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I just wanted to tell everyone that I am doing really well. I’ll be honest, I’m not even following my protocol these days that’s how well I am doing. I get the crawlies every once in a while (rare) but it is a reaction to something, not sure what, people or things, but it doesn’t stick around. About the only thing I have done in the last the seven days is my CALM Magnesium and I’ve been off my protocol (on a regular basis) for a month probably now. I was going to redouble my efforts but got lazy and lo’ and behold, I’m still fine. I still take probiotics and pop an NAC every now and then but I’m pretty much self sustaining at this point.

This weekend my wife, kids, and I stayed in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains, our cabin is shown below.


Here we are (below) at the Newfound Gap trail head which borders Tennessee and North Carolina. The trailhead starts off at 5,040 feet above sea level and goes up from there, it snowed which was very cool (a very early snow indeed). The Appalachian Trail runs along the very peaks of the mountains, it was gorgeous. We also saw a black bear along the road on the way up (not on the hike thank goodness).


This May will be my four year anniversary with Morgellons, I call myself symptom free, not cured, but I am in very good shape now. By the way, I brought my own lawn chair to sit in while in the cabin and a lay down type lawn chair to sleep on (very painful by the way). My wife says I should go on Survivor because I can go through living hell like nobodies business. I never sleep in any bed that is not my own. I have quite a mug on my face, I always photograph poorly. That’s my little guy in the back ground too, he was running way ahead of us like Huck Finn on some wild adventure, we called him our bear bait. None of my kids have Morgellons nor does my wife.

I have the complete Burgstiner Wellness Protocol that I am going to start in about a week or so. I’m definitely eating good food, my wife makes all kinds of natural soups. Stay healthy everyone, you can do it. Work on the gut with probiotics, the PH and so on like we’ve been talking about. Get out and live even if you have to force yourself.

Mr. Common Sense


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  1. Love the cabin, love the surroundings and fun to see you and the kids. You look happy and very fit.

    Great to learn you continue to do well and are able to truly enjoy your life once again.

    Very enjoyable reading and viewing! Thank you for sharing as your success is wonderfully encouraging.

  2. Ha, thanks Sidney. Glad you enjoyed it, just being out in that country was in itself “good medicine” …

  3. Ms. UncommonSense said:

    Yes, what a lovely week end—in nature’s healing environmennt ! You are funny! As you get older, you’ll need to find somthing that you can transport around which is more comfortable on your back than the lawn chair! I’m glad to hear you’re doing it. Like the NiKe ad, Just Do It! Great name for a blog don’t you think? You are a Survivor which is testimony and hope for us all! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  4. What is the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol?

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    You look great and what a beautiful family, I am so glad you are doing well. I remember your voice from many years back and now it is wonderful that you are strong and now can live your life to the fullest.
    This is what it is all about.
    Warmest Regards,
    Sister to Common Sense

  6. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. You are proof that being symptom free is a goal that we can reach.

  7. Mr. CS, Can’t tell you how glad I am that you are feeling well and enjoying life! Great pix, and it’s nice to put a face with the name.
    I’m wondering about your furniture use. Do you use the lawn chairs for sitting and sleeping because you are afraid of passing something to others, or because you are afraid of catching something? You mentioned before, I think, that you were sleeping on the couch and even had your own couch or chair, or something, but that now you hug and wrestle with your kids and so on, so where are you in terms of protection–for yourself or others? This seems terribly nosey of me, and I apologize, but really wanting to understand about this aspect. Thanks!

    • Susan, it’s to protect myself. I sleep in our bed at home every night with my wife, I’m not worried about passing anything to her any longer. When I first came down with this I did sleep on our leather couch for the first two years to protect her however. It’s good to be in our bed again. But still, I don’t trust sleeping in strange beds, I hate to travel because of that, the thought of my wife and kids sleeping in those beds just kills me !!

  8. To MCS or anyone else who has suggestions. I have had this for almost a year now. I will be traveling out of state by plane in a few weeks to visit my son for a week. I was supposed to be staying in their small apartment on an inflatable bed in their living room. I thought when I made the plans that by now, using Anu & New Hope and the PM Protocol that I would be mostly symptom free. I am for a few days at a time, then the crawling, itching & head bumps come back, although not as severe as it was in the beginning. To protect them (they know “I thought I had a parasite problem”) I told them I think I should stay in a hotel, but between that and the plane I’m afraid I will come back worse than I was. Both my sons lived with us for a short time between May and July and neither got anything, nor has my husband. I sleep in a separate bed and have my own chair in the living room. I’ve cut down on the vacuuming because I just don’t believe I can possibly get to every small space parasites can get into. Oh by the way my son and daughter in law are trying to have a baby. I would appreciate any suggestions any one has regarding the plane, staying at their home or in a hotel.

