This was sent in by one of our readers, “Herehoping”, at my request. You have probably seen her comments on some of the posts around here. She was also on Mel’s conference call. So now you know another person who found her way out of this mess besides me. Here is her story.


I am forty-six years old.  By 1989 I had given birth to three children while maintaining a poor nutritional diet most of my adult life.

Shortly after the birth of my second child I began to experience chronic joint pain. After several specialist referrals I was left with an answer of autoimmune disorder. 

Unable to get a more specific diagnosis the doctors chalked it up to fibromyalgia.

For the next twenty years I would have flare ups of painful joints, chronic eyeritis, and fatigue. 

My battle with Morgellons began in May 2009.  I was working on a project that involved complete physical exertion and heavy exposure to pathogens.

My daily diet consisted of a candy bar (or something equivalent) and a six-pack of diet coke. I was sleeping three or four hours a night.  Whatever Morgellons is, I left a door wide open for it. By July 2009 ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!  I felt as if poison ran thru my veins and scales were falling from my eye lashes.

My symptoms included:

  1. Extreme joint pain
  2. Fatigue
  3. Deteriorating vision
  4. Crawling sensations
  5. Black specs
  6. Lesions
  7. Fibers
  8. Hands swollen/numb
  9. Stinging/biting sensations      


My dogs exhibited Morgellons symptoms shortly after mine began. They are now 99.9% symptom free.  I de-worm them twice a month (Fenbendazole) and add a supplement (Dinovite recommended on Mr Common Sense blog) to their diet.

August 2009 I changed my diet to organic healthy food three to five times a day.  I began the “original protocol” of vitamins and supplements posted by Mr Common Sense on his blog, drinking ANU water (one ounce twice a day), and using ESP New Hope II.

My dogs and I are 99.9% symptom free.  I have never felt or looked better in my entire life. 

Thank you Mr Common Sense for your blog and all the information you have supplied for many others and me.  Thank you Trisha for your wonderful herbal products. 

Thank you Jesus for being “Thee Way, The Truth, and The Life” 

The seventh revelation is about frequent feelings of joy and sorrow; and how it is expedient for man sometimes to be left with out comfort, even when he has not sinned.

“And God’s next showing was a supreme spiritual pleasure in my soul.  I was filled with eternal certainty, strongly sustained, and without any tormenting fear.  This feeling was so joyful and so inward that I felt completely peaceful and at rest as though there were nothing on earth that could hurt me.  This only lasted for a while, and then my feeling was reversed and I was left to myself, oppressed, weary of my life, and so disgusted with myself that I could hardly bear to live.

There was no comfort or ease for me but faith, hope, and love, and these I had in reality, but could not feel them in my heart.  And immediately after this, our blessed Lord again gave me the spiritual rest and comfort, with certainty and pleasure so joyful and so powerful that no fear, no sorrow, no bodily pain that one might suffer could have distressed me.  And then the sorrow was revealed to my consciousness again, first one, then the other, several times, I suppose about twenty times.  And in the moments of joy I might have said with Saint Paul ‘Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ.’  And in the same moments of sorrow I might have said with Peter ‘Lord save me, I perish.’

This vision was shown to me, as I understand it, because it is helpful for some souls to have such experiences, sometimes to be strengthened, sometimes to falter and be left by themselves.  God wishes us to know that he safely protects us in both sorrow and joy equally.  And to benefit his soul, a man is sometimes left to himself, though not always because of sin; for this time the changes were so sudden that I could not deserve by sinning to be left alone.  Neither did I deserve the feeling of bliss.  But our Lord gives generously when he so wishes and sometimes allows us sorrow; and both come from the same love.

So it is God’s will that we should hold on to gladness with all our might, for bliss lasts eternally, and pain passes and shall vanish completely for those that are saved.  And therefore it is not God’s will that we shall be guided by feelings of pain, grieving and mourning over them, but should quickly pass beyond them and remain in eternal joy.”

Julian Of Norwich
Revelations of Divine Love
The long text


Comments on: "A Reader Says – I Am 99.99% Symptom Free of Morgellons" (5)

  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    Thank You for your gracious update. I will continue to pray and know that you are well. There is a term “Let the Thing Speak for itself” that is why I do not advertise.
    Word of Mouth is so very strong and I have learned so much from you all.
    You see…it doesn’t take a lot of anu but it takes Guts, Love and learning to get better by making wise choices.
    Keep it up my friend, you are an angel among Angels.
    Thanks MRC for bringing this to my attention…there are so many angels in the Outfield and Now these kind souls are in the infield.
    Sister to Common Sense

  2. I am giving my girl Dyno vite but she cannot abide the taste of her weight dosage!!
    A labrador retriever who refuses to eat! Go figure! Will cut back to try and get some in her but she loves the papaya enzyme tabs that I give her! poor thing’s a mess. Already on a restricted diet, ZD Ultra, DE and catsup ( to keep pee burns off of the lawn King’s Lawn!!)
    any suggestions?

    • herehoping said:

      My dogs (i have 7) turn their nose up at meal time occasionally…..when this happen I feed them only once a day instead of twice. When they are fed once daily there is no problem getting the dyno vite in.

  3. Herehoping,
    A huge congrats on your near recovery. May I ask, what is the remaining .01% like? Is it crawling and itching on an occassional basis? is it related to anything you are aware of (like environment, diet, etc)?

    • The remaining .01% is a slight tickle. My theory is that is is dropped on us via chemtrails.
      Pets can catch it from the grass or ground . It is activated in the atmosphere as it falls.
      I magnified a fibre by 600 times and there is a number on the fiber, it is a nano technology, man made. Doctors won’t recognize it because they don’t know how to treat it. When ever I feel
      a tickle I take another one ounce dose of my cure and it goes away. I’ve done a lot of research.
      When I poked it with a needle under the microscope it started to glow. Scary little critters.

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