This might seem like a strange blog post but I need to know if the readers of this blog would like to see this work continue. Readership is going up and up (it will be at almost 10,000 hits this month in October) but so few people post that I am not sure if folks are finding this useful.


If you want to see the “Mundane Approach” continue please respond to this post, even if you have never replied before just post and let me know that you do. I’m at a cross roads and need to know that this blog is helpful to you and I (we) are not just barking into the wind.

Please, if you read this blog just post, yes, or I’m here, or something to let me know you find this valuable.

Mr. Common Sense


Comments on: "Do you want to see Mundane Approach continue?" (46)

  1. Thank You so much for all of your helpful reseach. My sister follows your blog and I do too.

  2. sistertocommonsense said:

    Yes, Many are here.
    Sister to Commons Sense

  3. Joe Keleher said:

    There is no doubt…your blog is making a difference!

  4. Don’t you dare disappear!! This has been my lifeline! I am sure the blog is helping many, but like you said, the Lack of politics keeps them away TGFMCS!

  5. Please don’t leave! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t check in on your blog. It gives me hope and a wealth of good information.

  6. herehoping said:

    You bet! THIS IS

  7. herehoping said:

    THE PLACE!!!
    (sorry sent too early)

  8. DITTO!! Don’t go!

  9. My two sisters and I – and our families – need you! Please do not go away!

    There are a total of 6 people (3 couples) who live over 100 miles apart, and we all have this. Yet another sister had this several years ago (for 4 years) and she is in remission.

    We need this site! All of the forums here and out there are very much needed!

    THANK YOU, Mr. Common Sense, and all of the others who share information about this disease!

  10. Yes Grady I have learned so much from here that has helped me get better more than any other place on the web. And I do fell better. I was going to send you a email explaining my story and the things I have used that helped “most of them are from you protocol”. If you want to use it as a blog post fine if not then thats cool too but I just wanted to say thanks anyways!

    • Tommy, by all means send me an email which I’ll make into a blog post, let us know what has worked for you and what your symptoms are (were) and such. That would be great. The same goes for any of you that are making progress !

  11. Yes, you have a valuable way of “normalizing” the experience. Yet, at the same time you provide a rich resource for sharing and learning new information, both technical and practical. This website is as comfortable as it is comforting. There is no comparable site on the web.

  12. I love your Blog and I know you have helped many, so please continue.

    I appreciate that posters appear to be fair, balanced, no wild, off the charts crazy stuff.

    I know the subject matter you choose and your own comments have helped many.

    Thank you.

  13. Mr. Common Sense,
    I appreciate you, your blog and the posters here so much. God alone knows where I would be with out y’all. This is truly a lifeline. I’ve got no one in my life (except wonderful, supportive husband) who knows what is really going on. The psychological strain of telling partial truths all the time to friends and family and making excuses for the weirdness which has become my life–well it’s huge, as you all know. I check this blog daily, usually, to decompress from the aforementioned strain. Please stay!!!

  14. Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    I owe you bigtime. Your protocol has helped me get my life back. I am getting better every day. Thanks for creating this blog. You have helped many I’m sure.



  15. ps I read many blogs regularly or semi-regularly (not necessarily Morg blogs) where I do not post. I would guess many people visit you regularly but just don’t post. After all, it is a very sensitive and private topic. (For some reason, I’ve sort of made myself at home here–how bizarre! I would prefer to have made my hangout a sewing blog or something, but my life had an interesting, albeit undesirable, plot twist!)

  16. Please continue your blog. Your optimistic approach has provides much hope.
    Many thanks for all of your time.

  17. I don’t have Morgellons but I read this blog regularly trying to help my sister. I have gotten her on Dr Burstinger’s protocol for about a month and a half. I hope you stay with the blog. This is a oasis of sanity among all of the Morg info online.

  18. One more thing, Mr CS: This is the only sane place I can go with other folks who are suffering the same/similar conditon. The other blogs mostly leave me with the feeling that my life is a freaky science fiction movie.

  19. If you just go about life doing the ” right” thing, it doesn’t matter whether or not you know exactly who and how many people you help, even if it’s only one person. I know it’s encouraging to receive feedback for our efforts, but I can assure you that acts of kindness have a ripple effect which help very many people in far flung corners of the world and often in a most profound way. Sometimes we get to hear about it , sometimes not. You too have been helped by someone else’s blog that you have never read nor posted on. You too have been helped in this life by someone doing the right thing (what ever that was) and they will probably never know about it either, but that shouldn’t stop them doing what ever it is they’re doing. Keep up your important work.

