Thank you Mel and John, that was absolutely awesome !! I can tell my readers flat out I think the conference call was awesome. I spoke for just a moment but was a little scatter brained. I speak before computer user groups sometimes and am general better at speaking than I was today, he he. I’m at work and don’t have privacy and was on a long distance call at work, LOL. Anyway, this is an awesome service. If I get asked to speak sometime I promise I will be more clear.

Anyway, I was happy to hear several say they were much better based on my protocol (99% better in one case) and even somebody (I know who you were !!) whose pets are doing much better on the Dinovite. I can tell you that I think the mixed Amino acids I’m doing are very important based on what I heard in the call.

I’ll remind everyone about the next conference call a few days before it’s date. One thing I will echo, I don’t care what Morgellons is and echo John on this. It’s a multitude of things, there’s no single cause, and we sufferers are but the tip of the iceberg as compared to what is coming in the future.

NOTE: Herehoping, if that was you could you consider writing a blog post for us? Outline exactly what you are doing that has gotten you 99% better, including the diet, and when and with what (i.e., with/without food) that you take. I know you do my full protocol. One thing I am bad on is the diet, and I need to starve off the fungus for good.


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