I have seen a lot of replies on many of the posts here lately where people mention that they caught Morgellons from somebody else. In fact, quite a lot of comments of late and thought we needed a poll. If you do believe you caught this from somebody else through direct contact, sleeping in their bed, sitting on their couch, whatever

Please explain in a comment below how you contracted Morgellons from direct or indirect contact with another person.


Comments on: "Morgellons Poll – Do you think Morgellons is Contagious?" (20)

  1. I can’t say I believe one or the other definitively—hence, no vote.
    In the year I’ve had prominent symptoms, no one I know has become symptomatic.
    The most I can say is that I suspect it’s an opportunistic infection. But I’m hazy, even with that.

  2. It’s totally contagious. My mother complained of bugs, by phone, for 6 months before she visited me in another state. She showed me some shocking craters for sores on her shoulders. I was surprised at the way they looked but I still thought she was DOP. I didn’t know about the Morg. She left after 6 weeks and I slept in her bed, which is my quest bed. Wammo. It’s nearly an immediate sense that something is wrong. It takes a few weeks before you feel the crawling….then I googled the symptoms and found out what we both have today.

  3. I hugged a relative and felt something crawl onto my head and into my ear. I felt it distinctly. As soon as my relative left I put rubbing alcohol on my head and in my ear and showered and scrubbed. Later I found it was head lice and alcohol and baithing did not work. Soon I got rid of the head lice but could not get rid of the “bird mites” that I assumed I got from a vacant nest close to my back door. I still got the micro-biters. I agree with Kelley, that it is an opportunistic infection, my husband, friends and family don’t seem to have any symptoms, for which I am very thankful.

  4. Contagious. Some affected dearly, some totally oblivious. Mine came from an infested used car and I’ve heard of other’s where they picked it up from a hotel, many from what they believe are bird mites (found bird’s nest in attic) that maybe manifested into morgs, one lady I know got it from work long ago when an intern (obviously afflicted) used her cube for a month, others from loved ones, etc. MCS and others – you guys have family members that are oblivious… and while those cases are true, there are so many cases where the entire family’s afflicted, husband and wife are, daughter giving it to parents, and the list goes on and on.

    Mosquitos usually don’t bite me. If they do, I don’t notice it b/c I never have itching or flareups. I can be outside for hours and hours during the summer evening when a friend can be next to me and get a dozen bites in 10 minutes. Can morgs be something similar? Some ppl just aren’t affected b/c their body composition does not attract or repels these buggers?

    Also, some may disagree but personally I believe it requires *prolonged* or *constant* exposure to this to come down with it. I can be totally off but this is the way I think – at work or wherever, when I see ppl affected by my presence, I conclude I’m giving off something. They may take it home but after changing, bathing, and laundering, that’s all there is and the road stops there. They don’t even know about the potential threat that they took home. It’s like Area 51 – if the public found out about aliens the world will be in panic… instead, we don’t know it and we live relatively in peace (sorry, had to throw that in there) Isn’t ignorance bliss? I’ve had the prolonged exposure. The affliction of my body became full bore after about a month in, living in an infested house after I brought in whatever this is from the car. Some of my friends who know would tell me, “hey, if it’s that contagious, let me sit in the car and see what happens”. First thought “oh man, if you only knew what you just said…” and second thought – my friend won’t be infested from just one session. He’ll go home, maybe itching w/o really noticing, then spread it some in his home but he’ll change, he may even spread it around to his bed that evening. Then in the morning when he showers, they’re washed off, the next time he does laundry, they’re gone. It never hit the critical mass in his home or on his body to reach to morgs… but I betcha, if he hat in my car day in and day out eventually somethings will begin to change.

  5. I think it CAN be contagious IF the other person has a “health issue” or compromised immune system for some reason. In my household, 2 adults, 2 dogs, I got it and one of my dog’s got it. My dog died from it, the other one is still alive and healthy. the other persoon is still healthy. I have had M for years. My dog that died has always had allergies and was on thyroid meds, the other dog did not have any health issues.
    So my answer is yes and no.

  6. Not contagious. I woke up with pinprick bites down the length of my thigh. My husband wasn’t bitten. I think it’s possible, because of the straight line of the bites that it may have come from a new pair of pants that I got. (Now I wash everything before I wear it). Since I’ve had this my adult children have spent 1 – 4 months living here and have not gotten it, nor has my husband. We’ve had people over and gone to other’s houses and no one has gotten it. I hug and kiss relatives when I see them. I’ve worked with children who have never gotten it. I’ve slept at my sister’s home and they have not gotten it. I don’t think it’s contagious person to person, but I don’t have any lesions. However, because I am not absolutely positive it’s not contagious I’m still sleeping in the spare bedroom and washing my clothes separately.
    I feel biting as soon as I get in the car, but no one else does.

