My cable service was offering the movie “Bug” for free over our DVR so I watched it tonight. I actually expected it to be at least entertaining Sci-Fi but it was very lame, boring, and dark. I think just about anybody would agree with that assessment. In other words, it’s not just because I’m biased, it was just bad. It had no real plot or purpose which makes me pretty skeptical on why it was made.

A guy shows up, the bug biting starts, then the crazy “digging them out of their skin” scenes, hundreds of rolls of fly paper hanging from the ceiling and so on. The guy called them “aphids”. Maybe next time Hollywood is asked to make a hit piece on a group they should consult an expert, LOL. Anyway, the guy talks about how the DEA engineered these bugs to spray them on the fields used to make cocaine. Of course, the bugs survive the cooking process and are meant to destroy the drug users since they can’t stop the drugs from coming into the country (destroy the customer I guess). And as you would expect there are crack pipes or whatever all around the place. It was 100% pure out of control madness on the part of the sufferers, real tin foil hat stuff. Of course, the people in the movie are all total losers and life’s washouts.

The guy looks through a microscope at the bugs in his blood. Eventually, the hotel room they’re living in is actually covered 100% in aluminum foil (cool look by the way) to block the signal that the bugs are transmitting to the DEA. The guy eventually rips himself to shreds, pulls his teeth out, just ridiculous. I wont tell you how it ends because it’s just horrible. I have to say Mr. Common Sense gives it two thumbs down.

The movie was way over the top. From a propaganda perspective anybody that has seen the movie would certainly think a Morgellons sufferer is totally nuts. I really don’t recommend anybody actually watch this movie (not that you would, but I was curious).


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  1. Great just what we need. if people did’nt think we were nuts alrerady…….

  2. Actually was an off broadway play at one time…pretty horrible…seems like it was very rushed through production back in a time when we were starting to garner some media attention…Mr common sense your profile on morgellons support network says you’re from NYC…I’m from New Rochelle…the reason I ask is do you remember when wpix channel 11 had a thing on Morgellons, maybe around 2004? I think thats around the time that play was around?

    Anyways it seemed like someone was lurking around the forums and kinda took some of the things that were posted and twisted them into this half assed story. Or an even worse theory would be and underlying politcal tactic to not only undermine us in the publics eye as well as scare Dr.s who WOULD treat us (remember he kills the Dr.)

    I personally think its somebody came across a couple of messageboards and decided to capitalise on what we were going through but used enough poetic licence as to not get sued. I mean it was really far out there 3/4 way through.

    I did see it just because of curiosity and Ashley Judd!

    • dc10801, Yes, he does kill the doctor. Remember when the doctor asks Ashley Judd …

      Have you ever considered the bugs are just a delusion?

      That statement, the way it was done at the apex of the movie in the tin foil house seemed to be the soul purpose of the movie, at least to me anyway, as a sufferer. Actually, I’m no longer from New York, but did live White Plains and that general area for about 8 or 9 years.

  3. sistertocommonsense said:

    That movie was utterly disgusting and I wouldn’t doubt that the screenplay was written by a person who believed that this was not a real problem and made people who were complaining of “Bugs” as crazy.
    When it first came out I thought maybe someone finally understands and is trying to get to the truth. You would have thought that Ms. Judd had better scripts than this insane movie. Hey lets get the Judds together with the Mandrells. hehehe
    What a huge disappointment it was.
    Sister to Common Sense

  4. Anita Rossi said:

    I also saw that title from my cable service. Thank You So Much For Warning Me!!!!!!!!!!

  5. How I disagree! I thought this movie was great! It has an all star cast, was directed by the same man as The Exorcist and had me wondering off and on if the bugs were real?!? You folks must not like any “dark thrillers” (ie: Pulp Fiction) which would, of course, leave you with a poor opinion of this film and not to mention the big question… Why watch this type of movie, if it’s not the kind of movie that interests you? (Even if it was offered free from your cable service.) It did rate 3 out of 4 stars according to our cable guide and it also rated fairly high on the Internet Movie Data Base website. Thought you could use a difference of opinion. ;o) So there you have it! Lol…

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