  20. This is my lifeline.It helps with the isolation issue.Offers me hope when i feel i have none. gives me a laugh-even when i don’t feel like it! which i do believe is the best medicine-along with poor man’s protocol! The nac with 2 vitamin c pills makes my stomach pain disappear! It’s like magic. hee hee.(when i wake up in the morning or the middle of the night-it is the worst).its a feeling like i have been kicked in the gut-and guess what? it is gone within a minute after popping those three little pills. Before taking the protocol-i would have that discomfort for hours.
    I’m so grateful for all the time and dedication you give to this blog.
    I believe this blog has helped my heart as well -not my physical heart-though that is improving too, but my emotional heart and spirit. i believe at times, probably for survival reasons, i felt like my heart was becoming hardened-the recovery for that may be more difficult than treating morgellons! This place keeps me feeling human if that makes any sense.
    Thank-you for the poor man’s protocol.

    P.S. Any recommendations in treating the deteriorating vision from morgellons?

    Sincerely, Mel

    • Mel,

      I am currently looking at an eye drop,which is made by a formulater in New Mexico.
      As a matter of fact,you were one of the ones I was thinking of when I talked with this Naturopath.There are maybe 3 ladies whom have come through my web site who are really having trouble with their eyes. We know of course we aren’t healers and we don’t cure or prescrible but I can tell you some of the things she uses them for are Cancer,Shingles of the Eye,and pink eye. If you email me we will talk. She is sending me a sample. (I have a couple floaters in my eye) and when I use it first when you email I can tell you how it works! K? How are you doing? And can I help you with anything?
      I would like you to email as you were one of my next people to check on.
      Bless you my friend,
      Pamela Mae

  21. I’m glad to see all the replies and see that folks are getting a benefit. I (we in some cases) have some great stuff coming, can’t wait to post some of these new posts coming up …

  22. itchy_crawler said:

    Dear Mr. Common Sense,

    Please continue with this blog. I find the information invaluable; before discovering your site I was lost surfing a sea of websites with scattered thoughts and no clear direction. You’ve given me hope, something I didn’t think I would ever find again! So please don’t stop posting.

  23. sistertocommonsense said:

    You should never stop writing this blog and below is to everyone who has stayed in my life, it’s a bit mushy but it is true.

    Sometimes the answers to the “Dark Nights of the Soul” come in Strange ways.

    This is what came to me from a dear friend who has been in my life, almost all of my life.
    Sister to Common Sense


    There comes a point in your life when you realize:

    who matters,

    who never did,

    who won’t anymore…

    and who always will.

    So, don’t worry about people from your past,

    there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.

    ‘Be kinder than necessary because everyone you

    meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  24. You’ve all been very kind, we have some excellent stuff coming out in the next several months

  25. I would be bereft if your blog disappeared. I and two sisters and our husbands have morgellons. You are one of the few sane voices available to us who struggle silently with this disease.

  26. Yes, I am here. What you’re doing on this blog is extremely helpful. Don’t stop, please continue on!

  27. Please continue your posts. I must admit I haven’t visited in some time as I had just found you when I too came to the conclusion that I had to stop the insanity which seemed to be exacerbated by searching the various blogs and sites on Morgellons. Yours I bookmarked to return to as your approach was exactly what I was looking for. (As well as relating very much to your onset, circumstances and reaching similar conclusions about same time you did . . . I knew this was a good, healthy, and safe place to be 🙂
    I have never posted anything on any site until today. I have been a silent observer of many, not one who comes out of my shell easily. Like many sufferers, I am a very sensitive person (seems to be a common trait that even studies have picked up on) and having been through hell and back has quelled my desire for interaction further, sadly . . one of the cruelest realities of this illness; the deeply, even painfully sensitve person is subjected to so much rejection from medical providers, family, friends . . . it is a nightmare in every sense.
    My healing has come from seeking the sources of my illness and getting away from the diagnosis of Morgellons. I realized some time ago that no two suffers are alike, but the common threads were apparent: toxicty, low immunity, exposure to filth, pathogens, and decaying tissue. I had to find my own source, figure out the progression and basically reverse it by changing all of the factors that caused the onset. I am also 90% cured as I write this, and am grateful I’ve only struggled for a year. My heart breaks for those who talk of years, even decades of battling this.
    Anyway, I have benefited so greatly from your perspective and insights. It was huge for me to come to a personal conclusion only to find it confirmed by you about the same time. We all start to lack self-confidence and self-trust I think. A result, no doubt, of the people we trust and love losing confidence in us and our mental capabilities.
    Please continue, and if for any reason you should decide not to, please know that I am forever grateful and am in a better place because of you.
    God bless,
    Lori (a former RN, still licensed but looking to new horizons that go beyond western medicine.)

