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Here is an interesting post I read on LymeBusters. I am merely sharing this, not saying it’s true, if this kind of stuff causes you stress don’t read it, honestly. I’m intrigued by their work and watching this theory closely …


Hi (name removed), I look forward to you coming to be with us in Germany, we will get you out of your environment into one that doesn’t have all this GM stuff going on, the air and water is fairly clean as there is no industry there… pray to God that we can complete our mission.

It’s a shame that we have to worry about everything we eat and drink, and even the wind blowing and what it brings… what kind of a life is this?

All we want is some peace of mind, to be around people that are good to us, in a loving environment… simple means… Morgellons has changed me and my priorities.

The size of these critters varies, they can be very, very small… possibly even start out as nano in size. When the farmer orders the baculovirus from the baculovirus store, it probably comes in a powder form? Each speck of the powder is capable of producing an insect. The size varies depending on how long they are under our skin and allowed to grow. They go through 4 instars or stages of where they come out of their ‘shells’, produce another shell and come out of it until they reach adulthood, I’m sure that naturally, with each instar they get larger each time.

I have GM FG, Jeany has it, and you have them… I don’t know who all else, possibly Toni and Jo… have been able to identify what is happening?

What’s tricky is that they are in a constant morphing state, how long it takes one to morph from powder to a real live critter… ?? I know its development depends somehow on how much moisture and at what temperature they are. If they have a greenhouse effect, their stages are sped up, I have witnessed this in my Petri Dishes. All I have to do is put the Petri Dishes inside a box (or a plastic baggie) and place the box in the sun… and pow!… growth happens quickly. In the cooler winter/spring months with the Dishes out in the house at 70+ degree temperatures, they make little progress.

I witnessed them in real life, when they are threatened or sense something is wrong, they gather together and stack themselves in a row on top of each other… like sardines in a can. And, as they are stacking, they are transforming from live back into a brown shell form, looked like sesame seeds, and within a few minutes they will go back into carbon. (Jeany was visiting then and saw them do this, too, she can verify this statement.)

Here’s a photo of fungus gnat larvae transitioning from real life back into what I call a ‘sesame seed’ state… a protective shell around them. This happened when their environment suddenly changed to direct sunlight, moisture levels changing, and humans close by!! Are they innately afraid of humans? This is two of them ‘stacked’ on top of each other:

What does this have to do with us? I think they operate under our skin the same way they do in nature. I had an experience one time in which I put some kind of oil or cream on my face… I was taking some heavy anti-parasiticals and Silver at this time, it felt like they all got up and moved at the same time from my face down to my neck! :o Quorum sensing… one is the whistle blower and they all do what he says… lol. It was frightening when it happened… totally out of line with is known to be reality and quite shaking. How often are they capable of getting to this point inside our bodies, once a year, twice a year… not at all for some?

Of course, this is nothing that might happen to any of us, even if we repeated what I did – took Silver and anti-parasiticals and put creams on our face. The larvae have to be in this coming to life stage to respond. That is another thing that makes our conversations confusing to each other, unless we have happened to experiment at a time when they are in this stage… we might not know that they are capable of pack movement under our skin?
Yes, there is some sort of electrical component to them, look at this video on this larvae coming out of and eating its shell/pupae, you will see around the 7:14 mark where it gets angry at being hung in the shell? and sparks actually start coming out of its rear end. :o

To give you an idea of the size of this one at 100x, it is inside a bead of water that accumulated on the lid of the Petri Dish… this bead of water was the size of 3 or 4 mm, an inch is 25.4 mm, so that’s about 1/8 inch. The larvae can get to be quite large before adulthood, like the size of the white part of a woman’s pinky fingernail with short-cut nails.

When these come out of our skin, they can have many consistencies depending on where they are in their development. The larvae can be clear, goo like, or whiteish, or light yellow, (probably other colors too) and then change back in to dark colors like black or brown. Larvae are usually c-shaped or the shape of the ends of our fingernails, the white part with short-cut nails.

Are there other ‘critters’ involved inside this baculoviral mix – you bet there are. When they first started messing with this creation – they put scorpion and spider DNA in there to help make the insects die quicker or something like that, I forgot, but these other insect DNA’s are in the mix too… we might wonder that if some of us have a particular symptom, like you do with your oozing clear goo from your hands and feet that most of us don’t seem to have such an obvious symptom as this, that you got a different baculoviral batch than the rest of us did?

We have identified the main sphere that we’re seeing in my samples and yours is called the Autographia California nuclear polyheadron virus or (ACNPV), this much we know is appearing to be true. The Autographia California is a moth… this is supposedly what the shell of this sphere is made of… what I can’t decide and we’re looking at is… are all of these in my photos the same sphere doing different things, going through different stages or are there several spheres involved, this is where we need help. I need to get busy and Frito is trying to help… let me move over there today.

