This event is happening all around the world!

A special day for all affected by Morgellons to pray – as one.

During the day there will be a specific time where all can pray at the same time.

Check out the fixed time for your nearest city below:

More information Here …


Comments on: "Morgellons Day of Prayer November 22nd, 2009" (4)

  1. New York, Sunday 1 p.m. This a a Great idea!

  2. I marked my calendar, I can hardly wait. I expect great results!
    Thanks Mr. Commonsence for all you do for us!

  3. I prayed! Hope others did too! God’s ears are always open! 🙂

  4. Dear People, I feel dreadfully sorry for all of you who are going through this dreadful ordeal. I believe that we all put foreign carriers into our bodies via our mouths.

    I believe that there is a force that is hoping that we do just what we are doing and are encouraging us by advertisements of what they want us to eat

    The Bible clearly states that what ever we do we must do in moderation ( if it is our eating habits or any other habits that we might have), I believe that this disease has to do with our eating habits.

    If all of us would cut out sugar for instance, Sugar in every form, whether it be in porridge, candy, cake, soft drinks, fruit for just one week we may find out that sugar is the carrier of this crawly disease. Cut out sugar for one week and then write to this blog. Let’s just see what happens to everyone after one week?

    I also have a couple of substances that can be tried in case you cannot keep yourself from injesting sugar at times. We are all sinners and sugar is so tasty that we often forget that it is a sin to over indulge. while you are off of sugar eat lots of protein and calcium foods. Don’t over indulge with these foods either. BE sensible.

    When we over indulge too many times our bodies get worn out and cannot anymore handle these onslaughts but if we stay away from our over indulgances for a while the body heals.

    Love from Evelyn in Canada

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