    • Sandy, believe it or not when my wife and I go to the movies or a play I bring those thick plastic garbage bags and cover the seat of the chair and sit down (nobody even notices. I don’t lean back until the show starts (cause it gets dark), then I slip a bag over the back of the chair, bingo !! Crazy, maybe, but I think the crawling is caused by every day common mites (which is why we are effected and they aren’t). For some reason we have essentially become allergic to them. To be honest, if you stay at a hotel, don’t go cheap, and like I said, I never sleep in their beds, I’d rather stay with family any day than a hotel.

      By the way, in a few days I will be doing a blog post on how to absolutely clear a room or your car of the crawling sensations, it’s easy, and it works. The fact that it works basically confirms (to me anyway) that what we are feeling are mites which are everywhere. You can get to “get into every small space” believe me, it’s completely non toxic and trivial to do …

  9. Thank you MCS – I’m looking forward to your post on cleaning the house and car. I’ve gotten myself so exhausted trying to vacuum every day and keep up with all the wash while trying to keep a job. It seems to be never-ending and I have just about given up on keeping them at bay. I’m happy to hear that it works and will be easy to do.
    After talking to a salesperson at Sears while trying to get more vinyl mattress covers, I may give up on the hotel idea. She said she got scabies from a hotel room. I certainly don’t need any more bugs, but I want to protect my son and daughter in law. And I’m a little too old to be sleeping in a lawn chair of any kind.
    Thanks too for the info on the movie seats – I’m trying to figure out something for the plane seat. It seems nothing is easy anymore, but just the fact that I have some symptom free days is a gift.

  10. Thank you MCS. I just ordered the crystals and can’t wait to start using them.

  11. Dear Mr Commonsense,

    After having heard so many very positive things about you and the proactive measures to be found here (and on Mels site as well.)
    I have heard about you of course, on Mels site, and now finally have had a chance to catch up and do some reading here this evening.
    I will start simply by saying a great big word of thanks to you, for if no one would be posting , where would any one begin!
    I thank God for the good people that have had the heart to post their truths, so it might help others.

    I live fairly close to that appalacian trail you spoke of,but up north farther , I have been in some of the areas closer to where you were, lovely pictures by the way. We saw some bears there as well!
    So glad to hear you are feeling better and that your family is well.
    Yesterday I thought I might be completely well!
    I felt so good I was afraid it might not last!
    Today, I cannot say the same, however, I must improve my diet..(honestly).
    I truly appreciate all of your help and all the people on Mels site too!

    When I found Mels site , I had already tried nutrasilver, and had been on a course or two of antibiotics..spoken with several Drs across the country as well as those others who felt that they had it.
    I had begun to change my diet, went organic, drink only green tea or purified water for the most part, with some organic orange juice and lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
    Helps! (I love the goodies that is part of the problem!) But it helps when you stop to think about how good you will feel when you eat well.
    After I found Mels site, I did start on the Burgsteiner wellness , but I do have an allergy to iodine, so after seeing that it was in some of the products , simply did what I could.
    Went on another course of antibiotics after getting nailed by a tick in the woods,only weeks later, had to stop all protocol and go to tick treatment antibiotics(first course was Ceftin, not too bad just quesey stomache) later at the specialist..it was the second round of erythromycin 500 which made me very ill! (oh boy , I thought, here we go). .. I became so very sick on it, that I stopped in short order!
    Anyway, that did finally heal, was a bit of an issue, but seems much better now.
    Saw a tick borne disease specialist in West Chester Pa.
    He was at least willing to work with the situation and I might add, aware and open minded (educated) on the morgellons factors.
    Before ,I was discouraged to an extent due to the fact that there seemed to be no easy answers, however I am now quite encouraged by the fact that there are those who are getting well. Mel is well, you are well, I am getting better, others are better.

    I also pray alot. Prayer helps alot!
    I am very thankful to say that I feel better than I had.
    I am very grateful for all of you as well.
    Thank you.

    Warm Regards,


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