What I’m seeing is that these spheres can be generic or just ‘blanks’ made out of hydro-gel or similar material and they can put anything inside them they want to… I’m wondering if the shells of these spheres melting under our skin when we put something on our skin to cause them to do this, is causing a clear goo to appear? What else in the mix creates a clear goo?… the insides of the larvae themselves appear to be a clear goo.

This brings me to mind of the people that are mashing their skin to extract what is underneath, which is natural when this is happening, and getting a clear liquid to come out of our lesions – I don’t think this is good. We know that removing a fly larvae under the skin has to be done with it whole in order to not contaminate the surrounding skin. That they can be coaxed out and that we need to use more coaxing methods such as what Jo has recommended.

This brings us to the nematode involvement, we haven’t seen many nematodes in our samples, not to say they aren’t there… but, if the purpose of the fungus involved is to trap and kill the nematodes and with all of the fungal involvement… the fungus should be taking care of this problem? That people are reporting a nematode under their skins… these nematodes are microscopic and should never get to any size that we would be aware of as a visual – that more than likely what they are feeling and seeing is a larvae and not a nematode, that larvae appear nematode-like in their stages.

Not to negate nematode involvement, there has been reports by people saying they have seen earthworm-like worms in their stools… which is different than what I was talking about. I’m talking about the nematodes that are produced from a powder or that are programmed to be inside of the baculoviral larvae.


Comments on: "Morgellons – More Research" (21)

  1. sistertocommonsense said:

    I have been telling people for years do not Dig at your skin. I just recieved a phone call from a Mother whose Daughter is a CUTTER. She has been cutting at her skin for the past 3 years and is scarred all over. She has morgellons or whatever we want to call this mess.
    Go to Body Bugs 2, one of the persons on this was a Cutter and is now in a Mental Hospital.
    I can’t get this person out and Doctors won’t listen to reason.
    If you are cutting this crap out of your skin STOP IT NOW.
    Cutting is a Psychicatric Illness.
    I am not trying to be mean but if you are cutting on this it is making it worse on the people who are just trying to get well.
    Sister to Common Sense

  2. Good advice sister !! I never pick, get little pimple things from time to time, they go away …

    • Bypassing Eggs, Flu Vaccine Grown in Insect Cells Shows Promise

      In the study conducted by Treanor, together with colleagues at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Virginia, scientists tested a vaccine called FluBlOk that is made by Protein Sciences Corp. of Meriden, Ct. FluBlOk relies on a virus known as baculovirus, which normally infects insects, to churn out the key components of the flu virus in a cell line drawn from caterpillars.

  3. It appears to me what is depicted in the above video is a Collembola doing what it does every four or five days. It is MOLTING.

    Collembola have no larval or lymph stage in their development. When they hatch from an egg they are a tiny replica of their adult counterpart. As they continue to grow their outer skin becomes uncomfortably tight and they wiggle and chew themselves out of it and begin to grow a new outer skin.

    As a part of the molting process in addition to shedding their old skin they regurgitate the contents of their gut which includes their feces.

    On the subject of Nano, my understanding is none of us likely have access to any kind of microscope that enabled us to view anything “Nano.” Check out the scientific/mathematical definition of “Nano.”

    • I watched the two video’s Sidney and do agree there is something stangely familair, yet they seem different somehow, I just don’t know what to make of it, I agree on the Nano, folks throw that term around and nobody, not even 9/10’s of most of the professional researchers have equipment that can see to that level.

    • I have unfortunately been through all of this….it’s a nightmare. But, I have figured it out. I currently have an enormous band-aid on my face because I WOULDN’t GIVE UP!! And, I have an answer. I have tried many things….several hundreds or dollars worth of things….but the answer is this……take about 35 to 40 capsules of garlic a day for about 3 days. In addition to this I have implemented a “sugar,yeast,bread free diet” – they can’t live without sugar and they hate salt! A 1 tsp dose of baking soda each day kwarm water(drink) + olive leaf extract and your almost home! I know what causes this….a crappy immune system and cheap ass clothing made of cotton from China! (they usuallly re-route it through other countries btw…so try and only by US made items……wash your clothes in Borax or baking soda + your detergent. Expect to get reinfected if you let your immune system run amok again…..jack yourself up with vitamin C and a little cat’s claw. FREEDOM! I actually removed a piece of TINFOIL from my face! WTF??? My guess it’s just PART of the junk we came into contact with because of this greed driven industry. and the big Pharma Kabal!!!! If you think u’r getting nowhere or if you are out of control……STOP……breathe…..there is a cure (Temporary or not it’s better than 0)… can reach me at if you want more info!…..Kimberlee

  4. The Body Bugs Videos can be found here, both Part 1 and Part 2.

    If you have never viewed these disturbing videos, I invite you to view them and see for yourself what has been found under the skin of at least one of the persons who suffered this disease.