  7. I truly believe that I got m from my dog and that she got it from laying in new mulch and newly imported “clean Fill” i.e. dirt for our new yard that was full of all kinds of crap.. glass, bones, bee hives, trash, feces, you name it. I am painfully certain that my hubby has it and is somewhat aware, now I am pretty sure that my son has it and I am devastated. I have samples, no one will look at them, there is an insect involved and this is a p.c. nightmare. A State entomologist was interested and then wrote back that he was not a medical entomologist. I have tried to contact him several times, my taxes are paying his salary afterall. NO response. Some people know what’s going on. This is like lymescrymes.com.
    We have to fight for our selves, ain’t no cavalry in this story.

  8. sorry! lymecryme.com Andalusian films “under the eightball”

  9. No doubt. Likely depends on what stage of illness exists during contact, and the other person’s immune status (e.g., prior exposures and lifestyle–diet, soil contact, occupation, pets, travel). Am aware of 6 people (relatives and their relatives) who became acutely symptomatic after direct contact with an infected person (greeting with a kiss or hug, one after rubbing a dog’s hairy belly). Symptoms included severe scalp burning/pain/”ripples”, constant facial itching, unusual copious nasal and eye discharge and/or stringy mucous production and cough, pinprick and open lesions, acute decrease in vision–30%–in one eye, and hairs and/or fibers emerging from face/hands. Other younger relatives had increased facial acne.

    • I agree with the concept of contagiousness at particular stages of the illness. I feel that in the very first stage of this curse, the acute phase, I may have been contagious. At the stage of the illness when I was exuding the black particles, I observed several particles that I flicked from one site would land at another place on my body accidently, and it would instantaneously absorb into the skin and I would develop a lesion at that site. It was frightening! But, I have not passed it on to anyone else, family or roomates, that I am aware of. Thankfully, I guess that I was so debilitated that I had little contact with others at that point of my illness. I was homebound, afraid of what was happening. Without support of the medical community, I felt like I was going crazy. And I’m a nurse, a psych nurse at that!

  10. Dear Lamb and to others,

    Please feel free to visit the site “how I cured morgellons”
    Please know that our hearts and prayers are with you as well.

    There are people who are getting well.

  11. Read it every day, but thank you for caring. MMS is too intense for me, too much herx. Silver, I take i small doses in the A.M. The dog continues to reinfect me and I her.
    We are doing as much as we can to get better and some of it is working. It’s a crap shoot at this point.
    I have high levels of lead and mercury.
    I have ordered the tests from Great Plains.
    I have no support, period.
    I do what I can day to day to take care of myself and the dog.
    Prayers are good, really really good. I pray for all of us everyday and night.
    God Bless.

