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November 5, 2009

On Wednesday, November 4, 2009, the following statement (Preliminary Report on Progress of External Peer Review of CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Project to the CCID Board of Scientific Counselors) was presented to CCID’s Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) meeting. The statement describes the External Peer Review Panel’s process and progress in developing a preliminary report for CDC. The panel met in September to review CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Project. Because this panel was convened only recently, the panelists need additional time to finalize their recommendations. The panel has said that it will submit its report as expediently as possible once it has completed its task of reviewing all aspects of the project that it was charged with reviewing. CDC will provide that report to the BSC members and post it online when it becomes available to us.

We are currently analyzing the data collected in the study. When data analysis is complete and results of the study are available, the findings will most likely be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and disseminated through other channels, to CDC’s public health partners, such as State and local health departments and medical societies, and through this website.


I wonder if Joseph Keleher’s "Rethinking Delusion of Parasitosis" article had any effect on this delay. Well, the good news is I won’t be eating crow for thanksgiving but turkey, that is, if they too aren’t found to have H1N1. Is that link to the PDF above for real? Sheeeze …. One more thing, calling it “Unexplained Dermopathy” implies this condition is only skin deep …


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  1. CDC investigation

    A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) task force first met in June 2006.[29] In July 2006, Dan Rutz, MPH, a communications specialist for the CDC, said, “We’re not ready to concede there’s a new disease, but the volume of concern has stepped up because a lot of people are writing or calling their congressmen about it.”[30] By August 2006, the task force consisted of 12 people, including two pathologists, a toxicologist, an ethicist, a mental health expert and specialists in infectious, parasitic, environmental and chronic diseases.[31] In May 2007, KGW-TV Newschannel 8’s Laural Porter asked Rutz if he had any information about the nature of the fibers. At that time Rutz said, “None. We don’t know. We haven’t studied them in a lab yet. There is nothing to imply there is [an infectious process], but our mind is open to everything, including that remote possibility.” Since then, the CDC has launched a funded study (see below) that will include further examination of fibers taken from Morgellons lesions by the CDC.

    In June 2007, the CDC opened a website on “Unexplained Dermopathy (aka ‘Morgellons’)”.[10] By November 2007, the CDC had announced an investigation process, stating that, “The primary goals of the investigation are to better describe the clinical and epidemiologic features of this condition and to generate hypotheses about possible risk factors.”[10] Kaiser Permanente in Northern California was chosen to assist with investigation, which will begin when the scientific protocols and review board structure have been prepared and approved. Investigators will report on the geographic distribution of the illness and estimate rates of illness in affected communities. The investigation will involve skin biopsies from affected patients and characterization of foreign material such as fibers or threads obtained from patients to determine their potential source.[10][32] In January 2008 it was reported that CDC was enlisting the aid of the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and the American Academy of Dermatology “to conduct ‘immediate’ and ‘rigorous’ research.”[33]

    Following a mailing campaign coordinated by the Morgellons Research Foundation in which “self-described sufferers clicked on the foundation Web site and sent thousands of form letters to members of Congress,”[2] the CDC, in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research, launched a study of the unexplained skin condition known as Morgellons. A press conference was held on Jan 16, 2008, with Michele Pearson, principal investigator for the CDC, and Joe Selby, Director of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research.[34] During the press conference, Pearson stated: “What I can tell you is real is the suffering that these patients are experiencing. I cannot characterize this as a syndrome, as disease. I can tell you it’s an unexplained illness.” Clinical examinations for the study will be done in Oakland, California.

    From here:

    And 2010 is just around the corner … not bad, it’s been 4 years and we have a whole one page PDF, I’m feeling better already … Anyone feel like Moses being lead around in the desert for 40 years until we all die off …

  2. Just floored…been a couple of hours and still feeling pretty bewildered like WTF just happened. Kinda late for an April Fool’s joke, but then again…it is the CDC.

  3. I almost forgot what the heck is “as expediently as possible” isn’t that pretty much a relative term?

    • Working hard on the report ...
      Ya, they went from the “Report will be published in November” to an opened ended “Whenever we get around to it”. There are some real shenanigan’s going on here.