    Various persons who have played a long and active role in our fight for recognition of the reality of our disease, cause and cure, may be observed and heard in these video interviews. Jose and Kathy Jiminez, Trisha Springstead, Dr. Greg Smith, all true warriors as well as wonderful human beings.

    So far as I know, Kathy has made a complete recovery without the aid of long-term abx therapy!

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    Many of the organisms can be seen under a regular 30x scope and photographed. If anyone had any questions in regard to this, it is real.
    Many of the photographs shown are mine.
    These are but a few of thousands and thousands of people who suffer daily.
    Reports continue to increase, every state in the US and now other Countries.
    The skin must purge these out in order for the patients to get better. It is a slow process and the biofilms make these patients look grey and ashen.
    I am weary, very broke and very tired and have fought so very hard.

    I wonder if finding 1 Cure remembers sending patients to me and just how I got these things to surface and knew what to look for in many cases. I have been alienated by many of the people on these groups and am not even asked “how can we recreate a study, We would love to help you.”

    I am feeling very sorry for myself right now and now I feel like the Giving Tree, reduced to a stump.

    I wonder if Lymebusters, the MRF and the CEHF knows or really even cares how we conducted an Observation of the Patients from Finding 1 Cure. No one has ever asked me “how did you remove these organisms from the skin?”

    I wonder if any one cares on other boards the toll it takes on the Caregivers, myself included as to the responsibility, financially, spiritually and physically that we go through on a daily basis of trying to help these people.

    Then I get phone calls from Doctors who want to support me and tell ME, to get the monies together to conduct a study, find an institution to help me, get a lab to do free testing. Where in the heck do they think I am going to get it, I don’t have any more money it’s gone, given away, traveling to other states and places to help others who have nothing financially and are drained. Traveling to places where I can speak to people who will listen. This disease has broken me and I do not have it.

    My Terrain is very tired, as is my Bank Account, Personal Life and Spirit.
    The Warring Factions have been having a field day emailing me horrible emails that I just delete when I begin to see their names come up. People have put up blogs defaming my name, character and then I have to go after them in order to stop.

    During the Body Bugs Segments, I paid for every trip I took to Miami. I did not do this for money as NO MONEY WAS MADE by me on this venture. I did it to get the word out, that I was watching the next pandemic unfold and unfold it has. I did not do this for the notiriety, fame. I did it because these people were being wronged and I felt it my duty to get them fairness and validation. Sometimes I think people think I was just having a ball, looking at this crap.

    Then I get Doctors calling me saying I will endorse your product if you endorse mine and then turn on me when I say, “I don’t want your monies” I just want to make a living on what I am doing. I have been turned on so many times that I now have battle scars and am exausted.

    In the middle of all this my mother, grandmother, grandfather and son DEID. I lost another person with this because she was a Cutter and I took her in, while she stole thousands of dollars from my husband and I. I had to send her away because I could not stand to watch her take drugs and cut herself.

    Oh and my wonderful community that I live in has alienated me because of what I am working on. I have very few family members left because of what I do and they think I am Delusional. My Brother, Nieces, Aunts, Uncles and cousins who all live in the same town have written me off. I have very few true friends left any more. So there is my story….I don’t have Morgellons but as a caregiver the effects on my life have been profound.

    Do you know that I have been banned from every group, I can not even view the pages on websites, but yet they send people to me in secret and silence and please don’t tell anyone on Lymebusters or F1C, we sent you.

    Do you know that someone had the audacity to say on Finding 1 Cure that I lace my skin care with “Maggots and Larvae” and the Moderator knows just who it is and how she allowed such a horrible thing to be said. That was one of the most horiffic things that I ever was sent and I actually cried.

    MRC, Sidney and many on this site have seen the emails filled with hateful venom and would not allow it to be posted on this site, people have been asked some of them to, “thow her under the bus.” I thank those of you who haven’t done so, who have stuck by me. Right now I feel as though I have been run over by a Bus and I allowed it to happen, how I react is my responsibility.

    In the story of the “Giving Tree” at the end all there is, is a stump for the old man to sit upon. I have now become the stump. I am not blaming anyone but myself for allowing myself to be placed in the middle of a minefield, I made my choices and I guess I attracted all the venom and chaos in my life sub conciously.