    • Lori, I think we think alot a like. I like what you said about “getting away from the diagnosis of Morgellons” and we’ll have more to say on that soon. This is so important, I definitely had my “aha” moments most of which are on this blog. I wish you the best Lori. Any advice you can share and what helped you get 90% better would be great, it so good to hear others finding their way out.

      • Wow Lori! All of what you expressed was so familiar to me! I have often wondered if a certain personality type is more vulnerable, and I think you are on to something with your comment about sensitive people. And your observation about stopping the insanity and stopping the surfing/googling really hits home too. I often wonder if people who suffer with this are, like me, made worse by the compulsions that come with it (admittedly I was pretty tense and could be pretty obsessive before this began). I mean, looking through the jewelers loop, reading horrific websites, obsessively looking at specs of debris are all understandable activities under the circumstances, and yet they seem to fuel the condition somehow.

        There is a Dr. named Thomas Cowan who has an interesting take on Allergies. He said that there is a certain type of personality who is more prone–a worrying type of person. He also tends to believe a lot of health problems are from messed up guts and he recommends the GAPS diet(which links most ailments, incl. allergies, to gut health or lack ot it). I’ve been thinking about this, and also thinking about how there is a possibility that some of the bug activity people with Morg feel might be regularly occurring mites to which we have become overly sensitive or allergic –something I believe Mr. CS has touched on. It explains to me why two people could live in the same house and one be affected and another not affected. Anyhow, I am thinking that if a person could really clean up their gut, one reason it might help is to decrease allergic response to a fairly normally ocurring mite, if that is the case.

        I really went off on a rambling tangent there. Just wanted to say that this thought from Lori summed up so much:
        “I realized some time ago that no two suffers are alike, but the common threads were apparent: toxicty, low immunity, exposure to filth, pathogens, and decaying tissue. I had to find my own source, figure out the progression and basically reverse it by changing all of the factors that caused the onset.”

      • I would love to share my experiences with you. Thank you for allowing me the forum and opportunity to do so! I also appreciate what Susan had to share regarding the obsessive factor in this illness. I personally believe that the obsessiveness is directly related to the failure of the medical field to validate our symptoms and condition as well as offering no viable treatment, leaving us to basically research, diagnose and treat ourselves.
        I can relate to the “jewlers loop” and every other means of looking at the wounds, fibers, specs etc. But yes, it does seem to make the symptoms worse. In fact, the wounds I had that were out of my eyesight healed much faster than the ones I could look at all day.

        I want to respond in detail regarding my progress and will do that as soon as possible. I am trying to get so many things back in order that the chaos of this last year has made such a mess of . . . but until then I would encourage everyone to start with the basics of rebuilding the immune system in ways that are powerfully healing: make sure you laugh every day . . . I started watching 30 minutes of America’s funniest home videos on YouTube every day. It made me realize how long it had been since I laughed. Your immune system thrives on it.
        Sleep as much as you can and often. There are good herbs for sleep such as Melatonin, St. Johns wort and Valerian. Get the stress under control as quickly as possible. Write down your biggest stressors and deal with those first. The sooner you begin to get some normalcy back in your life the better for you and your family. I had to make myself a schedule in 30 minute increments in the beginning to get back on track. I would only allow myself about 30 minutes a day to search my symptoms and only after everything else on my list was completely finished. We all know how consuming those searches can be . . they can rob you of entire days making the stress greater. You will be surprised how those things alone will start the healing process.

        I will get back with some other details soon. Hope this helps.