  4. sistertocommonsense said:

    Don’t you know the Holidays are coming they want time off from Disease and Pestulance, the illustrious Dr Mark Eberhart who told me (there are no bugs) and who is Dr Michelle Pearsons boss at the CDC, couldn’t be bothered with this lunatic woman who went to Atlanta just to get one hour to show them my photographed delusions.

    It was a Friday and I begged them to meet with me for 1 hour that day or on the weekend. It is beginning to appear quite blatantly to me that the CDC doesn’t work on weekends or the Holiday season.

    I spoke to Dr Pearson and she had to run, no time for this foolishness she had a meeting to go to.

    Her statement to me was, “The Morgellons Community is not going to be happy with our findings.” I had two witnesses in the room to this conversation.

    It is blatantly apparent that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I also find it interesting that the CDC can afford a state of the art GYM for their employees who are so stressed out, but can’t offer up more monies to the study of this disease.

    My goodness, who in the heck is in Charge in this mess. I had one FRIEND at the CDC and was told that this is one of the most reported entities since HIV AIDs to the CDC. He only has a “Masters” degree so the illustrious PhD’s and MDs poo-poo his efforts. I have not heard form him in a while as they took away his 800 number and there is no way to contact him anymore. He works for National Instutute of Occupational Health and Safety, NIOSH at the CDC, if he hasn’t been fired or let go.

    Sister to Common Sense

    • I bet the GYM they installed cost more than the 300k they spent on the study. However, in all honestly a fissure has opened in the DOP diagnosis and they know it. That diagnosis is now unattainable and will backfire if they try to play that card. There are several possibilities:

      1) Government work is 100 times slower than normal human activity. All one has to do is look at the current flu pandemic, after a decade of screaming about the looming disaster they are unable to deliver even the simplist vaccine in time for flu season. One wonders how this could be the case when that was the “entire battle plan”.

      2) They were unable to find anything at all significant. This wouldn’t suprise me and might very well be the case because Morgellons (IMHO) is the result of the total collapse of ones terrain, a condition not recognised by modern medicine. Doctors don’t like to say “I don’t know” so perhaps they are trying really hard to find a pattern in the various conditions of the patients (but they wont is my call). The end result could be the old “weakened immune system” thing …

      3) There is something that if announced would cause havoc in the economy, something along the lines of GMO pharming or some such ecological disaster, perhaps a pesticide, who knows … However, I don’t think they did testing at the levels required to find out this kind of information, not given the low about of the money allocated for the study.

      Remember chronic fatigue syndrome? Congress approved 23 million for it, here’s the story on where the money went.

  5. sistertocommonsense said:

    This is the Cost of the Gym and the Facilities which are constantly being upgraded. The folks at the CDC eat better than many and have all their needs met in their walled off Castle. Kind makes me want to throw up.

    Sister to Common Sense

  6. MCS, as you and I have discussed about the CDC, maybe it’s time for the fellow sufferers to just let go of their hope in CDC.

    We’ll continue to get the run around. The next announcement will be an announcement of yet another new commission or launched study which then leads to another and another and another… They may not come and proclaim officially “there is no morgellons” b/c they really know there is but on the record, they’ll just keep on dragging it out.

  7. CDC must know, and has known for a long time, but is holding back.
    Similar to pushing immunization on the public from swine flu, by withholding
    information about this condition, CDC is “immunizing” the rest of the public
    from awareness or concern about morgellons…no matter what.

    Just as autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and lyme have long taken a back seat (with
    no reliable lab testing even available), CDC will continue to just maintain stats
    on affected individuals, and watch. From wiki:

    “There are 2 distinct characteristics of public health:

    1. It deals with preventive rather than curative aspects of health
    2. It deals with population-level, rather than individual-level health issues

    The focus of public health intervention is to prevent rather than treat a disease through surveillance of cases and the promotion of healthy behaviors…”

    As has been said, canaries in the coal mine…

  8. When the illness begins to attack those that have ignored the suffering then the concern that we who are now suffering will be addressed. When doctors and perhaps family members catch this horrible desease , then those in power will take notice. This is the way life is. You see people starving but you do not know until you are starving. God has a plan and often it is not pretty, but he knows how to get the attention that we need. Just look what it took to get the human race to .recognise his son. Hang in there. It often takes time. My prayer is that the physicians begin to recognise those of us that are suffering. CDC could at the very least notify doctors and let them know that we are not crazy.

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