    Sister to Common Sense

    • Indeed, the worst part of Morgellons is how we have all eatin’ each other alive, that is part of the reason why I started this blog, not sure it’s accomplished much, but it’s a place where Morgelllons politics hopefully stops at the door. Funny, the ones that attack you never post here where freedom of speech is allowed. I know, well, in truth, I don’t know how much you’ve been through “Sister” but I do know that “man” can be the worst parasite of them all. Parasites feed off the host and try to keep the host from dying so they can suck the life out of for as long as they can, sound familiar? How many have lost their homes, life savings, family over this only to be kicked to the curb and told thier delusional … Oh, parasites are involved in Morgellons, most of the really bads ones are from 5 to 6 feet tall. Take a break sister, you didn’t cause Morgellons, you’re not responsible for saving us. Enjoy your time …

      An American with Morgellons still lives a better life than most of the world …

      • herehoping said:

        I am , as you know , very new to the “morgellons world” I just have to say I don’t get it!?!?
        I know politics get involved everything……but I swear I can’t understand the ugliness that travels thru the “morgellons world” When I was banned from lb it blew my mind. Thank God I was begining to get better at that time………but what really confuses me is……. that is why I was banned………why is that?????????

    • Hello, Sister–

      I don’t know if you’re still reachable via this 4-year-old page, but I’m very moved by this post. I’m reading about fluBlok, the new flu vaccine utilizing insect cells. I still have much to learn about Morgellons Disease, but do you think there could be a tie-in here? Please forgive me if this has been discussed all ready. There’s so much material to look at and I’m not sure where to look. I’ve just been Googling.

      Thank you.

  6. sistertocommonsense said:

    Thanks, I do agree with you. We are lucky to be alive and have the freedoms that we have.
    Keep up this blog, maybe this will bring the Cruelty and Backbiting to an end.
    Maybe they will wake up and be a more kind and gentler people, do not let this blog end. I will take some time away from this for a bit and lick my wounds.
    You are all doing a good thing here.
    If we didn’t have you how could we vent in such an open loving forum.
    Sister to Common Sense

  7. Peace be with you, Sister. Thank you for all that you do.

  8. herehoping said:

    Dearest Sister……YOU are the reason I AM WELL.
    I rememeber the day my husband called to say “baby I have some good news”.
    It was right after he spoke with you. You also directed him to this blog. That day started off to be a day I thought I had been dropped in to hell. And look at me now!!! Sister THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I love you!

  9. Sister,
    I have spoken with you twice by phone. Both times, you were supportive, helpful and validating of what I believed was going on. I still believe you are correct in your assessment of the situation. You matter, take care of yourself. I am terribly sorry for the losses you have suffered and the alienation and attacks.
    Is it true that Kathy Jimenez has recovered?
    If you doubt that your blog has accomplished much, I can speak for myself and say it has been a huge deal to have this blog here for me. I think others feel the same.

  10. MRC, Sister, and all who commented, I thank you. It’s likely that only a few know the real truth, the depth of the work and the sacrifices “Sister” has made for every person who suffers this disease. Cruelty abounds, always has, always will.

    I guess it’s a matter of “No good deed goes unpunished.” It’s very sad, but very true and I’ve seen it happen to the MRF, the CEHF, and to many individuals who have contributed so much. I’m sorry that “you” have been so attacked and maligned, but YOU will overcome.

    Take a breather now and rest your own body.

    Love and respect to all.

  11. Proof Positive, this disease is a nightmare for everyone.
    For those of us who suffer and those who are brave enough to help.
    Thank you to MCS and all of our great contributors.
    God Bless us all.

  12. sistertocommonsense said:

    Jackson Browne….Friend, Hero and Poet.
    Thinking, Dreaming knowing we are all in this together.

    Waiting Here for Everyman, Make on your own if you think you can.
    This is a safe haven for Everyman….and Woman….and Child.
    Sister to Common Sense

  13. Sister, hang in there like the rest of us. We’re all having a difficult time. Sorry you’ve suffered along with us. You have done much to help all with this strange condition. Thank You SO much!

    Do you know if the lady, Kathy Jiminez, from the Body Bugs video is really cured? If so, how did so do it?

  14. sistertocommonsense said:

    Dear Hopeful,
    I don’t really know how she was cured or if she is fully cured. I know she got better but even they aren’t really sure how she got better. I haven’t kept in Contact with Kathy or Jose.
    Last time I spoke to Patrick Fraser at wsvn he said she was much better.
    Sister to Common Sense

  15. What’s a drywall heater? ( from lb?) And why does ir work Sister?

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