Thanks Sidney for the heads up on this site, I hadn’t seen it before. I found a very interesting quote from a person named Julie, here is the quote …

I had Morgellons in 95 I believe. Although I was not actually diagnosed with it. I was diagnosed with ultreneria which is a fruit and vegetable rot. This I believe now was a secondary condition. For several months I secretly itched and scratched and picked.Then heard about other people whom I contacted. We all had almost exact stories . We did not hang out or even associate up to that point. I felt as though I was invaded by something as did they. When I would soak in the tub it became a fiber bath. My family and some of my friends disassociated themselves from me. When certain people were around that also had these symptoms it was like it stirred whatever it was up. I found fibers in and around my lesions and so did they and when we were in the same room there were multiple fibers all over. We would pull them and compare. It only added to the fear. I really felt messed up and lost. One day I scratched my arm and it ripped open. It did not bleed but kinda sealed right up and overnight it was like a 3″ in diameter piece of pink rubber on my arm. I went to the ER and demanded It be cultured. Yes they thought I was crazy. A few days later it came back as an ultrneria. The DR.told me to use selson blue on it and I did. It healed in a few days. I had about a year’s total of the symptoms of Morgellons. I changed my environment and ignored it. Although I have scares as a reminder.I chalked it up to insanity like they all said until one day I happened across an article and it seemed unreal. I wonder if it ever really goes away. It still scares me. I never want to go through that again. I believe in this disease.It is real and I think that it scares even the medical community. Hang in there if you have it. It does go into remission. Get healthy and stay strong.

Now a quote from my very first blog post

It would seem the skin and body of the Morgellons sufferer has become like a rotting log, or the very least as favorable a home to both soil bacteria and soil based pests that they are both perfectly at home living in us.

Remember, I had been dealing with Morgellons for years before I made that first blog post. I started blogging because I had begun to understand what was going on. There was a time when I was full on board the crazy train regarding Morgellons, but that person died and Mr. Common Sense and this blog was born. There are just tons and tons of comments on that blog. I haven’t read them all but will go back and read them when I have time.


Comments on: "Morgellons – Like a Rotting Log" (2)

  1. Wow! Reading those comments was an eye opener for sure! Just knowing that you , the sufferer is not crazy is a huge plus. That’s not to say that i have believed everything I’ve read.
    The PM protocol is working pretty well by me. Thanks again.

  2. sistertocommonsense said:

    Hey Check this out, parasites are not too uncommon afterall. On Care 2 Connect

    Sister to Common Sense

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