unlucky group of people that are falling ill to an ever toxic world, but more importantly, we are susceptible to something mostly likely involving GMO Pharming.

      Want to find the cause of Morgellons, take stool samples and identify every single thing in them, including exact identities of RNA and DNA strands from all bacteria (ie, is it natural or man made). They probably aren’t even testing for what is most likely behind Morgellons, it wouldn’t even cross a lab technicians mind to test for what is most likely infecting us …

      They did this with bee’s you know, they ground them up and identified every single dna strand in them in search of the Collapsing Colony Syndrome, the technology is there, the problem is no one cares about us.


      Oh, trust me, they could find out what we are hosting in our guts (if they haven’t already) if they truly wanted to, the technology is there

  12. […] them, and within minutes were on the trail of multiple pathogens. Now, sit back and consider Pamela’s testing she had done at Great Plains Libratory and how much more could be done using the IVDS mentioned above on a stool sample. This article is […]

  13. Hi Commonsense,

    I understand that some people who have had fibers in the past may no longer have them. Some people may no longer have the crawling sensations. Still…they once existed.

    From my experience, the crawling sensations are manifested by the presence of fibers. Sometimes they are difficult to locate but from the patients I’ve seen I have found that when they have the sensations…then a fiber can be found that is the cause. It takes a lot of time to look and they are difficult to locate even at 60X but if the time is taken to look in the area where the sensation originates…there also will be a fiber and/or a black speck.

    I agree to disagree with dermatologist that the sensations are neurologically originated. In other words ..there is a direct cause for the sensations….a presence of an unusual and bizarre material (whether it be black specks or fibers) located at the site of the sensation. Most derms do not take the time to look and make the assumption that the sensation in neurologically oriented.

    On some patients it’s fairly easy to see and on others it takes some time and patience.

    The black specks are being researched as well as the fibers. I think research is interested in every aspect of the disease.

    It appears that Pamela does not see Morgellons as a distinct disease but rather a presence of bacteria and fungi. correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m not sure what is meant by terrain. Is that a reference to the condition of our immune system and general health?

    As an ICU nurse, I worked in an organ transplant unit for many years. Our patients were sick as anyone can get. Multi system failure. They were generally ventilated, on dialysis (sometimes continual), and we even implemented artificial heart pumps as well as liver dialysis. Severe irretraceable acidosis can accompany any of these system failures. These patients were seriously immuno-compromised intentionally to prevent organ rejection. They received huge doses of steroids for the same reason. These patients were as sick as one can possibly get and would remain in that condition for months and in some cases years. Such long stays in the hospital and invasive procedures would introduce a multitude of bacteria and fungi. If terrain means general health and immunity….then why wouldn’t we see Morgellons in ICU patients and HIV patients all the time?

    This line that Pamela used baffles me completely:

    “I would advise that further proclamation that Morgellons exists is a self defeating effort, because the disease has been redefined into something which really does not exist.”

    Yes Pamela, unfortunately Morgellons DOES exist. There is plenty of proof available if you have any doubts. It is a horrible condition and the cause is unknown.

    Another point: The stool is supposed to be loaded with a variety of bacteria and fungi. C diff is one bacteria that is pathogenic but it’s normal to have other bacteria present in stool.

    Bottom line is that YES, MORGELLONS DOES EXIST. the cause is unknown so currently there is no targeted treatment protocol available.

    • I agree in large part with what you are saying. I do think the crawling sensations are definitely caused by something and not by neurological damage. I also am cautious about stool testing, not that there is anything wrong with it, but we truly know so little about the human body. The stuff people are reporting could be found in 70% of the population, who knows honestly.

      Look at this study

      Human Skin Host to Zoo of Strange Microbes, Study Shows,2933,250566,00.html

      Like explorers in uncharted land, New York University scientists armed with molecular-detecting devices swabbed the forearms of six healthy subjects, three men and three women.

      The truth is, until just months ago, Man had no idea the absolute utter infiltration of microbes living on the skin.

      Genetic analyses of the samples revealed a total of 182 species of bacteria, some of which have never been described by scientists. Roughly half of the bacteria belonged to four genera—a broader biological classification than species — long considered more or less permanent residents in human skin, including Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, the bacterium that causes strep throat.

      The same is true for our gut. Why is this? Because mankind bought into Louis Pasteur’s theory which has turned out to be wrong. What is Terrain you ask? Is it the immune system? and so on …. The reason people don’t know is that Western Medicine at least, went down the wrong path. In fact, our concept of an immune system is a construct, an idea, it really doesn’t exist like we think it does.

      My thoughts on terrain

      It’s All About the Terrain

      Morgellons Disease – There is No Spoon

      Morgellons – The Poor Mans Protocol

      If you truly take the time to read those you can see what “dawned on me” and what lead me to become mostly symptom free most of the time.

      Morgellons is very real believe me, I know that.

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