I want to use this blog post to make a statement. I am not a doctor nor a nutritional expert. I write this blog as a volunteer effort to share what worked for me. Whether you follow any advice on this blog is up to you and you should always work with your doctor. Also, no one should ever “self treat” children or assume what they have is Morgellons. Your children should only be treated by a doctor.

I will tell you that I got better when I stopped doing all the crap and focused on things that my body needed, healthy normal things including good food, balanced meals, more sleep, and exercise. I think a large amount of the suffering by Morgellons patients is initially self inflicted by all the toxins they (we) applied to ourselves when we first realized we had this. Some of them maybe even from prescription creams for scabies and such.

I’ve said this before, every time I stopped taking junk I got better. Eat healthy, get outside, go have fun, and stop surfing scary forums. Finally, I will say this, cleaning never helped me get better, if you are cleaning with all kinds of products they are probably toxic in some way which isn’t good for you.


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