  28. Please stay—I really think you’re onto something and we need calm, careful and thoughtful voices out here in the wilderness of morgellons.
    Plus, I enjoy your tangential posts—-videos, matrix allusions, etc!
    With gratitude for all you do,

  29. love your posts. They bring me lots of hope.

  30. Hey Mr common sense I thought you and everyone would like this show. I was floored when he started talking about fungus you have been preaching some of this for a while now.

  31. Mr. Common Sense,
    Please Please Please do not stop ! I appreciate the professional way everything is presented on this site.
    It is an ‘EXTREME’ upgrade on the things out there and is managed very well.
    I count on this site being appropriate and even though some of the research or even Doctor posts might be agreed upon by me,they are still presented appropriately.
    This site has renewed my trust in working as a team to run this race well and find the finish line to win against this wicked thing called morgellons.

    Thank you so much for both your humane and professional presentation .
    I don’t know about you but I cannot turn away from these whom have been put in
    my path and are suffering. I want to run with them until I fall from exhaustion trying to help.
    Bless you my brother,
    Pamela Mae

  32. Mr. CS
    PLEASE continue your posts. Athough I do not post on here I read it regularly and find it to be the only sane place for Morgellons sufferers.
    thank you

  33. Thank you so much for all of your time, dedication and compassion you have been showing over the years to us sufferers. I find your information so valuable and take it to heart. There are four of us doing almost full time research on Morgellons. Three different households have it here in FL, my mom, my sisters family and my household. A sister in TN has researched until exhaustion and another in MI has freaked out and stopped researching. All of hours have not provided us with as much information or links as you have.

  34. I’m currently doing your poor man protocol, it’s be 28 days and I have notice some improvements. Please continue with your Bog, it is helping so many people.

    Thank You.

  35. Just stumbled across this website very early this morning (bad bad night, no way could i sleep thru it) Just wanted to say that this is by far the best site I have come across. i like your attitude, your candor, and the fact that you are smart enough to leave out (or reserve) some of the negative thoughts/emotions that you went thru when you first started coping with this disease. believe it or not the fact that you left out your thoughts on your darker days at the beginning (when your wife didnt believe you, the whole pastor thing…) really struck home for me as i recently was there as well having same “solutions”/thoughts as well. made me feel not so alone I guess, which is funny because I only know that what I have is morgellons for the fact I am friends with a married couple who for the past 5 years have told me they hsve morgellons, that the lesions they both get are from it… well for about 4 1/2 years i honestly thought that they were both delusional, i assumed that the lesions I saw on them were direct resluts from the fact they are heroin addicts and it was the toxins coming out their skin and thats that… well for about 6 months now I have had the crawlies, the bites, fibers and other symptoms (no lesions as of yet, prayin not to get them). so not only have i had the experience of being on the end of not believing, now i am the one who finds family/loved ones thinkin im nuts. so now i have turned myself inward and hide so much that nooone knows me for real now…
    wow this is too long now to be a comment…sorry…but thankyou for all you seem to be doing here normally i i jump around site to site maybe takin bits and pieces from all of them tryin to come up with my own solution, but realize (Thanks to you) my energy can be better used. My EMT experience and CNA experience arent going to solve morgellons, but their are people out thete that have a chance and are trying.

    I look forward tto reaading more on this site when I have the time and focus to do so.
    its a nice approach you got on here not too scientific, and not too make a tinfoil hat just the truth about how you feel/felt and a place for other insight..Bravo!!

  36. I just found your blog. Best I’ve found, good information. I need you. —– Thanks

  37. You must continue. I check your site everyday. Without your posts, I would not have known what was going on with this “thing” You’ve written things that have come to fruition for me. I don’t post a lot but follow you and get your feeds and follow your protocol. Your info. is priceless to me.

  38. Yes.

  39. I have followed your site from the onset of my condition and found it so informative. I also like your honesty and you give credit to where credit is due. Many of us may not post for it takes time, which is a short commodity with this disease, but we really need your site for you have passed on so much needed information. Many of us would still be in the dark without your site. I wanted to express my appreciation for your time and efforts and everyone who has contributed to your site. PLEASE keep up the good work and we all are truely greatful that we have your site to give us hope and inspiration!!!

  40. Definitely here and now, Oct. 2013

  41. You have the best information re this affliction of anyone on the net. I appreciate your research and willongness to share what works

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