  12. Ken Sucher said:

    A friend told me someone he knew was talking about moths laying eggs in his skin. Of course, at the time, we laughed. This was two years or so ago. It was not long after this that I met his friend. I had been living in Washington state for 12 years and had moved back to Arizona. Upon meeting I became friends with him also. He lived way outside of Flagstaff on the edge of the Navajo Reservation in an area where 40 acre parcels gave wonderful isolation. I asked him, with sincere interest, to tell me about the moths. In a lead up to the moths he told me of another incident having to do with the LP siding he had installed on his house. This was the LP product that failed and got so much notoriety. He said where the siding had turned to sawdust a few plants grew that were not indigenous to the area, Milkweed was one. He surmised that where the Doug Fir paneling was made in the northwest, that seeds from other plants got swept up into the process and were released when the decomposition happened. He has soratic arthritis (very rare), a microscope, and an investigative drive. He started analyzing the sawdust. He found a near microscopic seed pod and put it under the scope. While he was looking he got an itch on his arm. He was astounded to see the pod under the scope crack and a blue and a red filament uncurled from it. He got another itch right then and witnessed a blue and red filament uncurl through the skin on his arm at the same time. He said it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He went on to talk about the local insects that bite; and he studies. He never got back to the moths.
    I moved out to his property in my RV a year ago. Last summer we were assaulted by small black biting beetles. They were relentless and would get on the ceiling to drop on your head to get to your neck and bite. It left a welt and sore that poorly healed. There were gnats that wanted into your eyes and gray flies that bit also. When the Arizona Recluses showed up around August, I was outta there. I bolted to Montana, all the way dealing with residual beetles waiting for me to sleep and attack. I didn’t sleep. I hadn’t been sleeping. It was impossible. In Idaho the beetles finally disappeared and were replaced by noseeums (I don’t know what they were actually, I couldn’t see them, but they bit like a big dog) and what looked like very small cicadas, and then nearly invisible, tiny fuzzy flying vees. They looked like moths.
    I quarantined myself in Montana and the fight was on; and lost. Nothing eradicates the
    little tan noseeums (or whatever they are) or the moths. I collected samples along with an entire zoo of the weirdest critters I’d ever seen. Suddenly I was in the twilight zone. Things happened and things I saw would not, could not be related to the few friends I have here. They wouldn’t believe. I told of the infestation and that I would not come visit till I got rid of them; to not spread them. That was all.
    I sent off a large sample of the things I had collected to the county. An entomologist for the county said the beetles were a specie that were never a problem; “They might accidentally get inside because of the lights but were innocuous.” She found nothing in the other samples that were insect related?!?!? Twilight Zone.
    By now I had gotten the internet and found out about all this Morgellons horror while just looking for a way to poison of the bugs. It’s been a nightmare. And yes I have moths flying out of my skin. I’ve got more microscopic photos and video of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Good solid documentation, backups, and I’m writing a script for an expose movie with some of the most hideous pictures and clips. I can’t even watch them without cringing and stamping my feet involuntarily. I’m making a special cut for the doctor that told me I was a DOP candidate.
    I have a good understanding of the critters in my hair follicles,(where the hair used to be), their fuzzy front men that jump away to distract you, the strong blong thin hair that leads through the tunnel to the black yarn collection of all the hairs that crawls aroud under my skin. I’ve had a few tug of wars with them and lost. It was good footage though. I no longer dig into the situation as it is pointless. I’ve gone systemic with Bactrim, Sea salt, Vit. C, and Papaya enzyme. My mind is fogged and short term memory is down but I’m going to win. I don’t find the red and blue fibers the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
    I could go on and on but to the question. My friend was seeing and experiencing this long before me and if I didn’t get it from him directly then the common biting insects are responsible. Conjectured. I could have gotten it off a public toilet seat or a box of popcorn. I’ve eaten one and used the other. But, yes, I believe it is contagious, somehow, and with select people through extended exposure. I’m self diagnosed and I’ll be self cured, with the help of the internet. Write me. I’ve got pictures from Mars and beyond.

    • Beecher Mary said:

      Have you ever seen any little white triangular-shaped things that look like a piece of a paper napkin? Or little black things that look like needles?

      • I have seen both of those. The black things I used to rub off my skin after my bath at the same time as little white specks and tiny “worms” (don’t know what those are). At first I thought I had bed bugs and I wondered if the black things were insect legs or the stinger off something. There weren’t as many of them as the white specks and “worms”. I don’t see the black things on my skin anymore although I see them in the tub if I take a bath (not alot of them but I don’t make the bath strong). Now I assume those black things were probably some kind of worm.

    • Beecher Mary said:

      Oh, and, P.S. my daughter has Morgellons but the deeper cause is Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella. Her doctors told her she is delusional, but she found Dr. Schaller in Naples, Fl and he diagnosed it. It was a relief to have someone recognize that she is sick.

  13. zara cybele said:

    I sure wish I knew one way or the other if it were contagious because my symptoms came on about 3 weeks ago (while my boyfriend of 14 years and our dog were out of town). He has no symptoms, but I remain in quarantine pretty much. He can’t come home.

    I didn’t get it from anyone—I got it from my worm bins (I was home composting, a supposedly safe practice). The bins developed fruit flies and some sort of gnats as well as drain flies. I had my hands in them handling the compost and harvesting the compost. I finally thew them out because I couldn’t get the infestation under control.

    About a week or two later (and I still noticed a gnat or two in my space). I woke with a series of bites on my ankle that itched like mad. Three weeks after that at pretty much the point that the bites sealed over and healed, I began to feel swarmed. In my ears, face, all over the body.

    Does anyone have a clue how long I’ll have to be isolated, or even if he will ever really be safe? Dumb question. I think this is very contagious. Probably though not to people whose “inner terrain” is in good shape. With autoimmune issues, I was ripe for something like this. Interestingly enough, my acupuncturist viewing this from an Eastern perspective terms my inner condition as one of “damp heat.” If we look at that literally, it would be the perfect environment for a fungus or organism to thrive in (a worm bin is also damp and warm). My boyfriend would be a likely candidate to catch this.

    Anyway, I’ve diverged from the original question, it’s just that contagion is big on my mind right now.

  14. Lisa Marie said:

    It’s contagious. Thats how i got it! Duh…jk. Anyways, I know there are others in my immediate family with Morg. I feel as though its about many factors. But the most important is how your feeling on the inside because it shows on your face….A smile is contagious….

  15. I don’t know if it is contagious but I do think its generic, such as if your mom or dad have it you will as well. I have morgellons as well as my mom. However I do think its very hard not to pick at it. At times I can spend up to the whole day picking at my sores. I just hope my son or daughter don’t have to suffer.

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